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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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howling on the south s which mean power outages and coastal flooding. major concerns. live team coverage all morning. >> sara: we are now just 24 hours away from the new hampshire primary, and the candidates aren't letting the weather slow them down. we are there for the final push we are there for the final push. >> gene: cam newton walks off the podium after a crushing super bowl loss. twitter goes craze prept action to his post-game walkout coming up. this is a fox25 storm this is a fox25 stormtracker weather alert. >> gene: good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us on this monday morning, february 8 this monday morning, february 8. we had a lot going on, especially in the weather department. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. we are getting you ready for another major storm right in the middle of the morning commutes. heavy wet snow is on the way, and the high winds are expected to cause blizzard conditions along the coast. we have team coverage get you where you are going safely.
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watching the coast. jessica reyes along 128 in newton. julie grauert watching road conditions around the state. and a team of meteorologists tracking the storm this morning. >> sara: chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz watching the storm as it approaches. kevin, this is going to be a long event. >> kevin: sure is. all day long we will be dealing with this. you noted the wind, sara, really blowing hard. even if you haven't seen a snow even if you haven't seen a snowflake. you likely heard the winds rattling your windows. wind gusts over 50 miles per hour from a storm that is 400 miles out to sea. how large and powerful this system is. there is snow spreading across cape cod and the shore right now. some of the heavier bands make their way northward and the biggest issue this morning have been the winds and now add in the snow. as we talk about blizzard conditions, doesn't to snow be too blizzard. as long as there is snow blowing around already on the ground that is reducing visibility. you will have blizzard conditions and we will see this this morning. you are seeing that at times in
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cape cod with the winds whipping this snow around. this snow is a wetter, gloppy this snow is a wetter, gloppier snow. looks like you are on the cape. mitt hee at kevin lemanowicz so i can tell people how hard it is snowing out here and as you get accumulations. the snow, the leading edge, has crossed over the bridges. bridgewater and mattapoisett all getting snow pushing northward. the next half hour through 10:00 this morning it is spreading a cross the south shore into the boston area. really the leading edge of the steadiest snow is in the south shore and spread northward into boston and the north shore boston and the north shore the 10 to 11 o'clock and. this is progressing more slowly to the north and my concern that it is so far out to sea and so west to the east, that this northern extent ma. we will be watching and making the adjust numbers the snow totals.
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the north and west and really at this point, 5 to 8 inches. that fluff factor in there with the very cold temperatures will get the snow to pile up a little bit more. >> jason: big temperature differences. northwest much colder. winds gusting making it feel even colder than the cool you temperatures. 38, bedford, 40 38, bedford, 40, boston. 38 in, mouth through midday, i expect winds gusting 50 plus in many locations. the worst of it the cape and islands close to the center of the storm passing well offshore. at 7:00 tonight, we are dealing with wind gusts and they will begin to improve. won't be until after midnight that we seat winds drop off. dukes county, winter storm warning in pink.
