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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> i kept on begging. please, stop anlet me off your car. >> sara: developing this morning. police search for the man behind the wheel. why he was speeding away in the first place. >> gene: a local murder miing mystery have neighbors worried. the steps the police are taking to find a well known man's killer. >>announcer: this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. 5:00 on this thursday morning. it is february 11. thanks for being with us this morning, i am gene lavanchy.and i am sara underwood. get ready to layer up. bitter cold temperatures are on the way. meteorologist shiri spear is in the fox25 stormtracker weather center. shiri, temperatures never get above freezing today. >> shiri: temperatures stay almost steady today, folks. temperatures at 27 in boston. we have 20 in worcester. 24 in fitchburg. clouds rolling right now into central massachusetts. last hour it was clear there, and where we have got the clouds, we have the potential for some flurries in morning.
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through metro west where we get that cloud cover. we could see a couple of snow flakes out there. wouldn't want to be surprised by that. we are starting out with upper teens and 20s. at lunchtime, we barely budget. 28 in boston. 22 in worcester. 23 in keene. 29 in plymouth. 28 in beverly. we have these strips of snow. it is going to be a formula just like yesterday with light snow showers in the form of flurries and snow squalls, but really, really scattered stuff. 24 to 38 degrees this afternoon 24 to 38 degrees this afternoon. the winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour. so coming up, i will break down what that means for your wind chills today and, of course, a look at those very dangerous wind chills by the weekend. over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic this morning, julie. keep an eye out for black spice we will let you know if we will see more spots slippery than others. things are looking light on route 1, 93 south moving along just fine. pike wide open flew framingham
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throughout allston opinion brighton area. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 8 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector gene and sara, over to you. a tractor-trailer that crashed into the overpass eastbound lane of the pike past exit 84. the truck was smashed into pieces across the highway when our photographer got there. the cab badly damaged on the driver's side. traffic backed up overnight. only one lane remains closed at this hour. we will keep an eye on this as we move throughout morning and the volume increases for the morning commute and we will see if we get all lanes reopened by the time morning commute gets kicked into high gear. the video is jarring. watch as a car hits a man crossing the street. developing this morning, the driver remains on the run. >> gene: the victim held tonight hood as the driver tried to speed away. catherine parrotta is live at
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with details and why that driver was on the run. good morning, catherine. >> reporter: good morning, gene >> reporter: good morning, gene. i checked with woburn police when i arrived here and they didn't have an update for me. and to our knowledge, they are looking for a that suspect. they say he hate pedestrian and that happened as he was running from them after they tried to question him about something. take a look at this picture because this is the man woburn police say they are looking for today. 29-year-old tyson delgado. he allegedly assaulted an officer at an asphalt company trying to talk to him about a previous incident. it had it do with a theft from a company gas card. the company told fox25 that delgado worked there as a driver and was fired in october. what happened next according to police was caught on surveillance video. show the vehicle plowing into 65-year-old al pica on union street dragging him 1,000 feet. >> he pegged me dead on, and i fell on to the hoovtd car.
