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tv   FOX 25 Election 2016 New Hampshire Primary Results  FOX  February 9, 2016 8:00pm-10:00pm EST

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this is special edition of fox 25 news. election 2016. the new hampshire primary. >> time has come count votes. one who ebb citing nights politics is finally here. 8:00. polls have now closeded. in new hampshire. new hampshire primary 100th edition of track down for you tonight. good evening of course. >> we are brick you winners analysis. all of polls are closed right as of 8:00. however we are still waiting to hear what's going on in merrimac. they section tended voting there because of long lines. let's get our first look at the results right now. on donald trump with 33% of the vote right now. this is with four percent of precincts in tonight. john kay sake behind him. >> and jeb bush coming at 12%.
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that number two spot he out. e6 kasich moves i am and bush okay. we are getting, associate press now reporting that donald trump will indeed be your winner in 100 new hampshire primary for rep party. and, they are also calling for side. sector month senator winning the ten 09 new hampshire primary. >> let's talk more about the trump campaign. because they are up amanchester best western we find sharman sacchetti as well they called the race. the ap for trump. >> it will the cheers in in room. just when that was announced over the tv. people, had at and gerred here at the best western in man chester and what actually relatively small room. for a trump event. you know last night we saw him at the verizon wireless arena. tonight, we are here best western in manchester kinds of
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cheering. as they are hearing words that in fact. he has been in fact declared the winner ofry now people are still waiting to get into trump here. in manchester. the lines when i got in just short while ago it was still around the this entire hotel. hundreds and hundreds of people long that's kinds of enthusiasm you sort of garner here in new hampshire and he has been leading polls here time and time and time again. he kept pretty solidly the. the question is, now in at least race for the republicans who coming in second. who going to be coming in third. and who cannot continue in in race any more. along south carolina. but right know there is a lot of happiness here at the trump campaign. crowd cheering. you can here them. that's reaction from here in manchester. >> before you go let's talk about donald trump and his win tonight. because you know in iowa, polls said he going to win didn't happen.
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going to win and he in fact did win. >> in fact at that did happen. you know new hampshire voters who are of course, famous for making up their minds at the last minute, well, he felt strongly here that he would do well in new hampshire. turns out he did. you know he has spent last few days here in new hampshire, you know we had talked a little bit about the trump campaign about his tone about some of the rhetoric he was using there was there idea earlier in the week that programs he would change his tone. perhaps he would soften his rhetoric. i just don't think that's him. and last ninth you saw example of that. with what he said about ted cruze. and sort of that's stirred things up people like the fact that they called him this what they tell me what i have seen on this street when i have been up here and talked people over the last few months. he people like the fact that he calls himself politically incorrect. they believe he is saying what he believes that not afraid to say what he believes.
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laurinburg attraction outsider candidate. who as far as we knew didn't have much of a ground operation but seems to have pulled out here in new hampshire. who you new hampshire all week long. talk to us the bit more about voter are telling specifically that they liked about donald trump? >> well, again they liked that he would say what he thought. that he would say whatever came to mind. and you know he crossed lot of controvery months ago when he call for a ban on muslims certainly. that didn't hurt him. in polls. many people expected over the course of time, some -- many pundits i would say expected over the course of time, this campaign would never get this far. and now, i think he was even surprised it got this far. and, you can hear the crowd cheering over and over again. as they talked about why donald trump has won new hampshire. the fact he has won if new hampshire. this is big win for donald trump. because this gives him the momentum going into south
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and it is going to carry him this means, saying he self funding his campaign. your definitely going to be seeing a little bit momentum. on his his side. i understands he did just take out hundreds of thousand of ads in south carolina we are going to see this continue. >> let's talk about donald trump and people of new hampshire. because, if you look it at that state motto live free or died they embodies that. and an individualist way. >> people in new hampshire you know they say new hampshire republican is not typical national not reflective national republican, i think what appeals to independence here in new hampshire is donald trump's ability to say whatever he thinks. and remember, he driving a whole cross section of voters to takesly that have not even gotten out to polls. in years and years. people who have not necessarily been feeling as though they --
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am trying to say. it seems as though these speaking to. those are people that are coming out in droves. and that's why that's so impressive you know think get out vote operation someone like hillary clinton. who started this campaign. who are than a year ago. she got something like 10,000 volunteers on the ground. and, thought sands thousands assisting get out vote campaign she still couldn't pull it off here in new hampshire then you look at donald trump. is really stirring people with his passionate speech with his inflamed rhetoric and he driving people to the position. and to go after something that's not your typical politican. >> and he didn't do this in typical fashion either. you have been cooing politics in new hampshire for many, many years and in massachutes. we know that most of the candidates were going to town hauls over and over again. they were spending night in massachutes. trump he spent very few nights in massachutes. but he still is the winner
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now do you think he did it. >> trump actually when you talk about massachutes, remember, he had -- he attracted that you sands to events, in lowell. atracked thousands to event in worcester. up here in new hampshire, same thing. last night, thousands of attending his avent at very don wireless. but also, you know we say he has not done typical retail politic being. what he has done is he will fly in, he will do event for like an hour but he will take questions. he will talk to the people. he will asked -- that in itself retail politic being. and answering people's questions. and showing them, your own, to listening what they are to say. specifics that's whole other story. >> >> sharman sacchetti live for us with trump campaign we will check back you in a bit. stay there we will check back with you in a little bit. >> that's from man chester let's go to concorde. bernie sanders camp. winner of the democratic side.
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they said large voter turn out would benefit bernie sanders. in fact bernie sanders your winner tonight. >> mark, have aness that party going on here right now. usually, these things don't really get going until you know well, couple hours later in the evening but i will step sought way restricted because of our riser space you may be able to see they are pumped if here. the tv was on loud when it was the announced that association press has declared de santos the winner here in new hampshire. and, this place absolutely erupted. and you can hear them now. chants i have heard number of times. over the last week or so. bernie, bernie, bernie. these folks absolutely adore the very months senator. they have come out big for him. over the last week has made
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after very close second place finish in iowa. but victory tonight, and now the de santos campaign, looks forward to south carolina. nevada, and then down the road to super tuesday. certainly, de santos is rock star here in new hampshire. but he has much bigger -- much tough time some of those other states where he less known. and where people may not be on board with his idea of the political revolution. but here in new hampshire, they love him. the associate press has declared him the winner. here in new hampshire. and we are just going to be watching tonight. it is so important to try to figure out just by how much. see if you can see this. on bernie sanders feed this came out almost immediately after the associated press announced him the winner they put that on win. thank you new hampshire.
