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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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incredible. ou highest wind gust came out of nantucket 60 miles per hour as this storm was just barreling to our east. and still it is churring up the seas. i want to take a wider look. 22 feet they're going to continue to build as we are now approaching the time of high tide. we right now until 2:00 a.m. for the south shore as well as the cape and nantucket. those east and north facing beaches likely going to see
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possible beach erosion. >> mark high tide police tell us luckily there is noj major to report. there was a home that was nearly washed away. le on man winter just isn't giving up in sit uitem. we are trying to get it off and get the streets clear. i have been nonstop. nonstop all day. it's rough and slippery.
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i know it has to stop. i have been a little thrilled i like to picture wet as soon as it gets mostly icy i didn't want to die so i would stay at home. i did shovel earlier today but i did by the time he came home. over in neighboring marshfield the ocean force wind washed out a house on ocean street. this is winter in new england. to summit you will up a here
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to report. thank you to the folks for not being out on the roads really they are continuously plowing these streets. malini basu, fox 25 news. live with a look at how the snow fell there and all the snow that fell there, jim? second of all many people did go to work today and they drove. that meant they went on the roads here and basically into one big slippery mass this could be an exceedingly tough morning commute. just when you thought winter
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say hello to half a foot. there were plenty of precipitation to go around. it's constantly coming down. it's adding up. >> adding up to a treacherous commute. this is pleasant street ditto for dover roads. it was the overachiever in this winter storm continuing tonight right on time. it's surprising the way the roads are and everything. >> for many getting home meant getting back to work. homs, dads even a little guy named liam pressed into the vital service of keeping the driveway clean. it's a lot lighter than last week's storm. easier to the wallet too for
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meager season. days before valentine's day that white christmas so many dreamed of six weeks late. two other weather developments the welcome one is the fact that winds have died down considerably here. at last luck we were down to eight degrees here. fox 25 news. jackie who has been in brockton for us all night. mark it's still coming down here in brockton all the way up here. the work just has not stopped for folks trying to shovel themselves out as the
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means more work will have to be done that's the scene around brockton all day today. all day long it has been coming down nonstop. they couldn't even null their driveways parking on the street while they tackle the task. and by sundown no one end in site some still scraping off their cars not as easy as i thought it would be. to ease the burden of what they would be facing in the morning. i go in and warm up myself. after customers trudge in and out all day. kind of made it a little bit harder on us to keep everything in stock. restocking constantly on salt scrapers and shovels
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heavy task. is this your first shovel here? >> no. but not here in the boston area. well, if you guys didn't have a chance to build your snowman today there's plenty tomorrow. but school will be in session also city hall will be open and the trash removal happening on the holiday schedule. if you're parked in a snow lot make sure you move your car before the 7:30 hour. >> love to see what it looks like where you are and send us your photos. address is share >> be sure to watch the fox
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4:00 a.m. tomorrow for weather and traffic conditions. four on people are still in critical condition tonight after a charter bus crash flipped. police say about 55 people were on bus today more than two dozen people were hurt but e.m.t.s say it could have been a lot worse. we expect it to maybe have patients were actually to actually walk off the bus that crash happened today while the storm was moving through connecticut but it's not clear if the road conditions are what caused it. in just a little less than an hour right now the first votes will be cast in new hampshire for the first of the nation primary. fox 25 political reporter sharman sacchetti is live in
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final push. both sides really working for every last vote we are joined mere by kathryn burcham. there. tell us about it for one of the greatest experiences of his life. the campaigning over the last several months and those words came at the end campaign trail. he appeared at several events before that final rally this evening and in a rare moment his family was by his side as he begged at the polls. >> we have a blizzard or at least a very bad storm and to have this many people i want to thank everybody. >> reporter: blinding snow may have delayed donald trump from taking the stage but it didn't stop him. >> she has been so unbelievable she has been so understanding. >> reporter: or his family with his wife making a rare
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voters to choose her husband tomorrow. >> we love you new hampshire we together, we will make america great again. >> even here in the 11ing hourly a few new hampshire primary voters say they still don't know if trump has their vote. >> i really just want to hear what he has to say. i what his plans are kate came here with her family to help her decide between trump and jeb bush. make your decision right as you're walking through the door. >> trump for his part did his best begging voters to get out tomorrow blizzard orn. let's have a big victory tomorrow. we love you. despite the back and forth on twitter today between trump and jeb bush. trump did not focus on his
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continues to lead all the polls heading into tomorrow. sharman. thank you, catherine. and hillary clinton with daughter and husband today. their message to get out and vote. she says she's accepted them so has president obama. clinton was adamant that she could still be tough on wall street even though she accepted donations from big financial institutions. democrat bernie sanders speaking in durham early are tonight. sanders talked with supporters in nashua before that with hours until the polls open sanders saying he remains confident fox 25 is a whole night of new hampshire primary coverage planned for you tomorrow. we will be on from 5:00 to 11:30 bringing you the results as did he come. i will be live at our special election studio here in manchester we will have
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candidate headquarters of course we will carry their speeches live for you as well. kevin lemanowicz, over to you. >> short all right, sharm you got off easy but could play a part of the morning with some icy roads on out will as well. we're tracking the snow out of here tonight and the next chance of snow already on the way. one final good-bye to a local ling. the funeral for long time providence mayor buddy cianci. >> more than 100 people were people were sickened at a chipotle in boston.
