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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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weather center with his updated timeline and kevin i understand timing is really everything with this one. >> to mess up the morning commute but also timing as far as how quickly the rain that you see here and change to snow. but switch over to live storm tracker radar. zoom down into the falmouth areas to the yellows and oranges that are popping up right here along the coastline west falmouth to north falmouth coming down hard right now but it is rain temperatures there in the 50s in the 40s north and west.this is the front the stalled offshore and that's the rain it's making its way along the front and clubbing southeastern massachusetts gradually lifting father north at the night progresses. there's the rain moving across the south shore by 11 o'clock a few showers even the immediate austin area north metrowest by 1:30 a.m. change to blue there and the colors that's rain changing to snow higher elevations first colder air
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collapse toward boston during the early morning hours by 3 o'clock on the doorstep down to 128 and then coming to boston between four and 5 o'clock in the morning the rain changing to snow. still 214 to stick it was good to snow for a while without sticking very much getting you wet roadways to the first that morning drive eventually comes down hard up deeper blues in their that's when it comes down hard for it to stick and push its way toward plymouth at 7:30 a.m. and then out to cape cod by about nine or 10 o'clock in the morning. and then mid-cape and out of cape by 11 o'clock in the morning that's when you'll get any of your acumen still to come on through this pushes out in the afternoon 5 o'clock high and dry just to shoveling and plowing left to do.4 to 6 inches of snow. north shore back to west along the pike to 128 and perhaps even to the city of boston but you're right on the cusp in
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temperatures and staying warm where the coastline and the wet roadways eventually becoming white. south shore same thing scituate to plymouth basically take the south east expressway bring it to route you continue to the cape east of that line 1 to 3 inches closer to that line will go away from that line in land in your 4 to 6 and just even on the south shore that includes the city of worcester right near boston at least as close as newton and it cuts off pretty quickly up to the north and west but i'm watching that changeover occur the latest computer information coming in right now the timing of one that change will happen which will affect your snow totals. >> storm will be in full swing when everyone wakes up in the morning our team is on earlier and longer to make sure that you're prepared. we'll have those traffic and weather updates for you every 10 minutes and live reports across the area.
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death of jeremiah oliver official said the five-year-old pitchfork die official undetermined nature. oliver was reported missing in 2013 his body was found in a suitcase of the side of the highway in sterling in 2014. his mother and portland-based charges. including kidnapping assault and reckless endangerment. we also have breaking news in the ongoing investigation into the death of a toddler in auburn. officials cannot determine the conway coxswain we first reported on the child's death in august of last year and today the chief medical examiner reported listing the cause and manner of death is undetermined. in october dcf so the child out of heatstroke that no official cause was stated. no one bases any criminal charges in this case. >> happening right now vigil about to be held outside of the home were a three-year-old
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injuries last weekend before dying yesterday. as we reported dcf was involved in this case and tonight governor baker was addressing the ongoing issues with the department. live outside the roxbury home with the governor's new reaction. >> reporter: just got off the phone with the stepdad they tell us that expected to be here within the next 15 to 30 minutes and that's when that vigil will be held right behind us. we're being told his mother biological mother expected to read a letter to her past son her late son that is expected to take place in the governor today also is saying that he was doing fine on friday he was at daycare a happy-go-lucky kid.>> we first showed you precious three-year-old can i white in the video you can see he's a happy-go-lucky boy sources tell us they believe can i was beaten to death the governor tells fox 25 can i was doing just fine on friday at daycare. >> we had a direct conversation with anybody
