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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 10, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, breaking news, a house fire turned deadly. the overnight rescue to help those leaping in the home and the active investigation on the way. >> daniel: the primary are in and political outliars take the lead in worth parties. >> thank you, new hampshire. now on to nevada, south carolina and beyond! >> daniel: the celebration for sanders and where hillary clinton's campaign is headed next. >> julie: plus donald trump crushes his go p riva, mr. we will make america so great, maybe even greater than ever before. >> reporter: now on to south carolina.
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the next big boat. complete new england coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good evening, it is 4:00 on this wednesday, february 10, i am daniel miller. >> julie: i am julie grauert. we have breaking news and a full recap of the primary, but first, snow is back in the forecast this morning. meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 stormtracker weather center. shiri, it is going to be a bit of a nuisance all day. >> shiri: that's right. we already have that snow falling across western massachusetts. westfield reporting flurries at only 20 degrees. look at these temperatures, teens and 20s. this is not going to be a sticky snow that we are going to get this morning. this will be a very slushy, brush it right off the car with the arm kind of snow, but by 6 a.m., mostly across western massachusetts. now by this time, i wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of flurries popping up in worcester, fitchburg or in keene worcester, fitchburg or in keene. as you can see as we fast
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today, that risk will be much more widespread. generally looking at light snow nor lunchtime. temperatures will get up to freezing here and within those lighter snow showers, there will be a couple of bursts of heavier snow. that threat continues street in our evening commute which is 5 p.m. where we have that deeper shading nashua, worcester down to providence, rhode island, possibly even in the boston area possibly even in the boston area, those will be some snow squalls and the concern around those, reduced visibilities, quick accumulation especially on the untreated roads. 32 to 36 this afternoon. light snow scattered snow. the snow squalls today will be very localized. they are not going to be wide they are not going to be widespread and we will look at some of the more prone location as the morning continues. back over to julie for drive time traffic. >> julie: shiri, part of route 128 is closed at the blue hills reservation because of an earlier accident. more details in just a few minutes. route 1, 93 south moving along fine.
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the weston to the allston/brighton tolls. brighted. >> on. to mass avenue. 8 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. we are following breaking news right now. a deadly fire in fitchburg. one person was killed at this house on walter street. the first call to 911 just after midnight. fire fighters pulled two other people out of the home. this video of the flames shooting out of the home was sent us to by a viewer. right now they are at local hospitals. it is unclear how serious their injuries are. fire officials are on the scene investigating and our crew is there as well gathering details. look for a live report coming up at 5:00. now to some breaking news near the blue hills reservation near the accident i just mentioned. a deadly car crash this morning. two people were killed on a crash near route 28 crash near route 28. these are brand-new pictures
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police were called before 1:30 and found a person on fire. a third person was pulled out hospital. caused a crash. route 28 remains closed as police clear the scene. we will let you know as soon as it reopens. 4:04. a record turnout pushes outsiders to victory in the new hampshire primary. you saw the results live on fox25 here last night. these are the numbers. vermont senator bernie sanders clinton. sanders earned 68% compared to 30% by hillary clinton. for the republicans, donald trump takes the win with 35% of the vote but ohio governor john kasich may be the big winner finish. iowa senator ted cruz took third place. >> julie: for trump it is the first on the campaign trail, and in his victory speech, he pulled no punches in talking about his goals for america.
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and we are going to win so much. you are going to be so happy. we are going to make america so great again. julie today, thump take his campaign to clemson university in south carolina, that is the site of the next republican primary in just ten days. ohio governor john kasich has serious momentum scoring a surprise second-place finish. he held 106 town halls across the state leading up to last night's vote. the performance shakes up the battle between marco rubio and jeb bush. kasich attributes his success to his relentless campaigning in new hampshire and his positive nature of his campaign. >> we never went negative because we have more good to sell on that spend our time being critical of somebody else. [cheering] >> julie: kasich claimed 6% of the gop vote and walked away with three delegates. afternoon.
