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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 11, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> shiri: wind chills much bigger concern this weekend. >> catherine: officers looking for man that struck customer. >> jessica: how kids are being tricked to look at porn on social media. >> julie: it is thursday, february 11th, i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. if you think it is cold out there this morning, just wait. shiri spear is in the stormtracker weather center with frigid tips waiting for when you get home. >> shiri: winds increase so we have to talk about and more snow on the map and light snow and especially between 128 and 495 right now we got the light snow
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have to be weary of because cold enough with 20s everywhere to get some of that to stick. noon time comes along mid to upper 20s for temperatures, still patches for snow on and off throughout the afternoon, formula a lot like we had yesterday with scattered coating up to possibly inch of snow where we get snow squalls. drive home from work, teens and 20s on the map and will say with 24 to 30 projected highs today and winds gusting 30 to 40, it is going to start feeling like the teens and even the single digits when you come home don't worry. hour-by-hour wind chill forecast coming up in less than ten minutes and now over to julie grauert again with live drive time traffic. see. >> julie: medford area used it the seeing southbound traffic and northbound avoid it at all costs until the accident has been cleared.
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tolls and then as you approach the allston-brighton area, you could see volume pretty typical for 9:00 a.m. on weekday morning those live drive times, 46 minutes on pike from 495 to mass ave, 33 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike, 43 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> julie: fire broke out on waldon street tuesday night and one woman was killed and now learned sister also died in the hospital. their brother was also found in the house and remains in serious condition. still no word what caused the fire. >> daniel: threats made at everett high school and received a number of phone calls last night for people heard about the threats, but police tell us they have done a thorough investigation and they have spoken with some of the kids involved and are cooperating.
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suspended and police say there's no threat there this morning. they are still on the high school campus providing extra security. >> julie: man ends up being hit and ends up on hood of a car they know who the man that hit him but haven't made arrest. live woburn police station and keep the picture out there to the public this morning. >> catherine: they still have not arrested the suspect but as mentioned he is accused of hitting a pedestrian that's crossing the street and say that happened after the same suspect allegedly assaulted a police officer and when you see the video you might find remarkable that that pedestrian is home recovering today. this morning 65-year-old al pica back home in his chair recovering from a fractured leg as woburn police search for a
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have killed him. vehicle slammed into a man and carried him for 1,000 feet. >> unnoen reason and shot up the street. he must have been doing 60 miles per hour. >> pretty mangled up and ended up moving him because he was in a ton of pain. >> catherine: woburn man say he was behind the wheel and tyson delgado after allegedly assaulted an officer at asphalt company and after they were called there to question delgado about a theft involving a company gas card. that company tells fox25 delgado was hired as a driver but was fired in october. residents in woburn and winchester were on alert overnight taking extra precautions with suspect on the loose and aren't the only ones who are hoping for the capture.
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you know, get caught. >> catherine: police rile now investigating this caseworking to arrest this suspect, and showed you the suspect's picture. we also have video of him though we will show it to you coming up next half hour. live in woburn, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> daniel: three men accused of robbing a convenience store and locking themselves in boston apartment and they will anybody court today. they were taken into custody on roach street in dorchester last night. police say they barricaded themselves at savin hill ave. the store was held up at around 6:00 last night. >> julie: well-known father and pilot found shot to death inside his house. it is a mystery to neighbors and police. fox25 jessica reyes live at the wareham police station where detectives are working to find jess? >> jessica: julie, this all happened on thursday, and this morning police tonight have any
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be responsible for this. friends and neighbors of the victim they say he had no known enemies and they have no idea who could possibly have been responsible. >> he was an amazing person, cared about everybody, always asking about how kids were. >> jessica: so many questions in the death of john williams. 70-year-old father and volunteer found shot to death in home on tuesday. >> he would ever say if you see a small plane flying low over the area, it is probably me coming from taunton, take a look at the pond, take look look at the house. >> jessica: friends say he loved amateur radio and flying. he was part owner of plane he kept at taunton airport and he was retired but worked part-time at salvation army to pay for the upkeep. >> lost a friend of his recently.
