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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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route 6 some of that yarmouth mccabe area seeing some light snow right now this takes you to the 495 branch to the north right up to the lawrence and over tewksbury stretch northward toward amesbury as well when out of that snow that along 95 just through boxford and more especially 93 coming off for 95 toward boston drive to the snow as well so be aware of that out there stretches southward to the boston area just west of the city looks like for the most part. and then southward toward quincy right along the southeast expressway. so some evening time snow squalls and snow showers out there mounting too much but be careful snow falling to scott charleston through oxford that's right along the mass pike the charleston area webster along 395 heading in and out of the city of worcester seeing some of that as well. more to our west most of this
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not going to worry about that but there will be some more snow showers that come through during the day tomorrow. cleared out tonight for the timeline futurecast shows no-shows appearing again during the day tomorrow. not amounting to much but something will be tracking along with the bitter cold on the way this weekend. >> snow continues to follow there be sure to download the new fox 25 whether app you can get custom forecast from our team of meteorologist for your neighborhood it's free to download just search fox25 weather. >> developing at six the balance video shows a man here get hit by a car and then hang onto the hood as a car takes off down the street. the man's okay but right now police still looking for the driver they say is all the police officer before hitting that man with his car. fox 25 heather hegedus is live in warburg.heather.
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down leads all day mark but none of them so far resulted in them taking down the suspect. this is part of a violent crime spree. three scenes in all of them right here in this crosswalk. the car came across here was kind of sideswiped. and just end up going down that road last car on the right is where the gentleman and it up following up the carpet witnesses and surveillance video tell the story of a scary ride a pedestrian took on the hood of a car. watch as a possession is hit right in the crosswalk of main street in woburn by a white sedan that was trying to get away from police. >> this car came out of nowhere and he hit the guy picked this little before 9:30 a.m. this morning witnesses say the man was carried at least hundred feet on the hood and saved a 65-year-old man from woburn was seriously hurt. >> he was pretty mangled up. the girls actually ended up moving him up a little bit. at first the car stopped before police could get there took off
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hunt this quiet neighborhood near an elementary school. police did not find a suspect here they've identified as winter. we tracked down video he posted of himself online. delgado was trying to elude police after he allegedly assaulted an officer at this asphalt business on the other side of town. fox25 is learned police were called earlier in the morning to interview delgado over larceny allegations involving a company gas card. the company tells us al qaeda worked there as a driver until october he was fired he was back there today trying to work out a deal with the owner. now tonight people in this close neighborhood where police thought delgado might be hiding out, are locking their doors. >> no matter where or what house i'm going this is family. >> pedestrian who was struck is that leahy hospital with a
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the officer who was assaulted refused medical treatment is said to be doing okay. but i want you to show you that for one more time of delgado because he is at large again. as you can see dreadlocks glasses he was laughing wearing a black hoodie and gray sweatpants and construction puts you should call police immediately if you see him. were going to stay on top of this for you have the latest on 25 news at 10. >> knew it six massachusetts man spent 30 years in prison convicted of raping a 78 your woman is now free if he waits for a new trial. it's all because of a piece of flawed evidence. >> hugs and tears and new bedford superior court today after a man who has spent 30 years behind bars walks free. >> george brought was just 17 years old when he was arrested for the 1985 rape of a 78-year-old neighbor. is now 48 years old. his mother beverly says the
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>> brought maintained his innocence and the victim said it wasn't him that attacked her but a single strand of hair helped convict him. at the time the fbi testified that the scientific analysis of the hair proved pratt was guilty. science the fbi now says is flawed. today judge robert released product under personal recognizance as he waits a new trial. judge cain was a one who granted him that new trial last year. after the us department of justice flagged broad's case is one of hundreds that used flawed statements from the fbi on hair analysis. cain says he had already made his decision but allowed both sides to make their case in order to potentially pam prosecution call for highfield is that while defense lawyer at one point became so impassioned she cried ultimately it was a victory for the defense broad and his family. >> the judge in the case also said he does not believe another trial would result in a
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decide to retry him. tonight state police investigating a fiery crash that killed two people on route 28 in quincy. we were there following the investigation all morning new tonight we're learning more about the victims and how the crash happened state police or the car off the road on a curb and hit a tree before catching fire. 30-year-old driver and a 29-year-old passenger were killed. 30-year-old man in the back seat was taken to the hospital. >> tonight please try to figure out what caused this deadly crash in saugus 39 your woman from saugus lost control of route 1 early this when you call rolled several times. she was drawn from the car and died at the scene. troopers investigating the speed or road conditions could tribute to the crash. >> look at the final results from the new hampshire primary donald trump crushed the competition with 35 percent of the vote.
