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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and i'm vanessa welch. let's get right over to our chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz was tracking it all center. >> not as big a problem as yesterday that's for sure. two nights not issue at all but this is no tracking to the west you see here upstate new york and really southward into philadelphia area coming into new jersey to that's kind of broke apart a bit it's the leading edge of very cold air. here's how it's going to timeout. overnight tonight not an issue nope lakes flying affect your morning commute will be dry throughout. nothing that's going to bother you very much. it's the afternoon after lunch time we see the snow starting to appear and into the evening commute. and notice it's not snowing everywhere all the time. but here's the problem, when
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on through they can be energetic enough to really cause blinding conditions for short time at your driving through. drop a quick coding of two inches of snow. those to which routes are going to be hard to find so coding tonnage will be the most prominent places you find snow. but up to two inches and some of the higher elevations. forecast for general according to two inches where the class new england tomorrow afternoon into the evening. also tracking the bitter cold air that's coming in behind it as well. we'll talk more about that. >> voting in the no-hitter primary going on now for 17 hours and counting. just after midnight. we're seeing huge turnout numbers. her cars were lined up waiting to cast their ballot. months of campaigning all comes down to tonight. >> last post will close at 8 o'clock tonight and we have team coverage for you. political reporter sharmann saccheti covering.
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the democrats.john monahan is live in a precinct in salem. >> . >> john: so far all day the turnout here has been steady. we spoke to the assistant moderator just the last hour he tells there in about 48 percent we can take a look right now people starting to filter in here as we're leaving work. more voters coming in as the day wore on. this polling place opened at seven this morning it is open until 7 o'clock tonight. got a little snow also appear new hampshire so we're told that preload damper on the early morning turnout people had to shovel out clean up the cars but they expect to make that up as people head home from work. >> we expected in the morning but what happened with the snow last night a people had to shovel clean up the drivers and get to work so we think it will be later today than earlier
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hampshire expected to be record rick and were told expected to be as high as 62 percent. two out of every three board is expected to cast a vote today. we asked people why they voted and white so important to be a casting the vote the first in the nation primary will have their reaction coming up tonight at 6 o'clock. >> there are 30 candidates on the ballot for the republicans to be hopeful to donald trump ted cruz marco rubio john kasich was christie and jeb bush the top of the polls. political reporter sharmann saccheti is a coverage now from the trump campaign headquarters in manchester. shaman. >> sharmann: i want to turn your attention right here to the line coming out of the best western this is what's happening here at the best western in manchester new hampshire this is trumps headquarters for the night. trump has maintained his dominant lead in the race and he's been urging people to get out and vote.
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change in tone trump repeated a vulgar word that a woman in the audience used describe ted cruz at a rally in manchester on monday night. despite his controversial remarks, trump maintained his double-digit lead in polls here. for other republican candidates really does look like a race for second and third many of them have packed schedules. marco rubio visiting polling locations and manchester bedford and salem and derry today. senator cruise meantime making a stop in manchester today. he is reacting of course to trumps insulting language last night. saying that trump doesn't handle losing very well. he says that chosen to go to the gutters what cruz said he said he'll stay focused on the issues. what about john kasich he's visited polling locations in concord and nashua today. he also stopped at the red arrow tighter in manchester.
