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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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snow on radar again this morning >> jessica: blizzard continues on the south shore and show you where the worst damage is and where schools are delayed this morning. >> daniel: polls are open and it could be first in the nation primary. >> julie: it is february 9th grauert. >> daniel: lining up the polls in new hampshire and it is a cold wait. shiri spear in weather center and new snow tracking. >> shiri: one area of snow in north reading to andover and another area of snow that has newly formed in southwestern new hampshire affecting keene
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to down to garner and background on hour loop and how fresh the development is and we have snow that has formedrea in the last half hour and temperatures still in the teens and 20s across southern new england and notice in noon time a lot of upper 20s on the map in spots like boston, north shore, out to worcester b 25 and 25 in keene and best chance for snow is going to be across central and northern new england as well at the coastline where we have ocean effect snow showers and now western new england through the early afternoon best bet at the coastline. 5:00 p.m. comes along and your evening commute for the most part will be quiet, no more than couple flurries around and check out what we have the morning commute, more snow rolling in and making it self pretty known in the next couple days. highs today 28 to 34 with a few
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flurries inland. today although we only get patchy coating to inch out of it, do get a little more here for your wednesday. so we will take a closer look at when the best bet for burst of heavier snow. let's get over to you for live drive time traffic. >> julie: feeling effects today after quiet day yesterday from all the snow. approach somerville and 128 southbound after you make through lexington and work way down into waltham. slow on the pike eastbound through the weston tolls and take look bumper-to-bumper through brighton, here are live drive times, hour 495 to mass ave, 30 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the mass pike and 33 minutes 95 to the leverett connector. >> daniel: first votes in today's primary were cast while most people were sleeping. at midnight the nine registered voters in town of dixville notch made primary pitch.
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to two for donald trump. for the democrats vermont senator bernie sanders earned four votes while hillary clinton was shut out and until 1960s dixville notch has been the first town to vote in presidential primary. >> julie: trump leaving with security being ushered into a black suv. trump will make the last campaigning efforts today before voting ends in new hampshire. polls are now open at most spots around new hampshire. the state expecting a record turnout. fox25 catherine parrotta live in nashua, new hampshire where people outside are already outside poling station before voting even began on very chilly day.
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mind people closed today and polls 8:00 tonight and pretty busy for the whole day and city of nashua and new searles elementary school and according to globe new hampshire secretary of state and ahead first in the nation primary, i did ask voters what it was like to be a parts of the first primary, whether it is still exciting or not and hoping everybody will get out and vote. >> sometimes traffic when candidates are here are like oh but i like it.
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like every four years. >> catherine: certainly a lot of people want to come and be part of the nation primary and polls in nashua open until 8:00 tonight, what community are in here in new hampshire, but exciting day for a lot of people here, they want to be a part of that and fox25 will keep you updated every step of the way in the website at and also have coverage tonight at news and five and six and updated all the way until the final votes are tab late late tonight or even tomorrow morning perhaps. tomorrow live in nashua, new hampshire, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> daniel: residents tell fox25 they have recently received these letters in the mail and list of neighbors and what elections they have wrote in and came from organization which is not registered with the state or federal governments and promises to publish new list to add to the election. similar voter shaming letters were cents to homes in iowa before last week's caucuses and
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the campaign of senator ted cruz we have complete coverage of the new hampshire primary throughout the day. stick with fox25 throughout the morning and then rejoin us at 5:00 tonight. we will be on the air straight through 11:30 bringing you live results for reports from candidate headquarters and speeches as they happen and stream on and fox25 news app. >> julie: right now clean-up continues as another round of snow and strong winds hit the area. jessica reyes live in marshfield where we have been telling you all morning that schools are on a delay, jess. >> jessica: in the clear what they are doing here last check this morning with department of emergency management here in marshfield, there were no power outages here but and show up
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for the most part things here at town pier have been quiet and wrapping up right around now and school delayed for two hours. the high school usually starts at 7:15 so they are just about to start school in 15 minutes or so here now. the damage from yesterday's storm was pretty minimal but there was one house on ocean street that got battered by the wind and the flood waters nearly washed it out. snow conditions to marshfield and handful of other towns on the south shore. dcw clearing debris from streets right on the water, ocean street to name one, for example, clearing debris from the road and clearing is storm drains. they were also out right around 5:00 this morning. we saw them last clearing snow from the roads and again, schools had been delayed for two hours this morning as crews
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the high school just about to start at 9:15 this morning after the two hours delay and we are checking in with elementary school, different schools on their exact start times and we will have those for you at 9:30. for now live in marshfield, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> daniel: bad crash stopped traffic on i-95 in connecticut during the storm this morning. there's good news, series are not as serious as first thought. authorities in connecticut said 30 people were hurt but none critically in yesterday's crash. tour bus heading to new york from mohegan sun flipped over. most serious were sent to yale-new haven. one was sent to hospital with broken bones and no word on cause of the crash. make sure you download the fox25 weather and news app for smartphone before the next one hits and quick and freeway to click up-to-date for the
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minutes. >> julie: local business owner almost hit by a fronts end loader and town admin stater is investigating. owner of b1 auto trade says he has been and surveillance video caught plow dumping sunday morning and then the machine driven by town employee hit him and last ten minutes the town administrator got back to us here at fox25 and he says they will meet with the town's highway superintendent about the confrontation.
