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tv   FOX 25 News New Hampshire Primary Special Live  FOX  February 9, 2016 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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our coverage starts at in eggs edition of fox 25 news. election 2016. new new hampshire primary. the time has come. what win election. for voters to decide. >> we originally from the country that was determining factor. when ballots speak louder than candidates. and traffic jam form outside polling centers. >> difference couple hundred votes makes huge difference. >> this is first that in the nation primary. this is the new hampshire our special primary coverage starts
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>> tonight. our team of reporters spread out across the region at the candidates primary headquarters. still open. and the turn out is expected to be record breaking. our john is in salem now where the polls just closed there. >> that's right. the official closing time was 7:00. some in state open until 8:00 we few stragglers coming in by skin of teeth checking with people who make sure their name on the list tallying up the names so slow and steady was mantra here in salem all day. but we did see uptick number of people coming into cast their ballots as the workday ended. people making point to be here to make their voice count. people also telling fox 25, this was important john in their opinion this polling place opened at 7:00 this morning as you mentioned closed just a few minutes ago.
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lines were forming outthere at people waited in long lines. and in in merrimac it was similar seen where they lined up. we do understand so many people are in line secretary of state they may traffic issue but watching it just to be sure. now across state here in nowbatt doodhauth two out of three people across the granite state are expected to turn out and what was predicted to be a record turn out. earlier secretary of state here said they expected 62% turn out . . they think those numbers are solid they will hold to that. that's latest from salem. where poles just closed. fox 25 news. >> so where do polls stand going into today? american research group yesterday. . >> let's take look at the numbers. putting donald trump with 33%. marco rubio at 14%.
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penelope cruz at 12. is on democratic same polling group has bernie sanders the 53 with hillary clinton at 44%. sore some polling sanders giving much laid earn leer donald trump has been leading prince rupert polls for months now. but saying is, polls don't vote. people do story in iowa. that's for sure. what kinds of night is donald trump in for. he believes a good one. >> i didn't if one by point i am very happy. i just want to win. >> crawford cruz won iowa but he polls. he may have his eyes on next big primary test in south carolina where he doing well. second place in new hampshire will speak volumes about miss campaign. we are joined by at cruz headquarters for us tonight. >> >> and mark we are now waiting arrival of the senator cruz and his wife right now the stage set here we ready for folks start
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wait and watch for those numbers to come in. now after days of back to back events it was quiet day for ted cruze today who only made one stop diner in man chester where chatted with voters but he was mostly hounded by reporters who wanted his take on the latest round of insults from donald trump who made some pretty battery marks about akrooudz cruz at his rally last night. but senator cruz once again maintained he will stay above the fray. >> you know my approach not to respond from beginning of campaign, when he others have chosen insult chosen go to gutter chosen to go to the mud, i don't respond in kind. em going stay he to caused on issues. facts. >> those sentiment echoed by his volunteers and campaign staffers earlier today we spent sometime with them. at ted cruze campaign headquarters in manchester where they were manning phones working the phones for those last-minute votes they believe that ted cruze isn't being taken
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despite what the polls say, coming up at 7:30 more on why they say he could be the real underdog. we live in new hampshire. fox 25 news. >> and perhaps the biggest wild card tonight could be ohio governor john case sick he has been rising in polls all week and yesterday, he passed ted cruze for third place. we spoke with case sick earlier this week he joins us live from in concorde. kay sake feels he last done ground work to do well tonight >> yes. he confidence. who are town hall meetings in nau knew than any other g.o.p. candidate. and hoping pays off here tonight. john kasich i am toll arrived near by hotel in concorde, a little later earlier this afternoon get some rest before he comes here this evening just in past five minutes some of his supporter started showing up here. as way is telling you and you been take kasich about recent surge in polls. he wouldn't predict where he will finish but he confident it will be strong. and analyst say he finish towards the top perhaps 2 or 3 and already saying this campaign
