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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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now at 5:00, downpours and heavy snow on storm tracker radar. what time your town makes the flip and when to expect the greatest accumulation. and we have been telling you all morning a winter storm hitting us right in the middle of the commute, and the salt trucks do their wok work. fox25 has team coverage with a look at conditions as you start your day. plus, a final push against folks in new hampshire, and an all-out fight for the democrats where the campaigns go today as voters make up their minds. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, thank you for been with us on february 5 at 5:00. winter is the word of the day as rain returns to snow. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. our continuing team coverage is hire to update you throughout
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michael henrich is in natick along the pike. jessica reyes is stand big in andover. and julie grauert updating the drive times. plus in a station storm tracker weather center, meteorologist sarah wroblewski and shiri spear are updating the snow totals and the bath path of the storm. >> gene: begin with shiri, keeping your eye on the storm all week and here it is. you will. if you are in the pink, you are under a storm warning until 3:00 this afternoon. we can set how long will this last? until 3:00 this afternoon. the purple shading on the cape, southern new hampshire. there will still be impacts out there, and even though this is not a blizzard, folks. we are still going to have a real pain in the neck and possibly unsafe conditions on the road. you can see providence, rhode island, and may be 37 degrees, but heavier rain causing a pwhix some snow there. some intense snow just north of that rain-know line. norwood still 44, and i suspect to get in on some of this mix.
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beverly, worcester, it is snowing right now with temperatures at freezing. want to do a quick zoom here. the radar site in taunton and that site looks a little funky on the map. that heavier precipitation norwood, you can see a little mixing out there. mansfield. just mostly rain, but given that you are so close to this heavier precipitation, i was just going to say expect some mixing and that's what we are seeing taking place with the heaviest bursts. if you see heavy rain moving in, a pretty good chance we will drag down snowflakes. all snow to weston. lawrence getting in on a mix now. whaivrhill getting in on a mix. and through 6 a.m., snow all the way down to the south shore and i want to say over to about fall river, and then by 7:00 this morning, it hits plymouth. new bedford, it is still mostly going to be rain out there and by 8 a.m., we have got real slow progress of the rain snow line over the cape and islands and doesn't happen until noontime. i bet you by late morning you
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rain is so heavy and i say that will be a concern pulling down that mix. things ending between 3 and 6:00 with 4 to about 8 inches of snow in and around the boston area. one to three withers will amounts the cape and islands. one to three in southern new hampshire hampshire. how do we make the snow maps, sarah wroblewski standing by right now and keeping an eye on what we are hearing from you guys. >> sarah: really nice folks are tweeting us and posting on facebook letting us know of the condition. in fitchburg,ing it in fitchburg, it is snowing. flakes. happening quickly. mixed bag in billerica. thank you very much, duncan. flakes mixing in the brockton area and shiri was updating it eventually turned over to snow. when can you expect the changeover? in boston temperatures in the mid-30s. we will be falling back and see that changeover continue to
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and then we will start to see improvement as we head into the afternoon. shiri is saying shutting off between 3 and 6 p.m. in worcester, colder conditions. temperatures below freezing when that snow continues and moving on out of here for the cape, we have rain with temperatures above freezing and then right around late morning, you see this mix, and eventual you see this mix, and eventually a changeover to snow eventually a changeover to snow. we will continue to update you through the weekend. a check of traffic with julie grauert. good morning. >> julie: sarah, good morning. volume is light because it is early. we are used to that. you can't expect that those roads are going to be a challenge once the snow starts to increase. route 1, 93 south looking good. this accidents as you saw on the map just popped up and may be an example what is to come because of this weather. on the pike westbound right near route 9. as you are headed, of course, out of town. be very careful on your drive today. pike otherwise moving along fine. wide look at the very wet and somewhat foggy, hazy conditions through brighton.
