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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 8, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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our latest s >> gene: i'm gene lavanchy. >> sara: i'm sara underwood. we have been warning you about this all weekend. team of meteorologist tracking the storm and kevin lemanowicz watching the storm as it
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and south shore are really starting to see it right now. >> kevin: picking up in plymouth, brockton and cape cod getting reports of three, four inches of snow already fallen that way. storm way out in the ocean and that is intense and looks like a little hurricane, doesn't it? pushing those winds, tropical storm force wind over 400 miles off to the northwest and into the area, along with the bands of heavy snow. look at deep blue band that came across that's still sitting over the upper cape and southern plymouth county and produce really heavy snow right in that band and that's what we have to watch for, and where do bands set up shop. wareham to sandwich either side of the canal and out into the water, heaviest snow hit falmouth as well and snowing in falmouth as well.
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cape ann, essex to salem, belmont, southern worcester county webster, northwest today and snow all afternoon and into the evening before the storm gets too far away to keep winds affecting us and south shore continuously reports coming in, this one from twitter, nightmare says flakes are falling now and they are hard to see in the picture and thanks to the report and tree came crashing down in halifax and trees will be an issue today with the snow falling, snow on trees already, had trouble with the trees since storm on friday and with the wind blowing today, snow starting to pick up in norwood about an inch there, look at falmouth, visibility getting worse, can't even see the vineyard any more. lynn starting to snow and windy out there as well, snow progressing northward into southern new hampshire during lunch hour, snowing all
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coast and especially to the south and watch the snow bands and tail end continuing to blow across the south shore and eight to 12 inches, halfway to the eight and some towns on upper keep and off to the north and west of there, five to eight inches, including city of boston, lowell, gloucester, north shore as well and jason, not just the snow though, and hard. >> jason: 65 miles per hour wind gusts and plymouth and cape and islands and watch out, whiteout conditions, big concern as the snow rates continue to increase and winds continue to increase, pink area of winter storm warning, most of central massachusetts and up to the north and east as well and back to the west lower snow totals. visibility quarter to half mile, many locations plymouth down to the south and east from there and visibility there and due to the blowing snow, 47 nantucket, wind gust 37 in boston, so enough to really create some
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i think won't be until late tonight until we really see the wind tapering down. show you some of the neighborhoods affected by the steady snow upcoming. peabody 9:07, worcester 9:47, andover just around 10:00, lowell just after ten, haverhill 10:20 and salem right around 10:30, 10:40 in the morning, expect snow to start and not going to let up any time soon. let's go over to julie and check traffic. >> julie: tweeted out picture of the expressway. this is at 8:59, so five minutes ago, and blocked by snow. just like you guys said. so well done. take their word for it. theirs cheers and weather and traffic center and looking light at the expressway and on the pike. hasn't quite made up to the pike yet, nice and clear through brighton, 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave, ten minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike, 21 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in
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gene and sara, starting to make its way up closer to boston. >> gene: snow and wind combined for flooding and on left picture michael henrich took about 6:30. on right how things looked at 7:30. right now things are a little bit more intense as well. joins us now as well and team coverage in plymouth where we are an hour and 40 minutes out from high tide. good morning. >>. >> michael: good morning. this is going to get worse as we get closer to high tide, gene. i want to show you first, white out conditions jason and kevin have been talking about and visibility dressing, we are really experiencing now and used to see well past the dock to the right of that large white boat there and now you simply cannot see past the dock very much at all. now about those water levels that you mentioned gene. dramatically rising.
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this beach. as i mention an hour ago, sea wall getting beaten. now, we are also worried about and lost power and 450 gotten power back, 88 customers for eversource without power here in plymouth. for those that do not have power, for those that may have to deal with this coastal flooding when the flooding does start to appear in plymouth, there's an emergency shelter and earlier about 2-hour ago, they really want to get the word out, plymouth north high school, opened at 8:00, red cross managing it according to the school system, this is place where anybody can go and stay away from flooding concerns.