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lower amounts to the north and west. and snow arriving through the midmorning throughout lunch hour, you can expect heavy snow to start setting in. julie will be watching the snow all morning. julie, snow moving into the south, how are the roads looking elsewhere? >> right now, roads are looking relatively quiet and don't underestimate what it will be like once the snow starts to fall. 128 southbound, an exit ramp partially blocked at highland avenue. north of town route 1, 93 south moving along fine to a live look at the zakim bridge. things are quiet at the morning but stay off the roads if you can. sorry to sound like a broken record, but that is the story today. live drive times. on route 128 to the tobin. 16 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 21 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. gene and sora -- gene and sara, back to you. >> we can see that ocean storm on the radar but the storm haven't fallen in the area yet. the winds we have been talking
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on the south shore. >> sara: michael henrich along the coast in plymouth. >> reporter: we are long-range seeing the strong wind gusts some topping 50 miles per hour. you can see trite here in the water in plymouth here. these boats getting rocked back and forth by the strong wind. i am getting rocked back and forth by the strong wind as well, and something we are going to continue to keep an eye on just as we have -- just as we arrived an hour or so ago. this is a storm that is not only expected to bring strong winds but coastal flooding, blizzard-like conditions, potential whiteouts as well. that is why plymouth high school starting at 8:00 will be the site of the town's emergency shelter run by the red cross. so they are expecting things to get serious here as the tide rises later in the morning. that is when especially we will start to see some of that coastal flooding. we will be here for you and
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as any of those weather conditions break and occur, we will let you know as soon as we can. for now though, we are reporting in plymouth, michael henrich -- another wind gusts come my way -- fox25 news. the sanders and plows are gassing up and getting ready for what will be a long day during this storm. look at the dpw plow yard in boston where the last 30 minutes, cruise were loading pounds of salt on to their truck. jessica reyes continues our team coverage, and traffic looks light. most commuters listening to that warning and staying home. >> reporter: they do seem to be listening, gene. it is a little heavier traffic than the last time we saw you guys a half an hour ago and certainly seeing more commuters out and about as we get later and later into the morning. also over the last half hour, it is feeling a lot colder out here as the winds have really picked up as they were strong before, and they are just continuing to get worst. and no snow just yet here in
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but mass dot crews have been out and about pretreating the roads. we have seen some trucks go by salting the road. we have seen some plows go by getting ready to head into when the snow starts this morning. now as we have been telling you now as we have been telling you, state police urging everyone to stay home today if at all possible. and we talked to a guy a couple of minutes ago heading to work, but decided to turn around and work from home once he heard the latest weather reports. and so -- back here on 128, traffic is picking up. just a little bit here, but it is expected to get worse and worse throughout the morning. we know state police, they have extra troopers on hand. 350 of them started their shift an hour ago. two hours earlier than normal. extra staff preparing and anticipating more accidents on the roads today with that imbending -- impending snow
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we will be back with another minutes. live in newton. 6:7. already 120 departures at logan airport. the numbers are growing since we went on the air at 4:00. flights heading to boston also cancelled. massport says crews are standing by to clear the run standing by to clear the runways when the snow starts; however, if you have a flight planned for today, check for the airline before you head out to logan airport. right now the t running to a normal schedule. many bus routes may be detired because of snow-covered roads. once that happen 400 additional mbta employees have been called into work. so far no impact on the subway and commuter trains. the t planning for several days of winter weather and working to keep the tracks clear. there are thousands of homes and businesses without power this morning. there has been some improvements since the last half hour. national grid around 1800 customers in the dark.
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reporting outages. down 1300. we will keep you posted as the number progresses. the numbers are expected to go up. charge your phone and put on power save mode. and download the fox25 weather app. if you do lose power stay informed with the information you need to keep safe. both the fox25 news, weather apps are free downloads for the apple and android devices. the storm is not stopping a full day of events in new candidates are crisscrossing the state. fox25's catherine parrotta is live in salem, new hampshire where donald trump will hold an event at 10:00 this morning. catherine? >> reporter: good morning, sara. donald trump is in the lead in new hampshire by double digits. second place is marco rubio. but then not too much different between him and the other gop candidates in terms of the polling data. for the democrats, bernie sanders is leagued hillary clinton, despite having
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the weather today, donald trump will be back campaigning. for him that starts in salem, new hampshire with an event at 10:00 this morning and again that is despite his comfortable lead in new hampshire. he is working to get out the vote and adding events in the schedule. but with 24 hours to go before the primary, candidates on both sides are getting some campaigning help from family members. jeb bush brought hi poll ewe lar. >> poor, poor jeb bush that brings out his mother because he needed help. no, he needed help. mommy, please come. walk in the snow, mom. i take his mother, but i don't like that stuff. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bernie sanders spoke in new hampshire to voters and hillary clinton went to flint, michigan and she condemned the state's response to the water crisis.
