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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  February 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> now at 10:00 the hunt for an instagram user sending follower requests to local kids. what's shocking parents and police once students accept that invite. >> more of those showers tomorrow as arctic air pours into the region. how cold we'll be this weekend. heading down the highway one minute rushed to the hospital the next. the dangerous debris a car full of people never saw coming after it flew off a truck. plus, religious groups labeled hate groups? fox 25 investigates dig into a report listing the groups in new england and learns how and where they are. >> announcer: complete new right now. >> announcer: this is fox 25 news at. mark ockerbloom. >> i'm vanessa welch. that user asked them for a follow police say what high alert.
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parents tonight. what's most concerning is what parents don't know whether this is a person scplol what their intentions are. an urgent warning parents check your kids instagram account. there's a user posing as sixth grade students sending follow requests for middle schoolers when kids accept that friend they're subjected to porn. police were alerted by a north borough mom whose daughter showed her the predator on line. a number of middle age students also accepted this person's friend request. >> reporter: that account has no profile picture and the only description in the biosection is mms sixth grade. it doesn't come as a check to the middle school basketball coach. >> i don't think it's impossible. but parents are on edge. fox 25 reached out to several who commented on the
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minute my granddaughter got off her bus and walked in not front door we discussed this. clearly that's an avenue for a lot of predators to lure kids. >> reporter: in for police the concern is not just that the kids will few these images we know very much about all of her officials if she follows anybody she only follows what she knows and who she knows and who she trusts. >> several neighboring are enurge ing parents to check the friend requests. we could see flurries tomorrow. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is in the storm tracker weather center now also keeping an eye on a bitter cold peeked. no doubt about that. temperatures this weekend are going to plunge. let's talk about the snow showers out there earlier
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most on of them have gone away. there are still a few that we're tracking. back here through western massachusetts more to our west antarctic cold front that is coming tomorrow. as it comes across it will kick off more snow showers and more snow squalls especially since temperatures will be below freezing during the day tomorrow. as the sun goes down they'll start to go away. temperatures are going to be cold though so a coating to two inches in most locations still the rule from today into tomorrow. some places today had as much as. that in fact there were some of the snow reports. back here where? and dudley under two inches but dudley did get an inch of on snow from this. cold temperatures overnight. we'll track those snow
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look ahead to the bitter cold temperatures just how cold it's going to get. >> kevin, see you again in a little bit. we are learning more about the deadly shooting of maryland. witnesses say the gunman shot the first deputy inside a crowded panera restaurant in abington around lunchtime. the second deputy was shot in the shoot-out not too far away. he was also killed. the sheriff saying tonight his department has suffered an enormous loss. >> one of our deputies a 30 year veteran of this agency the other deputy served this agency for the last 16 years and was assigned to the community services division. >> no word on a motive tonight but the sheriff believes the first deputy was shot simply because he was wearing his uniform. no one inside the busy restaurant was hurt. also developing the search continues at this hour for the driver in this surveillance video accused of hitting a man who ended up on the hood of a car in woburn. police say the suspect actually assaulted an
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hit-and-run. tonight our malini basu is live in woburn where she just spoke to the victim hurt in that crash. malini? >> reporter: mark we spoke with him a little while ago that man was just walking right down the busy intersection here on union street just going to the mailbox when he says he was hit and on the hood of that car he says about a thousand feet and he thought he was going to die. >> he pegged me dead on and i fell onto the hood of the car and it was just him and me between the windshield. just the windshield. >> reporter: 65-year-old al peeka nearly died this woburn. >> some unknown reason i grabbed onto the hood and he shot up the street. he must be doing at least 60 miles per hour. >> reporter: fox 25 got a closely. the victim is minding his own business all of a sudden the driver of this car
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>> i just hooked on to the hood. >> reporter: he not only lived to tell us his story but he walked away request only a fractured leg. woburn police are looking for this man, 29-year-old tyson delgado. i kept on begging him please just stop. i don't want to get hurt. just please stop your car. >> reporter: delgado was try oning to run from police after they say he assaulted an officer at this asphalt company. police tell fox 25 they were called there earlier in the day to talk to delgado about a previous incident. we've learned it has to do with theft involving a company gas card. >> if you feel disrespected i'm sorry. >> reporter: fox 25 tracked down this video of the is not. delgado was hired here as a driver in october he was fired. peeka tells fox 25 he just really hopes that delgado turns himself in.