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child on the 29th which is when we talk to the daycare provider and said the child was in good shape. sunday night can i was rushed to the hospital from his dad's house on alpine street in roxbury. sources tell us and i had had and lower body trauma. fox 25 spoke to cannot mom moments after she held her son for the last time. >> everybody loved him. he's bubbly. >> can i as we told you earlier came to visit his dad stepmom and five month old sister at this hour still the investigation is far from over. no charges have been filed yet once again that vigil is expected to be held within the next 15 to 30 minutes. >> looking right now a live rally democratic hopeful bernie sanders senator vermont happening right now in rochester new hampshire out of the seacoast he and hillary
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tonight. republicans stepping across the granite state to win over undecided voters. fox 25's sharmann saccheti is anchoring our coverage from about 25 to have your primary headquarters in manchester. >> sharmann: hi mark what we covered donald trump earlier today as he while the crowd and exeter new hampshire. he still heavily favored to win here in new hampshire but it's unclear how long that lead will last when a third of new hampshire voters remain undecided. >> to have people's votes in here? >> it's unlike donald trump to stutter rally without bragging about his latest poll numbers but that's exactly what he did to her. 450 people crowded into exeter town hall to hear and speak about jobs the economy and illegal immigration he got his biggest applause when he dismissed a woman told him she was here from southern
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immigrants are the backbone of the country. >> we know the backbone of our country is able that came here and they came here legally. people that came to this country legally and they work their that's off and they made the country great. >> as usual he wasn't detailed in his plans this is what he said he was asked about taking out ices. >> i have a very strong plan for a very very powerful plan will going to knock the helen of them told the crowd you don't advertise your plans here to your enemy. trump has led the polls for multi-but there are questions about whether or not he can keep that moment of up without doing traditional retail politics. >> 's supporters are steadfast and we found to 18-year-olds to test their first votes ever donald trump. >> i think are true. illegal immigration problem in america is a huge problem. >> he says what's on his mind
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in just under an hour trump is in portsmouth the great bay community college we do have a crew there friday he's in south carolina a decision some are questioning about whether or not if you want to win here new hampshire and is back in manchester on saturday. for the debate at saint ann. i will caucus winner ted cruz campaigning in the granite state for the third day in a row today at a town hall meeting in portsmouth the gop resident hopeful took a few shots at his opponents trump and rubio. >> and senator cruise holding a town hall meeting right now in laconia. right now florida senator rubio holding a town hall in salem earlier today the florida
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portsmouth is a miami dolphins fan we know that. but he knows his audience and he showed patriot nation some love where he admits his kids are impressed by the pats. >> last night after we ate about 10 o'clock my kids tell me the we just had dinner but i forgot to eat he says. all rights when lookup in the hotel thing i find this pizza place -- gino's? poppa gino's? okay so they show up they deliver in on the pizza box, huge new england patriots symbols on it. my kids say, dad they have their own pizza! >> . [laughter]. tomorrow rubio has one event hosting a countdown rally at a middle school in derry new hampshire. governor john kasich is doing his push in new hampshire with hopes for strong showing with the benson pelham concord and also new hampshire were some of his standards balancing the budget and educational reform. we have to make the education
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young people do not yet the skills they want, then a not going to have the income they need and the kind of future that they deserve. casey told me this week may have to decide on the future of his campaign based on what happens in new hampshire. >> and you're looking life rochester new hampshire where bernie sanders is holding an event right now he's holding a rally it's called a out the boat rally the next stop unh where debate with hillary clinton that's happening tonight. secretary clinton had no other public appearances in new hampshire today. intrude new hampshire fashion any voters still deciding whom they are voting for on tuesday. the majority of rated just to do have to voters are undeclared. coming up ahead at 6:30 fox 25's kerry kavanaugh is going to catch up with some of those undecided voters. we want to remind you that
