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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 9, 2016 5:00am-5:59am EST

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>> sara: santa rosa and i am sara underwood back to school and work for many people, and we still do have closings and delays at the bottom of your screen this morning. meteorologist shiri spear is in the fox25 storm tracker weather center and shiri, came in with the commute and going out with it as well. >> reporter: from one morning commute to the next morning commute and this should really be the last of it here. at least the last of this steady snow. light stuff right now and coming down from worcester to fitchburg over to lawrence. you can see. even getting reports outside of that out toward the boston area, still flurries out there. so my word of warning to you, we got temperatures in the teens and 20s guys. this is going to have no problems sticking to some of the untreated roads. the back roads will still be slippery. budge. teens inland. about 20 in boston at 7 a.m. take to you noontime, because by noontime, it is mostly just clouds out there. we have 28 in boston. 25 in worcester. 30s down across the cape and islands, but we have ongoing
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down the coastline as we travel throughout morning, through the afternoon. and we will keep a close eye on that. snow comes back again in time for the morning commute. highs today 28 to 34. over to julie grauert with live drive-time traffic. >> julie: shiri, the speed restrictions on the spike been lifted from the new york border to sturbridge. taking a look at our traffic flows. they are light right now. we have an accident on route 1 light not cause light not causing a loft backup. pike clear from framingham brighton. 26 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split. 29 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. sara and gene, back to you. we are getting new video from that breaking international news this morning. at least four people are dead in a head-on train crash in southern germany. the passengers trained collided
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the train ride to the alps and popular with tourists. new video the crews are stretch new video the crews are stretched out along the scene of the crash. they are partially derailed and wedged into each other. many people have still trapped inside those trains and most say at least 100 people are injured. we will be following the latest developments from germany all morning long. this morning, cleanup continues around the state especially on the south shore which was particularly hard hit you. >> sara: jessica reyes live from marshfield and this area so you some flooding in the storm. >>reporter: it did, sara, the snow stopped falling and dealing with the aftermath. over on ocean street. still a little bit of flooding there right now. we know that schools here are on a two-hour delay as people wake up and start the cleanup process here. during yesterday's storm, the biggest issues near marshfield were winds and coastal flooding that affected homes right on
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street. the flooding was pretty minor compared to what this area had in the past. the marshfield police chief said no one was hurt during the storm. on top of the coastal flooding during high tide, the snow was relentless. some people telling us they spent hours shoveling but it didn't make much of a difference. >> i know it has to stop i don't know if thank it will ever stop. >> i go go into work. i shoveled earlier but by the time he came home, it didn't look like i did anything. >> reporter: over in scituate, we know also some coastal flooding in the area where it tends to flood during these storms during high tide. again, the cleanup continues in marshfield this morning particularly over on ocean street. the dpw is over there right now. as shiri has been saying, it is going to be extremely cold. so this is not going to help with the cleanup but will be out here all morning long monitoring the situation land have another live report in 30 minutes. live in marsh philadelphia,
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news. and check out this mess in leicester, a large tree limb crashed into a car on marshal street. the woman inside was able to get out without getting hurt. a bad crash on 95 in connecticut during a storp. good news, the injuries -- during a storm. good news the injuries are not as bad. 30 people were hurt, noncritically in yesterday's crash. the tour bus headed to new york from mohegan sun flipped over in madison. the most seriously injured the most seriously injured.people went to yale hospital. some suffered broken bones. the other were less severe. the storm is over, but before the next one hits, make sure you download the fox25 weather and news app for your smartphone and tablet. it is easy and free and the best way to update your weather conditions. the cold weather and slick streets could mean get together voting booth a little tricky in parts of new hampshire today.
