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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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everyone, it is 4:30. i am julie grauert. >> i am daniel miller. closing and delays pouring in this morning as winter storm hits our area, and live team coverage of the fox25 storm tracker weather center this morning. meteorologist sarah wroblewski and shiri spear evaluating the information about this storm as it comes in, and shiri, let's by begin with you. rain starting to change over for some neighborhoods right now. shiri sthirz is in our loop. you can see slow and steady. the snow line in toward boston. slow frog congress in the last hour. the rain and snow that is head the rain and snow that is headed to providence, rhode island. i would not be surprised if this causes a flip for those in the city for any of you traveling down 95. boston at 37. so is lawrence. rain in those locations and worcester, down to 32 degrees. it is snowing there. travelers on the mass pike west travelers on the mass pike west. going to see that change over to framingham.
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franklin, medway, framingham. i didn't have to adjust this map and seeing changes out in this area. sudbury making that change, so is actton and getting mixing toward weston and lexington right now that will goup lowell right now that will goup lowell. lawrence we still have rain into salem new hampshire we have a mix. haverhill a little bit of a mix here. give it an hour you will see snow in some spots. between 5 and 6 that change in boston and heavier precipitation you can see here in providence, rhode island, you will be rolling through boston and that means heavier pockets of snow, especially close to that rain-snow line. it also means we will have downpours over the south shore. south coast. cape and islands. that in and of itself will create problems on the road. 7 a.m., we are barely getting this rain, snow line to move southward. plymouth likely sticks with a mixture of 8:00 in the morning and then the cape doesn't even flip to full-on snow until we
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noontime, guys, it is still snowing at a healthy clip out there. we really find relief as we get toward 3 p.m. that is when i see the snow ending in worcester. really looint ing up seriously in boston north shore, south shore, it will take longer. the cape and island. we release that snow once we hit it evening at 6 p.m., and it will clear out quickly back behind it. 4 to 6 inches, worcester, lowell, boston, down into interior southeastern massachusetts. the coast itself seeing slightly less at the cape because of a mixing slightly less. we are going to take a much closer look at the hardest-hit towns and cities coming up in a couple of minutes. sarah wroblewski joining me. and turn it over to her. has got more of some of the other items coping with during the morning hours. >> sarah: shiri, talking about the rain and snow and winds out of the north-northeast from nantucket. they will be picking up
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may provide limited visibility. dragging in that colder air allowing for the change over from rain to snow as it pushes eastward throughout the day. wind gusts really not that impressive and i'm anticipating winds gust from 25 to 35 miles per hour. off this heavy wet snow. could you see isolated power outages. something to be monitoring through the morning. visibility is starting to change. lower in worcester now. day planner going lies this. temperatures in the upper 30s falling back toward that freezing mark with the snow becoming steady around noon and shutting off from west to east in the afternoon hours and by the evening, we will be watching for temperatures falling below freezing all across the board. likely going to see slippery spots. coming up, your full weekend forecast. a check of the traffic now with julie grauert. >> sara, it is early so volume is light, but it is going to be problematic this morning with that changing weather and the snow that is coming snow that is coming down. pike moving along fine at the moment. 93 south, route 1, wide open.