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percent ted cruz earned 12 percent. jeb bush finished fourth with 11 percent of the vote. finishing up at place marco rubio with 11 percent. chris christie got seven percent of the vote carly fiorina had four percent ben carson just two percent. in those numbers were enough for those two candidates to last two candidates to drop out of the race early today. carly fiorina suspended her campaign just a few hours ago making the announcement on a website. also ending his campaign today new jersey governor chris christie. other results for the recent race and you have to call the second voting stopped last night exit polling also revealed the boaters are very upset with the federal government.especially on the republican side. 90 percent of gop voters are angry with the government. democratic side 70 percent said they wanted an experienced candidate. but 90 percent said hillary clinton does not share their
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issue for both parties, is the economy. >> it wasn't very long before the candidates said to new hampshire and then moved on to south carolina. voters in the granite state sent a message last night and tonight some candidates are carrying it with them down south. fox25 lyrical reporter sharmann saccheti takes a closer look. >> sharmann: donald trump proving he can win with a resounding finish in new hampshire. between trump and bernie sanders huge win over a clinton new hampshire voters sending a message of protest.>> they want a popular outsider policy doesn't matter details don't matter what matters is, we want washington to get the message. and now the candidates are on the ground in south carolina ted cruz who finished third in new hampshire holding a rally in myrtle beach. he set to battle head-to-head with donald trump here. >> john casey still holding
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second place finish he's also making his case to voters in a town hall in south carolina. there are questions about how well casey will perform here. and what happened to marco rubio after his dismal finish? >> he is really come across a sort of the buckner of politics. bill buckner was a great first baseman but if love that ball at the most inopportune time. and never recovered. i'm not sure rubio does either. >> and likud jeb bush is bringing out. his brother the former president in the hopes he can help revive a struggling campaign. so where does the race go on the democratic side? will it be long and protracted like it was back in 2008? the clinton campaign is confident they'll have this race sewn up as they head into more ethnically diverse territory that they believe is favorable to them. but the difficulties they be greater than that. people don't like her narrative
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for the worst every day. the fbi benghazi just one thing after another that reminds people can temporarily why they don't like hillary. we'll see when super tuesday votes including here in massachusetts cast their ballots on march 1. in manchester new hampshire sharmann saccheti fox25 news. >> look at some of the headlines last night new hampshire primary concord monitor saying decisive wins for trump sanders this is the star-ledger new jersey headlines is it all over for christie the answer tonight yes it is. he dropped out a few hours ago. now to look at the columbus dispatch with the headlines a second when referring to a ohio governor john kasich what is in place showing last night. they look now at the post and courier from south carolina with the headline now it's sc's turn to the top five candidates in the gop party.