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grabbed on to the hood, and he shot up the street. >> reporter: now pica was injured that or deal and is now recovering from a fractured leg. woburn police told residents in woburn and nearby winchester to be on alert as they were still searching for this suspect. we show you picture of the suspect but found video of him as well. something that fox25 tracked down. we will that for you coming up next half hour. live in woburn, catherine parrotta. three men accused of rob three men accused of robbing a convenience store and locking themselves in a boston apartment will be from a court room today. taken into custody on roach street in dorchester. they barricaded themselves inside a home. it after a robbery at the pleasantview market. the store was held up around 6:00 last night. an unsolved murder remains under investigation in wareham. jess yes, sir was live at wareham police station and, jess, neighbors say they have
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would have been targeted. >> they do, sara. they have so many questions about this morning. the victim in the case was a father, a volunteer, and very well liked here in wareham. so this morning, police are trying to figure out who could possibly have done this to him. the victim's name this case was john williams. he was found shot to death in his home on glen charlie road in wareham on tuesday. he was 70 years old and everyone who knew him say it didn't seem possible that he had any enemy had any enemies at all. he enjoyed amateur radio and flying and he was a part-time owner of a airplane he kept over at the taunton airport. >> we say if you ever see a small plane flying low over the area probably me coming down from taunton. take a look at the pond. take a look at the house. >> reporter: even though williams was retired he worked part-time at the salvation army to pay for his plane's upkeep. people who knew him say he was very involved with the local ymca and the community here as
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about that coming up in the next hour at 6:00. live in wareham this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 news. new developments this morning in the standoff at a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. four militia members who remain on the lam say they will surrender this morning. the father of the leader of the militia was arrested by federal agents. cliven bundy was involved in a standoff in 2014. his sons was arrested last month. protesting two farmers who set fire to their own land in order to protect the property. a procession outside the hospital for the sheriff deputy who was killed in the line of duty. one of two officers killed in a a. one deputy was respondeding to a call inside a panera when the gunman shot him. the suspect ran off and shot and killed another deputy as they responded to the scene. the suspect had warrants out for his arrest if two states.
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deputy was shot just because he was wearing a uniform. police -- police chase rather knocks out power to part of a local town this morning. it is still causing problems for local businesses. the car flipped over after a police chase and broke an utility pole in abington. we follow the story as it was breaking yesterday morning. it could be days until power gets restored to that area. >> the way the pole fell, it ripped a lot of wires out of the building. so we have no electrical wires coming in >> the drive of the car said he didn't stop when police tried to pull him over because there was a warrant out for his arrest and he didn't want to go to jail days before his birthday. turns out there was no warrant. he faces self-charges this morning. a local teenager is under arrest this morning, accused of planning to rob beam a bb gun during a deal. they got a call of someone with a gun in the area porter street and tracked him to freeman treat where they found with two people who arranged to meet up
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police eventually found the 17-year-old with a guitar and bb gun. he faces attempted armed robbery charges this morning. boston police are trying to find this woman this morning who is wanted in connection with bank fraud and identity theft. officers say she was last you seen in a white toyota camry. she is part of a group that steals ids from cars and commits fraud. new details on a story we morning. a piece of metal flies off a truck on the pike smashing the windshield of the car behind it injuring the people inside. the driver faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident. police athe load on the back wasn't secured properly and the company that owns the truck has been issued a violation. three people in the other car were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. people battle for parking spaces in south boston every winter, and now the feuds are moving to social media. some residents are going online to shame neighbors who are illegally saving spots. in one post, we found someone
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left on a chair in the street. it reads, there was an inch of snow. only a jerk would do this. one woman we saw use one woman we saw using a space saver said her daughter who is disabled needs to protect his parking spot. >> a lot of people disregard the fact that it is a handicap the fact that it is a handicapped spot and they park here anyway and they are not even handicapped. >> reporter: this week public work crews have been moving around the city removing illegal space savers in different neighborhoods. bernie sanders coming off a landslide victory over hillary clinton in the new hampshire primary. sanders is bringing the dough. he raised $6.5 million after polls closed in new hampshire. he urged people to donate during his victory speech on tuesday and many people it. the web site actually crashed. the average contribution was 34. sanders faces the next hurdle in south carolina and nevada where clinton is expected to farewell among minority voters.