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bernie sanders later in the evening. and you can bet folks they will wait they will want to mere from their rock star who will take the stage at some point to thank all of the folks here. conquer. back to you. >> momentum on side of bernie sanders he closed gap dramatically in iowa far from not to almost pauled out there. he pulled out in new hampshire. neighboring states senator so lot of talk was made of that. and even hillary clinton said you froe tough beat someone when they are from neighboring state. as were, but i have say this. as you pointed out earlier, there are two questions still remaining among the many, and that is did he win by lot because the clinton camp dying to say hey we got into within single digits. >> yes. i mean there chance. if less than ten points. hillary clinton can pull come back kid. 224 years ago what bill clinton her husband did here. and say, hey look we came back from this massive deficit in the
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became competitive. i think would be big question here tonight and why it makes this race exciting and then although be have projected winner now there still a lot thing frame out. throughout the night. because, new hampshire the first in the fairs primary, but so many ahead, and, bernie sanders certainly he spent his entire political career in very months. and that's when i i six months ago or eight months ago i would say majority people country probably had never even heard of him. can this momentum continue on? and bernie sanders idea of police angle will revolution, resonate states that may not be as libertarian as new hampshire. >> we have been talking margin wanting how close that margin will be between the two we have update now on the numbers for you. bernie sanders with 56%. hillary clinton with 42. this is with 10% of precincts reporting. so not too much difference between the two candidates right
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ted i want go back out to you we can feel the energy in that room. we been talking all night about de santos base p his base mostly young people. that's what we know. and can you give us sense of their lot young people at that event tonight? >> yes. high school gymnasium lot of students here you know had to be here very early for preset before all this started. and, you know i could hear some of the high school kids talking about coming back tonight for this event. after the security sweep was done. but one thing that i noticed when i i attended another rally that he held, is keane earlier this week it was really you know i was looking bust i went in there i was thinking okay i am going to see all of these college students, all of these younger people but it was really actually an even mix at least at that rally. but he always pretty much part of his campaign speech his stump speech he will always single out one college students and say, hey how much are you paying in
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and, you know, whatever that number may be, pe brings up his point that he want to make tuition free. at public colleges and universities. and that's an absolutely huge thing for some younger people who are saddled with this massive student loan debt. and those are some of the promises that he makes. $15 minimum wage. on the federal level. and he want to tax wealthy. he want making over $10 million. and extremely high tax like 74%. and that's really set in with lot of the younger people here. and some older phones who feel like hey have been voting for these more established candidates all of my life. it has not gotten me anywhere. and here next bernie sanders guy. he very not senator with a brooklyn accents who appeals to them. >> ted daniel say san xam. victorious camp in concorde.
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and speak at the podium it could sometime before that happens. bit we want go right now to person who he beat font. to their damp hillary clinton camp hookset new hampshire. southern new hampshire university that's where 25 is for us. >> terry. . . well know the quite thousand actual yaum room aer concorde ted daniel there because this is the been fact loser camp so, hillary clinton will lose new hampshire primary the question now becomes, how enough going to lose by. all day long camp spinning if they single digit loss. then in back vike fee for her. and that's something we are going to hear more and more indicate when she comes out here. they told us about an hour ago maybe 9, 9:15 hillary clinton address ler crowd supporter that's starting fill in here at the southern new hampshire university. this is where eight years ago, she pull off surprise victory then candidate obama not that come back kid magic here this evening. so, i would say you hear maybe pin drop in here other than fact
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you see lot supporters out here with their arms folded shrugging shoulders a little bit. but i am sure they will be more enthusiastic when hillary clinton takes the stage. one thing we have noticed this campaign trying willed is, younger voters obviously bernie sanders really capitalizing on those young voters this time. but in particular, younger female volters this seems generational divide there. i have noticed it last week. at several events and rallies that we cover there were many, many women in audience many older women there supporting hillary clinton. the younger people women, and minniapolis -- and men supporting bernie sanders. so that's latest here at low license key rally right now awaiting hillary clinton to take the stage. after learning she will lose the new hampshire primary, guys. >> thank you. let's continue dialogue here. as far as clinton is concerned,
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she wanted to try to get back in race as you said single digits. we saw come back kid speech from her husband back in '92 in new hampshire is that like he will we see that again tonight and maybe steal page from that? they were running campaign much the same way and then second bart of question will be, is it time for overhaul? there has been lot of talk about that potentially in clinton camp. >> yes. talks shake up talks that maybe they didn't see the bernie sanders momentum coming soon enough. and then didn't react to it soon enough either. so i am sure we will hear more about that coming days. as far what she is going say tonight. i have say the campaign people that we have get in touch with throughout day they have been pretty quiet not even really wanting tell us where she would throughout the day. and very little comments coming from her staffer here today. even asking when she will talk whatted my what's mood. really not getting lot oh, you sense a little bit of disappointments. but you got think these come out here three gal upon sighs her supporter. to in not just folks new
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country all those >>. pain and. hookset thank you soy much check back. >> and we want rooetd here ap an ocean press is calling race on the republican side, for atrump. >> and on democrat side, bernie sanders is your winner. and 100 au into primary. let's take look at the republican numbers so far. 34% for atrump. john kasich behind him with 16% jeb bush, up in in third place with 12%. this is now with ten percent of precincts reporting. lot of folks thought that rubio would be in second position at this point. let's go out to his camp manchester that's where heather hegedus is there. heather? >> well certainly mod has changed as you might expect. since the ap called it for trump. but i did speak before the ap made this call to the communication director for rubio. at the time he was still talking
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the top tooer he acknowledged they never thought they would beat atrump here in new hampshire they just their eyes on set being top hear here and then moving on to south carolina and moving on to the next pry prairie. >> alec who communication director also telling me that arbi spent the day with list family. he was with his four children and his wife today. has one clear whether come into the building here yet. at the radson here in manchester but he expected to speak at some point tonight. possibly around 9:00 here we are still waiting hero follow confirmation but it is interesting that rubio has right now in the position that we are seeing, numbers we are seeing, is even behind jeb bush last week you might remember subject bush took out full page adds add in union leader. against rubio. it was signed by former speakers house in florida position that rubio once held. and those speaker said, given the interaction and experience
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rubio both being florida politicians they felt jeb bush was better suited for the job. but marco rubio has certainly put in a very solid grounds game here. in knock on thousands of doors making thousands phone calls to his volunteers doing that. so speaking at town hall events. you know 5 or 6 half dozen events a day. and rubio camp communication director told me he feels that rubio really won over sectoreds those towns. >> and they weren't certained about miss debate performance which has been much talked about. this saturday night. his repetition. during that debate performance which chris christie called him out for. saying, that rubio really won over voterers interaction quest that >> which is something that he has been so heavily criticized for. so, again we waiting here at the sheraton. to see rubio. we are also waiting to see his communication director have him
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and give us a little bit more update on how rubio is doing tonight. we were getting falling before the knees numbers came out and he was calm and confident we will sure to keep you posted. >> reporting live in manchester. fox 25 news. all right. let's tom whalen back in let's start off rubio. where he currently i think lot more go here. as far as pre sinks reporting. but right now, he fallen further and further away here. do you think that's saturday any debate was reason for his poor showing so far tonight? >> it certainly suggests that. and chris christie really did governor kasich and jeb bush a big favor. in taking him out if that's the case. >> and tom let's go back to donald trump as well a p. we know calling new hampshire and donald trump favor. and year ago, this seemed impossible. it certainly did this list storic moment when you think about it. donald trump rewriting the political handbook here on how to win the first in nation primary. you can do without having a traditional grounds gauge. and is frankly stunning. >> i think the big question
8:21 pm
win the nomination? >> well, think since 195214 of evental republican nominees ended up going to general election. so, certainly history would suggest that he has a great shot at it. >> we will bring sharman sacchetti who at atrump headquarters. i will give you the microphone if you will if you have question you like to ask tom here. >> you know there some concern that in fact this would arrive die bhat performance would in fact impact you know his supporters because just days before, he was really sort of showing a little bit of a surge in polls. do you think this did for him? who are is too soon to say? well i think it is where the peef. that i kind of >> you know democratic race. >> against. . >> and that, basically shows that you know emper has no clothes that.
