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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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increasing wind and w now at 6:00, shiri is tracking some snow squalls today, and we will tell you where those flakes will be flying. plus, a look ahead at dangerously cold temps moving in for valentine's day weekend. and also this morning, police are searching for a driver who hit a man in a cross driver who hit a man in a crosswalk and kept going. >> i was begging please stop and let me off your car. please. that's all. i don't want to get hurta. >> sara: how he hung on just long enough to get critical information to police. still so many questions in the death of a 70-year-old father and volunteer found shot to death inside his wareham home. >> i have no idea how this happened. i have no idea why it happened. it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: we are hearing from friends and neighbors this morning as police try piece together this seemingly senseless crime. it is still under construction, but boston's
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pricey penthouse. who is moving in for $37 million. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. 6:00 in the morning, everybody. thank you for being with us on this thursday morning, february 11. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. we have more flurries and squalls in the forecast. there is a big change for the weekend. fox25 meteorologist shiri spear is with the storm tracker weather center this morning with a frigid forecast. >> shiri: yeah, cold weather out there this morning but pretty darn normal for february pretty darn normal for february. what is not normal, temperatures 20, 25 degrees below average like they will be this weekend. 26 in boston right now, and worcester at 20 degrees. all flurries across western massachusetts now, but i will warn you during the next hour or two hours, you will see them spread into central massachusetts, possibly eastern massachusetts. 8:30 this morning, you can see temperatures hanging tight in
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seeing increasing cloud cover. by noontime, scattered snow. most of this is in the form of flurries. just a handful of snow squalls are the burst of heavier, steadier snow and you temperatures have barely budged temperatures have barely budged. temperatures have not moved very much. temperatures going down by the evening commute back down to 25 in boston. lower 20s in the burbs. still in the teens in worcester and still got that threat for some snow showers. 24 to 30 degrees with gusts 30 to 40. that means wind chills will be significantly lower than those temperature readings and i will break them down town by town in less than 10. julie, over to you for live in the slow spots. >> yes, and we have an accident to tell you about as well. 24 northbound, a multicar crash right before 495 in bridgewater right before 495 in delays stretching back to route 44 in the raynham area. shifting north, otherwise 24, 9 shifting north, otherwise 24, 95 look good. expressway a little bit slow right around morrissey boulevard. pretty typical for this time of
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the gas tanks still looking okay. the live drive times. 14 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 12 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128. ten minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. gene and sara, i will track these all morning for you. new this morning, a tractor-trailer crashes into an overpass in the eastbound lanes of the mass pike just past the exit for 84 in sturbridge. our photographer is on the scene around 2:00 this morning. as you can see the truck was smashed into pieces across the highway, the cab where the driver sits was badly damaged. we are working to get an update on the driver's condition. right now traffic is moving through that stretch of highway once again. a man is taken for a ride on the hood of this speeding car, and this morning, the driver is still on the loose. >> gene: police say the driver was trying to get away from police when he hit the man in the crosswalk. catherine parrotta is live outside woburn police station where officers are trying to track that driver down. good morning r catherine. >> reporter: good morning, gene
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i checked.police when we first arrived in woburn. they said no updates for me. they are trying find the suspect this morning. as you mentioned this all started when police were trying to question this man, he ran off, took off from them. when you are about to see this video when that man i hate it pedestrian, you might think that that man is lucky to be alive today. >> reporter: 65-year-old al pic a, is back home in his chair recovering from a fractured as police search for a suspect in an or deal that could have killed him. >> this car came out of nowhere and he hit the guy. >> reporter: all captured on surveillance video. pica walking to a mailbox when a vehicle slammed into him carrying him for 1,000 feet. >> unknown reason i grabbed on to the hood. and he shot up the street. he was picking up speed. he must have been doing at least 60 miles per hour. >> he was pretty mangled up. the girls actually ended up moving him a little bit because he was this a ton of pain.