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how blah. >> we now know what caused the deadly fire that left a woman dead this weekend. smoking materials set fire that started on the living room sofa and the 62-year-old victim's clothing. officials say there were no warning smoke alarms -- no working smoke alarms in that apartment. saying its final farewell today to its longest serving mayor. funeral services were held this morning for buddy cianci. dozens of people lined the streets as cianci's casket was pulled by on a horse-drawn carriage. cianci served multiple serve term but was forced from office twice. he died late last month at 74. new at 11:00 the f.b.i. and local police looking for a robbery suspect. the man in this photo held
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main street around 10:20 this morning. officers say the man handed a teller a note ran off with the cash. the suspect believed to be in his 40s about 5'8" and a thin build. information. new at 11:00 chipotle reopening today following a company wide food safety to make up for being closed on for a few hours today chipotle offered customers a free burrito by texting the word rain check to them. this all comes after an e. coli outbreak was linked to company and more than 100 people in boston were sickened with the norovirus after eating at the cleveland circle restaurant. the price of a gallon of gasoline in massachusetts has now dropped for the ninth consecutive week. the cheapest it has been in years. last time prices this were
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u.s. astronaut scott kelly showing off his great view of the super bowl from 250 miles abovering a. new at 11:00, kelly decided to take a few photos of the super bowl between the denver broncos and carolina panthers in san francisco. in the picture it's the tiny oval shaped object in the center posted on the social media saying nobody showed up to this super bowl party. but if they had i would have served nachos. the brnches beat the panthers -- broncos beat the panthers 24-10. we're tracking the snow get it on out of here tonight finally the back edge coming through the city of worcester right now. that's certainly good news. there's still some steady snow and potential potentially accumulating snow to the north shore still some moderate snow here lawrence to haverhill, saugus, lynn, salem, cape ann seeing some of that as well. then off to the west there's
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worcester, to sutton then into rhode island. this is pulling off toward the north. this stuff in white here just moved again live for you that's flurry activity. so it's not going on to accumulate to anything. there it goes wheeling on out of here. future cast shows it nicely gone. the winds are still blowing from the north to the effect snow showers. i just don't think it's accumulating stuff i'm not so concerned about that. leaving us with some sun tomorrow but a lot of clouds into tomorrow evening partly cloudy skies and still very chilly. look at the temperatures. 21 right now in norwood in boston, 17 in worcester, 20 in brevl. not brutal cold for a night in this part of the year in february. but when you factor in those winds gusts which are still gusting over 20 miles per hour here on cape cod and 30 miles per hour in nantucket. they're still in the teens anyway inland you are going to get wind chills like this. nine dths in boston, 6 worcester. they were lower at the height of the storm earlier
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blowing 40, 50 even 60 miles per hour across the area. the snow coming to an end. here are some of the snow totals that you will end up with. a foot of snow on only report of a foot of snow with a ruler in the snow. appreciate that report it looks like as a winner oak bluff out on the vineyard 9.8. plan caster and worcester county picking up over six inches of snow. in east boston that was as of 7:00 but that's our official reporting station. so 4.7 that puts boston so far just four inches below average for this time of year. can you believe how close we're coming and how fast we're catching up, sarah. >> pretty amazing especially since we really didn't get going until the end of january and the pattern well, it will stay unsettled kevin because we have the chances of more snow in the forecast this week. this will be our system pushing well away from us for tomorrow. but we've got yet another
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pressing to our south. we're going to stay fairly dry. but it's not the only one. we have antarctic cold front well to our west that will be trying to make its way into the region by thursday. but ahead of it we could see yet another system develop to our south. that may give us the chance of some scattered snow showers as we head into wednesday. looking at our future cast you can see some of those scattered snow showers. may see some light accumulations out of this but i think we'll see a better chance of some accumulations with that arctic cold front of coming lew on thursday. then that is really going to drop the temperatures by the weekend waking up to temperatures near 0 on sunday after a while another chance of some snow perhaps by saturday. there's a look at your forecast. >> thanks, sarah. we had a good one at t.d. forwarden tonight. you -- garden tonight. the dramatic finish coming up right after this. hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm
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he's not flashy, not rude... he's steady, he's tested and proven. he's a president, which is what we need to make us strong and safe again. for america, jeb bush. pnright to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> every once in a while you are treated to a game as it unfolds you know you are watching something special. that was the case tonight as boston college squared off yet again for another bean pod championship. crazy scene as the teams were playing the light went out. it happens every once in a while. 29 minute delay. they did come back out on the ice scpirned if the first. goalies were spectacular. sean mcgwire stopped 41 tonight.
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tournament. jordan greenway on the breakaway chance another way this is the third period he misses but goes slamming into patrick dem kx o then the memory of a lifetime. he scores. just like that. >> what a finish what a game the eagles take it by 1-0 final. let's check in now with butch stearns who was at the garden to witness one of the best finals in the history of this tournament, butch? it. we saw something special tonight after 67 shots three full periods of hockey it works great goaltending performances a 1-0 final the first one ever in bean pod history. >> i just tried to block time and just threw it off net.
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it's a battle of boston. incredible. obviously all these guys want to win. i got to get a picture. we're real happy. >> patrick demko running away afterwards the fourth shutout in bean pod final history. now b.c. is the champion. after a one year hiatus the bean pod goes back. >> thanks, butch. incredible week for isiah thomas includes. nba all-star four wins now player of the week. 20 points her game, seven assists. starting with a game in milwaukee tomorrow night. derek fisher out of a job in new york. just a year and a half into his stint. kurt rambus will take over. unlikely to make a run but you never know.
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pod trophy headed back to chestnut hill. >> i watch to show you the seven-day forecast. you see we are watching -- catching up on those snow totals. we're only four inches low. that's within an older measure from logan airport. there has been more snow we are eating into that seasonal snowfall. nowhere near where we were last year that's for sure. seven-day forecast does include the next chance for some snow. sarah you were talking about that for wednesday, right. >> wednesday, but then our cold front comes through on thursday, too. temperatures just drop as we head into the week. >> already getting questions about the weekend. potential like a smaller rift but we'll fine-tune that in the next couple days.
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