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car i flew off the front and grabbed onto the wiper blade and i pulled that off with me and i slid down my knee hit the ground first. i just want to see him get justice. let him get caught. >> reporter: tonight police tell fox 25 delgado is in the area because he was hoping to get his job back. he was talking to his employers. so again still at this hour delgado is still out there. i am in touch with plemps coming up at 11:00, we're trying to figure out if police have an exact location for where delgado is. for now live in woburn tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. police are still looking for the person who shot and killed a local man inside his own home. officers found 70-year-old john williams during a well-being check at his home on glen charlie road in wareham. neighbors say they have no idea why anyone would target williams. >> trying to rationalize it
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hatch i can't think of one. he was just that guy and somebody came he said take it and go. we'll have a good day. >> neighbors say williams was part owner of a small plane out of taunton. an autopsy is now scheduled. >> convicted rapist who was granted a new trial is now free for the first time in 30 years. george parrot will not sleep in a prison cell. in 1985 he was convicted and sentenced for raping a 78-year-old woman in springfield. the key piece of evidence was a single strand of hair. something the f.b.i. now admits is far from conclusive evidence. right now i want to go spend some time with my mom. >> at the time the victim did tell police that her neighbor was not the attacker. the new trial date has not been set. a woman found guilty today of setting a christmas eve fire that killed an innocent woman in chelsea. it all started when the now convicted murderer got into a fight with her boyfriend. fox 25's ted daniel just spoke with the victim's family tonight. ted?
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32-year-old melissa pfeiffer faces possibility of life in prison a suffolk county jury waste nod time finding pfeiffer guilty late this afternoon following a nearly week long trial. it's the best news crystal blancheard's family has heard in five years. >> happy tears that it was finally over and justice was served. >> reporter: we spoke to colleen at her place of work in lowell. she was here on christmas day five years ago when a state trooper showed up with horrible news. her oldest daughter crystal a fire. >> i kept waiting for them to tell me that it was a mistake. >> reporter: crystal who was only 20 was living with her boyfriend on the second floor of a multiunit chelsea. >> 32-year-old melissa cipher and her boyfriend rented the apartment below. on christmas eve, 2010, pfeiffer became angry with without her.
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fire in the bedroom the couple shared. >> she took a paper or a notebook and lit it on fire and stuck it on top of the fire of clothes and left it to burn. >> reporter: as the fire spread pfeiffer got dressed walked outside without alerting anyone. crystal's boyfriend managed to escape from the second floor with serious burns. crystal became trapped. the medical examiner needed dental records to identify her. >> she was my love. every time i smell smoke. christmas and her birthday and it's always hard. >> reporter: crystal's family says pfeiffer has never apologized or pony spoken to them. when pfeiffer is sentenced in march they have their first opportunity to speak to her and the judge about the pain this has caused. from our control room, ted dang yell, fox 25 news.
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a woman and leaves her brother and sister in critical condition. firefighters believe they do know what caused the fire here on walton street in fitchburg but they're not making that public at this time. all they're saying is that it's not suspicious. a neighbor pulled all three people from that burning home. local family outraged tonight that their baby girl was bitten on the face by a dog. according to investigators the dog bit the 18 month-old twice. the daughter has now 10 stitches and now some are questioning if dogs should be allowed in town hall at all. >> i think it's terrible. i don't think a dog should be allowed in there. >> we are told that the owner of the dog is an elected official in saugus and the dog is being quarantined for 10 days. he did not return our calls for comment. skinheads, neonazis and religious groups all labeled as hate groups. in 15 minutes fox 25 learns who's on a controversial hate list in massachusetts
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in the next half hour, neighbors against neighbors after the latest round of snow. the way space savers are being used to shame drivers leaving them out. plus, the damage caused by something that flew off a
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new jersey governor chris christie not ready to talk about a decision to drop out of the presidential race just yet.