8:22 pm
was just more or less talking held. eseemed prove that debate. i think it is >> another disder i am not. >> i north moment. something that jeb bush people were sort of circulating another moment where he sort of receipted talking points. and rehearsed and said same thing over and over again. he had that moment. i think it was last night or couple nights ago and so shows are kinds things that i think you know leaving last-minute voters with these lasting impregs. i do think kasich showing tonight, and bush's showing could be telling. that could be the story. next. if kasich actually has good showing, that's -- he gets to move on. there is no question here. he told me earlier this week, it looks like he going to pack it up head back to ohio. if in fact he does not have decent showing. but so far so good. yes mark brings up very good point we still have lot more pre since to report. >> right but establishments here, i mean this is kinds of like the last stands if they --
8:23 pm
away finally results here. it means the center does not hold in republican party. >> tom let me ask you this can p you can add on that this as well. plain talk in new hampshire. i can tell you cut to chase. tell me what you are going to do and how you are going do. and certainly, donald trump very outspoken, with will tell you those things. as you said maybe short particulars but very good order we know that. commands audience. people like john case sick just regular down to earth guy he tell you that. and then will go out and say. those things resonate people and bernie sanders for that matter as welling. >> i think so. and i think the danger for democrat here how well trump and case sick have connected with blue collar workers. because that's always been traditional part of the democratic base. and if they have atracked kasich and trump, that's spells you know lot of trouble coming november. >> let's talk about trump moving into the south. >> >> go ahead and hop in. >> well, i just -- i wanted add
8:24 pm
clinton too. because you wouldn't think that hymn support he would move over to eye trump but many of them number and so that's does the lay working class are in some cases choosing him. and that's taking away from hillary clinton. support. as well. so it is not just taking from the republican, it is important point also taking from the democrats. >> you let get sense that from voters you talked they really didn't make up their minds until they went be to the polling place? >> n our talks vote do you get impression that people were making up their minds when these lul entered the polling place? >> i did get that impression. you know overtime i talked to a voter, many of them preferrd sort of the so-called outsider candidate and many of them said well, i like a little bit of
8:25 pm
little bit of on-kasich saying. maybe i like a little bit of what jeb bush saying. i like you know a little bit of what marco rubio saying. but what i found was de santos supporter all for san. trump for triple. hillary. >>, but in terms of republican field i think tom brings up very good point about the establish spent in. it is spread out between lot of candidates. and the question is how many of these candidates can continue to move on. someone like jeb bush has lot of money. you are going to see him continue to move on. but if >> does. . . >> sharman sacchetti and tom whalen thank you both for your phenomenon apple insight lots of information lots of excitement. lots of analysis still come but sit tight we will come back to you both in just a few minutes. >> and case you are just joining we can report again, the association eyes it press calling earlier tonight on the rp rep side. for donald trump. your winner new hampshire.
8:26 pm
santosson be den demmic side. we will show you some pictures of his headquarters. that's in concorde new hampshire high school up there. looking for young vote and that's who he will speaking to when he takes that podium in probably another hour or so as they count the votes in new hampshire.
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about 8,000 votes see the difference between atroom troom ted cruze. let's take look at the county by county view. when look at let's say just for example hillsboro which home to nashua manchester, you can see that selected votes in that county differed by more than 3,000 votes there. then take look at democratic side, we will will switch over that to. and you can see that latest numbers we had nupt moment
8:29 pm
4,000 votes. or so. when we zoom in to that same county once again, you see right here. with many of the precincts reporting there that it was about 2,000 votes that separated bernie sanders from kaci hickox. take look . . hillary clinton. be stopped we will win. thank you anau. and also sent out, in picture. so, bernie sanders feeling good as we wait to hear from him. and also we are checking twitter feeds for what you have it say. of course i can also tweet us. hatch tag fox 25. back over to you >> bernie sanders going to be talking understands 99:00 what he due address crowd headquarters up in concorde. so about 340i7bs away from hearing from victorious bernie sanders. democratic party at the new hampshire primary. let's go up to concorde now, actually we already in concorde. for bernie sanders camp lot of
8:30 pm
blair miller stand there result still early, but oncase sick said manchester new hampshire let's surrounding cities. either going break or campaign. >> they will feel very good about what's been happening so far. company fact as they are watching some results come in here on some big screens, every time kasich name mentioned, there are loud cheers. from the he crowd is supporter this room, really filling up. case sick running in second right now with some early results insofar. and casic has said i need to go night here tonight. you heard sharman sacchetti say it this might be the story of the evening. should kasich hold on to this. he has been spent so much time hampshire. we talked about how he prt he much skipped out on the tail end of iowa. coming here last saturday he has not left since then. he has been very focussed on new hampshire. and when i spent day with him on friday i went one of his town heal heatings he maybe 100 people there when you go some
8:31 pm
marco rubio, maybe 600 or 1,000 people there. kay i can did not have that. i asked him why not have rally. he simply said i can't do that. he felt like was more he cannive town hall meeting that's why he 100. him. he believes that will pay off. and then he also said he starting to see difference. towards the end of last week starting see difference with some of the attention was getting he joked that people now say my name not saying, kasich. but say started feel like getting more attention from national media. and really starting get some feedback from some of people he was meeting with. but so far, very good night for his team some people came out here they are optimistic right when polls closed. from his camp. they are hold okay. on to that and expected to come out here maybe in next 30 minutes or so. we will watch that. he already schedule to go south carolina wheels up tonight at midnight he making plans to go ahead he had made plans early we
8:32 pm
now numbers coming insofar, solid fy that so far. >> you mentioned he only one pounce . almost see accept talking if if were defeated already. earlier in will week. but, thing definitely taking turn as we know, surprises happen in new hampshire. and he defying some polls right now second place. >> you joe talked about sound haul meeting when he would go, and sought down and talk with people this were very laid back. he would go maybe people for maybe ten minutes but then really opened questions. and took some raw questions this one gentleman asking about health care who was hammering him on his stands on health care. and probably went back and for the for main five minutes on this one issue. and, kasich said that's fine. i can focus on this one issue because it is important. he felt like that face to face, sitting down with people talking with them smaller environments really made the difference. instead going to big, venues, where he said simply couldn't fill up the room. filling up this room right now. >>
8:33 pm
concorde. blair we will check back with you a bit later on. about 30 to 45 minutes we may be hearing from john kasich. he did get some major encornments along the wipe. state largest newspaper endorsed him. he get out stump and talk you know. with these people one-on-one he said that's what i am going do i will cover some ground. >> paid off so far tonight. let's go back trump camp in man chester. and of course victory for donald trump tonight. now question is, by how much? and can continue going south now? let's bring in sharman sacchetti. >> well there are just huge crowds inside. very small room i want give you a little bit of a look. it is very tight situation here on the riser in fronts of the stage here. you can see, where the best western in manchester, and the place packed it is very actually very small room especially for trump events. there were hundreds and hundreds
8:34 pm
you the side. still waiting to get in waiting for hours. in the cold. to get in here. unclear when expected to take the stage. but every one here in room was certainly expectationsing victory tonight it is not surprise at all. hampshire. he had been leading polls here for months and months and months. we have been talking and doing stories about race for second place that's how strong commanding his lead was in and sore, we still waiting for donald trump take the stage. and we let you know as soon as he does. >> >> you know, when you were together in new hampshire last week. there was day when donald trump was not even in stage he was making news. his presence especially on social made yes yeahly used that brilliantly. >> brilliantly. better than any other presidential candidate before him. and i say that was on friday. i believe it was on try day. hard say because lot has been sort of mixing together.
