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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  February 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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now at 10:00 a snow day home from school suddenly turns tragic. the devastating way a little girl just lost her life while playing in her own yard. snow is moving out as people's patience wears thin. the neighborhoods just told they won't see their power turned back on tonight. >> today snow is gone i'm already watching the next threat of snow by early next week and where ice will be a problem tonight. >> announcer: complete new england coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. total shock and heartbreak tonight after the death of this little girl. playing in the snow one minute rushed away to the hospital the next. hello everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. on the fox 25 news at 6:00 we told you she was killed by a falling tree branch in her own yard. fox 25's christine mccarthy is live where that girl's brother just described the desperate tovt save her. >> well, it was a very
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to save kayleigh it and involved family members and neighbors who ran to her aid after hearing her father's screams. the nearly five hours after kayleigh was rushed to a hospital in brockton she didn't make it. >> she was playing with her do in the snow. >> reporter: the family of kayleigh kenyan prayed all afternoon that the 6-year-old girl critically injured after being hit bay falling tree limb -- hit by a falling tree limb. >> reporter: the branch 30 feet above cracked off and fell striking kayleigh pinning her. she was like oh, daddy let's make a snowman. next thing i know a tree broke and fell on her. i just ran out and tried to lift her out of there. almost couldn't. >> reporter: a neighbor heard kayleigh's dad's
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her out on an unconscious c.p. kayleigh and did c.p.r. off and on snerp over neither a snap. rushed to the hospital in critical condition with serious trauma to her upper body. the family would find out less than five hours later kayleigh was gone. canton police and fire chief had urged residents to stay inside following the accident. the heavy snow dangerously dropped branches across roads and left power lines hanging low throughout the town. but what happened to kayleigh could have happened to any kid who was home enjoying the snow day. >> it's obviously one of those tragic freak accidents. >> kayleigh's aunt told me that the family was asking for the communicate's prayers for for kayleigh's full recovery tonight. they they are still seeking prayers. christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> christine, thank you. we'll see you again at
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has been pushed out you are looking at a live picture from walpole. you are seeing some beautiful sun sets before dark tonight. evening though things are dangerous out there we are getting reports of icy roads and power outage. john monahan is live in norfolk. >> good evening, vanessa. neither norfolk when the power went out this scoofls used as a temporary shelter. the heavy wet snow that fell all day now it's freezing turning this parking lot into a skate ing rink. it's leaving thousands more in this area without power. >> reporter: cleaning up after a big winter storm isn't so bad when you're behind this huge snowblower. this westwood man ditched his shovel keeping busy
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around his home. bringing down both and leaving many in town without power electricity was also knocked out in norfolk. police posting this message on facebook for residents luckily power came back on about 8:30. in newton heavy snow caused the tree to fall. some riders telling fox 25 the bus drivers got lost. >> i got a lot of work done because i can could sit down in the t. the bus driver didn't snow how to get to the next stop. >> for others the bus ride was just especially considering the delay was weather related i was able to catch the bus in time.
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on the shelter in norfolk could close. sanders were busy treating roads and this man in westwood still at it clearing a path late into the night trying to beat the cold temperatures and the big freeze. buses continue to run along the d line tonight as they are still trying to clear the tracks. now all counties hit hard tonight. we check in with ever source in just the last 10 minutes they tell us that more than 40,000 people are still in the dark. live in norfolk tonight, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. checking those numbers across the entirety of massachusetts national grid just over 61,000 without power. ever source going up to over 43,000 and unitel only has 17 out tonight. a reminder even when the power is out you can get all the important information you need from our fox 25 weather app.