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25 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. i will be tracking these changing drive times all morning. gene and sara, over to you. >> gene: we want to check on what is going on with the south shore where on the roads, we will be out on all the local area roadways with our driving cam to give you an idea of the condition. we are driving through the scituate area in the south shore right now, and it is still coming down as rain. shiri pointed to thought rain shiri pointed to thought rain-snow line is starting to wobble a little bit and will be changing in this stretch shortly. salt trucks are out there this morning. give them some room, and remember the height of all of this snow will be in the morning rush hour. keep that moo mind today. fox25 will be covering the snow fox25 will be covering the snow. we are watching the rain, snow line. jessica reyes is live in andover and school at this point still on in that town
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>> reporter: that's right, school is back on in andover. it is still raining here, but rain-snow line is expected to move here over the next several bit. we are here at post office avenue and main street and the roads are very, very wet here. it looks like it is starting to change over just a little bit that the point, but once it does fully change over, one of the concerns is, of course, on top of this snow. the water on the ground is going to be freezing as well. so you will want to keep that in mind as you head into work this morning. but at this point, again, schools here in andover. they are still open in lawrence as well. we are keeping an eye on that though, and keeping an eye on the conditions here. we will be back in 30 minutes with another look at what you can expect in this area for your morning commute. live in andover, jessica reyes, fox25 news. and logan airport is remining people to check with their airlines this morning and will monitor that and alert to you think changes with the weather right here on the air. we will stay up to date all day
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closings and delays are updating on the app and at the bottom of your screen all morning long. shiri and sara will be back with the forecast in just minutes. and we continue to follow breaking news this morning as we showed you last hour. this is the active police investigation at a local strip mall. two people were shot. two others stabbed in this plaza along dorchester avenue near fields corner in the t station on the red line. so far no word on the condition of the victims. and new this hour, boston police also investigating a stabbing on vasser street in mattapan. one person taken to a local hospital in serious condition there. a large crime scene right now at this location in this video, you can see the yellow police tape and several evidence markers on the ground. in new hampshire, it is the last weekend to reach undecided voters before the primary. fox25 catherine parrotta is live at the famed red arrow diner manchester this morning, and catherine, people were talking about last night's
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debate between the two democrats. >> yeah, undoubtedly. doonz was just here a month ago to have a meal. look at that sign, serving up poll knicks new hampshire. as you mentioned after the democratic debate last night, folks will have plenty to say about that. the democrats had their final debate before the primary and the gloves were certainly off. the one on one debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders come on the heels of their virtual tie in iowa and with clinton narrowly declaring victory, but sanders is still ahead in the polls in new hampshire leading up to the primary. last night during the 90-minute debate, both were asked to draw out the differences between themselves and clinton and sanders talked on differences of things like the wa iraq war, financial reform. the debate got heated. whether clinton should be called progressive. sanders called her for her super pac and donations from wall street. and clinton fired back. >> i don't think these kind of
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worthy of you, and enough is enough. if you got something to say, say it. >> i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac. who is not raising huge sums of money from special interests. >> reporter: the debate ended on a softer side with both candidates shaking hands. after the democratic debate, we are looking ahead to the republican debate that will take place in manchester. the last chance the gop candidates have to face off before the primary on tuesday. again we are here at the red arrow diner this morning and i think a lot of people have a lot to say moving into the primary here just a couple of days away. we will be inside talking to people all morning long and bring you live reports. live in manchester, new hampshire. catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. for the republicans, the last-minute change on the campaign trail for donald trump campaign trail for donald trump. late last night, the billionaire added an extra stop in new hampshire. the republican now plans to appear at the lions club in londonderry.
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this afternoon. last night, he spoke with voter last night, he spoke with voters in portsmouth, and yesterday the trump campaign also released new advertisement in new hampshire. it features positive messages from several minority supporters. and fox25 has learned that massachusetts governor charlie baker will make his presidential pick. sharman sacchetti has confirmed that governor baker will endorse new jersey governor chris christie for the republican nomination. stay with us all weekend as we approach tuesday primary. fox25 political reporter sharman sacchetti anchoring our coverage from our new hampshire primary headquarters from manchester. we have live specials with analysts at 7:00 tonight and monday. and primary night and want to be with us all night from the start of our news at 5 p.m. all the way through 11:30. stream it live to and the fox25 news app. and shiri and sara have been talking about snow all morning. the snow is already making things dicey on the roads, especially on the mass pike.
