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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  February 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:45pm EST

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now at 10:00. temperatures drop. tonight our eyes on the next chance of snow. i'll show you the latest timeline. plus where we already have a winter storm watch. >> two families now dealing with the same pain. >> she brought so much joy to everybody she touched. >> we have learned more information about tragics hitting a small town. >> plus the push to turn the lights back on. >> we're dealing with electricity here, not third grade math. >> how much work crews have left to do. police chasing down a car suspect. the bigger story we've uncovered. ask a boy trying to let it go told to take it off. >> i wear if it for fun, because i'm like one of those people. i like to go all out. >> what sparked him to wear this costume to school in the first place. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox25 news at 10:00.
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here we go. a winter storm watch has been issued. we want to get over to fox25 sarah wroblewski who is in the weather center and been from all night tracking a series of storms, sarah. >> it's going to get complicated as we head into next week. we have a few systems that we're watching. one down in the south and one across the great lakes. it's going to impact the region with brush-byes and those brush-byes are going to bring the chance of some snow. a winter storm watch has been issued starting monday into tuesday for the south shore as well as the cape and islands expecting to see some plowable snow out of this. not only snow, but some strong winds out of the northeast and some potentially some coastal concerns, so the weather threats are going to remain high as we head into next week. right now it is cold. temperatures right below freezing in boston. the wind making it feel like it's 20, so if you're out this evening
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you're probably going to notice temperatures below freezing. some icy spots, black ice. that is it is story as temperatures fall back into the 20s. warm up tomorrow. it's the calm before the storms. i'm going to show you how much snow to track coming up in just a few minutes. >> today canton police announced that a second has died from being hit by a falling tree. fox25's robert goulston has more. >> kaleigh kenyon's aunt says the entire family is using the memories to stay strong. after the 6-year-old died when a tree limb covered in heavy wet snow broke off and hit her. >> every time she would leave she would say, you can't leave until hugs and kisses, she would grab you by the legs and she would hug you and kiss you. >> hours later on friday another
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canton neighborhood hitting a 38-year-old father of three. >> did not hear it and h no time to react and struck him on a head. >> the man was clearing off a back yard hockey rink when the branch came down from 40 to 50 feet above. >> it was beautiful, but it's absolutely dangerous and people need to be aware ask take care. >> kaleigh's family says their loss is unimaginable, but they know she is going to be okay. >> she didn't feel any pain. she was smiling and happy, and that's all we can say that's the best thing. >> kaleigh's family has set up a page to help raise money for funeral costs. to find this information go to our web page, fox25 boston. >> sunday the school will be open from 2:00 to you four. >> power outage restoration efforts continue throughout the region.
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people in the dark across the state. fox25's erica ricci is live in holliston. >> good news tonight, elizabeth, most of power here in town is back on. take a look around me. you can see we are certainly not in the dark here at the center of town, but just a few miles down the street, some folks still are. this is night two, going to bed without light, without heat and they're hoping when they wake up tomorrow it will all be over. >> tired of the dark. >> the electric company shows up to restore your power it's a reality check for how good you typically have it, with lights and heat at the flip of a switch. now. >> it's pretty cold at night. so we have lots of layers. >> all because wet heavy snow fell yesterday causing trees and telephone poles and power lines to do the same. hitting metro west the hardest. this video shot in nadik and take a
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ashland street in holliston. tom miller watched the tree fall across the street from his house. >> it was a bunch of he can plosions and fires. my front yard was on fire all the way across the front. the wires. >> that was around 9:00 yesterday morning. so his wires were live for quite storm, so he and his wife were trapped inside until late this evening. >> i'm finally taking the wife out for a hot meal. >> since the storm began eversource has restored power to 95,000 customers. the rest expected by midnight. they ask for patience reminding those customers that trees and damaged equipment have to be cleared before repairs can begin, and that takes time. >> and here in eastern massachusetts since the storm began, eversource has restored power to about 95,000 customers. still about 6,000 are left to come back on line. that is expected once again to happen by midnight tonight.
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only less than 1% of eversource that are still in the dark tonight. live in holliston, erica ricci, fox25 news. >> some people have been going without power for about 20 plus hours now. warming centers have been set up across the region. in westwood you can go to the high school if you need help. >> when you don't have power in 2016, it's a big deal. you can't charge your cellphone, you can't charge your laptop. there are some different families with children that have medical needs that they need electricity. >> the chief says the storm can leave the elderly very vulnerable so his department does whatever they can to make sure the people are okay. >> whenever weather is a big story, head to the fox25 weather app. just search fox25 weather in the app or google play store. >> happening rights now the republican candidates are debating the issues. and as john roberts reports the candidates been very busy three days before the new hampshire primary.