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this man was behind the wheel. 29-year-old tyson delgado ran from them after he assaulted an officer at an asphalt company after they were called to question him about a theft of a company gas card. that company tells fox25 that delgado was hired as driver and fired in october. residents in woburn were on alert taking extra precautions with the suspect on the loose and weren't the only ones for hoping for his capture. >> i just want to see him get justice, you know. let them get caught. >> reporter: and fox25 was able to find some video of that suspect, and so we will have that for you coming up next half hour. live in woburn, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. three men accused of robbing a convenience store and locking themselves into a boston apartment will be in court. taken into custody on roche street in dorchester. police say they barricaded themselves inside of a home. it happened after a robbery at
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savin hill avenue. the store was held up around 6:00 last night. a murder miss ter is under investigation in wareham. a father and well-known volunteer was found shot to death inside his home. it happened inside a quiet neighborhood. the neighbors are rattled by the news. jessica reyes is live at the wareham police station where the investigation is ongoing, and jess, so far they aren't >> reporter: they are not saying a whole lot, gene, but we know they have a lot of questions yet to answer here. the friends and family in this case are heartbroken over this. they say he had no known enemies at all and this morning police are trying out who could do this and why. >> he was an amazing person. he -- very caring. always asked how my kids were. >> reporter: so many questions in the death of john williams. the 70-year-old father and volunteer found shot to death in his wareham home tuesday.
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small plane flying low over the area, it is probably me coming down from taunton take a look house. >> reporter: williams loved amateur radio and flying. his neighbor tell us that he was part owner of a plane he kept at the taunton airport. he was retired and worked part-time at the storm pay for the plane's upkeep. >> recently lost a friend of theirs that -- she actually went to our restaurant program and she recently passed. >> reporter: ymca program director said that john regularly came to work out at the ymca. everyone that knew him are left with so many questions. >> trying to rationale >> trying to rationalize it and think of scenarios that could have happened. i can't think of mine. if somebody came in to rob him, we say take it and go. have a good day. >> reporter: and williams leaves behind three adult children, two daughters and a son. this morning, we know from his
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down leads, but at this point, they have not named a suspect. for now live in wareham this morning, i am jessica reyes, local 10 news. a local woman charged with setting a deadly fire may spend the rest of her life behind bars. melissa pfeiffer was found guilty of second-degree murder. charged with setting her boyfriend's clothes on fire during an argument on christmas eve in 2010. the fire spread to another apartment their complex and killed her neighbor crystal blanchard. the victim he is mother spoke exclusively with fox25 after the verdict. >> every time smell smoke that's -- my -- my thing. and christmas, i -- and birthday and -- and it is always the hardest. >> reporter: pfeiffer will be sentenced next month. this morning, still no word what caused a devastating fire that killed one woman and sent her brother and sister to the hospital. fox25 covering the story as it was breaking yesterday morning in fitchburg.
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rushed into the burning home without any gear on to try to save the people inside. all of the victims are in their 60s. and they all live in this house together. the fire department says so far the fire department says so far, this does not appear to be suspicious. 6:09 this morning. a new development in the standoff at a wildlife refuge in oregon. four militia members who remain on the lam will surrender this morning. the father of the leader microsoft lisha was arrested cliveon bundy was involved in a standoff in nevada in 2014. his sons were arrested in oregon last month. the militia is protesting the jailing of two farmers that set fire to federal land in order to protect their own property. and on the campaign trail, bernie sanders and hillary clinton will square off tonight in the next democratic debate. sander s is coming off a land sander s is coming off a landslide win over clinton in the new hampshire primary. the debate will take place milwaukee. meanwhile, bernie sanders
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he raised $6.4 million just 24 hours after the polls closed in new hampshire tuesday night. he urged people to donate during his victory speech tuesday and so many people did that the web site fully crashed that the web site fully crashed. the average contribution was $34. sanders now faces his next hurdle in south carolina and nevada where clinton is expect nevada where clinton is expected to farewell among minority voters. on the gop side, donald trump is headed to louisiana to rally voters. last night spoke to a large crowd of supporter at clemson university in south carolina. he threw jabs at jeb bush mocking him for the amount of money he spent on attack a ds against him. trump is coughing off of a first-place win in new hampshire with a crowded field. chris christie is going to bow out for his run of president after being endorsed
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he finished in 6th place. carly fiorina is also out of the race. the former ceo announced her decision on facebook. she finished 7th in new hampshire. all things election, we will be following the latest developments every morning as we get closer to super tuesday and election day in november. every ten minutes, we track your traffic and weather together. if you were headed out the door, a 25-minute commute on 93 southbound right now from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. shiri? >> shiri: wind chills not significantly lower than what we are seeing as far as temperatures go, but they will be dropping as we travel through the rest of the day. so wind chills, 24 to 30 for your high. we will break down those hour by hour wind chills when we come back. police say local middle school student being targeted by a predator online. coming up at 6 with 30, the social media site that someone is use is using to prey on children
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out for. >> he went to jail when he was 18. 30 years later a massachusetts man is walking free.