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louisiana to rally voters. he spoke to a large amount of spores. he threw jabs at jeb bush mocking him for the amount he spent on attack ads against him spent on attack ads against him. new jersey governor chris new jersey governor chris christie has ended his bid for president despite being endorsed by massachusetts governor charlie baker he finished in 6th place in the new hampshire primary. former republican carly fiorina also out of the race. she announced her decision on facebook. she finished 7 she finished 7th in new hampshire. we check traffic and weather every 10 minutes. an easy commute from andover to the zakim bridge. shiri. >> shiri: our winds are not that strong and wind chills mostly starting out in the teens. not much cooler than actual temperature readings. we will feel much the same at noontime with barely budging temping with winds that increase. get ready for single digit
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by the time you head home today by the time you head home today. i forget how much colder it will get this weekend next. a toddler bit in the face by a dog at local town hall. what they should to to protect people and the city official connected with that dog. a man convicted of a brutal crime is freed. what he is looking forward to the most after 30 years behind
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a massachusetts man who spent 30 years in prison for rape is freed this morning as he waits for a new trial. evidence decades ago are now in question. fox25's daniel miller is following this story. >> daniel: sara, for three decades george pera, it said he was innocent and yesterday he walked out of new bedford superior court a free man. >> haven't snung yet. right now i want to spend time with my mom. >> reporter: he was convicted and sentenced for raping a 78-year-old woman in springfield. he was 17 years old at the time. a key piece of evidence in the conviction was a single strand of hair, but now the fbi admits that it was not conclusive evidence. during the original trial, the victim also told police that perat didn't match the description of her attacker. a judge granted him a new trial saying strong evidence that he did not commit the crime. a big win for perat, team of
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>> dream of him a baby and never getting him back. going to to go out and buy him a dinner, buy him a big steak. >> lawyers for the institute of investigative journalists at brandeis university worked on getting pera tax new trial. date has not been yet, but we will, of course, let you know when that happens. in the newsroom, daniel miller. parents count on their children getting to and from school each day safely, but fox25 showing hundreds of drivers putting kids in danger by passing stopped school buses by passing stopped school buses. >> this video we found on youtube captures a close call a student had walking away from his stopped bus in west virginia. a student from attleboro was hit by a driver who allegedly illegally passed a stopped bus. now fox25 learned a proposal on beacon hail will bet procedure ticket children while also raising money. tonight at 10:00, political reporter sharman sacchetti
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doing just that in some school districts in new england. it is now 5:16. good thursday morning. things nice and light on the roads at the moment. expressway, one those rare times where you can actually hit the speed limit on the expressway. 128 also moving along fine through dedham, needham and up to the pike. 93 south looking good. live look at the traffic slow as you approach the zakim bridge. very reasonable. shiri, your live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes from 93 south to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. you are watching a few flurries and squalls just after sunrise today. >> reporter: yes, so as the sun comes up, the winds kind of get more active and we got this -- sounds really fancy. this a "arctic cold front"nd inform showers. and the longer it is dark, the
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the deal is that 20 in norwood and worcester. temperatures have already gone up in the lar hour from 18 to 20 in norwood. 23 in portsmouth, new hampshire appear opinioned you can see the clouds across northern, central massachusetts, southern new hampshire, but we still have clear skies in boston now. i give it an hour you guys will be tapping into that cloud cover well, and as we hit late morning, we will include some flurries in everybody's forecast and into the afternoon a chance of a couple of those snow squalls. look at near static temperatures. boston in the upper 20s and 27 degrees right now. let's dress for this for the middle of the day, the afternoon basically all day long. here is your cold front that will be dropping through land help trigger some of the snow showers today. nothing widespread expected but once we hit late morning, noon once we hit late morning, noontime, we get those bands of flurries and light snow showers flurries and light snow showers. it will give us a little bit of a patchy coating up to bombably one inch in a couple of spots
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but because it is still widely scattered here. many of will you get through today with not seeing anything really manage to stick, but threat is there for the drive home as well, just giving you a nice early warning as you wake up tomorrow morning. here is 7 a.m. for your friday. we start off with the sunshine. and as we get into the afternoon here tomorrow, we will have to pump up the cloud cover, but it is not until friday night that it even starts bringing in some light snow and some flurries inland, best chance best chance for any friday night and saturday accumulation will be down across the cape and islands these are your high and islands these are your highs for today. 29 beverly and boston. 23 in keene, new hampshire. 30 in hyannis and 27 in chatham 30 in hyannis and 27 in chatham. another mostly cloudy kind of snowy at times sort of day. drop it 5 degrees by your weekend forecast. the weekend never out of the teens. never quite soon enough for
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seven-day forecast up. not soon enough to really enjoy any warm temperatures over the weekend. so here is your seven-day forecast, and we are talking -- i am going to have that for you coming up in a couple of minutes but again that deep freeze as we hit the weekend. back to you, guys. all right, so brace yourselves, twitter is undergoing a major change. come up, what is about to look different and how to keep your twitter feed the way you like it. plus, maybe she just needed a ride. a puppy hops into the front
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hit o welcome back. julie grauert checking your traffic every ten minutes. and we will have shiri join us in a few for a look at the forecast. we are reminding you to keep an eye out for black ice. there may be some spots. right now volume is light though, so we haven't seen any trouble pots. as you can see on the maps, route 393 south moving along fine. really all i can say are good things about the roads right now. you are flying along the expressway. taking you out to a live look where you can see a lot of space between those cars.