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republican's campaign say he will suspend his bid after a disappointing sixth place finish in new hampshire. late this afternoon, we learned fellow republican carly fiorina was throwing in the towel as well. the former hewlett-packard c.e.o. made her announcement on facebook. it wasn't long before the other candidates said thank you in new hampshire and moved on to south carolina. but voters in the groan it state send a strong message and some candidates are carrying it with them down south. >> thank you new hampshire we are going now to south carolina. >> reporter: donald trump proving he can win in new hampshire between trump and bernie sanders huge win over hkz new hampshire voters sending a message of protest. >> new hampshire is ready for an outsider candidate. policy doesn't matter, what matters is we want washington. >> reporter: now the candidates are on the ground in south carolina.
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in new hampshire holding a rally in myrtle beach. he set to battle head-to-head with donald trump here. >> i've had some incredible victories. >> john kasich also making his case to voters. but there are questions about how well kasich will perform here and what happens to marco rubio. >> he has really come across as bill buckner of politics. bill buckner was a great first base mane. >> he can make the tough decision. >> reporter: look who jeb bush is bringing out his brother the former president in the hopes he can help revive a struggling campaign. so where does the race go on the democratic side? will it be long and protracted like it. back in 2008? the clinton campaign is confident they'll have this race sewn up as they head into more ethnically diverse territory that they believe
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but the difficulty may be greater than that. >> the bottom line is people don't like her narrative and her narrative is developing for the worst every single day. the f.b.i., benghazi just one thing after another that reminds people why they don't like hillary clinton. >> reporter: we'll see when supertuesday voters, including here in massachusetts cast their ballots on march 1st. in manchester, new hampshire, sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. i think the polls are part of the reason that the race will be called the second stop last night that exit rolling revealed that voters are very upset with the federal government, especially on the republican side. 90% of g.o.p. voters are angry with the government. on democratic side 70% said they want an experienced candidate but 90 sperse says hillary clinton does not share their values. also the top top voter issues the economy. huge traffic lines formed
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polling center which forced the follow it stay open past normal polling hours. the issue is not on the council's agenda for thursday night's meeting. suspect in potentially several area robberies was arraigned today after leading police on a pursuit. new at 10:00 joshua drove to the methuen police station and turned himself. in he's wanted in connection with a bank robbery in lawrence, and a convenience store robbery in methuen minutes earlier. police think he may have chelmsford as well. >> two local markets robbed at gunpoint within minutes of each other. the first happened in maple street in manchester just after 7:00 last night. fitch minutes later police achieved a second call for a robbery on somerville street. tonight they're releasing these surveillance images of the suspect who can see it is the same person. a reward is now available arrest. >> shattered windshield and a crushed car door. it sent three people to the hospital and tonight we know where it came from.
10:18 pm
live in millbury with the story. >> reporter: mark, that piece of metal came off the back of a truck on the mass pike. that driver facing charges tonight after three people behind him in a car was injured that damaged vehicle now sitting in this tow loft. it was a scary ride on mass pike for three people after a piece of metal equipment fell from a tractor-trailer hitting their car. that smashed up car sits here in ken's tow lot. the accident happened this morning when a large piece of metal fell from the truck. 48-year-old was driving that truck. this huge chunk of metal smashed the windshield injuring the three people inside. it was just last month that an eerily similar accident happened on route 128 in lexington killing a man. a truck heading south lost a tire. that tire bounced into the opposite lanes of traffic
10:19 pm
killing a man behind the wheel. and back in january of 2014, a mat there's came off of a dump truck. that led to a two car crash that killed a woman. the accident also happening on 128 near burlington. a toyota stopped abruptly to avoid hitting the mattress and that caused the pickup truck to rear end it. the woman in the car later died from her injuries. all freak accidents that randomly took lives and amazingly today left others alive. reminding us that luck is sometimes being in the wrong place at the right time. those three people very fortunate they only received minor injuries. state police telling fox 25 the load that truck was not secure. the company who owns it received a violation and that driver who initially took off is also facing a charge. we're live in south borough tonight, john monahan, fox