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very wet in the shot of the zakim bridge and leverett connector. leave early. the earlier the better because the snow will work its that by as sara and sara are explaining. 25 minutes eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. eight minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: fox25 has our team of reporters out to cover the storm. shiri helped us pick the best idea what is happening with the snow and rain. jessica reyes is live in andover, and jess, it looks like it is still rain where you are right now. >> reporter: it is, daniel. and it has been running all the way up we were driving here and since i got here a couple of minutes ago. as hearing shiri say, the rain snow line is moving from west to east and is expected to little bit. you can see the rain here for a while. the roads are wet, and when it does change over, you will want to take it very, very slowly as
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because some of the roads will be freezing up and this will make things tricky for your morning commute in addition to the snow here. we have been keeping on eye on things here. there are not any school close information this immediate area. you have andover schools open, as well as lawrence schools as well. but we are keeping an eye on that and let you know on that throughout the morning if that changes, but we knee mass dot, they are out and about in this area on the main roads and side roads as well and we will be back with another look at what is going on here and what to expect for your morning commute in this part of the state in 30 minutes. live near andover. jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. and it will be a dicey drive this morning in many places, including the mass pike. >> daniel: yeah, fox25's hen then live at the rest stop in natick and michael, it is starting to snow where you are right now. >> reporter: i tweeted that out as soon as the changeover happened about 20 minutes ago, and now you can see it for yourself. a big change since our last
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it for yourself and know it is dark and i know it is hard to tell. because if you can tell. take my word for it. raining a half hour ago when it was raining at 4:00. now it is snowing at the natick rest area on the mass pike. you are looking at the eastbound lanes going into boston here. a sedan just going by there. and you can see they are not having trouble so far. the amount of snow that is falling in the last 20 minutes have not been significant in that it haven't built up on the roadways just yet. it haven't even really started to collect on the grassy median where i am standing in the rest area. that is where we are going to keep an eye on. the first indicator where it will start building up. mass dot also tweeting out updated information within the last ten minutes or so giving that crew total more than 1100 crews out on state roadways, and as i mentioned 30 minutes ago, they responded to my question saying that they are chemically treating the roadway chemically treating the
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where it is raining and where it is snowing. we are going to continue to work to get you updates on when those crews will be concentrating throughout the morning, and, of course, we will keep an eye on how things are on the pike. certainly a messy commute once this snow continues to get going. live in natick, michael henrich live in natick, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. logan airport reminding people to check with their airlines this morning. we will monitor that for you and alert to you any changes with the weather right here on our air, and you can stay up to date all day with the fox25 weather app. closings and delays are updating on this app. and at the bottom of your screen all morning. shiri and sarah will be back with a check of the forecast coming up in just a few minutes coming up in just a few minutes. 4:37 right now. today nine presidential candidates will be on the campaign trail until new hampshire that includes both democrats. last night bernie sanders and hillary clinton faced off in their final debate before tuesday's primary. there were some fiery exchanges on the stage at unh. the candidates battled over
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reforms. they also spared over which candidate will be able to deliver the promises they are making on the campaign trail. >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represent, i hope, ordinary americans and by the way, who are not all that enamored with the establishment. >> senator sanders is the only person who would, i think, characterize me a woman to be running to be the first woman president as exempt flying the establishment. >> daniel: tomorrow night the republican candidates will hold their it final debate before the new hampshire primary and will take place in manchester. massachusetts governor charlie baker will make his presidential pick. sharman sacchetti has confirmed that baker will endorse chris that baker will endorse chris christie for the republican nomination. governor christie was in boston attending the bruce springsteen concert at the garden. you will want to stay with us all weekend as we approach the primary on tuesday.
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coverage from our new hampshire primary headquarters in manchester, and we have live specials with an analysis at 7 p.m. tonight and monday. primary night, we will be with you all night starting at 5 p.m. had all the way through 11:30. 11:30. we will stream it live on and on the fox25 news app. new morning about a shooting we are following in roxbury. the victim has now died. skyfox was over the scene on brookledge street during our news at 6:00. the victim died last night. officers believe that the victim is in his 20s. no arrests yet. police are looking at a robber seen this intense surveillance video. we showed it to you yesterday. take a look. the suspect yanked the cash register off the counter at the stop quick on haverhill street in metheun. the clerk tried to fight them off with a golf club. the man who had a knife on him tried to smash a door and run away.
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lawrence. happening this morning, police are discussing a string of school bomb threats that hit the states over the past few weeks. state will talk about how they respond to these threats and an update on the ongoing 20 cities and towns have start of the year. threats came in as e-mails and automated phone calls. no one has been hurt. the fbi is investigating. >> the irs is still corking to fix problems with its web site. technical difficulties hit the site on site on wednesday and self-tax processing systems have been unavailable since then. the service that let's you check the refund is up and running and the part where you electronically file the refunds is not. the agency still does not know what is causing the problems. the irs snide evidence that the system was hacked and appears to be a hardware problem. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes especially on big weather days.
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up to the braintree split. roads are wet to start. but here is shiri toyota explain what is next. >> all right, a couple of your local roadways and what you will face if you were leaving the house right now. 95 and 128, it is raining. mass pike heading toward the west, you are going to go from rain to snow around framingham and natick on 190 right now, all about the snow in central massachusetts. 495, a good mix of both of them out now, so that means there will be slippery spots, and remember sara and i working as a team to keep you on top of the accumulation expected in your town and city. >> julie: hopeful new graphic, shiri. i will tweet that out as well. fire marshals on the scene looking to find the cause of an overnight fire. one person taken to the hospital and what we know of their condition.