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really go at express speed on the expressway. as we work our way to the morning commute, of course, it will be jam-packed. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 29 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. i will have more traffic coming up in just a few minutes. pretty cool event happening today. skiers and snowboarders heading to fenway park for the first day of the big air competition. 14-story ramp that dwarfs the green monster. if features self-olympic medalists and part of the world cup tour. athletes are competing for adds 1 50u7b price. and the city of boston wants fewer cigarette butts on the sidewalks. the mayor says an eyesore for the city. will soon see containers like these for disposal. people can have fun with the containers. on top random questions and
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represent a different answer. you put your response in the box of the answer you think is correct. >> julie: a little informal poll. . kids are getting creative when asking someone to prom. one girl decided to ask her friend ben in front of the whole pep rally. take a look. so it was kind of tough to hear the announcer, but he said, the box said -- i will ask to you prom when pigs fly. and then as you saw, pig balloons -- >> sara: i am going to cry watching this. he is so happy. >> ben turns around and he has tears in his eyes. his friend runs over and hugs him and hands him a rose. that has got to be one of the best. >> that has got to be one of the switest moments. look at his face.
5:22 am
and the crowd is cheering. julie very creative. pigs fly. most people don't like the idea of being inside of a cop car, but for one dog, the front seat makes her feel right at home. >> sara: check this out. a florida officer got his very own cruiser but pup wanted to get in on the action. the officer doesn't know the dog, she just jumped in when the officer opened the door. look at that face. talk about faces. the jacksonville sheriff's department shared this on facebook. thousands of people have liked as you can imagine because everyone loves their dog and you can see by the officer's face already he seemed to like the company too. looks like that officer would like to keep that little poochy for a while julie rarely do you have anyone that voluntarily runs into a cop car and plops down. >> sara: at that wants to be there. well, muggles rejoice. harry potter returning to hogwarts. author j.k. rowling has announced a new chapter in the potter saga.
5:23 am
child will be on stage in london. rowling will be putting out a book version of the play. the book takes off where the movies level off. promises more updates from the wizardy world. julie the world has been empty without harry. >> sara: you have been you and i should go to down done as see the plane julie journalistic endeavor come back and review it. i would be part of griffindor i >> don't know the characters. >> shiri: thing sounds good and that trip to go to europe is way better -- cheers with pumpkin juice and doll a day. normal high 38 degrees, guys. we are not even touching that. 10 degrees above average today. and over the weekend, 20 to 25 degrees above average. we will break down a bitterly cold weekend next. social media accounts, way too easy to create.
