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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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just to the southeast's reign already on the tenured and nantucket while interior massachusetts is high and dry that will happen all night long this is the down the coast guard to send waves of rain into the area finally one will arrive on time with the cold air to produce that's not what we're talking about to cast shows shows across cape cod seven north to boston by 12:30 p.m. watch the bridges out there rain changing to snow my biggest concern is how quickly it will change over along the coastline especially that would hold snow totals down in the snow getting a divorce about 4 o'clock in the morning just in time for sherry insert a track in the morning meant to the south shore cape cod bridges by 8:30 a.m. takes all the time for to change over on cape cod that's what the amount out there going to be less giving a 1 to 3 inches interior southern new england that 326 we had last night updated at 46 fine
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onto the north shore merrimack valley back to the city forster boston on the cusp of that because of how warm it's been out there well into the 50s again today. that's my concern with accumulated snow it could snow for couple of hours without much accumulation places like boston and scituate down the coast to marshfield the plymouth just because of how warm the ground is that's or thinking right now because of this there is a winter storm warning in place i'll keep tracking the least information tracking ran up the coastline to update you if you miss. >> we first alerted the winter storm warning on the fox 25 storm tracker whether app if you don't have it downloaded now it is free and will give you customized or cast for what you live for my team. tracker radar and get personalized forecast for your town. >> chased away with a golf club new details tonight about this shocking attempt at robbery we first told you about this morning. stephanie police say the timing
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>> reporter: because it actually happened right in the middle of the day right as children were coming home from school. that robber walked into the store right here behind me with a knife and then pointed that night at the clerk and customers. >> he had a knife in his hand when a man walked inside and robbed the store. the frightening into the call on surveillance camera. lopez was speechless when we showed him the video for the very first time. you can see the suspect and the hooded sweatshirt walk up to the counter and grabbed the cash register. lopez is a man sitting down behind him. >> the video goes on to show the employees grabbing a golf club after hitting the remote door lock you can also see the robber then using the cash register to break the glass and run away. >> with the wood police captain christopher mccarthy told us daytime crime is on the rise and says one main reason
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opioids.>> the department has now added more officers to their drug unit hired two surveys to help with drug recovery efforts and wrapped up patrols the city. the owner says for him robberies are sadly no part of the business and its thankful his employee and customers were not her. >> the one police are also telling me that the suspect in this robbery could also be the suspect in another robbery just down the street in lawrence they do have several news that the looking into they haven't arrested anyone. but coming up at the 6 o'clock hour this specific areas that police told me they seem the biggest spike in the daytime crime. >> following breaking news in the ongoing investigation into the death of a tall there in auburn. today officials cannot determine a cause of death two-year-old was a child's
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today the medical examiner reported missing the cause and manner of death is undetermined. in october dcf so the child of heatstroke no official cause was stated. no one faces any criminal charges in this case. >> vigil land tonight for the three old tall the beat to death in roxbury. molly the governor commented on this investigation this afternoon. >> reporter: [indiscernable] >> having technical problems with molly's life she will bring that back to just a few moments but right now are following some breaking news in the investigation into the death of jeremiah oliver. officials at a five-year-old fitchburg boy died as result of
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undetermined nature. oliver was reported missing in 2013's body found in a suitcase at the side of the highway in sterling in 2014. his mother and her boyfriend 's charges related to the boys his appearance including kidnapping assault and reckless endangerment. >> state troopers investigated after recovering a man's body for the charles river to joggers north the body of the longfellow bridge just after 8 o'clock this morning the body was recovered and turned over office was working to identify it. please have not released the cause of death. >> coverage of the first in the nation primary the polls open in just five days let's turn to fox 25 political reporter sharmann saccheti she set up fox25 new hampshire primary headquarters in manchester. >> sharmann: we covered donald trump today as he riled up a crowd and exeter new hampshire you know he is still heavily favored to win here in the state. but it's unclear how long that
