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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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you're getting into it too. outer case you'll get it. tap hour and then it's gone. snow was out of here by seven:30 this evening now to see pulls away rapidly there the clearing skies using the already a lot of reports of beautiful sunsets coming down of this evening just as the snow ended but left this behind it for to eight inches in a wide swath across the area including uppercase couple inches to four inch outer case in this eight to 12 inch bullet here in the western middlesex area norfolk county and worcester county cuts off rapidly north and west of their even out to the berkshires just because it was by the way from the storm center this is amazing to see the snow is coming on through here. and this was falling at 2 and a half inches per hour at one point this morning when sherry and sarah were tracking it that she's prolific snow amounts but you know that's on par with what we sing last year doing the blizzards in february except this was a wet paint is
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that vanessa and mark have been telling you about with tree limbs and the power lines. now of course, every time we talk to you, we have new reports coming in from all over the area. we appreciate those bit keep sending us those snow reports in our fellow meteorologist jason brewer collecting nose and has details. and worcester county that bullet a bull's-eye more than 12 inches officially at the airport there and worcester 12.5 boylston 11 inches of snow wednesday got nine inches norwood 8 and a half and plymouth were almost at eight inches still a little more to go so will freshen a total of this evening boston logo officially now at six point eight inches. coming up talk much more about what that means for our season totals and going forward, what we can be looking like on into the rest of our february but you see now the advisor is beginning to expire kevin told
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here over the next hour or so so the winter weather advisory until 7 o'clock there and then will turn our attention to those treacherous roads with ice out there overnight hours. >> we are following some breaking news right now at 6 o'clock. a six-year-old girl is in critical condition police say she was playing in her backyard playing in the snow when a tree fell on top of her pinning her to the ground. fox25 christine mccarthy live in canton with this horrible incident happened to christine so many of us think about the slow-growing family praying she pulls through and we understand that you just got a picture of the little girl. >> reporter: we sure did and i just spoke with her aunt again is still praying for her recovery. she says this is going to be a tough one for she says her name is kaylee she's a fun little six-year-old girl in fact what she was doing when this was happening she was out playing
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her side around 2 o'clock is when that tree limb snapped due to the heavy weight of the snow. fell down from about 30 to 35 feet above her head striking her knocking her unconscious and pinning her. her father screamed for help in a neighbor next door came running over and called 9-1-1 also helped pull her out from under that falling tree limb and started performing cpr. now speaking she was on the little girl she says that she is in a brockton hospital still in critical condition but she is still for that she's alive and she in both the chief of fire department and police department who i spoke with give a lot of credit to those who read to her aid. >> were asking for the community to pray for her because it seems like it's a significant head trauma injury. between wires live wires tree limbs and trees, you know the overhead hazard that's serious and significant so people need to use caution when they're outside their homes shoveling
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and things like that. so when you hear trees cracking you need to be cognizant of that state clear. >> just in the few hours that we spent on these roads in canton or so then all the surrounding towns there are a lot of trees down in the street partially blocking some street we've seen a lot of limbs down and we have learned that's actually an electrical wire that sparked because of a wire that fell down again due to that heavy snow so again, the message from both buyer and police is to stay inside especially the small children keep them inside and safe. >> good advice christine were all thinking about that little girl and her family and we hope that we will get a good update from police with some good news later on this evening will check back with you at 6:30. not a live look at what the roads look like now right now is a traffic moving quite a long you're pretty good no snow
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today, causes bidding out this one spun out in shrewsberry. state police tweeted this after reminding drivers to take it easy out there. fox25 life force on route 128 in newton as drivers are tackling the right home. >> reporter: vanessa, good news the conditions out here are improving but i just talked to a couple folks who stop by the service station here to pick up some more goods firewood you can burn right to the stuff conditions well on the way back to normal. the last 30 minutes or so, the average speed on 128 is picked up noticeably and even those service trees are beginning to clear out that snowball stopped eating plows a chance to get ahead of the game. on that note, need to mention a parking ban is still going to be in effect tonight her newton so cleanup can continue. make sure that the pocket cards and city streets are in the city lots. as far as your evening commute goes, the good news continues
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right now.>> any big crashes or anything you see on your commute? i haven't seen any sense all. everything's been clear. >> when the sun goes down it means attempts will continue to drop leaving wet/out on the roads it can continue to turn to ice over the evening so make sure use caution and get behind the wheel tonight. >> winter storm has sparked thousands a power outage also created problems for workers to get customers back online national grid truck crashed grafted driver is okay. right now over thousand people still without power led shows some of the hardest areas this the map put out by nemo bottom line of this list you see right here just changed just updated but if you're on this list me to get quite a few people without power. top five right now easton will talk phil whalen in halifax 4500+ without power right now. as you go to different committees percentages rise that's a big number. well it as well 4191 at school.