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week leading up to the new hampshire primary will have many more live reports and will continue to anchor from fox 25 primary headquarters right here in manchester.also be bringing you primary specials every night at 7 o'clock.i will have in-depth reports on the candidates as well as expert analysis and then on primary night, will be with you from our news starting at 5 o'clock straight through to 11 dirty p.m. bringing you live results live reports from the candidate headquarters speeches as they happen. we will also stream live on and of course on the fox 25 news app. >> thank you sharman. boston public schools no school tomorrow. because of that snow supposed to start falling right as a buses would be heading out in the morning. boston public schools close for tomorrow.coming up next in all six everyone talk about the hovering of a local townhome is doing everything they can to
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>> what's behind the awful odor people just can't seem to escape. nurses doctors and hospital employees attacked on the job knew it six the new twist fox25 investigates exposed about
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video you have to hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm they've all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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turn. breaking news city of boston announced schools will be closed tomorrow. they will be closed tomorrow long weekend. snow will fall for most of the area. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz will have it for you and just treatment. but first the story stinks. there is an absolutely awful plymouth we found out the order from three sewage main breaks is smacking people in the face in that part of the south shore. fox 25's robert goulston shows us now how workers are racing to try to freshen things up. >> robert: vanessa and mark not just the stink this noise and a lot of traffic. this operation going on on plymouth waterfront it's taking 17 trucks while these repairs are underway on the line to haul all of the wastewater and
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>> there was a huge gush of water. coming right from the house on both sides of the street. jackie maybe woke up sunday morning not knowing what was coming out of her street. >> it was sewage. raw sewage from the third break within a month in plymouth. >> i can't describe how awful the smell is. >> plymouth town manager now in the middle of a three to $4 million temporary fix the biggest frustration, there's no back up to the line. >> is no way to diaper the flow. >> they believe the system designed allowed air pockets which led to a corrosion process.
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chemicals in the area corroded the cement lining. >> while the two and half mile bypass line is being installed, the town's truck in all of its wastewater. the town plan to scrutinize initial project which is built only 15 years ago. >> the repair project is going to impact route 3 traffic over the next couple of days. at one point, they have a shutdown exit five on the southbound side of route three and then exit 6 on the northbound side. the plan is to do one on friday and one on saturday. of course the other moving target here, is that whether that is moving in. the town also asking all of the people on the sewer system to
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as possible. so that they can take a little bit of treasure of the system. >> rain falling on cape cod and the islands right now. boston schools cancel because of the snow that's moving in for tomorrow anyway. likely be others because it's going to be some snow to shovel out of the way just in time for that morning drive. close-up look on a live decorator for the heaviest rain is falling right now coming down hard but it's warming up out here this is certainly all rain going to take you right down to the heart of cape cod the town of wants to write here look at the heavy rain right along 132 along route six hyannis yarmouth south yarmouth along 134 between the two dennis port also seeing some heavy rain at this hour this plenty more down the coast that front not moving very much going to allow this rain to continue to move in waves tonight. gradually moving farther to the
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around midnight tonight we will see those rain chose to pick up intensity looked for the west at about 1 o'clock that's a change over by 2:30 am write to 128 the branch most of the pica 128 see that change over stuff to happen. but the question is how warm or cold will you be temperatures will be falling if you still near 40 degrees even if the snow was somehow making it to ground levels it's going to be ground the roadways especially. as a temp just fall through the 30s, will start to see that sticking so by 330 in the morning certainly sticking metrowest out to the worcester boston not yet. after 4 o'clock will start to see come down more heavily. heavy snow can overcome that warmer air this at the ground level and get the sticking to happen on the roadway so wet roadways to start the morning commute in boston and then becoming as a morning commute progresses through 6:00 a.m..
