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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  February 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> announcer: this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. >> weather alert continues tonight as the storm clears out. wind and waves continue on the coast. good evening everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. the concern also turning to the chance of dangerous ice on the roads just in time for everyone to head back to work and back to school. so we have team coverage for you tonight of this storm. our reporters fanned out across the area bringing you the latest conditions. let's begin tonight with our chief meteorologist kevin ken in the storm tracker weather center. we are still under a winter weather advisory right now. >> the snow keeps coming down until that gets on out be in place of course there's that danger of icy roads. yes everything is getting treated and plowed off there tonight but it's just so cold that anything left on those roadways and walkways has a danger of icing up. the snow is still coming down in some places coming down pretty good. like here in the south shore still some accumulating snow happening.
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of purposing off to the north in stoughton it's still snowing. to the north shore we're seeing that as well. this will continue to wheel its way on out of here after midnight tonight. we'll have to watch for some ocean effect bans out there. oak bluff at 9.8 and centreville at 8.9. then into the south shore area plymouth at 8.1, there's west wareham at 8.9. then finally east bridgewater 7.50 inches of snow same thing for brockton many up here wilmington at 5.6. lynn at 4.4 back here to worcester county four inches of snow in worcester also we've been seeing the towns around the boston area finally picking up some snow late tonight. for instance in boston 4.7 inches of snow has fallen so far that's official. but it could go up later on tonight. here's sarah wroblewski she's been tracking what these numbers mean for boston so far. now boston's total 21.9.
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inches below the average under five at least. worcester also picking up some snowfall for the day today about four inches. so still below average but we still have more snow to go. and the one thing i want to point out this storm it was a blizzard why we had falling and blowing snow. reducing the visibility down on to a quarter mile less for three hours at least. nantucket, hyannis, all qualified and it was an official blizzard. now the visibility looking okay right now. it's still low so if you're headed out be careful. the winds definitely not as gusty as they were coming up the winds really piling up the water now our eyes are turnedded to the coast. we have another high tide coming coming soup we're in that cycle now we have that coastal flood advisory potential. so it's northeast facing
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south shore out to cape cod there will be some minor flooding not to. it won't be as bad as it was earlier today because the winds have come down and the seas have calmed down a bit. oceans have a memory. so there's still some big waves out there and there's going to be some splashover in those coastal areas again tonight. we'll track that snow on out of here tonight and talk about those icy roads more coming up. >> to the south shore now you can see the waves hitting and then running right under these houses in scituate. that's where we find fox 25's malini basu tonight. malini? >> reporter: mark, high tide is just about here. a little while ago i checked with the police they tell us there's nothing major to report. but in neighboring marshfield a home was nearly washed away and luckily no one was hurt. le onman winter just isn't giving up in scituate. the snow keeps falling and falling and falling. >> staying ahead of the snow really because we have a big roof. trying to keep the trees clear.