8:35 pm
and it he was not able to get out. there were other candidates who made sure they were here in new hampshire. donald trump did schedule events i believe it was long do derry ended cancelling going ahead to south carolina. don't internal polling was showing at that time. but clearly he was able to pull this out to. the question is now, who second place. i think we have talked about that you heard our blair miller over john kasich headquarters. kasich could poe learning get bump out of new hampshire, but does he have the ability to continue on in this race? especially at a time where it is not terribly clear country looking for the time of politics that he has to offer. you know when kasich does these town hall events that we have seen him do, he very folksy in his manner you can see, that he very conversational. that's like direct opposite of donald trump. who very firy.
8:36 pm
when he out there at the podium. >> we started covering this campaign when you first started campaign. did you ever imagine that donald trump man who never held office would win new hampshire. >> i think that the big question was whether or not donald trump could actually ever pull this off. i think that was question certainly for political pundits. along time ago. a lot longer before this. people expected him to can saturday see implode. last summer. and, where i think really believes he got some momentum. he calling it you know bernie sanders calling what he has got going political revolution. donald trump calling movement. he believes reaching out voter voter who believe that, the current crop does not address their needs. and don't have their concerns at heart. national security remember is big issue. in race. and donald trump certainly
8:37 pm
immigration, it is issue. donald trump has played to that as well. >> packed house there in manchester as his supporters await for him to come in. and give his trick street speech. we are going to keep right there don't move. we will check back with you just bit. there. to take his victory speech. g.o.p. coming right now 16% of the pre sinks reporting at this moment. again, donald trump declaring your winner. on republican side. oncase sick at second place i should say. jeb bush now take >> you see earlier. as we were very early in it was it cruze raw second well that's bummed down to fourth now. marco rubio and chris christie at the end there. let's go up to catherine in hollis at the cruz campaign and cat in cruz rooidz wave p from. if kinds . >> when in his campaign.
8:38 pm
sort expectations game coming out eye want expectations that today, they sort of downplayed. they said look, we came into new hampshire knowing we were at disadvantage to trump. and really our goal here was to secure second or third place. they knew they didn't have that evangelical christian voter base that this in iowa. that helped them cure the caucus numbers. were hoping for actually was to appeal to libertarian. with rand paul drop youing hope sod things penelope cruz said would be natural choice for libertarian voters now folks here behind me so far have not made so much reaction to the numbers coming in. though are avidly watching them. mostly silently of course. but that great for second. only 16% i believe you mentioned precincts reporting right now it is still really tight. only separated by few percentage points. x. when i talked folks on ted cruz's campaign today they said, you know, one thing we love about senator penelope cruz his ten nasdaq city. and people going into iowa caucus, called him yawn dog.
8:39 pm
he think there is great chance that he could possibly win second or third place here in new hampshire. because, folks simply underestimate the dedication of his supporter now whether that happens remains to be seen. but again, for those folks here today, in this room they say that second or third place finish would be considered a victory. for them. there back to you guys. >> all right. catherine in hollis new hampshire we will check back in with you just a little bit we have much more come as we follow the 100 new hampshire primary. again, you are winners tonight so far, it has been donald trump rep side. and bernie sanders on the democratic side. update as gar as time go we will hear from bernie sanders am coulding up at 9:00 and hillary
8:40 pm
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8:41 pm
of well back specifics coverage new hampshire primary let's take live look at the hillary clinton camp she expected speak at 9:15 tonight. actually this bernie sanders. the ap projected him to be winner on the democratic side. he expected to take the podium claim victory at 9:00. lot of fired up supporter there anxiously awaiting his arrival. and then hillary clinton campaign this is her supporter right here. you see the room packed. and they are expected hear from her at 9:15 as soon both of those candidates take the podium, we are going to bring you their speeches live right here. let's go back to concorde that's where bernie sanders will meet his crowd tonight.
8:42 pm
who covering the camp for us and let's talk about that youth movement because that was group they were certainly targeting. you mentioned earlier ted about the college tuition and if go state school you don't worry about it. part of reason they think effective you will more put into economy and then lower unemployment rate get job all of those things. >> yes. there hon lot he do bathe about this bass con military have looked at bernie sanders, plan and some have said, hey this is how to cork work have said no way. that's not possible. there no way you can provide as much as he says he want to provide, and not tank economy that's something will be die bathed as this campaign continues. but big night for them tonight. here in new hampshire. we expected to sander campaign to get victory. and that has happened. and over next couple of hours we will learn the big question, by just how much.
8:43 pm
large crowd behind me they are all kind of looking towards the right here. that's because, they are there television monitors big projector cleans with a four of the network up there. they are kind of watching the race and watching the results come in on the screen. ghou be maybe hear music. normally with candidates it is pop music and it is the inspirational songs. paid out tick songs. but in not situation here with de santosen got d.j. who mixing and, david meadowbank. sugar hill gang it is just kind of different feel than the 1992 bill clinton with don't stop thinking about tomorrow. this is not that audience. and i think, his people know that. they know this is an audience of lot of younger people. and lot of people who paymar beat of different drummer.
8:44 pm
here in new hampshire. one thing you will notice though this is a largely white audience. largely white crowd. and that's an issue for de santos something he will have to face at he moves throughout the country. the fact that what comes to minorities voters they like hillary clinton. . . much more than they like de santos. it is something that he struggled with in the 8 or 9 months since he started his campaign. and it is something that he will definitely have to consider. as he moves forward. and i mean that's the make up of new hampshire. it is predominantly white sanders as especially lot of he bell. . never happen right on time. but because of slam dunk because there is no real kwep about him being winner it is possible that it could be. nine the ssz especially if he want to make sure that he picks
8:45 pm
by hitting right on the knows. mark and vanessa. >> it sounds like they are having lot of fun out there with bernie sanders camp. >> let's head to kerry with the hillary clinton campaign in hookset. >> rego start some tears in losing camp with in is last minutes someone getting out here firing crowd mastectomy clinton take stage here for the first time. we are filling up here southern new hampshire university. with clinton supporter. everybody pretty much expected this would be the outcome here. tonight. spe sheked loss here in new hampshire. we just were speaking one of her long time campaign volunteers this fin this is bernie sanders backyard he with an expected to win here. he focussed they say on very specific issue re is on new hampshire voter. but believe their candidate hillary clinton, this broader approach that lay peel to base that's concern that we heard
8:46 pm
that did not support say san. they didn't think he had national campaign appeal they wanted candidate who would go distance. so, despite loss here, we have a fired up crowd. eight way hillary clinton and it is really come down to how big f a loss was it? if this loss can be narrowed down single digits, they ever are going carry moral victory here. they were able to close the gap maybe almost cut in half just last several days. bernie sanders though winning despite hillary clinton having major support from the new hampshire political establishment. and a lot of older people in crowd here. younger people too. but bernie sanders dominated that younger vote and vote of the younger woman. so we hear cheers people getting fired up. the music is playing. and we are hoping to hear from secretary clinton here soon guys. back to you. >> 9:15. clinton headquarters we appreciate that. 18% difference now. the go down single i go its.
8:47 pm
tonight. for the clinton campaign. six we will take break come back talk more about tonight with tom whalen and also probably start listen some of candidates victory speeches as well tonight.