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plymouth there's some snow here and then out to cape cod and the bridges and then finally out to cape cod middle part two 10 o'clock in the morning and by noontime it's all snow out on cape cod that's the last place is going to early tomorrow afternoon. it's as temperatures much concerned about this happens to many times as possible the colder comes in fast enough that these amounts end up being on the letter side but six inches is still pretty good snow from a system like this coming on through. so 4 to 6 inches just outside of boston i don't have the city in the 4 to 6 inches but three to four seems a good range for the city of austin depending on what the tempter ends up being. but there may be a situation where out to west roxbury close to six inches at logan airport eat but is boston closer to two inches that's how close could be went along the shoreline
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the lower end of things because of the warm temperatures not allowing it to six certainly going snow won't stick you go inland interior southern new england factor worcester county 4 to 6 inches sharp cut off to the north north of the city of forster was in the 45 inch range we do for north of worcester topping off to one or two to northern worcester county in southern new hampshire and lesser amounts father north and west. with a late changeover cape cod i have you on one to three as well watch that changeover happening overnight which is to a morning to place not include those coastal areas does not include cape cod right now with the south coast but the reasons i was telling you i agree with that northern worcester county certainly possible getting into the windstorm range with six inches or more but right now forecasting that for you at least north of the city posted by very much clearly if you're
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worcester you could be right near that line temperatures just so warm right now watch how they fall tonight this is where the changeover will happen from the 40s and into the 30s the teacher all the way to the morning 5 o'clock in the morning it's just cold enough now for boston to see some sticking snow. that's going to be the challenge tonight watch that happening seven day forecast shows how your weekend is back
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12-year-old boy arrested and charged with assault after pulling a knife on a teacher earlier today. this happened after students dismissed early the school in lowell. police say the boy ran off after pulling out the knife. there was no physical contact between the boy in the teacher. the schools holding a program that helps students to struggle with behavioral issues. >> if something doesn't change at this hospital, somebody is going to die there. >> fox 25 investigated told you about the tax her sitting hospitals failing to perform the staff or to protect the staff from workplace violence.>> were not looking for middle detectors were not looking for anything looking for common sense approaches to make hospital safe. former boston police chief daniel is getting testifying
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weber workplace protect the workers. chief linsky was hired by brigham's nurses helped following the murder of doctor michael davidson last year and you are in brigham. patricia powers a registered nurse at brigham testified as to linsky while nurses from around the state listened and the audience. powers said the hospital failed to address security issues months after the shooting. and violence attacks against staff is happen consistently since. >> almost every single person i work with myself included as been a victim of work is violence. karen coplan vice president of the mass nurses association and
6:25 pm
state hospital. the new testament today she said violent attacks in hospitals are on the brides across the state. in this decision will provide much-needed support. if you would like to see our original investigation our website click on fox 25 investigate. >> uncovering a troubling crime that's on the rise. why investigate is a man who lives in a $900,000 home is collecting food stamps. plus days until the new hampshire primary many undecided voters still we asked them what their weighing what happens when those decisions leave a house divided.
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trying in this half-hour fox25 weather alert. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz tracking that rain right now but kevin scored changeover to snow very early tomorrow morning just in time for the morning commute. >> idea for boston no schools a great idea because even if it just get a couple of inches it's going to be snowing just in time for getting the children on the school buses
6:27 pm
all the driving that will be done around boston in the morning heavy rain happening right now look at hard which getting hard said the coastline as well overhead this plenty of rain down the coastline all attached to the same front that but as the rain yesterday. now that rain is moving back in a long that front is a night wears on and colder continues to filter in from the north down into the 40s of the north and west takes you to midnight still rain but watch what happens after midnight some snow up to 495 and worcester county particularly in the hill town out that way still warm though so not likely to be sticking very much except in the highest elevations that collapses to 128 we have some sticking snow out to 495 and worcester by 3 o'clock by 4 o'clock fox25 morning newscast boston's right on the cusp of changing over that continues southward to plymouth about 6:40 a.m. south shore getting the snow sticking snow eventually but again mild
6:28 pm