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>> you ought believe virtually nothing of what you read and hear on this campaign day. only half of what you see. if you want see what we have you come on down to south carolina. you hear me? you all come. you all come. because we are going to changing some snow shoes for some flip-flops. >> and joking about south carolina he already making clear plan for south carolina. he mr. sent his campaign bus down to south carolina. he has campaign stop there in charleston south carolina tomorrow. so he has the plan to be go ahead. he takes off here from new hampshire around midnight tonight. certainly hoping he has some momentum with him as he leaves new hampshire. we live in concorde tonight. blair filler fox 25 news of another big story going how marco rubio does involvment during past two days other republican candidates have really been targeting him for his lack luster performance saturday's debate aroob xam paced radson tell in man chester. that's where we find fox 25
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rubio expected to be here within next 340e7bs as you mentioned that has been one of the criticisms of rubio was he performance saturday night. chris christie calling him out after he -- he stick script repeating himself four times about president obama saying that obama want to change america for the worst. of. and that's been something that i ruibal has been criticized for even prior to the debate. his inability to go off the script. the fact that they believe he does not have enough experience many critics say that. fact he is green. i can to tell you rubio spent the morning at voting locations mainly in rockingham county. he went to manchester, bed ford, salem and winham. that's heavily concentrating in rockingham county which as you probably know area where lot of new hampshire residents live who commute to massachutes to work. it is heavily republican area. and nearly half the states republican votes live in that country. it was mitt romney territory when he ran for the president. rubio finished third in iowa.
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recent polling here in new hampshire and that's likely one of the reasons his competitors have been fiercely attacking him. but there has not been any reliable polling since saturday night because sunday was super bowl and day before the election usually widely believed to union reliable still rubio speaking outside voting locations today. said, he feeling confidents. >> i i am feeling great we have seen lot of energy lot of people coming into office light volunteer he last second. we feel great we leave here more dal the gas than we came in and we feel very positive about that. >> rubio communication director says the goal not necessarily to win tonight. but to come within the top tooer they said, rubio running a 50-state campaign they are also looking ahead to south carolina. now coming up next 30 minutes, i am going introduce you to man who felt so strongly about criticizing rubio he actually came out here today outside, the headquarters here in man chester wearing particularly unusual
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we will hear from him in 30 minutes. reporting live in man chester new hampshire. fox 25 news. jeb bush has spent lot of money on addss new hampshire not shown no polls as of yet. his camp feels people are going to be surprised by the results tonight. that bush message resonates with the people of new hampshire. outside polling centres tail bush continued attacking donald trump. >> and people because of their faith, or because of their gender or because of their disabilities or because their a p. o.w., you no, it is just wrong. . and you cannot hijack our party. our party will not win if we are reactionary party. we will win if we embrace the reagon-like approach to this. people are hurting. i just feel like it is important to stand up to the guy i am only guy doing it. >> and -- bush does not do well this will not end of his him. they said they will go out. to south carolina bush currently pauling third there next week former president george w. bush will join his brother on the campaign trail. >> news jerseys governor chris
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has put all of his eggs into new hampshire about a kept never polled better than fourth. and dedate strong performance during saturday night's debate he has not been able to gain much momentum dose have a very strong ground game. says he conducted more town halls than any other candidate. >> right now dr. ben carson polling last in new hampshire and it really does not appear that any magic in store for him tonight. right know there has been no talk of him suspending i had campaign. and, as we mentioned next stop out carolina. that's place where he has been polling very well lately. and even though carly fiorina was the lone republican candidate not invited to last weekend debate she said this week she has cash to continue in this race. and that she will deep going. in new hampshire fiorina has struggled in top five percent in the polls. let's take live look long lining to get into trump headquarters in manchester this is best wish right here. lot of buzz surrounding his campaign. and everybody of course waiting for results to start pouring in.