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at a rest stop. the snow has started and looking like it is starting to pile up already. >> reporter: gene and sara, we saw that transition. it happened exactly how shiri and sarah forecasted. one of the medians. the grassy area of the natick service plaza off of the mass pike eastbound. we are starting to see the snow start to build up. an hour ago we told you all rain. 30 minutes ago we saw it transition to snow, and now we are seeing it build up on the grass. the roads though are a different story. we have not seen any sort of significant buildup just yet on the mass pike or this on ramp here on to the mass pike from the service plaza. that is something we are keep that is something we are keeping a close eye on as mass dot does have crews more than 1100 of them through the state. that is information they tweet that is information they tweeted out to me about 30 minutes ago or so. again, we are continuing to monitor things. we want to make sure that we keep you safe this morning let you know exactly what to expect
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before you head the door if you have to head out the door. we will have an update for you coming up in 30 minutes. live in natick, michael henrich live in natick, michael henrich, fox25 news. we track traffic and minutes. within the last two minutes, we have learned that hov lanes on route 93 will be closed during the morning commute per mass dot because of that snow that we just saw in michael's live shot, and now shiri will tell us a lit bit more about that. >> the heavy snow will cause some problems on the roadway. between heavy snow and heavy rain in the south east, we have real bad conditions on the roadway at 8:00, at noontime today. 3 p.m., we will still be cleaning up, and by 6 p.m., we will have a great handle on the travel situation. we have an hour-by-hour look at the rain, the snow, and several other items including that weekend forecast in just minutes. 5:12 this morning. living in the lap of luxury while collecting the benefits from the state. a local businessman accused of getting food stamps while
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i am meteorologist shiri spear at 5:15. just want to point out anyone near brockton, foxborough, attleboro right now. i know we have intense shading on radar. there is some heavy mixing happening in those locations right now. that mixing line closing in on
5:16 am
rain showers. northeastern massachusetts as well, we have that mix in groveland and topsfield. still mostly rain in beverly, lynn and lawrence. that hour-by-hour look at the changeover of snow happening on the fox25 morning news. stick with me and sarah wroblewski back in just minutes for that forecast. raw saw age will cause traffic headaches over the next few days in the south shore. fox25's daniel miller is here with what happened in plymouth, and homeowners are just disgusted. >> sara, a multimillion dollar mess. last weekend, people woke up to the sight and smell of raw sewage flowing down their street. crews showed fox25 that broken line and you can see how corroded the you area where it broke. it is the third time to break in just one month. and no backup line to divert the flow too when something breaks. plymouth's town manager is now in the middle of adds 3 million
5:17 am
a permanent fix will run more than 25 million. the town manager says once this has been dealt with, they will figure out what could have been done. >> once we are over this crisis situation, i think there will be a lot of conversations about what could have been done differently. >> daniel: a bypass line is currently being installed and will take a week and will impact traffic on route 3. we are told they will have to shut down southbound exit 5 and times. of course residents tell us not just the traffic or the smell they are dealing with. trucks are hauling wastewater away 24-7 and the noise is we will keep you posted. in the newsroom this morning, daniel miller, fox25 news. everyone. it is 5:18. that earlier accident i told but on the pike was actually a stall. stalled breakdowns will be a real challenge as that snow starts to fall, because tough conditions out there. a new accident on the expressway northbound right at columbia road.
5:18 am
seeing a huge impact on the drive times yet, but i will let you know as it progresses throughout the morning. route 1, 93 south still wide open, but those roads are slippery and wet. so give yourself extra time. you can see few raindrops on our camera of the zakim, but volume very manageable on the zakim bridge and on the leverett connector. over to your live drive times, 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 21 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 25 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. meteorologist shiri spear joining us, and shiri, we saw it go from clear to snow in michael henrich's live shot. a look at our driving cam right now, and dark out there, but you can see that the roads are very wet, and they will stay problematic. >> shiri: real problematic outside of boston. it is rain. and we will see accumulation and check in with sarah wroblewski in just a few minutes because she has the
5:19 am
this is what we are planning on today, before 8:00 in and around the boston area, one to three inches of accumulation. we get a big explosion in snowfall though as we head toward the late morning. so between 8 and noon, i expect we will pick up most of our snow. total snow, not an additional 3 to 6. a total of 3 to 6 inches on the ground and a little more after noontime today. around 3 p.m., it bumps us all the way to the 4 to 8 which is the category that you and reconstituting in throughout the day. a lot of it is falling here from mid to late morning or should say mid-morning through lunchtime today. we have cooler air that is going to come into town, and that is really going to change the rain over to snow. and you can see we have got this disturbance that will ride right along this front. it is actually going to intensify things as we go throughout morning. rainfall rates, snow fall rates all going up in areas right now like attleboro to the brockton area. look at that. we have got a lot of red and orange. yellow on the map.