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drastically the situation here has changed. report. live in plymouth, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> sara: if you are looking to head into work, things have been great for drivers so far. daniel miller route 3 south and daniel, out on the roads for a few hours from now. how are things looking? >> daniel: what a difference a couple hours make. we are actually on 44, got off of route 3 and now on 44 headed toward taunton, 44 west, want to give you descriptive picture here you can see from the live camera. snow that's covered on the roads again, visibility decreasing in the location where we are. massdot telling us about an hour ago they have 1500 crews out playing and treating the state roads east and southeast where we are right now and give you some perspective.
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have a lot of vehicles out on the road and a lot of people have heeded warning and stay off the roads this morning. that's good thing because gives crews an opportunity to treat the roads and sand the roads to make sure they are passable and melt some of the snow and ice that will, of course, accumulate here on the roads. of course, be out here live showing you the element and bring you more as soon as we can get some more information. reporting live. >> gene: 9:08, there are now 136 departures, 130 flights coming in have been canceled. term of snow once got started they have crews standing by to clear the runways to keep up with that and flight plan you
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before you go over to logan. when it comes to power outages there are 900 homes and businesses and storm progresses to see how much the numbers change. make sure you keep phone charged and weather app and that way even if you lose power get to information you need to stay safe. both the fox25 weather and news apps are free and download them to android or apple device. >> sara: 22 hours to go until the first polls open in new hampshire, and now candidates are crisscrossing the state trying to win over last minute undecided voters. catherine parrotta is live in salem new hampshire with look at final push. catherine? >> catherine: good morning, sara. as you mentioned, the storm will be here in shortly and despite that candidates are in force
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ahead of the new hampshire primary and donald trump first campaign stop of the day will be here in salem, new hampshire. going to be about an hour from now and doors opened within the last half hour and take look behind me. that's the tail end of the line, letting numbers of the public into the event which is again about an hour away from happening right now and then down the steps a little bit, see vendors out here as well, showing donald trump apparel, and they have been here for about the past hour, maybe a little more than that and outer wear there and even candidates out in force and candidates facing off one last night and bernie sanders and hillary clinton doing campaigning themselves. for bernie sanders he was speaking with voters yesterday. hillary clinton was in flint, michigan yesterday. former presidential candidate was here stumping for his wife and, of course, still trying to make that last case to voters
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live in salem. >> sara: are there that many undecided voters out there? >> catherine: 30% of likely republican voters still undecided. as for the dick -- democratic side 17% -- 16% and hillary clinton narrowed the lead none of the past few days ask it could be anybody's race and candidate know that and doing more to gain voters. >> sara: reminder to stay with fox25 for complete coverage. sharman sacchetti will have in depth coverage tonight at 7:00 and tomorrow we will be with you
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bringing you live results from the headquarters just as they happen and stream live at and on the fox25 news app. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes and starting to see the shift from normal light day on the roads to decreased visibility and weather starting to cause problems. gas camera at gas tank completely snowed out and see the flakes starting to fall right on 93 south. i will have a look at drive times in a few minutes. first here is kevin. >> kevin: mattapoisett snow continues to come down and coming down heavily in north shore, making way into the mass pike and city of worcester momentarily and then on to the north shore last to get into it but you will as well as southern new hampshire right through the lunch hour and snowing all afternoon long. winds continue to howl out there and approaching high tide at
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take hold in places like scituate and tracking every facet of the storm all day long. >> gene: denver broncos once again super bowl champions. what happened to the league mvp after the game that has everyone talking online this morning. >> jessica: major storm making for very dangerous driving this morning. >> you will not be ready to drive on this, you shouldn't come out. >> what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to
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done. i just registered. that was easy.