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a massachusetts man hugs his lawyers after learning that he will walk free for the first time in monday than 30 years. the judge said evidence used to
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convict him of rape back in 1985 was not reliable. fox25's daniel miller is following the story and the man daniel. >> daniel: he is. imagine the different world he just walked into. for three decades george pera, it said he was innocent and yesterday he walked out of new man. >> it really haven't sunk in yet. right now i want to go spend some time with my mom. >> daniel: in 1985 he was rape raping a 78-year-old woman in springfield. he was 17 years old at the time he was 17 years old at the time. the key piece of evidence in the conviction was a single strand of hair, but the fbi admits that it was not conclusive evidence. the victim told police that perat didn't match the description of her attacker. a judge granted perat a new trial saying strong evidence he did not commit the crime and a big win for him. his team of defense lawyers and, of course, his family. >> a babe. never going to get that back.
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buy him a big steak. >> lawyers for the innocence project and lawyers at brandeis university worked on getting pera tax new trial. a date has not been set but we will let you know when it is. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 morning news. new this morning, some families of those killed by convicted mob boss james whitey bulger has been offered a settlement deal. the wife of one of his victims presented to 16 families to split the $822,000 in cash, as well as proceeds from an auction of bulger's belongings. the money was found in bulger's california hideout when he was captured in 2011. if the families accept the money they give up their right to sue the federal government. bulger serving executive life sentences at a federal nrition florida. parents count on their children getting to and from school safely, but a fox25 investigation found hundreds of
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by passing stopped school buses by passing stopped school buses. this video we found on youtube captures the close call that a student had walkeding away from a stopped bus. and just this school year, a student from attleboro was hit by a driver who allegedly illegally passed a stopped bus. now fox25 has learned a proposal on beacon hail can better protect children while also raising money. tonight at 10:00, political reporter sharman sacchetti takes a look at how the technology is already doing just that in some school districts in new england. it is now 6:18. good thursday morning, everyone good thursday morning, everyone. waiting for this accident to clear on 24 northbound. it is a multicar crash right before 495 in the raynham, bridgewater, right on that line. and right now we have one lane still blocked. those delays stretching past 24 almost to route 140 in taunton. shifting north things looking okay through randolph, canton
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95 and 24. expressway slowing down even more from furnacebrook parkway to columbia road. you can see volumes starting to increase a little bit and still dark out there. a better chance at the -- at the volume of the traffic once the sun comes up. over to your live drive times. 21 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 14 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now tracking some -- some below-freezing temperatures today. >> shiri: here is the thing, julie, normal would be hitting a low rate as the sun is coming up and normal low 24. so temperatures right now not really that crazy. we have got 26 in boston. 20 in norwood. 20 in worcester. we had last hour, and the problem is we don't move from here, we will fall about 10 degrees short of that average high of 38 this afternoon, and it gets even colder as we head into the weekend. right now 26. we have those clouds creeping into boston right now. all day, 20s in the forecast.