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snacks about a willful very 20th 23rd depending on which party you belong to and then all eyes turned to south carolina and then in march super tuesday is set for march 1 when 14 states including us here in massachusetts. that night will certainly set the tone for the rest of presidential race. >> there just a few more hours now to register to vote if you want to participate in the massachusetts primary today is also the deadline to change your party affiliation if you
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two police officers have been killed after gunmen opened fire inside a crowded restaurant. violence broke out in the panera bread and abington maryland during lunch time if he's going to do with gunmen you know one of the offices later died was shot in the head known else was hurt. suspect had outstanding warrants was arrested in florida and harford county will bring you any new developments as we get them. >> tonight family outraged bitten twice on the face by a dog it happened inside a town building >> . >> reporter: it's where this happened that's only people concerned. let me show you right up these
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first floor town hall. questioned tonight about the town manager and police about how a dog bit an 18-month-old ear inside the town's clerk of court. according to this police report, the dog with the baby space twice. your town hall today people questioned why a dog is even inside in the first place. >> i think it's terrible. i don't a dog should be allowed in there. >> the child injuries were serious enough that she ended up in the hospital. the child's mother told me this today quote my daughter was mauled by dogs in a public yielding. her face is guard and she had to endure a painful procedure that left her with 10 stitches no story or comments can capture the pain and trauma my 18-month-old baby girl and we as a family have had to face. there should be an assumption of a safe environment when entering a town hall. tonight it's not clear if the dog was on a leash. according to investigators the mix belongs to an elected
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the town employee. >> i tried contacting him several times today he didn't call me back and no one answered at his home. the town's attorney did not want to be interviewed on camera instead saying in a statement this is an unfortunate incident that we are investigating. in our heart goes out to the family he went on to say there was no wrongdoing by the town. we don't have any laws prohibiting dogs inside town hall. but some residents say it's now may be time to change that. >> i asked town council members if this is something they now would consider changing they said right now investigation. as for that dog, is now at home in quarantine for 10 days. >> were live in saugus tonight blair miller fox25 news. >> firefighters recovered the body of a man who died after falling to the ice in a pond. it happened in conway new
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a man came into the fire station saying he heard someone yelling firefighters went outside and saw a man in the water. through a rescue line for the man cannot grab it anyway under. firefighters start searching for him but didn't find them until this morning. propane tanks explode sitting at you but by your first reaction may be to run away but firefighters have to run in. today we are getting a rare look through the eyes of a firefighter one was wearing helmet camera as we spotted this fire 93. this video gives us some of close actions the crews putting out the massive flames can see. firefighter got within just a few feet of this destroyed vehicle by the way drivers here is okay. >> passenger screaming were all going to die or sing a plane from boston to san diego to divert to denver. since we first show you this video from inside the plane this morning we learn the man
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alaska air says that man was drunk after he was taken off on to san diego. >> tracking some of that snow shower activity this evening for your evening commute pinpointing locations getting the worst of those coming on by. here's what looks like on satellite radar the last three hours live storm tracker pinpoint those towns in those high was that a getting snowed or rained on. flakes are melting on the way down and sometimes i live storm tracker will see that as no change to rain but most likely snowing out there but in provincetown shoot me an email or twitter let me know what's going on out there most likely snow certainly is right to truro in wellfleet this evening back along 95 georgetown danvers peabody saugus along that stretch it snowing right now out to cape and essex southward to manchester and
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snow right now. this takes you along 95 off to the west of their through reading wellington southward to lexington stone of it for malden melting snowflakes temperatures above freezing but still want to be snow in those locations. here's a bigger snow squall coming right along route to the north and south of their through fitchburg and leominster heading out of garter right now. lunenburg and ashfield also seeing some of that snow squall activity at this time. reduce your visibility if you're driving around this evening as well keep that in mind activity going to do diminish but the still out there right now here's what you're looking at you to cast for seven dirty p.m. this evening left over snow showers most activity gone and clearing out during a 10 and 11 o'clock newscast talk about the cold temperatures there and still be icy underfoot after any melting that happens today.
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night when this melting snow to contend with during the day. tomorrow morning you wake up to sunshine more snow showers poised to move in will see afternoon so late morning to the afternoon more snow showers more snow squalls called the ground pretty quickly. so overall it's not a lot of snow coming our way test new snow next couple of days leading edge of the bitter cold that's on the way this weekend. coding of two inches of snow comes today and tomorrow the way i see it right now. most places getting according to maybe an inch of snow a couple of towns in northern western massachusetts getting 2 to 3 inches of snow already from the activity today. his temperatures trending tonight in boston going down from near freezing into the mid-20s for low temperatures so
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on it will refreeze certainly in boston and definitely in worcester already has will continue to be that way going down to 19 on the partly cloudy skies overnight. high temp is tomorrow going to stay below freezing everywhere just about sandwich 30 hyannis 29 north west milford new hampshire 27 gillette stadium 25 degrees for high tempter. seven day forecast weekend and you as a cold weekend coming up saturday little bit of light snow coming our way but overall
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just cold temperatures. what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. how about register to vote? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to
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done. i just registered. that was easy.
