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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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of snow with but most amazing part of the storm is that it's 400 to 500 miles out to the ocean pulling away so might even be father by now. but even at it was producing the heavy snow in the strong winds today, turning up the waters, it was that far away. typically that far away from us is not going to do this. at this one was so large and so intense that it was able to throw the snow back here. to think that you had any snow at all must on that far away is incredible.nine inches coming in from rockland right now 9.3 actually that's amazing that on the south shore the still some snow falling up in that area. the darker blue rockland. here on cape cod you're getting a break you had the lion share of the snow early today really look like you're going to get up over a foot of snow for time and that it's been stalled around nine some places to 10 inches of snow this hansen
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heaviest right see these deeper purple shades that's with a heavy snow is over the water but that certainly right over the land along the three therapy off to the west and worcester county you can see mostly letter shades but then it picks up in intensity here just west of west boylston and upwards through surely as well. we're seeing some of the heavier snow appear to to the east of lowell take 495 and head up toward and over get up toward the new hampshire border newburyport amesbury would run into some heavy snow up this way as well. that continues along 93 north and south into new hampshire and out of new hampshire as well. there's definitely some roadways going to have some problems for this evening commute. this is a snow pattern used to cast showing beautifully the whole city been filling in after they have become hold in the snow pattern filling back
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out there but it is filling them with light snow for the most part not the heavy snow. this will lift on out of here tonight during the morning hours will still be singles as of snow blowing in off the ocean on the south shore not to cape cod. >> that will be the next potential for some accumulating snow and that will just be in areas with those bear the especially goodly blowing across the top not for everyone but to get those bear the snow you have to have some very powerful winds we seeing that today sarah. absolutely kevin that's why we've had that blizzard warning in place that continues until 7:00 p.m. for the south shore as well as the cape and islands. just a morning for the combination of some strong wind gust as well is that falling snow creating very hazardous conditions out there. late taking a look at the latest 's ability you can see
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and a lot of spots but we have seen some improvement over the cape and islands. chatham still reporting visibility down to a quarter of a mile but those wind gusts all of the north gusting anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour but some improvement but nantucket still have that wind gust of 48 miles per hour notice wind direction to out of the north so it's piling up the water and as we approach that time of high tides later on tonight, we do have a coastal flood advisory a couple of hours before the couple of hours after expecting to see some minor coastal flooding as well as some splash over and erosion. there is some good news but the winds are going to die down coming up a show you when to expect that kevin. >> usually good to look at those visibility sarah know how hot the snow is falling when you get blowing around like that you don't know is no snow falling just blowing around that axa coming down hard.
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at the temperatures is how wet the snow you're dealing with is that what lobby snowball snow out here. but become slight the snow up to the north and west. this is father away from the precipitation source you had less snow it's lighter to move around unfortunately what came down the hardest is where you're getting the heavy wet snow. sort of a mix in here maybe a little wetter toward plymouth and a little less wet toward boston. bottom line is this definitely some snow out there to have to move around tonight. not only do have these temperatures but you also have the winds still blowing that sarah told you about it if you wind chill is like in the single numbers you are going out this evening to clear out the snore take to the roadways it doesn't feel so good and julie probably icy too. >> it absolutely is. bust a marty walsh updating the city's snowstorm response. >> so far this year we've spent $7 million in snow
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compared to last you we spent $38 million the entire winter. we have to be ready for whatever comes down the road. the national weather service is maintaining a winter storm warning in the city of boston for the boston area through 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. this is a major atlantic storm we are lucky much of it stayed offshore. we have seen high winds and periods of low visibility all day snow come through the city. snow is expected to taper off sometime around midnight. the storm did not call for emergency for the city of boston but department of public works been busy with as many as 500 vehicles out in the street clearing and treating the roads.we really did a good job here pretreating the roads this morning for the commute in.we also want to make sure that the conditions that we have held up all day and stay on top of the storm. currently our focus on maintaining state road conditions we asked people to stay off the roads is much as possible so our cruise can get
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we're also the schools will be open tomorrow we have boston public school plow contract is cleaning up parking lot custodians cleaning the sidewalks in front of the entrances and around the schools. the bus contractors working overnight to be ready for the morning ride on the mbta will operating on a normal schedule. boston open their doors this morning from seven 30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. this evening for kids seven years and older on friday we have the snow day we did the same thing. 800 people 800 films made use of these facilities were outpaced to be that number today. boston public system close at 5 o'clock to divers were open tomorrow during the business hours. we do have ongoing safety concerns would like people to be aware of. the high winds resulted in a number falling trees and down tree limbs we certainly know how dangerous that can be particularly in some of the surrounding towns of boston. two tragedies over the weekend we want people to be very very
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>> mary marty walsh addressing the city. pretreated roads well schools. hopefully will have the book open by tomorrow morning that the plan right now austin public library closed as of 5:00 p.m. tonight but they do plan to have the library open tomorrow what's up high winds if you walk in the streets tree branches have been falling to the ground boston as well. about chatham police twitting out these images of the whiteout conditions there. snow or wind on oxo road making it nearly impossible to see in the water rising higher at the coast of course you can see how high the sea levels are at stage harbor as well. wicked winds woke up this morning you're not alone. areas on the cape dealing with wins more than 80 miles per hour. fox25 kerry kavanaugh user team coverage from sandwich where there is winds won't let up on you carry.