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for republican party, and question is, did any one make up some ground here. we will find out. a little bit later on tonight. you can see, a lot of people trying to guest no to be part of the headquarters excitement there for the trump campaign. >> trump hoping to deliver victory speech there? >> yes he is. we will see what happens for sure. results tonight democratic race they may have some big picture impact here. we will check on the hillary clinton and bernie sanders campaign after this break. you are watching fox 25 special coverage the new hampshire first in the nation primary one hundredette edition. polls close in about 45 minutes. my original thought vote democratic and then bay going o vote for bernie in against hillary and so forth. because, i think she of the old school. but as i thought about it more and more, and i got up to the table, i decide to go
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because i am remember catch the votes tonight. 67 voters millville and heart location voted for john kasich on republican side and bernie sanders on the dem dem said nor excited about expected record voter turn than democratic bernie sanders. i had camp say the all lo chance win. let's head live to sanders headquarters in conquer where we find ted den yells tonight. hi, ted. >> good evening from the concorde high school gymnasium no hotels ballroom for bernie
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place tonight. the doors to the public opened short time ago but going take a little while get everybody in because, everybody is being service. now this afternoon, sanders and his enter raj visited polling concorde. here in state capital where he thanked reporters, and talked supporters and thanked his folks up here very not senator has been leading by double digits margin for months in state. one poll released monday puts de santos ahead of clinton by 16 points in new hampshire another put in 26 points ahead. so the bar is set and set high. for this 74 year old new hampshire neighbor. >> made in washington today impacts every american. they impact the younger generation even more. because you are going to have to
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the next 60, 70 god willing 80 years. >> if you believe the pundits, sanders will need to win by at least ten points here in new hampshire to carry the momentum that they believe he has in other parts of country where he is no the a popular not as well-known oh, he certainly a lot of expectations for him tonight snnt and his campaign actually been trying to downplay those expectations, a little built. because, new hampshire is state where sometimes the polls don't necessarily translate to what happens on primary night. we will not expect him probably until at least couple hours after the polls close. but this is where it is -- he picked concorde. his staff said. essentially they thought it would be good location because he was here couple weeks ago. talking with some high school students. this was would be good location. because they thought it would bring very energetic crowd.
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from bernie sanders primary location tonight. i am ted daniels fox 25 news. former secretary of state hillary clinton narrowly won iowa she has been behind for weeks in new hampshire some he can sperpts are not con vinced she going to lot tonight. >> her headquarters may be watching results coming most closely tonight. clinton's camp based in southern new hampshire. we are there tonight and we will hour. during the entire race, clinton camp last said her experience both first lady and secretary of state why people should vote for her. >> i know that there are still so many -- [inaudible] you know i am going just keep doing what i have done my entire life. keep showing folks they can count on to me we will make real progress together. >> no matter outcome tonight clinton says she going to take
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major internal changes may be in store. >> after break we are going joined by boston university pro pesser and political historian tom whalen get hit thoughts on big story lines. you are watching fox 25 elect
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that was easy. register today. voter turn out has been huge tonight. take look here polling location
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line of cars snaking outside building out vote trying cast their ballots the polls there closed at 7:00. we are hearing they are going let people who were in line cast their ballots. no word yet on just how long the state going to allow those folks to keep casting their ballots but huge voter turn out. and we are all anxiously awaiting 8:00 pm that's when polls will close and results will tart to coming in. >> joining us boston political historian and pros he is fess sore tom whalen. we are settling in. let's start off with that democratic race. is this one we should be keeping closet eye on tonight? bernie sanders hillary clinton and maybe not victory for clinton. in terms of how many you know if she leap frogs but more so, if tonight. >> it is all margins. keep under 10% know can declare that moral victory. but you know sanders, has roused a lot of you know enthusiasm particularly from younger voters and given the high turn out
7:20 pm
tonight. >> let's talk about the high voter turn out. we just saw lines. we know they are extending voting for those people tonight. what does that tell you about this race? would will benefit from big turn out tonight. i think as said de santos. but probably too, trump. because trump has gaernerred equal amount enthusiasm on the republican side. but i think hitten victor here is no candidate at all. it might be the voter i.d. law. this was first in the nation. and a lot of people predicted this would keep people away from the polls. but it is seems to be just opposite. given today as a results. certainly it is. >> let's talk about you know like in iowa, moral victory getting back to that for a moment. you look hillary clinton she already thinking about grounds game she going to have put out down south she snows that's friendlier territory for her as well. and also jeb bush if he make some type of run here he trying to get down because then he gets his brother on board. particularly clinton this is her fire wall. south carolina. the south.