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1592 customers these darker red areas were touching right here these are the areas with the most people without power. weston at 2500 37 towards rhode island border, bellingham and you've got 2398 close to 2400 people without power. norton 4700 73 people about power at this hour.crews try to get this number down anywhere they can go to take a while them to take any cases heavy equipment industries off the wires chain saw them at times. get the wires put back up. all during the course of a night tonight. hopefully have a 40 by latest night nothing by tomorrow morning. will check out these numbers as the night goes on. let's head out to wooster now fox 25 bob ward is live. bob the snow stop there you are. >> blue sky before the sun went down? >> reporter: a sight to behold finally see that blue sky and the sun come out. you know, you hear the wooster they are used to dealing with some very big snowstorms.
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that they expected a much smaller storm than what they got. and said this one is hard and hit bass. this is what it looked like as we drove into worcester during the height of the storm. the driving flakes causing their whiteout conditions while the streets themselves was slippery some people have a hard time climbing hills. in the meantime, people who haven't had the roads yet are going to find a nasty little surprise waiting for them at the end of the workday. how long will it take you to get from here to there in a normal day? >> on a normal day in about 15 or 10 minutes you know. what about today? about half an hour. it's pretty bad. yeah. makes you got good tires. worcester city manager's office to me the dpw got 340 pieces of snow removal agreement on the road early. they were keeping on top of the changing conditions seem to make all the difference. >> we saw what we needed to be in scrape it down and we solved it. when it starts.
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i used to tough storms and this one no different. the family dollar store it's been a busy day. looking for when she washes and window scrapers which were all sold out of. but we have plenty of shovels. >> it was you can never have too many shovels. >> all right now a lot of shoveling going on all over massachusetts and especially right here in wester. you know the winter of 20 15 seem to be late arriving but no question, it is here now. reporting live from worcester bob ward.the snowy railway showing a tree down across the green line between kenmore newton highlands just in the last hour we learned service will be suspended on the d line in the area into the night. shuttle buses right now replacing service until everything gets cleared up. the t says there is a wire issue also at the newton highlands station and writers there should expect delays. seltzer also got slammed pretty good today limit this dealing with crashes down trees and a
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sewage breaks. ahead at 6:30 plymouth plan to clean up that mess. winter storm was not enough to slow down the race for president. candidates busy putting the payment new hampshire trying to win every vote possible. fox 25's sharmann saccheti. john monahan hillary cluttering a video home stretch did not see on stage with her today. reminder downloads new fox 25
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fox 25 weather alert tree failed dangers close to home concord nobody was injured rose pretty slick in a lot of places this costs national poll here on washington street duxbury. kevin is updating us full forecast as we speak and will have the updated forecast for you and lesson five minutes. do i get you to our special coverage of the first in the nation primary. candidates on both sides of the aisle stopping across new hampshire snow and all hoping to win every vote they can before tuesday's primary. fox 25's sharmann saccheti in manchester. >> sharmann: was hillary clinton of it today she's facing a real uphill battle here new hampshire. she's here tomorrow but on sunday even hits to plant michigan was no doubt make the national headlines on super bowl sunday.
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on new hampshire at this point. >> hillary clinton may not have much to dance about here new hampshire, but that just what she did after wrapping an event with female elected leaders of the manchester ywca. she said she's not giving up but she's clearly acknowledging the lack of support here for her candidacy. compared to bernie sanders. i've said before people kind of opined okay you one in iowa but you know you're running against the neighbor in new hampshire neighbors seem to win. secretary clinton made an open appeal to santa supporters who were moved by his talk of a political revolution. >> i know you may not be for me now, but i am for you. and i will work hard for you and i will be a president who puts your futures at the top of our national priority. at this point, secretary and it appeared to be looking far ahead beyond new hampshire.