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have a strong showing in new hampshire then guess what is heading back to ohio expect to drop out of the race if he doesn't do well here. in the meantime governor chris christie who just one charlie baker's endorsement, hoping for a strong finish here in new hampshire. he visited a school in manchester is bedford headquarters and then made stops in very and salem. finally governor jeb bush who has been struggling to gain traction here new hampshire volunteers been knocking on doors he says more than 100,000 of them and he's really hoping his message will resonate. ben carson doesn't have an election i headquarters here in manchester and nashua and we can tell you he has a number of events already scheduled for south carolina as is carly fiorina also visited polling places today. and has a number and she does have an election night headquarters in manchester. we'll keep you posted as things develop here is this line of support for donald trump early
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victory speech tonight. that line is going longer attended around the building. we're live in manchester. sharmann saccheti fox 25 news. >> talked to bernie sanders and hillary clinton. clinton hoping to pull off a huge upset. but polls still give sanders an average double-digit lipid fox 25's kerry kavanaugh continues the coverage in hooksett. >> . >> kerry: the headquarters here where outside right now at the security sweep has just few minutes. clinic campaign hoping that large voter turnout were seen favor. campaign told me earlier today new hampshire has been an uphill battle but they will be grinding it out to the very end. >> it's a last-minute and final push to rally new hampshire voters. democratic candidate hillary clinton bernie sanders made appearances at campaign office at the polls. secretary clinton kept her this
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voters and another former president clinton poses for a selfie.her daughter chelsea by her side at polling locations as well. chelsea tweeted this photo mom at dunkin' donuts and derry. will be enough for hillary clinton to overtake the vermont senator in his own backyard. last week polls had secretary clinton drilling bernie sanders an average of 18 points today though same polls show clinton has cut that lead to 13 percent. >> i know there are still so many people. [indiscernable] clinic campaign pulled off an upset when here new hampshire before. supporters hoping for a touch of the 2008 comeback hit. >> and doctor also campaign a to the fact that a single digit loss here could be considered a victory for them.>> team coverage new hampshire primary will continue all night long we will be on the air with you with the candidates as opposer counted the results come into
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our cruise will bring new life reaction from the candidates keep it right here with fox25. >> said development tonight let's fox 25 following the story from us now 12 your brought a boy who fell to the ice in january has died. the family of cj thompson died monday of the month after the incident.bob ward was in brockton today and bob the fire department is saying it did all it could to save him. >> firefighters and ems police they all rushed to the scene to try and save cj.i'm told cruise detected a pulse when they pulled that boy out of the water but now a month later, cj is gone. >> the pond where 12-year-old cj thompson slipped through the ice is located right next to the academy were cj went to school. in a statement released to the medical center cj's family said, we would like to thank our family friends community and even complete strangers for the outpouring of love and support you have provided to our family over the past month. we are heartbroken to share the
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yesterday. on january 9, cj and another boy to the ice a month after the accident cj lost his life. >> first firefighters on the scene came from a station right across the street from cj school. but those firefighters did not have the survival suits they needed to make the rescue. it is disappointing for the members who made the rescue for themselves that great personal risk again without ice protective suits jumped right in the water to help make the rescue. deputy chief tells me what happened to cj should never happen to anyone else. what do hope other people learn from what happened to this little boy? unfortunately is another lesson learned that number one you should stay off the ice especially on the moving water moving water doesn't freeze very well you make a service freeze but underneath is not to be processed not going to be very thick. >> brockton fire tells me if
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followed to the ice, worst thing you do is you call for help. then through a tree branch or something into the icy water for the person to find. you don't want to jump in yourself because you could find yourself in trouble very quickly. i'm bob ward. >> massachusetts ranking number one in the country for the rate of abuse and neglected children. fiddle numbers reported in the globe show the state reported more than 31,000 demise children to the department of health and human services for the 2014 fiscal year. that works out to nearly 23 victims per 1000 children. governor saying today progress has been made demonstration took over. but it's a long climb. >> there is a lot of work that he's be done it's going to take a lot for all of it to sort of take hold. but we have had problems there for a long time. state officials and the larger number of cases reflects greater public awareness and vigilance advocates also blame
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>> district fire chief in the boston fire department convicted today of stilling $46,000 in city money. to pay credit card bills and buy a gas grill and a flatscreen tv. fox25 is been following the case of edward stagliano before for three years now city's fire chief says he will fire him unless he resides first. defense attorneys argue that spending was part of a district attempt to improve the boston fire academy. sentencing will be held later this month. >> local transit officer who nearly lost his life in the watertown should it with a marathon farmer is going to retire. such an donnie who had returned to duty despite the physical toll taken his shooting injury. today he announced he stepping away from his job at the mbta transit police because he wants to do what is best for the department if he cannot perform 100 percent. he tweeting out the day has come but the future is bright thank you to everyone who has
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haverhill brother and sister being held without belt and accused of abusing and neglecting their adult brother. we want to warn you the details of the story could be disturbing for some viewers. fox25 crystal haynes in court
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>> reporter: i can tell you tonight that the sister of this victim says that he often refused medical treatment and that she was afraid of his reaction if they asked for help. while tonight this victim is in the hospital in critical but stable condition and that sister and her other brother are behind bars. >> fox 25 was the only camera in court is 67-year-old mark cataldo and his 58-year-old sister alexander faced the judge accused of the abuse and neglect of their 65-year-old brother. >> haverhill police responded to this apartment building on which a street saturday for a call of a person with flulike symptoms. worse. >> he was nonverbal in reaching out for help. police photos of the inside of the cataldo's apartment will
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at this time. i did see them and i can tell you that they are disturbing. trash piled high and everywhere. the victim himself and macy aided. >> police say this victim was covered in bugs and alexandra allegedly told the detective he had eaten since that tuesday. this next door neighbor didn't want her fish on but tells me she saw the brother carried out by ambulance. >> now market alexandra cataldo will be held until a hearing next week. going to stay on top of this one for you. >> reporting in haverhill i'm crystal haynes fox25 news.