6:19 am
increasing. i want to say between 8 and 10 some flurries in and around the city and this threat will last us straight through the afternoon but a lot like yesterday. most of what we will see will be very light not expecting much accumulation a quick squall will give us a coating to an inch in several towns and cities and overall looking at flakes here and there throughout the day. an arctic cold front that drops into our area and our trigger for ongoing snow showers today. at noontime, we have that chance out there. you can see across southern new england, and this threat is really going to last us straight throughout evening commute with pockets of light snow as well as dinnertime. it clears out after midnight. this is your friday treat. by the time you wake up on friday morning, we finally have sunshine back in place. it comes at a cost though. it is sunny and going to be cold tomorrow morning with single digit readings. afternoon looking decent but clouds will start to increase. i am in the going to pop any snow back in the forecast until
6:20 am
9 a.m. on the -- 9 p.m. on the map for friday night and we are starting to see that snow move to linger from time to time into your saturday forecast. this is back to today though. 29 in boston and beverly and portsmouth, new hampshire. 30 plymouth down to hyannis. 22 in worcester. 23 in keene. but these are the wind chills this afternoon. i have been warning you, wind chills are going to get worse as we go. 2:00 usually our warmest time of the day. feel like 9 in worcester. 19 in beverly. 12 in norwood. so it is going to be cold, guys so it is going to be cold, guys. and actual temperature readings hit the teens over the weekend but wind chills are going to be dangerously low here, especially saturday night into sunday morning. so today, 29 degrees. we have got a solid 50 we have got a solid 50% of a chance of some flurries and snow squalls. late snow on friday and on our saturday, only face being 1 to 3 inches from plymouth southward, and more of these
6:21 am
coating on the ground in anywhere else across southern new england. on sunday morning. i look. wind chills 25 degrees below zero and as you wake up for valentine's day afternoon, maybe you want to make plans to stay inside because wind chills that are going to be sub zero with that 17-degree high. and a wintry mix sunday moo back now guys. a toddler bit in the face by a dog and happens inside a local town hall. the serious injuries that child suffered and what that animal was doing in the building in the first place. and a dead ringer for whitey bulger now. that is johnny depp practicing his combover.
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boston's condo complex has a new owner. the "globe" reports that the grand penthouse in the millennium tower has been told. the 13,000-square-foot condo takes off the entire top floor of the building. buyer's name is not being released but the buyer wants to use it as a family home. the developer wouldn't say how
6:24 am
for but the listing price was $37.5 million. the building is set to open this summer. and there will soon be a new addition to the streets of boston. the city plans to install these new containers for smokers to dispose of their cigarette butts. used cigarettes are an eyesore on city streets. people can have fun with the containers on top. there will be random questions and each side of the box will represent a different answer. all right, well, of course, everyone around here, we see johnny depp transform himself into willie wonka, unnecessary remake on that one because gene wilder was perfect. that is another story. he was captain jack sparrow and johnny bulger dead on. now taking on donald trump in new spoof posted online. check it out. >> gene: the web site funny or
6:25 am
working for about a year. 15 minutes long. depp hardly believed them when they pitched him on the idea and they were shocked and he was in make-up for four hours. and he is spot on 37 and he is spot on. he looks just like him. june >> julie: so many distinct >> julie: so many distinctive quality qualities are his walk, his tone. >> gene: when you get the hair. >> julie: you are golden. we have that celebrity if petition met we will be a little star truck. leonardo dicaprio. >> gene: julie bowen. >> a service dog had that. got to meet his hero, pluto. he was in disney world and you can see how excited he got. ace is this training to be a service dog with guide dogs of america. >> gene: pluto. i am -- you are ready to meet blow it. valentine's day is coming up and if you don't want to do
6:26 am
check this out. maybe little cheesy, but doritos. a boot camp doritos and the form of roses for valentine's day. the flower petals are made of the chips. the bouquets are only being sold in canada and step by step directions of how to make them yourself. do you like that. would you be cool with that. >> julie: i would go with that. that will be fun for me. >> gene: a church into valentine's day. >> shiri: if that comes in cool ranch, i am so there. chance of snow. scattered showers. comes back late friday into saturday and i will show you how much to expect in your town or city coming up.