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>> kevin: flakes continue northward and southern new hampshire through lunch hour and stay with us all afternoon as snow, blizzard conditions expected on the south shore as meteorologist jason brewer tells you and actually verified as blazard, blizzard warning in place and update that situation coming up. >> gene: morning commute we got away unscathed and continue the team coverage around 128 in newton and haven't seen much snow at this point. >> jessica: snow falling in newton and wind and he bitter cold all morning long, but saw
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minutes ago, people in this area are going to be well prepared for the storm. massdot crews have been out all night low pretreating the roads. lost count starting when we left the station at 3:30 this morning once the heavy snow gets here in newton we know as jason and kevin have been saying, it is going to stick around for much of the day today. now, just a little bit ago we caught up with plow drunk drivers to say they have been waiting quite sometime for a storm like this one. >> winds will be blustery and we will go out and have some fun. >> jessica: roads are okay right now and several plows here at this rest stop alone already. one thing to note, logan airport, if you're heading there, likely run into problems. we know at last check there were
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and out of the airport so if you're flying today, you will want to check the flight status before you head to the airport. now, we are questioning to be following this storm all day long here at fox25 and have updates for you here and online throughout the day. that's the latest live from newton, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: as jess mentioned watching this progression and time lapse from 7:49, several of the traffic cameras and right now this is the visibility which expressway barely see what's going on, 93 south, mass general camera injured starting to get snowed and fogged out in the cameras and just going to get worse. overall traffic volume is light because thankfully people are heeding the warnings and staying off the roads. pike moving along fine if you must head out the door. if you don't have to, please stay home. here are live drive time, 24 minutes on the pike eastbound 495 to mass ave, ten minutes on the expressway from the
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20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz joining us now. kevin, we are on track right now with the timeline you have been reporting on all morning. >> kevin: filling in the boston area and as seeing now, intense hurricane looking storm way out on the ocean and certainly has the swirl and eye structure and so far out to sea and strong gusty wind we have been reporting as well and heaviest snow out here and showing mixing in doppler radar, not likely really verifying out there, over the water, on land seeing snow and heavy snow and this area here dark blue, still snowing hard, sandwich across the bridges where getting reports strong winds whipping cars around, that's a problem
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bridges, out here to norwood and wareham and northern track north of the towns early and her up through the pike and on to 128, northern branch here along i-95 northward across the north shore, salem and essex back southern worcester county, talking about worcester seeing flakes fly, looks like it is far enough north just yesterday but just about and kevin lemanowicz stiffly out and heavy snow in rockland, massachusetts, showed you this earlier, amazing picture by -- wanted to show it again and heavy snow coming down and picture this guy saying no
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going to be snowing all across the area by 11:00, north shore back through worcester and southern new hampshire and continuing through the afternoon expecting eight to 12 inches in south shore, five to eight boston northward lowell and is not just the snow, very jason. >> jason: wind are going to be increasing as we head through the midday and afternoon hours and show you visibility, not due to fog, blowing snow, chatham, plymouth, half mile, quarter mile in vineyard, that's why we have the blizzard warning posted and whiteout conditions and look at boston, three-quarters, marshfield down to quarter of mile there plymouth county, blizzard warning in effect with strong winds and reason why we have a blizzard warning. snow getting blown around
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check it out, woburn to bellingham, underneath the snow, lawrence 10:08 to leominster 10:45 and nashua 11:00 snow becoming more steady and once it starts it is going to be hard to stop. gusts 35 to 45 miles per hour, piling water against the shoreline and have the coastal flooding concerns, coastal flood warning for plymouth and barn stabbing and the nantucket. less of concern but there for overwashing splashover. we have snow out there tonight and on into tomorrow and shoreline to create with next high tide cycle and unsettled for the week and 7-day forecast here we have the trough of low pressure that's going to be right overhead and just keep
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and into the weekend and dry it up a bit and arctic front thursday night. >> gene: you may want to get away and how to get somewhere warm and sunny with less than monthly "t" pass.
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>> gene: 24-10 win for denver and cam newton walked off the podium instead of answering questions. he said he had enough. peyton manning isn't saying if this is indeed his last game. >> i want to kiss my wife, kids, celebrate with my family and ink doctor a lot of beer. gene: tom brady was booed
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booed as he was introduced. >> kevin: we have a ways to go before we get here, four inches upper cape and southern plymouth county and continue to see the amounts pile up through lunchtime and really make hey during the afternoon and tracking it every step of the way. >> sara: many communities still dealing with the mess left by last week's storm and coming up next we will talk with eversource about what is being the first job of a president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush.
