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tv   FOX 25 News New Hampshire Primary Special Live  FOX  February 5, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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[announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. this is a special edition of box 25. >> the polls are shifting. >> woman: i know you may not be for me now but i am for you. >> man: this is it really a campaign. of the people, by the people, and for the people. >> reporter: with huge leads shrinking. >> man: we are number one in new hampshire, would you keep me there. >> this is ridiculous before the final budget on. >> man: i am worried about winning a reelection.
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because it is a smaller state. we are doing exactly what we want to be doing and we think it is all going to pick up. >> new hampshire makes us voice heard four days from today. >> hello i am charmaine spaghetti life from our new hampshire primary headquarters. we have a lot of developments today so let's get you started. first off, bernie sanders is closing in on hillary clinton nationally. cif you hfall is showing that gap between them only two points. the weather is having an effect on the presidential race today. donald trump was forced to cancel an event and londonberry and florida senator marco rubio continues his rise in the polls. in just four days he has jumped from fifth place to second here in new hampshire. and new hampshire secretary of state this we should expect a record turnout at the polls on tuesday. let's get right to the latest
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average all of the latest polls and here is where we stand in the republican race. donald trump's lead is now 16 points, marco rubio in second place, ted cruz and john kasich rounding out the top four. on the democratic side bernie sanders continues to be update on hillary clinton with just four days a host he is ahead 17 point and that is a lot different than a new national poll that came out today. we will be talking a lot more on that in just a few minutes. earlier in the day hillary clinton made a stop at the ywca in manchester and i was there. >> she was in good spirits on that stage but you see her there with the senator, she was dancing but the lack of support compared to that of bernie sanders. at this point secretary clinton appears to be looking for a had been on new hampshire but she says she will work with senator
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>> woman: i look forward to working with him as a partner in the senate. speech and clinton said she is working all weekend until sunday when she is leaving new hampshire for flint, michigan, where the mayor has invited her purse you will no doubt make national headlines there on sunday. bernie sanders also very busy today campaigning in several different stops. during events in, sanders said how he plans to pay for his cost-cutting college proposal. >> man: we are going to impose a tax on wall street speculation, that is how we are going to pay for it.[applause] when wall street crashed the middle class build them out. now it is wall street's time to help out the middle class. speech and and this afternoon we learned bernie sanders will
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night, to have a little bit of hundred people go to new york where he will appear on 75. he will do a segment with comedian larry. he will donald trump, he had to cancel his only event here today. due to weather. right now he is in south carolina getting ready to hold a rally. he hasn't yet taken the stage you can see that live picture. and florida senator marco rubio closing the gap on the polls. as we mentioned marco jumped from fifth place to second in less than a week. just a couple of minutes ago he wrapped up a rally in derry where he wrapped up his need for change in washington. >> man: this leadership in america is the most selfish generation of leaders we have ever had in washington. [applause] and i want to tell you what i mean by that. they are selfish because over 15-20 years we don't we have a national debt problem and they have done nothing about it. the fish because they have taken absolutely things we have
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that is let tomorrow worry about tomorrow all we care about is the next election. speech and and rubio may be in second place right now but that is certainly not set in stone. in today's blake miller went to one of the contenders open to move up. john kasich. >> reporter: and an event going on right now, 600 people expected here tonight. taking his measures all across the state of new hampshire and he is not alone. i also spent some time with ohio governor john kasich, some where access on his campaign. but as he traveled around the state today and tonight he has holding his 100th town hall meeting in new hampshire, more gop. kasich must do well here and he knows for a new poll shows kasich in third place behind marco rubio and donald trump. kasich told me he's still the interest in his campaign is climbing here in recent days and he says, they are in a good primary.