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candidates braved the weather to make one final impression on potential primary voters. this could be the end of the road for several republican candidates. but they finish today far back in the pack for the democrats, vermont senator bernie sanders is hoping to protect the lead that he has built up. >> gene: polls open for everyone else later this morning, but some votes have been cast in the nation's first primary. . >> sara: fox25's catherine parrotta is live at a polling place in nashua. they are getting ready for a pretty long day, catherine. >> reporter: yeah, sara. at the school in nashua, before we went on the air, some poll workers made their way inside that school. the poll the poll open at 6:00 and open at different times depending on where you are. the candidates will be doing the same, reaching out to voter the same, reaching out to voters even as some of the ballots are being cast. as you mentioned in some places the results are already in. here is new hampshire a couple
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100 voters to open the polls at you midnight. and dixville notch, john kasich would be the pinner and bernie sanders for the democrats. all three locations are considered too small to be representative of the way the primary will go statewide. candidates braved the snow to appeal to voters on the eve of today's primary and the work wasn't over today. many candidates have stopped before heading to their headquarters. marco rubio plan to stop at several polling places before 8 a.m. and army of volunteers have been working making robo have been working making robocalls as late as 9 p.m. at least volunteers for those candidates. today is primary day and voters will be out early in the morning into the evening before those final results are tabulated and released. in terms of voer turnout, shiri was saying we don't have to worry about too much snow near new hampshire for those voters making their way out, but will yesterday's tropical storm any
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we will tell you about that next half hour. live in nashua, new hampshire, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. independent voters may play key role in today's primary. new hampshire residents who run declared may vote in either party's primary. in 2012, 43% of granite state voters were listed as independent during the general election. if they turn out in civil lar numbers that could be the deciding factor. >> whoever we go for will probably swing the election and then the very first primary in the nation so really a good spot to be in. >> sara: beside the independent factor, some polls leading up to today's primary show half of the likely republican voters still have not committed to a candidate. 5:07. a controversial method in new hampshire. residents tell fox25 they received these letters in the you mail that that include a list of neighbors and what elections they vote in. it comes with a organization
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state and federal government. they prom noise publish -- voter shaming letters were sent to homes in iowa before last week's caucuses. they were linked to the campaign of senator ted cruz. >> the polls open at 6 a.m. in many cities and towns. others will open a few hours later. many will be open until 8:00 tonight. and we have complete coverage of the new hampshire primary for you throughout the day. stick with fox25 throughout the morning, and then join us at 5:00 tonight. we will be on the air straight through 11:30 bring it through 11:30 bringing you results, reports from the candidates' headquarters, all the speeches as they happen. we will stream it all live to, and the fox25 news app. bay state senior senator raising serious campaign cash two years before even up for reelection. according to the federal election commission, senator elizabeth warren collected $2.7 million last year and another $635,000 through the super pa c. she uses some of the money to
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aspen hill any not spent any money yet for any candidate. warren has yet to endorse hillary clinton or bernie sanders. new trouble report that a satellite from north korea passed over the super bowl. north korea successfully launched the satellite and now or biting the u.s. world leaders held a meeting condemning the launch. they hope a new resolution of their rocket launch and recent soon. the satellite would have passed over levi stadium an hour after the game ended. happening today, two local moan dressed up like police officers are going to court for a violent home invasion. police say cristy if coffee and timothy barry posed as cops to get inside of a home on pine hill street in lowell. a lowell police officer shot one of the suspects twice when he opened the front door with the gun. the officer is now on administrative leave while the incident is being investigated. the suspect is being released from the hospital from his court hearing.
