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tv   FOX 25 News New Hampshire Primary Special Live  FOX  February 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> we will tell you why some of the republican candidates are taking swings, a lot of them at marco rubio. first let's check the latest poll averages for the new hampshire primary. bernie sanders holds a lead with 56% of the vote, 38% for hillary clinton. donald trump is leading the way for republicans in new
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he's followed by marco rubio at 14% many now, polling third is ted cruz, who of course just came off a win in iowa. he has 12% many john kasich 11%, followed by jeb bush with 10% an chris christy, who spent more time than any other candidate in new hampshire is currently at only 5% candidates on both sides are preparing for debates. tonight the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be debating at the university of new hampshire in durham and of course this saturday the republicans will be facing after in manchester, new hampshire. >> i call him the guy with the dirty had a hat, low i.q. >> happening now donald trump getting ready to speak in portsmouth, new hampshire. i think he's up there on the
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we will can listen in. >> isis an others are using our internet. we invented the net. ice assist using it to radicalize our kids and our kids are leaving and coming back. if they leave and they fight for isis, they're not coming back. i don't care. they're not coming back. >> there you have it. you hear him talking about isis and addressing issues of terrorism. donald trump talking to a crowd in poerth mouth, new hampshire. earlier today he addressed a crowd of voters in exeter. trump spoke about the country. he got up set speaking out of the department of veterans affairs. >> these people, i'd like to use really foul language. i won't do it. i was going to say they're full of [bleep] but i won't say it. it's true.
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i won't say that because it's too controversial. >> reporter: controversial. well, that's trump using some colorful language at his rally. he read rated support for gun rights an new approach to immigration many bernie sanders held a rally in rochester new hampshire that ended a few minutes ago. he spoke about how his campaign has come a long way in nine months. >> all right, and hillary clinton did not have any public events today. she is prepping for tonight's debate. today she did gain some support from house minority leader pelosi, the california democrat praising the former secretary of state but she stopped short of an official endorsement. pelosi responded how republicans theirs for additional investigations into clinton's
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america's secretary of state. pelosi says it's a political move by republicans that will be a waste of time. >> waste of purpose of this. are they say afraid of hillary clinton on the campaign trail that they have to have some subterfuge to change the subject pulled the conversation over here? >> reporter: well, pelosi did point out that senator bernie sanders could use the iraq war to his advantage. on if campaign trail sanders has hammered steck -- secretary clinton. the gloves are off between ted cruz an donald trump, both candidates went after each other today. donald trump is upset with cruz and claims he stole the iowa caucuses. he said cruz's campaign attempted to sabotage ben carson's chances in iowa monday by suggesting he was going home to florida.
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today cruz continued his criticism of his rival at an event in portsmouth, new hampshire. >> donald trump is very rattled right now. he told the entire world he was going to win iowa, and he didn't win, and his reaction is he got very angry. he said, how stupid could the people of iowa be. >> reporter: cruz also taking aim at the democrats today, saying quote, we need to repeal every word of obamacare. now, some of the candidates who were going after florida senator marco rubio accused him of being inexperienced. rubio came in third in the iowa caucuses and is gaining momentum in new hampshire. his goal is to edge out christy, kasich an bush an consolidate the support and dollars from the mainstream established republicans.
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christy blasted rubio. >> no one, not even marco rubio's supporters can name one accomplishment he has in his entire career. the guy has sat in the united states senate for five years an doesn't of one major accomplishment? >> reporter: santorum dropped out but backed rubio. santorum was asked to name one struggled to come up with an answer. happening now, this is a live look at concord, new hampshire where jeb bush is holding a town hall, his mom, former first lady barbara bush is expected to speak. let's listen into that rally. there she is there standing with her son. let's listen to that rally. >> next president of the united states, jeb bush. >> thank you mama. thank you all.