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michigan, former president bill clinton was in new hampshire and stumping for his wife and took aim at the gop and we will hear from him coming up next hour. live in salem, new hampshire. catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> sara: a reminder to stay with fox25 for complete coverage of the new hampshire primary. fox25 political reporter sharman sacchetti with in-depth reports tonight at 7:00 and tomorrow we will be with you from our news at 5:00 straight through to 11:30 bringing you live reports, live results from candidates' headquarters and speeches as it happen. we will stream you live at and the fox25 news app. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes for you. right now we are looking to step out of way, a 21-minute commute on 93 southbound from 495 to andover down to the zakim bridge. kevin. >> kevin: the snow continues to go across plymouth county. and make its way to the hasher in the next 20 minutes and the
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the sweet spot out to cape cod. a foot of snow. right now it is all about the winds and how strong they are blowing and the potential for coastal flooding either side of high tide at 11:00 this morning high tide at 11:00 this morning. several passes of the storm we are tracking, every one of them will have you covered throughout the day. all right, kevin, a tragic weekend in one local town where two people were killed by falling trees in just a matter of hours.
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all right, you can see the snow creeping up route 3 toward plymouth. in the harbor area between 6:30 and 6:45. a report from tisbury, a half inch of snow. it is starting to accumulate. the wet snow with the fluff factor. powerful wind and danger of coastal flooding. this morning the denver broncos are super bowl champions for the third time. denver's defense dominated cam newton and the carolina panther newton and the carolina panthers' offense. it two fumbles that included this one which led to a first quarter touchdown. a 24-10 win. after the game disappointed newton made headlines by walking off the podium instead of answering questions about the loss. newton getting a lot of flack on twitter for being a poor sport.
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saying if this was his last game. >> i want to go kiss my wife, kiss my kids. i want to go celebrate with my family and teammates and going to drink a lot of beer tonight. budweiser, von miller is buying budweiser, von miller is buying. >> gene: before the game patriots quarterback tom brady was booed loudly by the crowd out in california, near business his home no less. he was on the field with former mvps from super bowls. deion branch was also booed as he was introduced. on the phone mass dot highway administrator talking about the storm. tom, i know you guys get started well ahead when things move in. when did you start treating the roads for this prep operation of round of winter weather call we began pretreating the road overnight last night. a lot of folks on the cape cod area where the storms are already rolled on to shore, and we have been pretty much keeping ahead of it from the
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>> right now, tom, winds are a huge everybody ewe this morning. in fact our crews say their life trucks were getting bounced around. how do you caution people for that? call sure, air area -- >>caller: sure, areas that are getting less snow. and a significant snow event but the high winds with it. even portions of the state with less accumulation, when you are talking 30, 40-mile-per-hour sustained winds. gusts up in the cape 65 to perhaps 70, will feel like blizzard pretty much anywhere you go which is why we are urging people to strongly if you don't have to be on the roads, please don't. allow our crews the place to do a safe environment for everybody. especially the first responders. we will have a lot of people responding to calls for help. especially in the coastal areas where the astronomical high tides reporting will be an extra challenge us to in terms of coastal flooding. beach deterioration as well, and all the room that we get,
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be. we did the fact -- so many communities have cancelled school today and hopefully that incentivizes a lot of parents to stay home. all nonemergency state mes from essex down to barnstable county should also stay home. so anything that we can do to lighten the road on our railways is better off for all of us. >> gene: from mass dot. appreciate your time. keep it up and we will check back with you a little bit later on today. >>caller: thank you. stay home if you can like we have been telling. you slow spot on the roads right now the expressway. average speeds of 24 miles per hour. overall volume though still pretty light. on the pike moving along fine from framingham through the weston tolls into the alston-brighton area. things look good and clear and will be changing and the conditions will be dangerous. please stay home.