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what if it doesn't continue after new hampshire: >> man: i wanted to have a discussion like that. we had a meeting the other day, we bought out south carolina and a matter what we will do in the south of what to do in michigan but we have to look down the road you want as for marco rubio, he wrapped up tonight and that he got ready for the gop debate which happens tomorrow evening. in derry, new hampshire, i am blair miller, fox 25 speech and on saturday republicans will discuss the issues in manchester. just release today here on stage, you see that lineup, donald trump right in the center. to his right marco rubio, to his left eye chris, carly fiorini did not get a invite. they had to rank in the top three in iowa or the top six in the polls. now earlier we looked at the polls numbers and new hampshire, this poll that was released today had a lot of people talking. it is getting a lot of buzz but
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just a two point lead over bernie sanders at the national race. 11 percent of people who were polled were still undecided. we will bring in pat griffin now with corporate strategies
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hillary clinton had a razor thin when in iowa and now we here she is underwater here. in new hampshire and now this? she is having a bad week. week. but remember, it happened in a role.i think what happened in new hampshire will change carolina. it will change the nevada on march 1 for the problem is this, hillary clinton has a large bird to climb just to re-convince people that she is as formidable as she is. if money starts right up, and bernie has an army of people speech and she has everybody talk about her organization here. she has had a long time to do that. and has he been able to do that yet? >> man: she should have but remember the closer we get with the candidates, this happens all the time for the more opportunity people who are making decisions have to say, wait a minute i have to take another look at this part and i don't know we say intel that comes in. i still think clinton does better than we do in new
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danger, she one 2008 but it was very close. and barack obama was projected to win but she actually talked about that today in whatever offense. >> man: remember barack obama was expected to win by significant double digits and she turned around and came back and beat up by 2-3 points. that was a huge reversal. and that just tells me the polling here where independents can vote either way. the same day registration. i just i have tried to predict this many times that i have been wrong every time. >> sharman: i want to talk about the republicans. donald trump had a plan to go to south carolina today and the last minute, last night he decided to reschedule the snow made it so he couldn't do that. >> man: he made it so he had to go home. because he stayed at a holiday in was in iowa and doesn't want to do it again. >> sharman: [laughter]
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airpla as john kasich has risen, rubio and bush have gone negative. doing "whatever it takes to win," is not presidential. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich, that's conservative, and that's presidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of
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with the united states is the largest buyer of drugs, they don't negotiate the price. so what do you mean? they are the largest buyer of the world but the don't negotiate the price. they buy things almost as
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drugstore and took it off the shelf. that is the price. and they said, how is that possible? no i immediately knew why. but if it weren't that way if we did negotiate, but they we did a presentation. meeting the person who buys whatever drugs speech and that was donald trump speaking leinbach in florence, how he is not anybody's pocket. his business credentials how he is able to build new hampshire. he skipped new hampshire to be there in south carolina. meanwhile iowa winner ted cruz is holding an event last night let's take a look. i do like the people attending our erica had to trek through the snow to be there >> woman: it was a slow) the traffic was heavy. but just as we crossed the state lines, guys, the side roads through the class. and it appears that the snow stopped. there is a big reason for the
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lancaster school in southern new hampshire but even if the weather didn't rake, these are determined voters here. i've met one guy who drove in from texas, a two day trip and to the eight hour stretch today just for this event. >> man: every presidential campaign, i want to be able to hear and see the presidential candidates in person. to see them as a person, not a talking head on t.v.. >> reporter: a lot of people i spoke to one of that up close and personal interaction with jebted cruz tonight. i wanted to see him as a person that just as a candidate for they wanted to hear what he has to say as he addresses the crowd and they want to listen to the ground as they ask senator cruise questions during the downhole portion of this event. >> woman: it to make them more of a real person. and able to understand what he is saying a little bit more. >> woman: when you have a candidate, one candidate out there versus the back and for that you typically get in a
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little easier to understand that one candidate smashes. >> reporter: they will have to hustle at 8:00, that is when this event will end. i will have the wrap up this and the other republican front-runners coming up tonight on fox 25 to the 10:00 and 11:00. for now in salem, new hampshire, fox 25 news. speed up and we are taking a flight back look at the horizon wireless arena for bernie sanders and hillary clinton expecting to be in the same building for big democratic fundraiser.