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sanders when she gets the nomination. >> i look forward to working with him. as a partner in the senate. and then she brought up her upset over that senator barack obama back in 2008 the last time she was nearly eclipsed by liberal democrat here. clinton trying to convince voters she got passion what motivates me every day is within my heart. that'll get you up in the morning if you don't have the heart for this, you shouldn't do it. because there are a lot of hard days. there's a lot of disappointments. clinton was joined on stage by new hampshire's governor and for democratic senators from new hampshire she can york in minnesota. the one female democratic senator who was conspicuously from the stage, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. the republican race also heating up tonight talks 25 miller and terry new hampshire tonight where marco rubio is expected to take the stage any
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lair. >> reporter: any moment expecting him to take the stage right now we're hearing from members of congress who recently endorsed the senator. he just recently endorsed marco rubio were expecting him to take the stage here momentarily imagine it will be getting ready for the debate much of today now here in derry. >> reveals momentum building 600 people expected here tonight. a new poll shows them closing in on donald trump and third ohio governor john kasich. today on his bus the ohio governor gave me access traveling with him through new hampshire. a new poll out today shows him hitting ground here. new hampshire fits me because it's a smaller state. you know you can get to see most people. so what were doing exactly what we wanted to do we think it's all going to pay off. hoping for a big payoff because he skipped the tail end of the iowa caucuses. opting to come to new hampshire before they are the
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tonight is as 100 town hall meeting in the state more than any other gop candidate 's campaign knows he must do well here. have you had that discussion of what if it doesn't continue after new hampshire does? >> i wouldn't have a discussion like that. at this town hall meeting in atkinson voters like nick asked casey tough questions. he spent other town hall meetings of candidates cruz and trump still trying to make up his mind. it makes me feel better. at least see that there are some rational people that are running for president. you see all the hype and you hear all the trump-isms and you hear the cruises and you see those guys and it scares me. >> and now back there live senator marco rubio just now taking the stage is here with his family his wife and kids they are joining them here on the campaign trail.
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hampshire to be with them until the primer introducing them right now to the crowd. talk about all the snow we seen here today and after tonight gets back to the big debate addressing about six other people and that will be moving on. we're live in derry tonight. blair miller. want to remind you that fox25 is the place to turn all week leading up to new hampshire will have more live reports and continue to anchor from our fox 25 primary headquarters are in manchester also be bringing you primary specials every single night at 7 o'clock i'll have in-depth reports on the candidates as well as some expert analysis put then on primary night we will be with you from our news at 5 o'clock in the afternoon straight through to 11:30 and that bringing you live results reports from canada headquarters and the speeches
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we're also streamed live on and on the fox25 news app. >> a son alert if you're looking out from boston as was going down this evening what a beautiful scene those trees encased in white of course heavy gloppy snow on there but as a snow pulled away the sun came out right behind it. also means clear skies tonight and temperatures will drop. fresh snow cover clear skies when starting up a recipe for icy cold conditions tonight. the last of the snow offshore most of massachusetts except for stream southeastern mass cape cod getting it right now. snow totals upwards of 40 inches mid to advocate so that's going to be again that wide range of 4 to 8 inches other way closer to the four but the reason the deeper blue band's been coming across cape cod that's a heavy snow being coming onto chatham getting it now northwood wellfleet to nantucket seeing some of that martha's vineyard but the back edge of the snow is pushing on
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blue a little closer shot of it you can see without falling right now in a live storm tracker. i set the clock it's offshore and pulling away from here and clearing out. that clearing is going to be the issue because temperatures have been at or below freezing much of the day at least away from the shoreline and now it will get even colder tonight. here's were relieving it i mean it's a wide range include all of cape cod out there because you're getting that kind of snow at least four inch end of it anyway but this has been the biggest surprise been eight 12 inches of here with incredibly heavy snow panic came on through watching it this morning we're all just shiri spear and sarah were tracking heavy bands of two and half inches on our coming on through setting it was some of the storms with snow back in connecticut and then moved away into worcester county when you have that are lightning with snow, that's an intense storm. think of how how it rains in
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snow that's what you're getting this afternoon or this morning into the afternoon back into worcester county that's what you eight to 12 inches in a couple of inches. interesting part of this though meteorologist jason brewer catching us up on snow for the season very quick. you better believe it in fact i want to address that kevin because on average we can about 43 or 44 inches of snow austin logan official each season each year. running a little bit behind right now you see that normal progression we begin to see the downward curve in february but this year could be different beginning to see signs of the storms beginning to take over and start to up our annual snow totals. let's take a look today we have a good solid six to 12 inches boston and worcester still running about 8 to 13 low normal but again with the storm like today, you're just one storm away from catching up and getting right back to even for the annual season snowfall. let's drill it to some of those neighborhoods.