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came to work out at local ymca. everyone who knew him still left with so many questions. >> he was just that guy and somebody came in to rob him and said and have a good day. >> jessica: this is not only investigation by the wareham police department but plymouth county d.a.'s office and neither one has any suspect or possible motive. live in wareham this morning, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> sara: >> daniel: new this morning learning more about the tractor-trailer trash that struck overpass oneeb lane past the exit for 84 and sturbridge. our photographer was on scene around 2:00 this morning, and as you can see truck smashed into pieces across the highway. traffic once again moving. >> julie: local woman charged with setting deadly fire may spend the rest of her life
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melissa pfeiffer found guilty of second-degree murder and charged with setting boyfriend's clothes on fire on christmas eve in 2010 fire spread to another apartment on the complex and killed crystal blanchard. the victim's mother spoke exclusively with fox25 after the verdict. >> any time i smell smoke and christmas, birthday, always hard. >> julie: pfeiffer will be sentenced next month. >> daniel: bernie sanders and hillary clinton will square off in the next democratic debate. sanders coming off a win. the debate will take place in milwaukee. daniel: meanwhile sanders bringing in dough. raised $6.4 million after polls closed in new hampshire tuesday night. he urged people to donate during the victory speech tuesday and so many people did. the website actually crashed. average contribution was $34.
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hurdle in south carolina and nevada where clinton expected to fare well in minority voters. >> daniel: donald trump spoke to klemmon university last night and mocked jeb bush for the amount of money he spent on attack ads against him. trump is coming off a 1st 1st place win in new hampshire over a crowded republican field. stick with fox25 for continuing coverage of all things election. we will be following all the latest developments every morning as we get closer to super tuesday and election day in november. >> sara: >> julie: four militia members on the land say they will surrender this morning. overnight the father of the leaders was arrested by federal agents. cliven bundy was involved in a standoff in nevada in 2014. his sons were arrested in oregon last month.
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jailing two farmers set fire of federal land in order to protect their own property. >> daniel: new video from maryland showing procession outside a busy restaurant yesterday. one was responding to call in panera when gunman shot him. suspect another deputy as that officer responded to scene. the suspect was also killed during that shootout and witness out for his arrest in two states the sheriff believes the first deputy was shot because he was wearing a uniform. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes and live drive times still slow going on the expressway and 93 south with speeds of about 30 miles per hour right now. shiri? >> shiri: feeling like it is only 6 when you factor in the wind and boston 14, plymouth 15. this is nothing compared to how
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not just at noon. we are basically kind of feels like it does now. but as you drive home from work it feels like zero in worcester by 5:00 this evening and i will show you coming up just how much colder it is going to be over the weekend. >> daniel: unlikely ride for one police officer. coming up how the pooch became a cop's best friend. >> julie: giving family member of whitey bulger's victims splitting more than $800,000 but there's a catch. next what the families as a small business owner, you know things have a way of moving fast. but if your network can't keep up, it can really slow you down. so switch to the 100% fiber optic network of verizon fios. you'll get 99.9% network reliability, and the fastest wi-fi available. for a network that moves as fast as your business.
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>> shiri: steadier light snow norwood area and deeper shading and falmouth and martha's vineyard. this isn't the only batch we will see today. show you how long the patchy snow hangs tight today when i come back. julie? >> julie: company involved in deadly train collapse in new york city was also involved in deadly accident in taunton last year. 24-year-old nicholas dumont of pawtucket fell 40 feet from his death last september. he served in the military before working construction. the attorney for dumont's father says he was troubled when he heard both accidents could not have been avoided. >> my experience these things don't happen with serious problems, serious lapses in
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deviation from proper practice. negligence, if you will. >> julie: the attorney is calling for closer look for these types of cranes and more regulation at government level to make sure they are safe. >> daniel: family of 12-year-old boy killed in ohio are outraged something they received in the mail. city of cleveland sent family of tamir rice an ambulance bill after shot. he was carrying a toy gun when he killed. last year a grand jury refused to dint the officers involved. no comment from the city why the bill was just sent. daniel: families of those killed by convicted mob boss james "whitey" bulger have been offered a settlement deal. wife of one of the victims presented deal to 16 families to split $822,000 in cash as well as proceeds from an auction of some of bulger's personal items, including a stanley cup ring.