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safe and sound in port. ahead at 10:00 a first look at the cruise ship finally docked tonight after days at sea in the middle of a storm. >> we showed you the horrific crane collapse. new information about the crane operator and a connection to a deadly work site accident in massachusetts. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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america runs on dunkin'. the company involved in this deadly crane collapse in new york city last week is the same one involved in taunton last year. tonight lawyers for that victim are calling for an investigation. 24-year-old nicholas served in the military before working in construction. he fell 40 feet to his death last september. the attorney for his father says he was troubled when he heard both accidents could not have been avoided. >> in my experience, these things don't happen without serious problem, serious lapses? judgment. a deviation from proper practice. negligence, if you will. >> the attorney is calling for a closer look at these types of trains that potentially more regulation at the government level to make sure they are safe. >> passengers creaming we are all going to die forces a plane from boston to san
10:24 pm
we first showed you this video from inside the plane on the fox 25 morning news. we've learned the man detained also threatened the crew. alaska air says the man was drunk after he was taken off the plane the flight continued to san diego. the odds of a mission airman getting the word out tonight in hopes he will be found. that sent us this flyer. the 51-year-old works at dover air force base in -- couch and -- the couch in his apartment had been overturned. the justice department is suing the city of ferguson, missouri. regarding how minorities are treated by the police and court system. >> in 2014 riots erupted in ferguson after an unarmed black teenager was shot by a police officer. the city council says they changed the agreement because they felt it would cost the city $4 million a year. >> we have come to terms on
10:25 pm
to the city council. that agreement was to be approved or rejected. the city was clear last night that they rejected that agreement. >> the officer involved was never charged in the case. a third massachusetts supreme judicial court judge announced their retirement in a week now the governor has formed a special committee to search for replacements. today supreme court judicial i should say supreme judicial court justice said she will retire in july a year earlier than expected. she needs to tend to her husband who is recovering from a recent surgery. the supreme judicial court is a seven person panel. you can still find space savers in south boston. coming up the message some neighbors are leaving for drivers as our cameras catch someone pulling into one of those stations. >> last of the snow showers leaving for now but more on the way tomorrow. we'll put a timeline on the presidents' day sales event is on now at your new england ford dealers. save big on america's best-selling trucks for 39 straight years. now with additional
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crash after a police chase is causing problems for businesses in abington. the toyota rav 4 flipped on its side and knocked out powered to the area. moments earlier weymouth
10:28 pm
and police say 24-year-old took off when the officer got out of the car. >> the way the pole fell it out. we have no electrical wires coming in he told the officers they thought there was an warranted for his arrest and he didn't want to go to jail for his birthday. it turns out there was no warrant for his arrest. hate groups still active in new england. new information reveals these groups are in places such as framingham, lowell and waltham. >> fox 25 investigative reporter found out who these groups are and why some are fighting the label. eric, they say they don't deserve to be called hate groups at all. >> reporter: it all has to do with this hate map developed by the southern poverty law center. we found more than 20 so-called hate groups in new
10:29 pm
west. as you take a look at this map you can see groups like neonazis are listed right along the nation ofis scplam some traditional catholic groups. so fox 25 investigates went looking for answers. >> reporter: vandals targeting a local mosque. a black church in springfield turned to the ground. >> this is a hate crime. >> reporter: more than 300 hate crimes every year in massachusetts alone according to the f.b.i.. >> this stuff has not gone away in fact it's gotten worse. >> now they have confirmed the presence of neo-nazis and other hate groups in every state in new england. >> how do you go about verifying these groups are still active. that's a really good question. >> reporter: fox 25 investigates spoke with the southern poverty law center in birmingham, alabama. creators of this interactive hate map identifying nearly 800 hate groups nationwide. >> these groups are active on the grounds that they're distributing information.