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vanessa bit of a challenge at this point definitely getting colder as well. so let's take a look at the beach behind me here where the wind whipping up the waves where i can tell you it's nothing compared to the swells we saw earlier today. especially around high tide still the locals we met live around here cannot get enough of this.a white knuckled crawled on route 3 s. late monday morning it was the beginning of a peak hours of the storm that packed a punch on the south shore.the effects of mother nature postponed right along the coast that town that beach locals can't seem to get enough of it. we love it.any storm is a good storm. it was angry earlier it was really good. i heard the waves were huge. we wanted to come and check it out. definitely a view best enjoyed from the comfort of a vehicle. >> tenure right now i'm having a hard time maintaining my balance. first big storm of the year for as much of sandwich to shut down downtown was in illness as
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>> is pretty intense right here right now. later on it's going to get more more snow so will have to deal with it. indeed it is february on cape cod residents who stay here year-round cloudy take what ever it offers up. >> it's nice as wintertime cape cod all four seasons so that's great. >> they love it down here so the snow definitely lightened up here we been checking throughout the day constable emergency management and as of 6 o'clock wind down their emergency operations as much as a storm moves off the shore here the keeping their anchors crossed though still getting some winter effects so that they get out of this unscathed as i have just so popular it will be here in the next hour keeping an eye on things back to you. >> big concert tonight is flooding along the coast problem we continue to see time and time again. winters in scituate but. >> reporter: well mark, flooding was the issue of the day back some people say that
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10:45 am this morning that she had that water come up to their bumpers thankfully that has been succeeded but behind me this is not receded all of the snow and wind that continues to be an issue. residents say ready to wait out this marathon of a storm. >> high tide at scituate harbor this morning powerful winds sent waves crashing on to parking lots and spilling into streets. my whole was water up to the truck bumpers. at high tide. fox25 you are joe took this video of high tide flooding this road and harm iraq the scituate town administrator said the storm has caused moderate flooding but no major problems. for folks here in scituate they've experienced this all before and no well enough when to stay inside. >> same as every storm it's never good. but if you don't mind it, you can get through it. as a plow driver bob says this is nothing compared to last year. but the heavy winds tilting snow and flooding are enough to make him miss warmer climates. >> i went down to florida for
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should've been down there now. oh well. >> that really seems to be the ration of people oh well the just want to wait it out and take a look you want to show you this these freeze in the major difference between this and the last snowstorm is that the snow really isn't clinging to those branches but that has made it a lot easier. no outages to report so some good news here to power lines have been down but again no power outage so a little bit of a silver lining here in scituate. >> the roads out there have been very slick all day and that's check and now with julie she's been monitoring the conditions force. yes i have for you all day vanessa. this is where i'm think the most issues is right around the coast you can see these red icons does indicate road closures. so the highest concentration of road closures is along the coast which would be expected after kevin and sarah have been telling us doing all of this forecasting.