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sanders is trying to use his victory in new hampshire to gain victory across the rest of the country. he is heading to new york to try to win the endorsement of al sharpton. he thanked his supporters in concord on if a record turn sdwrout and warned that his campaign could soon face more attacks because of his success. >> they are throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink, and i have the feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon as well. >> daniel: moments before his speech, senator sanders took time as you can see here to play basketball with his grand basketball with his grandchildren who were in concord for his victory rally. this morning hillary clinton this morning hillary clinton's campaign is looking forward to the upcoming primary forward to the upcoming primaries and caucuses. the secretary of state believes she is better position to win in the southern state that votes in march. she quickly conceded defeat in new hampshire and told supporters she plans to re-evaluate the message she is sending to voters. >> i know i have work it do,
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even if they are not supporting me now, i support them. in. >> daniel: today clinton will appear at a campaign event in south carolina before heading to mexico city for a series of fundraisers and meetings. south carolina and nevada are the next two stops on the campaign trail. most of the major candidates will be in south carolina today. the republican primary there is february 20. democrat also vote one week later. in nevada, the democrats are on the 20s, the republicans on the 23rd. then super tuesday. on march 1. primary and caucus also take place in 14 states including massachusetts. today is the last day to register to vote in the bay state primary. third-place winner ted cruz tweeting that he is on to south carolina meanwhile chris carolina meanwhile chris christie will not be going to south carolina, instead he is at home taking time to regroup. >> we decided we will go home to new jersey tomorrow and we will take a deep breath, see what the
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because that matters, whether we are 6th or 5th and exactly how the final votes are counted. >> daniel: as of right now, christie is in 6th place behind marco rubio. despite coming in 4th place, jeb bush will move forward to south carolina. he xwlaimd 11% of last night's vote compared to 3% in iowa. he said new hampshire voters are reset the republican race. his former george w. bush will next week. stick with fox25 throughout the morning for continuing coverage of the new hampshire primary results. of course we will be following the very latest developments every day as we get closer to super tuesday and election day in november. new this morning, an unruly passenger forces a flight from boston to make an unscheduled stop. alaska airlines said flight 769 from logan to san diego was alert averted to denver international airport. one passenger was taken off the
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a flight landed in san diego and landed at 2:00 this morning. this morning two of the three black box data recorders have now been found at the site of a deadly train collision in germany. ten people died when two trains slammed head on to each other. dozens were taken to a local hospital. investigators are trying to determine how an automatic brake determine how an automatic braking system that is designed to protect trains from colliding did not stop the trains. each were traveling at 60 miles per hour before the crash. the trial of a local lunch lady accused of raping a 15-year-old student is set to begin in a court room. jennette foaly in weymouth was charged in 20 with sexually assaulting the boy at holiday parties at his family's home. he pled not guilty. the past few years, she bass been living under bail conditions wearing a gps monitoring bracelet. if convicted could face a life sentence in prison. a brother and sister are held without bail this morning accused of abusing and
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condition. only fox25 cameras were in court when mark and alex drain cataldo faced a judge. haverhill police responded to their apartment with reports of someone with flu-like symptoms. when they got there they found their 65-year-old brother covered with bugs lying next to a area with urine and feces. they didn't expect this. >> my whole family was in shock because we never knew someone was living there. we knew they were off but never did we expect anything like that did we expect anything like that. >> defense attorneys said they always tried get their brother help but he always refused. they face charges of elder neglect. >> the republican employee nearly ramming a man with a front-end loader a off a job.