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new hampshire voters are still undecided. do i have people's votes in here? it's unlike trump to stop a rally without bragging about his latest poll numbers but that's exactly what he did here and exeter 450 people crowded into exeter town hall to hear and speak about jobs the economy and illegal immigration he got his biggest applause when he dismissed a woman who told him she was here from southern california and that illegal immigrants are the backbone of the country. >> you know the backbone of our country people that came here they came here legally people that came to this country legally. and they worked there off and they made the country great picnics as usual he wasn't detailed in his plan this is what he said when he was asked about taking out ices. i've a very strong plan for a very very powerful plan will go to knock the helluva pick told the crowd you don't advertise your plan to your enemies. trump has led the polls for months here but there are
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he can keep that momentum up without doing traditional retail politics. >> 's supporters are steadfastly found to 18-year-olds ready to cast their first votes ever. donald trump a. >> . >> tonight donald trump is in portsmouth new hampshire great bay committed to college to have a crew headed that way friday his and south carolina a decision some are questioning if he really wants to win her new hampshire. he is back in manchester on saturday for the debate at meantime marco rubio is campaigning in the granite state for third day in a row patriots fans. >> the florida senator he's a miami dolphins he doesn't keep audience. rubio showing patriots nation some love and admitting that
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>> last night after we ate about 10 o'clock my kids tell me they're hungry. so we just had dinner i forgot to eat. alright so i look up in the hotel thing i find this pizza place gino's up a gino's?okay so they show up and they deliver and on the pizza box this huge new england patriots symbol is on it. like it's a dad they have their own pizza. [laughter]. rubio's hosting a town hall in salem at 6 o'clock tonight. >> i will caucus winner ted cruz also making a campaign stop in portsmouth today gop presidential hopeful took a few shots at his opponents trump and rubio. >> if you want to send someone to washington who will be a dealmaker either someone like donald who was told that his going to make deals or someone like marco rubio very talented
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that he is willing to break his word to the voters. >> santa cruz holding a town hall meeting in laconia at 6 o'clock tonight. >> happening tonight to remaining democratic residual candidates will debate the issues tonight at the university of new hampshire at durham. and hillary clinton and bernie sanders will do so on the heels of a nationally televised town daring. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pack and takes $15 million from wall street. so you can go to your mother i want to be a progressive on the other day. >> pricks i'm a little bump in the polls she is a big point from yesterday however sanders is still holding pretty big lead here in the granite state.
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our take a closer look at the role that undecided voters will play in this race and talk about which democratic candidate needs to have a bigger knife during that debate tonight but for now it's time to head back to the fox 25 studios taken away.>> broadcasting live mark new hampshire primary head quarters in manchester all this week good to see a will see her again in a little bit. >> turning out to roxbury what vigil has been plant tonight for the three-year-old toddler beat to death earlier this month. the governor commented on the investigation into this death this afternoon. >> reporter: governor commented earlier today he said the boy was doing just fine on friday he was at daycare happy-go-lucky kid i'm going to show you this right here short time ago strangers who don't even know the little boy stopped by to be flowers for him also teddy bears directly behind it.
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on friday i want to show you a video we first showed a video of the baby on monday that is baby died monday after suffering traumatic injuries a source tells us he had head and lower body trauma. once again we also learned that a relative with mental health issues may be the blame for this but still at this hour no charges have been filed yet. that 9-1-1 call came in on sunday night from the alpine street home he was visiting his dad for the weekend when all of this happened. here's what the governor had to say earlier.>> last time we had a direct conversation with anybody who's directly involved with the the child on the 29th which is what we talked to the daycare provider and said the child was in good shape. beyond that it's a function of the da investigation.
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from that's her biological mother she tells us she can't believe she went to go visit her son for the weekend at dad's house but said her baby is never coming back to her within the hour or so members and relatives are expected to be here for a candlelight vigil as well. >> keep you safe on the tracks deadline set to install automatic braking systems messages it already knows it will not be able to make that deadline.ahead at five the earliest you should expect his potentially life-saving systems on a railways. >> tracking lettuce winter storm front offshore rain going to produce more rain that's good change to snow start to pile up right during your morning drive how much you can expect in your town. >> a hooded gunman robs this gas station it's all caught on surveillance police need your help.