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complete new england news coverage continues right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: right now as we take a look over the boston common this morning. we have flurries in the forecast, but the cold the big story this morning. even big they are weekend. temps never getting above freezing today, so bundle up, and i was going -- i had -- aid little tip for how you can make valentine's day a little warmer valentine's day a little warmer, but i figure i might get in trouble so i will keep
6:29 am
the doritos bowl -- okay. >> sara: cheese, gene. okay, so cold at the bus stop, the weekend. >> shiri: we have snow on the map again today but most of it is staying to the west through the morning commute. if you were doing think traveling nearborne, over the cape to the south shore, south coast. temperatures in the 20s as you wake up. still have holes in the clouds. boston, clouds are moved in at 26 degrees. 25 in waltham and woburn. 23 as you wake up in lowell and framingham 37 framingham. degrees. 19 in nashua, new hampshire. worcester at 20. and barre at 18. the first of the snowflakes are just in the form of some flurries. 8:00 comes along and still temperature around 22 degrees temperature around 22 degrees in the boston area. of snowhours. wind chills 14 and even though at noontime 29 degrees.
6:30 am
at 3 p.m. when kids come home from school. 28 with some of those flurries and a chance of a know squall that will only feel like 10 and we get into the single digits wind chills by 7:00 this evening. way low near the weekend and we will break that down for you. if it is not cleared it will have major implications for your drive time. route 3. waiting for this accident to clear on 24 northbound right before 495 in the raynham area. back up still past 44. almost into 140. over to 140 in taunton. here why, you live drive times. 29 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 25 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 34 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. gene and sara, back to you. >> gene: scary situation for parents.
6:31 am
predator who is reaching out to middle school students. >> they say that the kids are getting requests on instagram that lead to pornography. fox25 michael henrich has the warning from northborough. >> reporter: a user name, pass >> reporter: a user name, password, the recipe to be anyone on social media. north shore police doll a dangerous problem. >> clearly an avenue for a lot of predators to lure kids in. >> reporter: the department posted a warning on its facebook page saying someone posting as middle school student sent real middle school kids follow asks on instagram. then if they accepted, sent them pornographic pictures. police are worried that the predator could ask kids to send revealing images back. the account's bio says mm at 6 the account's bio says mm at 6th grade and does not have a profile picture. parents express concerns to fox25 offcamera saying the
6:32 am
off her bus and walked in the front door, we discussed this. another parent said, i have told them that they are not to accept anyone they don't know. >> know pretty much about all of their friends. if she follows anybody, only follows what she knows who she knows and who she trusts. >> gene: that was fox25's michael henrich reporting. the police department has shared some resources to help parents talk to kids, but coming up at 7:30, a coach at the school tell us what he tells kids to do when they face that situation. and we continue to follow developing news out of woburn where the search continues at this hour for the driver and the surveillance video. you can see he hits that man and keeps on driving. police say the suspect assaulted one of their officers before that hit-and-run. fox25 catherine parrotta is live at the woburn police station working this story. and catherine, we also talked with a man who was hit. >> reporter: yes, remarkably,
6:33 am
recovering from his injuries, and as you mentioned, he was able to speak to us about what he went through. meantime, we are here at the woburn police department and checked in with police when he arrived. will be checking in with him again in a couple of hours. might be able to get more in the way of an update at that point, but to our knowledge, they are still searching for that suspect today. continue to give you a look at the man they say they are searching for. if you take a look at the picture 29-year-old tyson delgado. fox25 did track down this video from his facebook page. you can get another look at him there. he allegedly assaulted an officer while they were trying to talk to him about a previous incident. we learned it has to do with a theft involving a company gas card. what happened next according to police was caught on surveillance video. it shows the video plowing into 65-year-old al pica on union street, dragging him for 1,000 feet. >> for an unknown reason grabbed on the hood, and he shot up the street. he was picking up speed.