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the owner of b 1 auto trade record genini dropping snow on his property. when he confronts the plow, he is nearly run over. fox25 caught up with genini but he didn't want to talk about what happened. the town administrator is take the situation clearly >> the employee has been suspended with pay pending an investigation. i am sure other disciplinary action but we have to follow the protocol. >> the department of public safety has seen the video and is investigating whether genini should lose his hoisting license to operate a front-end loader. we check weather and traffic every ten minutes bright and early or dark and early rather. as you can see nobody on the pike through brighton right now. volume very light and dry. a look at your live time in a moment. here is shiri. >> one the better times leave the house keeping it dry for the next couple of hours. we have snow on the horizon
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they can out these temperatures. 17 degrees by 5 a.m. 16 15 degrees and going down to 16. not just today warm-up but when snow pushes into your town and city when we come back. a mruvr nearly died at the hands of the boston marathon bombers ersers is making a major life change. we talked to sergeant dic we talked to sergeant dic donahue what is up next. the local couple on board the ship tell us what it was like as 30 cough if you can hear me.
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morning. video that will make you seasick video that will make you seasick. a cruise ship sails right into a storm, and passengers are forced to watch as huge waves hit the boat for hours. happening today, that cruise ship will dock at its home port in new jersey. a local couple on board say they are just happy to be alive. >>reporter: there is what hundreds of passengers on board the anthem of the sea cruise ship experienced sunday night >> the waves went to the balcony and made us nervous and we closed the curtains. >> reporter: scott and shannon cruise twice a year. they were excited for their week they were excited for their week-long vacation at sea, bound for the bahamas until sunday evening just one day after
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with rain and a little bit of wind, went that bad and it rapidly intensified and around 3:00, they asked us to go back to our state rooms, and then it just got worse from there basically. >> i would say between 5:30 and 6:30, it was really rough. yeah, we were nervous. you can't fight that. your body has the fight or flight. you are feeling it. >> reporter: they say the crew and captain did a great job of keeping everyone calm, making regular announcements and checking up on people in their rooms. >> so we relaxed. drinking wine and watching the super bowl in our cabin. we were fine. >> reporter: the ship's captain aired this interview on an inhouse passenger for passengers to view. >> that was a special thing, you know, it just became so intensified. >> reporter: the captain is claiming that the storm was worst than forecast and some are questioning his decision to take off in the first place
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was, it was forecast for days. >> reporter: as for the horges, they admit they were bummed their trip was cut short. >> feeling like, oh, this isn't even a vacation. >> right. >> but when you look at what we went through, you know -- but, yes, we are kind of sad we are going back home to -- >> shovel snow. >> snow. >> daniel: glad they are having some fun with that. right now weather experts are saying that the cruise ship should have never sailed in the storm because it was well forecasted ahead of time. the ntsb is investigating. now 4:17. taking a look at the roads. overall volume is light. just typical of this time of the morning. expressway moving along fine. pike wide open from framingham through newton into the center of boston. you can see not too many cars out there right now on the eastbound or westbound through brighton. is it minutes on 24 from 106 to 128.
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eight mints on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shiri, i know you are tracking some pesky snow that will be making its by town. >> shiri: yeah, we are not talking tremendous snow totals, we are talking snow that exists both morning, lunchtime, afternoon, evening commute. even though it is not a lot, it is around for most of the day and can cause a travel headache. absolutely making the back roads selfly. coating to flurries. by the weekend, 20 to 25 degrees below average. wait until you see how cold it is going to get this weekend. for right now i like the way radar a tracking up with what we have been expecting. we have light snow developing in western new england, and by 10:00 this morning, as well a chance reaching eastern massachusetts. after we zoom it on in, waking up to 24 degrees in boston right now. we have partly cloudy skies. temps in the middle 20s not too bad, but remember the suburb
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got temperatures ticking their way slowly upwards of 6 a.m., 22 degrees. 26 by 8 a.m. 10 a.m., 30 degrees and i mentioned we will have a chance of light snow starting around then. my concern actually surrounding the evening commute is the fact we will have some snow squalls pretty close to the boston area. even by lunchtime we will have to watch out for that. bear in mind something like worcester will get in on the snowflakes sooner. at 18 degrees. we have the chance for snow in worcester all day long where we will go for most of the area here. the further west you go, the better your chance of not getting light snow during the morning commute, but bursts of heavier snow. high temperatures getting into the middle 30s, yes, but most of what we will deal with will be in the form of snow. it will be tough to get raindrops mixing in. a coating to 2 inches by the end a coating to 2 inches by the end. day. where we get bursts of heavier snow. a couple of towns and cities up to 4 inches here, and this is 7:00 this morning.