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current temps in your neighborhood and we'll send out important alerts about any breaking news you need to know about the state how on to stay safe on a storm such as this on our fox 25 news app. both are free to download to your apple or android device. now at 10:00, downed power lines sparking a fire here in canton. the flames were spotted right near route 93. police tell us there were delays around that area this afternoon because of the smoke from that fire. and in hanover, one of our own fox 25 photographers catching a tree limb crashing to the ground on his way home. that limb falling in the right corner of the screen right here. right as the drivers were hitting their brakes. they were able to push it off of route 123. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz joins us now. the video shows us just how heavy the snow office those trees today it. >> was that wet gloppy snow. that's what we had today and lots of it. in worcester we saw some of
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on. officially 12 and a half inches of snow did fall. there's holden at 7.50 inch off to the north of there boylston and here's marlboro at 9.4 inches. slide over to the north shore here. a couple of these totals at 8.3. there's one for 8 in methuen and over on to lowell or dracut area 10.50 inches of snow. into the immediate boston area east boston that's officially at logan 6.8 inches of snow farther to the southwest in brookline 77.8 inches. to the shouting shore kingston 10.4. look at plymouth coming in at 7.8 not too far away farther to the southwest wareham picking up 7.7 inches of snow. finally to cape cod had you the snow last you did pretty well catching up. east orleans seven inches and south dennis 4.6 in barnstable six inches of snow reported when all was said and done. pretty good looking storm out there. certainly more snow than was originally expected. but the timing worked out well and moved out tonight as expected. it is gone now our eyes are on our next system.
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have to worry about tonight and tomorrow morning thats why not snow falling but the. >> has fallen that is going to ice up. so driveways, roadways, sidewalks haven't been plowed completely we still are have some residual snow on them haven't been treated as well. these temperatures mean you're going to have icy situations in the morning. look at this by the morning low temperatures 21 , boston down to 16 and brockton so no doubt there's going to be an icy go of things first thing tomorrow about. that next storm system, i'm tracking the possibility. hit. there's a tricky commute for many drivers today including plow trucks this one narrowly missed plunging off a cliff onto at beach below in wareham. fortunately a a financial tree kept the truck from sliding down too far. a huge military truck had to be used to pull the plow back onto the road. check out this video in dover, new hampshire, out by the sea coast it there was taken today. as you can see cars went right off the road in the
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one of the hardest hit areas was worcest -- worcester. >> reporter: here in worcester people are used to big storms but a lot of people i spoke with told me they expected a much smaller storm. instead, this one hit hard and it hit fast. this is what it looked like as we drove into worcester during the height of the storm. the driving flakes causing near white-out conditions while the streets themselves are slippery. some people had a hard time climbing hills. meantime, people who had not hit the roads yet were going to find a nasty little surprise waiting for them at the end of the work day. >> we got to shovel ourselves out here. the plow came by and threw it out in front of us. how long would it take to regret from there to here in a normal day? >> a normal day probably be here like 15, 10 minutes. >> what about today? >> about half an hour. >> so it's pretty bad. >> yeah. you make sure you got good tires. >> reporter: the worcester
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me that the d.p.w. got 340 pieces of snow removal early. on for hours crews were keeping on top of the changing conditions. and it seemed on to make all the difference. >> at the end you know, we saw what where we needed to solve it. >> reporter: people in central massachusetts are used to tough storms and this one no different. at a family dollar store it's been a busy day. >> we had to use the windshield washer and scrapers. >> i already got two shovels but not as good as this one so i decided to grab a new shovel. >> in worcester you can never have too many shovels. >> no, you can't. weapons what i got to shovel. >> reporter: so let the shoveling begin here in worcester and all across massachusetts. the winter of 2016 was slow in arriving but no question it is here now. in worcester, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> catching up. so many of you took the time send to us your photos today. >> we sure do appreciate them. good ones.
