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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 8, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. i am meteorologist jason brewer tracking a massive ocean storm. the timing for snow and how much straight ahead. and we are gearing up for a dangerous and messy commute. here is live look at the pike right now, but those conditions will be changing. many people already planning to hunker down and ride out this storm. >> when it snows like this, i tend not to clean the house. it is just -- not to leave the house. it is just unsafe. >> julie: yes, it is. the urgent message from state police and hundreds of closings are coming in. fox25 has team coverage to keep you safe. in new hampshire, one day out from the first in the nation primary. the final push to win over undecided voters.
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morning as bad weather moves in. this is a fox25 stormtracker weather alert. >> daniel: it is 4:00 on this monday, february 8. i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, everyone, i am julie grauert. this morning we are bracing for another winter storm moving in again hitting us just time for the morning commute a lot of schools closed. they are scrolling on the bottom of your screen. but first a look of 9 weather from weather center jason brewer. good morning, jason. >> jason: this storm intensifying and growing and very large storm and even though it is passing well to the south and moves east northeast ward, we are still feeling major impacts here in southern new england. take you right into the radar right now. cloudy, windy condition. even some rain and snow already moving into the cape and the islands. starting out rain around nantucket and look how the air is getting colder hour by hour. you are watching the radar
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snow flip occurring. chatham to barnstable down toward the vineyard already flipping all the way over to all snow. the temperatures right flow actually a little milder than what we are thinking yesterday at this time. we will have an onof some very heavy, wet snow unfortunately, and temperatures will get colder throughout the day and help to mitigate that threat. 34 right now in boston above freezing. look at the wind gusts, 45 miles per hour right now at logan airport. 48, nantucket. 51 in the vineyard. and we have 30-mile-per-hour gusts all the way out to worcester. we have a blizzard warning, plymouth county, cape and island, and this is for the winds reduce visibility down below quarter of a mile at times because we have blowing snow and heavy snow rates. winter storm warning in all pink. most of us are under a warning for 6 inches or more in a 12 for 6 inches or more in a 12-hour period and the purple colors, the winter weather advisory parts of southern new hampshire and back to the west from there. we are looking at 5 to 8,
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boston right on that cusp of that 8 mark, probably more. because of those coastal bands. the ocean-effect bands set up and coastal fronts. localized heavier totals. plymouth county. the bull's-eye foot of anniversary and 2 to 4 farther west to keene and areas western mass. day planner today. i expect snow to be arriving into boston between 6 and 7:00 in the morning. it will intensify and increase and heavy through the late morning and into the mid morning and into the mid-afternoon. now by late in the day, some snow tapering but it is going to last into the night. so just going to really have to be careful out there. not a good day to be out. can. much more straight ahead. if do you have to head out the door, we are keeping a close eye on the roads for you. here is a live look at the pike eastbound and westbound through brighton. clear right now. as jason mentioned the snow will start to make its way in
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significantly more challenging on the roads. a live look the pike -- the zakim bridge rather things look fine there as well. your live drive times in just a few minutes. as jason just showed us the bands of snow are making their way across the area right now. >> daniel: jessica reyes is live along newton and 128 south. state police want drivers to just stay at home today. >> reporter: they do, daniel, home will certainly be the safest place to be this morning here on 128. you can see the road is still pretty empty as you just heard julie say, but even though it is not snowing yet, it is already getting a little hazardous out here this morning. as we were making our way here from our studio in dedham, the wind was so instance tense blowing our live truck back and forth on the highway. keep in mind that the winds will be very strong if you head out this morning. another thing that some of the snow we got on friday, some of that melted over the weekend and some of that snow has the
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could leave some black ice on the road in addition to the mess of snow we are expecting just in time for the morning commute. now mass dot has been out all night long pretreating roads across the state. we have 4,000 pieces of equipment at their disposal should they need it for this storm. and they will be out around the clock until it is over. so we know the storm is set to hit just in time for the morning commute. we will be out here tracking the morning commute here at the fox25 morning news. and we will have another look what is going on here and what you can expect in just 30 minutes. live here, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. there are already more than 20 flights cancelled at logan airport this morning and that number is expected to grow. mass port said crews will be ready to clear the runway when the storm starts; however, if off flight planned for today. check with that airline before going to logan. as for the mbta, normal service is planned but the agency is bracing for problems along the south shore.