10:30 pm
on-line there's a membership base and so on. >> less than 100 miles outside of boston fox 25 investigates found a point on the hate map and a man who says the southern poverty law center got it wrong. >> are you a hate group? >> of course we're not a hate group. we're a love group. >> reporter: brother andre marie leaves the slaves of the imma'am late heart of mary a church and school on a small compound in richmond, new hampshire. on hate map they are listed under radical traditional catholiccism. does that mean we want to convert by force. >> of course no. do you hate jews? >> absolutely not. >> what about gay people. >> absolutely not. i tried to help them worry the they say the history of anti-semitic comments and a decision to bar a gay couple from coming to a first communion put marie and his group on the hate map. >> when they did, this which i took as a threat to our organization, i called the
10:31 pm
actually came here and sat in my office and two federal agents that i spoke to said we didn't believe that stuff you about. >> my name is erik rasmussen i'm a reporter with fox 25. >> reporter: fox 25 team. ed to reach every group on the hate map in new england, including ones in framingham, waltham and boston. where the line gets drawn is when people start acting out. >> reporter: the anti-defamation league says it's seen an incontractness case targeting people of color and immigrants. >> it only takes one individual who has a message of hate who wants to go and communicate that via violence. >> reporter: but calling out hate groups has come with controversy. some say the southern poverty law center pushes a liberal agenda. in 2012, a man shot a guard in washington, d.c. after that group was listed on the hate map. >> he did not get the address from us. we do not list the address of these organization. these groups are not listed because they're
10:32 pm
these groups are listed because of stuff that they say and things that they do. >> reporter: now the southern forrert law center tells us it's compiling new research on hate groups right now. you can find link to the full hate map here on our website for fox 25 investigates i'm erik rasmussen. if you something you want fox 25 investigates to check out e-mail us at fox 25 investigates at fox you can also call:. >> announcer: now your local forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and the fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> everybody see a snow flake on that map behind me that's a snow report from today. there's actually some accumulating snow out there to examine a couple of these. you will see snow flake there. ludlow is two inches let's slide over here into southern worcester county.
10:33 pm
believe it's going to give us an inch of snow it is indeed. out toward the reservoir west warren an inch of snow into ware 1.5 inches. a coating to two is what we were thrilling about there. that. the outlier, so to speak. there's a little bit of snow flying in southern vermont even in the berkshires back here. that's different tonight. now tomorrow we'll see a few more snow showers and squalls pop up. it will be the leading edge of that arctic air. prepare for it right now. we'll have plans for the weekend it's from a vacation perhaps. not really pay attention to how cold it's going to be. the lake-effect snow machine is going and blowing those snow showers all the way into southern vermont. that's why they're not going come toward us they're connected to the great lakes. tomorrow we'll start to see some snow showers as early as 8:00 in the morning. even during the commute you may see some flurries or snow showers pop up. the squalls become more vigorous. it's those snow squalls that limit your visibility and
10:34 pm
quickly on the roadway. so be careful of that during the day tomorrow. again not a lot of accumulation but some out there some snow out there flying it and will be gone late tomorrow night. so that coating to two inches for most of you will be today plus tomorrow added together. a quick coating in those snow squalls just be aware of that situation. clearly this is not a big snowstorm as well, especially for us here in new england. temperatures overnight cold, it's already cold out there below freezing down to the mid-20s in boston overnight again with those snow flurries starting up in the morning and in worcester down to about 19 for a low temperature. anything that melted today there were some milder temperatures above freezing today as we tell you just about every night got to watch out for that black ice to form out there. high temperatures tomorrow in the need boston area. 30 for new quincy. to the south shore not much better. going to be close to freezing in a couple places. 29 for brockton, and back here into worcester county temperatures will be in the low 20s.
10:35 pm
bellingham getting to 27 tomorrow afternoon. this is what it's looking like this weekend. your weekend is always in view. i need to you see this very closely. 18 for a high temperature. but that's not the whole story you see because the wind chills are going to be brutal. going to fast forward to saturday. the projected wind gusts along with the low temperatures keeping your wind chills below zero but getting into the -25 to range by saturday evening a lot of have you plans for valentine's day weekend this will take you into sunday -30 to -35 at temperatures like that your skin can start to freeze in as little as 10 minutes. there is that seven-day forecast shows you the arctic air headed our way. we'll talk more about the timeline and the possibility for more snow, too. >> a local teen arrested accused of a sinister plot. how he planned to use a simple craigslist add to take advantage of some unsuspects victims. plus, traffic stopped for a dog's safety. the way police were able to
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this woman is now the third person to sue a fast-food chain. in december more than 130 people began getting sick after eating at a chipotle. a worker showed up sick and started an outbreak of the norovirus. the 28-year-old woman filed a lawsuit again the chain in suffolk superior court. boston police want you to take a close look at this woman here. they say she's wanted in connection with a bank fraud and identity theft ring. she was last seen in a white toyota camry with a plymouth commemorative plate pl 1613. now police believe she's part of a group that steals i.d.s from then commits frauds.