7:21 pm
he have well with a la teen in african american there report south saying that bernie sanders going meet reverendal sharmton tomorrow for breakfast. so, you can see that there urgency is on de santos side to reach out to african american voters. >> let's go back to hillary clinton. she has the name. she has an an awful lot of money but she not doing as well as she thought she would be. or as well many people expected to be doing. we know having trouble younger voters primarily women voter what did she do wrong here. >> well i don't think she did anything wrong per se. but she kind of running a campaign that happened eight years ago. or even campaign from 1990s. and the same i thing well into 21st century right now. that particularly this new younger generation of voters coming up, they really don't care about what she doing in the pa they want to know what key do for the country really kind of repeated well, brought up old kinds democratic establishments talking points. sanders has not. and particularly younger voters
7:22 pm
for example, lack of economic opportunities, and you know, really hit those buttons. she has not in she really needs to course correction here to right the ship. >> all right. let's turn to republican race now donald trump expected to win. but if if is not big victory. does that damage him as well. >> i think so. given how high expectations were. and, especially as you saw in iowa. i mean hess kinds semi meltdown over the past week. but i just don't get the sense that that will happen here. >> we know that he has been very outspoke object you know another vulgar term last night he does not vet what he says he says whatever is oh his minds somehow resonating with people i did hear today, that some experts questioning when people go voter box they will actually pull the trigger and vote for him, or do he this just like talk about him and say, you know they are on his team >> well, term you a thin it isty in the lot people appreciate
7:23 pm
and some people might complete jerk. but at least up to this interit seems to be working. >> all right. boston university political historian and professor tom whalen. thank you for being with us. we will be with you again next
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pig crashing party this scene outside local polling center in nye knew much more on that story. when numbers start come in we will head right to our liz elzabeth hopkins. we will show us how she will be tracking everybody. it is really interesting because we bring county by county results monitoring new hampshire so you can see who is leading and where if as we take look at the republican primary in newtown new we take in state view you can see, this county right know 8% precincts reporting we are expecting many more to be reporting soon. as well as taking look at the democrat inning primary you can see, so far, none of the precincts there are reporting. now, there you will some surprise nye knew primary. we will be monitoring to see if surprises take hold or if it will change and it will more reliable some of the communities in epping hudson, kingston all in new hampshire these are the communities that typically run democratic.
7:26 pm
take a look at the bellwether opportunities like east kingston and lancaster and new market these are areas that typically vote republican. we will breaking down blue and red towns and the counties. we will bring all to you live as the polls close and begin to report. many of the polls closed at 7:00. we are expecting to see earlierist results soon. over to you guys. all right. we will checking back with in with you. and throughout the evening. >> we are coming up on 7:30 polls as elizabeth close in about half an four. people are cueed up they may take long to get them finally through. that's when they will all close. when any news breaks on campaign trail you are will find it right here. go behind the scenes of extreme powerboat racing with the miss geico racing team. presented by geico
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this is special edition fox 25 news. election 2016. new hampshire primary. >> we will go special new hampshire primary coverage as we ten monitor situation in merrimac so many voters have shown up that permission has been granted to show up late this was shot from sky fox we don't know how late those polling locations will be open but we know it is stretched into darkness tonight. there still south there trying to get in. expression their right to vote. good evening. i am mark ockerbloom and i am vanessa welch all work of the campaign stops we will soon snow who is paid off for. let's head back now to man chester new hampshire where fox 25 political reporter sharman sacchetti standing by trump headquarters. we outside trump headquarters in man chester. i will you long lining of people
7:30 pm
i am going to be actually getting different line head inside just a few minutes. now first of all i can tell you trump is expecting victory tonight. he has been top of the polls here for months. and he continues to maintain a lead. he made some o stops in manchester today and he is pretty confidents today. expressing his love for new hampshire. >> the polls are certainly good. i just don't know what the polls mean. we have tremendous crowds. last night we had 5,000 people at the arena in the blizzard. i said, you know who going to come that this. we got 5,000 people. we are doing really -- look we bonded with the people of new hampshire i have been here so many times. pre politics you know i come here. because i have lot of friends that live up here. this one of the beautiful parts of the country. trump has continued his criticism of ted cruze just last night using a vulgar word to describe ted cruze. repeating what woman in audience at the manchester verizon wireless arena said ted cruze earlier today, essentially