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you can send them to share @fox how about that. sunglasses on and drink in hand. snowman ready to go zmench up for us. >> yeah, he does. >> in the next half hour a marine just home from fighting isis reunites with the dog he rescued in iraq. rolling. >> total destruction on a new york city street. the damage caused by a massive crane that crashed to the ground. >> all that as we continue hampshire primary. we are live on the ground in the granite state as candidates continue to talk
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i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. a woman charged hitting and killingahannover nurse out on for a run appeared in court today. blood tests reveal the driver had a number of drugs in her system at the time of the crash. >> reporter: kathleen vitelo stood in silence today as she listened to the charges against her including motor vehicle homicide. police arrested her last night in connection to a crash that killed hanover resident amanda turner russell. russell was out training for the boston marathon two days before christmas when police say vitelo crossed lanes and struck her. russell a mother, and nurse at beth israel deac onist medical center died several days later. blood tests reveal four drugs in vitelo's system at the time of the crash. >> they did in fact confirm the presence of methadone in
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crash, in addition they confirmed the presence of xanax and aderol. >> the defense admitted but argued she was undergoing methadone treatment ted and had prescriptions for another drugs. >> although there's certainly evidence of drugs in her blood and urine they were within therapeutic levels. >> reporter: according to the prosecution she knew how the combination of drugs could affect her. >> there's also information from her family that miss vitelo that was on aware on occasion when she received her methadone it would affect her ability to function. >> reporter: the defense argued it wasn't that vitelo wasn't able to function but she was reaching for something at the time of the crash. >> i think the evidence at this point really leads to the conclusion that something happened with the operation of the motor vehicle itself. >> reporter: families from both sides were in court
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a judge order vitelo held on a $50,000 cash bail. her next court date is set for february 25th . in plymouth, stephanie fox 25 news. quincy police say just before 9:30 last night, a woman was crossing the bergen parkway when she was hit. the driver stopped while witnesses say the car had a green light and didn't appear to be speeding. police performed a field sobriety test and arrested 45 years james vicki. >> for o.u.i. >> this man is a suspect in a mathunch robbery that happened yesterday morning. officers released this poster today and police say he is the man you see here on surveillance video robbing the stop quick on haverhill street yesterday. if you know where he is call methuen police. four nights to go now until the new hampshire primary. candidates like ted cruz working tonight to gain voters in the granite state. >> fox 25 political reporter
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at our new hampshire primary headquarters in manchester. she is continuing to cover every angle of this race. hi, sharman. >> hi, vanessa. certainly a busy week here and the candidates are still going. right now cross the street from where we're at from us at the verizon wireless arena in manchester that's where hillary clinton and bernie sanders are attending a new hampshire democratic party event but they're not sharing the stage. ted cruz meantime holding an event as we speak as well. we'll have much more on that in just a minute. first earlier in the day. hillary clinton did make a stop at the ywca in manchester and i was there. she was in pretty good spirits even dancing on stage. she was joined as you see by four democratic senators including the new hampshire governor. secretary clinton clearly acknowledged the lack of support here for her candidacy compared to bernie sanders.
10:18 pm
new hampshire. she says she'll work with senator sanders when she gets the nomination. >> i look forward to working with him as a partner in the senate. >> reporter: clinton says she's working new hampshire all weekend except for sunday when she's going to be leaving for flint, michigan where she will no doubt make national headlines at that time on super bowl sunday. coming off of last night's debate. democrat bernie sanders talking stuff. sanders told the crowd this country needs a political revolution. many see politics as entertainment and don't take it seriously enough. now to the republican side they didn't stop until much, much later tonight's. fox 25's erica richie is live in salem, new hampshire where ted cruz just wrapped up an event. hi, erica? >> reporter: hi, sharman. that event you were just referring to filled to
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more than 300 people inside the main aud tournament. the overflow room was full as well. the fire marshall turning tonight. you know what was like that across the state today as well as many voters here in new hampshire as you know are still undecided and the g.o.p. knows it. marco rubio spent his time in derry today energizing the crowd to rally around the republican party. >> that this generation of leadership in this country right now is the most selfish generation of leaders we have ever had in washington, d.c. >> reporter: senator ted cruz spent his time at this town hall in any event salem educating the crowd about why he is the best to represent the republican party. by rattling off his agenda for day one in office should he be elected. >> on the first day in office i will rip to shreds this catastrophic iran yann
