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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 9, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, storm tracker radar still showing snow. how much accumulation to plan on in your town and when it winds down for good. this morning, major cleanup around the state as everyone heads back to work and school. fox25 live from the south shore, one of the hardest-hit areas as people there dig out. plus, the very first ballots have already been cast. four hours ago two candidates were able to officially claim the lead. we have the results. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 4:00 on this tuesday, february 9, primary day in new hampshire. i am daniel miller.
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julie grauert. the worst are almost over and still closings and delays scrolling on the bottom of your screen this morning. shiri spear is in the storm tracker center. came with the commute, coming out with it too. >> shiri: we are seeing the last of the snow showers come on through. a blast through central massachusetts probably through the boston area as well where i had reports of flurries even at this moment. even though storm tracker radar not taking off on this substantial snow in boston. still going to find that area light precipitation which is at 16 degrees. obviously cool enough for it to stick across the board and snow kind of stretching along the mass pike back to 495 right now now. this is likely going to be the last blast of snow in central massachusetts. by 6:00 this morning, i wouldn't be surprised to see it close to the nashua or the portsmouth area with temperatures in the teens. 20 degrees in boston. 16 in worcester at 6:00 this morning. we have 20s down across the cape and islands. keep an eye on the coast.
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rolling in off the ocean, and that will keep the risk for snow along the coastline only rest of the weekend sticking with mostly cloudy skies here at noontime and temperatures in the upper 20s. as we head about the evening commute, we will see a lot of snow showers along the coast snow showers along the coastline drying up accept over the cape where we have a slight risk of an ongoing snow shower. snow totals today are very minor and any additional snow will be a nuisance. a wednesday morning commute and snow is coming back into the picture. today's high 28 to 34 degrees with a few of the coastal snow showers. very little accumulation expected. in fact today is expected a patchy coating of snow. up to an inch toward the plymouth area. better chance of that snow tomorrow, and i will break it down hour by hour come up. julie, back over to you for an early check on those roads. >> reporter: shiri, yesterday was an overall quiet commute because we recommended that
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mass dot tweeting thought peed limit restrictions to 40 miles per hour has been lifted from the pike to the new york border to sturbridge. things looking good right now on route 1 and 93 south. pike wide open flew framingham and the weston tolls and here is what you would encounter through brighto n. take it slow because slushy and slippery spots. nine minutes on the expressway pike. 22 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. it is 4:03 right now. we start with breaking international news this morning international news this morning. at least two people are dead in a head-on train crash in southern germany. police say the passenger trains collided in a town in the state of bavaria. the exact number of victims are unclear but some reports say that 100 people are injured. the scene of the accident is said to be chaotic and confusing. many people are stuck inside the wreckage of the trains. we will be following the latest developments from germany all morning long.
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powerful blizzard sunday way on the south shore. some towns have seen widespread flooding. in mashfield rising seas sent water surge water surging into this house on ocean street. the home suffered extensive damage but no one was hurt. along the coast strong gust. conditions from plymouth to nantucket. we will be live with the cleanup all new at 5 a.m. check thought issue in leicester, a large tree limb crashed into a car on marshal street. the woman inside was able to get out of the car without getting hurt. we are learning that the injuries from a tour bus crash that closed i-95 are not as serious as first reported. authorities in connecticut said 30 people were hurt but none critically in yesterday's crash. a tour bus heading to new york from mohegan sun flipped over on snow-covered roads in madison. the moster is qulis hurt passengers were sent to yale new haven. some suffered broken bones.
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no word what caused this crash. this storm is over, but before the next one hits, make sure you download the fox25 weather and news apps for your smartphone and tablet. it is quick and free -- a free way to update to get the latest updates on breaking news and weather. shiri back a full forecast coming up in just a few minutes coming up in just a few minutes. it is primary day in new hampshire, and the first votes have already been cast. at midnight, the nine registered voters in dixville notch made their primary picks. ohio governor john kasich three votes. donald trump got two. for the democrats vermont senator bernie sanders earned four votes while hillary clinton was shut out in. dixville notch is the first town to vote in the presidential primary since the 1960s. when the rest of the polling places open this morning, the fate of self-presidential campaigns will be decided. more than one republican could drop out of race if results are disappointing.