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you can sichlt everybody can sit. thank you all very much. wow. >> reporter: all right, jeb bush taking the microphone from his mother, bringing out the family to give him a little bit of a boot where he's struggling in new hampshire. today jeb bush also took aim at a candidate, marco rubio. >> he is gifted. ted cruz doesn't have it. they don't have a record of accomplishment and some people will think about that when they make a decision who is going to be their vote on tuesday. >> rubio is fighting back against the attack saying he's happy rick santorum is on his side. >> rick just signed onto the campaign so he's working with us and we will have to continue to work on telling our story, and obviously rick is going to be a big part of doing that i'm proud
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service. >> republican governor john kasich kept out of the mud slinging today. he spoke to supporters in pelham new hampshire. he spoke about balancing the budget, things that are high priorities. >> we have to make the education system work. if these young people do not get the skills they want, they're not going to have the income they need and the kind of future they deserve. >> reporter: a strong performance in new hampshire next tuesday is critical for kasich, who all but skipped the iowa caucuses is ground out more town hall meetings in new hampshire. he will mark his 100th town hall during a stop tomorrow night in bedford. carly fiorina campaigning in new hampshire today, we tried to speak with her in manchester but she told over our producer she
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fiorina not invited to the republican debate, being criticized by mitt romney and new hampshire senator kelly. aot says the decision undermines the statees role in the primary process. and ben carson is still in the running but his campaign confirms he's cut more than 50 staff positions. cbs reports salaries are being cut significantly and his entourage reduced for travel. the employees let go work at field positions. here is political historian tall. want to talk to you about donald trump, changing his tone a
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titman -- times, companies nothing something donald trump does. he's letting other people appearing of differentness advertise doing talking for him. >> trying to ex-pan his base of support but i think it's too late, and giving his rhetoric against undocumented immigrants, i don't think people will believe him. >> why does he want to change this when it's worked so well for him? he's the first one to tell you he's been leading for months and months. today he didn't talk about polls. >> the republican field is win ohing here, so the smaller it gets, trump is going to need those extra votes. right now those votes are going to rubio. >> is he trying to be less of -- tone down that rhetoric any think people know and they like him or don't for what he is. >> he's trying to be a kinder more gentler donald trump but now he comes off morein' authentic. >> is he comfortable with this?
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able to stomach being softer? >> his body language would indicate no. >> because he doesn't seem like it comes naturally to him. you know what i took away from today's events in exeter, he started off talking about jobs and the economy and companies moving overseas, and how he would seek to change that but then you started to hear him talking about illegal immigration which speeds into the core of his support here. so i just wonder whether or not that sort of shift in rhetoric instead of holding up the union leader call it the useless leader and touting the polls that he's at number one, here didn't to that this time. >> he's trying to have it both ways, and i think it's going to confuse voters. that will hurt him tuesday. >> has he hit a ceiling? >> i think so. he's just hoping to get by here and go to south carolina that should be a point of strength for him.
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kind of lowering -- excuse me, help herron-webb if he's sort of lowering the bar here? >> probably not because hillary is joined at the hip politically with trump. the stronger he is, the stronger she is, and right now her poll numbers are going down in new hampshire. >> reporter: donald trump tweeted about barbara bush coming in to help jeb bush saying jeb needs his mommy. >> it's ironic because barbara bush was the one who said i don't think bush should run this year. now she's trying to save the campaign. >> political historian tom whelan thanks for joining us. new hampshire primary coverage just starting. coming up the power of the undecided voter, how they could pick make or break the candidates right here in new hampshire. [mother] yeah but this
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>> reporter: all right. let's take a closer look who is numbers. as of january 1st there were 873,932 registered voters in new hampshire, 229,000 registered democrats, 383,834 undeclared will that's why candidates on
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hard in new hampshire. new hampshire's undecided voters can make or break campaigns. we found many people still undecided. those decisions are still being made, right carey? point. the voters here are educated. they know the candidates. they know the issues, and they're taking their time making this decision, many take it seriously and for some of them it goes down to the wire. we found family, friends, colleagues throughout the afternoon talking politics and concentrating on the field of candidates, so the majority of these new hampshire registered voters close to 400,000 are undeclared. they pledge no party and weigh all their options. new hampshire voters get the rap of being undecided until they
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do you like that? >> it's who i want to choose. >> i need to weigh everything in order to make my decision. >> i'm still undecided. >> so, obviously some folks have made up their mind but we hear the stories about people who walk into the poll and finally destruction side who they're voting for. that's why the candidates are here down to the wire. back to you. >> they are going to take their time. well, many of the candidates continued to raise millions for their campaigns. we can tell you ted cruz has raised $3 million since his win in the iowa caucuses and $10 million since the beginning of january. marco rubio has announced he's raised $2 million as of yesterday.