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4:44. i am meteorologist shiri spear happy mes friday. providence, rhode island. careful. heavy snow close to providence and 95 in that area. otherwise a changeover for franklin, natick, weston and look at what has happened in the last ten minutes in northeastern massachusetts. we have got some serious snow mixing with those showers. particular around, sarah wroblewski and i will have a look at that hour by hour snow accumulation in just minutes. the red-hot boston celtics get another shot at changing
4:45 am
the cs travel to cleveland to the last eight. cleveland has the best record in the east. the bs trail in the second. on the board for the third. then in the third, brad marchand, he splits it, makes a great move on chad johnson. gets the puck into the net. game tied at 2. go to the shootout. the only goal by either team. bruins win 3-2. would rather be playing on sunday, but patriots quarterback tom brady will make an appearance at super bowl 50 an appearance at super bowl 50. brady has decided to take part in a ceremony will the super bowl will honor all the super bowl mvps this they thought we skip the event because of his battle with the league over the deflategate scandal. branch was the mvp of super bowl xxxix when the pats beat
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4:45. let's look at the map right now and don't be deceived by all of the green. things are nice and light; however, it is the day you want to leave as early as possible because there is going to be snow, and it will slow you down and cause some dangerous conditions out there. right now though, pike moving along fine as is the expressway along fine as is the expressway. 93 south and route 1 wide open. here is a look at the zakim bridge where you can see that wet pavement, but the snow will start falling very soon. over to those live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 21 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 23 minutes on 128 northbound 23 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear work meteorologist shiri spear working with sarah wroblewski this morning to bring out latest on that snow, and shiri, where does it stand right now. >> i have to say insurance tom also here today. we are a packed party, you you see that. heavy snow and heavy rain and those are our biggies worries throughout the morning not all about the snow, guys.
4:47 am
massachusetts, you will get heavy rain before that changeover. then there is a slight concern today, because we are going to see stronger gusts around 35 miles per hour. and it could contribute to -- to some problems as far as power outages go. cooler air trying to fight its way in. it will help transition much of what you see on the map right now, but as we zoom it in, i want to take you through want to take you through of towns and cities and tom will help with us this here. we have that changing line to moved across framingham, really moving across the mass pike right now. zoom into the mass pike and in fact see what town it is over now. michael henrich this morning in natick, and you can see as we go from weston to newton, you are going to see that flip over. so this is happening somewhat quickly in boston, plan on the changeover happening by about 6:00 this morning. 6 a.m., there it is. temperatures likewise will be dropping. 29 in worcester at 6 a.m. 35 in boston. and temperatures still in the upper 30s in southeastern mass,
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raining folks. the problem is everything turns more intense. rain, snow, through the morning commute. 8 a.m., we have got some of that deeper shading right around the boston area, south shore, north shore as well, that will be con due stove heavy snow and quick accumulation and deep shading over to worcester, nashua as well. portsmouth, new hampshire. the rain, snow line by 8:00, nearing plymouth and almost storms stalls out. plymouth a real sloppy mix late morning and eventually by 10 a.m., you make a change over to the snow as well. meantime, we still have that steady at times heavy snow falling across the rest of the region with heavy rain over the cape and islands eventually making the change there as we hit the afternoon. this is noontime, still going at a good clip. temperatures here are just at or possibly just above freezing or possibly just above freezing, but 32 means we are going to get some gloppy, sticky snow out there. 3 p.m., the thundershower look forward to for improvements. so things ease up.