8:48 pm
well back continuing cover ten new hampshire primary here on fox 25 as we take look g.o.p.
8:49 pm
it is donald trump 34%. declared your winner earlier tonight. on-kasich strong showing in new hampshire had to be or else getting out. 16%. and second place, at the moment with 222% of the precincts reporting and now we move over to the democratic side bernie sanders declared your winner very early on tonight. 58% to 40% he was hoping to do better than double digits and that's where he at. clinton campaign on the other hand wanted try get down single numbers they thought this could declare at least moral victory did head south appears momentum all say san xam. lights let's bring tom whalen. tom we just got a statement from the hillary clinton campaign they are basically saying two things background here. san i san massively outspend her in new hampshire also they point out that he new age efrp that normally helps the ka didn't in nigerian primary. what do you make of question them just spin? >> i think it is more like soarr grapes.
8:50 pm
hill should be careful here because voter will resent that moving forward. and this campaign. >> let's talk about bernie sanders you know long way to go here but 74 years old if he elected the president would oldest president story about hell and they said all canidates are screened as far as their health are they fit for the job. as we take look de santos camp about to speak again we got. >> but found it was a seemed read bernie sanders certainly than any of the other candidates given his able. >> certainly you have ageism but i think bernie if you look at his ads and his campaigning appearance he look very tired. of late. and i think that's translating you know this kind of media coverage of his age being a factor >> and tom do you think big win tonight will encourage voters doing so? >> it certainly should. this is frankly a stunning victory. and really, when you look at the turn out, and i mean 62% i
8:51 pm
and, you know, say san on democrat epg side gets the vast majority of. you can't do better than that. >> let's bring in sharman sacchetti. these at the atrump headquarters. you have question for tom? >> i was just interested to hear what under heard repeated from hillary clinton is bernie sanders neighbor. to new hampshire. and traditionally she would call it neighborly. that people would vote here for any next door neighbor. how true do you think that really is? and people in afind of rolling their eyes at that am think. as very moon goes so goes new hampshire. i mean, it is pretty absurd. but at this point i think they ever grasping a straws given how big doe feet this is. >> i think one thing to keep in mind there was also something like a 30-point lead she had in december. and that dwinded p base turned upside down. and in waining days of this
8:52 pm
so, i do think i am not quite sure how much truth there is that certainly the clinton campaign believes that absolutely proximity mathers i am not sure. how much it does. >> well i think history will record later on, that you know basically, hillary clinton's campaign, vastly underestimated de santos. and that ultimate he loo led to her stunning defeat. >> how different do you think this will be given you have two -- now. these is won iowa. she telling everybody she won iowa she did win iowa but it was very, very close. and now she lost in new hampshire. and she headed to south carolina. they feel very good about south carolina, and clinton campaign feels very good about nevada. to do you think that will take some winds out of bernie sanders sails? >> it should. if he cannot expanded beyond his base. but if la even if in african americans here will kicks ties may the change everything. >> and you in hilly, going win
8:53 pm
that turned out. >> for both of you that real quickly because we got about minute to go actually we will keep tom because pee understand, that about 30 soaks here to go. ted cruz moved third place now. what does that mean so far tonight? >> that means, that we are seeing the beginning of under of butch dynasty bush has to finish top three to be considered relevant here. and it look i can very bad. right now. >> 222%. reporting here. tom stand by. we will going back all camps just moment we are waiting hear from bernie sanders will be talking 9:00. hillary clinton on deck at 9:15 we will back with more of our coverage ten 09 new hampshire primary right after this.
8:54 pm
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8:55 pm
new hampshire primary election special let's take look at the results for you so far. on republican side, i with two # % precincts reporting, donald trump has secured victory with 35%. john kasich second place 16%. and ted cruze not very far behind him with 12% votes tonight. on democratic side, the margin much wider here. bernie sanders with 58%. he is projected winner tonight. hillary clinton coming in with 40% with 25 precincts reporting. let's go up to say cam in come out if speak. >> matter moment.
8:56 pm
in concorde new hampshire. ted? >> don't see him smile a lot. but he winner tonight. here in new hampshire. bernie sanders, projected winner tonight. after a really, sprint over last week. very, very narrow loss in iowa. during the caucus. the crowd here they are waiting for sanders to supposed take podium at any time. it is capacity crowd here tonight. with hundreds of people, eventually this had to shut down the door because, they didn't have any more room. and fire marshal said, that had enough people in here so it is full house. and that's bernie sanders expected take stage any time. they played theme rock dwi thov on to other music. if beg dance xaert mere. and, it is rook like more people are heading up on the podium so
8:57 pm
our eye on the stage here. and, waiting for bernie sanders to take the stage we obviously bring you out here. when that happens. >> we given something robbie campaign manager for hillary clinton. and she is said where elect tore new hampshire largely rural march states -- -- large population of voter who have live cities and small towns and voter with much broader range of races and religions. clearly they think that favor hillary clinton. and that is the big test going forward. now. photograph bernie sanders >> does the campaign resonate. south of the mason dixon line. >> yes that's absolutely true. and because you may remember, within last six months sore, black lives matter group went to pretty much of bernie sanders rallies and appearance. and, they would eye essentially disrupt his appearance.
8:58 pm
your eye tense. we want you to acknowledge us. because, there was feeling that he did not show the type of love to the minority candidates as they believed he did to you know his base here. folks that you see, spread behind me that that's an issue. it may be the one of the toughest obstacles he has to overcome. and in also includes the number of for hillary clinton. she just dominating when comes to minority voters that's a tough, tough hurdle: you know just let disrums happen didn't say much but. then, he finally had couple meeting but never seemed like there was any type of resolution. or any time. peace. >> about. >> over the years. >> congressman. center. and done.
8:59 pm
but until that really starts to sick in. and there actually feeling yes this guy is with us he is one of us. >> that's when hillary clinton going to be tough. out-new hampshire she has edge. all of way. >> i want bring in tom whalen to comment member poe tonight do copy of. what make of this when hillary clinton campaign sends memo to media saying, that new hampshire is predominantly white she going to do much better with more diverse voting population. what do you make of this? well first off so much for her special bond with new hampshire voters that she out toed this past week. but on the other hand, you know she makes good pointed in fact that bernie sanders has not established his bone night with maybe anotherty voters stickily african americans and latinos. has been reported that tomorrow moaning p. sander meeting for breakfast with the reverendal sharmton i think we will see
9:00 pm
>> more or less meeting with sander just to see what he about. and, this cannot be good news for hillary clinton. >> they are giving him a second look. nod good news for hillary clinton. she won by which whicher can losses tonight in new hampshire let's talk about in talk about and wouldn't go away, overhauling campaign. and getting some new people on board because, it is not getting executed properly in her mind. right in mark i think the phrase heads will roll will be appropriate here. i mean, they have to do course correction. because we renting critical part of campaign. and if know underpersonal forms in south carolina and nevada, and super tuesday. it could curtains for campaign. and other point i want make here is that, president obama last more or less staked i had political credibility with cin clean as his national name to see what he will do whether he will become more forward in his support for hillary clinton and offer his what was pretty good
9:01 pm
presidential campaigns. >> we did see her husband, turn things around in new hampshire back in jshg 92 when got come back kids moniker. the fact that he had a general floifrs affair was exposed during that campaign. and also the draft lerrer he addressed to general saying i don't want to go into draft. and can being keyed he was able to turn around. so been on ropes before the clintons and no one counting them out. i don't think just yet. but speaking bill clinton made critical writ going negative on bernie sanders. and basically called him sexist. you know bill clinton calling someone sexist that's you know something. and he opened himself charges of hypocrisy and you know don't he eve new hampshire primary voter are going to vote because, this brought up unpleasant memories of 1990s and his administration. we look at the big win tonight. appears to by bernie sanders and also trump as i victory. not good night for
9:02 pm
and the establishments be in both parties, they look remarkably weak. that these insurgent candidates now are calling shots. . . this no been seen quite sometime. in american politic am in >> were lot of people you talked just people coffee shop they i you donald trump rest is on with me i that i will pull this switch when i want go in vote. but in new hampshire, they actually did >> they did. >> right. and you know argument here no matter what you think of him he speaks what he feels is the truth. that registers with number of vote evers. . >> we waiting for bernie sanders to take the podium here. and address his followers. and his headquarters up in concorde new hampshire. victorious tonight by wide margin. 18%. i want get your thoughts on this. i mean she trying get single digits is that even possible at this point? >> i think it is impossibility. and, you know, her camp was basically spinning that you know, it looks like maybe less than ten percent. and obviously that is wrong. .