5:20 am
necessarily pouring here. what i expect is happening, we have a heavy mix actually coming down in brockton right now. that goes all the way over to spots like hanover and marshfield. it haven't truly flipped over there, but sharon, you are getting some snow place now. waltham changing to snow. lowell changing to snow. boston there comes that mix for northeastern massachusetts. and going to happen pretty quickly over the next couple of hours. 6 a.m. it is snow. in boston, mixing out toward marshfield, down toward fall river rain-snow line to plymouth around 8:00. temperatures here going to drop back in the lower 30s and notice in the cape and islands, we don't truly change over until noon and we will get mixing ahead of it and things stay intense by 3 p.m. you will see things stopping in worcester, easing up in boston and ending by 6 p.m. over the outer cape. snow totals 4 to 8 inches in the boston area. less for the cape and islands because of that mixing that we get this morning.
5:21 am
brockton, bridgewater all the way to central massachusetts, worcester, clinton, even lowell getting in on the 4 to 8. about 1 to 4 expected in southern new hampshire as well as barre as we head out toward keene. only a coating to one. slightly lesser amounts there. but, of course, we are counting on you for reports this morning on you for reports this morning. sarah wroblewski standing by, and that's what you are checking on right now. >> sarah: taking a look at things through twitter and facebook. thank you for sharing your support. we have this one snow-rain mix hitting medford. more rain than snow but starting to change now. in worcester, we have got light snow thanks to steve. dusting on the grass. but the roadways, sideways are just okay right now. just wet. and kelly saying, i thought mother nature was giving us a pass because of last year. not so much. although it felt like that. because so far the snow fall has been well below the average in boston and worcester but today we are waking up to some of that rain changing over to
5:22 am
the colder air draining in on gusty conditions that will be developing through the day today. the winds combined with the falling rain and snow creating lower visibilities. if you have to step out, take it easy. it is going to be slow going out there. the winds right now out of the north anywhere from 5 to about 15 miles per hour. but we do have a few isolated gusts and those gusts will continue to increase as we head through the morning hours, gusting over 25 to even 35 miles per hour through the afternoon. so just be prepared for that. your day planner does show those temperatures really steady close to the freezing mark, but we will see the snow and the wind. wind will create wind chill values feeling like they are in the 20s by the afternoon and you will see that snow tamer throughout evening. look what happens around 7:00. and drop into the 20s. overnight, we fall back into the 20s along the coast. teens with the interior. any slush, wet conditions on the roadway, sidewalks. likely going to freeze. it will turn quite slippery overnight. you want to take precautions if you were going to be headed out you were going to be headed out. at least some melting tomorrow.
5:23 am
40 degrees. by sunday, we will see temperatures get into the low 40s. looks fairly dry and a few flurries and snow showers across northern new england this weekend and will be watching the storm system to the south on monday. maybe close us to, but then there is another system that may provide a risk of snow as we head into tuesday as temperatures will be right around 309s. once the systems pass on by temperatures will drop back below average. a look at the forecast, sara. new this morning, two well new this morning, two well-travelled roads in beacon hill are closed. new video from charles street, where smoke is coming from a manhole there. we are working to get new
5:24 am
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. >> gene: time check this out. a football fan spent $6,000 -- six grand for this year's super bowl and he tried protect himself and he still got scammed. cody sudmyer went to craigslist cody sudmyer went to craigslist. he paid a fee with a protected paypal, but when he got the mail, he opened it up and an empty envelope. he contacted denver police and they tracked the scammer to kansas. because he used paypal protected. he will be reimbursed after the investigation.