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fake super bowl tickets before you say i would never do that the secure websites you already use let this man down. >> a drug ceo the we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos!
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soon turn to snow when you can expect change and is all coming up in just a moment. quite a scene on capitol hill former drug ceo refused to answer questions and then turned to twitter to blast congress. >> reporter: he smiled smirked and posed for pictures. instead of answering questions. martin.>> really is a former head of touring pharmaceutics made headlines last year raising the price of hiv drug by 5000 percent. the drug dealer pray from about $13 to $750 per pill. you're trashing the pharmaceutical industry that's doing a great job on a lot of different drugs. lawmakers subpoenaed him to show a house hearing on rising drug prices. he refused to testify because
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on the advice of counsel look like at the moment. being escorted out of the hearing 's attorney disbanded his behavior. he did not intend to show any disrespect for any members of the committee listened intently some of what you saw was nervous energy. he had plenty to say on social media he tweeted how to accept that these imbeciles represent the people and our government. the committee keeping a close eye prescription drug prices continue to investigate skyrocketing cost. >> developing news now seek a virus impacting life-saving measures across the world now. world health organization make an official recommendation the countries not accepting blood donations from people travel to regions affected by the virus. organization says precautionary measure to further prevent the spread of the disease. >> happening tonight muslim
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facing fierce opposition from residents. zoning hearing on the matter is scheduled for 7 o'clock tonight. at the islamic way to society of worcester are planning to buy the land but they need a permit to new move forward. having tonight mbta holding a public meeting to talk about proposed fare hikes those hikes could raise prices by about $.10 another $10 for a monthly pass. tonight's meeting starts at six bigelow middle school in newton. >> tracking that rain coming up the coast now it was rain when it came on through last night that front stalled to a south and that's what's causing all the issues actually some rain some of the heavy moving on to the islands and just off shore of cape cod. this isn't the batch that's going to come in and change to snow the going to be several batches of rain that move up this front but the one that's going to really mean business
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so along this path we have a cold front is a cold front attaches here to a warm front all that means is this thing is stationary. but what it can do is meander just a little bit south or little bit north and of course that changes forecast that's why tonight is a higher forecast that were showing you last night a little bit farther north than what sherry had for you this morning his wife futurecast shows us batches of rain coming across the south shore cape cod the islands through this evening making their way little are there north by 10:30 p.m. and bowing northward into boston and points west by midnight and just beyond it here's where it gets tricky. on the back edge on the western plank of this that's where the snow changeover starts to happen. >> to be snowing for step along the mass pike through worcester notice that changeover line approaching 128 boston by 2:30 pm fast-forward by 430 in the morning or in the
5:20 pm
the city. then to the south shore making its way south of the braintree split by 5 o'clock really messing up the commute was snow here and then make its way to plymouth by 7 o'clock cape cod bridges by about 9 o'clock takes all that time for the changeover to happen on cape cod and the islands but that's what you get lesser snow amounts out there. but this back edge of the snow by noontime makes it out of worcester and into boston and gone i the middle of the afternoon so by about 3 o'clock most of all of you will be done with the snow even the places that changed over last. here's what i am looking for for snow totals and here's the explanation why. i have 46 inches i believe they'll be a sweet spot in here that states cold enough for snow to make it 4 to 6 inches but then come down hard enough and stick there's always a bull's-eye downhill on the
5:21 pm
that will be on the cape cod canal last night but is pushed a little farther to the north it's going to be just cold enough in land for some wet sloppy snow and good 4 to 6 inches of it but right along the coastline including boston to scituate to plymouth that's we are on the cusp keeping you at one to three because of temperatures have been so warm today it's going to tough to get it to stick for the temper just to get called up in the morning four to six does include the city of forster but you go north of forster it's going to come up quickly and then re-one inch of snow according to inch back here merrimack valley most of you and that 40 inches as well to get north of lowell into southern new hampshire will start to cut up quickly once again that's where the winter storm warning in place national weather service put this out but they include the air in the south shore that i was talking about extended back to worcester although northern worcester county is included in
5:22 pm
not totally in agreement right now lesser amounts that way but they noted it's going to be that sharp cut's what you have to watch book of these temperatures so warm out there 24 hour temperatures look how warm it is a austin through the night tonight going down to 40 and 39 degrees by 4 o'clock in the morning how you going to get much snow to stick down in here when it's that warm right to the morning hours cape cod not until 10 o'clock you getting down to snow sticking possibly ranges there's a snow for friday weekend in view temperature about normal this time of you blurry sunday and yes were tracking the possibility of a snowstorm monday into tuesday.