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trial of a second suspect in the murder of a local army veteran. jessie williams charged with first-degree mushed in the death of joseph popaluo, jr. he was killed in a stoneham home. williams and another suspect has now been convicted. he will be sentenced in march. smoking is being blamed for causing a deadly fire over the weekend. the 62-year-old woman was killed when flames spread through a multifamily home on park street in north andover. the state fire marshal says smoking materials ignited the living room couch. investigators say no working smoke alarms in the apartment. every ten minutes we track traffic and weather for you. do want to let you know that all weather related propane restrictions have been lifted from the new york border all the way through boston. before it was just through sturbridge. it is still going to be slushy and icy out there. take it slow this morning. shiri. >> shiri: we have the best chance of snow along the
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any chances inland will be this morning with some flurries. the ongoing threat from ports nought beverly to boston but especially plymouth down to hyannis for minor accumulation. i will break it down next. 5:11 this morning. it is something that is on everyone's facebook page this morning. this terrifying video from a cruise ship stuck in a storm. ahead, the growing investigation this morning as passengers deand into know why they sailed right into danger. plus, a snow plow nearly strikes a man on his own property, and fox25 investigates has the video. why he says it is proof that
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5:14. meteorologist shiri spear here and snow on radar. worcester, gardner, even rindge worcester, gardner, even rindge, new hampshire seeing flurries. light snow in groton, pepperell and westwood. the motion will be rolling off from the north through the morning commute and of course we will be back with a wednesday snow in just a few. back to you, guys. >> gene: only fox25 investigates a south shore business owner claiming intimidation. take a look. a tongue employee dumping snow on his property and it only got worse. >> sara: the owner of a car lot called police and fox25 after that front-end loader nearly hit him. eric rasmussen has more on the
5:15 am
confrontation may have been months in the make months in the making. >> he kept going toward me. >> reporter: a scary close call. look again as this front-end loader full of snow comes within inches of hitting a man on his own property. >> that bobcat was giant, and for a few seconds, i thought he was not going to stop. >> reporter: ray sukar said no misunderstanding. >> i said that is not right. and he said the town doesn't like you. i am the boss. >> reporter: the owner of b 1 auto trade in rockland says he has been struggling with the town for months to get a permit to expand his business. sukar was in his office sunday morning when surveillance cameras first cameras first recorded this large tractor dumping snow from the street on his property right in front of the car lot service and reception. >> so i came in here to stop him. >> reporter: after facing sukar head-on, a driver dumps another bit of snow at his front door. >> this is my livelihood, this
5:16 am
have with all their power and their might to have us lose with our business. >> reporter: sukar snapped this photo and called 911. fox25 investigates confirmed with police that the driver is a town of rockland employee, but he haven't been identified. the town administrator didn't return our call for comment, but sukar says he was told that the driver would be suspended when he got a visit from rockland's highway superintendent. >> he came in here, and he apologized of what happened, and he cleaned up all the snow. >> reporter: while police confirmed they are investigating, they haven't said yet if they think what happened here was a crime. the owner this was business say they are talking to a lawyer next. in rockland, eric ra, smussen, fox 25 news. good morning, 5:17. if you were getting if you were getting ready to head out the door, things all over. slippery and slushy on untreated roadways, so still that warrants leaving 10 or 15 minutes early. pike moving along fine.
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expressway clear from furnacebrook parkway to columbia road. as you can see volume starting to pick up just a little bit and nothing major yet. over to your live drive times. 25 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 11 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 21 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us from the stau fox25 storm tracker weather center and shiri, starting with very cold temperatures out there. >> shiri: yeah, cold temperatures. we don't expect any snow melt today. in fact this is what some of are you cleaning up. and oaks bluff, we got almost 10 inches snow yesterday. west yarmouth nine -- short of 9 in west wareham. 7 in new bedford and framingham and over six inches of snow. we still have snow on the map from worcester to nashua, new hampshire. these are mostly in the form of flurries, but, of course, this is going to add some slickness to the roads. a lot of the back roads still being treated right now, and
5:18 am
going to encounter most of the slush and the slipping and sliding this morning. with these north winds here through the day today. 12 miles per hour in boston now 12 miles per hour in boston now. 10 in provincetown. 8 8, hyannis. not whipping winds that i am worried about. the winds from the north that will gather a little moisture from the ocean that will spawn a couple of snow showers up and down the coastline, but in particular, watching cape anne, the south shore and the south shore and north side of the cape. temperature-wise, we are headed back up to the freezing point in boston. 31 in bedford and beverly. worcester at 28. nashua at 30 with those morning flurries. hyannis, 34 degrees. and, yes, watching for the risk of snow showers and what you are seeing with future cast by 7:00 this morning. it is starting to get those ocean effect snow showers fired up and does continue on and off through the afternoon. the risk is there. something we will have to monitor. often times those bands with be very, very narrow and impact a couple of communities at a time through the afternoon.