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heavy traffic flows westbound northbound over all volume is light. i do want to show you though a brand-new picture we got in take a look at this. i tweeted this out this is on example of what can happen on slick roads with branches come down very dangerous this is in leicester on marshall street otherwise, this is what i mean by light volume. you will see slippery conditions though. you can see it kind of reflecting off the pavement there on the expressway as you had past exit 13 shreveport street. >> slick roads causing several serious crashes across the region 30 people were in six of them critically list charter bus lived in connecticut happened this afternoon shut down 95 in madison police say
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right now a blizzard warning in the winter storm warning still affect our area. snow continue falling throughout the evening also keeping an eye the coastal flood advisory from holt to plymouth sarah and i gathering the latest data back with the updated forecast just about three minutes. >> the first polling place in new hampshire it opens in just under seven hours. democratic candidate hillary clinton at a packed schedule today. she's with her husband and daughter making several stops
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able to pull off an upset when. fox 25's sharmann saccheti caught up with secretary clinton one-on-one on the eve of the new hampshire primary. >> sharmann: secretary clinton is campaigning with her family in an effort to help pull support from bernie sanders. i talked with her today about bernie sanders of other corporate donations and why she hasn't yet received elizabeth warns endorsement. >> i began my one-on-one interview with a simple question how is it that bernie sanders is ahead by double digits in new hampshire? how is it that a socialist could even be within striking distance of you let alone being in you. >> while i don't know what's going to happen tomorrow but i'm going to keep working as hard as i can to try to convince as money people to come out and vote for me. attribute it to geography but sanders has been successfully letting criticism for campaign
5:17 pm
that hillary clinton has excepted from financial giants calling it into question of tough shall be on wall street. let's take resident obama he took a lot of money from wall street 2008. we asked her about it she called it at unfair accusations leveled by sanders. why should anyone believe you would be influence by some of the money your campaign is accepted that you proceed from goldman sachs. such a funny for him to make because every democrat just about including him has taken money from financial interest in there is that would disqualify everyone. sanders message is resonating in much the same way that elizabeth warren has been just days ago secretary clinton but on stage here in new hampshire with democratic female senators one was missing. you want elizabeth warns endorsement. i want everybody's endorsement and i was very pleased when she signed a letter with all the other democratic women senators urging me to run but you know
5:18 pm
she got a lot of responsibilities and. why wasn't she there? well you have to ask her. >> and i did. i did reach out to elizabeth warns in her office has yet gotten back to me. at six i did ask clinton if voters dismiss the fact that she's under fbi investigation what she says about that and if she is being unfairly judged because she's a woman. >> also democratic bernie sanders choosing not to respond to the clinton campaign allegations of sexist attacks over the weekend. he talked to supporters in nashua early today and it get out the vote rally stuck to his message mostly no doubt hoping to avoid any missteps that could undermine his lead in the polls but coming up in the next half hour going to be hitting the campaign trail.this time with the republican candidates were going to break down the latest polls for now mark and vanessa will send it back to you in a very snowy day. >> of a lot to cover will see
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>> weather alert. shamans getting off easy out there new hampshire not nearly as much snow as we're seeing here in the most new england especially in southeastern massachusetts. where the snow continues to come down also you are some of the locations are that are getting the steady snow no longer you to outer cape that's for sure but here in the south shore totals approaching non-into the many towns but even over nine inches in rockland for instance at 9.3 pembrook kingston plymouth riverside more born the bridges halifax has a norwell all the way to hang of what along the coast of duxbury that band is a of moderate snow coming on through now heavier snow offshore that's been rotating back toward the coast line was seen on to cape and now rock gloucester manchester by the essex all getting into that snow a little lighter here picks up again in intensity around georgetown i-95 inside i-95 along 128 saugus to
5:20 pm
redington this band of heavy snow stretches down to at least weston ridges of lynn and portions of chelsea two places i've had text from her tweets from saying hey where's all the snow. pick up a little more analysis comes on through is still going to be on the lower end of snow as far as who's getting snow today but you're not going to get the nine inches but at least you'll have some snow to shovel off her play and if that's what you're hoping for. back to the county coming down light at times moderately in worcester wrapped in west boylston bottom line there was a hole in the snow pattern here and it still back in so snowing back out there again storm try to pull away racing off to the east humongous storm. big enough to clip us from hundreds literally 400 miles away out the ocean.
5:21 pm
continue to wind down and after midnight, we will see it all pull off to the north. with the exception of those winds blowing across the water on the cape cod and the south shore. that's a little extra snow that's going to happen because of the ocean effect of that wind coming across the water. it's not for everyone there will be bands that set up and be a few towns are going to get into those bands it's not going to be everything a place though be towns in between the bands it at apsley nothing at all. that something up to watch materialize we talked about ocean effect talk about lake effect in the great lakes and see exactly where those bands are going to be pointed with those wind directions. something will be tracking tonight and oh by the way another week system going by to ourselves tomorrow really not all that week but are in the nantucket outer cape little bit of light snow is a goes on by
5:22 pm
about sarah but just the fact we have a very active pattern were tracking one storm after another and this one even though it's far away, did hit us. >> hundred miles away kevin. is still giving us a significant impact of visit conditions on the cape and wind gusts that were tropical storm force. take a look at some of the peak when does your nantucket city five miles per hour fall river coming in at 55 miles per hour and is 51 so it was very impressive during some of the height of the storm earlier today through the afternoon.