10:20 pm
-- iranian nuclear deal. that the persecution of religious liberty ends today. we will repeal every word of obamacare. we will utterly and completely destroy isis. applause applause. >> reporter: earlier today another town hall this one marked a milestone. it was ohio governor john kasich's 100th here in new hampshire. before it he gave our blair interview on his bus. >> have you had that discussion of what if it doesn't continue after new hampshire. >> i wouldn't have a discussion like that. >> we had a meeting the other day what we're going to do in the south we're going to on do in michigan. yeah we've looked down the road. >> reporter: each candidate drew a crowd. many in the room professed undecideds and hoping that these interactions will sway
10:21 pm
>> here and see the presidential candidates in person to see them as a person as not a talking head on tv. >> reporter: and so that man i'll have you know drove two days from texas today in the snow just to be here tonight for this event. he said he really wanted to see ted cruz in person. so did many others that i spoke with tonight. so what is it about being up close and personal with the candidates that makes all the difference? well, those voters are going to weigh in for you at 11:00. for now live in salem, new hampshire, erica richie, fox 25 news. and governor charlie baker officially throwing his support behind republican presidential candidate chris christie today. >> and based on governor christy's record as a republican and a deep blue state, new jersey, where he inherited an enormous budget deficit and a whole series of other very serious economic and fiscal problems he did a pretty terrific job of working across the aisle
10:22 pm
we got a lot of stuff accomplished that's why we're endorsing him. >> and governor christie stumping in new hampshire today at a town hall in dover. he talked about how the republican party needs a strong candidate so they don't lose three presidential elections in a row. so we are wrapping up a very busy week here in new hampshire and it's only ramping up in the days ahead. we will be here every step of the way. for right now we'll send it right back to vanessa and ock in the studio. >> great job sharman. >> we'll take a look here at this video it's amazing two deer go hurtling off of a local bridge. we'll tell you where that happened. we'll slow the video down for you and show you how they got away. but next fighting isis on the web. twitter taking terrorism to tact. next on fox 25 the site's promise to the world and the massive action they took to
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beef wellington... to see how much you could save on car insurance, go to zah! (car alarm sounds) it's ok! now it's new hampshire's turn, and all america is watching to see who we choose in this dangerous time. one man stands above. he's not flashy, not rude... he's steady, he's tested and proven. he's a president, which is what we need to make us strong and safe again. for america, jeb bush. pnright to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. new at 10:00 home from able to walk away from this fiery crash toonchtd hard to believe police say tracy smith of wellesley was speeding when she lost
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into a cape cod transit authority bus and after the two people inside that bus got out it burst into flames. the pickup truck driver was cited for speeding and driving tone danger. but again no one was seriously hurt. we are learning more tonight about the two alarm fire in the westin that sent crews scrambling overnight. the woman was pulled from the home on bradford road and sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation. her condition is still unknown tonight. the state fire marshall's office says the cause of the fire is also unknown. >> so far no arrests in a violent outburst that left four people hurt on dorchester avenue in dorchester. that's right near the field's corner t stop. police say two people were shot and two people were stabbed and they're still waiting for word on their conditions. shocking charges tonight on for a local college professor after he's arrested for a sex crime. police say northeastern university professor harvey shapiro has been charged with sex for a fee. shapiro taught classes the university says it's now looking into these
10:26 pm
the appropriate action. twitter says it's wrapping up its efforts to fight terrorism. the social media giant said in a post today over the last seven months it suspended 125,000 accounts. twitter says posts from the accounts either threatened or on promoted terrorist acts. it says most of the accounts were either associated with isis or supported the group. the company adds that they will continue to delete accounts that promote a terrorist agenda. a dog rescued from the front lines waiting right now for a special reunion at logan airport. the person he's waiting for that just flew home and doesn't know he's there. that storm is blowing out of here. but it left with us some very cold conditions. temperatures like that mean there's going to be some ice to contend with tonight and first thing in the mo hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm they've all come to look for america