5:19 am
the cape is going to be most at risk for a couple of light and snow showers. overnight, we will bring back the risk for snow. a lot of the snow will be very widely scattered, but there is the potential by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. that means there will be snow that means there will be snow-covered roads for the wednesday morning commute, and it continues prey patchy through lunchtime tomorrow and into the afternoon. there is that all-day risk for some snow. and all this though most of it will be light, there is even the chance we will get a couple of bursts of heavier snow. a pretty widespread coating to 2 inches. i will keep things slightly higher across western new england with 2 to 4 inches of snow nobody will and keep an eye on those busts because some of the busts could bump you just above that coating to 2 inches depending brown form here for the day tomorrow. seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view. for thursday, also that chance for a couple of flurries. looks very minor today and tomorrow. as for any kind of snow, the best bet for accumulation will be tomorrow.
5:20 am
and breezy. 24 on friday though it brighten 24 on friday though it brightens up. it will be pretty chilly straight into the weekend. in fact saturday, i will keep things blustery. i will keep a couple of those flurries around. no snow map needed for now, but i will give you a warning out across the cape where we will have the best bet for snow over the weekend and starts off with a high around 18 degrees on saturday. boston at 20. foxborough, 20. only 14 in worcester and gets colder from there. sunday morning, plan to wake up to about zero. 15 in the afternoon with some brightening. and by monday as well. pretty chilly run we have back to you, guys. >> sara: all right, shiri. a new drink set to hit the history. still ahead, the link between this line of riskys and the 2 this line of riskys and the 2008 financial crisis. and most people would rather stay inside when the bad weather hits. but not these brave souls.
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gasoline is $1777 $.04 lower than last week. the last time prices were this slow was in january of 2009. investigating the day breach at the fbi. posted the information of 20,000 employees. the leak comes one day after personal information for 10,000 department of homeland security employees were published. the group tweeted the information saying it was pulled from the department of justice database. they included the hashtag free palestine. tonight, the mbta will give riders another chance to speak out on the proposed fare hikes which may take place later this year. the plan calls for some fares to jump 10%. tonight's public meet welcome at chelsea high school's auditorium. all right, gene, so barbie has yet another new look. last month, mattel unveiled new barbies with new bodies and now check this out. this is the jahab wearing
5:25 am
conservative look. the modest style is more appealing to muslim gives. jihabarbie. >> sara: a she is so pretty and when i look at this i see dollar signs because my daughters have literally every bashy from every country in the world and they will want this one. >> julie: yes, they will. a great idea. >> sara: you wherever we can get it. the ski slopes when the snow starts to fall but for some the perfect beach weather. i don't know -- you are more of a sunny beach guy. >> sara: more of the california in me. >> julie: fox25 caught up with a group of surfers who said the storm made for you huge conditions. the water temperature was 43 degrees. they stayed it was warmer in the water than out. >> sara: i kind of believe that. >> julie: in the wet suit it warms you up. the conditions are expected to be choice today.
5:26 am
really choice, but still, that is really cold. >> julie: me too. >> sara: i would wait for a caribbean trip. >> julie: the summer is what we will be waiting for before we take to the water. soon. >> shiri: not at all. we are cleaning up from yesterday's snow and we will keep travel conditions in the moderate category. i don't think it will be excellent conditions this morning. the ride home should be much better. noontime travel is better and goes back down tomorrow. time to vote in new hampshire. some polls open in less than an hour.
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complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: shiri, satellite shows the story this morning. for some folks the snow is still falling. we have closings and delays at the bottom of your screen. check it out before you head out. >> sara: and good morning, everybody, it is tuesday, february 9, miami dry in new hampshire. we had some people who have already headed out to vote, and i am sure they had to bundle up. >> gene: but snow otherwise won't be a factor and people should go out and vote without any problem in the granite state. >> shiri: the only problem is getting the snow off the ground that melted yesterday. the snow showers really
5:29 am
worcester into southern new hampshire. just flurries guys. point out as well that we have got a little bit of reduction in visibility out toward worcester. ports mouth is, new hampshire as well as the islands this morning and a little bit of fog morning and a little bit of fog. not the same situation that we had yesterday. visibility into the bad but flurries on the map in north grafton to leominster and chelmsford. looking at a mostly dry situation in boston. don't be surprise if you had see one or two flurries. temperatures in the teens. 24 in duxbury. 31 in sandwich right now and your best chance of snow coastline. mostly cloudy and dry this afternoon with temperatures getting to around 30 at 3 p.m. and we will take a look at the wednesday snow coming up in just minutes. now over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic and a nice quiet start to your morning commute. >> julie: still quiet not in the 6:15, 6:30. pike looking good through framingham throughout allston/brighton tolls. route 1 clear.