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pif botox can help pcalm your bladder. pvisit pand learn how botox pcan be a low cost option. break. so far no major problems happening on mbta during the storm. posting this policy she is working to keep the buses in tiptop shape and mbta's command center cruise worked through the night general measure frank tells us plows on some trained to clear the rails entry crews were on standby should any branches fall on the tracks. >> we have people at key locations throughout the system so that if there anything was to go awry, we can respond with very quickly is minimal impact. >> also tells us trains will run to the night as they did last night and a new deicing compound has been used to keep tracks and third reels clearer. >> let's head out to which our people are expecting for the
5:25 pm
said and done. >> elizabeth hoch means is there live. >> reporter: you know what guys behind me is a pile of snow that would've been envied last year. worcester is seen so little snow this time around, that they were in a great place to battle the storm. >> on the streets of worcester, there are plans to be made. that may not be so easy. this is not easy exactly snowball making weather according to dpw commissioner paul. >> it's a much drier light of love your type of snow that we saw friday. but that has made clearing it a little too is a lot of traffic schools and businesses closed early this morning salting and sanding
5:26 pm
small army of 300 to 350 plows up and ready to respond to the storm. in a parking been is in effect in the city of worcester. he says those efforts of help today and will likely be utilized as more wintry weather has the potential to kick up this week. i do think that over the next several days, will be getting several squalls bands flurries but that is nothing but good news for some of worcester's youngest residents.and frozen bands use the scene as a fairytale come to life. >> so well performed would you agree coming up at six what about the one group you were inconvenienced by the storm and also tell you why the city said the conditions were right for an easy battle of the storm. live in worcester. elizabeth hopkins. >> is that fine snow falling
5:27 pm
where it's going to be on worcester county looks like at this point on is no especially right here in this van is north of boston and portions of the south shore will talk about with the heavy snow is falling in with the strongest winds continue to blow tonight. >> snow we windy cold. winter is back i will show you
5:28 pm
>> stay with here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire
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and i approve this message. if i want to go up... or if i want to go down... no. yes. it's perfect. to lift your legs up a little bit and it feels like i'm just cradled. (vo) change your sleep, change your life, change to tempur-pedic. 5. now at 5:30 the snow will continue following into the evening air is an across massachusetts some places will see as much is 12 inches. no not the only problem coastal flooding a big concern along south shore mckay. schools were closed in the city of boston right now there's a little more than two inches but we are not finished yet. the storm will start winding
5:30 pm
expect to see snow falling at least the next few hours. hi everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. and i'm vanessa welch. what more live reports for you just a moment we want to begin tonight with a storm tracker whether team they been tracking the storm all morning and throughout the afternoon. meteorologist sarah wroblewski and kevin lemanowicz. it's been quite a storm but watch this materialize from hundreds of miles out to sea and still produce the heavy snow is still producing some bands of is not there tonight but i get it to many of you that are talking to is saying we didn't get very much no absolutely the places that also had blizzard conditions though and had upwards of nine inches of snow so really a tale of two towns to states it can be the same area where you have one
5:31 pm
another town with those blizzard conditions. that's how the storm is materialize today. was in a heavy band rotate in the north shore back to boston they have seen the big flakes flying over there on beacon hill when we show you do that like picture from there. to hands over the heavy band lying with their northwood situated over here get those towns there so you can see others have your band is deeper purple rotating back to the west. so it's moving toward you rolling tenets right along 93 coming in out of boston headed toward new hampshire up to 495 certainly crossing 128 of the woburn area as it stretches down to chelsea we haven't had much snow at all but you're getting that band right now. metrowest have this one out here to natick in framingham probably clipping portion of wayland as well. and that snow is going to continue to rotate on through this evening. little piece of energy in the atmosphere the backside of the