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all started well-being check on the retired man who volunteers to help others and will please go to his house on glenn charlie roden wareham they found he had been shot several times. fox25 crystal haines live with the developing details right now. >> reporter: friends and family certainly morning the loss of john williams they say that he was a friend he was a father and he was very connected to this community and they just don't know how this could have happened. >> he didn't seem like he ever had any any enemies. he was always so friendly.
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the shooting death of john williams. the seven-year-old father volunteer an amateur radio enthusiast is found shot multiple times in his glenn charlie road home and wareham. he was pronounced dead on scene shortly afternoon on tuesday. >> he would say if you see a small plane flying low over the area, probably me coming down. neighbor marie tells me john was part owner of a small plane that flew out of the john airport even though he was retired he worked part-time at the salvation army on cranberry highway. to pay for the plane's upkeep. in a statement they tell me quote john williams was a valued employee for the past two years.he was well loved by coworkers and customers. he was always helpful and he will be greatly missed. >> gleason family ymca senior program director tells me he would seek john on a regular basis when he came in to work out.
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away of cancer, >> now the district attorney's office as an autopsy is being conducted on john williams body to determine the exact cause of death again no suspects have been arrested in this case as of yet. reporting and wareham i'm crystal haines fox25 news. >> it was a scary and dangerous ride for people on the pike today. object fell off a tractor-trailer smashed the drivers windshield sin people to the hospital knew it six update on the people in the car where the driver of the truck is in trouble. is flames ripped through home killing a woman the heroic effort to save other people who
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prevent this tragedy from what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy.
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a live look at the rater you can see here the snow continues to move across our area. hi everyone i am vanessa welch. >> and i'm mark ockerbloom. >> for a couple hours tracking the snow showers moving out of our lives don't decorator shows up here cape cod registering some rain out of round provincetown southward to troll live storm tracker that's because legs will melt above 32
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but the bottom line snowing everywhere along the stretch of route six through truro into east him as well off to the north of their along i-95 newburyport ipswich peabody southward to saugus seeing some snow along one as well in marblehead beverly getting some cape in lost iraq court farther to the west and south of there becomes more spotty to medford over belmont and winthrop along the coast there and then there's this line a pretty big snow squall coming on through this was a kinda blind you as a comes on by your town as you're driving along run into this not going to be a dangerous situation aware that i have lunenburg fitchburg leominster right or wrong to southward into worcester county sterling and holden. they're more snow showers to west of those are ocean effect snow showers but will track those the first part of the day tomorrow more tomorrow in the bitter cold on the way. >> right now the search is on for the driver who ran into a
6:28 pm
woburn. check out this video here take it on main street today. the driver of the car was trying to get away from police when he drove into the pedestrian. the victim 55-year-old man was carried at least 100 feet on the hood before the driver stopped. witnesses said he appeared to be seriously hurt the suspect has been identified as 29-year-old tyson delgado of winthrop. he was allegedly running from police after he allegedly assaulted an officer at a business on the other side of town.two republican tenants for president have suspended their campaigns. chris christie dropped out today after a disappointing six place finish in the new hampshire primary. also today carly fiorina dropped out of the race the former executive at hewlett-packard announced on twitter she suspending her campaign. >> check this out something fell off a tractor-trailer on the mass pike smashed the car's windshield three people were injured and tonight where
6:29 pm
truck is in trouble. fox 25's john monahan is live. >> john: and hot water scary ride for those three people huge piece of metal fell from the truck behind it that car sits here in this toll it called ted's toll itself brought smashed up right now it's in this tow yard and examined by state police. accident happened early this morning. 48-year-old anthony dalton of roslindale was driving the truck when a large piece of metal on it fell on the eastbound lanes of the i-90 pike. that metal smashed the windshield of the car behind it injuring three people inside. state police tell fox 25 the truck was not secured properly. the company that owns a truck has been issued a violation of the truck driver he did stop right away and now is also facing a charge for leaving the scene. three people inside the car were taken to umass medical center were told they only had minor injuries luckily for them. >> one person is dead two of his sisters rushed to the
6:30 pm
tear through a home in fitchburg. tonight we're hearing from another sister about this tragedy.we're also learning about dramatic rescues to save the other people who are trapped inside. fox 25's elizabeth hopkins has a story. >> reporter: this home is very close to the home of which brooks fire chief who ran into the house to help without any gear on. heroic effort in a tragic story that's left the family of the siblings who live here devastated. early this morning fitchburg native cheryl received a devastating call phone call from her brother. the eldest of five siblings cheryl learned another brother, stephen, and two of her sisters, janice and irene, were victims of a fire. irene did not make it. >> fire officials say stephen and janice were taken to umass lowell. my brother is stable but my sister is extremely ill. neighbors say the fire was so intense it looked like the scene of a movie. tons of black smoke and then more flames. >> it was bad.