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taxes from postal workers to nurses... he's been endorsed for real change: bernie sanders. endorsed by friends of the earth action as "a bold, fearless voice for the planet." the nation endorses bernie saying, "you can trust sanders because he doesn't owe his political career to the financial overlords." the nashua telegraph declares:
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wall street money." the valley news says, "sanders has been genuinely outraged about the treatment of ordinary americans for as long as we can remember." i'm bernie sanders
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news of snow on the way the word trout to come to mine fox 25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski found out. >> look at the reservoir this is what was the residents get some of the water but it's not even close to the come pasty that should be this time of year. i should be standing in water and you can see the bare ground officials are so concerned that
5:26 pm
there may not be enough water in time for summer. the below average rainfall from last year and lack of snow this year our big factors to the moderate drought the city's expensing right now. this is what lynbrook reservoir look like when it's full capacity quite a difference. unless worcester receives a normal amount of rain from now until june, the city may have tight restrictions on water usage by the time summer comes in it worse purchase waterpik so they've issued a water supply alert effective immediately.
5:27 pm
we need to plan for the worst and hope for the best. >> fixing leaks and dripping faucets can help save on water usage to learn more about current water restrictions and what you can do to use less water can hold >> fire investigators working to figure out what started a fire that nearly trapped a woman inside her home. that video taken right after the fire started last night and took a road and nor folk the woman in her 70s relies on a cane she was still in her outside when the fire started. she was able to make out the back door with a few burns and some cinched hair. she and her husband were taken to the hospital but have been released. >> a man who lives in a $900,000 home accused of welfare fraud. just how much money he's accused of skimming and our next half hour. >> a sewage main break here in plymouth not just one three of them within a month of the town
5:28 pm
25 the weather people join today on the common moving out and a winter storm watch moving in issued for the area. it's going to be wet we know it's going to be heavy snow fox 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz is covering the worst possible time people try to get to work in the morning. coming just in time for the city get fired up and kids to get off to school tomorrow. still be a mess because of the timing of it that's a rain that's moving into the south shore cape cod some of its coming down heavy especially over there in chatham. periods of rain moving on in from the southeast all along the same cold front came
5:29 pm
stalled that's why the warm front part of its there go back and forth a little bit and change the total depending on the north and south moving that something i'll be watching tonight but here's what it looks like right now. those periods of rain continuing to get the air nice and wet tonight so the rank of all father and brother to the north. out worcester county the first flakes doctor mixon and they will be wet and mushy snowflakes heavy stuff it's hard to move because temperatures have been in the 50s still in the 40s back there through worcester county that's no rain line collapses toward austin by 2:30 am and then into the city right on the cusp 4:30 a.m. that pink line is actually just outside of the city on the map it's going to be that close to call to see when the snow is going to fall in boston wet roads in and around boston for beginning it's knowing to take a while for it to start to stick to the roadways. it's going to be sticking back here in worcester lapses down
5:30 pm
cape cod by 9 o'clock and it continues to snow into the early afternoon before pulls on out of here as far as now amounts acting right now 4 to 6 inches of snow outside of boston to worcester including the city of worcester part of the south shore away from the coast line boston on the cusp probably about three or four inches of snow right now or line can go either way. i'll keep tracking that rain moving right now in the snow changeover tonight. >> incredible photos of a rollover foxpro today you can see the car is destroyed after rolling over on mass avenue a tree went right to the front of the car amazingly police say the driver was not hurt the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> armed robber on the loose. fox 25's bob ward obtained the police video. he joins us now live in dedham with the story that's all knew it five. >> reporter: police tell me when you have a nervous gunman anything can happen. they say that is what happened here this was a very tense