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all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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of this advertising. voices of various presidential candidates] >> developing out of asia three people including a 10-day old infant are dead another 154 people are hospitalized following a destructive earthquake in taiwan. the magnitude 6.4 quake hit early in the morning local time. so far 221 people have been pulled from the rubble. more are still reported trapped in at least two collapsed residential high-rises. we'll continue to update the story as more news comes in from taiwan including from the fox 25 morning news
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also developing tonight there are reports that one of the people injured in this crane collapse this morning in manhattan is from massachusetts. that person may be from east end and we're also hearing the victim that was killed today was a harvard grad. as andrew spencer reports investigators are still trying to figure out what brought that giant crane down. >> reporter: investigators in new york are trying to figure out why a crane collapsed in lower manhattan friday morning. the fallen crane stretched more than a block. >> it was a huge noise and just like went sideways and didn't actually see anything. >> did you feel it though? >> yes, yes, of course you could feel. >> reporter: mayor de blasio says the crane was being low entered a secure position because of high winds when it fell. part of that process includes diverting pedestrians and traffic from the area. >> the fact is this is a very, very bad incident we've lost a life but if you go out there on the street as i did and see what
10:30 pm
was not worse. >> reporter: more than 130 emergency workers rushed to the scene friday morning. >> it normally would have had a lot of people around it rush hour in the morning lower manhattan. >> reporter: there's no official cause for the collapse yet but it happened while new york city was under a winter weather advisory. now utility crews are going building to building looking for gas alex. the mayor says don't expect the area to be back up and running for a few days. >> this area is going to be cut off largely cut off or partially cut off for several days. we'll make every effort to accommodate people. >> reporter: in the meantime all cranes have been ordered to be put in a secure position. i'm andrew spencer reporting. >> announcer: now your local forecast from chief meteorologist kevin kevin and the fox 25 storm be tracker weather team. >> so obviously destructive brings down branches can cause damage but also beautiful storm like this. and you have proven that to us via instagram and
10:31 pm
check out some of these us. look at this beautiful shot from beacon hill. another one from instagram proud new englander sending that one to us beautiful shot as well. then twitter. knewbury street from charles abraham always glistens after a snowfall beautiful shot of newbury street. they said they couldn't help but stop and pull over and snap a photo of this one. we'll end with this one gemini 8511 also notice the branches all flopped over as that heavy wet snow sat on them bending them down also knocking a lot of them so it's really a trouble and beautiful storm all at the same time. clearly some heavy wet snow fell. but it's pushed on out of here tonight and we've cleared up. that causes our next problem. everything that's not well treated your sidewalks, your driveways even some of of the side roads are going to freeze up. it is down to 19 in norwood right now under clear skies. at least there's no wind but
10:32 pm
from freezing up. staying right where it is. worcester at 23 feels like nine thanks going down to 18 in the morning. 25 back here in fitchburg snow back here as well clear skies feels like 9 for you. cold everywhere. even out in cape cod and the islands. but this weekend will be much quieter and you will get some sunshine. each day with temperatures rising above freezing and that sun up there doing it things there will be melting snow. warm up and melt again in the afternoon. then monday morning not just ice you may have to be concerned about. we have been talking about our next chance for snow. now our future cast data showing a storm coming off the coast sunday night. watch how this one swirls together next to our south then swirls on by pushing snow on in here by monday on monday. with a path like that we've certainly be on the western fringe of the storm but
10:33 pm
a nuisance snow if not a significant snowfall here once again. so we may be catching up to the averages after all. we need about eight inches to get back to normal at least to date for the winter. that could do it if it were to hit like that. you want a closer look here we'll go. i'll zoom in you will see the clouds approaching here. just after midnight then here comes the precipitation first as rain onto the rain then it gets into the colder air and becomes snow on cape cod pushes northward to boston at lunchtime into southern new hampshire by the afternoon. a quick hitter but enough that a gang could give us snowfall that would be a problem for us here at least in eastern new england or at least central portions of new england talking to you worster on this one. not set in they all seem to produce some snow next week timing is the issue. here's our seven-day forecast. takes that weekend that you just saw and brings you into the monday time frame where 34 on monday but that snow threat is.