4:49 am
around 3 p.m. in worcester. lighten considerably in boston. ends around 6 p.m. over the cape and islands. through 8:00 this morning, let's say 1 to 2 inches of snow from boston to worcester but we are going to get some of those heavier pockets of snow through 10 a.m. and bump some spots up to 3 to 4 inches by 10 a.m. here you can see by noontime, even boston with a good 3 if not higher snow on the ground. i think these numbers are slightly under done. i am going to go higher than, 4 to 8 across much of eastern and central massachusetts. less for the cape because of that mixing, but boston, malden that mixing, but boston, malden, danvers down to lowell and norton and carver and back to worcester and clinton. we have that heavier rain -- that heavier snow, excuse me and 4 to 8 inches. it does lightton 1 to 3 in derry, perer rill, derry, new hampshire. a big nuisance this morning and we are going to have to watch the northern fringe of this. the trickiest part of the forecast where we get that
4:50 am
we to tweak the contours. the gist of it a sloppy morning out there. a lot more than snow and rain that's where sarah wroblewski comes in with a closer look at some of those things, sara. >> sarah: you say spotty, but per effect snowball-making snow. not really much of a fluff factor. you take a look at temperatures when they are in the teens. anywhere from an inch precipitation up to 20 inches of snow, and when it is 32 right around 10 inches. we will be talking about temperatures today mainly between 33 and 35 degrees. some that is why we have some of our higher totals right around about 6 to 8 inches. band that heavy wet snow, we will be concerned about some of the winds that will be picking up throughout the day today. there is the potential of seeing isolated to scattered power outages where you will see that rain first and heavy, wet snow that will follow. taking a look at the current wind speeds, you can see they are strongest down across parts
4:51 am
out of the north bringing in that colder air allowing for that transition over to rain to snow, the win gusts not too impressive right now and they will be picking up and expected to see some of the wind gusts over 20 over the cape continue. we could see gusts as high as 35 miles per hour today with the combination of the rain and snow, will reduce visibility. you have to head out. take it easy out there and we are continuing to watch as the snow transitions as we head toward the coast. if you were going to be out today, this is what you can expect in boston. currently 37 degrees. that wind out of the north making it feel like it is below freezing and fall close to the freezing mark by the mid to late morning. by the afternoon, we will be right above 32 degrees, but still watching for that snow to come on through. it will be by 6, 7:00, we will see some drying out since we have plans this evening and should be okay. just throw down some salt, because look at the temperatures overnight, falling back into the 20s and teens. likely going to see a lot of icy spots develop overnight through early tomorrow. the good news is, tomorrow
4:52 am
into the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. back on the mild side. warming up as we look at highs this weekend. temperatures climbing from the upper 30s tomorrow to the low 40s by your sunday. so we could watch for a few flurries across northern new england, but our seven-day forecast with your weekend falls view does feature not too bad of conditions for the weekend. by monday and tuesday, though, we will be keeping an eye on a storm system that could potentially bring us some more snow. we will have to really watch this because indication it is may linger into wednesday and end a little bit earlier, something we got our eyes on. notice what happens, it does turn much colder there after. a look at your forecast. sarah -- >> julie: thank you, sara. a story that has people reaching out to help. a retired police officer is trying to keep his partner. how one dollar made his wish
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welcome back, everyone, a new england town is considering arming teachers with weapons. in kent connecticut, a plan that thank will allow teachers to carry firearms in the classroom. part of a program called saves lives. logical have 26 hours of violence response training. some people in town are not in favor of it. >> the most ridiculous thing and you will tell children, first-graders and second-grader
4:55 am
second-graders i am carrying a gun in this classroom. >> julie: kent is close to new >> julie: kent is close to newtown where 21 children and adults were gunned down at sandy hook elementary school. they will vote on the issue next month. a local mom and marathon runner has completed something that no other american woman has. people in belmont welcomed becca pizzi back only after she finished the world marathon challenge. she ran seven marathons on seven couldn't meants in seven days. ran first in antarctica, chile, miami, spain, morocco and dubai and ended that australia. she stayed wasn't the running or traveling was hard. >> being away from my daughter taylor was the hardest time. we have been away from each part of it. >> daniel: the 35-year-old marathoner has the third best
4:56 am
averaging four hours for all seven races. incredible. julie dwlooul is fast. a retired police officer now has his four-legged friend home with him after a bit of a legal battle. >> i sprayed this would be the result. >> julie: we told but officer matt hickey and his k-9 say jacks. officer hickey was told he couldn't keep ajax when he retired. he fought for him and won, and was told he would till have to pay for him. luckily he was only charged a dollar but as far as helped to buy ajax not knowing it wouldn't cost much, they raised $70,000. now that partly sunny go to charity. station will have team coverage this morning as a winter storm hits our area. the plows will be out all night prepping our road and our team is out there getting a look for the conditions before you head out for your commute. a live look right now in andover where the snow is falling. we will check the conditions there in just minutes. plus, the first in the nation primary now just days away. still ahead, massachusetts
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