5:32 pm
extra snow that will continue to move northward tonight. not when equipped with the snow places like waltham was asked about on twitter as well i would expect it to be done until probably midnight for waltham. and then we'll watch the ocean effect snow band doctor set up now totally wins there was telling me she seen the winship from the northeast to the north and those northerly winds are going to kick those bands right across cape cod and portions of the south shore overnight in first in the morning. may give a little extra snow to those areas here. new snow totals coming in orleans nines of snow to kate if you not familiar with that situated six inches with women at five and half in the north shore salem up to 4.2 inches of snow. again neighboring towns only a couple of inches really just depends with that band has set up today. and you're part of the state. sarah, tracking the space try
5:33 pm
get heavy snow that could become a tricky proposition. absolutely but you know we knew down across the south shore the cape and islands we would see those bands along with some of the stock is when gus and that's what we did have that blizzard warning in place and sure enough, looking at some of the observations we did see lizard conditions in places like nantucket hyannis falmouth martha's vineyard plymouth chatham were still waiting for the national weather service to confirm that. but based on only snow, but wins the sustainer gus five miles per hour reducing visibility doctor quarter-mile for at least three hours so while the snow may have lighten up a little bit, we're still going to be under this wizard warning until 7:00 p.m. for the south shore in the cape and islands expecting to still see those wins dust at times and reduce visibility but you can see right now visibility yes it's low, from chatham but it's
5:34 pm
so something will continue to watch. kurt when gus still well over 30 miles per hour over 40 four nantucket coming up i'm going to show you exactly when the winds died down and how will affect the coast with on tonight kevin. >> certainly not the strongest was we saw earlier today not good news. wet snow in southeastern mass dry snow to the north as to do with temperatures in the 20s to low 30s right now doctor and those wind gust sarah telling about your the current wind and portsmouth new hampshire boston feels like eight degrees a show you this because we think about going out shoveling of you done watching us this evening at o'clock, okay but it's going to be cold and uncomfortable out there. no doubt about it. in mark we know these windshields make it your skin feel very cold and document things freeze up anymore but there will be frozen roads sidewalks and streets out there tonight. >> so beware.
5:35 pm
challenge for people getting to school or to work the mayor just a news cop police school be back over to also wanted everyone to know to get rid of those space savers. >> we are not having space savers in the city of boston not enough snow in the city of boston public works will come and take it. >> are bob ward at boston's downtown streets to see how people getting through it. >> in boston, is one of those days. one of those days where it's just not easy to get anywhere fast. the sidewalks are slippery and the snow is building up just not a lot of fun. it's kind of a nasty day today how you getting by?do we have to do it's boston. and that's a boston way. snow sleet when nothing stops us not even when winter throws a curveball making january feel like spring just before two back-to-back snowstorms. we had a couple warm days there felt pretty good. whatever we can deal with that were bostonians right? as crews work to keep the roads and sidewalks clear the mbta
5:36 pm
and subways on time 91 percent this morning. something commuters clearly appreciate it. >> the bus was great. perfect. what about going home how do home? doesn't seem too bad yet. so far compared to last year, the winter of 2016 doesn't seem too bad either. i'm bob ward. coverage continues now along the coast getting better by the storm and revere some huge waves are pounding the coast and closing streets. life. >> reporter: what a difference a day makes earlier you didn't see water coming up and over the seawall it actually had closed winter park way just behind me but now as you can see that his back open.and they need to go. in fact, people were concerned that those waters would go right into the neighborhoods and let them out there counting their blessings. typical new england day. here on the shore and revere, the concern every snowstorm is coastal flooding. late this morning, waves came
5:37 pm
such closures like this one on winthrop parkway. a lot of the times on the street floods up and like last year when we had the big storm went up to the street and the high water and it was just really bad. it comes right on up to the steps the whole street.