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his business. >> julie: satellite passed over levi stadium about an hour after the super bowl ended. >> julie: brighton, heavy volume right now eastbound and then it will stay this way with another ten or 15 minutes and then start to lighten up. i will have a look at drive time in a moment. first here is shiri. >> shiri: bev chance will continue up and down the coastline, south of boston, south shore down to the north side of the cape. now, inland risk that's for some flurries i will break it down, town by town coming up. >> daniel: a lot more coming your way, mother accused of killing her child is back in the public eye.
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brought casey anthony out of hiding. >> julie: two trains collide
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emergency teams flew in on helicopters and worked and free people from the wreckage and
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said both trains partially derailed. neither train had time to break before they hit head-on. jacqueline fell, fox25 news. >> daniel: man that murdered local college student will plea for his freedom. according to new hampshire parole board website seth mes ailia will have a parole hearing today. last month they started to appeal the conviction. he was sentenced to life without
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h student lizzie marriott . >> julie: both sides make final arguments today and hearings came up largely because of the work serial did to uncover problems with the case. judge will determine if saeed will get another trial. if you haven't listened to serial, you might be only person left in the world. good. julie: look at traffic right now, things moving along at decent clip, expressway, we are not as you could see on the traffic flow, orange, not red, could be worse, could be better. pike a little slow through the weston tolls right now and we do have an accident and 93 off of 93 and see pike pretty slow
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eastbound and 35 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 27 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and, shiri, it has been a relatively quiet commute as far as precipitation happens come down. >> shiri: cold enough for those to stick to untreated surfaces, sidewalks out there this morning. do be careful if you see flurries on the map. yesterday we got six and a half inches, five and a half in worcester and neat thing is now worcester has ten inch snowfall deficit for the season and tip away at the deficit as we get into the wednesday forecast and light snow right now following southwestern new hampshire, a little bit out toward say athol
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out there, guys, a lot of wet weather today and beverly down to hyannis, even expecting some of the winds to turn out of the north in plymouth. picking up enough moisture when they come in off the water to spawn snow showers, ocean effect snow showers because cluster up right along the coastline and going to be on beverly and hyannis this afternoon and rest of the area and 28 in nashua and 29 in lawrence and bedford, 31 in boston, 31 in plymouth, 33 in chatham, so obviously it is cold enough to get some snow out of this. noon time comes along and a lot of the flurry action that we see right now in southwestern new hampshire and drift northward and central and northern new hampshire for the voters there today for the primaries and by 6:00 this evening couple blips on the map and most of us talking mostly cloudy skies.
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five, 6:00 tomorrow, we start to see some more snow popping up. this is going to commute both commutes tomorrow because we got the ongoing chance for some snow not going to be a wall of snow, not going to be snowing at all times tomorrow. at noon time you can see we get the nice break in and around the boston area, but it comes on back in time for the evening commute. my concern is the fact right now forecasting coating to two inches and burst of heavier snow in here, we will be facing about two to four inches in a couple communities. right now what we are working to do is determining exactly what locations are most prone to seeing that. widespread coating to two will do it for most here tomorrow. flurries remain in thursday forecast with breezy conditions and high around 30. only 24 on friday under mostly sunny skies and check out weekend forecast, windy and 18 on saturday. yeah, more light snow expected, especially out across the cape.
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really cold and waking up to zero and valentine's day only 15. >> daniel: people on board trapped in a bad storm and coming up why the investigators say captain should have never set sail in 1st place.