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place as a viable challenger for the democratic nomination. karin kaifa has the last-minute scramble for votes. >> reporter: candidates' biggest challenge on the big full day of campaigning was the weather, snow and messy roadways in a day packed with town halls and rallies. donald trump and bernie sanders enter primary day strong leads in the polls, but a lot more to these two races than just the numbers. the new hampshire republican contest looks a lot different than iowa's last week which was largely about the anti-establishment and a battle between trump and ted cruz. the focus here have been on a trio of governors, former governor jeb bush, ohio governor kasich and chris christie vying for republican voters. they touted executive experience and a campaign to beat hillary clinton in they are hope they are hoping to hold off the surge that marco rubio started with a strong third-place finish in iowa, especially
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night's debate here. on the democratic side, polls show a double-digit lead for clinton. granted. the final full day of campaigning including multiple stops. clinton knows new hampshire and know primary comebacks. bill clinton in 1992. hillary clinton rebounded after losing iowa to barack obama in 2008. a family affair for the clinton a family affair for the monday with daughter chelsea joining in as well. the snow that fell steadily throughout monday is expected to be gone by the time most new hampshire voters head to the polls on primary day. new hampshire voters tradition legal turn out in big numbers on their presidential primary day, and with the energy, enthusiasm and have in the 2016 race, it is expected that it be much the same this time around as well in manchester, new hampshire, i am karin kaifa. independent voters may play
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undeclared residents with vote in either primary. 53% of granite tate voters were listed as independent. it they turn out in similar numbers today, that could be the deciding factor. >> whoever we vote for, it will probably swing the election and then the very first primary in the nation, so a good spot to be in. >> daniel: beside the independent factor some polls leading up to the primary showed half of the likely republican voters still have not committed to a candidate. a controversial message to increase voter turnout now being used in new hampshire. people tell fox25 they have received these letters in the mail. they too include a list of neighbors and record for what elections they voted in. the letter came from an organization that was not registered with the state or federal governments. it promises to publish a new list after the election. similar voter shaming letters were sent to homes in iowa before last week's caucuses. they were linked to the campaign as senator ted cruz. the polls open at 6 a.m. in many cities and towns and
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many will be open until 8:00 tonight. you will see live coverage of the results as they come in right here on fox25. we have complete coverage of the new hampshire primary throughout the day. stick with us throughout the morning and then rejoin us at 5:00 tonight. we will be on the air straight through 11:30 bringing you live results, reports from candidates' headquarters and speeches those happen. we will stream them t live on and the fox25 news app. and current time is 4:09. two local men who dressed up like police officers are headed to court for a violent home invasion. they posed as cops to get inside a home on pine hill street in lowell. a lowell police officer shot one of the suspects twice when gun. that officer is now on administrative leave while the incident is being investigated. the suspect has been released hearing. this morning, the fbi and local police are searching for a bank robbery suspect. stoneham officers say the man in this photo held up the bank
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shortly after 10 yesterday morning. the teller handed money over and the suspect ran off with the cash. they are looking for a man in his 40s with a thin build and thin wire-rimmed glasses. a string of bomb threats called into new england school last month came from overseas. the providence journal said police tracked amount police tracked automated phone calls to schools in rhode island back to gaithersburg, russia. dozens of students across massachusetts schools across the state received similar threats last month. the threats forced schools to cancel classes. police made sure those buildings were safe. the city of weymouth was hit especially hard. the city's schools, the police station, the hospital and retail stores were all targeted targeted. we are working this morning to see if local police and the fbi are making the same connection to that russian e-mail. we track traffic and minutes. a look at your live drive times a look at your live drive times. 13 minutes on the pike eastbound from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. be careful of slippery spots,
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>> shiri: especially as we have kind of a last blast of snow coming through the area. notice snow chances inland going to be pretty low, much higher along the coastline from beverly to boston, portsmouth, new hampshire, about 40% risk. better in plymouth and hyannis. an hour-by-hour look at what time frame we are talking for minor accumulation next. it is it is a video that is on many people's facebook pages this morning. a terrifying look at a cruise ship as it heads into a storm. ahead, the growing investigation this morning as passengers demand to know why they sailed right into danger. plus a snow plow nearly strikes a man on his own property. why he says it is proof the your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed
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megared. the difference is
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welcome back at 4 :14. meteorologist shiri spear here and still tracking snow on stormtracker radar. you can see we have the steadier snow and mostly light stuff leicester to to paxton. moving across the mass pike through portions of 495. watch out. roads are still going to be slippery this morning. we will continue to track as we come back in a couple of minutes with the hour-by-hour forecast. back to you, guys. just 4:15. terrified cruise ship passengers are on their way home this morning. this video was taken on board royal caribbean anthem of the seas and it is going viral. the ship sailed right into the path of powerful storms sunday night off the coast of the carolinas.