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inches of snow boylston at 11 quincy at nine norwood a half inches plymouth checked in at near eight and still snowing there with that report logan officially now just under seven inches bit is get back to kevin. >> as we talk about little bit already jason cold enough for things to freeze up already down to the 20s and worcester county 20 degrees possible freezing at 31 but look at the cape 30 hyannis even martha's vineyard at 30 degrees right now. so with is like that you could get that black ice tonight national weather service agrees put out an advisory about that as well here is the weekend of view which is going to be quiet however we get to monday tuesday talk about the potential for catching up on us know the season with one more storm. monday into tuesday at least with us for that european model pushing snow in here by monday afternoon will examine that more closely at 10 and 11. >> sent us pictures of the
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learning more about it to alarm far west in the sent crews screaming overnight officials tell fox 25 woman pulled from the home and sent to the hospital for smoking election. condition unknown tonight state fire marshal's office as a cause of fire and profit rose
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>> today vanessa boys got to do something that never done before this is great capture that was well on both the snowman and they were so excited they been begging us ever since we got here. until today and look at them holding his hand on their was so proud you will with the snowman so excited earlier today he was making snowballs and throwing them in his father. so having fun in the snow they love boston. >> sticky snow make forts to all those things but dodging a lot of snowballs as we can. >> good for them. great job. we continue stand top of our fox 25 weather alert to the wood getting new images from trees not down in cars spun out. plus an update on little girl in critical condition after a tree fell on top of her and canton. tracking the last snow moving out of cape cod this evening it's almost done and skies are
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problem or two in the seven-day forecast all have that for you. >> then the must-see video went to dear fall from this introducing longhorn' s steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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now it's new hampshire's turn, and all america is watching to see who we choose in this dangerous time. one man stands above. he's not flashy, not rude... he's steady, he's tested and proven. he's a president, which is what we need to make us strong and safe again. for america, jeb bush. pnright to rise usa is responsible
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update breaking news local critical condition after tree fell on top of what was playing in the snow in her yard. nuisance and the first picture
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we spoke again with the girls family. let's get over to christine mccarthy live in canton with the update. >> reporter: were learning a lot more about this little girl her aunt tells me that she is a fun little six-year-old girl named kaylee kenya she was apparently playing outside in her backyard with her dad in the snow as she often does each time there's a snowstorm. that's when around 2 o'clock a tree limb snapped of course due to the heavy weight of that snow fell down striking kaylee and pinning her underneath and knocking her unconscious. a neighbor heard the father screaming for help and came running over helped pull her out from underneath that heavy tree limb and started performing cpr until police and fire arrived. she was rushed to a brockton hospital in very critical condition. her aunt of course right for her recovery and asking everyone else to do so as well.