6:34 am
least 60 miles per hour. >> reporter: now >> reporter: now pica you was injured in the or deal and suffering from a fractured leg. he is back home. fox25 learned more about the suspect and his history with that as fault company. police were sailed to be talking to him at this time all of this started unfolding. live in woburn, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. we want to show you, again, the man that police are looking for this morning. this is tyson delgado. he has dreadlocks and wears glasses. he was last seen wearing construction boots, a black hoodie and gray sweat pants. a picture up on our facebook page and our web site. if you would like to share it, call police immediately if you have seen him. 6:36 this morning. state police are investigate state police are investigating a deadly crash on route 28 in quincy that was breaking yesterday, and on the fox25 morning news. troopers say the driver, a 30-year-old 30-year-old man from boston and 29-year-old front-seat
6:35 am
a 30-year-old man from metheun was in the back seat and survived. he is currently at women brigham's hospital. the car flips over and slammed into an utility pole after a police chase knocking town. still causing problems for businesses. happened early yesterday morning on route 18 in abington abington. we followed this story and could be days until power gets restored to the area >> the way the poll fell, it ripped all the wires right out. so we have no -- you we have no electrical wires coming in. >> gene: the driver of the car said he didn't stop when police tried to pull him over because he thought there was a warrant out for his arrest, and he didn't want to go to jail the day before the birthday and there was no warrant. he faces several charges this morning. new details on a breaking story we were following. a piece of metal flies off of a truck on a pike smashing the
6:36 am
and injuring the people inside. this morning, the driver faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident. police say the road on the back of the truck wasn't secured properly. and the company that owns the truck has been issued a violation. three people in the other car were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. this morning, an attack on a toddler have neighbors call for a ban on dogs in public buildings. an 18-month-old child was bitten two times by a dog at the clerk of court's office inside the saugus hall. family members tell fox25 the girl needed 10 switches to close the bite mark. now people in saugus are asking why dogs are allowed inside of town hall. >> they should be safe to go to city hall, i think. >> i think it is terrible. allowed in here. >> the owner 69 >> the owner the dog is an elected official at city hall. we reached out to him for comments, but our calls are not returned. the dog will be quarantined for ten days. >> gene: boston police are
6:37 am
this woman is wanted for bank fraud and identity theft ring. last seen in a white toyota camry. part of a group that steals ids and then commits fraud. close eye on expensive winter coats. there has been a spree of thefts involving canada goose jackets. some of the popular coats sell for $1,000. some have been stolen from coatracks and shelves. they believe the theevt are fellow bu students. fines for jaywalking could go up in the city of boston if one lawmaker her her way. right now the fine is just 1. but the majority leader wants too-to-go up. 80% of pedestrian deaths happen when someone crosses the road illegally. a majority leader wants fines to go up to $25 in hopes of curbing pedestrian debt. pittsburgh need to be held accountable as much as drivers.