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drivers tell fox 25 they are exhausted at this point. >> we've been out here all morning. >> 7:00 i've been nonstop, nonstop all day. it's kind of rough and slippery. >> yeah, real rough. >> reporter: mark is forced to clear his driveway after a long day at work. >> i know it hasn't stopped. stop. >> reporter: his son peter took the day off of work and tried to help dad. >> i've been -- yeah, i didn't want to die so i stayed at home. >> reporter: with the wind drift peter says it made it look like he did absolutely nothing. >> i have no good answer for this. nothing makes me good good in this scenario. i didn't go into work i did shovel earlier today but by the time he came home it didn't look like i did anything. >> reporter: over in neighboring marshfield the owe slane force wind washed
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police chief tells the fox 25 luckily no injuries reported there. something mark is thankful for. >> we don't have the ocean back here. we're not flooding. this is, you know, winter in new england. >> reporter: still at this hour in scituate the snow has not stopped falling. it is relentless. in the meantime, crews tell us that you know what thank you to the people out here in scituate thank you for not being on the roads they are doing their jobs as the plow truck drivers just passed by a short time ago. here in scituate the snow has not stopped and it is relentless. we'll be out here and bring you another update at 11:00. for now live in scituate, malini basu, fox 25 news. on the north shore a similar scene it's not just the snow here but the powerful waves battering the coast. let's go to fox 25's ted daniel he is live for us in lynn tonight. ted? >> hi, variness a. for one we've been able to see the north shore is in pretty good shape tonight with snow totals averaging around
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definitely shovel-type of snow. it's a frosty 19 degrees out here and we still have the snow falling. but it looks like right now the worst of it is out of here. want to show you something that happened just about an hour ago where we are on the street. the lynn fire department got a medical and needed to get a gurney to a multifamily building which was set back from the road. keep in mind this is what first responders are dealing with across our viewing area tonight. they don't get snow days and the snow definitely makes the job more difficult. the driveway they took a patient through had been shoveled by a friendly neighbor earlier in the evening thanks to him the difficult job of moving a sick patient to an ambulance was made a little bit easier. >> i think there's about seven people that live in the three decker there. >> you're taking the bullet for everybody. >> i'm doing this one, you know.
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second floor the last storm he came out and did some shoveling. but he works, and i don't. maybe some day i'll have a job again. >> i'm envious. >> kudos to that friendly neighbor. we interviewed him long before the ambulance showed up. he may not even know that his work certainly helped his neighbor tonight. as kevin and sarah were talking about this was also an issue with the waves. no major flooding at all here on the north shore but some massive waves and we met a few surfers who were riding them this afternoon. one guy told me that this is live for. more from him coming up later in the newscast. that's the latest reporting live in lynn, ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> all right, ted. the blizzard conditions did not extend back to metro west. in natick.
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brought down trees and knocked out power onto the area. no widespread power problems can wurd this storm thankfully. -- occurred with this storm thankfully. boston not doing too bad today. mayor marty walsh telling us there should be school tomorrow in the city. he also reminded people that the snow wasn't enough to warrant space savers so don't put those out. mayor saying those items will get tossed it on. >> more on the mbta saying there was largely no issues today. crews are working through the night trying to make sure that the tracks and trains are good for tomorrow when thousands of people will be heading back to work and school. just before 5:00 we spoke with the general manager on the phone. >> beer going to keep staff in overnight throughout the night. we're going on to on do what we call our cold car work. where we'll be running trains all night long. we'll also have a number trains stored in the tunnels features of the trains to make sure that the trains
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functioning tomorrow morning. we will be monitoring the progress of the t overnight have updates starting at 4:00 tomorrow on the fox 25 morning news. right now in brockton people are digging out from heavy snow that covered eastern mass. our jackie has been braving the elements in brockton all day long and joins us live tonight. jackie? >> reporter: mark, you know days like today the job is never done earlier this was more of a hill than a mountain. check it out now. certainly more than 20 feet high. i'm not even going to try to get all the way up here. certainly the same story around town in brockton where people have been shoveling themselves out all day long. >> reporter: no rest for the weary in brockton where all day long it's been coming down nonstop. some came home to find they couldn't even pull in their driveways. parking on the street while they tackled the task. >> i will be sore. >> reporter: by sundown no end in sight some still
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>> very cold and not as early as i thought it would be. >> reporter: others tackling driveways to ease the burden of what they would be facing in the morning. >> like i go in warm up myself then come outside. >> reporter: at lowe's in brockton limited supplies after customers trudged in and out all day. >> having the fall on the weekend it made it harder on us. >> reporter: all right, good news for you folks. if you can call it that. school will be open tomorrow. parking ban will be lifted so as of 7:30 in the morning make sure you're not parking in any of those snow lots. looks like eventually it will be letting up here in brockton. reporting live jackie heinrich, fox 25 news. >> we continue to follow developing news out of connecticut tonight where four people remain in critical condition after a charter bus flipped over on 95 and madison.