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hideout in 2011 and if family accept the money they give up right to sue the federal government and one family tells the herald all bulger's guns found in the apartment should also be part of the auction to give them more money and bulger serving consecutive life sentences in florida. >> julie: end shrinking size of airplane seats. jacqueline fells is live in d.c. bureau and one lawmaker says airlines putting squeeze on passengers. >> reporter: airlines say more people, more people, lower fares but some say it is to make more money. congressman says things have gone too far, planes are too crowded. that's why he intro cued the seat act and establish minimum standards limiting how small and how close together seats can be.
9:16 am
than being cramped and uncomfortable on a plane. he says it is about safety. >> opportunity to evacuate a plane if emergency occurs is more difficult if seats are smaller. people have trouble getting up as it is. >> reporter: government doesn't need to regulate seat sizes and advisory committee that looks out for the flying public decided not to make a recommendation on seat sizes. so today on cohen going to attach a plan to funding bill and house transportation committee will be debating and voting on in a few hours. reporting live jacqueline fell, fox25 news.
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student had walking away from the stopped bus in west virginia and just the school year student from attleboro was hit by a driver who was allegedly illegally passed the stopped bus now, fox25 has learned there's a proposal on beacon hill that could better protect children while also raising money. tonight at ten political reporter sharman sacchetti takes a look at how the technology is already doing just that in some school districts in new england. >> julie: 9:18 and look at maps and heavy volume in typical places. accident on 93 northbound before 128 has cleared. still some residual delays through woburn. pike slow through newton and then as you approach the allston-brighton tolls and you could see still pretty sluggish in this live picture. here are live drive times, 40 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 32 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 41 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector.
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joining us now. shiri, expect cold temperatures as you head out today. >> shiri: puts thing into perspective and normally as sun , and and 26 and norwood at 25, worcester at 19 but temperatures in boston are barely going to budge today and with the little 14 miles per hour breeze makes it feel like it is 14 so we got wind chills that we are going to be talking about the next couple of days. temperatures here getting into the upper 20s this afternoon in boston and see some more snowflakes in forecast and patchy flurries as well as snow squalls and getting great picture in as well from twitter this morning, snow from gardner, lightly falling and enough to stick and we have slippery roadways already developing
9:19 am
showers and stay below freezing all day and much easier time sticking to theun treated roads than it did yesterday and slow low moving across the area today, it is providing all day trigger for some more of these storms to form. they are not going to be that intense. even here at noon see most of it light but and quick accumulation and roads up around the boston area for the evening commute and clouds clear on out and sunshine in place and keeps getting colder every morning and singles and teens waking up tomorrow morning, clouds will slowly move in during the day and for the evening we got the next round of snow barely showing up in future cast at 9:00 p.m. friday nighters will have to stay alert to some minor
9:20 am
saturday. 30 today hyannisport, 29 in plymouth and boston and beverly and portsmouth, new hampshire and a little bit cooler 27 in bedford, 25 in fitchburg, 22 worcester and 24 in keene which is why we are going to get snow to stick today and friday for the weekend, highs in the teens and by the time we hit next monday we do start warming up slightly but that's going to make way to next decently weather maker. looking at pretty juicy storm late monday through the day on tuesday and into wednesday morning. let's take closer look at saturday night accumulation, so this is going to start friday night and flurries and scattered coating inland, but from plymouth down to the cape, southcoast as well we have the potential of one to three inches of snow and really cold sunday forecast and zero and look at
9:21 am
chill and invent to 30 below and warmest squeak out wind chill single digits and dangerously cold if in the dressed properly for it. back to you guys. >> daniel: change is coming to twitter. why you won't get
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>> julie: 13,000 square foot condo takes up top floor of the building and buyer wants to use as family home. the developers wouldn't say how much the condo wasn't listed for and listing price $37.5 million and building set to open this summer. julie: city plans to have new containers smokers to dispose of cigarette butts. mayor marty walsh used cigarettes are used eyesore on city streets and people can have fun with containers and each side of the box will represent different answers and dispose in