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much with go back to the verizon wireless, vermont senator bernie sanders, hillary clinton felt there.both are expected to speak to the folks at different times. they have been in the room a lot as you probably know. first of the nationally televised town hall and then of course at last night's debate. so a big crowd gathered to watch them there. they are expected to step out on stage. massachusetts governor, charlie baker, is endorsing chris christie as we first reported here tonight during the 10:00 news. baker says he made the decision
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came in. >> man: they need someone out of iowa and not folks who devastated an ability to collaborate, work across the aisle. and to get stuff done. and in a public setting. we are big believers that the best way to govern is to be able to work with people you don't agree with all the time. and to be able to find common ground.>> sharman: christie has a lot of ground to catch up. today he has several events including this one in dover. let's go back to pat griffin with corporate strategies, governor charlie baker just endorsing chris christie. he said he made his decision after the iowa caucuses but do you believe that? >> man: i am going to say he is a man of his word. i think he is asked ordinarily popular. i think the most popular governor, one of in the country right now being sure. >> man: i don't know how that
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marry in new hampshire. >> sharman: how does this help? >> man: i think in some ways maybe charlie baker helps him with a lane the more moderate voters who are heading to some respects john kasich is getting a little more of that. but i am not sure. love, chris christie was the chairman of the national commerce association for he was extraordinarily helpful. >> sharman: donated a lot of money, 11 billion. >> man: loyalty mean something. i think it is a good day for him. i think a lot of other candidates will like them on their team. >> sharman: isn't really going to make a difference? this is my question, this is all about the outsiders. it is though nobody is interested in having a politician. you know, people are interested in the bernie sanders for who hasn't been on a national stage in 25 years or donald trump who is a businessman. >> man: i think the hard thing right now is, it is hard enough for a neighboring new hampshire
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they should vote for someone. it is this particular phrase when people are still angry at all politicians, or any politician no matter how popular the man suggest we should vote for. i think this late in the way endorsements don't mean much. >> sharman: and i have to ask you because this is the friday before the tuesday primary. why did this take so long? >> man: you know i can't conjecture. >> sharman: i guess what i am wondering, if he made this decision after the iowa caucuses white and we heard from him when it it up helped him earlier in the week. >> man: i think what is happened here is as we get most of these things, the new cycle to drive news to get attention, to greet the idea of momentum. and to the extent people grab these endorsements, it gives them something to talk about. they are trying to illustrate that their campaign is on the move. does that work? as i said i don't think so. but in the end of the day if
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the shoe, everything you could do to add something to the narrative of this. >> sharman: he doesn't like to wait into politics, he makes it a rolled onto. he said his favorite line, and i know this because i ask him this a lot, his favorite line is to say i don't think that is what the voters of massachusetts elected me to do. i don't know the voters of massachusetts charlie baker did what he thought he should do. i think he is a good guy. >> sharman: it is a quick quote bro. >> man: it is a friend helping a friend. so he has a right to do that. but i don't think baker has taken up massachusetts which is why he is a popular. >> sharman: as a small business owner, you know things have a way of moving fast. but if your network can't keep up, it can really slow you down. so switch to the 100% fiber optic network of verizon fios. you'll get 99.9% network reliability, and the fastest wi-fi available. for a network that moves as fast as your business. right now, upgrade to fios 50 meg or higher internet
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and get $250 back. call or go online today. small business is better
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john kasich sobbing to have a snowball fight. the give you candidates want to do this. some people will be coming to the polls for the first time but not this new hampshire motor. she is 110 years old, has been the oldest person in the states. she cast her first vote in 1928, the year robert huber was elected.
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person it was, >> woman: president roosevelt. >> man: president roosevelt was your favorite? franklin roosevelt, or teddy roosevelt because you were born when teddy was not was the president for you like polk. >> man: okay. >> woman: speech and this year the lifeline democrat plan than voting for hillary clinton. and final thoughts as we head into the weekend. people, in new hampshire are just getting inundated with campaign ads. what are your thoughts on that. >> i want to say what a right? >> sharman: a great shot. >> man: we went to a place called shoot.a plans to get, volunteers are out putting up signs, the ground game is what happened separate there's not much to do except for the candidates to keep kissing babies and shaking hands. and this will start to come
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usually when the leaders start to fade. they undecided voters will decide and arguments between spouses. you are not going to counsel by boat:the husbands and wives and friends and families is the best thing about the new hampshire primary. we will see some surprise on tuesday. >> sharman: this is the thing about new hampshire. people are very educated here they are very politically savvy here. they want their questions answered from these candidates for the go to these events. they take it all in they love it. and, you know, it is a different political atmosphere than any other state. it really is. >> man: i was just talking out of the studio here. and he was telling me, i am going to an event on friday or monday saturday. and he said i am not voting for trump i just haven't seen the show yet. everybody goes, test drive, we are not going to know until tuesday night. >> sharman: we think people will be making up their minds mostly this weekend coming into
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not in the super bowl which is bad for us but probably good for these politicians because if you knocked on my door this weekend and the patriots were in, it wouldn't be pretty. it just wouldn't be pretty.>> sharman: patrick, thank you so much. and a reminder, to stay with fox 25 right through the new hampshire primary. we will have complete coverage on monday night at 7:00 and then on primary night we will have our new starting at 5:00 straight through to 11:30 bringing you live mac reports from candidates headquarters and as it happens. we will stream it life on and also on the fox 25 app. we will see you again from
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