5:27 am
legitimate site and on the up and up. >> julie: reimbursed but not going to the game at this point going to the game at this point. >> gene: six grand. imagine losing six grand and not getting anything back. so aggravating. as aggravating as driving in a snowstorm. >> a lot of people will staying home with their kids with snow days today. a mix of mostly rain and a little bit of snow in boston now, but in the next hour, we make the changeover. snow almost all day long. a timeline when we get most of the accumulation when it finally winds down when we come back. the final push to gain voters in the granite state and the gloves are off for the democrat gloves are off for the democrats. coming up, the two big issues
5:28 am
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this is a fox25 stormtracker weather alert. >> gene: live in natick at 5:30. we continue to follow this rain we continue to follow this rain, snow line as it changes over. more towns and cities are starting to see snow right now. good morning, everybody. 5:30 on this friday morning, february 5, appreciate you being with us. >> great to see you. we want to head over to the fox25 storm tracker weather center. both meteorologist you sarah wroblewski and shiri spear are standing by updating the snow totals and the path of the storm. shiri. >> shiri: hey, good morning, guys. maybe you saw the snow coming down and not stick together roads. little too warm for it to stick now and will be sticking in the next couple of hours. that is what you need to keep in mind. 36 in boston. aid report at 5 a.m. of heavy
5:30 am
that changeover. norwood, 33 degrees. we are going to change over and start to see spots like worcester getting reports of a dusting. dusting. zoom it on in and where you are getting bursts of heavier precipitation south of boston. going to step off and use my computer over here. south of boston, we have got some of those areas. bursts that you can see. boston itself just above freezing, and ran off from here, getting snow mixing in. we are getting ofy mixing in fact now near brockton and hanover over into the boston area. see how there is still a little pink on the map, and we are in the transition of making that changeover in northeastern massachusetts. a little slower. you still have a pocket of rain overhead. boxford, snow. north reading, snow. rain off cape anne. a sloppy mix if you are hitting the road and through 3 a.m., the rain-snow line straight through the north shore and
5:31 am
gets to plymouth and stalls out there. in the meantime, the cape with heavy rain. we have got heavy snow in pockets through the rest of the a area straight throughout morning commute. 9 p.m., you can see the intense snow over southeastern massachusetts. as we eventually make that transition down across the cape and islands. by lunchtime today in has been -- shading showed it is still going at a good clip even at lunchtime today. what time do we see improvements? around 3:00. boston, things will start easing up. things will end toward worcester. slower to the cape where we hang on to that snow at 6:00 this evening. snow totals 48 in the boston area as well as central massachusetts. we will see the closer look at the most affected towns and cities in a few -- sarah wroblewski is up now with a look at some visibility concerns. >> sarah: even though the snow haven't filed up, shiri, yet, creating problems on the road creating problems on the roadways, worcester down to less than mile visibility. take it easy travelling along the pike and the city of boston the pike and the city of boston.
5:32 am
reported in fitchburg too. down across the cape, lower visibility from the clouds, the rain, and the wind. the wind not too gusty right now. a few gusts over 20 in places like plymouth and p-town, 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts anticipate anticipating to see wind gusts to 25 to 35. and the day planner goes this. got the temperatures above freezing. see that rain-snow mixture. transition to snow through the morning. notice the winds are going to remain quite gusty create remain quite gusty creating wind chill values in the 20s. get outside and clear a little bit. just dress appropriately. the good news it does taper off throughout afternoon by the evening, we are dropping below freezing. icing concerns. we will talk more about that coming up. a check of your traffic now with julie grauert. how is the roadways going. >> julie: sara, volume is you light. a close look at the roads, the rails and the airport. because we are still seeing a little bit of rain like shiri and sara mentioned, no delays at least to the airports yet. as soon as we hear anything, we will let you know.