7:31 pm
that level he want to stick to theish as you use. aof of live look inside of trump headquarters. you can see, right here, the awaiting donald trump. he expecting his cast term. give victory speech we will see how that goes. there lots of voting should mention as well that sharman sacchetti one trying to get into room right now. but as number volunteers and staff. in there at the nome. but going to while before, numbers media can get in and cover it. whatever he has to say. >> well earlier we talked about heat marco rubio cam saturday's debate turned flames an in. in camp deflected negativety saying, he only republican with any foreign policy experience. and will have see how that plays out with the voters tonight right now let's head back to rubio camp in manchester heather hegedus is bus growing there? . . >> it is growing. out here. mark that's safe to say. he could be here any moment. marco rubio.
7:32 pm
and, i tell you his campaign team seems pretty calm and confident. i cost also tell you arbi spent the morning outside for or five different voting locations. he was meeting with voters outside polling locations in manchester new bedford, salem and winham. heavy concentrating on rockingham. lot of residents commute to work and nearly half of state republican voters live. with mitt romney territory when he ran for the rest. as you mentioned criticism of the freshman senator has been growing that he is risked a verse green and unable to go off his talk being points it really came to head sat date night when governor christie attacked him. during the g.o.p. debate. rubio had repeated himself four different times some times word for word about mow he feels obama has tried to change america for the worst. well that was enough to motivate one man to come all of way up here from washington, d.c., today. to protest outside of voting location that rubio was at. and we caught up with that man
7:33 pm
here and here's what he had to . >> what motivated you come out here in if get up? >> i mean i am fed up. you know. i am tired all talking points. on. and, i just don't think this guy represent regular america. i think he represents wall street. he had a fun razor wall street fundraiser in des moines couple weeks ago. >> and that man aaron black told me he does plan on protesting tonight. as well. the question will remain, will rubio's performance saturday night be a problem for new hampshire voters? we will find out the answer to that question soon. now coming up 30 minutes we will tell you how aub are he is a live. fox 25 news. >> and few can states spend more time new hampshire than how eye how governor john case sick he hauls. as many 150 tonight he will go woman each legs result could
7:34 pm
find fox 25 blair miller. blair. >> he is expected here at the next hour or so. i just spoke with the campaign spokesman who tells me, they feel quote cautiously optimistic that they will have a good night here tonight. his support certainly hope so, too they are just now starting show up here waiting for those results to come. they are really hoping their candidate finishes in top three. and gets some of that momentum and perhaps turning point in this race, kay sake could take stage early on tonight. his staff would like for that to happen. because leaving for south carolina around midnight tonight. kasich has seen bump in polls here this week and seems to have most momentum according to the polls, and told us he feels good about where he is. >> all right. i am doing very well. i am very calm. . >> and it is exciting. it is happening. and you know i just called a friend of mine and said you know things seem to be happening very
7:35 pm
and you got keep your feet on ground. there has been so much talk about the polling here in new hampshire for kasich really seeing bump in the polls. since iowa. he was out here last saturday and, came out here first of all g.o.p. candidates while most of them were back in iowa here polling has been, second, third fourth. out in iowa trump was in first in polls, and didn't pan out that way. we live in concorde. blair miller fox 25. iowa winter ted cruze also looking to score second place finish tonight. his poll numbers have been following bought saw cruz can do better than polls predict. >> yes. despite what polls number say. fade what really heard from his volunteers campaign staffers was optimism. they tell me that ted cruze maybe underdog it is position that he certainly likes to be in. now earlier today we were with vol lawn is tiers at cruz campaign headquarters in manchester, where they were manning the phone banks hoping
7:36 pm
primary voters now although senator cruz numbers have listed it has not been damped tuesday into thousandism of those working his ground game here they say while the media may not take ted cruzer is juicily. sent tope cruz unflappable in face of his campaign. >> typically, a candidate can competes either iowa or au new hampshire most candidates can't do both. it is very unusual for candidate to be able compete effectively both and part of the reason we can that we have tremendous support not just among evangelicals and conservatives but also among the libertarian. >> as you can see there cruz remaining very positive. and knows on his campaign, told me that they would consider victory to be a second or third place finish coming off the strengths his win in iowa. ly minder that his historically no non incumbent republican candidate has ever won both iowa caucus and the new hampshire primary.