6:29 pm
those who winter eight police and are as well also providing a very important message. >> between wires, live wires, tree limbs and trees, the overhead hazard is serious and significant so people need to use caution when they're outside their homes shoveling driveways in the yards and things like that so when you hear trees cracking it'd be cognizant of that and stay clear. >> at last check a few minutes ago, kaylee is still in medical condition that brockton transported to children's hospital most likely in boston will going to be checking on that hopefully she'll be getting better about the night will be checking in with emily in the meantime again the message from police and fire speaking to both of those chiefs they say they inside especially small children keep them inside of course they want to go out and play in the snow but with so many falling trees and limbs and power lines, the
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inside and say safe. >> a lot of our viewers emailing us messages saying the praying and hope for the best the little girl. >> is a snow melt a little bit branches. we are continuing to stay on alert. we have a picture for you hear that shows a tree on top of the tracks in the mbta greenlighted this happened on the d branch which is extra shut down for the rest of the night. take a look at this here another tree crashing down on avenue boston brighton rather no one was hurt. the timing the intensity and really the weight of the heavy snow for a very treacherous conditions today. >> let's begin with fox 25 chief meteorologist lemanowicz said. >> the intense city of this really incredible especially the worcester county early
6:31 pm
the forecast no doubt. timing worked out pretty well in those impacts impacting school that morning commute certainly getting at least 4 to 6 inches in that zone and even more in some places but will outline that more just a moment but less of the snow pushing toward cape cod his life storm tracker gloucester ballot on the back edge of the ultimate clearing happening quickly and some heavy snow happening on the outer cape right now. but by 7 o'clock just a half hour from now, last of the flex flying the national seashore minutes out of here and gone with clearing skies behind what i'm talking the next issue will be tackling will be the temperatures. already cold out there and going to get colder still boston at 31 degrees right now under cloudy skies but those guys are clearing up pretty quickly going down to 22 overnight tonight back in worcester to 28 are declared out this way. feels like 19 with the winds going down to 18 for a low temperature tonight. anything is not treated
6:32 pm
works driveway even sidestreets there is going to ice up tonight black ice will form an really this case might be white ice because you're going to see the snow out there it's going to be a slippery situation. clearly most of the major i was going to be treated and not be an issue but cold temperatures extend all the way to nantucket not going to go up to all going down. that's why it's going to be a problem from this point on. so clear skies less went and a fresh snow cover all adding up to icy conditions throughout the night to be in the snow total! they have ramped up no doubt about it we've seen eight to 12 inches back here to the west in worcester county that's really the surprise of all of this had 46 and sherry updated to 48 so this over performing with incredible snow bands that came on through and jason that caught us up pretty quickly for the season out there worcester but austin not doing so bad either. >> just one storm and you can
6:33 pm
drought that we've seen it that strolled down into the some of the neighborhoods totals that we were able to pick up here for you she was very almost 11 inches of snow. north chelmsford almost 10 to experience 7 and a half and sandwich at 7.2 and ill snowing there when that report was given to north weymouth five and have locked in at about five inches of snow. will plenty more totals for you coming up will talk more about what that did for us is no and what that looks like going forward to the rest of our seasonal winter snow total month. now worcester at 12 point five boylston 11 quincy at nine norwood 8 and a half plymouth almost eight and logan airport almost seven. so we had some heavy wet snow today and for as much snow we ended up getting we could have had even more. meteorologist sarah wroblewski what determines a fine line between rain and snow. >> reporter: storm mild to start with rain falling for many before the transition to
6:34 pm
it was all snow will this is what we look at about the same age of rain is about 10 inches of snow typically when temperatures are in the 30s but you can look that up when temperatures drop into the 20s, you can see about 15 inches of snow for every inch of rain. and when it's in the teens, like it was last year, many storms we can see about 20 into the snow for every inch of rain. well, it was very mild this morning so we picked up on a lot of rain fall down across the southeast the cape and islands rainfall estimates from our doppler radar showing anywhere from an inch to two inches.the cape and islands so you take that range is no ratio, an inch to 10 inches of snow, we would be talking about 12 to 20 inches of snow for the cape and islands with the storm but it was a two mild this time around. >> check out some of your pics you been sending them in we appreciate that. about this right here? dutiful. alex worcester recovered nicely i would say so as well.