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> sara: it is a storm that is expected to intensify. >> gene: monday, february 8th, home your home off to a decent start. >> sara: snow is falling and real concern and michael henrich in plymouth and stephanie coueignoux and julie grauert is updating the commute. >> gene: stormtracker weather center meteorologist giving us the latest. kevin, waiting for that to move through.
9:29 am
storm way out here 500 miles offshore and close enough, i suppose to produce really strong winds here in southern massachusetts and where it is looking like from overhead standpoint. we will go in close to southern new england here and heavy bands, deeper blues what you're looking for and metrowest area seeing steady snow now and heavy snow deeper blues and some of the bands set up northwest of that original one, fitting over the cape cod canal much of this morning, where some of the heavier snow totals coming from it locks like but northern extent continues to creep off to the northwest and see how far it makes it. we are being make way into worcester county, and southern new hampshire and showing you some of the great pictures coming in of the snow coming down all morning long. there's good inch in rockland and beautiful picture from
9:30 am
pushing into new hampshire and western massachusetts noon time through the lunch hour and going to start to wheel on out of here, connection between one offshore and one to the west and snow going off to the west as it continues out and storm wheeling by to the south tomorrow will help to keep the northeastern wind going and enhance the snowfall on south shore. still expect eight to 12 inches on south shore, especially shawn bandying down to the upper cape and show glop and he smushing it is going to smush down and away from the center of the storm but solid six to eight inches, looks good for boston five to seven in city of worcester to lowell and northward to nashua, new hampshire, and cuts off from there. so the wind are other part of the problem. how strong they are blowing and talking single number wind chills to go along with the heavy snow out there and fact of the wind itself just biting.
9:31 am
tropical storm strength. >> jason: it has sustained winds 20 to 30 miles per hour and gusts 50 miles per hour and higher terrain inland and lit up with pinks and reds and blues, blizzard warning, plymouth county to the southeast and north shore and boston and look at visibility really now dropping rapidly anywhere from the south and east all the way up now into boston and norwood and visibilities low, that's where we have a blizzard warning for whiteout conditions and nantucket and vineyard and lowell 10-10 and leominster 10:40 snow moving in and steady
9:32 am
a long time and looking rougher. >> >> julie: we are snowed out in six of the seven locks like route 1 in saugus might be very last camera and hopefully rely on you to tell us what's going on and jamake it street and continue to happen and heavy snow come down and 495 to mass ave and ten minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. gene, back to you. >> gene: crews spent all weekend working on mess and right now 200 homes in the area
9:33 am
right now joined on the phone from mike durant from eversource we appreciate your time. give us sense how many power outages you're dealing with and where they are. >> widely scattered metrowest and cape cod and storm upon us now particularly that we just heard we were expecting cullinnation of heavy wet snow will be recipe for damage to equipment and we are prepared for that. >> gene: is that left over from the weekend pretty much? >> what we are seeing now is renewed damage and after storm passed and repairs and continue
9:34 am
weakened tree limb or tree itself, that perhaps didn't fall during the storm, could come down now and that's what we saw even overnight last night. >> gene: want to remind people if there are downed power lines in your area, call into eversource because you don't want anybody near the lines. >> two biggest safety tips we give first and foremost, stay away and report to 911, don't know if the lines were down. also anybody that has portable generators, it is the only way to ensure the safety not only the resident but neighbors and workers. >> gene: thank you for keeping us up-to-date. >> thank you. >> sara: serious concern for flooding in next few hours. we want to check in with
9:35 am
who's covering the storm. what are you seeing where you are, stephanie? >> stephanie: further inland pushing it horizontal and biting and take a look, old snow from the last storm and see the fresh coating right here just to give you an idea. wind blowing heavily, it is a little hard to see the accumulation, but about an inch so far. taking look at road, you can actually see the snow going to coat the roads, and that has become an issue, and i did just check in with police, we are here inside the police department. so far no issues here right now so that's good and keeping an eye on road conditions as the storm continues to ramp up, but i want to have my photographer zoom into very tall trees there, and see the wind really pushing