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line and the rails in that area but we expect heavy snow even in the metro boston area. >> julie: the t is urging commuters to take public transit because driving will be dangerous. there will be more than 400 the next few days. this morning, thousands of people are still in the dark from the snow on friday. fox25 found power companies hard at work to get people back on line in norfolk yesterday and we are expecting more outages today as this new storm moves in. take a look at the latest unless as of 3:30 this morning. national grid has more than 2,000 customers waking up without power. more than 1,000 eversource customers are in the dark, and all good for unitel customers. they are reporting zero outages they are reporting zero outages. we will keep you updated every tempt way. >> daniel: make sure your phone charge and you downloaded the fox25 weather app. that way if you lose power, you can watch us live and get the latest information to keep you safe.
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are both free to download for android or apple devices. jason is back with his full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. it is 4:06 right now. this morning a local town coming together to help the family families of two people affected by fallen tree limbs. 6-year-old was struck by a ice 6-year-old was struck by a ice-covered branch. nine hours later tom gunning was hit by a limb clearing off his back yard ice rink. so far nearly $30,000 has been donated to a fund to help the kenyon family. president high school hockey team dedicated its win saturday night on night to the victims. 4:07. we are 24 hours away from the first votes being cast in the new hampshire primary. many of the leading candidates are campaigning in the state today. this morning donald trump will be greeting voters in salem. tonight the billionaire plans to attend a large rally at the verizon wireless center in manchester.
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her way to salem for the trump event. iowa caucus winner ted cruz will be meeting voters. inham before going to an event in manchester sponsored by the tea party. other events senator marco rubio visiting a factory in nashua. john kasich is starting with a town hall in plasteau and jeb bush in portsmouth and carly fiorin narcs manchester. bernie sanders is the lead bernie sanders is the leader in most of the statewide polls. plans to meet with voters in manchester, derry and nashua. he finished a close second to hillary clinton in iowa. the former secretary of state plans to hit the campaign trail with her family in new hampshire. hillary clinton will be joined by president bill clinton and their daughter, chelsea at stops in manchester, rochester and hudson. as for the latest poll numbers leading to the primary. according to real clear
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bernie sanders hanging onto a 14-point lead over hillary clinton. that lead has narrowed in recent days. among the republicans, the top four remain unchanged. donald trump still has a large lead over the rest of the pack. trumps a 31% support followed by marco rubio at 15%, john kasich, and then ted cruz tied at 12%. >> daniel: a reminder to stay with fox25 for complete coverage of the primary. fox25 political reporter sharman sacchetti has in-depth report at 7:00 and tomorrow we will be with you from our news at 5:00 straight to 11:30 bring you live results, live results from candidates' headquarters and the speeches as they happen and we will stream and we will stream it live on news app. this morning the denver broncos are super bowl champs for the third time. denver's defense dominated cam newton and carolina panthers offense. von miller forced two fumbles including this one with a fourth-quarter touchdown.
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after the game a disappointed newton made headline business walking off the podium instead of answering questions about the loss. there he is walking right off. as for manning, he is not saying if that is his last you game. >> i want to go kiss my wife, kiss my kids. celebrate with my wife. i will drink a lot of beer tonight. budweiser, von miller is buying budweiser, von miller is buying. you julie yes he is. patriots quarterback tom brady is booed loud by the crowd in california. he was on the field with mvps from the previous 49 super bowls. deion branch was also booed as he was introduced. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. a live look at the pike eastbound through brighton. don't get used to this sight though, because things will be changing and roads this morning are going to be dangerous with that weather. jason. >> jason: absolutely, julie. right now watching the snow build in from the south to the
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storm pass pwips we are seeing winds already gusting, and the snow changing over in the cape and islands right now. it is building to the northwest over to plymouth county next. i will be right back with the radar update. they say picture is worth 1,000 words and this one is getting seven times that and likes. coming up, the story behind this picture and how an officer went above and beyond to help a woman survive the storm. plus, north korea's long plus, north korea's long-range missile launch have leaders around the world on alert. how the uni did you know there's a cough liquid that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours.