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shall this man walk run multiple malls in the state stilling more than $3700 in merchandise. security ported his efforts in walterboro but auburn and natick both have between january 23 and 26. contact natick police. >> police say the man in this photo is wanted in relation to a theft at the market basket on milton road. if you know this person or have any information about what happened today, call rochester new at five child a woman recovering from injuries after this violent crash in leicester. police a woman lost control over car around 9 o'clock this morning and slammed into this telephone pole on stafford street. the poll snapped and crews are working right now to replace it. police tell us the woman is expected to be okay. >> store moved on but the cleanup is still underway in marshfield. take a look at the huge waves. damaged along the wall right here the seawall the storm left flooding and lots of damage
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that used to lead to the beach there now smashed on the rocks below instead. of emotion. >> now your local forecast. it's astounding we talked a lot about it yesterday that thing was re-hundred 400 miles offshore and it was still powerful enough to do that kind of damage caused the flooding chart of the season of course give us some snow. 11 inches east falmouth how about that 8 to 12 forecast out that way you just made in milton 8.7. plymouth at eight chelsea up to six inches late worcester at the airport five and half inches in norwood underperformed by a 10th of an inch we had you in the five day band with 4.5 inches of snow. to three inches below normal for the winter. and boston we are nearly 10 inches above normal for february. of course last year we had 40 inches by this time in february almost a seasons worth we would have more than a seasons with
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it's pretty amazing how we caught up to! how mild it's been not just in february but all winter long. and tonight it's chilly out there sky just to clear up for many clouds you had earlier today and off to the west watching snow. this appear around the great lakes batch coming out of pennsylvania turns to rain where it's warmer to the south autumn line is the snow is going to make a run at new england it will be some snow showers and snow squalls during the day tomorrow. it's really leading edge of very cold air that's moving tortoise arctic cold front going to come on through. so tonight just a few clouds around and no snowflakes flying here in southern new england. starting to see some of the mountains to the north during the morning commute and western new england the afternoon lunch time and beyond will start to see some snow showers and squalls popping appear in southern new england as well as those were going to have a northern new england. this is the time.