5:30 am
where it rose a little bit wet, but not problematic. your live drive times. 13 minutes from route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 22 minutes from 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 23 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peace body to the weston tolls. i will be watching the drive times all morning. gene and sara. >> gene: updating breaking news. reports say eight people are dead in a head-on train crash in southern germany. the passengers trains collided in the town in the state of bavaria bavari a train lane heads to the awshtion lps and popular from the tourists. crews are stretched out along the water and the scene of the crash. the train that partially derailed and wedged into each other. many people are still stuck inside the trains. some reports are saying about 1 some reports are saying about 100 people were injured. we will be following the latest developments from germany on this story throughout the morning. it is primary day in new hampshire, and the first votes have already been cast.
5:31 am
registered voters in the town of dixville notch made their primary picks. among the republicans, ohio governor john kasich earned three votes. dondz got two. for the democrats vermont senator bernie sanders earned four votes and hillary clinton was shut out. dixville notch is the first town vote in the a presidential primaries since the 1960s. the fate of several presidential campaigning will be decidemore than one republican could drop out of the race if today's results are disappointing. meanwhile, bernie sanders may cement his place as a viable challenger for the democratic nomination. reporter karin kaifa live in manchester with the latest scramble for votes. >> reporter: candidates' biggest challenge was the weather. snow and messy roadways on a day packed with town halls and rallies. now donald trump and bernie sanders opened primary day with strong leads in the polls, but a lot more to these two races
5:32 am
contest looks a lot different than iowa's last week which was largely about the anti-establishment and a battle between trump and ted cruz. the focus here has been on a trio of governors, former governor jeb bush, ohio governor john kasich and new jersey governor chris christie vying for more moderate voters. their closing arguments executive abilities and a campaign in can beet hillary clinton in november if she is the nominee. her hope her hoping to homeland off the surge that marco rubio started with a strong third-place finish in iowa especially after he faltered in saturday night's debate opinion on the democrat debate opinion on the democratic side, double-digit leads for bernie sanders over hillary clinton. he is not taking anything for granted. the final full day of campaigning including multiple stops. but the clintons know primary and know the primary comebacks here. bill clinton did it in 1992, hillary clinton did it after losing eye tie barack obama in 2008. a family affair for the
5:33 am
monday with daughter chelsea joining in as well. the snow that fell steadily throughout monday is expected to be gone by the time most new hampshire voters head to the new hampshire voters traditionally turn out in big numbers on their presidential primary day and with the energy, enthusiasm and have in the 2016 race, it is expected that it be much the same this time around as well. in manchester, new hampshire. i am karin kaifa. independent voters may play a key role in the presidential primary. undeclared may vote in either party's primary. in 2012, 40% of granite state voters were listed as independent during the general election. if they turn out in similar numbers today, that could be the deciding factor. >> whoever we go with will swing the election and the very first primary in the nation and a good spot to be in. >> sara: beside the independent factor, polls show likely half of the republican voter stills have not committed
5:34 am
a controversial method to increase voter turnout has been used in new hampshire. residents tell fox25 they have received these letter notice mail that include a list of neighbors and a record of what elections they voted in. the letter came from an organization that thank is not registered with 9 registered with the state or federal government. it promises to publish a new list after of the elections. similar voter shaming letters were sent to homeowners in iowa and linked to the campaign and linked to the campaign.senator ted cruz. >> reporter: the polls open in 30 minutes in many cities and towns. others will open a few hours later and many will be open until 8:00 tonight. >> gene: we have complete coverage of the new hampshire primary throughout the day. stick with fox25 throughout the morning and rejoins us at 5:00. we will be on the air straight through 11:30 bringing you results, results.reports from candidate headquarters and speeches as they happen live. we will stream it live on and 9 fox25 news app.