5:33 am
expressway on route 93 will be closed during the morning commute because of the incoming snow. this accident hasn't cleared yet, on the expressway road. pike, though, moving along fine volume-wise. you will see tough conditions out there. look at this. roads. over to those live drive times, to mass avenue. 12 minutes from the weston tunnel. 21 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. sara and gene, i will watch these all morning for you. back to you. all right, julie, rain turning to snow around the state. we have seen the transition take place along the mass pike, throughout morning. >> gene: station's michael henrich live at a rest stop in natick. michael, the snow is coming down pretty hard there right now? >> reporter: it is really falling at this point. what a transition in the last hour and a half. just as we have been showing from you rain to a little bit of snow mix in and, yes, it is
5:34 am
not only see the snow build on the grass like we showed you 30 minutes ago, but now we are starting to see it collect on the roadways, and this is the point of the commute where personally i would rather -- if airplane commuter i would rather not be on the roads. i am sure nobody on the roads want to be out on this. you can see if you look at the eastbound pike lanes, we are safely parked in the natick area along the mass pike here. you can see in a lot of the cars, it is kicking up a lot of the moisture that is fallen on the roads and that's why it is so important to be careful that even though not a lot of snow has fallen or accumulated just yet, we are still looking at a messy commute. that's why mass dot tweeted bought an hour ago that it has more than 1100 pieces of equipment, 111 credit union you on state roadways. some of them monitoring the situation. some of them chemically treat some of them chemically treating the roads where the snow is starting to fall, and the rain is completely done. we will continue to work to get
5:35 am
mass dot as they continue to handle this situation of course handle this situation of course. the situation out here in natick continues to change every 10, 15, 20 minutes. stay with us here on the fox25 morning news and we will get you the latest information before you head out the door if you have to head out the door at all today. for now live in natick, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. logan airport reminding people to check with their airlines this morning so far there. 13 delays, 11 cancellations, we will continue to monitor that for you and alert you of any changes with the weather right here on the air and well fox25 weather app. closings an delays updating on the bot both tomorrow of your screen all morning. shiri and sara will be back in forecast. and we are following a traffic situation new this hour on beacon hill. a manhole fire is causing some traffic problems there. right now charles street between royalton and beacon streets are closed. our photographer at the scene say you can see light, smoke coming up from the street.
5:36 am
the street will be open to traffic, and once the crews have knocked that fire down. nine presidential candidates will be on the campaign trail in new hampshire campaign trail in new hampshire, that includes both democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders i faced off in the final debate before tuesday's primary. fiery exchanges on stage at unh. they battled over income, equality reforms. last-minute change on the campaign trail for donald trump. stop in new hampshire. the republican plans to appear at the lions club in londonderry. trump will be there at 12:30 today. last night he spoke with supporters in portsmouth. trump released a new campaign video yesterday in new hampshire. you will want to stay with us all weekend as we approach the primary on tuesday. fox25 political reporter sharman sacchetti is anchoring our coverage from our new hampshire primary headquarters in manchester. we have got live specials with analysts at 7 p.m. tonight and monday night. and primary night will be with
5:37 am
our news at 5:00 all the way through 11:30. we will also stream it live on and the fox25 news app. still no charges this morning in the death of a 3-year-old roxbury boy. a vigil was held for kenai a vigil was held for kenai whyte last night. we have been following this since he was found in his al since he was found in his alpine am apartment with dramatic injuries. dcf had previously investigated neglect complaints against the family, and a source tell us that a relative may to be blame for the child's death. police and dcf are investigating. more than two years after the disappearance of a local boy. investigators say his death was a homicide. 5-year-old jeremiah oliver of fitchburg went missing in 2013. his body was found several months later in a suitcase along the side. highway. the exact cause of death is unknown. the mother and boyfriend face charges related to his disappearance. new information about a toddler who died in foster care toddler who died in foster care.
5:38 am
the cause of 2-year-old ava conway-coxson's death is undetermined. she was found unresponsive in her auburn foster home with bruises on her body. dcf released a report in october saying she died of heat stroke. the report said she may have been left in a hot car and the bruises came from her trying to get out of her car seat. no charges were ever filed against her foster mother and her live-in boyfriend. the toddler's biological grandparents want one to be brought to justice. >> if something -- where it did those bruises come from. >> i can't wrap this old empty head around something that is that obvious. >> sara: legal analysts say the undetermined cause of death will make pressing charges difficult. another foster child was also found unresponsive at that home the same day that ava was. she survived and is in state custody.