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were on that bus today travelling from new york to mow she begun son sun -- mow he began when the correct happened. a vast majority of the patients were able to actually walk off the bus which was a good thing. >> the crash happened while today's storm was moving through connecticut. but it's not clear if the road conditions are what caused it. whether it's breaking news during the storm or looking for the latest radar for your neighborhood you can find it all on our fox 25 news and fox 25 weather app. they are free to download for your smartphone and your tablet. front loader full of snow barely mises a man standing on his own property. >> the next half hour fox 25 has the surveillance video and the reason the man says this was no accident. all of these crime guns destine for the streets of massachusetts are coming from other states. >> there's a lot of different ways that firearms traffickers will use to acquire guns and put them on the streets. >> a fox 25 investigation
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worst defenders for gun trafficking. plus, one more night to win votes. the way presidential candidates are spending their final night before the new hampshire
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doing "whatever it takes to win," is not presidential. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich, that's conservative, new day for america is
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. still tracking snow tonight there's chance you could wake up to dangerous ice before the munk commute. kevin has a full report from the storm tracker weather center coming up in the next 15 minutes. but first it all comes down to the next 24 hours. only one night away from finding out which candidates
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>> candidates on both sides not letting up tonight. many of them making final pushes to earn voter's trust. fox 25 political reporter sharman sacchetti has been there every step of the way. sharman joins us live now from our new hampshire primary headquarters in manchester. sharman? >> reporter: vanessa and o both sides certainly packing the schedules with campaign events trying to work for every last vote we'll have much more from democrat bernie sanders and hillary clinton in a minute. first joining me now kathryn burcham who has been following trump and his big message tonight all about getting out the on street. that's right, sharman. actually to point he was able to joke by the saying that voters needed to be safe driving in the snow to the polls tomorrow because he needed them to survive because he needs their votes. trump began tonight's rally with a rare appearance from his family including his wife who has stayed away from the campaign trail. trump called the last several months the most amazing experience of his life and thanked voters for their support. despite his attacks on jeb
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today trump stayed focused on his issues instead of focusing on his competitors which is exactly what undecided voters told us they needed to hear. >> this guy has a lot to say and i think as americans we need to listen everybody to. so i'm listening. this election is well beyond new hampshire. >> this is sort of our final lovefest, all right. now tomorrow, will be an even better one but this is the one because tomorrow you have to get out and you have to vote no matter what. >> that push to the polls was echoed by trump's wife and his daughter ivanka who also got on stage to speak tonight for her father. sharman. >> kathryn, you're back at 11:00. see you then. hillary clinton trying to pull off an upset win here in new hampshire where she's still training vermont senator bernie sanders. earlier today i spoke with the former secretary of state one-on-one and asked her about a number of controversy from wall street donations to whether or not she'll get liz beg warren's
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>> reporter: moments before hillary clinton appeared at this manchester even with the her her husband and daughter i spoke with her one-on-one started about asking how she found herself the underdog to bernie sanders. >> anything can happen here in new hampshire but how is it that a socialist could even be within striking distance of you let alone beating you? >> well, i don't on know what's going to happen tomorrow. i'm just going to keep working as hard as can i to try to convince as many people to come out and vote for me. >> reporter: clinton has been hitting back on sanders for questioning how stuff she'll object wall street since she has accepted big donations from the financial industry. >> let's take president obama he got a lot of money. >> reporter: she told me that the president has done it and sanders has, too. >> why should anyone believe you wouldn't be influenced by some of the money your campaign has accepted that you have received? >> welsh you know it's such a funny critique for him on
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every -- there is that would disqualify everyone. i represented wall street. i was pointing out the problems they were making for the economy back then. i was talking about closing their loopholes. they know where i stand. >> we did ask her about the f.b.i. investigation and e-mail scandal dogging her campaign. she told me republicans are targeted her again she'll be vind nited and why should they vote for you when have you this cloud hanging over you. >> you know i think it's fair to say ever since i emerged on the national political scene i have been for some reason the favorite political pinata of the republicans and the right. >> just days ago secretary clinton appeared alongside four democratic senators at the manchester ywca. one conspicuously missing. >> do you want liz beg warren's endorsement. >> i -- elizabeth warren's endorsement. >> i was very pleased when she signed a letter with all the other democratic women senators urging me to run. she has a lot on her plate
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responsibility. >> why wasn't she there? >> you would have to ask her. >> reporter: we did ask senator elizabeth warren's office why she hasn't endorsed jet where was she last friday. no response. you can find the full interview with hillary clinton at meantime democrat bernie sanders speaking out concert this evening with hours until the polls open. i think we're going to do just fine. >> earlier today sanders talked to his supporters in nashua as part of the a get out the vote rally. a reminder we will be with you from our news starting at 5:00 straight through to 11:30 bringing you live results.