5:24 am
of students complete new england news coverage continues right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: now at 5:30, it is really going to feel like winter today, my friends. we have freezing temperatures, and this weekend, you are going to want to bundle up as we are seeing a huge drop in the temperatures. welcome back, everyone. great to see you. >> gene: going to be bitter
5:25 am
>> sara: bundle up, snuggle up >> sara: bundle up, snuggle up, light a fire. >> make sure those roses are in a warm place. don't leave them in the car. a big mistake. tough to talk your way tlouvt one, shiri for that to happen. beyond freezing. >> icy roads are not something. clear skies along the coastline that you can see, central mass, southern new hampshire, western mass getting into the clouds and to follow that, we will get into some flurries. so far so good. thin clouds stretched across across the outer cape and nantucket. 25 in bourne. 23 in taunton. good morning in boston at 27 degrees. the last of your clear skies in place. 20 in norwood. 21, boxford. 24 in framingham and you can see those thicker clouds in worcester at 20 degrees. 23 in town send. 16 degrees nashua, new hampshire. teens and 20s this morning. 7 a.m. a temp of 20 degrees. a wind chill of 15. i know that is not a big
5:26 am
travel through the day and temperatures hold steady in the upper 20s at noontimed and 3 p.m., wind chills are dropping and feel like 10 at 3 p.m. because of the breezy conditions and at.7:00, feels like only 8 and the start of bitter wind chills. i will show you how much colder it is going to get by the weekend in just a couple of minutes. julie grauert up with live drive time traffic and some of our easy going roads right now. >> julie: yes, we will take it >> julie: yes, we will take it. 5:30. still a nice time to leave the house especially when you have shiri's forecasts. cruising from 228 in rockland. and major roadways that feed 128, 95 rather and 24 looking good. expressway still open from furnacebrook parkway past exit 13 13, freeport street. live drive times. 11 minutes from 228 to the split. 12 anyone were 106 to 128. eight minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road.
5:27 am
all right, a warning this morning for parents about an instagram account that is targeting kids. someone is pretending to be a middle school student and sharing explicit photos. fox25's michael henrich is live in northborough where police are sharing the distawshing details of the story, michael. >> reporter: sara, it is unfortunately so easy to go on to gram and other social immediate nanette works and pose an account for someone you are not. that is exactly what police say happened to students at this middle school here in northborough. northborough police say someone posed as one of the middle school students on instagram and sent follow requests to real student. and any real student who accepted that request was then subjected to being sent pornographic images. police don't know who is doing this yet. they are looking for the guy and they don't know yet. they are concerned the person might try to get kids to send bad pictures of themselves back
5:28 am
there. other new england police departments are sharing this facebook post from northborough police asking parents to talk with their parents about being careful about who they accept friend and follow requests from friend and follow requests from. it now the school's basketball coach tells fox25 he also wants students to be proactive for themselves. >> i think they should definitely tell their parents who they are talking to and if anything is suspicious let their parents know before it becomes dangerous. >> northborough police urge parents to go on to the national center for missing and exploded children web site to learn more about web safety and how -- how to talk to your kids about it, to help you get to that site. we posted that in our article on the fox25 news app. also some parents shared their approach to this sometimes difficult conversation with their kids about social media. and this is ahead in our next report coming up in about an hour. live in northborough, michael henrich, fox25 news.