10:39 pm
track down this man. these surveillance images show the man walking into the store then leaving with the guitar. police are asking anyone who knows who he is to give them a call. there is a new round of recalls. that can explode. mercedes says more than 700,000 cars have air bags can i can sent metal frag manies shooting at drivers. >> relief and exhaustion. after the break hear from passengers finally off the ship that makes huge waves. >> social media shaming over snow. the reason some people are take aim at their neighbors after the latest storm. celtics have had a lot of good games. tonight might be right up. there an electric at firefighters as paul pierce came back. you the new caramel macchiato
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something delicious
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come in today to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. >> bad behavior called out tonight. >> some residents put out space savers and others took to social media to shame them. our kathryn burcham is live where two days later you still found some space savers. >> reporter: yeah, vanessa, case in point perhaps it's a hangover of sorts from last winter but residents were used to leaving these out for nearly two months. but now with this winter there have hardly been any snow emergencies and so drivers are taking matters into their own hands.
10:43 pm
>> if you put a space safer out there. and this city issued reminding residents about the space saver rules but here on the streets of southie all bets are off. we're doing a story about space savers. >> reporter: we caught up with angela and their daughter as they were sboug a spot saved bay dwon days after mayor walsh declared the city would snatch them up. do you think it's fair for your dad. >> reporter: only because he's handicap. >> reporter: her father's spot is often taken with drivers without handicap plates. no emergency or not she says a space saver is necessary for her family. if you people get really vicious they will slash your tires or key your car. >> reporter: but some of that earning is now directed at the space savers. take a look at this note left for a southie resident. "what did you shovel that warranted a space saver? there was an inch of snow and no snow emergency. be a good neighbor only a jerk would do this. >> there's really no need for it.
10:44 pm
there is no need for it. sarah meyers says she's not surprised people are shameling unnecessary space savers on social medical what when the streets are dry and the skies are clear. >> i think last winter was difficult because we have like a lot of accumulations. so that helped her all winter. like if your spot was yours for the whole winter but this year it's not the same. >> public work crews have made several passes through the city in neighborhoods to pick up the space savers and city officials say they will continue to do so until there is an actual snow emergency. we're live in southie, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. boston mayor marty walsh says it's time to get rid of an eyesore on the streets and that eyesore is cigarette butts. today the city launched operation neat zbrets. cigarette butt receptacles will be placed throughout the city. it's modelled after a london
10:45 pm
the move will be good for the environment. thousands of passengers have disembarked after days in a violent storm. people on board royal caribbean anthem of the seas captured power winds. they also gave us a look at how the angry seas sent furniture flying. the whole experience was terrifying. >> it was horizon -- horns. there was little -- there was little communication. it felt, i at one point thought i'm never going to see my family again. i held onto the mat there's so i wouldn't fall off the bed -- mat -- mat there's so i wouldn't fall off the bed. they are calling for action demanding that the ntsb investigate why the captain decided to try and outrun the storm. tonight this roaming pup has been reunited with her
10:46 pm
on 495 in methuen. methuen lawrence state police managed to catch the german shepherd. according to state police the trooner was able to lurt dog into his cruiser with a granola bar that's when lexi jumped right in and got behind the wheel. trooper then turned her over to animal control and electiony was later returned to her family in methuen. much to their relief. well, it's new hampshire primary sensation. >> a 650 pound pig busting out of this farm to pay a visit to the polls in pelham. the story so popular the pelham pig now has its own twitter handle. any stories attributing a particular particular preference to me are pure hogwash. i get to follow that, that's no fair. a homecoming for paul pierce and doc rivers tonight. before this one started
10:47 pm
time in boston what a night like tonight means to him. >> could be, you know, i'm not 100% sure. this is special fans i always savor the moments when i can step on this court. >> number 34 paul pierce. >> he's in the starting lineup tonight but you got to stop d'andre jordan when you play this team. that's pretty good. chris paul heck of a game 33 points tonight's. turned out to be a battle of the guards. isiah thomas gets hot. this one fallings as he goes down the lane. then with the celts down two he nails the fade away jumper with 5.8 to play. so we head to overtime tied at 122. this jumper tied it at 132. then he gets it back again and somehow gets some contact while draining the layup. turner sealed the deal.