5:39 am
mother died of a suspected drug overdose. crews on the scene on bradford road in weston. the fire was on the second floor and in the attic. one person was taken to the hospital. no word on that person's condition yet. no one else was hurt. fire officials are still trying figure out how that fire started. every ten minutes, we track your traffic and weather together right now. new accident, this is on 93 southbound right before storrow drive. it is the second accident we have seen so far before 6 a.m. which may be an indicator of what is to come. shiri? >> shiri: tell you what, if you were heading outside, temperatures in the low to mid-30s. so the snow is not sticking well everywhere, but it is mix well everywhere, but it is mixing in many spots, even close to the boston area as you head home from work. if you have work today. it is going to be flurries. just think we will be tapering off. take you off the peak of the storm and the most accumulation coming up. no ticket to the biggest game in the football season. no worries. how this watch the super bowl from the couch of someone who
5:40 am
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welcome back. meteorologist shiri spear here at 5:43. and we have heavy snow developing out across the worcester area into central massachusetts. now let's investigate where that rain-snow line is sitting. foxborough changing over to snow. brockton, a little bit of a mix. where we have those brighter shades of yellows and oranges near marshfield and taunton. those are actually some snow mixing in with that rain. boston making the changeover. a sloppy mix over the north shore. walk you through the timeline on this storm, and walk through weekend forecast in just minutes. right now, it is celtics get another shot of king james tonight. the cs travel to cleveland to face lebron and the cavaliers. celtics have con seven of the last eight. cleveland having the best record in the east. another snow start for the bruins. bs trail 2-0 when the lion
5:44 am
and then watch this nifty end and then watch this nifty end-to-end rush by brad marchand. he splits the sabres defense. great move on chad johnson to put the puck home. game tied at 2 and the shootout. gets the only goal by either team in the shootout. nice little move as the bruins take 3-2 win over the sabres. patriots quarterback tom brady will make an appearance at super bowl 50. brady has decided to take part in a ceremony where the nfl will honor all of the super bowl mvps. there have been speculation that brady would skip the event because his legal battle with the league over the deflategate scandal. former patriots receiver deion branch will be there. the mvp of super bowl xxxix when the patriots beat the eagles. it is 5:46. good morning, everyone. here is that accident on 93 southbound that i just mentioned. right at storrow drive, and we are starting to see a little bit of volume build on 93 as you head south. this will continue into that is cleared, and then we are dealing with major weather
5:45 am
the accident that was on the expressway has cleared; however expressway has cleared; however, still seeing some residual delays right around morrissey boulevard. a live look, some of the raindrops, snowflakes on the camera lens and volume still a little bit sluggish because that earlier accident. over to your live drive time, 16 minutes from 106 to 128. 29 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 28 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. we want to take you out for a live look right now from our driving cram. we are on 128 right now through dedham. and you can see we are behind several clouds as windshield wipers are working, and shiri, this is going to be something that you see throughout the entire morning commute. challenging conditions on the road. >> i got to say one of the safest places to somebody right behind that truck. they are sounding -- sanding things which is good. initially having trouble in
5:46 am
things are stick together ground. slippery roads is our main concern as we travel throughout morning commute. lunchtime. poor visibility due to heavy snowfall rate. and heavier snow burstrs. heavy snow bursts could lead to power outages. town. as to any official snow reports, still yet to hear them them. where your reports come in. me. send your reports on facebook pass them along. we are getting those from hours and hours to come. a burst of snow near the worcester area and rain snow-line in southeastern mass island. we have both heavy rain and heavy snow and heavy mixing. this is where we are going to see things possibly start to stick quickly out toward providence, rhode island, getting pretty concerned of some of the snow i am seeing by 95 traveling southward.
5:47 am
heavy mixing, brockton as well. probably seeing more snow than rain in fact. oftentimes when we see that intense rainfall in a situation where it is so close to freezing it drags down cooler air and changes things over pretty quickly. the boston area making that changeover, northeastern massachusetts, it happens this hour. so by 7:00 this morning, rain river. it north of that, snow. and 9 a.m., the rain-snow line hitting the cape cod canal. rain showing the rest of the morning. i am expecting a mix so you can pull down snowflakes and by noontime, see everybody's snow and still snowing. moderate to possibly heavy out there until 3 p.m. that is when it ends in worcester. eases up in boston. eventually coming to an end around 6:00 this evening out across the outer cape. because of the initial mixing, keeping totals a little lower here. about 1 to 3 inches and 4 to 8 in boston. northeastern massachusetts.