5:31 pm
surveillance i'm going to show you you can clearly see the gun the gunman was so nervous he dropped money all over the lore police here in dedham are very anxious to find this guy. >> it all happened so quick at about 10:30 a.m. on september 11 this hooded man walked into this golf station on washington street dedham first asking for a pack of cigarettes. and then when the clocks back is turned, the hooded man pulls out a handgun and demands the clerk open the cash drawer. that's when he helps himself to all the money inside. money he drops on the floor before picking it all up. and just before leaving, the gunman smashes the clerk cell phones we can call 911. he was a clerk on duty he tells me he remembers the gunman was very nervous. >> at dedham police headquarters the detective shows me that surveillance
5:32 pm
help someone else was driving a black pickup truck as a getaway vehicle. he's working hard to identify the gunman and put him away. >> the clerk told me that the gunman spoke with a haitian accent if you recognize that man in the video, you can see his face, contact dedham police. >> backup to have your primary headquarters in manchester. fox 25's sharmann saccheti is standing by. >> sharmann: we get closer to the new hampshire primary making every move a candidate makes crucial. happening right now from ott senator bernie sanders holding a pre-debate rally in
5:33 pm
the stages quite right now but that's all going to change once the vermont senator takes that stage. with just five days until the first the nation primary we did find undecided new hampshire voters are still weighing the options. fox 25's kerry kavanaugh is live. >> kerry: we spoke with fighters voters here today but that's why we see the candidates here campaigning until the very end.i'm weighing everything really and i need to wait everything in order to make my decision i'm still undecided. i went back and forth. >> new hampshire voters get the wrap up being undecided until they walk into the photo booth. manchester's red arrow diner no matter what customers order this time of year this always healthy dose of politics on the
5:34 pm
hampshire's undecided voters. >> there is a pack field this you for taking the time to determine whom to vote for his often the new hampshire way. the majority are undeclared according to state numbers new hampshire's home to about 229,000 registered democrats about 260,000 registered republicans but more than 383,000 don't pledge to either party. >> quintessential have supporter right there. some voters have made up their mind sometimes those decisions can divide a household. we talked to a local couple how that's playing up for them. >> we are joined now by lyrical store in boston weiland. one of those voters said i'm always undecided until i'm decided. so isn't that the essential new hampshire voter? >> it's long-standing
5:35 pm
it's interesting recent poll says four in 10 new hampshire women refused a for him so with all these undecideds who knows what could happen maybe the makings of an upset or at least very narrow the victory margin for him. that's gonna be a good question and something to look at for donald trump. email voters are they doing for donald trump right now or are they more still to make up their mind? >> the senses are moving away because the whole megyn kelly disaster was compounded by his refusal to debate in iowa so i think it didn't self no favors and not going to that debate. >> what about hillary clinton? >> is it like a dealbreaker her right now she is just an double-digit she's trailing bernie status by double digits here her best argument is electability. democratic base fearful of donald trump winning the republican nomination.
5:36 pm
donald trump the more it helps hillary clinton. they've a weird kind of relationship. hillary and trump so with him going down a bit i think that hurts her in new hampshire. which republican do you think would potentially benefit the most from this big group of undecided that looks like everybody's just trying the freshest thing on the menu and that is marco rubio and he is getting momentum. his poll numbers are moving up while maybe donald trumps her little bit staggered. republican establishment now interesting enough is rallying behind him i noticed today scott endorsed him. but establishment that's a good word for the selection people your people don't want the same old thing this time around. >> was that willows down the docket ago not to trump or cruise the going to go to marco rubio. >> that's what new hampshire is good for.