10:48 pm
turner with some big hoops. celtics win by five tonight great game 139-134. rumors abounding as the trade deadline approaches next week would the celts make the move. danny ainge excited about al will he be on the block? don't really know. spent his whole career in atlanta averaging 15 points a game. just keep our ears to the ground on that one. pitchers and catchers don't have to report until next thursday. david price getting some work. in that has to make red sox fans pretty happy. traditional day as winter comes to a close at least in their minds. fans gathering outside fenway as the truck was packed up and sent off to fort myers. kind of like groundhog day. you will hear them say this it gives you a little glimmer of hope that spring is all around the corner. with all the money that this team has spent. >> it's the official first day of spring. >> it's like groundhog day. >> it's always a good atmosphere. boston fans are probably the
10:49 pm
if you're not from boston you don't really understand what goes on around here. >> while we there were we decided to begin to side and check out this unbelievable. the huge ramp that has been built inside fenway park. the big air competition will start tomorrow. they have constructed this incredible monstrosity for ski jumpers to do their thing. we will have more on that over the next few days and we'll have more on that celtics team. more coming up straight 11:00. a warning for parents next at 11:00, how someone is using instagram to target local middle coolers.
10:50 pm
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>> know around today we talked about what's going on out at fenway. instagram.
10:53 pm
lot. that one of the snowboarder. now there are some snow chances coming up. this is turning into friday. another storm out in the ocean. not terribly strong. then some winds across the cape something i'm watching very closely. but for tomorrow morning sun, clouds and few flurries right around 20 degrees an icy start. watch out for some of that black ice. now the snow flurries become more vigorous snow showers and squalls as the day wears. on you see them becoming more noum rows during the middle of the day and during the afternoon. that's a result of the arctic cold front that's headed our way. looking at temperatures going below zero potentially sunday morning. it i did not happen very often in boston. definitely happen in the suburbs. wait until you see how cold we're projecting the wind chills to be. i'll have it for you at 11:00. >> tonight strong concern over the zika virus in the u.s. now we know the virus has also been linked to eye damage as well. >> will are now confirmed
10:54 pm
massachusetts and washington, d.c. that's where congress heard testimony on the outbreak from federal health officials. jonathan siri has the latest. >> reporter: lawmakers on capitol hill focus on the zika virus. health officials testifying at a congress hearing about the rapidly spreading bug. >> zika is new and new diseases can be scary particularly when they may affect the most vulnerable among us. >> the obama administration asking congress for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funds to combat zika here and abroad. the fund willing go towards things like mosquito control programs, education and vaccine research. the c.d.c. currently lists 30 countries and territories where active transmission is taking place, including puerto rico, the u.s. virgin islands and american samoa. mosquito bites have yet to cause illness in the continental u.s. but the specific type of mosquito which transmits zika does live in southern parts of the country.
10:55 pm
may see happen is cases or clusters in part of the u.s. that have had dengue clusters in the past. we may also see sporadic cases elsewhere in the u.s.. >> the virus can also be sexually transmitted there's evidence linking zika infection with birth defects in brazil. that's why they are urging to avoid travelling in addition to practicing safe sex with partners who may have been exposed to the virus. blood transfusions can also spread zika. the virus has been detected in saliva, breast milk and urine. however so, far there's no evidence of transmission in any of those fluids. in atlanta, jonathan siri, fox news. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 11:00. an instagram user targeting local students. posing as a middle schooler then posts inappropriate contents. thanks for staying with us i'm mark ockerbloom.
10:56 pm
jackie heinrich is back with how police are working with instagram to see if this poster is local or not. >> right now police are hoping to get some leads before many kids are victimized. they're working with instagram to track this user down, figure outside if they're local and if possible put a stop this. >> reporter: an urgent warning from north borough police. parents check your kids instagram account. there's a irz posing as a sixth grade student sending follow requests to middle schoolers. when kids accept that friend they're suggested to porn. right now police working hand in hand with instagram to find the fern responsible. >> and clearly that's an avenue for a lot of predators to lurk. >> reporter: for police the concern is not just that kids will view these images but will be enticed into sending photos of themselves. >> tonight parents are taking charge telling fox 25 news the minute my granddaughter got off her bus walked in the front door we discussed this. another parent saying i have told them they're not to accept anyone they don't know.
10:57 pm
that a number of students
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