9:36 am
again, we have been talking about the winds and very heavy gusts. that continues to be a very big concern here. so far no outages to report. but again, flooding, and expecting moderate flooding and expect staff on hand just in case that happens, but again, i have to tell you all of that snow, all of that wind making visibility not great day to be outdoors, we will continue to check in with the town to see how they are handling the flooding and other issues that we are already seeing and have another live report for you later on. in scituate i'm it can, -- news. >> sara: michael henrich has been standing by all morning and seen the water level rise there several feet in past two hours,
9:37 am
>> michael: increasing water level here and sea wall and give you perspective and 7:30 and then faded into what we shot at 8:30. dramatic difference in visibility and water level rising sooner than high tide normally would rise and, of course, the violence of those waves as well and wind gusts and 50 miles per hour earlier this morning, they were waving satellite truck around too much that we couldn't get steady signal and move somewhere and several plymouth residents come by to tell us you have to go check out long beach. apparently over there about mile
9:38 am
over the sea wall and break down the truck as soon as we can to get tried for you and news app and and plymouth and continue to keep an eye on it. reporting live, i'm michael henrich, fox25 news. >> gene: make sure phone is charged and downloaded fox25 weather app. that way even if you lose power watch us live and get information you need. fox25 weather and news app are free for downloading for android and apple devices. >> sara: two people killed by falling tree limb. six-year-old kalie kenyon struck by ice covered branch on friday about nine hours later 48-year-old tom gunning hit by limb by clearing off the
9:39 am
so far $30,000 has been donated to help the kenyon. firefighters urge people to wait until some of the snow melts off the trees before cleaning off yards. >> julie: pike of the pike eastbound and westbound from 8:50 this morning and almost an hour later we can't see much, visibility real challenge and few cars out there so volume is light so stay off the roads if you can. kevin? >> kevin: 495, southern branch up i-95 on the north shore and sea coast of new hampshire, starting to see flakes fly there as well and spreaded across as expected and amounts starting to add up especially during the afternoon hours and we will keep
9:40 am
>> gene: simple act of kindness caught on camera and how police officer was able to help a woman and why he didn't stop at few items of clothing and warm meal.
9:41 am
and now at >> kevin: rolling around huge storm producing strong wind and many reports of coastal flooding in progress. high tide around 11:00 and strong winds pounding and scituate and marshfield and another part of the storm that we are tracking all morning long. >> sara: lower gas prices also meant lower fuel prices for airlines and customers are also seeing other changes. >> daniel: filling up at the pump haven't been low in a long time and low gas prices having major impact on travel. active travel says pride of crude oil led to air carriers
9:42 am
>> trip under $250. >> round trip flight to chicago to boston and few years ago the same nonstop route would average nearly 300 to $400. >> i think you should be flexible with your days and a lot of websites finding the best price. >> her colleague didn't have the same luck. he booked flight st. louis to logan to nearly $600. >> matter of supply and demand. >> daniel: airfares are lower today than they were in 2004. last time fuel prices were this low and down 5% in 2015, still dramatic says with oil prices down more than 50%, the savings should be more. >> delta made $4.5 billion last
9:43 am
year before and due to field reduction. >> daniel: free inflight snacks and entertainment and jetblue plans to add free gate to date high speed internet and usb ports and saving more especially when discount airlines are in the destination. daniel miller, fox25 news. >> julie: 9:47 and issue we have is visible ut, which is not volume, typical problem on typical weekday community and traffic camera are snowed out and that's what you will encounter if you head out on the roads right now. otherwise route 193 south, pike moving along fine but try to stay off them if you cab and slow spots i can find are approaching 128 with 132 miles per hour.