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24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 15 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes on 123 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz joining us now and you just tweeted out this leading edge of the snow arrival times, and it is something that you are watching very closely. >> yeah, jaynes was doing the calculating on that and i retweeted them out there. we are getting information on platforms on twitter and facebook. certainly that weather app will help you track the snow. and julie, you were asking me about this, how far away the storm is and hoy do i track that. this is a powerful storm. a storm over 400 miles away give wind gusts -- one measured on nantucket of 55 miles per hour. 55 miles per hour from a storm this far away. can you imagine what the winds are what looks like an eye in the center of this storm? it is amazing. also despite being that far away giving us snow.
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a lot of snow, but it is snowing. everybody reporting light snow that i had reports about in cape cod and the islands. here north, we are seeing some toward plymouth that is get together harbor now. route 44 in the next 20, 25 minutes and progress northward. it is making its way slowly on through. and across the south shore, 7:00 maybe a little aggressive. but the bottom line continue to progress off to the north and west and the latest timeline. the snow by 10:00 across the south shore into boston and making its way to the north shore and the seacoast of new hampshire throughout lunch hour hampshire throughout lunch hour, this storm looks like it will be producing snow through the afternoon and into the early part of the evening, and then potentially keep going with the winds blowing across the water out here in the south shore and cape cod. this is the sweet spot, you will get that enhancement from the ocean effect snow on top of the initial burst of snow coming through.
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12 inches does not include the city of boston. south of boston. along 95 to the south, and then off to cape cod, a little less of the outer cape and nantucket because of a wet snow with temperatures being higher. get to the north and west of i-95. the 5 to 8-inch band. and jason and i have been looking at this all morning. too high on the edge of the storm. the fluff factor out there. you don't need as much precipitation to get into the 5 to 8-inch snow band range. watch how the storm progresses through the morning. the biggest storm is not the snow but snowing across parts of the area and snows incredible rains, jason. >> jason: you stay could be a little bit high because the storm is almost moving due east storm is almost moving due east. straight away from southern new england. we are on the fringe of it and a large and powerful storm and we will have to be careful about those totals and we will stick to that as you said. the other thing a lot of wind off the ocean and the high tide, 11 a.m.
6:21 am
coastal flooding problems with those strong north and northeast winds. barnstable, nantucket. plymouth. shoreline in particular. we are going to have moderate flooding issues with splashover flooding issues with splashover over the roads and flood-prone basement. winds are gusting 40 to 45 miles per hour. they are not going to get any better. i see winds staying that way right through 3:00. after dark tonight, will see winds subside somewhat. go to the seven-day forecast. a cold week. and snow chances lingering through at least thursday. paying less at the pump and now savings are being seen at the airport. take a look at the new deals, and the way you can save the
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and fly on o when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i' m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters
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this morning a local town is coming together to help the family families of two people killed by fallen tree limbs. kaley kenyon was struck by a falling tree branch. a man was hit by a limb that fell while he was cleaning out his back yard ice rink. $30,000 has been donated to
6:24 am
the hockey team dedicated their win on saturday night for the victims. fire fighters urge people to wait until some of the snow melts off the trees before going to clean up the yards. today the city of providence will say goodbye to its longest serving mayor. buddy cianci will be laying at rest. he has been lying repose outside his city hall. he served multiple terms and twice forced out of office for felony charges. he died after becoming ill while while taping an interview with a providence tv station. after an outbreak that made hundreds of people sick, chipotle restaurants will be closed. the restaurant chain will close all stores from 11 to 3:00 for a company-wide staff meet being food safety. over the last few months, dozens of customers in several states got sick after eating there including a large amount of students at boston college. the company is face the company is facing a class action lawsuit in the wake of all of the illnesses. getting report of light
6:25 am
cape cod and the islands. live storm tracker radar show the snow creeping through plymouth county and the harbor and just through 44. off the northwest, track it every step of the way along with the damaging winds and potential for coastal flooding. speak winds, kevin, live look from plymouth. winds are howling down there. the flag in the right hand distance. you can see what we are talking something delicious is happening at dunkin'. come in today to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m.