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dropped snow here on us yesterday. this morning, lawmakers are calling for the national transportation safety board to investigate why the ship -- the ship left port. they say they knew for years that the hurricane strength storm was forming. you can see the damage done to the ship by the 1 the ship by the 100-mile-per-hour wind and 30 100-mile-per-hour wind and 30-foot waves. four people had minor injuries and all being offered full refunds and 50% off their next cruise. >> that looked terrifying there. a local business owner is almost hit by a plow, and this morning he says there is much more to the story. only fox25 investigates has the video. the owner of b 1 auto laid in rockland says he has been struggling with the town for months to get a permit to expand business. he was in his office when surveillance cameras recorded a plow dumping snow on his property. when sucar approached the driver, the plow came within inches of hitting him. when the plow dumped snow right on the front door of the business.
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this business. and the town -- the livelihood, this business. and the town will have all their power in their might to have us lose our business. >> daniel: rockland business is investigating and say the driver is a town mow. the town administrator has not returned our calls. the town superintendent told sucar the driver would be suspended. this morning the fire department is thanking a neighbor for making their job easier in the snow. yesterday lynn, firefighters to roush gurney to the home. the house was set back on a long driveway and shoveled out by a friendly neighbor. thanks to him the sick patient was able to get to the ambulance a little bit easier. most head for the ski slopes when the snow starts to fall, but for some, it is actually perfect beach weather. whoa, these guys are brave. fox25 caught up with a group of surfers in lynn saying that yesterday's storm made for perfect conditions. the wind gusts i brought huge waves. even though it was cool out the
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>> all about the conditions. if the waves are good, that is more important than if it is a blizzard outside regard physicals it is 19 degrees, yeah. julie the surfers we talked to say they will be out there again today as the conditions will be just as choice today as they were yesterday. >> daniel: i am sure they will be the only ones. [ laughter ] >> julie: good for them. stay safe and stay warm out there. on the map, an issue on the expressway right around morrissey boulevard. we have an accident. overall volume is light, but it is something to consider when you are headed in that direction with the slippery spots on the road. pike wide open from framingham through newton to the allston/brighton tolls. 24 minutes from 106 to 128. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. meteorologist shiri spear is here and tracking today's weather from the storm tracker weather center. hi, shir.