5:38 pm
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(vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. p head to your neighborhood p and let the people who buy p change your thinking about buying your next one. flooding could be an issue along the coast but that was
5:40 pm
plymouth but this is three by long beach the road closed down because of flooding from the surging water there. plymouth north high school has been set up as an emergency shelter for anyone who lives power there. having a resident about flooding it in the coast nearly impassable during this morning's high tide but hang of harbor was hit with overflowing water and very strong winds. >> the roads on 128 new slippery out there tonight. police asking drivers to stay off the roads if they can. as you can see this morning's commute was a quiet one with only a little snow sticking to the pavement. question 128 snow traffic this afternoon woburn tractor-trailer jackknifed the southbound lanes causing multiple lane closures and significantly impacting traffic. the cab was finally towed away before 4:00 p.m.. roads have been very slick all day this is a live look at a cruise approaching route 3 north and rockland you can see that is not the good way to be driving
5:41 pm
still pretty snow cover let's check in with fox25 reporter. looks like they were getting in on and heading onto route three those on and off ramps the overpasses those have a tendency to be very slick and slippery so take it slow out there. i'm seeing the most issues on the coast right now many road closures out there a higher concentration in other parts of town. so spots are on 93 northbound after you pass the cloverleaf live look right now at the pike through brighton were volume very reasonable and light. that to you. >> still some snow flying out there the storm is not done still some heavy bands are rotating through southern new england so have much snow just yet hold on still a ways to go we're checking with that snow is in there is tracking the strong winds we've had. >> republican presidential
5:42 pm
debate. check this out. our cruise coming the roads headed back in time let's fashion from the south shore weymouth fox25 studios here in dedham shows you what the conditions were like along the way. wet white all the above. behind a plow at times of the times not team of the largest gathering information. we are finally just hours away from the first in the nation primary. kids make one less push for votes were getting a look at new poll that send it out to our legal reporter sharmann saccheti live. >> sharmann: with just hours until the primary both races tightening up a bit in the latest polls. a new franklin boston herald poll released today showing trump losing a bit of ground in
5:43 pm
at 31 percent trump is down to a 15 point lead in new hampshire. i/o winner senator ted cruz now has 60 percent followed by senator marco rubio at 15 percent for the democrats armor secretary of state hillary clinton she's actually gaining ground on senator ernie sanders here. it's just a seven-point race now with santos leading clinton 51 to 44 percent. the storm isn't stopping all day of events right here in new hampshire for both democrats and republicans. our heather i just the campaign trail republicans are still coming off the highs and lows of saturday night's debate. >> is snowing here in new hampshire but the candidates not taking a break. it's crunch time marco rubio making seven stops today. and i had an interesting interaction with him when i asked him about his performance during saturday night gop debate. >> how would you rate your performance on saturday night? >> senator marco rubio ignored
5:44 pm
today when i tried to ask him about the performance the "washington post" called a slipup. governor chris christie continues to pounce on the freshman senator saying it for the proofs he's green and kick go off script. we caught up with christie today in between campaign stops in manchester. >> rubio stepped to the script the defense contractor eae systems national today giving us enter the same speech we heard him give at a town hall in laconia last week. about why he wants to the bar defense and why he thinks present obama has changed this country for the worse. >> one of the things that's funny because people keep in the press anyway what you keep saying the same thing about obama trying to change america. i'm going to keep saying that 1 million times because i believe it's true. >> in the meantime donald
5:45 pm
lodge in salem new hampshire today continues to trade jabs with jeb bush and continuing to criticize bush for calling on his former first lady other to campaign for him. >> is like a spoiled child. he spent hundred and $10 million to campaign and is nowhere. one thing that is beyond the candidates control how the snow could affect voter turnout. we'll find out tomorrow. reporting in nashua new hampshire i'm heather hegedus fox25 news. >> john casey also stopping in today ohio governor held a town hall in windham this afternoon we tackled several issues including high student debt. he also held a town hall and has another one in manchester tonight. fellow republican ted cruz hoping for a repeat of his iowa caucus with right here new hampshire tomorrow.cruz spent his day eating with voters at the vfw hall in manchester. his campaign also holding rallies in barrington and raymond today. keep it right here for our
5:46 pm
you in depth on the candidates as a make one less push for votes is coming up at 7:30. walk in but is >> from the northeast you see a therapist coming right back at us it starting heavily in some towns once again at least moderately to heavily depending where you are though you could be getting absolutely nothing. but here's a band that's most concern right now. right during the evening commute it stretches from quincy to milton holbrook over rockland and pembroke kingston this halifax all of those areas getting into the snow. many of these areas have blizzard conditions today. word officially on the national weather service now that we've
5:47 pm