6:31 pm
lives in this area without any gear, he ran into save stephen a chance before the fire department arrived. chief roy would not address his own heroic only commended his crew.>> a good job despite intense circumstances says this neighbor. >> the flames were going i saw one my neighbor was in taken out and someone was getting cpr. very sad. >> the fire chief tells fox 25 the cause of the fire is under investigation. again the fire department says this is an electrical issue that started this fire but the investigation is ongoing. you can see for now the home behind me has been boarded up. it is a sad sight for neighbors in this area. in fitchburg elizabeth hopkins talks 25 news. >> lunch lady serve as in time after pleading guilty to raping a 15-year-old student the guilty plea came just as
6:32 pm
weymouth was about to stand trial. full was accused of having sex with a teenager who was a family friend prosecutors say this all happened 2014 at a party at the boys home. fully was sentenced to between two and four and half years in state prison. >> national man being held on $5000 bill tonight after police say he was preying on children. 32-year-old ernest hardy faces child welfare engagement charges last week a 12-year-old girl reported to police that hardy solicited her for sex on facebook. just a few days later police got a very similar report from another girl. hardy will be arraigned in nashua in the morning. >> odds missing airman getting the word out tonight hopes that he will be found new at six that woman said this is fire for key for it whom and 21-year-old works at dover air force base in delaware he has not been seen since sunday night.lisa best getting say the couch and the department had been overturned. >> some or maybe months away
6:33 pm
about how to improve public safety at local beaches after shark sightings increased last summer. new at six shark expert doctor greg tells fox 25 beachgoers the things that they should know about great white sharks and their population that's going off of cape cod. >> more white sharks occur each summer here. we think it's important that the public is aware of that. 2014 we saw 90 white sharks off our coastline those are individual sharks. 2015 that number climbed to 140. sense of population size over a five-year period to estimate the number of shocks that come up here each summer. they've also noticed cape cod becoming a gathering site for white sharks in particular. great whites typically arrive in late may and stay until the fall. this past summer our kevin lamanna was troubled with experts tracking cape cod sharks by air to see his report
6:34 pm >> state high court will soon face soon have several new faces. the third justice in one week has announced she's retiring. governor baker now formed a special committee to try and search for a replacement. today supreme judicial court justice fernando police that she will retire in july this is a year earlier than expected. deftly said she needs to tend to her husband who is recovering from recent surgery. the supreme judicial court is a seven person panel. >> hovered university is not losing its appeal to students prestigious school received a record number of applicants is your.the 9000 people applied only about five percent of them will be accepted. harvard attribute of the rise of applicants to efforts to reach out to lower income students who otherwise might not consider the school. >> major financial blow to boston-based draft king schools of advertising deal with espn is come to an end according to
6:35 pm
of your goat copper drafting spend $200 million a year in network. in return espn would not come out other fantasy sports companies draft king's currently faces several legal challenges from customers and government regulators. boston mayor marty walsh says it's time to get rid of an ice on the streets and eyesores cigarette butts. today the city lost operation the street. cigarette butt receptacles will now be placed while the city where foot traffic is heaviest. it is modeled after london will be good for the environment. >> baseball not the only thing flying high at fenway park sky fox over the park today you're about to see a 100 40 foot high snow ramp it's going to be used for a big air fenway over the next two days. that ramp is three times higher than the green monster and even taller than the light towers. it will send olympic athletes
6:36 pm
slope style champions welcome people crowds there is part of a us grand prix tour event that runs through friday. >> is taking video of most tagging something biologists a crucial to figure out why the most population is in decline. crews just finished tacking 45 new hampshire moose project started in 2014. moose a huge can be deadly so to be able to get close enough to them to tag by all just have to shoot them with tranquilizer tarts and net guns. blood samples are then taken to see how healthy the moose is this particular crew has also collect more than 100 moose in may. >> one of the big stores to come out of the new hampshire primary still has social media squealing today. a 650 pound pig rusted out of its farm to pay a visit to the polls of pelham. the story so popular the pelham pick now his own twitter handle. the count has been twitting politics related pick jokes and puns and says in the stories attribute in political reference to the pig they are just hogwash. >> too much pork.