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reporters speeches you stream it live at -- here at 11:00. for now. >> a cruise ship packed with passengers in the next half hour the video that shows why so many people got sick and you are watching the fox
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america to look for america all come to look for america all come
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i'm bernie sanders,
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>> we now know what caused a deadly fire. smoking materials sparked a fire in a multifamily home on park street in north andover on saturday. that fire started on the living room couch in the 62-year-old victim's clothing. officials say there were no working smoke alarms in the apartment. second suspect in the 2013 murder of an army veteran has been convicted of the killing. 26-year-old jesse williams was convicted of murder in the shooting death of 27-year-old joseph pap low jr. fox 25 has been covering this story since it happened three years ago. papalo and another person were shot on july 3rd in a stoneham home williams and another man eugene tate have now both beenic haved of murder in the case. williams will be sentenced in march. back now on to our team
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our reporters are fanned out across the area including the cape. fox 25's kerry kavanaugh shows us the conditions now. >> reporter: a white-knuckle crawl down route 3 late monday morning. the beginning of the peak hours of the storm that packed a punch on the south shore. >> a lot of waves, a lot of wind and crazy friend with me to do it. >> you live down here want to come out and enjoy the scenery and the weather. >> the effects of mother nature at town neck beach locals can't seem to get enough of it. >> we love it. any storm is a good storm. like on to see the ocean. it was angry early it was really good. >> the huge the waves were huge the waves were enormous we wanted to come and check it out. the dog likes to go for a ride. >> reporter: definitely a view best enjoyed from the comfort of a vehicle. >> we're not talking about wind gusts these are steady constant hurricane-force winds. standing here right now i'm having a hard time maintaining my balance. >> reporter: first big storm
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shutdown downtown was in stillness as winter swirled through. >> it's pretty intense right here right now. later on more and more snow indeed it is february on cape cod. residents who stay here year-round gladly take whatever it observes up. >> but it's nice it's wintertime. cape cod all four seasons so that's great. >> throit the day we were in emergency management they said they had no major reports of power outages or flooding or even freeze down. they wound down their emergency operations as of 6:00. but we're going to continue to monitor the situation. headed toward cape cod. we can expect it to finally come to an end. the cold temperatures that will lead to icy conditions overnight. gun violence plagues our city streets. but where do all of these
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>> it's like a cancer. >> coming up in our fox 25 investigation a touching
10:27 pm
lost five relatives >> we continue to track the storm that has been pounding parts of our area all day long. our chief meteorologist kevin clench bring you snow totals what you can expect for tomorrow. his full coast is just a few minutes away from now. but first it is an eye-opening statistic. 60% of the guns used to commit crimes in massachusetts come from out of state. >> fox 25 investigates wanted to find out why that's happening and bob ward discovered those guns don't have to travel very far to reach our streets. >> reporter: gun violence is no stranger to the streets of massachusetts, or to people like mendez. she has lost a son and nephew to guns. >> it's like a cancer you know we lost one person and
10:28 pm