5:35 am
new england targeted with threats of violence in is a story we have been covering for weeks and now another state says it knows who is behind at least some of those calls. fox25's michael henrich live at the police station in weymouth where police there are one of many local departments investigating threats like this investigating threats like this, mile cal. >> reporter: it affected so many communities here in the bay state, disrupting schools and businesses. and this is why this investigation continues on so many levels with so many departments. all this said, the providence journal now reporting, quoting rhode island state police saying the threats in our neighboring state have been electronically traced back to st. petersburg russia. no group responsible for these threats was named in this report. this comes after the series of threats in january and in the last week or so disrupting all of these businesses and schools of these businesses and schools. here in weymouth, more than a dozen other towns in the bay
5:36 am
been coming in as robocalls, so it is really hard for investigators to trace where these crawls coming from and who is making them, because there is no human voice on the other line. on other end of the phone when these robo calls come in. so they take these things seriously and that's why they are so disruptive to the community because the police are sending out the bomb squad. they are doing sweeps. they are, of course, investigating from every angle. and that is why it is causing so much trouble for so many. so this, again, report deals with rhode island state police and the threat in rhode island. does this group or person in st. petersburg russia have any connection to the massachusetts side of thing. we are working to find out. already reached out as i mentioned in my report an hour ago to the fbi, to massachusetts state police. it is very early though. and as soon as they get going and get back to us, we, of course, will bring us the update here on the fox25. for now live in weymouth, michael henrich, fox25 morning news.
5:37 am
school is delayed across thes south shore as crews work it get the roads ready. that area hit hardest by the blizzard. jessica reyes is live in marshfield and you can see the snow piled up behind you there, jess. >> reporter: that's right, gene, we are here at the towns here in marshfield here this morning, and the snow piles that you see here along the parking lot, you will see them all over the south shore this morning, and this entire area cleans up from the aftermath of yesterday's storm. now this morning as you said, cools in marsh field are on a two-hour delay as people wake up and start the cleanup process. winds and coastal flooding were the biggest issue along the south shore and mainly affected homes on the water like this one on social street here in mashfield. the flooding was pretty minor compared to what this area has seen in the past. the marshfield police chief tell us unfortunately that no one was hurt during today's storm. on top of all the coastal flooding this area saw during high tide, the snow was relentless here.
5:38 am
spent hours shovel are r, but didn't make too much of a difference. >> i knew it haven't stopped. stopped. i didn't go into work. i did shovel earlier today, but i did -- by the time he came home, it didn't look like he did anything. >> reporter: and over in scituate they had minor coastal flooding. in the areas that tend to flood during high tide during the winter storm. in marshfield just over on ocean street about 30 minutes ago, and still a little bit of flooding over there from dpw cruise there right now. we are working to turn that video around for you and as well that coming up in just three minutes. for now live in marshfield, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. and this storm is over, but before the next one hits, make sure you download the fox25 weather and news apps for your smartphone and tablet. a quick and free way to keep up to date on the latest breaking news and weather. this morning local fbi and
5:39 am
robbery suspect. the man in this photo held up the bank of america on main street. the teller handed money over and the suspect ran away with the cash. a man in his 40s with them glasses. this morning the wife of a former isis lead they are charged in the death of an american hostage. she is charged with conspiracy in the death of a u.s. aid worker. the u.s. justice department said she personally brought kayla mueller to her home and held her hostage. she was captured last year and currently in iraqi custody for terrorism charges. her husband was killed last may after a raid on his compound. we track traffica weather every ten minutes. 9-minute commute on the expressway northbound as you head from the braintree split up to naponset and columbia road. shiri? >> and if you were hitting the road right now. teens and 20s out there just with flurries headed home from work later today.