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all right, welcome back. we are tracking a lot of wind. a blizzard warning for wind 65 miles per hour. later on today, i will be tracking those wind gusts hour by hour and talk about when the snow arrives in your neighborhood straight ahead. police in whelm ford are asking for help tracking down bank robbers. take a look at these surveillance images where you can clearly see the man and woman involved. police say sunday afternoon the man entered the citizens bank in stop and shop on whelm ford and passed a note to the teller demanding money and got away in a car in the woman in the pink sweatshirt. the two took off in this toyota rav 4. police believe christopher coffee of groveland and timothy haverhill may have posed as cop
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when the real police showed up he opened the door with a gun and the police officer shot him twice. the other ran off. the officer that shot the suspect is on administrative leave while the shooting was investigated. international leaders are calling for action against north korea. the rogue nation launched a long range missile that pass over japan and landeder in the philippines. it poses no immediate threat but potential long-term implications are clear. the united nations have condemned the launch calling it an intolerable provocation. many of the un security council has not agreed on new sanctions against north korea but sanctions could come as early as next week. police in spain has arrested seven people accused of sending supplies to isis. officials said they sent guns and bomb-making materials to terrorists in iraq and syria and disguised the items as humanitarian aid. the group was in constant communication with an isis member.
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investigation since 2014. today loved one also say goodbye to providence's longest serving mayor. buddy cianci will be laid to rest later this morning. cianci has been lying in repose outside his former city office. he served multiple terms but twice forced from office for felony charges. he died after becoming ill taping an interview a providence tv station. if the burrito is on the menu for lunch, don't think of chipotle. the food store will close all stores from 11 to 3:00 with a planned company-wide meeting for food safety. dozens customers in several states reported getting sick after eating at chipotle. at today's meeting, they will go over their new farm to fork food safety program that includes paid sick leave for employees and dna-based test of ingredients. just about 4:17 on this monday, and it is going be too brutal commute.
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pictures the pike eastbound to use a cliche. this is the calm before the storm. you can see nice and clear out there at the moment but this will be changing and the changes will be significant. live look at the zakim where similar conditions, roads moving along fine. cars not having a lot of issues cars not having a lot of issues, and once that snow starts to kick in, it will stay with us all day and that's where we are joined by meteorologist jason brewer to tell us exactly when to expect these conditions, jays sunshine in. >> jason: that's correct, julie. that is well said. once the snow begins it will be hard to get it to stop. make its way northwest, and the one thing this question is how far north does the leading edge of this big storm make it. and we will take a closer look at the radar. look how big this ocean storm has really intensified late yesterday, grew in size, a large ocean storm. and it is moving east-northeast and it is moving east-northeast, not coming straight at southern new england and it doesn't matter
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getting the snow it out of. over nantucket, we had the rain early on in the overnight hours. look how quickly this has all flipped over to snow as that cold air arrives and really deepens and all the way over to barnstable county. we are getting in on light snow. the heavy the heavier over nantucket and the vineyard. dry boston back along the pike and areas north and west. and cloudy and windy. provincetown. that snow is knocking on the door right now moving back to the west, northwest at around 10 to 15 miles per hour. so that's going to take it over into plymouth county next year in the next hour, and then by say 6, 7 a.m. right into possibly the boston area during the morning drive time. so we do want to keep it off the roads as we start to see conditions going downhill hour by hour, again, from the southeast southeast to the northwest. look at the totals. right now expected snow amounts. this is through tomorrow
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8 to 12 possibly the south shore through plymouth county, and even into the western part of the cape. how far out into the eastern areas areas the islands a little lower and back to the best of boston -- the west of boston 5 to 8 very likely up to the north. next tends to the seacoast of new hampshire and you go farther west to keene, maybe 3 to 4 inches of snow and lower amounts farther away from the center of the storm as you go westward. temperatures right now they are cold but not as cold as they could be. so start out with a wetter snow south and east. it will be drier as you go into the cold air north and west. look at these numbers. 29 leominster and whelm ford. 34 in boston down from 36 when i first got here a few hours ago, we are seeing temperatures come down, 32 in milton right come down, 32 in milton right now. 33 in walpole. down to 35 in nantucket off of those upper 30s that we had just a few hours ago as the snow rates are beginning to increase.