>> reporter: according to federal statistics, it is likely the guns that were used to kill her relatives were illegal and it's also likely those guns came from across the state line. fox 25 investigates and massachusetts has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the country, those laws cannot stop the tide of illegal weapons pouring into the state. >> the majority of the firearms recovered here in massachusetts crime guns are sourced from other states. they were purchased initially from another state. >> reporter: dan kumar is a special agent in charge of the boston office of the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. a.t.f. estimates 60% of the guns involved in massachusetts crime come from out of state, mostly vermont, maine, and new hampshire. kumar says those states have more lenient gun laws, criminals know that and they often use other people to gunshots. >> massachusetts requires permits in order to purchase
10:29 pm
states like new hampshire, that's not a requirement. >> reporter: consider the life of this .9-milimeter pistol. this is a gun used to kill m.i.t. police officer sean collier in cambridge. the gun was originally bought at a maine gun shop. but over the years it made its way to this man stephen silva who lent it to convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. indeed, the week before the boston marathon bombing attack tsarnaev brothers travelled to a new hampshire gun range to practice using it. the a.t.f. shows me a table full of crime guns taken from the streets of massachusetts. most on of these guns originally came from over the state lines. >> the majority from this case the majority originated from being purchased store purchased from gun dealers in new hampshire. >> reporter: mendez is now a peace activist. part of her mission to stop the supply of illegal guns reaching neighborhoods like hers. >> we can stop that. america is a powerful
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we try to stop everything but can we stop the guns? >> for fox 25 investigates, i'm bob ward, fox 25 news. you may recall president obama unveiled a new plan to cut down on gun violence a key part of his plan calls for gun sellers including those at gun shows or over the internet. to be licensed and conduct background checks. snowflakes still flying out there out on cape cod the big winners were out here many towns upwards of nine inches of snow being reported in many of these locations. match pewith nine inches seeing those all across the center part of cape cod as well. really a prolific snow maker for you at least at times today when it was coming down at its hardest. this is west yarmouth at nine inches of snow. over here in the upper cape about six inches of snow up here in the saanich area we saw about six to eight inches of snow.
10:31 pm
many of these locations. plymouth area we saw upwards of six inches of snow as well. really some good accumulations expected to jackpot areas we certainly saw that tonight. to the north shore now your snow came later on in the day. but north wedding finally picked up 4.50 in lynn you picked up a little over four inches of snow as well. then back here to the west of there wilmington picking up 5.6 inches of snow. out in concord massachusetts about six inches of snow as well. worstedder county north and west of the city of worst in the city of worst a couple different muchts 2.50. there but at the airport it far. still waiting for the latest measurements to come in from worcester county. area. last check at logan airport a 4.7 inches in east boston. but that will also be added to because if it gets checked every few hours not every hour so we're still waiting for the latest report to come in likely after midnight tonight.
10:32 pm
that tonight as well. arlington at 44.2 this will be west roxbury at about four inches of snow there as well. framing hamg it jumped right up to six, 6.50 inches of snow in that area. this is the snow that's still falling out there. this darker purple band in here scituate and marshfield through plymouth still seeing some potentially accumulating snow. another half inch to an inch of snow before it wheels on off to the north. milton, quincy, braintree same idea you're in that same band just going farther to the on north along it. this stretches from lighter purple northward toward lowell, framingham more nuisance snow. this is all going to wheel off to the north. we'll watch for is those winds blowing across the water and producing ocean effect bands. i really am not all that concerned about. this yes there can be some ocean effect but as the winds relent tonight this will not keep going through the morning into the afternoon. notice how the bands really start to come way offshore anymore.