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clustered across western massachusetts. don't be surprised if you have some flurries in keene, fitch some flurries in keene, fitchburg or worcester here by 7:00 this morning and then by late morning, it will push its way all into the boston area and north shore and southern new hampshire where you see that deeper shading. that is snowing that is showing where we have potential for snow squalls and notorious for being near impossible impossible to pinpoint where they develop ahead of time. unfortunately for the evening commute, we will have a couple of bursts of heavier snow. it is hard to determine in advance where we will get those so everybody needs to be on alert because of the poor visibility and the quick accumulation that surrounds them accumulation that surrounds them. they only last for a couple of minutes, but they do come in. they do come in heavy and for the day tomorrow, a cold front that will move through and start some additional flurries on top of that. really blustery. we have winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour during the afternoon here tomorrow. little if any additional accumulation. a coating up to an inch in a
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for friday, 24 degrees for your high and for the weekend, saturday, 17 degrees. this is going to be our warmer of the two days this weekend. you can see i do have some flurries in that saturday forecast. but the best chance for any snow over the weekend will be out across the cape. so we drop it by several more degrees on sunday, waking up to about zero and a high of 17. coming up, i will show you how brutal the wind chills are going to be when you wake up on sunday to be when you wake up on sunday. back to you, guys. free bury toes didn't solve all of chipotle's problems. coming up at 4:30, the local trouble the chain is getting for getting more than 100 people sick. plus drafting women.
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capito a transit police sergeant who nearly died in the watertown shootout with the american bombers are bomb er is going to retire at 36 years old. late last year sergeant dic late last year sergeant dic danahue returned to duty despite a serious injury. donahue said he is still in pain and this is right for the department. >> the time is to pass the torch to the next generation of police and law enforcement leaders and
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what is right for me, the family and the department. >> julie: donahu has anticipated a position at fischer college. he and his wife are expecting a second child in april. massachusetts has the highest rate of neglect in the country according to the department of health and human services. that report shows that the state reported 31,000 victimized children to the department of health and human services in 2014. that works out to nearly 23 victims per 1,000 children. the governor is saying progress has been made since its administration took over, but it is a long climb. >> there is a lot of work that needs to be done and will take a while for all of it to sort of take hold, but we have had systemic problems for a long stime state officials say the larger number of cases reflects greater public awareness and vigilance.
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the president has passed his time budget to congress and asking for $4.1 trillion. $19 billion has been allocated for a broad cyber security plan. barack obama's budget calls for millions of dollars for cancer research and opiod abuse programs. the pentagon requested $580 billion for a range of threats like isis. a setback to the president's plans to stop climate change. the supreme court has temporarily stopped a plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plant. under the clean power plant, states would be required to meet suspicious carbon emission standards. more than two dozen states have filed a federal lawsuit. more leaders at the pentagon are coming forward saying women should be required to register for the draft. military roles have been open to women including combat roles. right now open men are required to register for selective service on their 18th birthday. several members of the armed services committee say they support a change, but a move that would require congress to
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>> that is essentially saying that we are going to have women and men have the ability to serve equally. >> daniel: it has become an issue on the campaign trail with republican hopeful ted cruz saying women registering for the draft will be wrong and immoral. in ferguson, missouri have signed and agreement in the wake of race riots. an administer shot and unarmed teenager in 2014. all officers will go through biased awareness training and create a accountability system. they could not agree on pay levels of the officers and staffing at the jail. the department's civil rights decision said altering the agreement just delays the process. 4:27. complete campaign coverage is on up. coming up at 4:30, another loss for hillary clinton. the specific voter she is now targeting as the campaign heads to south carolina. plus, a scare on the
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a legendary coach has a medical emergency on the sidelines here
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