5:48 am
out toward the worcester area, all the way up to lowell. and 1 to 4 for southern new hampshire. we are watching stronger bands out toward keene. so we will have to assess these are sitting in southeastern mass. everybody gets the snow. you have to plan around it. sarah wroblewski is here to explain why today's snow will be that gloppy, sticky kind of snow. >> sarah: hard to move, shiri, we are dealing with heavy, wet snow pushing through the region snow pushing through the region. and even though expecting a coating or an inch or so further north and west, it is the consistency of it. in fact, i want to get to our weather computer here because it will show that we are expect it will show that we are expecting to see some -- there we go -- how much precipitation we are going to get anywhere from half an inch to an inch and a half in spots and with temperatures the way they are right now in the mid-30s, you get that very heavy, wet snow. that's when an inch can equal 6 to 8 inches.
5:49 am
inch. that is 10 inches. and you get that fluff factor when it gets colder. we had that a lot last year and not the case for this particular system. with the heavy wet snow and with the winds, will see isolated and scattered power outages. the temperatures, the current wind conditions i should say anywhere from 5 to 15 miles per hour. expecting to see gusts up to 35 and this combined with the rain and snow likely to create some issues out there. and really low visibility. even if you were going to be headed out. tricky travel out there. currently 36 currently 36, rain and snow in boston and wind chills in the 20s. bundle up appropriately despite temperatures staying pretty steady above the freezing mark and moving on in. it will feel like the 20s out there. by the evening, 5:00, 6:00 and evening plans. snow is starting to pull away and starting to see clearing skies. the clearing conditions and winds out of the northwest are really going to drop temperatures back into the 20s along the coast. teens throughout interior.
5:50 am
anything that is out there likely could refreeze. slippery conditions expected when you wake up tomorrow. notice the temperatures upper 30s to near 40 degrees and sure enough as we take a look at that seven-day forecast, we get mild through the weekend a chance of a few flurries across northern new england as a warm front comes through. we are eyeing a system to the south on monday and tuesday and as close as we get is something we will have to watch. snow falling by tuesday as temperatures go into the 30s and cooler weather. a closer look at that weekend forecast coming up in the next hour. over to you. [ music ] >> someone in, someone out. up next, which local singer is getting even closer to becoming an american idol. and stay with us for our news at 6:00 this morning. we will continue our team coverage as the morning commute starting to kick in, really getting messy out there with this storm.
5:51 am
at the airport, and buffer buffer head out, stay with us and get you up to date all morning long as we take a look at things in natick this morning. it is very, very snow out there oh remotes, you've had it tough. watching tvs get sharper, bigger, smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice
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that's banking reimagined.
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a local businessman is caught abusing the state's welfare system. fox25 learned that this man that lives in this $900,000 newton home has been receiving food stamp benefits for more than a year. investigators found he had received $13,000 of benefits from 2008 and 2009 after reporting an income of $400 a week. experts say fraud is a serious problem, but one, they are getting better at uncovering. >> we are getting much more sophisticated in the way we use technology can. we are getting smarter, and so the ability to go undetected is shrinking. >> reporter: the latest numbers show welfare fraud is up 44% in massachusetts in the past year. new england town is considering arming school teachers with weapons. in kent, connecticut voted in favor of the plan to allow teachers to carry firearms in. it is part of a program called faster save lives.
5:55 am
not only arm teachers but provide 26 hours of violence response training, but some people in town are not in favor of it. >> the most ridiculous thing and tell children, first-graders and second-grader first-graders and second-graders i am carrying a gun in this classroom. >> kent is 35 minutes from new >> kent is 35 minutes from newtown where 22 children and six adults were gunned down in the sandy hook elementary school. the fate of the program is now in the hands of the town's board of education and they will vote on the issue next month. for everything . >> sara: weston's own sonica is moving on. she made it to the top 24. not all of our local girls were as luck he. >> unfortunately, you did not make the top 24 this time. >> worcester's jessica cabral did not make the cut. the judges sent her home last night. but she had a beautiful voice in my opinion. >> gene: nice run. getting that far is an
5:56 am
>> sara: 100%. two police officers are on the job. they are both still in the hospital this morning. >> sara: coming up at 6:00. what they asked two men for when the bullets started flying. and temperatures right now in boston, 35 degrees. so it is snowing right now, but we don't have the snow sticking we don't have the snow sticking. i will t hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm
5:57 am
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