very beginning and then on to the cape cod bridges by 8 o'clock through all of cape cod not until 11:30 a.m. and then up to nantucket last to see the snow on cape cod and the islands but there you going to bless us know amounts because you're going to have a late start. so 1 to 3 inches out that way for 26 area going to be metrowest boston on the line though you go to places like needham even western edges of boston like west roxbury going to be near to the 4 to 6 inch line then you are to the 123 line along the pico to worcester north shore and even much of the south shore away from the coastline 4 to 6 inches of snow this one with your morning drive i will keep checking that rain in the change straight ahead. with that we just all morning going into affect overnight be sure to download the new fox 25 storm tracker whether app you can get custom forecast from it meteorologist for your neighborhood. it is free to download just search fox25 weather. >> intends a counter fox 25
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discovered why daytime crime is now on the rise. >> police are calling these crimes bold and desperate they've now added patrols across the city of methuen that surveillance video was taken from inside the store on haverhill street where that demanded money. >> less than 24 hours after witnessing an armed robbery, lopez is still trying to process what happened. in this surveillance video you can see a man in a hooded sweatshirt that's the robber lopez is standing just a few feet behind him. after pointing the knife at the clerk the suspect grabbed the cash register as he is doing this the employee behind the counter pushes the automatic door lock picks up a golf club and start swinging. lucky nothing happened. the robber then uses the register to smash the glass
6:30 pm
methuen police say they seen a rise in these types of raisin daytime crimes especially in shopping plazas. captain christopher mccarthy says one main reason for this disturbing trend is opioid use. people robbing to buy drugs. >> methuen police have now and its patrols. who owns this stuff quick he's expecting to be robbed again. he said this is the second time he's been robbed in the past two months. >> methuen police told me the suspect and this robbery could also be connected to a robbery at a credit union in lawrence they are looking into several leads and if you want to see that surveillance video again,
6:31 pm
>> our special coverage on the new hampshire primary continues with a focus on the undecided voters. donald trump hold a large lead. fox 25's sharmann saccheti is in our primary headquarters anchoring special coverage tonight. >> sharmann: five days remain until the new hampshire primary and a true new hampshire fashion many voters admit they're still looking at the options some of them actually decide on their way to the voting booth. fox 25's kerry kavanaugh is live inside manchester diner where it is high season for political chatter there. hi carrie. >> kerry: discussing the options and discuss it over some food we talked about is here throughout the day friends and colleagues as they try to
6:32 pm
choose as you said five days away. >> i'm weighing everything really. i'm still undecided. i went back and forth with who i want to choose. >> to they walk into the voting booth to get the wrap of being undecided. >> manchester's red arrow diner matter what customers order this time of year there is always a healthy dose of politics on the side especially for all of new hampshire's undecided voters. there is a pack field this you for taking the time to determine whom to vote for is often the new hampshire way majority are undeclared. according to state numbers have is home to about 229,000 edges to democrats about 260,000 republicans but more than 383,000 don't pledge to either party. sometimes when voters to decide decisions leaves households divided. >> marian palmer says she supports hillary clinton her
6:33 pm
she's more experienced she's more balance.she's got a better chance i think. >> still many voters need more information before they choose. >> i'm always undecided until undecided right. >> they get plenty access to the candidates they always have a lot of them come here to try to sway those voters opinions that is why we see these candidates here throughout the week until the very end because i know a lot of those voters the wire. they have a couple more ways guy democratic debate this evening and another republican debate on saturday hopefully by then the stop making up their minds there. >> we are going to bring in historian. thank you for joining us.i
6:34 pm
donald trump because today he's holding one event actually in just about 20 minutes he held another event earlier today than i was at tomorrow he goes to south carolina. is at the right move? >> i think it's probably a mistake.he did the same thing in iowa held the boaters are going to appreciate him kind of weaving early like that. so much fluidity here. he thinks he has them in the bag that's arrogance always seems to boomerang against him has learned a lesson. >> we've heard a lot of women talking about the horse raising the polls looks like marco rubio is really getting a little bit of steam here got a little bit of trajectory where trump is kind of holding steady and maybe even dipping a little bit is trump in trouble? i think so. it's two ships passing by each other and i think rubio is on the upswing and watch out he might be be god. >> one thing that caught my
6:35 pm
speaking at that rally and equity townhall he said he's gonna start spending a little more money. you know that that's a sign of panic when he says he's has to spend his own money. he said he was afraid he was going to lower a little bit but but he tempered that just be clear he tempered that a little bit is going to be spending here. and they're the reason for that. his internal poll saying warning you better buckle down right now or else your in real serious trouble. >> one of his first advertisements one of us first that went out there is a iowa caucus really lead a diverse group of voters speak for him. in the ad you see people of all different backgrounds and ethnicities that appears and they are speaking trump is not speaking. since when does donald trump let anybody talk? >> that's my question.>> we comprised of peddling fiction at this point. thank you so much we will see coming up at 7 o'clock.