9:25 am
>> daniel: seen johnny depp transform himself and now taking on donald trump in new spoof video posted online. check it out. pitched him on the idea and shocked when he said yes. he was in make-up for four hours to turn into donald trump. that's incredible. >> julie: most people don't like the idea being inside a cop car. floor officer got very own cruiser and pup wanted to get in on action. the officer doesn't know the dog she just jumped in when opened the door and jacksonville shared it on facebook and thousands
9:26 am
officer's face didn't like the company as well. man's best friend. >> daniel: indeed. shiri? >> shiri: rolled down window and even better friends. snow coming into play, real patchy and having at 60% chance as we get to friday night and saturday, list goes up again and hour-by-hour look at incoming snow when we come back. >> michael: all too easy for
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indecent assault flurries on the radar and video from woburn and temperatures are dropping. may want to avoid going outside altogether. >> shiri: stormtracker radar better chance of sticking than yesterday and flurries overhead from borne marion, middleborough and 20s, 26 in boston and malden and locations also with snow and flurries and littleton, acton, hudson, same story there,
9:29 am
flurries, risk for snow squall in forecast on and off throughout the day. a lot like yesterday, there's going to be plenty of dry breaks in there and not talking much in the way of accumulation, patchy coating up to an inch and 29 at noon today with wind chill of 16 with the kids come home from be 28 and wind chill down to ten, wind chill gets down to eight by 7:00 tonight. i will show you when it drops below zero coming up in a few. back to you in live drive time traffic. >> julie: starting to look better on the pike and what is the expressway with the braintree split up to around morrissey boulevard. other 93 south as work way down into the somerville area and actually there you the pike as you approach the allston-brighton tolls, visibility dropping a little bit and still seeing moderate volume here are live drive times, 12 minutes on 24 from 126 to 128. 35 minutes 95 south to the leverett connector and 30 minutes on the expressway from
9:30 am
for the pike. julie: we continue to follow developing news out of fitchburg where there's update on devastating fire. d.a.'s office confirms second person died. the fire broke out on walton street tuesday night. one woman has killed and now learned her sister died at the hospital. their brother was also in the house and remains in serious condition. still no word what caused the fire. >> daniel: following concerning development in everett. there's a police presence after threats made from students there police tell us they have done a thorough investigation and have spoken with some of the kids involved and are -- they are cooperating. the students involved have been suspended and police say there's no threat there this morning. they are still on the high school campus providing extra security.
9:31 am
>> daniel: e-mail address setting up a instagram and reach out school children and sending them porn. other students in other towns were also targeted. >> michael: sharing facebook posts in order to spread the word so parents are aware of the threat. i spoke with the police chief at the police department about 30 minutes ago, and he says they are actively working to find out who created this predatory account and work with instagram itself and social media network and give them the proper legal paperwork so they will actually tell the department who did it. a user name, password and working e-mail account and recipe to becoming anybody on social media. northborough police call it a
9:32 am
>> clearly that's an avenue to lure kids in. >> michael: somebody posing as middle school student sent real middle school kids follow requests on instagram. then if they accepted sent them pornographic pictures. police worried they could send revealing images back. the accounts bio only says mms sixth grade and does not have a profile picture. parents express concern to fox25 off-camera saying the minute my granddaughter got off the bus and walked in the front door we discussed this. other parent said they are not to accept anyone they don't know. >> we know pretty much all of her friends. if she follows anybody, only follows who she knows and who she trusts.
9:33 am
police chief sid -- said to me 30 minutes ago. if you have kids that have access to social media and what practices robbery also asked me to relay once again the national national national center for exploited children and deal with typical conversations with your kids. for now live in northborough, michael henrich, 25 news. >> julie: police trying to track down driver for hit and run in woburn. whole thing caught on camera. see the man walking in the crosswalk. he is actually clinging to the hood of the driver and driver took off. fox25 catherine parrotta live at woburn police department and he has just spoken with investigators, catherine. >> catherine: they told me they are still working on the case and suspects they are looking for and suspect hit the head after he alleged low assaulted a police officer, so we want to show you image of suspect.