5:20 pm
in the roadways most likely areas are south of the pike on the south shore during the afternoon into the evening commute. when the squalls form and there can be some in other places most likely places down here, when these form, they could really plied you for a few minutes as you're driving along. you see it out ahead of you as you get into it becomes white out conditions for you. because of that because is coming down so hard you can drop a quick coating of snow in many areas.this will clear out tomorrow night and things will just get very cold beyond that. but here's what we're thinking for snow. broadbrush across area not everybody gets the snow squall. where they happen you can get up a quick coating up to an inch in strongest snow squalls up to two inches of snow coming
5:21 pm
of time and undergone the sun comes right back out. in this case in the evening it will clear up behind them. so keep that in mind we're not talking about shoveling a lot of snow but the potential for some tricky roadways tomorrow afternoon into the evening illicitly called up tonight in the 20s out there is going to cold overnight with the clearing skies will see it during the seven day forecast. only in the teens and 20s around wheezing in the afternoon look how bitter cold it gets this weekend your weekend always in view and check this out on saturday a high of 50 team subzero suburbs by sunday morning. we'll track that time with the new information coming in. >> all knew it five special time of year for the seacoast area between massachusetts and maine it's racy a pumping season. wildlife experts it's not uncommon to see a pup in its mama the beach but they warn if
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fox25. president obama delivered his final white house budget to capitol hill. 4.1 trillion dollars spending plan arrived in boxes and includes $2.9 trillion of deficit reduction over 10 years. a 2.6 trillion dollars tax
5:25 pm
spending initiatives include a new war on cancer combating global warming and fighting growing threats from isis terrorists. >> homegrown terror cyber attacks and ices of the biggest threats facing the united states. the intelligent cheap on capitol hill was a warning tonight for lawmakers. our jaclyn explained what's been called a litany of doom. >> distinguish measures of the committee once a year intelligent people give congress the rest of us a portrait of peril. isis tops the list in 2016 the group is considered the quote preeminent terror threat predicted to only get stronger this year. isis leaders are determined to strike the us homeland. beyond inspiring homegrown violent extremist attacks. although the us it much harder tackett the new up officials in north korea probably talked about detonating a hydrogen bomb but the rogue nation
5:26 pm
own solidifying power new hampshire senator questioned whether north korea might have the iran to let new technology. intelligence chiefs are watching china russia and iran. homegrown extremists one of the greatest threats facing the homeland. law-enforcement arrested 60 would-be terrorists last year isis. at least 90 looked at after two trains crashed head-on in germany this morning. accident happened in bavaria so the part of the country. officials say the train slammed into each other on a curb automatic safety rating system apparently failed. it took hours to reach some of
5:27 pm
river. >> cold air place no doubt about that we just had some snow but now are tracking another batch of snow toward new england to expect a place to fly and how much to get in your yard. >> tonight in new hampshire where the primary could be about the race not for first but for second. >> plus is not so little piggy talking all the attention at one new hampshire precinct. how that 600 pound guy ended up
5:28 pm
and who its owner thinks he hours after monday's storm moved out there is more snow on the way. still causing problems. hi everyone i'm vanessa welch. and i'm mark ockerbloom but we want to check in with chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz storm tracker whether center. >> a bit of snow heading away
5:29 pm
afternoon into the evening for your travel plans out there is not an issue for tonight so we never primary voter front of a massachusetts either this is no talk about upstate new york southward to pennsylvania it's not a big storm one of those big ocean storms nor'easter nothing like what we had yesterday but what it is the leading edge of some very cold air moving away. when that happens you often get snow showers even some bigger snow squalls that come on through and those can be blinding white out conditions when you drive through one of those also drop a quick coating to a couple of inches of snow that's what were thinking what a tomorrow afternoon some of the stuff to appear here in southern new england already having them in northern new england a lot of them will come on through takes you to the evening commute wednesday evening and then in those go offshore after the evening commute caught the last to see them leave.
5:30 pm
what can do is drop a quick coating of two inches of snow in some of those more bigger snow squalls but not all of you will see one but for driving around afternoon for the evening and you run into one of these problem for you. we'll keep tracking those as timeline coming in right now and the bitter cold behind them. >> new hampshire voters casting of ballots in the first in the nation primary big lines of precinct all day and that continues tonight. last polls close in 2 and a half hours.month of campaigning comes down to this. it's not just about the weather. blair miller life was in new hampshire for the fight for second.
5:31 pm
cusick will predict where he falls tonight only saying it will be strong. >> one poll shows casey and jeb bush tied for support. >> back your life inside work casey is hoping to release some of what of a victory party conference running high here he said his bus down south carolina the side of the next primary. they're hoping things will turn their way tonight with a finished maybe two or three be watching those results as a come in here. and watching for the early reaction.