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the driver in the hit-and-run remain on the loose this morning. the victim was still on the hood of the car as the suspect drove off. >> gene: but he was able to get a very good look at the driver. fox25's catherine parrotta live at the police department as investigators work this case. good morning, catherine. >> reporter: good morning, gene. i talked to woburn police and didn't have an update at that time. to our knowledge they are still looking at the suspect. he plan to that pedestrian after he was running from police. and they say he allegedly assaulted a police officer while they were trying to question him abouting it question him about something. now take a look. because this is some video that fox25 was able to get of the suspect police say they are looking for. this is 29-year-old tyson delgado. fox25 tracked down this video that you are seeing from his facebook page. police say he allegedly assaulted an sfir at an asphalt company. we learned that has to do with a theft involving a company gas card. what happened next according to
5:30 am
show the vehicle slamming into 65-year-old al pica on union street dragging him for 1,000 feet. >> for some unknown reason i grabbed on to the hood and he shot up the street. he was picking up speed. he must have been doing at least 60 miles per hour. >> reporter: now pika was injured in that or deal and is recovering from a fractured leg and you saw him there. he was back home in his chair. hopefully his recovery will continue to go well. you will hear more from him as well as some witnesses coming up next half hour. live in woburn, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. state police investigating a deadly crash on route 28 in quincy breaking yesterday on the fox25 morning news. troopers say the driver, a 30-year-old man from boston and a 29-year-old front seat passenger were killed. 30-year-old man from metheun was in the back seat and survived. he is currently at brigham and women's hospital. this morning an attack on a
5:31 am
a ban of dogs in government buildings. family members tell us that the girl needed ten stitches to close the bite marks. people in saw with us are asking why dogs are allowed inside of city hall. >> you should be safe to go to city hall. >> i think it is terrible. i don't think a dog should be allowed in here. >> reporter: the owner of the dog is an elected official at city mall. we reached out to him for comment, but our calls were not returned. the dog is being quarantine ten days. a man robs two local markets at gunpoint. police are offering a reward for tips leading up to that robbery arrest. happened on maple street in manchester just after 7:00 on tuesday night. knife minutes later, police received a second call for a robbery on somerville street. police released the surveillance images the suspect. the pictures are from two different markets.
5:32 am
a new state task force to inspect nursing homes. the unit will report to the state's public health commissioner. last year 11,000 complaints reported about nursing homes to the state. they will make unannounced visits to homes and fines for repeated violations. we are learning more of what went on on board a flight from boston that had to be diverted because of an unruly passenger. video from a passenger that was on board the plane. the plane was found for alaska but landed in colorado when a man began yelling threats. passengers say the man brought his own alcohol on board the plane and was yelling that die. the man was escorted off the plane, but police say he was not arrested. and thousands of passengers are waking up on land this morning after a rough few days at sea. royal caribbean's anthem at the seas is back in port, new jersey. the ship was on its way to the bahamas when it went straight into a storm. passengers caught this video of
5:33 am
boat. a passenger from massachusetts said the entire experience was so terrifying. >> it was tremendous. there was little communication. -- it was horrendous. there was little communication. it felt -- at one point i thought i wasn't going to see my family again. i held on to the mattress or i would have fallen off the bed. i have two teenaged boys. it was just horrendous. >> sara: a some passengers and lawmakers want the ntsb to investigate why the captain decided to outrun the storm. the company involved in the deadly train crash in new york city was involved in the deadly accident inform taunton. nicholas dumont fell 40 feet to his death in december. the attorney for dumont's father said he was troubled when he heard both insurgents when he heard both accidents could not have been avoided. >> in my experience, these
5:34 am
serious problems, serious lapsen judgment, a deviation from proper practice, negligence if you will. >> gene: the attorney is calling for a closer look at the time cranes and potentially more regulations at the government level to make sure that they are safe. a couple of familiar faces get business ovations from celtics fans. paul pierce and doc rivers return with the los angeles clipper. a great game. celtics down to ten seconds left. isaiah thomas hits a follow-up jumper to overtime in. that is church. in the extra sessions, mears gets his chance for one last magical moment and comes up short. good news for the celtics and hang on to win it in overtime, 139-134. red sox fans are happy to see this. new pitcher david price already in ft. myers getting ready for spring training. pitchers and catchers don't have to report until next thursday, but price is getting into extra work.
5:35 am
price to a seven-year, $217 million contract. you saw this yesterday morning on the fox25 morning news. red sox equipment truck heading south to ft. myers. the 13-year-old was loaded up and hit the road around noon. safe travels for them. weather and traffic every ten minutes. an 8-minute commute on the expressway northbound to furnacebrook parkway up to morrissey boulevard. shiri. >> shiri: winds not that powerful. 14 miles per hour in boston. it has increased in the last hour. these are going to create sub zero uncomfortable wind chills. look what is happening with the wind gusts this afternoon. winds gusting around 30 miles per hour. we have wind chills today to break down and even worse wind chills this weekend coming up in just a couple of minutes. well, we were in a we when johnny depp transformed into whitey bulger.