towns the boss to be to the north there is where that band came across we talked about that now it's rotated to burlington belmont right along 128 out to the west of 93 but still snowing late to moderately along 93 some of these towns for instance this woman right here up through wilmington still sing some of that snow as well. down here long 120 lexington have your snow bands stretches southward to arlington into belmont and more coming off of the ocean on the north shore so we are not done with the storm. another one to three inches sarah and i were just estimating most locations especially in eastern massachusetts you going to get from this before it goes on out of here tonight. futurecast is going to continue to start to the evening hours and move off to the north. if you haven't had much more than an inch or two today may pick up a couple of other inches tonight those towns place like chelsea quincy
5:48 pm
have very much know you today but still try to get you some. those winds blowing across cape cod bay off of boston harbor and blow right down to the bay overnight. already blowing from the north and they are blowing hard that's good produce ocean effect enhancement bands that are going to come on through. i'm not convinced the going to persist all the way into the morning hours but something we will be watching in tracking at the same time watching another storm going to slp a very active february pattern has set up and we're seeing some of those amounts to pile up.we notice that were actually very close to average leave it or not for winter to date in boston after today's snow. official numbers have not come in from logan airport at last check is 2.2 inches. rockland at 9 and a half now truro at eight inch of snow leominster checking in at four that's a new one also. and foxboro three and half
5:49 pm
of those locations anywhere from light to moderate to heavy just depending on which town. temperature still a problem out there but it feels even worse with the winds and meteorologist sarah wroblewski is tracking those very strong winds. as high as 65 miles per hour reported on nantucket we've had the winds now down to over 20 in most areas across the eastern coast but about 18 across the south strong cape and islands those wind gusts have been persistent over 30 to 40 miles per hour and it has allowed for a very limited visibility which will continue to see over the next couple of hours but it's also really pushed up the seas the seas now running 10 to 20 feet offshore. 23 and this is concerning as we get towards the time of high tide later on tonight. the high tide earlier today we saw pockets of moderate coastal flooding i don't think we'll see as much damage as we did or flooding as we did early today but we still have the concerns
5:50 pm
as well as some splash over so that the coastal flood advisory from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. for the south shore as well as the cape those east and north facing beaches as well as men nantucket two. the winds they will be dying down though as we head on through the overnight hours still some gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour but notice the winds by the time we had the morning hours to be turning out of the northeast so kevin was talk about the chance of those no-shows continuing also going to be pretty cold out there kevin. >> wind chills in the single numbers things to those winds that you showing us right there in the cold weather going to persist all week long definitely in a midwinter pattern now. 20s and 30s for high teens and 20s for lowes look at the weekend by sunday morning will be subzero temperatures in the suburbs going down to single numbers even in boston so zero on average for valentines morning.saturday may be another shot for some
5:51 pm
what some of our computer models are showing us but something were keeping in the back of our minds even as we're forecasting the last throes of the storm another one may already be in the works. >> slippery conditions today played a role on this tractor-trailer jackknifed this is the mass pike eastbound in natick just after 1 o'clock this afternoon. you see that truck ended up off the road in the ditch right next to some rocks and woods there. more evidence of flooding on the south shore quincy mayor's office setting this photo from coast island road at high tide. waves from wollaston beach in quincy pounding over the edge right here.
5:52 pm
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singing a lot of flooding along the coast including this video here sent to us from a viewer in hampton. you can see streets were left underwater during high tide. we'll have more storm coverage for you in just a few minutes. >> take a look at some other headlines today was stopped lower chaplain of the second straight day. dow down nearly 400 points. early today however it did recover by the closing bell. almost half of those losses 77 points in the red nasdaq fell 79 point s&p 500 and 26 points
5:55 pm
closing level since 2014. today president obama asked commerce for emergency funding to buy the zika virus in the us and overseas. the president is requesting 1.8 billion dollars to expand was to control programs speed up element of a vaccine and improve health services for low-income pregnant women. zika spreading rapidly in latin america and the caribbean and is tied to birth defect in newborns. there are no vaccines or treatment for zika right now one. >> unlike 12 a vaccine is widely available for a few years but we certainly can get the initial steps. obama administration says that the americans have now returned to the us affected with zika. woman returning from affected countries urge to get tested. >> to partly shut down all of its stores nationwide for four hours today to review safety concerns employees attended the meeting company latest
5:56 pm
neural virus a break at the store impacting stores across the country including one in brighton. chipotle is facing a lawsuit in the wake of the illnesses. >> might have been out at sea but it was powerful enough to slam a short up and down. this was a scene in scituate. it was only strong winds and high water pounding the area, while conditions made it nearly impossible to see in some places. this picture was sent to us from chatham is a live look now at the radar showing with this winter storm is doing now as you can see it's not over yet. hi everyone thanks for staying with us. i'm vanessa welch. >> can also find them on a website tonight fox25 bring you live team
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