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>> daniel: 2011 casey anthony's daughter disappeared and then found five months later >> julie: josh james facing assault with deadly weapons charges and threw three and a half foot alligator. his parents say the charges are ridiculous because it was a
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>> daniel: we all wish we could dance like beyonce. i listen to her, don't know if i can dance like her. tried to imitate her in privacy of own homes. check this out. from kansas city watching the super bowl half time show when he started to bust the move while his dad was filming and definitely got the skills and knees together and everything back and forth in the video it has been shared over 1,000 times on twitter. checked it out this morning. have to check it out. it is incredible. >> julie: pretty cute. right. >> julie: needs the wardrobe department and queen bee would be a little more fashionable. i'm a hard judge. >> shiri: not asking me to bust the moves, right? >> daniel: unless you want to. >> shiri: roads where you
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>> daniel: frigid temperatures out this morning. >> julie: tomorrow morning it will be more of challenge. >> shiri: more widespread out there, couple areas to focus on as far as and southwestern new hampshire, southern vermont and again, going to be mostly in the form of flurries, temperatures in the teens and 20s, so it is cold out there, this is not going to be a sticky snow and temps lower 20s, 23 in hanover right now, duxbury at 24 . and although we did have a little blast of ocean effect snow that moves from marshfield up to scituate for the most part that has shifted offshore right now. so 22 right now, mostly dry, especially in and around the
9:29 am
chance for snow at the coastline at noon time but even inland you will find a couple flurries today at 3:00 p.m. and 30 and mostly cloudy and 725 and not letting up and make way to the next snow rolling in by this time tomorrow, show what you kind of effect it will have on morning commute in couple minutes and slow as work way through lexington and then on the pike through the weston tolls and lingering, lingering through brighton and live drive times, 41 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave, 24 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike, 33 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> daniel: 9:30, now. give you breaking news following where a boy who fell through ice
9:30 am
as we reported the 12-year-old was friend on january 9th and 9-year-old boy fell through thin ice. letter sent to parents expressing sadness and letting them charles thompson passed away and died from injuries suffered during the fall. the stories just breaking and, of course, we will have more on news tonight at five and six. >> julie: threats came from western russia to schools and businesses. michael henrich working to find if school threats came from overseas. >> daniel: we heard back from the spokesperson at 8:30 and it is department of justice policy not to comment on ongoing investigation and asking whether
9:31 am
connection whatsoever to russia. that's what's being reported out of rhode island. providence journal article quoting rhode island state police as saying some of the threats there have been linked to st. petersburg, russia. now, both states have been dealing with this mess. not only here in weymouth but more than dozen other schools, cities, towns krysa the bay state in particular. now, these are so hard to trace for authorities because they are robo calls. so often the signal is scrambled and, of course, it is not a regular person on the other line when these threats are being made. threat has to be taken seriously and garners a full police response. that's why these threats are so disruptive and reached out to massachusetts state police which got back to me within the last two hours saying that while it is conceivable that the massachusetts threats are connected to russia, they have no information definitively pointing them in that direction. such a serious issue.
9:32 am
for now reporting in weymouth, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> sara: >> daniel: homeowners upwards of 50 miles per hour wind gusts. still looks like a winter wonderland there. >> julie: high schoolers back in day and started at 9:15, just about 15 minutes ago. kids at elementary school here, depending which school they went to, start their day for another hour to hour and a half at 8:20 -- 10:20 or 10:50 this morning. been pretty quiet the last couple hours and yesterday's storms, big snow piles you see
9:33 am
out before the sun came up and storm pretty nasty and technically a blizzard here in marshfield, the damage was pretty minimal. there was one house on ocean street that got battered pretty badly by the winds and the waters came very close to it and stopped just short of washing it out. dpw crews now only had plowing for hours sunrise and saw some of them over on ocean street working to clear some of the debris that washed out with the flood waters there. so once again, high school resumed at 9:15 this morning. elementary school kids, they have another hour to hour and a half, they will start at either 10:20 or 10:50 depending on school and fair to say a lot of people that live around here considering what they have dealt with in the past are breathing a big sigh of relief with the storm. live in marshfield, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news.