5:36 am
newest role as he steps into donald trump's shoes.
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this morning, millions of people use it to get and share information. this morning, twitter undergo this morning, twitter undergoing a major change. fox25's daniel miller is here to explain what happened. >> daniel: all confusing. 320 million people use twitter to get instant updates about what is happening. here is a look at fox25's twitter page. we use twitter to send out breaking news alerts and our team of meteorologists use it to constantly alert followers to the changing forecast, but twitter is tweaking its timeline to look more like facebook. here is what is happening. twitter will use a new algorithm to determine the order of how you see posts. rather than seeing tweets in chronological order. tweets will be sorted based on
5:40 am
more tweets at the top of the missed. some of you may have seen the while you were away feature already on your twitter field. the rest of your tweets will be under meet and reverse chronicle chronological order. right now twit will turn on this for all users. go into the setting feature to change it back to the old look. the major for -- reason for the shift is financial. ahead in the next hour, we will look like. in the newsroom this morning, daniel miller, fox25 morning this morning the head of the center of disease control say they need more money to fight the zika virus. more than a dozen research groups across the globe are working to find a way to curb the spread of the a mosquito borne virus. some will develop the vaccine and others will treat the vy trussself. the world health organization declared the virus.public health emergency. it is present in 27 countries
5:41 am
protesters stormed the statenow michigan demanding that something be done about the water crisis in flint. >> we have been -- i have a loud mouth and i want to let them hear our voice. >> sara: protesters say they want governor rick snyder to step down. snyder this week announced nearly 200 million plan to fix the lead bite pa tainted the city's drinking your. protesters say he didn't do anything fast enough. suing the city of ferguson, missouri. the city revised an agreement with the doj at the last minute to reform the police department and the court system. officials at the doj say the city continues to violates the rights of a ams even after the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager in 2014 that sparked riots across the country. the city council says they changed the agreement because they felt it would cost too much. good thursday morning.
5:42 am
taking a look at our slow spot. it is right around the braintree split. that's where i am seeing the heaviest volume, but still moderate, similar around morris see boulevard. from hammingham into the alston-brighton area. on the pike eastbound and westbound through brighton, nothing will slow you down at this early hour. 24 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 13 minutes from the braintree split to the pike on the expressway. 23 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. clouds moving back in pretty quickly today. >> shiri: yeah, that is right, julie. mostly clear skies in boston. but in an hour, we will have more clouds around and in two hours, even the risk of some flurries. right now 27 degrees in boston. there is a little bit of a wind chill. it feels like about 10 degrees cooler because that 14-mile-per-hour breeze, and
5:43 am
30 to 40 miles per hour. once we hit the afternoon. less than an inch of snow in your forecast today. more of these scattered flurries and snow squalls like yesterday and we have bitter cold temperatures and wind chills for the weekend, in fact we have some dangerous wind chills for the weekend. the whole point of a wind chill is to warn but a very real threat of frostbite. that threat will be pretty darn high if you are spending time. temperatures stuck at the 20s. 27 of a 9 a.m. in boston, upper 20s this afternoon and really only going up by a couple of degrees and on going threat for flurries and snow squalls. you can see how patchy the snowfall expected to be is today. here is the thing any untreated roads, that's where we have the potential for slipping and sliding because temperatures are going to be below freezing everywhere. boston, brookline, quincyy at 29. same in beverly. lowell over to nashua, 27 degree. worcester at 22. orange at 22.