10:33 pm
we'll be done with this storm. so the biggest concern in the morning is not going to be more snow falling but the temperatures in the 20s and wind gusts like this over 20 miles per hour. it feels so cold out there. boston feels like five, beverly feels like seven and lawrence feels like eight degrees. overnight tonight those cold temperatures will lead to reicing the of the roadways. there's more cold weather on the way. potentially. >> that's right, kevin. we have some very cold conditions just to our north that's going to be trailing this system that came on through. in fact a series of systems. you can see the darker shades of purple and blue in parts of canada. this is all going to be pushing southward behind antarctic cold front that we will be tracking that's going to be pushing our way through the week. but notice this is the storm system this is tuesday. you mention not that best of chance of seeing some snow showers for tomorrow as the winds die down. our storm systems well to the east. another system develops to our south. this one looks as though it's going to pass us, miss
10:34 pm
we'll see the clouds. but boy look at this. we have a lot more going on. looks as though another low pressure may develop to our south with perhaps bringing us a better chance of snow showers on wednesday with some scattered snow showers developing by the morning commute on wednesday and then through your lunch hour picking up anywhere from a coating to even a couple of inches on wednesday into the afternoon hours. precipitation continue because that arctic cold front hasn't even come through. it looks as though by thursday that's when we'll see that front come through and kevin, some of the temperatures for the second half of the week looking pretty chilly. >> bitter cold into that valentine's day weekend. a billing shoutout to all our help from twitter. up to four on to five inches today really appreciate all the help you give us giving us reports from the ground level. there are the chances of snow showers. so the south tomorrow everywhere on wednesday and another chance for some snow on saturday. looks a little weaker tonight but something else we're tracking we'll talk more about.
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and early every 10 minutes on the fox 25 morning news. stay safe as you head back to work and school in the morning. it all begins at 4:00 a.m.. final sendor of in the snow. next at 11:00 the kind of procession not seen in generations in providence. the funeral for long time mayor buddy cianci. >> first james taylor, billy joel, pearl jam now the next bands that just signed to play at fenway park this summer. and the zika virus reaching a dangerous new threat level.
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there are those who say a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision and look to the american horizon. can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage an america there is time a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries
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we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. >> developing tonight the wife of an isis leader has been charged in the death of an american hostage. the justice department says she is accused of holding u.s. worker kill aa mueller hostage and contributing to her death. she was captured last year and is currently in iraqi custody. now it's unclear right now if she'll be brought to the u.s. to stand trial. her husband was killed last may in a raid on his compound. u.s. and south korean
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tonight as the two nations closely watch north korea concerns are growing that north korea is getting closer to being able to lawn a long range missile to the mainland u.s. with a new year u.s. those includes defense batteries capable of shooting down high altitude missiles. all coming on the heels of a reported h-bomb explosion weeks ago what the north is calling a "satellite launch over the weekend." the c.d.c. has now moved to the highest alert level to fight the spread of the zika virus. we told you earlier today about president obama's request for $1.8 billion in funding. that money would be spent on mosquito control programs, the development of a vaccine as well as improved health services for low income pregnant women. zika is spreading rapidly and is tied to birth defects in newborns. there are no vaccines or treatment currently for zika but the u.s. has started to develop a vaccine. >> unlikely to have a vaccine that's widely
10:39 pm
but we certainly can get the initial steps. >> the obama administration says 50 americans have returned to the u.s. infected with zika. pregnant women returning from affected countries are urged to get tested. rocking and rolling out on the high seas the damage on board a cruise ship caught in this massive storm. when passengers may finally reach dry land again. a business owner says his own town dumped snow right on his property. what surveillance cameras captured next that could make what happened here a crime. there's never been a 1-0 final in the championship game until tonight. it has been a lightsout performance by both goaltenders.