6:36 pm
leading up to the new hampshire primary we will have more life reports and we will continue to anchor from a fox 25 primary had what is right here manchester also be bringing you primary specials united 7 o'clock i will have in-depth reports on the candidates as well as expert analysis.and then on primary night we will be with you from our news starting at 5:00 p.m. straight through to 11:30 p.m. to give you live results live reports on the candidates headquarters happen. we will also stream it live on and of course on the fox 25 news app. >> . >> local woman comes home to a big parade after achieving something more rare in space. backup easy of belmont became the first american woman when the global marathon challenge listen to this. it's a competition that features seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. her hometown welcomed her with a parade this afternoon and lots of fanfare.
6:37 pm
>> when i signed up for this great opportunity for me to inspire as many people as i could that was the goal. >> she's incredible she told us madrid and morocco are the toughest races and an article was her favorite. the hardest part about the whole challenge, she said was being away from her doctor. >> parent business owner i understand as well. crossing the finish line with mittens on full winter gear but sneakers i noticed in the picture. it's a fantastic accomplishment. she is incredible multitasker taking moms proud business owner doing it all seven continents seven marathons on just tired talking about it. >> fox 25 exposing a man accused of collecting food stamps while living in a $900,000 home.>>
6:38 pm
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it get ready for some snow is coming tomorrow morning. which is to morning goes into effect at 1:00 a.m. and some of you could pick up a half a foot sports over. chief meteorologist reviewing new information update is in the totals the timing in two minutes. controversial story and cover today it involves someone who police say was collecting food
6:40 pm
crystal haynes shows us how this is even possible. >> reporter: this home is been valued at nearly $1 million and its owner mark lederman owns there was a partner in five businesses. so why was he receiving snap or food stamp benefits for more than a year? the answer, investigators say he was scamming the state. a woman at lederman's home but state auditor suzanne did a recent review of the massachusetts welfare system by her office uncovered almost $14 million in medicare and snap benefits broad lederman's case mentioned in a report is a prime example. >> a good deal of fraud that is occurring in the program that folks are relying on as part of our social safety net. investigators found lederman had received more than $13,000 in benefits from 2008 to 2009
6:41 pm
just $400 a week according to the sworn affidavit i obtained lederman and had income from several companies he owns or is a partner of at that time. in 2008 you put an income of more than $85,000 and almost $70,000 in 2009. lederman was arraigned in chelsea district court back in february of last year and fox 25 has learned he sits paid $10,000 in restitution to the state. latest numbers show welfare fraud is up 44 percent in massachusetts. over the past year, lederman just one case, she tells me her office is working on ways to end the scammers free ride. >> were getting much more sophisticated in the way we use technology and work on legislative level to get more access to financial records and bank account information.