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download the fox25 weather and news app before the next big storm hits. it is a quick and freeway to keep up data on breaking news and weather. shiri is back in just a few minutes with the full forecast. >> julie: it is primary day in new hampshire and first votes have already been cast. at midnight the nine registered voters in town of dixville notch made their primary picks. john kasich got three votes and donald trump got two and bernie sanders earned four votes while hurricane was shut -- hillary clinton was shut out. dixville notch was first to have primary since 1960s. >> daniel: last minute push and waiting for today's results from primary. sharman sacchetti was able to get one-on-one interview with former state yesterday and asked accusations from the sanders campaign that she would be weak
9:35 am
accepts big donations from the industry. >> why should anyone believe you wouldn't be influenced by campaign accepted that you received from goldman sax. >> it is a funny critique, every democratic, including him, has taken money from financial interests, and there's -- that would disqualify everyone. >> daniel: hoping for senator warren's endorsement and a lot on her plate right now. warren signed a letter encouraging clinton to run and yet to actually make endorsement for more on sharman's interview head over to the website at >> daniel: woman files falls from the riser and unclear what happened to the woman and helped
9:36 am
finished the speech. rejoin us at 5:00 and straight through 11:30 and live results and speeches as they happen and stream at and on fox25 news. >> daniel: 9:37 right now and markets are open and here is look at big board. dow is down 81 points. we are expecting rough start to trading after tokyo nikkei index lost more than 900 points overnight, more than 5% of total
9:37 am
australian main index fell by 3%. daniel: apple looking to trade in banged up iphones and people turn in devices with broken zones and buttons more people will upgrade to new ippons. apple warned they may see the first decline in revenue in 13 years and they hope this will turn things around. apple will pay between 50 and $200 for damaged phones. julie: this morning asia sexy dj but setting in new york battle. she is accused of taking her nine-year-old from france to vietnam and they are calling her to be extradited. john kerry will be the one to decide if she is extradited.
9:38 am
longest serving mayor in providence. dozens of people lined the streets of federal hill and as ciancia's casket pulled by horse drawn carriage. ciancia served six terms and forced out of office twice for tellny charges. 2014 he was diagnosed with cancer. he died late last month at 74 years old. >> daniel: myelin louvressic and los angeles kings in town. last night b.c. and b.u. skating in beanpot final. see the lights go out there. play was stopped 29 minutes when play resumed both goalies were great. see check out the wild sequence here. ryan fitzgerald crashes the terrier's net and comes free and
9:39 am
and breaks in the mass shoot and remained scoreless until overtime and takes puck inside the far post and first 1-0 game in beanpot history. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. here is another live look at pike and heavy volume lingering. usually cleared up by now but a a a little bit slower today, people, staying safe out on the roads. >> shiri: teens and 20s and chilly start to the day and headed home from work later today, upper 20s to lower 30s, still the clouds hanging tight. see when it leads to the next round of accumulating snow after the break. >> daniel: it is primary day in new hampshire, so which candidate could surprise some people. we speak with the political expert to break down the latest headlines from the campaign trail. coming up in about 15 minutes. plus?
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>> shiri: concord we have
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we have also got to keep a close eye on band of ocean effect snow for it making onshore on the south shore, see when widespread snow arrives again in the next 24 hours when i come back. >> daniel: bbc has confirmed north korea restarted the plutonium reactor and stockpiles that could be used in nuclear weapon. they confirmed sunday a rocket went over american soil. >> julie: this is taken from someone on board royal. they are investigating why the ship left port. they say they knew for days that the hurricane strength storm was forming. you could see the damage done to
9:44 am
winds and 30-foot waves. four people suffered minor injuries and all being offered full refunds and 50% off another cruise. julie: woman turns table on armed intruder. victim is carol. last week man ambushed inside her garage of indiana home and grabbed for her purse -- grabbed her purse and forced her against a large toolbox when carol was able to free one hand and fight back. she threatened to smash the man's head if went at her again. he ran off and police are searching for him. >> daniel: today is fat tuesday and one bakery making polish pastries. they are punskies and they are eaten by those preparing to take part in lent.