7:37 pm
>> we have been telling belong lines in merrimac. lines were so long many people couldn't get into polling place where they closed at 7:00 you have update from the secretary of state office on what they are going to do. secretary of state william gardener put this out. here strategy regarding those long lines. and hours. at the polling location moderator at each polling station is sending an election official to mark the ends of the line and at that time police officer will monitor the ends of the line. this opinion pro expect folks hours. and some case they are staying but there police officer marking and he will walk those finally people in in to go in and exercise their treat vote and also new hampshire section of state they are unaware of any petitioning. or contacts from any campaigns regarding this matter so, whether or not those folks are aware of what's going on down in merrimac, is another matter. but right now, it will please officer who will go with official he there stand there and walk in rest of the line and anybody beyond that point,
7:38 pm
we working turn around some video what's going on there in merrimac we will bring that to you right after break. we thought there would be heavy down and case in point. don't go anywhere our coverage the new hampshire primary will continue right through our 11 suz. we will check in with hickox and bernie sanders. does clinton have come back in as a small business owner, you know things have a way of moving fast. but if your network can't keep up, it can really slow you down. so switch to the 100% fiber optic network of verizon fios. you'll get 99.9% network reliability, and the fastest wi-fi available. for a network that moves as fast as your business. right now, upgrade to fios 50 meg or higher internet and phone and get $250 back. call or go online today. small business is better
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new hampshire. welcome back quick note here as with any election there is chance results so close that recount could be asked for. >> according to knew new hampshire attorney general office website only candidates get 9% of vote on tuesday can ask for that recount. and deadline to do so is friday the 12th. quick reminder only person become president without binning new hampshire or iowa in last 40 years is come back kid i just mentioned bill clinton. so, we will have see, if that months. he has out stumping for his wife hillary clinton, of course if anything campaigning only gets more intense the moment polls open. candidates know they may be able to sway that last second on y cune sighed voter which there are lot of in new hampshire. let's turn democratic side. fox 25 joins us from hillary clinton headquarters. and hookset. >> well that's finally made
7:41 pm
we are going through secret service. as are supporter as they come in they are starting trickle in as well. to, right in fronts of me here. within last 15 minutes or so we checked clinton campaign. it is we sid expect hear from secretary clinton between 9:00 and 9:15 exactly what will be saying though, of course, is likely going to be spun anyway that favors her he expecting loss here but campaign saying today, single digit loss could be a moral take away victory here. erm-year-old today clinton was out rallying voters and supporters at several precincts at the polling places. . as well as at her campaign offices. she was accompanied by president bill clinton former president there of course her daughter as well. so, they have been on the mystic throughout the day they will be able to close the gap. they have been able to do so in recent days. last week were saying 18% leader for her upon noenlt bernie sanders that today on average dropped down about 13% and they
7:42 pm
potential to sell victory to her supporters as would he no new hampshire anything possible we live in hookset. fox 25 news. >> all right. no candidates maybe more excited about expect record voter attorney out than bernie sanders. his camp has said if lot of people come out to vote they feel they have chance to win. let's head live to de santos headquarters in concorde that's where he poo find our ted daniel tonight. >> hi, ted. >> hi de santos campaigning nonstop since he returned from iowa more than week ago. we have covered number of his rallies and appearance. over that time. today was more quiet day for the vermont senator. however his campaign last been blasting out tweets directed at new hampshire voter couple hours ago at bernie sanders tweeted new hampshire, by voting today, you will say loudly and clearly this country belongs to all of us not just the billionaire class. sander really tapped into the libertarian spirit in in state.