5:37 pm
in just a little bit what is in it right back to you. >> always fun to hear from tom up there as we get close to the primary tuesday. >> during an emergency they are there to protect you and in some cases save your life. all six major changes nurses in massachusetts call for a beacon hill today. preventing tragedy on the track several lines play to install automatic breaks over the next two years massachusetts not one of them. their timeline is next.
5:38 pm
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us. mbta does not expect to meet the deadline to install breaks on its tracks. the tracks installation and console systems to the t will try to get special permission to extend its deadline to 2020. amtrak already installed preventing system on all of the track it owns in the northeast corner. >> some thick black smoke poured commuter rail train stopped in attleboro this morning. was delayed for about 15 minutes while crews got the train. a spokesperson towards the cause is still unknown but there was no fire. >> 15 car break-ins in just a matter of hours and police say there is a common thread. investors in the car records
5:40 pm
allen road wednesday morning between midnight and 5:00 a.m.. police say all the cars were unlocked.making them a very easy target. >> small victory today living inside the ecuadorian embassy in london for more than three years try to avoid extradition to sweden for questioning quit he says is been a political prisoner targeted by the us and its allies because of his role in releasing classified documents. today un panel ruled in his favor saying his self-imposed day is arbitrary detention in violation of international law but that ruling is mostly a symbolic victory because it is not legally binding. >> one community is dealing with three major sewage outbreaks in just a month the system 110 is try to get in place right now to fix it.
5:41 pm
in living in a welfare is supposed to help people get back on their feet that some people are abusing your tax dollars welfare fraud is up 44 percent in massachusetts this year. fox 25 crystal haynes is live. >> mark lederman not only owned or as a part of a number of businesses he lives in a house assessed at one point almost $1 million so why was he collecting welfare benefits? i asked and got answers and found that he's not the only one. skimming the system. >> this newton center home has been valued nearly $1 million and its owner mark lederman owns or was a partner in five businesses.
5:42 pm
stamp benefits for more than a year. the answer, the investigator said he was skimming the state. a woman at lederman's home would not answer my questions but state auditor suzanne did a recent review of the massachusetts welfare system by her office uncovered almost $14 million of medicare and snap benefit fraud determines case mentioned in the report is a prime example. there is a good deal of fraud that is occurring in the programs that folks are relying on part of a social safety net. investigators found lederman had received more than $13,000 in benefits from 2008 to 2009 after reporting an income of just $400 a week. according to the sworn affidavit i obtained, lederman had income from several companies he owns or is a partner of at that time. in 2008 he reported an income
5:43 pm
and almost $70,000 in 2009. lederman was arraigned in chelsea district court back in february of last year and fox 25 has learned he since paid $10,000 in restitution to the state. i went to lederman's primary business lederman engineering to get more answers. a woman identified herself as an employee there told me this. i can't comment. i have no idea. >> now that almost $14 million in fraud uncovered by the auditors bureau of special investigations again is a 44 percent increase over last year. coming up at six auditor tells me their plan is to stop it. >> i love us like to treat ourselves with a manicure pedicure but a fox 25 investigation uncovered some salons are in trouble for
5:44 pm
>> we found unsanitary tools. he also does not have an aesthetic shop license. >> fox 25 investigative reporter kerry kavanaugh was with agencies that inspect every single nestle on the uncovered dirty conditions and even salons operating without licenses. will show you what they looked for to protect you and how you can find out about the conditions at your nail salon that's coming up tonight in the fox25 news at 10. >> weather alert as you can hear right there. rain moving our way right now going to turn to snow overnight and make your drive into work well not as easy. looks like you're moving that well. go with the track of the storm the front not settling as far south as it looked like it
5:45 pm
there will eventually go north in the cold air arriving quince that leads going to change over to snow so here's what we're thinking for tonight. the rain right now along the south coast of new england particularly out here on cape cod starting to rain now through barnstable out to chatham some heavy rain out over vineyards south is that nantucket right there martha's vineyard right there and a lot of heavy rain is coming on through that something is going to be pushing northward tonight is that comes down heavily in the colder comes in you going to start to get some sticking snow this plenty more down the coast here along the front and that is stalled out that way. push brother to the south is forecast with change and that's when i'll be watching for tonight as a front moves it all little father north or south in your snow totals going to be different here's the thinking right now. the brain will be across the