5:44 am
which are typically a little bit warmer only getting up to 30 in hyannis. 30 in plymouth. 28 in bridgewater. the potential for that snow stick especially to the stick especially to the grass and the untreated roadways down there as well. so far so good. we are only seeing some of the flurries out across western massachusetts, massachusetts, but some of those newly popping up. i expect in the next hour or two hours we will have some across central massachusetts and even eastern mass. and this is the snapshot of noontime and along this arctic cold front. we will see some more of these snow showers triggered throughout the day. drifting southward opinioned drifting southward and cold enough for the evening commute. by the time wake up tomorrow morning. a lot cold we are single digits temperatures in the morning. but nice and bright. we finally get sunshine in place on friday morning. clouds will increase during the day but staying dry.
5:45 am
us on friday, that will increase the clouds and increase the chance of light snow once we hit friday night into saturday morning. so we are looking at some minor snow accumulations, especially southeastern massachusetts with some scattered light snow and flurries across the interior during the day on saturday. so i am expecting about 1 to 3 inches friday night into saturday over -- over -- let's sante fe plymouth southward to the cape and islands. a temperature in and a scattered coating guys. name seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view because after 29 and breezy today, we do have some of those late flakes here tomorrow and high of only 24 degrees. teens over the weekend but the fact that you are waking up to 10 on saturday, zero on sunday and actual wind chills, the realm before 25 degrees below zero sunday morning should alert to you the fact that it is going to be extremely cold. coldest that we have seen since last february. and then we have got a bigger storm in the works with rain and snow for next tuesday.
5:46 am
all right, a seaside restaurant gets a surprise restaurant gets a surprising guest. >> he jumped right over here, sit down, and as you just went, where's breakfast. a. >> sara: what made this adorable sea lion pup wander in for a bite to eat. stay with us for the news
5:47 am
the penthouse and the newest . there is a round of recalls involving vehicles with air bags that have been known to explode. mercedes-benz says more than 7 mercedes-benz says more than 700,000 cars have the takada air bags that can send metal fragments shooting at drivers. chrysler is recalling 130,000 vans. last year started recalls on 20 million vehicles. nine deaths in the u.s. are blamed on the defect. bj's is going cage-free when it comes to eggs. the westborough-based chain will only sell cage-free eggs by 2022. bj's is not alone. voters in the bay state will be faced a ballot question that will decide if all egg seller also have to switch to cage also have to switch to cage-free products. couch potatoes could have
5:48 am
a new study found people with poor physical fitness in middle age have smaller brain volumes later in life. police say their findings are only oaksal at this point. and it doesn't prove that fitness impacts brain volume. they say further research is needed to confirm their findings. man in california pay tributes to his late father in a rather unusual way. take a look at this. he has covered his home with fopt photograph. his dad died in 2000, and this year he decided to sell the home and it is going to be torn down next month. so as a last goodbye to the home, he made it part of an art exhibit. all of the photos are from his family's lives. a little sea lion is recovering at sea world in california. the animal became famous after a picture of her sitting at a booth at a popular san diego restaurant went viral. it led to many questions as to
5:49 am
at the restaurant thinks he knows. >> she came up just -- this ramp right here from this platform, went through the hole platform, went through the hole, and she is small, and she just went boom, boom, boom. >> gene: found malnourished, badly dehydrated and had an eye injury. at sea world they said they have her on medication and she is already doing better. dwindling food supplies and unusually high tide led to 40 see lion rescues this year. from sea lion to sea turtle from sea lion to sea turtle, look at this guy. a freshly hatched albino sea turtle was spotted on a beach in australia. it is 122 siblings had already hatched and went to the ocean when the albino 'turtle was found on tuesday it was sitting on the nest. they watched the tiny turtle safely wiggle his way to the ocean. looks so little. >> gene: would be able to mis >> gene: would be able to
5:50 am
>> sara: so cute. in one local town, a man is shot and killed in his own home. at 6:00, the lead police are trying to track down as the victim had no enemies. all new at 6:00, a person is hit by a car in massachusetts. every seven minutes. coming up, nut find that jaywalkers could face to curb the problem. light accumulation will be your biggest weather threat
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