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now at 6:30, we are gearing for a long day as a strong winter storm makes its way into the area. on the left, a live look from plymouth. the winds whipping there and a live look in newton where it is clear conditions along route 128 right now, but so far the volume has been pretty light this morning and this is certainly helping things out as they deal with another blast of winter today. if you were waking up, it is likely your kids are not going to school today if you haven't checked already. big massive storm and as you said whipping winds. we have team coverage to where you are going safely. hen then in plymouth watching the coast. jessica reyes along 128 south in newton. jewel updating drive times, plus a team of meteorologists tracking this storm. >> chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz watching this storm as it approaches, as it approaches,en, you say the first flakes have now officially started to fall. >> no question from west wareham that the snow is falling through plymouth county falling through plymouth county.
6:28 am
and i show you those wider pictures because of an immense storm and an eye structure in the middle of it. reports of wind gusts from buoys out in the ocean and 4 buoys out in the ocean and 400-plus miles away in southeastern massachusetts that is producing snow. it is huge and powerful that storm is and producing those wind gusts that are over 50, even 55 miles per hour in some places. piled up. piling the water over the shore piling the water over the shoreline, and jason will talk to you more been b that in a moment. the snow line has reached into route 44 through the harbor and plymouth between 6:30 and 6:45 and -- 6:31. on the lower end of that scale certainly there a little more intense snowfall sandwich into falmouth and we have that half falmouth and we have that half-inch snow total reported to us. send us any kind of snow report am on twitter. quickest and best way to get it to you. that snow will continue to progress northward through the boston area and it looks like
6:29 am
little slower than what is happening right now. between 9 and 10:00, certainly in the boston area and into the north shore and seacoast of new hampshire and back through worcester as well. this is where the real meat of the storm is going to be churning here in eastern massachusetts. that is the central mass and new hampshire. the heaviest snow on the south shore as the storm pulls away later on today. it is race big to our south right now, but such a powerful storm and 8 to 12 inches of snow here on the south shore. most will be in the 8 to 10 range. up to a foot of snow nearest the coast and. we we cut it in boston back to worcester county and the north shore. but jason, right now the winds continue to be the big story. >> a windy start and already wind gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour. the islands and the higher terrain inland. we get wind gusts 40 to 45 being reported live here from our airport reporting stations, and really it just gets worse from here. winds gust being 50 miles per hour through midday through the
6:30 am
after dark, we will see some improvement. won't be until tomorrow morning when we really get out there and back to normal. take a look at that between 9 and 10 a.m., snow increasing, getting heavier with us through punch in hour. and plymouth where michael henrich was live, you will see temperatures at freezing come youing down through the day. snow building in as we speak. all right, julie has been watching the roads. kind of looks like a holiday out there but that won't last. >> julie: that's what we are talk can about. don't head out on the roads. if anything stay home. it looks okay right now. it is going to get significantly worse. the green traffic flows mean kids are light. kids home from school so we are out of our typical weekday morning pattern. live drive times, 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 10 minutes from the weston tolls. and 23 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. sara and gene, back to you. >> sara: all right, julie. as our team of meteorologists monitor the conditions outside, governor baker joins us on the phone this morning.