9:44 am
from the braintree split to the pike and 21 minutes on 93 south connector. kevin lemanowicz in with us this morning and beginning what will stay with us for most of the day. >> with us all day long and into the nighttime hours and storm so far off and producing heavy snow in southeastern massachusetts. we have seen the band set up shop along southern plymouth county, buzzards bay coastline into the upper cape and place that endsum being the heaviest snow totals before all said and done and bottom line heavy snow across at south shore and upper cape and boston points westward moderate snowstorm and end up being less where heavy bands across the south shore and had them already and deeper blue and southern plymouth county and
9:45 am
few inches already and extends northward through boston, mass pike out to worcester snowing, snowing now in southern new hampshire as well, dracut seeing snow, essex seeing snow in cape ann, so everybody getting into the act as expected and 11:30 it will be snowing steadily and fairly heavily all across the area from new hampshire to cape cod and there will be some heavy banding inland as well, but clearly heavy focus will be south shore and cape cod, even as storm wheels away, last of the snow connected today west and move off to the north with it, another system will spin by to the south tomorrow and sure looks like it is going to be far enough south it will not be impact for us. however, bands of snow on south shore and enhancement from the ocean effect, add up eight to 12 inches on south shore and spots around the canal more than a foot judging by band of foot
9:46 am
and less back to the north of 495 closest center of the storm later start on the snow today, but boston to worcester and five to eight inch band right along the mass pike, jason, comes with very strong winds. >> jason: you bet. winds blowing around causing whiteout conditions in some spots, blizzard warning for plymouth county points south and eastward, boston camera rate now where snow moved in and set up shop. getting used to that for the rest of the day today. check out visibility blowing snow around quarter of mile vineyard plymouth, provincetown, over to chatham to nantucket and norwood and boston and beverly, visibility coming down, so looking better to the north and west but even as we speak talk about the snow closing in and all covered up here before the lunch hour so winds gusting 35 to 45 miles per hour, highest 50 at nantucket right no you, above 50 in spots already and continue
9:47 am
and winds piling up seas, 16, 19 feet along the coastline, so no surprise we have coastal flood concerns and barnstable county and gusting 60 to 65 miles per hour and potentially causing moderate flooding and north shore and down toward the vineyard. let's look at how we go from here, glacier conditions wrap up as winds subside a little bit but won't be really until tomorrow morning when wake up and winds are a lot more tolerable and couple of those leftover there's seven day and leave that mention of snow off and on and this had and friday and arctic front and knock temperatures down thursday night, going down to 9 and going to be a cold valentine weekend coming up. >> gene: look at these pictures that the police department posted on facebook.
9:48 am
woman after talking to her discovered she was homeless and hungry and bought groceries and help get her to hotel room so that she could ride out this week's storm in warm place and pictures have been shown more we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime?
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>> sara: all morning we have been taking you out on the roads for condition. daniel miller who's live in taunton on route 24 south. good morning, daniel. >> daniel: route 24 south and fall river and see from the live picture the traffic moving very slow. snow covered roads right now as we sit behind what looks to be a truck, state truck putting sandown on the road right now. again, the visibility decreasing by the minute here as snow continues to fall and did report massdot had 1500 sand and snowplow trucks out on the roads on east and southeast of the
9:51 am
and snow continues to fall. of course, we will be out here throughout the morning, monitoring the situation out on the roads again if you don't have to be out on the roads, stay-at-home, watch here on fox25 to make sure you have the fox25 news app from kevin lemanowicz as he has forecast the snow heading into the boston area. reporting live this morning, i'm daniel miller, fox25 news. >> gene: south shore and cape and islands and don't say anything yet. >> kevin: six to eight in boston and totals have in map,
9:52 am
shore, couple areas around the canal and band sitting all morning long and don't forget about the wind, flooding marshfield, scituate, coastal towns, high tide at 11:00, splashover to roads closed too. >> sara: busy morning and busy day and thank you both for coming in and helping us. >> julie: even though i feel
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