10:34 pm
computer model i can show you this one that european model which does come close enough to push that western fringe of on snow into eastern massachusetts. that's two of our models showing a similar situation and also pushing out of here by monday night. so again, there's something that bears watching for our next shot for some snow. if that's not enough for you later on in the week you see one coming off the coast how that paints in for friday. just a 30% chance right now so far away. another potential storm late next week. latest information coming in right now. update the track and potential for early in the week. >> all right kevin, see you again in just a little. don't forget to tune in to fox 25 for our morning news tomorrow to check in on your week forecast. it begins at 6:00 a.m. here many high school students would go tanning before the prom. >> not anymore. new at 11:00 we'll tell you about the new bill signed by the governor today that's restricking tanning beds. teenagers and the whooping cough. showing they could be more at risk than previously thought.
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washington right now making it even safer for hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars
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police in chicago say they believe six people found dead in a home in that city were killed in a targeted incident. but the motive that remains uncleared. a relative identified the victims a couple in their 60s their son in their 40s their daughter in their 30s and their two boys. five of the six people were stabbed to death the sixth person described as a middle aged woman died from multiple gunshot wounds. >> i think it's also important to note that there was no signs of forced entry to the residence and despite some rumors and reports to the contrary yesterday afternoon, the house the victims were not bound and there did not appear to be any ransacking of the house. >> police are investigating it as a homicide. but aren't releasing much more information as the case is ongoing. new tonight so-called affluenza teen eth can youch
10:38 pm
ethan couch has been moved from a youth facility to a jail in fort worth texas. this is his latest mug shot he fled the country with his mother after a number of incidents that appear to violate the teen's parole. a judge is now considering moving his case out of juvenile court into adult court in the coming weeks. a new plan in washington could affect the safety of our skies. with the bill introduced in congress is in for a bumpy landing. our george colleague reports on what the potential change means for travelling. >> reporter: air traffic controllers are responsible for planes landing safely but the list of failures are long. reports of controllers falling asleep on the job in major airport towers not staffed adequately. >> our solution is an independent not for profit corporation. >> house republicans want that private corporation to take over air traffic control. can congressman bill schuster says it will improve the travel experience. >> we believe this is going to make air travel more efficient, less delays, less congestion. >> reporter: the bill lays out a 3-year timeline for the business to be up and
10:39 pm
the f.a.a. it. >> allows the f.a.a. to focus on safety where it belongs separates those two functions it with over 50 countries in the world have done that. >> reporter: other supporters of the bill include the national air traffic controllers association but not everyone in the aviation industry is on board with this change. >> to make a wholesale change we think it's just fraught with too much risk to an extremely stable sophisticated and safe system. >> reporter: tom hendricks leads a group representing 2300 aviation-related businesses nationwide. >> we just don't think that you've got to completely break off the part of the f.a.a. that works the best which is the air traffic these issues. >> reporter: congress will take up the debate next week. from washington, george collie, fox 25 news. heartwarming reunion today at logan. a marine and his best friend back together again. coming up the emotional meeting that just happened inside the terminal. plus, two animals caught on camera flying off a local bridge. still to come tonight a slow motion look at the video that had our newsroom buzzing today. we've got a play from
10:40 pm
you buzzing tonight. one of those gut check games in cleveland and the never give up celtics played till the last drop and make it
10:41 pm
the mighty cavs. there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time
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our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. >> back where they belong towing at home. >> a marine and the dog he rescued from iraq reunited just not about the hour at logan airport. fox 25's jim morelli was there when it happened. jim, i think you have the best story of the day? >> reporter: yeah, i certainly do. we waited a long time for it. you know the saying sometimes the longest part of the journey are the last few hundred steps that was certainly the case of logan airport where we waited four
10:43 pm
smith to clear customs. here are is why we wanted to talk with him. we are talking about this little pup who goes by the name dushka. he was rescued in iraq from an abandoned building several months ago. he had gone there six months ago as a volunteer to join kurdish forces in fighting isis. then with the help of the spca's global animal rescue program he got her to the united states and today after two months apart they were reunited. >> i mean i fed him once or twice a day. she started following me. she couldn't really walk very well at first. but she started to learn. >> he found her when she was just a couple days old. didn't have her eyes open yet. he contacted us and we said yeah, we got to get this dog home absolutely. >> reporter: now sadly she had six litter matters they dogs. it's actually pretty common to have abandon dogs in iraq.