9:03 pm
on her face right now. and is going to be tough to recover in the aftermath. what do this is door for bernie sanders for vows may not follow politics every day. and every week like a lot of us do. as far as the money that comes into campaign, and when you get win like this and how allows you to go further and further down the road. right money big it open and that's exactly what needs because, he really does not have about southed. e6 repeat. of through know 2008 she unestimated barack obama. and you know. she has not learned lessons of the past here. >> do you would think that's because she relying on her name and her family's name to carry
9:04 pm
>> well to be fair, you know who would have thought that self proclaimed democratic socialist, could upset someone like hillary clinton in new hampshire primary? the first in nation primary. i mean, if you said that year ago, you be laughed out of town, but he done exactly that. that's what makes such great story
9:05 pm
tweet that see concealing he want liz elzabeth hopkins because she been tracking numbers as they been coming. >> we also been monitoring social media as you say we heard from bernie sanders a little bit earlier now we are hearing from hillary clinton addresses bernie sanders in her tweet to bernie sanders congratulations to new hampshire thank you and tour volunteers i am so grateful for what built now, on ward. so undeer forked new hampshire but moving forward. and thought it was interesting changed her picture to say thank you new hampshire. as she is going on into the next primary. guys back over to you. all right. we also getting some breaking
9:06 pm
has now been projected as the number two in g.o.p. race. fox news has calling for john kasich he will take second place in new hampshire. to donald trump. and, tom let's bring you back in now. kasich campaign hung everything on new hampshire it seems. and in end it turned out you know straight aces foe them tonight. put all money in the pots. and he won. and, you know, i think it important for republican party that he did win. because, if trump is going to have running mate, pre summing be nominee governor ohio would perfect. you need how ohio win the general election >> now kasich wins -- is comes in second place, we talked about showing that he had to have what does this mean about the other people here. you had talked earlier about the fact that if cruz pulls third here, jeb bush on the ropes >> right. and think about it jeb bush spent most money of all of candidates on ads in new hampshire. and what has gotten him? absolutely nothing.
9:07 pm
by. >> how would you pro jeblt kasich to do in south carolina going forward. i mean he will get some of that money, and some that air time and media time you in talked about sander going to gain that momentum going forward to south carolina. how do you think he will do this >> i will i think kasich will do get good bounce but again, south carolina, is known for is brawling dirty campaign when comes to presidential primary. think back to 2000. when you know, john block cane was you the leer he beaten up that you know people were receiving calls about alleged i am legitimate children that he sired. it was really nasty. and i think you you are going see more of the same here. >> thom is world we live now we will go another tweet. with elzabeth hopkins >> we wanted to tell you that he just a tweeted out this. he says, what it into thank you incredible new hampshire spotter time trade snow boots for flip flops. i like do that as well. see you tomorrow south carolina. so he is moving on. again it is always interesting
9:08 pm
putting up he a goes had the logo of course hillary clinton just tweeted out as well congratulations to bernie sanders thank herring volunteers we will continue to monitor so session med please stand by ann listed as time schedule. 99:00. clinton at about 9:15. look like may flip-flop that now. >> i want go back tom with republican race. if pull those numbers up for tom with in more time. this is not what polls were projecting. >> as far as second and third place on republican side. >> right i think it shows how the new technology, social media seems like snap chat have changed the whole political calculous here. that the old time pros here, don't know how to work it. that people are actually being yawn counted.
9:09 pm
the hillary clinton much. thank you very much! . thank you. thank you, my friends. >> thank you! i just want to again -- thank you all, very, have much. my goodness. i am -- i would have done tonight if we actually won. this pretty exciting event. i am very grateful to all of you. i want to begin by con congratulationsing san sanctuary on victory fonts. i want thank each and every one you and, i want to say, i still
9:10 pm
and i always will. . . here's what we are going to do. now we take this campaign to entire country. vote. and every state. we are going fight for real solutions that make a real difference in people's lives. you know when i started this campaign, last spring, i knew we were facing profound challenges as a country. the way too many things were going just wasn't right. it is not right. that kids i met in flint on sunday, were poisoned because their governor wanted save money. it is not right, for grandmother here in new hampshire or anywhere else, to have choose between paying rents and buying medicine because a prescription drug company increased the price
9:11 pm
and isn't right that a cashier that i met, here in new hampshire,'s son is paid less than her son for doing the same work even though she been on the job for more years. now people, have every right to be angry. but they are also hung free hungry for solutions. what are we are going do kwj >> and that's -- that's fight we are taking to the country. what is best way to change people's lives so we can all grow to the who is. the best change maker. and, here's what i promise, here's what i promise i will work harder than any one to actually make changes. that make your lives better. in in campaign, you have heard a
9:12 pm
wall street. now senator sander and both want to get secret unaccountable money out of politics. and let's remember. let's remember. citizens united, one worst supreme court decisions, in our country's history was actually a case about a right wing adamage on me. and my campaign. a right wing organization to aim at me, and ended up damaging our entire democracy. so yes, you are not going find any one more committed to a ray grossive campaign finance reform than me. we also agree, we also agree that wall street can never be allowed to once again threat penn main street and i will fight for reigning in wall
9:13 pm
i know how to do it. . to powerful to jail. you can count on it, now the real difference in this race, are truly over how do we create a future of prosperity, opportunities and security for all of us. we need to build a growth and fairness economy. with higher wages, and more good paying jocks including a bold national mission to create millions jobs in clean energy. manufacturering, and infrastructure. we need unleash again. of our enters i'm and small businesses. make easier for parents to
9:14 pm
clothes loops holes enough. we also have to break through the barriers of bigotry. african american parents, should not have to worry that their children will harrahsed humiliated even shot because of the color of their skin. in immigrants fall please should not have lie awake at night, listening for knock on the door. lgbt americans should not be fired from their jobs because of who they are or what they love. these deliver something long overduring equal pay for women. in this country. >> now, let's see it. a president has to do all parts of the job.