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what we've got roar, more snow. snow on top of these totals in boston picking up a fresh 6.4 inches of snow here on nonworcester, 557 inches. the neat thing is remember last week, we had a two-foot snowfall deficit, now not only 10 inches. three inches short of the typical snowfall this season. we have more of it out there this morning. this will not be a hefty snow. this will come through as lighter snow showers and flurries now passing through the worcester area, but the mass pike, parts of 190, 290, 495 going to be impacted, even where you don't seat snow out toward the boston area getting reports of flurries out there. plus on top of that, winds that are going to come in from the north today, pick up a little moisture over the ocean, and this could actually trigger showers. anywhere that is sticking out. so cape anne, the south shore, the cape. those are locations that we will be watching for ocean will be watching for
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37 temperature-wise this afternoon we get close to 33 in bedford. 32 in boston. 31, beverly. 33 in plymouth. 28 in worcester. 30 no nashua, new hampshire. but mostly cloudy even where we don't get those snow showers. freeze-frame things at 7:00. not going to see a whole lot out there. i do believe we will have a couple of flurries at 7 a.m., plus we are starting to see some of those ocean effect snow showers i was mentioning most at risk the plymouth area. i have to tell that you is kind of the hot spot for some of the snow showers. trait through noontime and during the afternoon they tend to lighten up and keep a real close eye on the cape all the way into the evening hours. couple of thin spots in the clouds here and there but don't look forward to too much sunshine. er about three days away from having a nice, great day. i don't see that until friday. so during the day tomorrow, notice snow is redeveloping here during the morning commute. we have got the opportunity for some on and off snow showers throughout day. i am seeing some of the
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pike today. so after midnight, we will start seeing some of the lighter snow showers and pop up during the day tomorrow, again, monitoring for couple of waves of snow. 39 your high in boston. 40 in bedford. 36 in worcester. 38 in plymouth. we are only going to get a coat we are only going to get a coating to two inches of snow here for the day tomorrow. so tomorrow, about a 60% chance of snow. by thursday, i am only going to go g with 30%. more flurries than anything else, and more breezy with a high of 30 degrees 24 on friday under partly cloudy skies. and for the weekend on saturday, it will be pretty blustery out there. the warmer of the two days this weekend, and height is only 18 degrees. you know what that means? that means by sunday, it might be a little bit brighter. bitterly cold waking up to zero and a high of only 15. i hope you are ready for winter to make itself very pronounced within the next couple of days. back to you daniel and julie. a new drink set to hit the
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the link between this line of whiskeys and the 2008 financial crisis. and there are reports that north korea launched a satellite that ended up over the super bowl.
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and what the alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range
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the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually
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. >> the wife of a former isis leader is charged in 9 death of an american hostage. she was charged yesterday with u.s. aid worker. the u.s. justice department says she personally brought kayla mueller to her home and held her hostage. saif was captured last year and currently in iraqi custody for terrorism-related charges. her husband was killed last may in a raid on his compound. new this morning, it is now confirmed that north korea's newest satellite passed over the super bowl. the pentagon confirmed that north korea successfully launched the satellite and it is orbiting the u.s. the u.s. and other world powers convened a meeting condemning the launch. they hope that a resolution regarding the launch and tests
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it would have passed over levi stadium an hour after the game ended. the justice department is investigating a data breach at the fbi. hackers have posted personal information for 20,000 employee employees. the league comes one day after personal information for 10,000 department of homeland security employees were published. the group tweeted the information saying it was pulled from the department of justice database. they included the hash tag, free palestine. new this morning the planned parenthood clinic where three people were killed will security. the clinic in colorado springs has been closed since november when the suspected gunman open fired inside kick a police officer and two other people. nine more were wounded. robert lewis dear is facing 179 felony charges including murder. the scheduled reopening is set for february 15. 4:25 right now. the cdc is now on the highest alerted to fight the spread of the zika virus by activating that alert level. cdc staff will be working around the clock to stop the
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president obama has requested $1.8 billion in funding to help in the fight. money will go toward developing the vaccine and that is not expected any time soon. the obama administration says 50 americans have returned to the u.s. infected with zika. the price of gas in massachusetts has dropped for the 9th week in a row. it is now the cheapest it has been in years. on average, a gallon of gas will cost you 1.77 in massachusetts. that is $.04 lower than last week. the last time prices were this low were in january of 2009. chipotle offers customer a free burrito to make up for being close for training and one man got caught up in the effort to apologize to customers. chipotle closed during the lunch rush. we reported to you yesterday morning to teach employees about food about food safety. customers had to text the word raincheck to the phone number and many people typed the wrong numbers that sent all of those texts to a guy in washington
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texts from people looking for a free burrito. that attorney says he feels bad for chipotle and all the wrong texts drained his cell phone battery. >> that would be a nightmare. this morning, a small company is reaping the benefits of a well-placed ad. still coming your way this morning, how winning a major contest is launching a coffee business with an odd name into the national spotlight. plus, it is time to vote in new hampshire. in just about 90 minutes, polls will open. fox25 is your home for complete primary coverage.
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result now at 4:30 thpt snow is not over yet, but the community could pick up another inch of accumulation this morning. plows out in full force to get the roads ready for your drive in this morning.
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nature won't be much help.
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