5:40 am
we will show you when to plan around the next accumulating snow when we come back. a campaign speech brought to a sudden halt. still ahead, the emergency on stage that had bernie sanders. leaping to the rescue. the video that everyone is talking about this morning. roaring waves outside and pretty bad damage inside a pretty bad damage inside a luxury cruise ship. still ahead where the passengers are this morning and
5:41 am
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5:44. meteorologist shiri spear here, and we have still have snow working its way northward. we are talking flurries in and around the worcester area stretching toward shrewsbury right now and holden. mem lynn administer, fitchburg, lunenberg, and another patch of flurries from pelham, nashua, merrimack and manchester, new hampshire. a look at the next round of steady snow coming up. all right, shiri.
5:44 am
passengers are on their way home this morning after their ship sailed right into the path of a powerful storm. fox25's daniel miller is here with the incredible video taken by a passenger inside that ship dan ewell. >> daniel: lawmakers are calling for an investigation why the ship left port. they knew for day that the hurricane-strength storm was forming. this video taken by a passenger on board the anthem of the seas it is going viral. the ship sailed right into the path of a powerful storm sunday night off into the coast of the carolinas. the waves crashing up the sides of that huge boat. the ocean is so rough as you can see and this was the same storm that dumped snow here yesterday. it was no better inside the ship as you can see. the damage pots, broken chairs, chairs turned over and parts of the ceiling turned down. now at some point, the ship was battling 100-mile-per-hour
5:45 am
four people suffered minor injuries. they are all being offered full cruise. the boat is headed back to new jersey. now if you want to see that video again, we put it up on our facebook page also on our web site at in the newsroom this morning, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. that. goodness. a fan favorite who wore the black and gold for eight season black and gold for eight seasons returns to boston for the first time since being traded. milan lucic and the los angeles kings. a warm welcome from the garden faithful. bc and bu skating in the 64th bean pot you final. 11 minutes, the lights go out and play stops for 29 minutes. it used to happen at the old garden all the time. the play resumed. both goalies were man in it is a pick. bc's ryan fitzgerald crashes and the puck comes through and jordan greenway.
5:46 am
bc net. game remains skoshless into overtime. takes the puck and snap it is in the far post and that is the game winner. eagles with tin and the first 1 eagles with tin and the first 1-0 game in bean pot history. and what a game it was. red-hot set particulars are back in action. cs in milwaukee to face the bucks. cs won knight of the -- nine out of the last ten. isiah thomas was named nba player of the week. 20 points and seven assists during boston's three wins last week. good morning. it is 5:47 on this tuesday. start on route 3 south of town moving along fine from 28 in rockland through hingham pass through 18 starting to see a little slowing around the braintree split. pretty typical this time of the commute. average speeds of 23 miles per hour. those other main roadways, 95, 24 looking good to 128. expressway slowing down right around naponset. average speeds of 34 miles per hour.
5:47 am
increasing since the last time we checked in on that live shot we checked in on that live shot. live drive times. 16 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 13 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128. 13 minutes on 95 as you approach 128. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. and shiri, the snow may be coming down at the moment, but still want to take it easy on the roads today. >> reporter: absolutely, because cleanup has been so slow. a lot of the back roads will be slippery right now. we add some flurries on top of it, and that of course means we are adding that extra surface that you can slip and slide on. we want to you be real careful out there this morning along the new hampshire seacoast, we will have to watch for splashover splash over with high tide between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. any dined of moderate to major flooding not expected. widespread coating to two inches of snow in the forecast tomorrow. that is your better bet for some -- for some snow actually sticking sticking, because right now this system is going to be mostly missed. going far enough out to sea.