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candidates to get out their message before the new hampshire primary on tuesday. bernie sanders leads hillary clinton by a double digits margin. >> if we can bring out the voters on tuesday i'm confident we're going to win. >> clinton may know the. >> during recent stump speeches. at a rally in concord she defended criticism from the sanders campaign that she has received speaking fees from big wall street banks. and denied it changed her position on anything. >> i have no doubt in my mind that i have the best experience and the best ideas to take on at because from the financial sector to stand up to wall street. why would they be running $6 million of ads against me. >> meanwhile on the republican side, donald trump holds a commanding lead over the rest of his rivals. >> the real estate billionaire didn't hold any rallies today ahead
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did and he needs a strong showing in new hampshire to start his campaign and help him emerge as a leading alternative for trump and cruz. >> for senator cruz's edification we have precise weapons now. we don't have to carpet bomb. we have technological superiority. >> or say you're going to bomb the blank. >> despite most polls having crystal cristy second in new hampshire the governor is asking everyone to listen carefully to what he says. >> on that stage tonight you will see a difference. difference between those who were prepared to leave and those who are just continuing to talk. >> governor cristy someone who has
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not a senator who spent most of their political life in a sub committee hearing on capitol hill. john roberts, fox news. >> if you want to vote in the upcoming primary here in massachusetts you have to register soon. wednesday is the last day to register for the march 1st primary and so far the secretary of state says about 70,000 people have signed up or changed their enrollment status on line. to register you can go on register to vote or go to your city or town hall. as a reminder stay with fox25 right through the new hampshire primary. we'll stay through straight to 11:30. bringing live results from candidates headquarters and the speeches as they happen. we'll also stream it live on and on the fox25 news
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>> new at 10:00, a crash sparks a fiery scene. >> it was initial -- the streetlight was underneath the vehicle which proceeded to catch the fuel tank on fire. so it's because of the existence of our power lines we can't apply water until the power was cut and we had to wait foreversource to do that for us. >> there is no word tonight on what caused that crash. >> super bowl is tomorrow night and while the patriots are not in the big game, we'll have a chance to see tom brady sunshine night. >> tom brady will be at the super would. unfortunately he won't be wearing his helmets or uniform like we wanted him to be. brady will be on the field before the game with 40 our previous super bowl mvps as part of the celebration of 50. now for last year's super bowl brady was of course in uniform and led them to their fourth win. while he was pursued for deplate gate punishment in court next week
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be part of the celebration tomorrow. he will be one of four along with terry bradshaw, eli manning and joe brad shaw. brady and montana are the only three time mvp winners. it will be fun to watch the reception he gets during the celebration. i wouldn't expect a lot of cheers for brady, elizabeth. >> caught on tape. a clerk held up at gunpoint and the suspect is a little kid. >> he told the cashier, give me the money. >> just head at 10:00. where police say the young boy got that gun. >> plus a carjackings suspect under arrest. fox25 obtaining this dash cam video of that chase. >> the bigger problem police say the situation highlights tonight. >> 33 degrees in boston right now. black ice a concern for tonight, but snow a concern for next week. i'll show you the latest timeline of when to expect the snow to server arrive.
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switch to fios. we're following developing news out of boston tonight where a body has been found at a construction site. a fox25 camera was rolling this afternoon as authorities investigated a scene on beacon street. right now police are not saying who that victim was or how they died. >> a carjackings suspect under arrest. and police say he stole a car with
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>> fox25's john monahan is live tonight in bedford where you obtained some-cam video of that chase. >> we did, elizabeth and just before that chase the man ran into this gas station into the store leaving his 72-year-old wife inside of his pup truck. all of a sudden another man jumped in and took off. fox25 news has learned that man was being treated at a local va hospital and walked out this morning without permission. >> this is the bedford gas station where a man pulled in just before 10:00 saturday morning. while he ran inside, his wife waited in their pickup truck. all of a sudden 35-year-old michael sullivan of quincy hopped. he told the woman he had to go up the road and he drove off. >> moments later the woman flags down a responding officer and he hops in. the officer's dash cam capturing
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the cruiser making its way down a windy 225. once the police arrived the woman gets out of the cruiser and into his pup. they take off. then carlisle police take sullivan who appears calm from one of their cruisers and place him into the custody of bedford officers. tonight police tell fox25 that sullivan walked out of the bedford va hospital this morning without permission. they also say the iraq war vet suffers from mental health issues and at the va being treated for heroin addiction. >> the police also tell fox25 tonight that as sullivan was taken into custody he was confused and did not know where he was. he's been taken to nearby emerson hospital for evaluation. right now he's only being charged with carjackings. the couple involved in that carjackings police say tonight they are okay. >> we're live in bedford, i'm john monahan, fox25 news. >> fire officials are working to figure out what sparked a house fire that left one woman dead.