5:32 pm
the democratic side hillary clinton spending the morning new hampshire. with her daughter chelsea and the voters at the polls and dunkin' donuts. >> meantime bernie sanders meeting with voters in concord tonight even the polling place over to make a last plea to some voters. sin is also the case to voters last night in erie that they have the obligation to go out to the polls. democratic candidate did not hold any public event today. so where do the polls stand going into tonight? american research group or last poll yesterday putting donald trump at 31 percent john casey get 17 and marco rubio at 14 percent. ted cruz is hovering just below 12 percent. interestingly the polls of casey below rubio. now on the democratic side same polling group has bernie sanders at 53 percent hillary clinton at 44. however some other polling groups giving sanders a much
5:33 pm
>> always good to see you tom. >> especially this time of year. first off looking like it has been a decent turnout the polls in your opinion who's going to benefit the most. let's start with the last two. bernie sanders basically the younger voters that is a key demographic that is been courting all along that they showed up in great numbers, i think that's a very bad sign for hillary clinton. how important it has new hampshire been for the clintons in the past? what revived her campaign back in 2008 after you know brock obama upset her and you know, it's a launching pad for many you know, canada has fallen after iowa has been the trend in recent years years in that direction. when it comes to the gop we note trump is in the lead expected when we looking at his first coming in second out of the republicans?
5:34 pm
think casey right now sees positions though i recent poll the emerson college has bush surging to second place that would be a true upset. i don't get that feeling that will happen but if it does, that will save bush and he'll look good into south carolina. >> next step is south carolina it's a really are putting your ducks in a row here hoping for a big role in the south. >> right and you know as a money and you know his brother is very popular particularly in south carolina that could be a huge plus for him. who has the most significant ground game for the gop race? in your opinion would be a bush as opposed to a trump who may have a lead right now but does the other ground to back it up. while money works miracles and money buys ground games and's interesting with trump he's like in different to the whole notion of retail politics.if trump maintains the lead at the polls said he has he's gone of revolutionizing politics at least with new hampshire
5:35 pm
that retail style politics anymore in new hampshire. that might upset a lot of traditional politicians. >> i'm going to ask you this who has a campaign that potentially a life-support tonight they don't get it there out. well, i think our friend chris christie. who really did a number rubio on saturday night. he basically it's an all or nothing i think he's second bush in terms of spending on television ads in new hampshire and if he finishes like fourth or fifth, i think it's all over for him. >> it's interesting here said he believes is going to do much for the both posters think but the posters have another way. >> i saw the other day he was awfully confident it made me wonder if he got some inside polls campaign polls showing that he's going to finish in second or close to a third. it'll be intriguing to watch. the numbers come in tonight. thanks so much for what joining
5:36 pm
our coverage tonight we do appreciate that as always. >> as we just heard for some the new hampshire primary may be the end but most candidates at the beginning major dates his mother called the nevada caucuses on the 20th and the 23rd than the big south carolina primary on february 27. all those believe that the super tuesday that's march 1 this year and includes primaries and caucuses in key states including massachusetts vermont virginia georgia texas and many more. our team coverage of the new hampshire primary will continue all night long will go to be with you on the air is all the votes are counted and the numbers come into our newsroom. our cruise will bring you live
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geico for your boat.
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delivery driver robbed at gunpoint. with the police of the woman was called last that when she picked up the three male passages one of them pulled a gun and demanded money.they took off towards berkeley street which would you last week i was to police were looking for a suspect who was luring cabdrivers to one area of the city and then robbing them. in one case the driver shot over just $40.>> knew it five the men in this photo one of life police for armed robbery manchester new have to police say the suspect walked into the bunny sagrada webster
5:39 pm
and then ran off with $500 in cash. police say the man is about five foot five the medium build. call police if you see this person pick it to stop expected to open by the end of march but that means green lines ours suspended at times between park and kmart to accommodate the work. crews will be working several overnight shifts to the end of the viewer to complete the track work the mbta is asking that anyone who needs to get in and around the stations use a orange line until the work can be completed. >> indycar race planning for labor day in boston this year. there will be a presentation going over plans for the three day extravaganza and at the end, public comment will be accepted. it's a first of several events planned over the next few months. >> next batch of snow already on the way when the flex will fly tomorrow and how much you can plan on having to shovel by the time it's all over.>> and having it up for the polls
5:40 pm
photo showed up and hauled all the attention. little more than two hours all of the polls in new hampshire will what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy.