10:44 pm
to adopt them. the problem is they sometimes have to leave them behind which is a very sad thing for both the dog and the human. and that's why this program from spca try to -- tries to reunite him. we ask what took him so long in customs. he took four hours. he said they were very thorough back there in questioning him and he is glad that they were. live at logan, jim morelli, fox 25 news. >> all right, jim great to see them back together. will your federal tax dollars pay for an nfl stadium that will soon sit empty. in recent weeks we told you the nfl st. louis rams are leaving for los angeles where the organization was started. our d.c. bureau has found federal tax dollars helped pay for the 20-year-old stadium in st. louis. and now that stadium may never host another nfl game. taxpayer watchdogs are furious. >> when it comes to these
10:45 pm
tax exempt bonds that the use. so these are federal taxpayers that are also on the hook. >> still the majority of nfl users use or at least borrow local and state taxpayer money for their stadiums. owners say those stadiums benefit taxpayers by creating jobs and boosting local ecomonies. well, if you aren't looking at the big screen just take a second to watch this video here that had our afternoon. >> i want you to look at the top of this bridge a few seconds into the video yes, you can see two objects still flying over the west end road bridge. the video is believed to show two deer hoping for a softer landing obviously than the one they got. no word on whether both deer are okay. a signature game for the celtics tonight in cleveland. brad stevens team continues to win and continues to grow but like the golden state
10:46 pm
like these against the cavs they're measuring sticks. isiah thomas shoots just five of 19 this this game but a perfect 1111 from the line and led the celts to 22. look at this hoop by evan turner. great second half in this one. that was a 3-point play put them up by one. but lebron james with a minute and a half to go and the cavs are up three. james with a game high 30. 18 seconds left now. celts down five. jay crowder will hit the three and the celtics are within two. they're down four with nine seconds left and it's turner again baseline the hoop and the harm again and the celts are within two but he misses the free-throw but watch marcus smart with the hustle play the ball goes off the leg. he dishes it off. >> yeah. avery bradley won the game.
10:47 pm
for avery. celts have four buzzer beaters. they have won eight of nine. 104-103 a big win. aron go -- ron: deis back at the garden -- ron: deis back at the garden sunday at 1:00. that appeal process scheduled to begin march 3rd. you can forget about the league dropping the appeal. >> this is not an individual player issue this is about the rights that we negotiated in our collective bargaining agreement. we think they're very clear. we think they're important to the league going forward and we disagree with the district judge decision. we are appealing that which process. we'll let the outcome be court. deliver then. >> commissioner touched on today. also asked about further investigating peyton manning on his possible use of
10:48 pm
>> we will work with law enforcement if they're involved but we will also continue our own investigations and working cooperatively with everyone to make sure that we're taking this seriously that we find out the conclusions when we find out the facts we'll share them as we have in the past. we want to make sure that we're transparent. bruins back in wilmington today after their shoot-out win in buffalo last night. bs are being led by brad marchand lately with another one against buffalo last night. claude julian loves what he's getting from his little big man right now. >> i think he's just playing some of his best hockey right now. he's one of the best players if not the best on our team at being on those pucks in the offensive zone. >> you know, i'm able to try different things that i haven't tried before. defenseman they learn different guys moves and their tendencies. just want to continue to try to adapt to the game.