6:35 pm
thanks for weighing in. says brief of sun this would be in revere.i love how it works out for the fencing with epic kimmy bingham one of our producers here after the storm in newburyport. it will sunset. sold storm sunset sunset like in braintree .read tom karen. a friend from pretty out there i didn't mind shoveling. he's on tom karen down there enjoying the sunshine will join us picture for now. they'll be here before you know vanessa. earlier the wet heavy snow caused plenty of trouble on the south shore our robert goulston is monitoring the situation. traits out. it is pretty deep it's just above five inches here as you can see it's a lot of snow but
6:36 pm
wet snow suit can really feel the burn when you try to clear it off. and appear on the trees, it certainly looks pretty, because it is wet and heavy, it's causing things to break. >> is starting to look like winter again in plymouth. what you seeing out there? crazy. the myth the pw about 50 of its town owned vehicles with a supplement of 120 contractors police were also busy dealing with submit slide crashes like this one on route 44. the biggest issue was how heavy the snow is cracking off huge branches and toppling trees. when the snow is this wet, limit make sure snow clearing crews are all lined up. the timing of the storm did not help one plow driver telling us his job is so much easier when the snow falls overnight. >> i'd rather work it during the nighttime because is no one around him plowing rockland
6:37 pm
on payday it's crazy trying to move a snow around people park cars it's crazy. >> for the plows lot aware and tear public works guys telling us you can see that just solid ice maker that water and heavy snow extend together and they push it up it just really causing the wear and tear so it's causes a lot more damage and of course i promise a dunkin' donuts woman i would clear offer entire car for allowed to measure snow. back to you guys picnics what a gentleman. >> download the new fox 25 storm tracker whether app will get custom forecast. for your neighborhood just search fox 25 weather. >> other news tonight woman charged with hitting and killing hanover nurse out for a run appeared in court today. fox 25 stephanie reports blood test revealed the driver had a
6:38 pm
>> reporter: kathleen by tello stood in silence today as she listened to the charges against her. including motor vehicle homicide. police arrested by tello last night in connection to a crash that killed head over resident amanda turner russell. russell was out training for the boston marathon two days before christmas when police say by tello crossed lanes and struck her. russell, mother and nurse at beth israel deaconess medical center, died several days later. lead test revealed for drugs and by tello system at the time of the crash. >> the defense admitted i tello had the drugs in her system but argued she was undergoing methadone treatment at the time and had
6:39 pm
>> according to the prosecution, by tello knew how the combination of drugs could affect her. the defense argued it wasn't that by tello wasn't able to function, but she was reaching for something at the time of the crash. >> families from both sides were in court today but neither side wanted to comment. a judge ordered by tele held on the thousand dollar cash bail every 26. in plymouth stephanie fox 25 news. >> credible video now to show you sent to us by of your wellesley watching the top of the bridge there. two seconds did you see what happened you can see two objects go flying over the weston road rigid onto the ground below. favorably to show two dear seriously miss judging the
6:40 pm
no word on whether both deer are okay. tied to it's hard to watch.>> special coverage of the new hampshire primary continues next. that's check in with kevin. snow continued to make its way out the cape cod upper cape
6:41 pm
portions of barns when senior povertyt
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came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders,
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just left the gym feeling great we met henry shoveling his hyde park driveway and shorts and no sleaze. shoveling between six and nine inch of snow piled up in front of his home whatever takes right. he is top. this driver spun out the snow suffered damage after crash. plenty of people calling the insurance agents today to make claims. closed:midfield took up his picture posted by police there. this is on harding street in medfield. the truck was damaged but no one was hurt. >> special coverage of the primary continues of the kids try to win as many votes as possible before tuesday's lotta work to be done. let's get right up to fox 25's sharmann saccheti from our primary headquarters in
6:44 pm
>> sharmann: i am here with scott griffin political strategist with purple strategies weighing in all week for us giving us valuable insight quick question for you what a start up with hillary clinton. i was there at her event today at the manchester ywca she was there on stage with several democratic senators there was one senator that was conspicuously missing from the neighboring state of massachusetts. elizabeth warren wasn't there. what's going on? >> that says more than all the female senators and her colleagues in the senate and dorchester so far. i think the problem is elizabeth warren understands one thing about hillary clinton. but i think the people of new hampshire have seem to figure it out. which is the genuine interest of the cause bernie is the cause hillary's sort of mouse words. she's not going to waste her political capital jumping into a race when she thinks that in fact have a shot at this thing.