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at this multi family home in north an covered. authorities say the woman who lived on the second floor was found dead in the woman the fire started in. residents that lived in the first floor were able to get out safe. >> my brother got them out. >> your brother was -- >> the small craft alarm went off in the hallways upstairs so he got them out. he couldn't get upstairs, though. >> right now officials are not releasing the victim's name. >> cruise are working today to right a freight train. this happened near franklin street in framingham. there's no word though on any injuries. >> it's mass most wanted first launched in 2002, 1700 criminals have been caught and police tell us hundreds of them because of fox viewer tips. this week the website was relaunched. you can be notified about cases on social media directly on your
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new crime section devoted to atm skimming. in other words more ways to help police catch the bad guys. here now this week's mass most wanted. police in newton are looking for two suspects, they bought a camera with a fraudulent credit card. both men wore hooded sweatshirts, but police are hoping you might recognize their faces. >> in north cattle bro police say this suspect used a stolen credit card. he fled the area afternoon being confronted about the name on the account. >> in belmont, this man is making atm withdrawals using other people's credit cards. a resident concluded the police about their credit card being used in an atm in cambridge. now the video shows the suspect spending about 15 minutes to take cards. contact belmont police if you know anything about this suspect. >> all of these cases come to us
10:18 pm
mass most wanted. we also have them up on our website, my fox >> i'm bob ward, fox25 news. >> a helicopter fly over today at the funeral of a local major general. major general kenneth robinson died on sunday at 87 years old. he was born in lynn and he joined the marine corps to pay for his college education at boston college. robinson rose through the ranks and retired in 1983. he was laid to rest today. >> friday's crane crash in new york educated man. and tonight a new york street is that tragedy. we live in a world where history is captured from nearly every angle. watch your screen carefully as a man recorded the moment when a massive construction crane came crashing down. the accident in lower manhattan killed one, injured three other
10:19 pm
investigators have recovered a -- the computer will give us some a. we're not sure about the amount of data it will likely give up the angles of the boom, of the two pieces that were in action at the time. if it gives us more than that, that's -- that will be an extra, but i don't want to set expectations too high. >> the man who was operating the crane has been examined. >> we've tested him for alcohol and drugs and it's all negative. he's been very cooperative and again he's tested negative for all substances. >> the equipment belongs to a construction company called bay crane which is a large operator in new york. >> we're going to talk about looking into the metal -- possible metal fatigue. make sure that the pins that are connecting pieces together, the counter weights, any wind information that's possible. what loads were done even before the previous day. it's going to be an a to z.
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said she was able to duck for discover instinct till and that's how she survived. a winter storm watch has been issued and sara wroblewski is going over the extended forecast right now. first windows shot out one after another. the person charged and the number of places he's believed to have now it's new hampshire's turn, and all america is watching to see who we choose in this dangerous time. one man stands above. he's not flashy, not rude... he's steady, he's tested and proven. he's a president, which is what we need to make us strong and safe again. for america, jeb bush. pnright to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. the presidents' day sales event is on now at your new england ford dealers. save big on america's best-selling trucks for 39 straight years. now with additional presidents' day bonus cash... get up to $7,050 total savings
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new at 10:00. a high school student is under
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a spree that spanned several towns. a 14-year-old from auburn has been charged with destruction of property. this comes after the windows of dozens of cars were shot out with a beebee bb gun in juan. he may be responsible for incidents in worst and oxford. >> 18 people are dead, nearly 500 hurt following an earthquake in also developing tonight, north korea has fired a long range rocket that's believed to be a test of banned missile technology. the country claims tonight that they were attempting to launch a satellite into orbit. officials fear that with each nuclear missile test, north korea is moving closer to creating a nuclear missile capable of reaching the u.s. south korea media is reporting today's rocket launch.