6:38 am
is back home with her family found roaming around 495 in metheun. three different police departments teamed up to catch the dog. the trooper was able to lure her into his cruise we are a granola bar. they turned her over to animal control and the dog was returned back to her family. we track weather and traffic every 10 minutes. 17 17-minute commute from furnace 17-minute commute from furnacebrook parkway to columbia road. shiri. >> shiri: right now winds have increased slightly in the boston area, 13 miles per hour. but under ten miles in most not very breezy now. we will look at these increasing wind gusts as we get into the afternoon, the evening gusting 35 miles per hour. i will show what you that will do to wind chills today and especially wind chills this weekend coming up. 6:40 this morning. hey, huge news in the wizard world. coming up at 7:00, what we know about a new harry potter book come coming this summer. while stocks continue to
6:39 am
coming up, the big d coming up at 6:44. millions of people use it every day to get and share information this morning. twitter is undergoing a major change. fox25's daniel miller is here to explain what is happening. >> daniel: yeah, gene. 320 million people use twitter every day to get instant updates what is happening. here at fox25 we use twitter to send out breaking news alert and our team of loltion s use it to constantly alert followers to the changing. twitter is tweaking its timeline to look more like facebook. twitter will use a new algorithm to determine the order of how you see posts. rather than showing tweets in chronological offereder. tweets will be based on relevancy at the top of your timeline. they will put more tweets at the top of the feed showing you what you missed. so some of you may have seen the "while you were awayings
6:40 am
now the rest of your tweets will be immediately underneath in reverse chronological order. twitter will turn on this feature for all users. i want to show you how to keep the old look. go to your settings menu located in the right half of your screen in your settings on your phone. go down to show me the best tweets. click that link when it shows you tweets you are likely to care about most will show up in your timeline. hit the save button. because of the shift made largely because of financial instability, tweets -- this week twitter stock fell a record low. we will keep you posted on this we will keep you posted on this. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 morning news. developing this morning, congress is one step closer to placing new sanctions on north korea. the senate has voted 96-0 to approve new penalty approve new penalties. this follows north korea's launch of the long hundred range missle range missile into space. the north has conducted nuclear tests and cyber attacks over the next year.
6:41 am
the senate bill in the near feature. japan plans to increase economic sanctions on north korea. protesters storm the statenow michigan demanding is thank something be done about the water crisis in flint. >> i got a lot of mouth. and i want to have them hear you our voices. >> gene: protesters want governor rick snide store step down. he announced a $200 million to replace the lead pipes that tainted the city waters, but protesters said he didn't do anything fast enough. the justice department is suing the city of ferguson, missouri. the city revised an agreement with the do j at the last minute to reform the police department and court system. they say that the city continues to violate the rights of a ams even after the shooting death of an unarmed teenager in 2014 that sparked riots across the country. the city council said they changed the agreement because they thought it would cost too much.
6:42 am
now back at work following a health scare during a news conference. major james martin junior fainting at the podium of a pentagon briefing. the general was escorted to another room and sent to the hospital as a precaution. the military said he returned to work yesterday. it is now 6:47. good morning, everyone. things slow on the expressway from furnacebrook parkway up to right around morrissey boulevard. 93 south looking okay. we are not at record volume yet at this point in the commute. slowing down in saugus average speeds of 13 miles per hour. we will take you out there and slow going bumper-to-bumper as you approach lynn felled parkway. live drive times. 42 minutes on route 1. 27 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 42 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us from the station storm trockeer weather center and you are advising people to
6:43 am
>> yeah, 20s all day, julie, from start to finish. worcester where we are in the teens. teens all day long. so temperatures barely budge. now you can see in boston at least it is nice and dry and i don't have any flurries in place yet, but the clouds are going to thicken up in a jif. feels like temperature 15 because of that breeze, a breeze that gets stronger through the day. overall due to the snow. expecting less than an inch. like yesterday with flurries and snow squalls, but a little cooler so will have an easy cooler so will have an easier time sticking, and gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour once we hit the afternoon and the evening. bitter cold wind chills over the weekend. dangerous wind chills over the weekend which is why i want to warn you as early as possible about what it will feel like on sunday morning. for the day ahead 26 at 8 a.m. in boston. at 10 a.m. only going up by another 2 degrees. and that's where we stay in the mid- to upper 20s all day long along with that risk of scattered flurries and snow squalls. you can see how patchy the