10:49 pm
the university of louisville is not waiting for the ncaa's investigation into the alleged recruiting scandal around rick patino's program to conclude the school announces its own one year postseason ban for its men's basketball team today. a tragic accident next at 11:00. the freak incident in the. >> led to the death of this little girl. first it starts with mosquitoes but there could be new ways to transmit the zika virus. the strong recommendations for both men and women as the spread. (group chatter) dude, dude, dude. i think we're stuck. we're going to have to talk to each other or something. nooo. i don't like this elevator. (group surprised and laughter) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? so, the nissan leaf s only gets 84 miles on a charge. but the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles or more on a full charge and a full tank of gas. woah!
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some beautiful pictures coming in that was qully beautiful and destructive at the same time. look that the one from framingham sunset as the snow pulled out of here quickly evening this was beautiful everywhere. this one was from framingham. snowy worcester notice the tree limbs all bending down from the waste of the snow on them.
10:53 pm
the snow today. up there is that beautiful sunset again. eight inches of snow there. then finally, i have been saying this for years, now as far as what we have out there tonight it is cold. the snow pulling away and onout of here. clearing skies. on average about 20 degrees with sunshine when you wake that up means there will be icy spots out there. that black ice forming where roadways are not treated be careful of that out the door first thing in the morning. here in the boston temperature trending down. clear skies in worcester though and the temperature drop to 18 back to 28 by 10:00 in the morning. it is going to be the colder of the on two days tomorrow. warms up sunday but our next storm system i'm already tracking for early next week. the latest track at 11:00. >> all right, kevin. researchers say teens could be vulnerable to whooping cough say it's because of a change in vaccines. a recent study found the whooping cough vaccine is moderately effect about a
10:54 pm
little immunity after two on or three years. the study also found whooping cough cases have climbed steadily in the u.s. since a weaker vaccine was introduced in the 90s. we recently reported about two schools in nor well reporting three fifth graders contracting the cough. those cases were reported in both of the elementary schools in town. we're continuing to follow the developments related to the zika virus. this week officials in texas say someone contracted the virus after having sex with an infected person who travelled to venezuela. >> tonight johnny surrey explains federal health officials are providing updated guidelines to help prevent that type of transmission. >> reporter: the centers for disease control and prevention is taking new action to combat zika. issuing interim guidelines to ward off sexual transmission of the virus. pregnant women are being urged to talk with healthcare providers about any potential exposure their male partners may have had and condom use is encouraged if a partner has been in areas with active zika virus transmission. >> if you're pregnant and
10:55 pm
u.s. please don't go to a place where zika is spreading. if you live in a place where zika is spreading please protect yourself against mosquito bites. >> reporter: the agency is also recommending expectant mothers without symptoms be tested for the virus after returning from an infected area. the c.d.c. lists 30 countries and territories where active transmission is taking place. most people infected with zika do not experience any symptoms. but public health officials suspect it's linked with birth defects in brazil. even though we know zika can be spread through sex and blood transfusions it is still most commonly transmitted by mosquito bites. health officials are calling for travelers to do all they can to on protect themselves. >> where deet you have to reapply it several times a day. wear long sleeve shirts and long pants. use clothing that is treated and all of those things are safe in pregnancy. >> reporter: the world health organization is classified zika as a global health emergency.
10:56 pm
declared in florida and puerto rico. in atlanta john than surrey, fox news. now at 11:00, tragedy in the snow. she playing with her dad. like they always do in the snow. >> the freak accident that claimed the life of a local little girl. watching one snowstorm pour on out of here leaving with us cold temperatures and icy conditions. my eyes already on my next snow trek. >> for adults only. the bill just signed by the governor that bans tanning beds for anyone under 18. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 11:00. tragedy in the snowstorm this little girl just 6 years old killed when a branch fell on top of her. thanks for staying with us everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. the story was breaking all afternoon it's a very sad ending tonight. our christine mccarthy live for us in canton where the girl's mother describes an
10:57 pm
>> reporter: very emotional
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