9:34 am
are looking for. this is 29-year-old tyson delgado, and what you're seeing right now video fox25 tracked down and it came from the facebook page. he assaulted an officer at asphalt company while they were trying to talk to him about a previous incident. we learned it had something to do with stolen company gas card. delgado hit al pica and dragged him 1,000 feet. >> must have been doing 60 miles per hour. >> catherine: pica was injured and recovering and actually at home, back in his chair and police say it was assaulted and they say that officer was also not seriously injured and again
9:35 am
lookout for person matching the description you just saw in the image there and, of course, going to have the latest on story all day on website at and also on news tonight at five and six. for now live in woburn, catherine parrotta, fox 25 news. >> julie: this is tyson delgado and has dreadlocks and he was last seen with a gray hoodie and construction boots. call police immediately if you want to see him. >> daniel: state police investigating a deadly crash in quincy. driver, 30-year-old man from boston and 29-year-old front seat passenger were killed and 30-year-old man from methuen was in back seat and survive and currently at brigham & women's hospital. a car flips over and slams into a utility pole after a police chase knocking out power to local town. this morning still causing problems for businesses.
9:36 am
yesterday morning on route 18 in abington and even with backup generators it could be days until power gets restored to the area. >> it was right out of the building so we have no electrical wires coming in. >> daniel: he didn't pull over because he thought there was a warrant out for his arrest and didn't want to go jail days before his birthday. there was no warrant but he morning. >> julie: leaving the scene of accident in milbury, piece of metal flew off his truck and smashed into the windshield car behind it injuring inside. it three people taken to the car with minor injuries. attack on toddler has neighbors calling for a van on dogs in public places and 18-month-old
9:37 am
clerk inside the saugus town hall and family members tell fox25 needed ten stitches to close the bite marks and people in saugus asking why dogs are allowed inside the town hall. >> it should be safe to go to city hall, i think. don't think dog should be allowed in there. >> julie: owner of dog is elected official at city hall and had dog work with him and calls are not returned. dog quarantined for ten days. >> daniel: woman in connection with branch fraud and identity theft ring and last seen in white toyota camera and think she is part of group that steals vehicles and commits fraud. daniel: first day of big air competition and making green monster look like a dwarf and several olympic medalists and
9:38 am
ski federation world cup tour. athletes are competing for $150,000 prize. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. look at zakim bridge remains heavy and steady on bridge and leverett connector and look at live drive times in few minutes. here is shiri. >> shiri: winds starting to increase and all the wind speeds sustained in the teens, 14 miles per hour winds in both worcester and boston and look at these estimated gusts as we go into the afternoon, winds gusting up around 30, 35 miles per hour. it is going to do a number to wind chill, we will take a look at those this afternoon and over the weekend next. >> daniel: police officer springs into action and saves the baby that's choking. now he says someone else is the real hero. coming up next the call that saved the child's life. >> julie: here is look into what's trending right now on
9:39 am
>> shiri: meteorologist shiri spear here with snow on doppler radar. going to be steadiest albeit light and bridgewater area, middleborough, lakeville as well and we have another band that extends all the way from the cape cod canal to falmouth and many more popping up throughout the day and how long this batch
9:40 am
accumulation coming up. >> julie: thousands of passengers waking up on land after a rough few days at sea. royal caribbean anthem of the seas is back on land. it went straight into a storm going to bahamas. passengers captured video of waves slamming into the board. one woman says it was terrifying. >> it was horrendous. there was little communication. it felt one point i wasn't going to see my family again. fell off the bed. i was with two teenage boys. it was just horrendous. >> julie: ntsb is going to investigate why the captain was
9:41 am
julie: picture shows one blade hidden in a shoe. the other was in brim of a hat. the couple never made flight to miami and are now charged with weapons possession. >> daniel: police officer in new york is being called a hero but officer says it was a little girl who saved her baby brother 's life. >> this is ambulance dispatch. can i help you? >> daniel: little baby was choking and had a seizure. police officer and father of three was rushed to the house and sprained into action. >> pats on the back to see if i could dislodge what he was choking and cpr and three cycles of that, couple more snacks on the back and heard the greatest thing i ever heard other than kids being borne was baby crying. >> daniel: as a result of near
9:42 am
for cpr training at local church. >> julie: millions of people get it to have and share information. it is looking more like facebook rather than showing tweets in chronological order it will be relevancy on the top of the timeline and while you were away tweets will be immediately underneath in reverse chronological order. we are going to detail exactly how you can navigate the twitter settings in video that we will post on facebook page at the end of the show. typical volume on the zakim bridge and leverett connector. here are live drive times. 14 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 30 minutes 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 southbound