9:45 am
bigger and bigger. >> how many more we can sell and different things we can do with them and how many people look forward to them. as soon as christmas is over, when will we have them out. >> daniel: they only stock them 2-week before lent each year. never had them. >> julie: either have i. still slow on the expressway around morrissey boulevard. pike though, moving along fine 495 to framingham and then you approach the weston tolls. although we are still seeing heavy volume eastbound through brighton. over to the live drive time, 12 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128. 30 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 24 minutes on expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now, and beware of
9:46 am
side roads and off and on ramps. >> shiri: back roads treated and sideways and sidewalks and things slippery and touch of snow along the coastline and flurries inland and also along the new hampshire coastline catch for splashover at 1:00 p.m. and nothing moderate and major as far as any kind of coastal flooding there and widespread coating to two inches means there's a better chance for snow tomorrow. so we got a couple things at play. first stop, winds will be a big player in snow today because ocean effect snow rolls in when you get the wind filling off the water, that's what we have today this system for the most part being amiss, miss out it shield to precipitation, but this guy comes through tomorrow, and that's going to give us pulse of energy that stirs up even more snow and going to be on and off snow through much of the day. , of course, we have the new hampshire primary today and new hampshire, 22 with mostly cloudy skies. going to stay mostly cloudy
9:47 am
there's going to be a couple flurries mixed in here from time to time, but don't have any accumulating snow. temperatures get stuck in upper 20s in new hampshire today. in boston 22 right now. same clouds around, same chance for a flurry. we do go up by a couple more degrees into the lower 30s here and somewhere like plymouth we have higher risk for some of the ocean effect snow showers. now simply clouds at 25 and you will see just clouds in the forecast, but i will step in and say from time to time we could have a couple bands of ocean effect snow showers make its way onshore, especially cape ann, south shore, north side of the cape because those locations north wind. most of the time it is going to be dry and mostly cloudy with 32 this afternoon in plymouth, 31 boston, 30 lawrence over to framingham, 27 today in worcester, 28 in manchester, new hampshire. 29 in portsmouth, new hampshire, keene 28 this afternoon. with couple flurries. future cast here as we roll
9:48 am
some of the bands of ocean effect snow showers i was mentioning, but further inland, know you can't see it and honestly sneaks under radar, we will still be on the flurry watch this afternoon. 6:00 p.m. kevin lemanowicz watching over the cape and other areas nice and dry to get you home from work and unfortunately it does turn sloppy again in time for the morning commute and between five and six snow developing and continue on and off much of the day and chance for it impacting morning commute, although lunchtime looks like a little break. still going to be snow around at lunchtime and that on and off snow goes into the evening commute as well. a lot of the times it will be light. we could see a couple burst of heavier snow. that's where the problems really come into play. widespread coating to two inches of snow, but where we get the heavier bands, we will see a couple spots with likely two to four inches of snow. we are working hard right now to
9:49 am
risk and breezy with flurries at 30 , only 24 friday, at least we brighten up, and then over the weekend i have the risk for snow showers around on saturday. high only 18 , most prone location would be the cape and islands. sunday keeping it brighter, you will make up to only zero on valentine's day, high 15. very cold. in fact, coldest air we likely have seen so far this winter at least we have a meager warm-up as we head into the monday. back to you guys. >> julie: donald trump and bernie sanders are leading in the polls, but as we have seen
9:50 am
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>> julie: primary day has finally arrived in new hampshire some voters cast their ballots by the end of the day and better idea how the race will shape up, especially on the republican side. for more on what we might see today, we are joined by stonehill college professor and director of martin institute. live at primary headquarters in manchester. peter, good morning. and generational gap sanders younger college-aged voters so
9:52 am
young women vote? >> young women are as complicated as young men, more than gender. rallying behind bernie sanders because he represents something new in political landscape and sweeping to issue young voters male or female really care about while it is interesting that they are working for candidate that could potentially deny candidate for first woman nominee or prospective president, i think if you looked beneath the purpose young people really getting involved based upon issues. >> julie: that's what it sounds like issue based politics instead of overarching gender sway as far as sanders and hillary are concerned. >> i think that's right. i think young voters, millennial voters are interested in issues,
9:53 am
policies that they are interested in promoting, so they find bernie sanders speaking to those policies, particularly corporate power and don't hear the same thing from clinton and national landscape and why they are rallying behind him. >> julie: from new faces to familiar faces former new york city mayor michael bloomberg get into the race and do so as independent but how late is too late? first in the nation primary already. >> it is almost too late. he is a billionaire and put a lot of his own money and resources into building an organization and getting on the ballot. it is not automatic he gets on the ballot. build organization, grassroots organization and some key states so he can start the process of
9:54 am
will need to win 270 electoral votes. it is a hurricane leeanne task and he may be well-known in new york city and east coast particularly liberal voters, but he is not a household name across the country and he has a lot of work to do in very short order if he wants to really be a contender. >> julie: who are your predictions? >> it is hard to find a path forward, so carly fiorina and ben carson are not likely to stay in this for much longer. i think the real question is what happens with the remaining candidate. if chris christie cannot break out of rut in the poll, don't think there's any pass forward for him, he is likely the first to get out and same for candidates that don't break into the double digits. really how big is trump's margin if independent voters are voting
9:55 am
donald trump, then he could have a very big margin tonight and if that's the case it will make it difficult for the candidates come in fourth and fifth and beyond. >> julie: stonehill professor thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> daniel: it is going to be another cold day. >> shiri: stuck in 20s, southern new hampshire 20s, 30s with snow, just flurries here's one thing you can rely on: your business will change as it grows. whether it's new space, more employees, or better equipment, things have a way of moving fast. but if your network can't keep up, it can really slow you down. and that's not good for business. thankfully, a switch to the 100% fiber optic network of verizon fios is all it takes to keep everything moving in the right direction.
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