6:31 am
>>caller: good morning, guys, how are you. >> sara: good morning, doing great. you are home in the north shore -- >>caller: i am actually in the statehouse. we had a 5:00 call this morning to sort of follow up on our 11:00 call last night, and it just seemed like a much better decision at that point to just come on in before the snow started to get into the statehouse and to be here once the storm really gets going. >> gene: what is your key message to residents at this hour and the rest of the day, governor. >>caller: the biggest message that they are getting from their school department is school is closed because people are extremely worried especially in the southeastern part of massachusetts about the wind and the blizzard conditions we are going to see for most of the next four or five hours, and i think if people can stay off the roads, work from home, that is a great thing. i also think, you know, we have about 500 folks already out on the roads. many of them have been out
6:32 am
de-icing streets and that time equipment. we will be very active obviously on the -- on public transportation, as well as on the highways trying to keep things clean -- as clean as we possibly can and moving. and if you are in a position where you can work from home, especially with so many of the kids home from school, that will be a great thing, because it will be a real mess from sort of worcester in. and especially south of the turnpike. >> sara: governor, more than just snow, what worries about the wind today. >>caller: the combination of the heavy wind that you just reported are 50, 60 miles per hour already in many places in the south shore. along with the fact that a lot of the snow that is going to fall, and the estimates now are, you know, 8 to 18 inches around the cape and -- and along the south shore there. and that is going to be heavy snow a lot of that. when you get a little farther
6:33 am
more powdery, but combination of really heavy snow falling really fast along with very heavy winds means we could have more downed trees and that obviously means we are really sensitive that the point of tracking the power outages pretty aggressively because in some respects, that is what we are the most worried about at this point. >> we already had a couple of tragedy tragedies with the last storms. really need to pay attention to what is going on out there. >>caller: the trees falling, they -- i would not be surprised if we saw -- we saw a lot of that today. given the -- the -- the sustainability of a lot of these heavy winds along with the heavy snow. i mean some of the heavy snow melted away over the course of the weekend which is a little bit of a break i think for all of us. and anybody who looked out the window and saw how heavy the snow was in a fairly light storm last week should talk 12, 18 inches of this stuff, a lot of trees are probably going to
6:34 am
governor charlie baker, thank you so much for taking time out of your day this morning to chat with us, and i am sure we will be talking with you later today. >>caller: take care, guys. have a great morning. >> sara: you too. >> gene: charlie baker live at the statehouse. got there at 5:00. power outages and winds are a big part of the concern. worry as well. >> sara: michael henrich live in plymouth and michael, kevin said that snow should be arriving there any minute at least where you are. >> reporter: we are waiting with bells on, sara. we are keeping a keen eye. as soon as the first snowflakes fall in plymouth i will tweet out the message and get you it in our next live report. since the last live report we had to move our truck. the winds hit gusts over 50 miles per hour. if you see across the water where the larger boats are send at lights and by the atmosphere at lights and by the atmosphere, that's where we were. our truck was a little too exposed to the strong wind gust exposed to the strong wind gusts that our picture -- we
6:35 am
protection from this building here. we are actually close to plymouth rock at this point. and also a good thing about moving to have this location is we get a chance to show you the beach here, and right now we are at low tide. so you see these waves starting to really crash in. starting to really push in. we will monitor this very closely because this is something as -- that is going to change throughout the morning as it gets closer to the seawall. that flooding a major concern. i will go over that in greater detail and the concerns about that in our next report in 30 minutes. live in plymouth, michael henrich, fox25 news. it is now 6:38. if you were getting into work, the roads are clear but conditions will deteriorate rapidly as we make our way throughout morning. that will make for a more dangerous commute. fox25's jessica reyes live along 128 in newton where the sanders and plows are already treating the roads tampa.looks as though, jess, that volume remains pretty light. >>reporter: it does, gene.
6:36 am
all much since the last time we saw you guys a half hour ago. mass dot crews are out in full force out pretreating the roads and around 4:00 this morning. we have seen several of them go up and down 128. we have seen them sanding the roads and also seen a number of plow trucks heading to get into place for when the snow starts this morning. the state police have been saying we heard governor baker say again that they are urging everybody to stay home if at all possible a little bit ago. we were talking to a guy heading into work and turned around and started to work from home once he heard the latest weather report. take a listen. >> i just don't feel like being on the road all afternoon with all the other people. i can work remotely and that's what i am going to do. >> reporter: taking another live look at 128. volume remains pretty light, but we are expecting traffic to pick up throughout the morning and things to get worse. once that snow starts which should start any time now.