9:15 pm
to make sure nothing holds you back. not death, not discrimination. not a debt that's always stacked for those at the top. we need break down those barriers. and build ladders of opportunities for every person that's how we will build a better tomorrow together. and that has been the cause and worm of my life. you know my family, and my faith, taught me simple credo to all good you can and all of ways you can, for all of the people you can. that's what called me to life of service. just like millions teachers and nurses, and police officers, and firefighters, and members of our armed services. who get up every day, and do the quite it work the heroic work for all of rest of us. but when children anywhere in our country go to bed hungry, or are denied a quality education, or who face abuse or abandonments, that's just
9:16 pm
that's why i did start my career at the children's defence fund that's why i went union cover alabama to expose racism in cools. that's why i worked to reform juvenile justice in south carolina. and that is why i went to flints michigan on sunday. he people anywhere in america are held back by injustice that's demands action. that is why i believe so strongly that we have to keep up with every fiber of out being argument for the campaign for human rights, human rights, as women's rights. human rights as gay rights. human rights as worker rights. human rights as voting rights. human rights across the board for every one in america.
9:17 pm
>> i all done. that's why i am in race. i know i have some work to do. particularly with young people. but i will repeat again, what i have said this week, even -- even if they are not the supporting me now, i support them. because, i know i know, i have had blessed life. but i also know what is like to stumble and fall. and so many people across the america know that feeling. and we have learned it is not whether you get knocked down that matters. it is whether you get back up. please. join me in building on progress we have made under president obama pushing forward. every single day.
9:18 pm
down those barriers and hold us back. we have got to believe in basic proposition of our country. when all americans, have chance to succeed. when each offous has opportunities be to live up to our own god given potential. then, and only then, can america live up to its potential. as well. >> let me thank all of you i am very grateful to my wonderful sid. keeps me going every day. volunteers and organizers who called neighbors and knocked on doorses in the new hampshire snow. to every one who went to hillary to give what kwhu could for the 700,000 people who have contributed to this campaign. the vast majority giving less
9:19 pm
i know that's does not fit with the narrative. i know there those want deny, that the passion and purposes you all show everyday for this campaign. of. but you are the reason we are here. and you are wreen are going to win. . nomination and then win election together. thank you all! . thank you so very much! >> lot of cheers from hillary clinton supporters she acknowledge that she still has lot work to do for particularly with young people. so going take her campaign to entire country. >> we will in atlom again bernie sanders will taking podium pretty much showed hillary clinton that is and give uppen hern concession speech. tom let's go back for one section. couple resonate first all was that the youth vote really clearly said look i have work harder at that. but also she put that flint michigan visit right in cross hairs there and said you know when things problem mal
9:20 pm
someone has to go and address them that's what i did. other people will say, that she was giving up on new hampshire she could see the cards the writing was on the wall. p it was time to start moving around and trying to figure out some other ways to get attention >> well, i think most importantly of all she reepd african american that are very strong record for civil rights over the years and how been great supporter of community. and that's going come in big when you get to south carolina. given how large the african american vote there is. gave a shout out lgbt community. talked about equal pay. for women. and same job as men. she seems like developing message here. heading into her southern state. >> interestingly enough, too she sounds awful lot like elizabeth warren she also mentioned wall street you know bank should be big to be fail. time of thing. and i think, that's going to be the progressive kind of grass roots message she going to try to sell to voters, but given
9:21 pm
street, i am not sure that's going to fly. have you heard concession speech look like bernie sanders bigger concession afar as amruz goes. >> i thank had won the primary. >> wouldn't know if you just tuned you would think just opposite. all right here bernie sanders. your winner tonight. for the democrats in new
9:22 pm
>>s nafrng you new hampshire. thank you new hampshire. . . owed's poll closed secretary clinton called and was very grash have yous in her con her congratulations i thank her for her call. and i congratulations her in her supporters.
9:23 pm
ran in new hampshire. and let me take this opportunities to thank the many, many thousands of volunteers here in granite state who worked so tirelessly ieses we be because of your energy. thank you all so much. i want to thank julie barns and our great campaign staff to the,
9:24 pm
will echo from wall street to washington, from maine to california. and that is that tlt government of our great country belongs to all of the people and not just a handful of the wealthy campaign contributors and their super packs. >> nine months ago, we began our campaign neither new hampshire. we had no campaign organization. we had no money. and we were taking on the most
9:25 pm
in the united states of america. and tonight, one what appears to be record breaking volter turn out, -- voter turn out. because of a huge voter turn out, and i say huge, we won. because we honored the energy and the excitement that the democratic party will need to succeed in november. >> what happened here in new hampshire, in terms of an
9:26 pm
electorate, people who came out, in large numbers that's what will happen all over this country. and let us never forget democrats and progressives win when voter turn out is high. republicans win when people are demoralized and voter turn out is low. tonight we serve notice to the polictical and economic establishments, of this country, that the american people will not continue to accept a corrupt campaign finance system that is
9:27 pm
democracy, and we will not sent a raids economy which ordinary americans, work longer hours for lower wages while almost all new incumbent wealth goes to top one percent. >> i want take this opportunities again, to congratulate secretary clinton and her organization in supporter for waging vigorous campaign. i hope that in the day ahead we can continue to wage a strong issue orientated campaign and bring new people into the polictical process. but i also hope that we all
9:28 pm
not just to our opponents, but to those who support me as well. that we will need to come together in a few months and unite this party and this nation because the right wing republicans, we oppose must not be allowed to gain the presidency. it is he all remember, last time republicans occupied the white house, their trickle down economic policies drives into the world economic down turn since the depression of the 1930s. no we will not allow you huge
9:29 pm
will not allow tax huge cuts social security. veterans medicare. medicaid, and education. no we will not allow back into white house, a political party which is so be holden to the fossil fuel industry that they cannot even acknowledge the scientific reality of climate change. the people of the new hampshire have spent a profound message to the polictical establishment to
9:30 pm
by the way, to the media establishment. what the people here have said, is that given the huge crisis facing our country it is just too late for the same old, same old, establishments politics, and establishments economics, the people want real change. what american people are saying and by the way, i hear this not just on progressives but from conservatives, and from
9:31 pm
is that we can no longer continue to have a campaign finance system in which wall street and billion for any class are able to byelection. >> americans, no matter what their political view may be, understand that that is not what democracy is about. that is what it is about. >> and we will not allow that to continue.
9:32 pm
do not want a super pack. i am over whelmed and i am deeply moved for more than i can express in words by the fact that our campaign financial support, comes from more than 1 million americans, who have made more than 3.7 million individual contributions. that is more individual contributions than any candidate in the history of the united states up until it points in an election.
9:33 pm
$27! . . i am going to new york city tonight. and tomorrow. but i am not going to new york city to hold a fundraiser on wall street. instead, i am going to hold a fund raiser right here right now, across america. my request is please go to bernie, and contribute. please help us raise the funds we need whether it is $10 or $20
9:34 pm
help us raise the money we are need to take the fight to nevada, south carolina, and the states on super tuesdays. so there it is. that's our fundraiser. pretty quick. now, what the american people are i a stands, is that our great country was based on a simple principal. and that's principal is, fairness. let me be very clear. it is not fair when we have more income wealth and equality today than almost any mayor country on earth, and when the top 1/10 of
9:35 pm
much wealth as the bottom 90%. that's not fair. it is not fair when the 20 well think em people this country, now own more wealth than the bottom half of the american people. so you guys ready for radicle idea. together, we are going to create an economy that works for all of us not just the one percent. and when milling yonz of our people are working for salvation wages, we are going to raise the
9:36 pm
we are going to bring pay equity for women. and when we need the best educated workforce in the world, yes, we are going to make public colleges and universities, tuition free. for millions of americans struggle horrendous levels of students debt, we are going to substantially ease that buyered. >> in america, people should not be financially dest distress for decades for the crime -- crime of trying to get a higher education. that's absurd.