6:37 pm
>> lot of press given to the man who finished fifth in the gop race rubio.but no one has been talk about the man who finished fourth in the democratic race. >> one and only firm in supreme hills from gloucester the boot wearing pony caring candidate who believes gingivitis is the number one issue americas facing right now. received 200 60 votes. >> he's quite the character. >> he got over 200 votes. that's impressive. >> a wild police chase and with a bang with the driver crashes. why the end result will impact
6:38 pm
>> snow out weekend. nude crashed after police chase causing problems for businesses. weymouth police were asked the car this morning when it crashed moments after the called off the jews. fox 25's robert goulston. a generated in the parking lot is keeping the lights on full powered unexpected for a couple of days. sub was coming down route 18 it was hitting speeds of about 80 miles per hour police it hit this utility pole snapped it into pieces and the transformers above exploded. >> it was pretty bad it was i
6:39 pm
everything was all over the street. >> it just wasn't happening for pre-it is in abington weymouth line today. it's all day business toyota rav4 seen here flipped on its side also knocked out power to the area. moments earlier weymouth police tried to stop the driver and his passenger for speeding but police say 24-year-old javon jack is of dorchester took off when the officer got out of his car.after the crash he told officers he did not stop because he thought he had award for his arrest he did want to go to jail days before his birthday. it turns out there was no arrest warrant. his mother telling us on the phone he is a wrapper in a good kid aside from the previous arrest. >> greg had to close his restaurant for the day but now there's a generator in place so
6:40 pm
>> the passage where toll was treated early from the hospital jack's is recovering with serious injuries he is being charged with driving on a suspended license. >> late this afternoon justice department announces suing the city of ferguson missouri. civil lawsuit comes just one day after the city council revising agreement with the doj regarding how minorities are treated by the police and court systems. 2014 rights interrupted of ferguson after unarmed black teen was shot by a police officer. city council says they change agreement because they felt it would cost the city $4 million a year. >> we have come to terms on an agreement to be presented to the city council. that agreement was to be approved or rejected. the city was clear last night that they rejected that agreement. >> the officer involved was never charged in the case.