6:37 am
extra patrols out on the roads today. 350 troopers started work early at 5:00 this morning as they are expecting more accidents you on the road today. i am jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. with the high winds and heavy snow, power outages are a certainty today. right now thousands of home businesses are in the dark; however, several of the customers had their service restored. the national grid reporting around 1700 customers in the dark. eversource is now at 699. down from about 1700 just one hour ago. we will keep you updated -- updated as the storm progresses updated as the storm progresses. make sure that you downloaded the fox25 weather app. if you lose power and watch just live and get information that you need to be safe. free downloads for android and apple devices. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes.
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our seven -- seven of our traffic cameras. visibility still pretty good. it will be changing and i will be showing you the progression throughout the morning. kevin? kevin? the snow continues to creep across the south shore and just snowing lightly. off if report send it in to me. that snow will reach michael in plymouth and continue northward into boston. our live you tracker radar show the snow coming down. some of this is not reaching the ground and coming down lightly. that a consequence of having dry air on the back side of that storm system, so that snow will fill in down along the south shore where we expect the sweet spot. up to a foot of snow. the strong winds and coastal flooding the more immediate concerns this morning. we have all been enjoying the record low gas prices, and now we are seeing those savings at the airport.
6:39 am
snow across south shore and the plymouth area. and continue to creep toward boston this morning and fill in boston this morning and fill in. that's where the heaviest snow is expected south of boston. and plymouth county out to cape cod and the islands. up to a foot of snow is likely out there from this storm that is so powerful producing wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour and increasing the risk for power outages and coastal flooding. we are tracking every facet of this huge storm. you may not have to pay as much for your next vacation. lower gas prices have also meant lower fuel prices for air meant lower fuel prices for airlines. fox25's daniel miller spoke with a travel expert who says customers are also seeing other changes. >>reporter:if you looked at the price of gas lately? filling up at the speed hump not as low as in a long time. and the low gas prices are having a major impact on air travel. >> thing is a great season to get great deals. >> reporter: travel consultant of active travel say the drop
6:40 am
air carriers lowering air fare. >> under $250 round trip. >> reporter: booked a round >> reporter: booked a round-trip flight from chicago to boston. she said just a few years ago the same nonstop route will average nearly 300 today 400. >> i think you should be flexible with your days and look around. a lot of web sites to help you shop and kind your best price. >> reporter: her colleague didn't have the same luck. booked a flight from solution to logan for nearly $6 behind. >> a matter of supply and demand depending on the route you are taking. >> reporter: according to consumer group airlines for america, air fares are lower than than we were in 2004 the last time that fuel prices were so low. price were down 5 merrimack in 2015. with oil prices down more than 50%. the savings should be more. >> delta made 4.5 billion.last year in 2015. that is a 6% increase then the year before. and that primarily due to fuel
6:41 am
>> reporter: some airlines are using profits for your flight. south american also adding inflight entertainment and jet inflight entertainment and jetblue free internet and power outlets with usb. still dramatic admits you are saving more when discount air saving more when discount destination >> the more competition you have, the cheaper the price will be. >> reporter: daniel miller, fox25 news. 6 :47. good morning, everyone. we are seeing a lot of green on our map which means that traffic flow is nice and light. school is cancelled for a lot of kids, and public officials, city officials are advising you to say off the roads if you can to say off the roads if you can. average slow spot of 31 miles per hour and wide open there. live drive times. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 21 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector.