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primary concern at one point had nothing to do with the candidates or the voters on the issues. you can probably imagine people hogwild when the 600 pound guy strolled up to the precinct vote counts today. maybe the big i just wanted to cast his own vote. fox 25's robert goulston is live. before it's a doozy vanessa i think there is no surprise that in politics anything can happen. here in new hampshire, and pelham on primary day the bar has been set a bit higher. it was a big pic. it's one of the stories you
5:43 pm
going to believe this one. but expected to be a 650 pound pig that's a very large pig. the owner who lives in massachusetts keeps his pig in a farm down the street. somehow the female pig does not have a name, walked about half-mile to the new hampshire primary precinct at pelham high school.>> campaign sign volunteers saw the pig bigwig in the parking lot with voters. >> the owner of the pig says he thinks the pigs going to vote for trump. >> while the locals will likely debate the pics politics for years, her owner says it
5:44 pm
she was tired. she had walk all the way back. >> the police here and pelham say the pig was a little feisty when they first arrived on scene in fact was coming at them in evening opening her mouth but tonight the pig is back in its fence. that's a good thing. >> too much pork and a bill. >> all over twitter. did you use a snowblower today? >> i did. i cleaned up the rest this morning. and kevin i understand we could have some more snow. >> little bit more snow heading away tracking that coming in. but notice upper corner of the screen you see the up in their,
5:45 pm
zoomed in on a live radar tab and the albany site you can see some of that snow in the birches here it's been moving in from the west and clipping the berkshires but having a hard time making over the hills. we see that often because it's air comes down back of the berkshires it sinks into the connecticut valley.even that not likely tonight. however these patches of snow are going to move steadily eastward we will see some coming in during the day tomorrow. it's all the leading edge of some cold air to the progression not coming very quickly as that snow we talked about the berkshires but it's on the way. it's not a storm like we saw yesterday not even close to that but what is a weak system offshore along with cold air coming in to have a kind of connection in the atmosphere. it's good to form some snow showers in snow squalls in the area but this takes until the
5:46 pm
to pick up some steam in southern new england. after 2 o'clock let's say go to see some of these popping up and 3:30 is going to stop here snow squalls developing this problem for late afternoon driving an evening commute snow squalls by definition are intense snow showers and that really cloud your vision as you're driving along. low visibility can be a problem. sticking to the roadways as it comes down so fast not talk about a lot of snow but a little bit can really ice except quickly on those roadways for the evening drive. clears out tomorrow evening and will get some sunshine for first thing thursday morning. so a coding to two inches i know it's a widespread over a very big area but here's the thing, you get the shows to come on through not everyone gets one but anyone who does get one of those vigorous squalls to come unto can pick up that quick according to two inches in the strongest of
5:47 pm
it's sort of like forecasting thunderstorms you get those storms here and there ever gets one going to really intense storm while neighbors might not have anything at all. same thing with snow scores when they come on by especially ahead of some arctic air that's coming our way. so a chance of using a snow squall or shower putting it 80 percent tomorrow. though still is a chance for snow flurries cold air still pouring onion going to keep friday drive saturday see that 30 percent chance of precipitation in this case snow on saturday, that something we're watching the ocean storm forming another one is going to be a close call for now it's going to miss us. we're going to be watching that very close our current forecast is not included snow storm for the weekend but something we have to keep a close eye on. 29 out there in boston right now 23 in worcester feels like 23 because the winds are not blowing anymore not like they
5:48 pm
overnight for low temperature in norwood it's 29 degrees your low tempter that will be dropping down to the teens 16 degrees for a low temperature. in the city of boston with 29, under cloudy skies those will be clearing up a bit tonight partly cloudy to 22 degrees below temperature for first thing in the morning. seven day forecast with the weekend of view includes very cold temperatures for that weekend. about 15 for a high with subzero low temperatures on valentine's day sunday morning we still tracking that snow moving toward us this evening and i'll have the latest track of the potential for weekend storm coming up. >> i care recalling popular product because of a risk of getting cut. ceiling that's being recalled because they pose a laceration risk the lamps are called hy vi and locke you can return them for a full refund to any ikea store the left was all from 2002 to 2015. apple now accepting bank of iphones as a trade and for