7:43 pm
people who feel disenchanged politic as usual and worked. we are starting to see the crowds fill up here at the concorde high school gymnasium. last week dolan able to pack pretty much every place that he held event here in new hampshire. capacity crowds, sometimes over so everybody here expected to celebration tonight. expectationsing a victory. . the big question know and what will be playing out what will be exciting to watch tonight, is by how much. >> that's latest reporting live in concorde. i am ted daniel. fox 25 news. those margins that's what's everybody watching we been telling folks about the extended long lines here in merrimac new hampshire. would just learned voting man extended for these folks because many of them could not get in by 7:00. when polls were set to close. >> that's right in moderator each polling station sending election official to mark the end of the line. where police officer will then
7:44 pm
folks in the line from where end was marked they will be allowed to vote regardless of how long it takes so if it is 8:00, 8:ten you are still in line you are expected to be in line and police officer behind you, you have right to go in there and exercises your right to vote. something we are keeping act eye on as there number of people going out and doing that tonight. we understood about two-thirds of new hampshire voters perhaps it is more than. we will get final numbers of course tomorrow. >> we are now in time. 15 more continues in to vote. and then, we will count then. we will check again with our expert tom whalen you are
7:45 pm
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some areas 67 -- be have some numbers coming in. getting exciting. with results. it is getting exciting i'm right now, atrump you has 720 total votes at least republican hampshire. let's take a look at the state view. and get close up look because right now the county has 8% precincts reporting we also carol county there 7% of pre since reporting. and, hillsboro with 5%. precincts reporting. obviously as we were mentioning, lot of different polls, closing at 7:00 pm. some polls are closing at 8:00 pm. it really discretion of different municipals and location there. but let's take a look at democratic side.
7:48 pm
there difference of roughly, 650 or 700 sfween bernie sanders andlic. bernie sanders for right you in leading total votes in new hampshire if a we take luke county by county view can i tell you pre sections of are reporting. and 8% again in here. and we will see the same pretty much merrimac county 5% precincts reporting. carol county again 5%. and again hillsboro now at six percent. so, you guys can see these are coming in. moment by moment. as we said we will continue to monitor this. because, we just a few minutes away from the 8:00 hour. when all of the position will be closed. and then we will see some big results hopefully very soon. guys being back over you. all right. as you mentioned just ten minutes away from top of the hour. so as a results are coming in we will scroll them for you at the bottom of your screen as well. join us excitement. boston university historian and professor tom whalen. let's talk about in do you think we will quick victory tonight on either side or both? . >> well earlier polls are correct we seem indicate that.
7:49 pm
have a side act win and i think trump will as well. >> what do you think will be taking longer the second place here as far as republican party is concerned? that's going to long night. i think that's going to be really drawn out. and going to blood and hair on walls here because they really gone at each other. but you know really when you think about it many ways the bush dynasty is on the line here. if they don't do well tonight who knows they might be lot of calls especially from his donors abandoning ship. let's talk more about that. because donald trump went after him said you had mom come campaign for you why not she was former first lady i this shiefr knows thing or two -- but lists talk about that because he has his brother. and supposed something unveiled down south carolina but i noticed his ad did play supporting his brother during the super bowl. if you are going pick vent tune that's good one do it. also shows, where looking he thinking his fire wall is well going to south carolina. drawing line here. and george w. bush is still very popular figure south of mason dixon line.