6:41 pm
always happening here in massachusetts fox25 investigated obtained a new report showing several hate groups operating in the suburbs of boston. >> are you a hate group of course i'm not a hate group. >> world love group. >> even the traditional catholic group made the list but they say they don't deserve to be there. from the kkk to religious groups were digging into who was on a so-called hate map and why. investigative reporter eric covered why some organizations that are being unfairly put on the list. you decide tonight at 10. >> christians all of the world rocking to start lent with ash wednesday at st. joseph tristan boston priest to to ashes to mark the 40 day period of reflection leading up to easter. >> lightning strike spectacular site timeless video of a lightning storm taken from space british astronaut took it
6:42 pm
space station captured lightning crossing through europe and africa video already has hundreds of thousands of facebook views. beautiful shot thank you for that appreciate it. now we go to the snow the snow here on land is coming down in some spots rather heavily. route to talking to you and other side of route to really long 190 into leominster where route two meets it southward to lancaster into clinton along 62 in 110 getting some of those heavier snow squalls shall he took want to purple same thing kind of squall the complied you for a few moments as you drive through it so be careful of that.low visibility and a quick coating of snow as it comes on by. north shore newbury to ipswich hamilton manchester by the sea all east of 95 to kate and sings no shower activity right now is dredge of swampscott as well cape cod you see the green in here that usually rain this is most likely snow that just
6:43 pm
storm tracker melting in the above freezing temperatures out that way. but snowing orleans right now as well our decay. they're more snow showers to our west and those snow showers are going to continue of the great lakes blow on land not going to bother us very much overnight tonight back is futurecast timeline showing you the snow shower melting away a few leftover 10 to 11 o'clock they'll be going away. however tomorrow morning after waking up to a little bit of sunshine it will be cold cold in the for more snow to form in fact as the arctic air come spilling into new england to come more snow showers and snow squalls popping up today. noontime tomorrow and then by three or 4 o'clock still have snow showers stops at 5 o'clock still some around into the evening sun goes down loose those but the arctic air keeping that. according to an jump snow across the area from today into tomorrow couple of places in
6:44 pm
with the connecticut the head to even three inches of snow from today's activity but that were definitely the outliers most people getting according of snow up to an inch deadly massachusetts about an inch of snow today tomorrow coating to another inch on top of that is potentially to fall from the snow squalls. the high temperatures tomorrow 29 bridgewater northward to quincy it will be in the 29 to 30 degree range fenway at 30 rockport 30 hudson 28 gardner 23 degrees but your weekend always in view here's what it looks like. 18 degrees saturday with some light snow at times 18 on sunday even with mostly sunny skies it's going to be a utterly cold weekend. to make it worse the winds will be picking up as well. arctic air comes in on saturday by noontime your wind chills a single numbers below zero.i saturday night going to stop this at 7 o'clock when you're going out saturday evening 20 to 25 below zero boston to
6:45 pm
northwest you go. just stay out late get home in the early morning hours at 3:00 a.m. 27 to 32 degrees below zero projected on the massachusetts turnpike that in the morning getting up and getting out it's going to be 10 to 15 below zero get better as a day goes on better is still below zero wind chills though on sunday afternoon. that's a cold air that's moving away here's our seven day forecast we talked a little bit
6:46 pm
fenway park tomorrow high up. hottest team in town has one more game before the all-star break celtics here hosting the clippers tonight familiar face comes home paul pierce a clippers uniform for the first time in his that means hello head coach doc
6:47 pm
championship run from 2008. peer still treated like royalty when he returned to the garden is likely his last season in the league sign with a clippers this year to finish close to home and rejoin doc numbers way down but he will undoubtedly get a warm reception tonight me while doctor with a squad is played well winters seven other at last eight times taken the floor without blake griffin mind you was out with a broken hand but the still playing well and doctors cannot let sentimentality tonight clouds focus. >> is coming back with paul you know it'll be awesome for paul rbc for me to just watch. be a part of the celebration for paul. i spent 15 years here provided so many memories championship special floor main special fans special building. i'll always favor the moments that i can step on the score. >> paul is been taken to court
6:48 pm
anticipating his arrival will get you eight days from now pitchers and catchers report from myers spring training will be here today one of the more fun traditions that have evolved over the years it was fans gathering outside fenway as a red sox truck was packed up and sent off to fort myers a slight groundhog day gives that she might hope that springs right around the corner. with all the money that spent this year hopes are high that things are going to get turned around. >> first day of spring official day of spring. like groundhog day. i was a great atmosphere boston fans probably the most passionate fans in the entire world is in our blood. if you boston was a group first day to check out some of the action on the huge rep built inside fenway park hair competition start tomorrow they been ducted credible
6:49 pm
do that thing it's pretty breathtaking quite a sight when you're looking out the centerfield at fenway more on few days. the play of the night last night came from wells the golden state warriors 47 and for now they won their second consecutive home game and of course involve the play starts he really makes saves a ball gets it back. warriors are unreal. that is just ridiculous. we shared with you this weekend the walkout during the liverpool soccer game fans unhappy with the ticket pricing structure organize a mass protest during a match over the weekend the team is owned by john henry and today was announced the team did alter the ticket price instructor so the walkout worked congrats to those fans. were waiting for paul is a
6:50 pm
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