6:44 am
upper 20s brookline, boston, beverly this afternoon. 30 in rockport. 29 in portsmouth. 25 in you shirley to framingham 25 in you shirley to framingham. worcester gets up to 22. keene, new hampshire, 23 degrees. 28, brockton and bridgewater. 30 in plymouth. 30 in hyannis. below freezing for everybody. here for your thursday and you can see those flurries trying to inch their way up to worcester hills. so far reports of flurries out across western mass. as this cold front drops into the area bringing in very cold air that gives us a trigger, a focus for some of those snow showers in the form of some flurries throughout the day on and off an a couple of the snow squalls going to warm you just like i did yesterday of commute. by the time you wake up tomorrow, totally different weather story. it is cold and sunny and single digit temperatures and at least a little sunshine until it looks good. clouds creep in. two systems at play 37 two systems at play
6:45 am
this one will be far enough out to sea that have snow across southeastern massachusetts. another front. set-up with light snow friday late. this is 10 p.m. into saturday morning. and you can see just best chance of getting accumulation from the south shore to the cape and the islands. temperatures this weekend about 19 on saturday in boston. 13 in worcester. 25 in hyannis. and then once we get -- dropping you down to a high of only 9 in worcester and 14 in boston. so really going to get chilly out there. the seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view because it is sunday morning in particular that i am concerned about those feels-like temperatures and when it starts like feeling like this between wind and cold and we have got wind chills, 25 degrees below zero and even in the afternoon, wind chills double digits below zero. there is a threat for frostbite there is a threat for frostbite. warning you now do not plan too much time outside and if you were outside, make sure that you are not leaving your skin
6:46 am
exposed. monday night into wednesday morning. another weather make we are a mix of rain and snow and i have the breakdown of those saturday snow totals coming up in a couple of minutes. back to you. thousands of cruise ship passengers are waking up on land this morning after a daunting experience at sea. >> at one point, i thought i wasn't going to see my family again. >> sara: why passengers say the cap pan tried to out-- captain tried to outrun a storm. bigger than the green monster.
6:47 am
higher than the light the company involved in this deadly crane collapse in new york city was involved in a deadly accident in taunton. nicholas dumont from pawtucket fell 40 neat to his death. he served in the military before working in construction. the attorney for dumont's father said he was troubled when he heard that both accidents could not have been avoided. >> from my experience you, these things don't happen without serious problems, serious lamses in judgment, deviation from proper practice, negligence if you will. >> the attorney is calling for
6:48 am
cranes and more regulation at the government level to make sure they are safe. take a look at this video. parking garage comes crashing to the ground right on top of a construction worker and a tractor. crews in texas have been work crews in texas have been working for weeks to tear the building and parking garage down, and this was one. final steps, but the demolition process went awry and it went down as much faster and it went down as much faster. the worker was able to walk away without a scratch. thousands of passengers are waking up on land this morning after a rough few days at sea. royal caribbean anthem of the sea was back in court in new jersey -- back in port in new jersey. passengers caught this video of massive waves slamming into the boat. a passenger from massachusetts said the whole experience was terrifying. >> it was horrendous. there was little communication. it felt -- at one point i thought i wasn't going to see
6:49 am
i held on to the mattress. i almost fell off the bed. i have two teenaged boys. it was just horrendous. >> sara: some passengers and lawmakers want the ntsb to investigate why the captain decided to outrun the storm. air b & b let's guests be transformed into a famous painting. look at this unbelievable room. the art institute of chicago has transformed this room into post impressionist create post impressionist creating from the painteding in arel. it looks like it has been where you are brushed with van gogh's paintbrush. you can stay there for $10 bucks a night. the exhibit will run through the months of may. >> sara: very cool. >> gene: a picture or painting that has come to life. 6:56. a new battle over parking spots in southie. coming up at 7:00, how residents are shaming neighbors street.
6:50 am
the biggest nuisance, but winds and wind chills really starting to come back into the picture today. how much it will be by the weekend next. a retiree is found shot to death in his own home, and the circumstances remain a mystery this morning. next at 7:00, the man was a well-known neighbor and pilot, we are live at the police station this morning where some something delicious is happening at dunkin'. come in today to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m.
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