5:49 pm
company hopes up by allowing people to turn in devices with broken screens and buttons more people will upgrade to new phones. apple has more i warned they may see the first decline in revenue and 13 years and hope this will turn things around. apple will pay between 50 and $200 for the damaged phones. >> textbooks causing students more than ever the cost has spiked 73 percent in the past research from us will reveal the impact of students undergrads shallot about $3 billion a year to pay for books. using financial aid to do so. that takes away from the money they have to pay for tuition and room and board. consumer advocates say there is a solution make textbooks available to students online. >> it's absolutely crazy that students are spending 200 to $300 for a single textbook when the technology is online. >> travel guy calls one local city one of the most unexpectedly exciting places to visit in the us. was doing that honor in summerville it quits the city's
5:50 pm
restaurants and bars to the hub points for being hip and quirky but highlights like the museum of bad arts and honk. >> we are following several new stories ahead at six first we have new information about this intense balance video showing a front-end loader hitting a man. the new chapter leading up to this moment that fox25 investigates first broke last night. plus a tollbooth worker hit and killed by a driver on a mass pike offramp. new at six the extremely low mail the driver pay to get out
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women and the draft. all military jobs including combat positions are open to women to the nation's top military leaders say woman shafted register was like this are just like men. justin gray reports from washington that saw top congressional is also known board with this change. >> the website for the selective service says quote it's what a man's got to do. register for the draft. but with all military roles open to women, the top leaders of the army and marines told congress last week it's time to change draft rules.and they all said that given that we've lifted the restrictions on all combat for women which i support, that it also makes complete sense that we would have women register for selective service. you have to republican kelly a
5:54 pm
>> turbine cruise ship passengers sailed into a powerful storm assuring the stories tonight. taken by a passenger shows what it was like. as royal caribbean's anthem of the seas was making its way through these waters on sunday. lawmakers calling for national transportation safety board to investigate why the ship left port. see the damage done to the ship by the 100 mile per hour winds. for people suffered minor injuries. >> check this out here watch as the awning of the gas station collapses right there on cars in the middle of the day. two maintenance workers were on the roof cleaning it yesterday afternoon and told witnesses they noticed cracks. moments later, it came down. it is scary.something like this could just happen so randomly.there was a car in the air and i guess there was a passenger inside one of the cars he got so scared that she just got out of the car running. >> firefighters they are amazingly only two people
5:55 pm
>> take a look at this dash cam video missouri state trooper pulled a woman from a car moments before engulfed in flames.11 valley hurt they send the driver in a red light he was eventually arrested. >> now at six the polls are packed. as new hampshire makes it for president. sanders versus clinton and trump versus cruz. a dark horse shine brightest. fox25 is a live team coverage in the first in the nation primary. one storm gone but another batch of snow heading our way. bearing down a giant tractor dumping snow on private property new information about these public employees behind the wheel and how leaders in one town are responding. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now.
5:56 pm
>> we will get to our in-depth coverage of the new hampshire primary in one minute but first we want to begin with a live look at the current temperatures in your area the concern tonight the snow and water that hasn't been removed from around your home will refreeze is doing so right now that's not all there more snow on the way. hi everyone i am vanessa welch. and i am mark ockerbloom. these seem like minor problems here in new england but want you to be aware of the fact it's going to be slippery out there this evening when you get out your cars or doing whatever you have to do for evening plans. and there is some snow coming our way this is not the snow the common during the day tomorrow but there's some snow already in the berkshires is not going to make it much farther east than that but there's more snow back up new york and new england down the coast pennsylvania new jersey
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