6:45 pm
hillary straight them in a single day. elizabeth worn somehow doesn't validate her candidacy. hillary clinton says someday she would be leaving and going off to michigan she said the mayor of flint invited her. while bernie sanders is going to take saturday night live on saturday night. bernie sanders is having some fun here hillary clinton does not appear to be in the same kind of situation. that's an understatement. take a look at her last night debate it has to be on the hillary clinton fan obviously from where i come from but you have to look at what she's gone through. this is got to be incredibly difficult for her. at one point last night when she was on the debate, i was like she could be physically and emotionally exhausted. have she's been tough for the clintons and good to them. but right now, she should be you know, 30 some odd points ahead of the sky. and a democrat socialist from
6:46 pm
in fact, in december, there is a new poll coming out getting a lot of buzz in december, she was 31 points ahead of bernie sanders that leaders fallen to two points. so she the national -heaven that the national poll. >> they're going to lag behind what's going on in new hampshire what your report and then they begin to make their minds up. the problem with hillary clinton authenticity problem and that's what elizabeth worn notes of what voters know. can she make up the ground here new hampshire? she said she's coming right back score to be campaigning here picnics i don't know. gives me very difficult to think she's better than we think i think she'll forms the word is today. political strategist pat griffin don't go far because were going to see you on our special primary election coverage show at 7 o'clock. thank you sharman. >> back to you guys.
6:47 pm
snow is pulling on out here tonight upper cape getting into the backside of this now so we been watching his truck on through very quickly this evening after lasting to the david just subtly set of lying to the east and put the timeline on schedule again. sin which to follow getting the back edge of the snow so minute out a cape still up to see this all the back edge around looks like around on martha's vineyard the snow out of here by 7:30 by everyone. and clearing directly behind it was also beatable sunset this evening but these clear skies are going to allow temperatures to drop precipitously this evening we missing that already going down below freezing into the 20s temps right now 20 was to fitchburg cain orange 31 boston in fact it was a temperature today that played a big part is forecast look like 35 and 36 degrees last night and it being 33 and 34 degrees those few degrees of a
6:48 pm
snow and snow melting as it comes down to ground level. and that made the difference in the snow least one part of the difference. still some gusty winds out there costing over 20 miles per hour. nashua to king 23 boston 23 plymouth over 30 miles an hour profits what island nantucket augusta 40 miles farther the wind chill of the to go along with those temperatures. feels like 19 wooster feels like only 21 boston feels like 18 hyannis in nantucket provincetown feeling like 15 degrees right now but that's in cold stuff. low temperatures dropping down into the teens and 20s. the danger there is anything that's not treated tonight are not shoveled off cleanly like your walkway or driveway, that's going to ice up tonight with the step just dropping out there no question about it it's already frozen but now to become a layer of ice first thing in the morning late tonight first thing in the morning be very careful of that black ice possibility.
6:49 pm
totals piling up and it's really catching us up for this winter.>> yes it is kevin. a little bit of a slow start here with this el niqo pattern but doesn't mean we can't play catch up. to you the season normally progresses with a love snow in january you see the bell curve going down the season we have the potential to see a few storms in february sort of catches up if you will. so was still running about eight to 13 inches below normal boston wooster with the official observations are taken. but like today, we had six or 12 inches of snow which just one event were only one storm away from getting caught up in going back to even. so much more that of course that will talk about the additional snow chances in the seven-day forecast let's go over to you for that. >> here is the weekend of you for your temperatures would be right your normal tomorrow afternoon and on sunday dirty five and 42 at plenty of sunshine out there a lot of melting and then refreezing at 90 you know that drillbit plus
6:50 pm
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up. heartbreaking news just our newsroom about the sexual call from canton. this afternoon that she was struck while playing in the yard by a tree branch fell some 35 feet according to authorities but we have learned that she has passed away. kristi mccarthy following the story confirming that for us tonight. we send along our condolences with our prayers were much more the story coming up tonight the fox 25 news it 10 and 11. the snow today which is so heavy is still out there a lot of the branches. bring up branches bring down power lines to warn people about that with the snowstorm we have coming recently tell you about that the odds of one falling and hitting the this young lady it's heartbreaking. that's something we have to watch for i guess but the snow at least is over for tonight.
6:53 pm
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