5:46 pm
father north over the night progresses take you past midnight at 1 o'clock in the morning first lake started to here with the county beyond 495. eventually that becomes more and more widespread make its way toward boston at 3 o'clock in the morning that rain snow line still seems to be the west of boston what comes plowing through between 330 and 5 o'clock you'll be seeing that changeover happening it's going the deeper blues in here as it pushes off to the south by plymouth about 7:30 a.m. now to cape cod after that so what 9:30 a.m. starting to see snow in upper cape and mid-cape and out of cape. you'll get some snow cape cod but it's going to take you a while last to get rid of the snow the ones it does arrive. get some accumulating snow on the backside my concern continues to be the temperatures. that's why i'm keeping you at 1 to 3 inches out that way and along the coastline maybe a little too far westward for the actual occurrence where the one
5:47 pm
going to split up the idea is where the kosher going to get lesser amounts because it temperatures are so warm and at the shoreline you stay warmer longer so as a cold air comes in will changeover more quickly and you'll be in the 4 to 6 range from boston to worcester along the pike 4 to 6 inches although the city of boston also right on the cusp so many times over the years we've seen snowfall for a couple of hours without anything sticking in boston you just get road roadways maybe one of those situations as it comes down more heavily it will start to stick it to the north quick cut off from the snow saw that with the blizzard a few weeks ago drop down to 123 northern was to county coding closer you get to the line worcester 46 range about 45 inches potentially but just to the north of their 3 to 4 drops down to an inch when you get into southwestern new hampshire.
5:48 pm
for the system starting at 1 o'clock in the morning and going to 2 o'clock to 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. these are the temps were dealing with right now overnight tonight there will be dropping through the 40s into the 30s back here gets colder faster into boston by 4:30 a.m. maybe getting cold enough to stick at that point obviously temperature ends up being a degree or two colder changes things as well but then those 40s changing over the 30s by 730 a.m. still to want to stick out there eventually it will become a sticky situation. here's a seven day forecast your weekend always in view pretty much quieter snow flurries sunday morning doesn't look like much still tracking the possibility of another storm monday into tuesday. information coming on it tonight but let's stick tomorrow storm that the biggest concern of the watching that changeover line as a progresses tonight.>> you won't be able to file your e-file tax federal
5:49 pm
processing pewter systems were down the agency is working to fix the problem and not be expecting a lot chronically
5:50 pm
everything is sorted out what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to
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done. i just registered. that was easy. register today. a super ripoff fan coughs up $6000 to go to super bowl only to get scammed the awful comment caught on camera.
5:52 pm
he could to make sure that these tickets were not big. >> just got these tickets in the mail. this was supposed to be a happy ending for tony. >> return to craigslist defining processing fees on other sites were hundreds of dollars a ticket. >> wary of craig list scams found out he can protect his money if he paid a fee and used protected paypal. >> the two exchanged series of text messages for days as cody waited for his tickets after all his precautions just days before the super bowl, his
5:53 pm
>> i get the envelope this note tickets. i opened it up its blank paper inside. >> poor guy. he was able to call police they were able to track the scammer to kansas but as far as i know $6000 still something they can't track down. >> good intent but it didn't happen. boston-based company making a big move overseas. >> the herald says the draft king will be the official fantasy sports partner for both liverpool and owned by the fenway sports group which also owns the boston red sox. unlike the us sports betting is
5:54 pm
>> at six. as rain but the snow takes over later tonight a winter storm warning how much you'll be shoveling tomorrow. plus a pungent smell packing a punch in one town. >> knew it six what's balling up the fresh air on the south shore. >> what his biggest applause was in for something he said but something he did. >> a man trying to rob a gas station gets barred with the clerk comes out swinging.>> that force you heard this is why storm warning goes into effect at 1 o'clock tomorrow morning piles of snow we will cover much of our area. >> fox 25 chief meteorologist tracking rain out there right now.
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