7:50 pm
and i think nooem people thought this point. than he is. why do you think that he not doing better than many people thought? is it because of donald trump? >> well, that's part of it because, trump has very charismaic figure he didn't have much message this time around. i mean you expecting more from jeb so-call smarter brother. bush family. goods. you are joying talked last time and chatted. seems to about the clintons, maybe going back to the old days of doing thing as far as campaigning concerned. same thing can be true of the bush campaign here? right that's the problem with dynasties they go with what worked in past. but we have new century now and they just don't seem to get if. let's go to democratic side we are talking bernie sanders. he says that america needs political revolution we know his voters. in your opinion, what is drawing these young voters to say san? >> well fear that they are not going to have same kind of future that their parents had.
7:51 pm
. and given the huge student dent who can blame them? >> bernie sanders, you know he does not win, by double digits let's say, the clinton campaign going to go and say you know what? look at the move we made on him. he vulernable >> mark they are already writing press release if at that happens. i just don't see that happening. just seems bernie had so much momentum plus coming off pretty good saturday night live performance. >> and, hillary i noticed today she seemed frustrated and almost a little defeated as well. do you think that she starting >> right. and you know that body language not you know good sign for her. and you know you have to remember, here she been running for the president or prepare for presidency for very long time. it has to be frustrating to her that in a state that had been friendly to her, has more or less abandoned her. >> we will get more on your thoughts from republican side when we come back to you next. but thank you so much for being with us. we will get some result the. in >> republican side what will
7:52 pm
okay early on as we noted earlier, and is it going to close let's say polls in eight minutes. for good. that will be it. so we will start see numbers start to jump but right now, as it stands donald trump in the lead. 720 votes. 41% of vote 11 go cruz. and john case sick at ten: kasich said new hampshire was make it or break it for him. this finish as stands right now is if go rest the night they might see move on south carolina
7:53 pm
be making trip we will have you dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i' m living it. but i always tell people - saving' s not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me. sincerely, alex payne.
7:54 pm
one election story hogging aing at this today was this one right here take a look. you can see why. it is a pig. at the polls. 650 pounds pig. escape near by farm walked half mile to new hampshire primary precincts at the high school they take their politics seriously in new hampshire when you see pig making an effort like had a. see what all fuss was about. robert talkeded to pig's owner >> who do you think your pig would vote for? my printed say trump. >> so, >> we talk the big owner he said pig going vote for trump. >> oh, no way. no. the pig is market, >> police say police big feisty. but back in her pen tonight safe and sound. no one was hurt. >> pig pell lam that pig done.
7:55 pm
we are back from the polls closing. results continue to come in tonight. over elzabeth hopkins i should say you been looking at this right now is and give us number break down. well this what i thought it was interesting in caught my eye been looking through social media number of different platforms. there number race being tall lead tonight and that's the new hampshire primary. of course is focus of entire country. so google examined the candidates and how they been searched most times today minute by minute here how that looks in crowded republican race. you can see different times. who was the most searched person for while there it was trump. and then was purr sus pad cruz trump again. then we take look democrats you can see a little bit more clearly leer. bernie sanders has held strong. actually been looking at the numbers. pretty much throughout the day. there was bun point where hillary clinton was more searched than bernie sanders and then of course you can see at 7:37 more people were searching for hillary clinton there. very interesting to see what
7:56 pm
as new hampshire is at the center of the country's attention tonight. we will check back in on where all of the candidates stand in the primary in just a bit. meantime, we go back to you guys. >> let's take look at the democratic numbers. bernie sanders, was 53%. and then hillary clinton was 44%. this is with four percent of pre since reporting tonight. >> 96% to go. long way. polls about to close in about five minutes time. >> and, we are going to have much more throughout night we are on with you right through our 11:00 news cast. so we will take you to 11:30 or beyond if it is deemed necessary. >> that's right. that's right. >> we will see how votes shake out we will take quick break and then continue to count the votes
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