6:42 pm
and so the ability to go undetected is shrinking. >> mr. lederman did pay again that restitution and his case has since been dismissed. reporting in newton i am crystal haynes fox25 news. >> heb rain already south coast of new england the satellite radar picture switch it over live storm tracker radar to better look at where some of the heaviest is following right now is clearly right across the south coast new bedford area over the cape cod even to the outer cape some of the heaviest right here to falmouth and into barnstable zoom into a couple of the spots find some of the heaviest rain you get to the coastline right in here sue berry area rate is coming down really hard northward to mashpee over the centerville beach here. >> bill beach progressively farther to the north the other part of
6:43 pm
so we have the precipitation coming in temperatures a warm still mid-forties in fitchburg where it's getting cold is that's what you have the least precipitation moving on and pick the storm is closer to the coastline to get the heaviest the father southeast to go words warmest right now. what falling into the 40s long 128 south would a 95 to norwood down the coast of plymouth still 50 but in the 40s and cape cod with the rain started to fall. temperatures on this timeline futurecast you see what's going on i 1 o'clock in the morning still there 40 degrees but by 2 o'clock start started to fall in the 30s back here long 128 there's a changeover happening dirty seven bedford to lawrence unless it's coming down very hard it's not going to stick it certainly wouldn't stick on the roadways with tough just like that back in worcester it's beginning to stick 4:00 a.m. morning newscast starting to see decking snow especially with the county and southward and along the pipe there to bedford to lawrence at 36 now
6:44 pm
to stick 30 at boston not 37 and then 36 by 7:00 a.m. now may get some sticking snow in the grassy services on the roadways along 120 95 to norwood plymouth likely nothing sticking snow till after 7 o'clock and then we start to get accumulations cape cod still raining much of it with a cold rain changing over to a wet snow before the start upon out of here tomorrow afternoon. the temperature giving me fits here because a lot of times you'll see the snow come down but it's not sticking on the roadways because it's just going to melt on the warmer surfaces. still 4 to 6 inches of snow like the north shore back to worcester southwood on the south shore away from the coastline inside of three let's say you go to the other side of route three going to be so close to the coast or temperature may not call down fast enough to get you 246 range as well have 1231 along the coastline out to cape cod
6:45 pm
northwest of worcester the city is in the 4 to 6 range northwest it's going to cut off as your father away from the heaviest precipitation out that way. there's a winter storm warning in place overnight tonight and [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you.
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jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa of this message. break. three days away from super bowl l aside from was good when the game the biggest question when is whether or not tom brady would be at the game is suitable celebrate 50 years and today we did get our answer. brady will indeed attend the super bowl and he will be on the field. with 39 other suitable mvps and a velcro to pay on to the men who played the best on the biggest stage brady done it three times some speculated he
6:49 pm
considering the nfl still trying to suspend them for four games but he will be there should be the point out that dion bread with the be there as well mvp of the hat super bowl win over philadelphia in 2005. patriots fans congratulations you have been voted the most obnoxious of all fans in the world. a study done by the last prickly of never heard of celesta but evidently it's a leader in performance analytics and 30 percent of those polled by the last of have deemed pat spans the most of noxious or the doubling the total votes the broncos who only got 50 percent so you going to win win big. more pages in a minute but first want to catch up with the bruins they will be in action tonight against buffalo is a first of the series with the sabres just a fantasy former bu connection fees hope to bounce back from tuesday's loss to toronto they have been put on the road so this is one the bruins should take tonight. the day comes connected school
6:50 pm
his life in the day his father lost his life. the name west haven by the game-winning goal home over time just hours after learning that his dad died of stomach cancer emotional scene last night good for him and uplifting moment on the very tough day.back to pats wrapping up a little fun rob gronkowski at the super bowl on radio role he was appearing on fs want to tagging them on trying to get them to be silly and finally julie stewart thinks one of the host of the show challenged want to show her some of his magic mike moves. took some encouraging but then got succumbed to the pressure. let's see it rob. wow. while protecting vanessa's eyes here. she shouldn't be watching that. he was a good sport. no way i'm eating dinner now after that.
6:51 pm
now change the snow expecting 4 to 6 inches away from the coastline south of boston but up to the north shore and out to worcester went along the pike especially changeover going to happen in the early morning hours after midnight and just in time for the morning commute into boston and the south shore was going be quite messy in the morning no bottom of that schools canceled for tomorrow long weekend you're welcome children 1 to 3 up to the north and west of city of worcester out cape cod two different reasons father with the storm at the northwest and a letter changeover on cape cod you'll be rain for a good part of the morning of course this one progresses up the coast of the tracking it any motion north or south from where i'm looking at right now will change those totals make sure you check back with us. >> thank you for joining us tonight but don't go anywhere there are those who say
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and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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