10:24 pm
search for two missing planes. those planes collided in the ocean just off los angeles. three people are missing. now the question is what went wrong? will carr is in los angeles with the latest. >> investigators are looking for an answer as they go from survivors to a recovery operation after two planes crashed mid air. it happened friday afternoon near the port of los angeles. police tell us they didn't have to close the port but did have to redirect ships for a time. witnesses say it was 3:30 when they saw a plane plunge into the pacific. at the same time the faa saw two planes disappear. one plane is a beach craft, the other is a stunt plane. both pilots were experienced and both were flying out of torrance. >> listen to what the coast guard has to say about the crash. >> we have found debris and other materials. we found a logbook of one pilots
10:25 pm
ascertain that there would be two people, two male passengers in one of the aircrafts. we've since learned that there was aircraft that was overdue, expected into torrance airport, and we believe that there was one female passenger in that plane that may have been involved in the mid air collision. >> it was a clear day so weather wasn't a factor and neither plane had a flight record so it could be a real challenge to figure out what caused the crash. in los angeles, will carr, fox news. >> turning mild tomorrow, but a cold and unsettled pattern ahead. i've been looking over new potential.
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a store is robbed at gunpoint and florida police say an 8-year-old is the suspect. surveillance video. >> he's a little kid. i'm shocked. >> this store clerk who didn't want to go on camera still shaken over bazaar. >> you see the boy walk in. >> he very quietly walked in and demanded money. he was wearing like a motorcycle helmet and he was wearing like a sweater on top of his mouth, so he was only showing his eyes. >> what happened next shocked everyone.
10:29 pm
and pointing a gun hidden underneath a sweater. >> he told the cashier, give me the f-ing money. >> the employee quickly springing into action. all of a sudden i'm so shocked, i don't know if it's a real gun or a fake gun, but my priority is to take it away from him. i turned his wrist and took it out of his hand. at that point the other coworker of mine grabbed him. >> you can see the 8-year-old try to escape the grasp of the clerk. investigators tell us the boy stole the gun from his mother. we're told the boy was hospitalized for his own well-being. meanwhile this clerk is wondering how this child is capable of such adult behavior. >> it's so shocking. i feel like you have to be careful with everybody nowadays. you can never be too careful. >> unit's believable. that is jason hackett reporting. so far no charges have been filed in this case. police are on the look out for a driver that sent two people to the hospital in a hit and rush crash.
10:30 pm
hit from behind by a car near morton street. the impact throwing them about 25 feet. both people suffered serious injuries and the woman was flown to a boston hospital. over a dozen people evacuated from their homes today following a carbon monoxide scare. this happened this morning at townhomes on bolt on place. officials say that a burned underground cable caused a buildup of carbon monoxide in the basement. >> we evacuated the buildings and two people were checked out for exposure and they were fine. the company says they're go to excavate and hopefully fix it and take care of business. >> he also says the issue was likely caused by the age of those underground wires. >> a teen is told that he can wear a disney costume to school, but as kimberly chen was not happy with what he picked. >> i never expected what happened today to happen. >> students at ethan chase middle
10:31 pm
disney costumes for spirit day. 13-year-old austin lacy told this elsa dress and wig. >> he said fellow students loved it and asked him to pose for selfies, but he says the school principal thought it was inappropriate. much attention. >> his principal had instructed the campus supervisor to go take his dress and wig away from him. he was later informed that the principal did not believe that boys should be dressed like girls. >> his mom was shocked. >> i can't believe that there are still people out there that are -- hold those beliefs. and especially on a day when it was all intended in good fun. and it really shouldn't have been an issue. >> she says this leaves students
10:32 pm
>> my son personally is not a a trans gender. he's taken a stance on all human rights. >> the school issued a response. it read, this action was taken in card answer with district policies. at no time was there any indication that the student was expressing any particular message. the principal's action was based upon the need to stop a general disruption to the school environment. she added, the school district prides itself on having policies and practices that support all students regardless of gender identity or gender expression. >> what happened wasn't right. >> in other news, having a designated driver is of course important if you're drinking, but some are taking that too far putting their young child behind the wheel. prosecutors say this wisconsin
10:33 pm
so they let their 9-year-old daughter take them home. police pulled over the truck and they were surprised to find the child driving and a baby inside the back seat. >> when you're intoxicated you don't put a driver behind the wheel -- a 9-year-old -- i don't know how a person could come up thinking that's a good idea. >> now the couple has charged with child neglect and wreckless endangerment. >> the children have been placed with other family members. >> now your local forecast from meteorologist sarah wroblewski. >> with the snow yesterday we've had a lot buzz about the potential snow heading our way this week. but of course i put this up on twitter and may be and i got a lot of buzz about it too. people taking a look and saying, is that more monday? >> this is actually from the blizzard of 1978. yes, it is the anniversary happening right now. this is when we had about 36" to 40" of snow southwest of boston. we kind of compare a lot of our