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wareham at 35 degrees right now. winds are gusting. 45, 48 miles per hour. and that's just right now. it is not going anywhere today. it just gets worst. in fact we have winds gusting up through the afternoon, the sustained winds, 25 to 35, a good part of the area especially the shoreline, and then we will have those winds right through 7:00 after that. blizzard warning will expire and we will start to see improving condition and get out of the danger zone at least as far as the wind. the snow increasing. 8:00 in the morning. 11:00 we are all covered in the snow. it is windy and heavy snow too and at 5:00, we still have snow to deal with although to deal with although the snow rates may tairp later in the day. a look at futurecast, 4:00 in the morning and 10 a.m., the increasing coverage of that newspaper southern new hampshire, we are beginning to see accumulation there by, say, lunchtime into the early afternoon. there is 5:00. a couple of breaks in the snow shield and not much.
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messy afternoon drive and on into the evening. tomorrow morning, finally, some improvement as the snow starts to move away. now we have that coastal flooding concern either side of high tide at 11:00 this morning high tide at 11:00 this morning. more on that coming up. a cold week. snowy too. snow chances right through at least thursday and a very cold valentine's weekend on tap. thank you. a debilitating it i will seasons not stopping one little girl from living out her dreams girl from living out her dreams. she is lacing up her skates and hitting the ice with an elite hockey team. still ahead, the moment that changed her life. a police chase through two communities ends with a veteran
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the video of 4:24 right now. happening today. an iraq war veteran will be in court for carjacking charges. he is accused of stealing a truck from bedford gas station with a 72-year-old woman still in the passenger seat. according to police, michael sullivan said he had to go up the road. it happened saturday morning. hours later police shared this
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at here as a short chase with fox25. police say sullivan has mental health issues and was confused when he was eventually stopped in carlisle. once in custody, sullivan was taken to a local hospital for evaluation. a local dog is waking up safe at home thanks to local fire fighters. the weston fire department tweeted these pictures this weekend of a dog who got him stuck in an icy pond to n weston. fell right throughout ice as you can see, but fire fighters got there quickly and pulled him out. a police officer goes the extra mile for a woman in need. look at these pictures the police department posted on their facebook page. the officer was called out to help the woman after talking with her. that officer discovered she was homeless and hungry so the officer went out and brought her some grocery her some groceries. he helped her get a hotel room to ride out this week's storm in a warm place.
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more than 2,000 times. it is what everyone is talking about this monday morning. coldplay opens the super bowl halftime show, but they were not alone. . >> julie: there she is queen b joined by bruno mars. beyonce performed a new song and then announced a new tour. tickets for that go on sale next week. before halftime, the super bowl kicked things off with serious star power. o'er say does that star spangled banner yet wave julie ow! she killed it. lady gag washtion a rousing
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anthem. the grammy winner said she was inspired by whitney houston's rendition. an all-out mad dash to sway the voters who are still undecided. we are in new hampshire this morning where candidates pull out all the stops. plus right now roads are clear as you can see, but it will be a very different story as the morning commute gets
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next, the important mes i am meteorologist jason brewer tracking this massive ocean storm. snow arriving as we speak. the timeline and the amounts come up. plus all clear on route 128 south right now. here are some live pictures and we are bracing for the snow. fox25 has team coverage as conditions deteriorate this morning. plus making sure neighborhoods stay safe after two deadly accidents just hours apart in canton. how the victims are being honored and the warning for
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