6:42 am
meteorologists in here this morning. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz joining us. those wind gusts also problem mat nick addition to the incoming snow. >> kevin: in fact the biggest problem right now, julie. of course, it is going to snow and we are all hooked on that but the winds rattling the homes and windows and causing any issues from this monster storm that is way out in the ocean and produce the wind gusts over 55 miles per hour over the south shore, the cape and islands. snowing on cape cod and plymouth county. watching that snow creep north on live storm tracker radar right up to plymouth. and michael who is out in in plymouth covering the winds and the waves for us seeing snow just yet. that is going to continue to progress through boston and see flurries ahead of that. aid few flurries in the walpole area in my way in around 4:30. a couple of flurries out there and nothing steady. the steady stuff down here as light it may be. from martha's vineyard, a half
6:43 am
and it will continue to progress north word through this hour and during the 8 to 9:00 hour expected to get to i-95 and 9 boston area shortly after that. the north shore after 11:00 and southeast champ and worcester county. looks a little slow to me maybe an hour earlier. the bottom line creeping northward and westward and by this afternoon everybody is in the snow with the heaviest near the deeper blue bands. you will likely to see amounts. 8 to 12 swath south of boston. 95 toward providence an southeast to cape cod. little less than the outer cape where you multiply times 10. an inch of rain and 10 inches of snow. show snow. gloppy gloppier snow and measure less. more precipitation closer to the storm
6:44 am
5 to 8 cape and nantucket. 5 to 8 back here. while you are farther away an getting less precipitation, through that fluff factor. forecasting snow amounts is not by 10 to 1. you have to factor in the temperature as well and how close to the center of the storm you are. but you know what, jason, with the snow falling and the way the winds are may not be measuring nick. you. >> jason: howling. blizzard warning in effect. and winds are blowing the snow around where off quarter-mile visibility or less. the blizzard warning all about the wind. we have a winter storm warning for snow accumulation 6 inches or better in the pink shaded and weather advisory north and west for snow totals. barnstable nantucket as well. and piling up the water across the shoreline.
6:45 am
and into the basement you can get some water as well. now there is wind gust problem already as we start the day. look at these winds, 40 to 45 miles per hour right now. so this area forecast show winds continuing to increase and we will be with you throughout the afternoon and a problem. on into the evening we will see those winds finally taper down a little bit and won't be until tomorrow morning. we wake up icy roads. still leftover snow and kevin told you along the south shore and unsettled pattern continues snow chances the better part of the week. the seven-day forecast. low 30s for highs and arctic front coming in here. 9 degrees by friday morning. scramble for last-minute votes in the granite state. two high-profile candidates. and what could happen in the
6:46 am
the first job of a president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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less than 24 hours before some voters in new hampshire cast their ballot for the first in the nation primary. it all gets started tomorrow. the latest polling continues to show good news for the front runners. boston university professor and political historian tom whalen joins us from our primary headquarters in manchester.
6:49 am
new polls show bernie sanders leading hillary clinton although she has made up some ground. does she have any hope of making this a respectful finish. >>caller: all depends on the ground game and if the college kids will actually go to the polling places. the big question for tomorrow. >> gene: donald trump a commanding lead, double digits in the latest polling there. how much does second place matter? >> it's everything really because if you come out of new hampshire in second place, you know, you can get donor money. and it sets you up good for south carolina. so at this point, the establishment republican candidates are not fairing too well in the first two states here. i -- i don't think an establishment candidate is going to fair too well tomorrow either. >> gene: chris christie led an attack on marco rubio who had all kind of momentum. rubio was on his heels.
6:50 am
you think? >> serious damage and this is the where is the beef moment for marco rubio. just as walter mondale how he kind of crushed gary hart's campaign in 1984, thing is what happened saturday night. >> gene: quickly, tom. the republican field should be narrowed even more. who are you expecting to drop out after new hampshire? >> i think probably ben carson. maybe even chris christie if he really falls down. and john kasich has said publicly if he does not do well publicly if he does not do well, he is out. >> gene: as always, tom whalen >> gene: as always, tom whalen, we appreciate your expertise. we look forward to the first of the nation primary in new hampshire starting tomorrow. >> sara: all right. we are tracking a huge winter storm. high winds are already whipping along the coast and the snow is starting to fall. let's take a live look from plymouth where coastal flooding will be a huge concern today. we have team coverage all day long.
6:51 am
tracking the snow creeping through the south shore making its way toward boston. making its way through middleborough and the flakes are starting to fly back to the report via twitter.
6:52 am
they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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