5:48 am
unsettled pattern and north wind to spawn ocean-effect snow showers. the big shield from this missing us rolls through tomorrow and bumps up the chance for snow. in boston right now, only 19 degrees. we had some reports of flurries throughout morning hours. right now just seeing a lot of clouds with winds at about 12 miles per hour. winds are also going to be a lot weaker than we were yesterday. 20 at 7 a.m. 9 a.m. 23 degrees. 11 a.m., 26. and then we bust into the lower 30s later on this afternoon. one of the more likely spots to get snow showers today will be plymouth at 23 degrees right now. we also have the clouds. look how thick these clouds are today with temperatures getting into the lower 30s. it is cold enough for snow land have more moisture around because winds are coming from the north and pick up that added moisture over the ocean. so there is the slight risk of snow today. plymouth, boston, anywhere from cape anne to portsmouth, new hampshire. plymouth down top hyannis the
5:49 am
out there later on today. you can see that at 7 a.m. these snow showers. ocean-effect snow showers that the future cast is picking up at 7 a.m. i expect a couple of flurries inland as well. the best threat around the coastline is going to be the more pronounced one and does last with us through the military of the day today. by the time hit the roads to come home from work later today come home from work later today, kevin lemanowicz will be track a dumb of snowflakes over the cape. the rest of the region gets anyone nights clouds. overall looking like a mostly cloudy afternoon by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, some patchy snow out there. lots of lulls and any kind of snow showers tomorrow. risk is there. throughout the day coating to 2 inches of snow widespread. know it is not a big whopper of the storm, but because it is kind of all day -- all day long kind of all day -- all day long, we will have the potential for slippery roads any time day. flurries, breezy, 30. 24 on friday, brighter and over
5:50 am
bitter cold. highs only in the teens. be sunday. back to you. this morning a small company is reaping the benefits of a well-placed ad. still ahead, how winning a major contest is launching a coffee business with an odd name into the national spotlight. stay with us for our news at 6:00. primary day in new hampshire. we are live inside a polling place in nashua where people can cast their votes in less than ten minutes.
5:51 am
morning and 9 voter (group chatter) dude, dude, dude. this is bad. i think we're going to have to talk to each other or something. this elevator. (group surprised and laughter) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? i do not like getting stuck! so, the nissan leaf s only
5:52 am
estimated 400 miles or more on a full charge and a full tank of gas. woah! how's that for
5:53 am
get out to vote rally proves to be too much for one bernie sanders supporter in new hampshire. -- >> gene: the woman falls from the riser behind the candidate as he speak in derry yesterday. unclear what happened to the woman. she was helped offstage, and sanders did finish his speech. the company that claims to have the strongest coffee beans can barely keep up with orders now. new york-based death wish coffee won a contest to get a commercial aired during the super bowl. and since it aired, they gotten
5:54 am
they say their coffee is twice the rachlt caffeine as other coffees. since the super bowl, they are trying to figure out how to process it all. >> a lot of duals sort through. and who find out who is the best to work with and find it our product op shells. >> sara: death wish is planning the next best thing, death wish coffee vodka and want to expand worldwide. the fact that they became synonymous after the bankruptcy that sparked the financial crisis lives on in the form of whiskey. named the whiskey lehman brothers said the scotch goes perfect with gambles and explosive consequences. the bank has filed a lawsuit to get that name removed. another super group will be playing two concerts. the band dead and company made up of john mayer and members
5:55 am
july 15 and 16 tickets will go on sale next thursday. a baby sloth land in pennsylvania in style. the two-toed animal is flown to myths in a private plane of all things from florida. it will now live at the pittsburgh national aviary. the aviary said the sloth will play a role in outreach and education program and will be a an ambassador for the species. the sloth made its debut on friday. want to say it is couth, but it is not cute. >> gene: it is cute but they we learned that. when it comes to security, most people worry about the jewelry box, not the toy box. coming up on the fox25 morning news, you why legos are becoming a popular target for thieves. she is once one of the most hated mothers in america. what florida mom is doing that has got her back in the news this morning. and it looks like winter has finally arrived. we have the chance of snow for
5:56 am
here tomorrow. something delicious is happening at dunkin'. come in today to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. now at 6:00, flurries are still flying but today the big story will be the cold. i am tracking frigid temperatures and when the sun will finally return. happening right now, polling places are opening the doors for primary day in new hampshire. this morning, the two candidates who jumped to an early lead when the first ballots were cast at midnight. front-end loader full of
5:58 am
standing on his own property.
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