9:43 am
weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and, shiri, valentine's day, still looking at low of zero. >> shiri: waking up to zero. if that doesn't want to make you stay home, maybe the wind chills will. looking hard, kind of hard to spot and feels like 14 because of wind chill and winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour today there will be the ongoing threat for wind chills that will have to break down today and straight through the weekend. bitter wind chill coming in on sunday morning. less than an inch of snow from flurries and couple snow squalls expected today. chance of snow does remain in boston forecast into the evening commute. you could see at 3:00 p.m. denoting a passing snow squall exactly where we get those examine temperatures 20s now, 20s later today. temperatures are almost static at 29 in boston and quincy and beverly, down to 27 in bedford
9:44 am
worcester today about 22, keene, new hampshire 24 and that blue shading denoting just how patchy accumulation is going to be. 29 in bridgewater, 29 in plymouth, 30 in hyannis but since we have all got the chance for snow and all below freezing, any untreated roads out there will easily turn slippery, so we have to give yourself a little added time as look ahead to afternoon and even lunchtime travel plans. right now though i got the bulk of the flurries sitting over southeastern mass, even into the boston area, one or two flakes out there and arctic cold front today and since going to be around most of the thursday, it gives us a trigger, gives us a focus for some of those scattered snow showers to just continue to form and to hang tight until we hit the evening after midnight tonight the clouds are out tomorrow morning sunshine is in. haven't seen a morning this bright in days and days and days this will be the brightest morning that you have had all workweek but going to be the coldest morning that you have
9:45 am
digits for most of you in the morning. clouds coming in, kind of squeezing toward us from both angles during the afternoon on friday but knots until evening and primary massachusetts and batches of light snow further inland and saturday i'm only going to give minor accumulation and saturday night 13 worcester, 12 in concord, new hampshire, 19 in boston, followed by about five degree temperature drop as we head into sunday and gives us 14 in boston, 11 in concord, nine in worcester. those are highs. bear in mind, we are waking up to real cold weather here sunday morning. i want to go over the hour-by-hour wind chills because zero is not going to feel like zero when you add gusty winds on top of it.
9:46 am
25 below zero sunday morning in afternoon and ten below and best chance over cape and islands one
9:47 am
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>> julie: dr. oz on fox25 and our own sara underwood talked to him about couple healing topics now. >> sara: negative calorie foods and are there dangers with the diets? >> negative calorie affect food. what does that mean? some foods when you eat them your body has to consume so many calories in digestion process you can't put in all of your hips. did a little experiment and gave her 500 calories of food to eat and turns out only about 425 calories got into her body to be used for energy or to be stored as fat. that is important. get 20% discount on all the
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2,000 calories in a day, only truly respond like $1,600. you will be on diet even though you eat more food. a lot of foods to eat. a lot of fruits and vegetable we know are good for us. kale, spinach, apple, great fruits, they have lots of fiber, watery foods and no fad in them and that's the magic combination get people to eat a little extra food and not gain weight? >> sara: show focuses on health of airplanes and keep from getting sick. >> we did a little investigation and cultured different parts of the plane and found headrest was the 1st place.
9:51 am
can't clean headrest and slept on it and we want to walk you through what you did when you first sat down and wipeout and clean the tray table and clean the option above the air vented and then aim the air at chest and run gently. always have air circulating in front of you. don't want stagnant air because someone coughing three rows away germ percolating right beneath your nose. >> sara: look at chocolate shortage. say it isn't so and should we be stocking up. >> there's a drought affecting chocolate plants and fungus killing them and unfortunately we also like it a lot and more americans eating chocolate in
9:52 am
consume a lot were dramatically increasing consumption and not as much chocolate but plante if you buy the right stuff. 70% cocoa. i replace my coffee with this because it gives me energy, caffeine, kick, but i like it better than coffee, so big afternoon pick me up. >> sara: i agree with you with that. i will head to the candy store. watch dr. oz new time at fox25 airing every afternoon at four followed by fox25 news at 5:00. >> daniel: love dr. oz. >> shiri: chocolate shortage?
9:53 am
squalls today with temperatures stuck in the 20s all day. what you feel now is what you feel this afternoon, plus wind on top of it which makes it feel even cooler but zero on sunday will make it feel like 25 below zero because of the wind chill. the reason for wind chills is to really highlight when there's dangerous weather outside. exposed skin, you could get frostbite.
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