9:37 pm
bernie that's great idea you are all free stuff how are you going to pay for it? i will tell you. how we are going pay for it. >> we are going to impose a tax on wall street speculation. the greed the wreckslessness and the illegal behavior of wall street, drove our economy to its knees the american people bailed out wall street, not it you wall street's time to help the middle class. and when we talk about trans form americas, it means ending the disgrace of this country
9:38 pm
any other country in the world disproportion nationally african american and latino. are we are going to fight end to institutional racism, and broken krinl national just tigs system, we are going do provide jobs, and education for our young people not jails incares raise. >> let me say, that is a member of the energy committee in the senate, and environmental committee, the debate is over, climate change is real.
9:39 pm
and it is already causing devastating problems in this country and around world. we have a moral responsibility to work with countries throughout the world, to transform our energy system away from fossil fuels, to energy efficient see and sustainable energy. now i have been criticized during this campaign for many, many things. every single day, that's okay. that's all right. they are throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink, and i have the feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon as welling.
9:40 pm
is thinking big, not small. and it is about having the courage to reject the status quo. it is about saying that in a time when every mayor country on earth guarantees, health care to all of their people, we should be doing the same in our great country. in my view on the president obama leadership, the affordable care act has been an important step forward. no question about it. but we can and must do better. 29 million americans, should not
9:41 pm
and even great number should not be underinsured. with large deductibles and co payments. we should not be paying by far the highest prizes in the world for prescription drugs and at time listsen to this. when the top three drug companies, in this country made $45 billion in profit last year. >> that is an absent city. let me tell you something, when we make to the white house, when we make to the white house, the pharmaceutical industry will not
9:42 pm
people. and further makes no sense, that nation we continue to spends far, far more per capita than do the people of any other nation all of whom gurn feel health care to all of their people. and that is why, i believe in a medicare for all single payer program. which will not only guarantee health care for all, but will save the average middle class family thousands of dollars a year in health care costs. why friends, we all know, that we live in a dangerous and complex world. because as president i will
9:43 pm
do it responses bly. i voted against the war in iraq. and that was the right vote. while we must be relentless in combatting terrorism, who will do us harm we cannot and should not be the policeman of the world. nor should we bear the burden of fighting terrorism alone. in middle east, united states must be part of the international coalition to be attended by nations in the region, that have the means to protect themselves. together, we must and will destroy isis. .
9:44 pm
that does not put our young men and women in the military in to perpetual warfare in the quagmire of the middle east, >> my friends, we must stick our broken immigration system, that the divides families, and create path towards citizenship for hard working people who are living in the shadows. >> we must strengthen and expands social security, and increase the benefits that seniors disabled vets received so that people can live in dig any knee in their retirement. >> we must rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and when we do
9:45 pm
decent paying jobs. we must pursue the fight for women's rights for gay rights and for disability rights, we must against stronger and stronger on significance, protect the rights of a woman to control her own body. we must protect the men and women who serve out of nation in uniform and protect our veterans who put their lives on the line to defend us.
9:46 pm
billionaire class and one percent, that they cannot have it all, and at time of massive wealth and income quinn equality, the wealthiest people and largest cooperations in this country, will start paying their fair share of taxes. my friends, i am the son of the polish immigrants who came to this country speaking no english and having no money. my father worked every day of his life and he never made a whole lot. my mom and dad and brother and i grew up in a small 3.5 room rents controlled apartment, in
9:47 pm
my mother, who died in younger age always dreamed of moving out of that apartment getting home of her own, but she never realized that dream. the truth is, that neither one of my parents could ever have dreamed that i would be here tonight, standing before you as candidate for the president of the united states. this is the promise of the america and this is the promise we must keep alive for future generations. what began last week in iowa with voter here in new hampshire
9:48 pm
short of the beginning of a politic alg revolution. it is political revolution, that will tens millions of our people together, it will bring together working people, who given out political process. it will bring together, young people who never participated in the political process. and it will bring together blacks, and whites, and latinos asian americans native americans. straight and gay.
9:49 pm
people who were born in america and people who imigrated here. we will all come together to say loudly, and clearly that the government of our great nation belongs to all of us, not just a few wealthy campaign contributors. that is what this campaign is about. that is what the political revolution is about. so new hampshire thank you again and now it is on -- thank you new hampshire.
9:50 pm
south carolina, and beyond. >> bernie sanders tonight applause much like hillary clinton had before him. saying tonight among other things there were plenty other things -- campaign superintendent packs he said he won because we harn ned energetic excitement. november. he pointed out there was record turn out in new hampshire. and also, said severe notice political establishments economic establishments and the establishments. as well. curious see bottom here in if you look you had saw it is now 21 percents lead over hillary clinton. so that's single digit that hillary clinton was get to, she got trumped tonight this is live look at the trump headquarters we have sure waiting for him take the podium. and, give us victory speech and speak to all of his voter we want tom whalen back in talk a little bit about the de santos
9:51 pm
and tom, at one point he turned campaign victory speech into fundraiser telling people go to his web site and donate abouts big brill brant move lot of eyeball watching his statement right now. and you know, that was great time to do it. we looking trump headquarters understand he going to coming here shortly. we do know sharman sacchetti there she has said that fact if he are all people in room watched de santos. and on the g.o.p. side, you are winner tonight. donald trump. taking the stage in manchester new hampshire. oh, wow! wow! .
9:52 pm
so beautiful. we are going to make america great again. so i want to thank everybody but i really have to begin by paying whommage to my parents. mary and fred they are up there. they are looking down they are saying, this is something very special. they love this country. they are very be very happy right now. so, thank you to my parents. i want to thank my sister, judge barrie mary ann. . and really great sister. another great sister, elizabeth. my fantastic brother robert. who watching right now. with anne marie. and i want to thank my brother
9:53 pm
what fantastic guy i learned so much from fred. taught me more than just about any one. probably about even with my father. a fantastic guy. so, i want to thank fred. he is there and looking down also. >> we get down line but we have state of with malani what she puts up with. she -- said right from the beginning, you know if you run, you know you are going to win. and she said that, from day one. so, malani thank you, thank twrou. and don and have necessary is a thank you so much. and ivanka she made seven stops today at the polling areas. so very, very special.
9:54 pm
jared is a very, very successful real estate entrepreneur in manhattan but he likes this better than real estate i think. . so area red thank you. and laura, ander shgic they were all out today it was amigs. and korey where is korey? does korey have ground game or what? boy. do we have ground game. leerntd lot about grounds games in one week. i have to tell you that. and, entire this is hope this is hope this is hope. nobody takes more phobe calls i think in day than hope. so, thank you hope. and korey and the entire -- entrier group the entire staff. incredible job get over leer.
9:55 pm
what job! . . . u.s.a.! so again, we have to thank the candidates because, they really ran retalented people. and to be victorious against some of these people even if one week but believe it will for many weeks okay. you the, but they really have they are terrific. >> number of them called and i just wanted do thank them. but i wanted to con graduate ulate the other candidates. okay. >> now that i got out of the way
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