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democrats in fund-raising. senator bernie sanders has reported raising $3 million in the first 24 hours since the caucuses. we can tell you that donald trump has taken to the stage in portsmouth. looks like he's on stage now. he's getting ready to stir them up. he's heading to south carolina tomorrow. is that the right move? up next, a report on the event he's holding right now and a
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america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa
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you are looking at donald trump addressing a crowd live in portsmouth, new hampshire. fox 25 kathryn burcham is there. >> after a contentious week between donald trump and ted cruz, primary voters say they're ready for more substance and say that trump ads show him moving in the right direction. >> i came to hear donald trump business plan for america. >> reporter: this morning new hampshire voters woke up to find a new trump campaign commercial on their television, one that took a different tone from trump's words earlier week. it features a wide array of supporters, including minorities with a positive spin. supporters told us even this early in the election cycle
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celticing an tweet wars between trump and cruz. >> i feel all the bad things about the other republicans and democrats, i feel it doesn't bring anything. what we need to do is bring to the forefront what's happened. >> we are heading inside to see if trump's message tonight matches the tone of that ad. we will have the latest at 10:00. in portsmouth, fox 25 news. >> donald trump stopped by the manchester police department today. he told police officers he has great respect for what they do and what firefighters do. he also spent time taking pictures with the officers. the new hampshire primary kick starts a very busy presidential election season. after voters head to the polls on february 9th the techs will shift to republican and democratic caucuses in nevada and south carolina on february 27.
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march 1 s- contests will be held in more than a dozen states, including massachussetts, and this reminder the last day to register to vote in the massachussetts primary, next wednesday february 10th. today some of the candidates had lighter moments starting with marco rubio, who talked about ordering pizza for his kids yesterday. >> i look up in the hotel and see papa gino's of they show up and deliver and on the box this huge new england patriots symbol is on it. my kids say, dad, they have their own pizza. >> reporter: yeah, he knows his audience. also today chris christy's reaction when asked if his children would go into politics like their dad. >> god, i hope not.
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hillary should be very worried. >> what about snap chat? >> he just launched a series of blanket ads on snap chat that appeals to younger voters. that's his bread and butter here. i think it happens in iowa as well and that shows to me that pollsters are undercounting younger voters, and if you have the same result he had, say, in eye was, he's going to have an even bigger lead over hillary here. >> he's calling this a revolution. he's call this a political movement that they've got going. you know, i want to ask you briefly about hillary clinton stumble during the town hall last night. >>, goldman sachs. >> now she basically gave sanders a killer ad. she's out of touch. she took all this money from goldman sachs, and said basically i deserve it. what's the problem. >> so i have to tell you, what's your sense? who is essentially winning the days here in democratic side?
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getting the money, so it's like a rocket ride into the atmosphere. >> political historian tom whelan thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. >> our primary continues through next tuesday many look for coverage every weeknight at 7:00. i'll be here with expert guests analyzing what's happening in all these tight races, all this dealing up to the primary night when fox 25 will have live continuous from 5:00 to 11. 30 p.m. we will have live results as they come in and live reports
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