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the rin the middle of a time when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things
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>> tonight only fox 25 investigates has the video what has south shore business owner claiming intimidation. a town employee dumping snow on his property it and only got worse. the owner of the call called police and. >> erik rasmussen has more of the video and explains why the confrontation may have been months in the making. >> he kept going towards me. >> reporter: a scary close call. look again as this front end loader full of snow comes within inches of hitting a man on his own property. >> that bobcat was giant and for a few seconds i thought he's not going to stop. >> reporter: ray says it was no misunderstanding. >> i said that's not right and then he said the town doesn't like you i'm the boss. >> reporter: the owner of b-1 auto trade in rockland says he has been struggling with the town for months to get a permit expand his business he was in his office when surveillance
10:43 pm
large tractor dumping snow from the street on his property right in front of the car lot service and reception. >> so i came in here to stop him. >> after facing sukar head-on he drops another load of snow right at the businesses front door. >> this is my livelihood this business and the town they have with all their power and they might to have us lose our business. >> reporter: sukar snapped this photo and called 9-1-1. fox 25 investigates confirmed with police the driver is a town of rockland employee but he hasn't even identified. the town administrator didn't return our call for comment but sukar was told the driver would be suspended when he got a visit from rockland's highway superintendent. he came in here and he apologized for what happened and he clean up all the snow. >> reporter: while police confirm they're investigating they haven't said yet whether they think what happened here was a crime.
10:44 pm
say they're talking to a lawyer next. in rockland, eric rasmussen, fox 25 news. the snowstorms continue to batter massachusetts. we have seen flooding along the coast including this video send to us from a viewer of hampton beach. you can see streets were left under water during the high tide. just across the bridge in seabrook the high tide causing a mess. the restaurant's right by the marshes 30 which were certainly overflowing onto the road at several points today. >> our crews have been out on the roads covering the storm all day for you. this time lapse taken on the drive from weymouth back to our fox 25 studios here in dedham. driving on indabout hind the plow one of the safest places to drive at that time. what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation turned into a nightmare for passengers on a cruise ship. royal caribbean's anthem of the sea was on its way to
10:45 pm
it sailed into the path of a powerful storm. that ship sustained quite a bit of damage. it's nowis on the way back to new jersey. no one was seriously hurt thankfully the cruise line says all the peajts they're going on get a full refund and half off a future cruise. never in the history of the bean pod has there ever been a 1-0 championship game but that changes tonight. b.c. and b.u. squaring off for the title at the garden and if you watched any one minute of this game it did not take long on to recognize that these are two country. wild scene just over 11 minutes in. both teams playing and the light went out. it happens. every once in a while 29 minute delay before they got back out on the ice. the goalies have been spectacular. how about jordan on the breakaway misses slamming into b.c. and that really has been the story of the night.
10:46 pm
next goal wins. we'll have the latest at 11:00. super bowl 50 in the books. von miller today checking his hardware there commissioner roger goodell. the latest recipient of the trophy. get ready for a possible return from one of the most revered coaches in patriots history. he has entered discussions to return to the pats as offensive line coach. broncos game. he was here for parts of four straight decades. wants to get back in the game. it appears this deal will likely get done sometime soon. the incredible week for isiah thomas continued today named the nba player of the week. he averaged 20 points, seven assists 4.50 rebounds and 1.50 steals. all sell tik wins. -- celtic wins. now derek fisher out of a job. the knicks canned fisher
10:47 pm
phil jackson pulling the plug and turning the keys over to kurt rambus. familiar face we'll see what he can do on to turn things around. hope you saw story last night from mary and her boston junior terrier hockey team. mary has cerebral palsy and plays on a boys team. tonight she and her teammates got a very special tour of t.d. garden got to touch the bean pod trophy and? >> come here mary did you bring your equipment? >> no. i hear you're the best player on the team is that >> yes. these guys treat you well? >> they great teammates. i hear you're a great teammate. had you. -- huh. these guys treat you well? [laughter] how can you not love. that we have much more of that interaction on our website just go to the sports page you will find it right there. breaking news apparently b.c. just won we'll share
10:48 pm
goal coming up at 11:00. at 11:00 we have a team of reporters across massachusetts covering today's snow on storm and kevin and sarah are watching the storm as it heads out as people prepare to head back to school and work. primary day is almost here at 11:00 how the candidates are stumping for i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be