10:34 pm
but let me tell you we are tracking some more snow in our forecast. even after yesterday where we 60 up 6.8" for snow. added to our season total now just over 17". usually we're right around 25 for this time of year, so we are still below average, but not even close to where we are last year at this time where we had over 50" of snow. we could be gaining as we are talking about dry conditions tomorrow, but an unsettled pattern heading our way. we are expecting to see some chances increase, and especially on monday as the cold system will be passing to our south. have you heard that one before? >> yes, another very tricky scenario. we've got some energy down across the southeast. that is going to link with this moisture. the storm has yet to form, but once it does it's going to ride up the coast and pass our area, most of it offshore, but still brush us with
10:35 pm
meanwhile this air of low pressure is going to be diving through the great lakes region and it's going to trail this system, bringing further chances of snow as we head to the middle part of the week. so it's a series of storms passing on by. not a big district hit, but not a complete miss either. as these storms have yet to form, this is where i'm putting out the that exact track. that it's absolutely going to impact those totals winds and of course those coastal concerns. there is still the potential to bring some plowable snow. and i think the chance will be closer to the center of the storms down across the southeast. it's cold. 30 in boston. 25 in worcester. expect to see temperatures continue to drop into the 20s, so any melting we saw today could be patchy black ice tomorrow. the good turns it turns mild. temperatures start off in the 20s and 30s. noticing by lunch hour we're already into the upper 30s, low 40s.
10:36 pm
afternoon, but starting to notice some clouds down across the south. that is the first edge of clouds from the storm system that will be pushing on in by monday. so i want to take a look at that. this is what we can expect with your future cast. notice by 7:00 in the morning here's that area of low pressure forming. it's going to quickly intensify and really blow up as we head through the day on sunday. we're still dry, looking okay. it's by monday morning we're noticing this storm offshore and starting to bring some snow across southern areas. meanwhile we have this system out to our west, but as the system pushes out to sea, it's going to be about 380 miles, at least with this one, showing the potential of how far away it is. all it needs to do is go a little bit to the left and we could be talking about more significant snow across new england, a little bit to the east and it could be less of an impact. right now if looks as though it's going to be bringing snow bands as we head through the day on monday and even into tuesday and as this storm system follows in its trail, it will continue those chances of
10:37 pm
right now with that track i'm thinking anywhere from a coating to a couple of inches north and west away from eastern parts of the state where we could see a widespread 2" to 4". we could be seeing some higher bands across the shore, parts of the cape we could see anywhere from 4" to 7". that could change as the storm gets going tomorrow, but until then what you'll really notice in that 7-day forecast it turns cold, unsettled, the chance of some light snow tuesday, wednesday, even into thursday before much colder air arrives, could be making up to temperatures in the single digits by friday morning.
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>> new at 10:00. a local man is facing charges today after police say he exposed himself to a woman. police caught up with 36-year-old daniel clayton following an investigation.
10:41 pm
a female worker in sharon and ran off. police are searching for this man tonight. this is a case of credit card fraud. officers say the suspect used someone else's credit card to buy an mbta pass at the jfk umass station. if you recognize this guy contact trance police. they are fighting for air so you don't have to. in the american lung association's grueling fundraiser. climbing 41 floors. the teams were joined by firefighters who were dressed in full gear. it brings on a feeling that people with lung disease suffer through every day. >> we have 1700 climbers heading up the building to fight for lung health and fight against lung cancer all for the american cancer association. >> it will go to research and advocacy. this is the tenth annual crime. more than 2,000 people
10:42 pm
a few people i recognize behind the scenes. but also fox25 kerry cavanaugh. >> local police are on the hunt for a serious criminal tonight. this guy goes by the alias,. >> monday son police say he is wanted for fraud for predicting an early spring a midst all this snow. officers are advising residents to approach him with skepticism and caution. certainly sara does, because she's over. i'm saying the massachusetts ground continue. and it has. we've got more snow in the forecast. we've got cold conditions settling in next week. we're going to be watching a potential of storms that could impact the area with the chance of thursday. i think monday is going to be the day that we're going to be watching a coastal storm that may brush our southeastern areas with some
10:43 pm
of course we'll have the latest updates coming up tomorrow morning on the fox25 news. >> i do make it any personal policy never to let rodents i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better.


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