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always incredible how well you respond every time we have one of these storms come on through with your pictures and your reports from the field. look at some of these beautiful shots. this one from chinatown of the beautiful scenery with the snow coming down. boston getting this in this is another beautiful shot there at the state house right there. the snow on the ground outside. there this is out in lunenburg the snow is getting blown around but thankfully it has just been fluffy. there's the snow pushing on out of here tonight. a pretty steady band back here that formed looked concerning with heavy snow coming on down through connecticut but it's just
10:51 pm
just talked to steve out there via text he was wondering if that band was going on come on through. here's the steady snow still right along the coast scituate, hanover, plymouth where it's coming clips. could get up to 10 inches of snow in plymouth. boston, braintree, arlington and woburn seeing light on to moderate snow up into hampshire as well. effect snow. i'm not overly concerned about this with the winds dying out tonight though just not going to be an ideal situation for that. there is more snow in the forecast. not a lot tomorrow. it's going to be mostly cloudy what you're waking up to temperatures that are right around 20 degrees. teens to low 20s that means it will be icy out there. sure everything is getting treated and cleaned up tonight but any spots that were left behind can be icy. be careful on your way to the bus stop. we'll time out that next
10:52 pm
11:00. chatham police tweeting out these pictures of the white-out conditions. there the water rising higher than the coast. you can see how high the sea levels are at stage harbor. flooding was a problem all day on the south shore but the worst of it happened this morning. several streets in duxbury had water on them even before today's high tide. this off garnet road and police tweeted that washington street had the blue fish river was closed because of flooding. back to lynn now where it wasn't just plows and shovels but surfboards, that's right, surfboards making an appearance during the storm. fox 25's ted daniel introduces to us some local diehards who are not letting a little snow get in the way of a perfect wave. >> reporter: shovels, plowing, strolling, exploring. >> i went to a russian market and shopped which i don't usually get to do during the week. >> reporter: some of the things people like to do during a winter storm. here's another.
10:53 pm
people of like that's a huge one right there. >> reporter: we found these guys at kings beach in lynn near the swampscott line for them winter surfing is the norm not the exception. >> it's all about the conditions. if the waves are good that's more important than if it's a blizzard outside. regardless if it's 19 degrees. >> reporter: with a wind chill that 19 degrees feels more like 7 the water temperature a balmy 43 degrees. >> honestly it's colder out on of the water than in the water. so the more you're in the water the better it feels surprisingly. >> reporter: we met eric cane from swampscott after he spent nearly two hours in the water riding waves. do you look forward to this? >> absolutely as new england surfers this is what we live for. >> reporter: the surfers that we spoke with have already been out a few times this winter they're looking forward to the next couple days and more big waves. reporting in lynn, ted daniel, fox 25 news.
10:54 pm
>> because they're hearty souls. still your face gets wet you get that brain freeze i'm sure. >> they love it. cold days like these honestly make us long for warm summer nights at fenway park. we have learned a supergroup will be playing two concerts. the band dead and company is made of up john mayer and members of the grateful dead. concerts july 15th and 16th. tickets go on sale next thursday. snow covered streets on pleasant street in natick making for dangerous driving. it's a similar story om of the back roads all over massachusetts. thanks for staying up late with us i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. tomorrow many of the children are going back to school and many of you going back to work. >> we have team coverage. let's begin with chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz at the storm tracker weather center. kevin, here now with what we need to know for that
10:55 pm
exactly what you guys just said mark it is going to be icy. the temperatures they're not going to go up very much storm. if you're starting out cold and spending cold tomorrow sure it will recover from the up into the 20s or maybe the low 30s but that's at best. won't be a lot of melting going on a lot of clouds out there tomorrow. there's the last of the snow still coming down steadily in scituate to marshfield where you're looking at seven or eight inches of snow most locations there already. milton and quincy still seeing some snow. boston to arlington and northward to reading seeing that snow. newburyport along the coast onto the north as well. there's the snow by 11:30 half hour from now getting into the boston area and pushing offshore. still future cast showing the potential for some of those ocean effect snow bands. i just don't think it's a huge concern from the end of this storm system. but those temperatures boy they're cold.
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