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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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are very hpy to get this man off of the streets. they are saying that delgado here has a lengthy criminal record. we have video of him as he was just walked here inside the police department just around 3 o'clock this afternoon. you should be seeing him here fox25 with there is police brought the suspect in. tyson delgado on the run for almost a day -and-a-half take you back to yesterday woburn police say tyson delgado again was on the run after they say he assaulted an officer and an asphalt company. police tell fox 25 there called there early in the day yesterday called there to talk to delgado about a previous incident. we learned it has to do with some type of theft involving a company gas card. moments after it happened delgado took off and he ended up allegedly heading to the five-year-old lp got walking to the mailbox and all of a sudden the car got got it was driving plowed into him.
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conference wrapped up here. is what officials had to say. >> very disturbing incident a career criminal reckless disregard for the safety of those around him in our community at large.the person assaulted a police officer struck a woburn resident in his motor vehicle causing extreme personal injury. >> as i've mentioned that delgado was on the run for about a day -and-a-half and he was found inside of a dorchester home over on wilcock street. he was hiding in a drum. police tell us they were able to find him after witness was able to type him off. delgado will face a judge tomorrow. we're live in woburn. >> we first alerted you to the store and a fox25 news app download a free app to get
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and other important information. >> following breaking news sky fox over the scene of an accident involving a school bus working to learn more about what happened this is an hayden pond road in delhi. you can see the utility pole down wires hanging right over that bus. don't know of any injuries at this point. as we learn more we will bring it to you. >> following breaking news out of boston. former boston mayor ray flynn taken to the hospital following a single car crash. 76-year-old is okay and these are some pictures we had obtained at the crash scene. you can see a huge hole in the side of this building here in large debris there on lynn's carpet this happened around one per the crash happened on the very same day it was announced the boston marine industrial park in south boston will be renamed the raymond flynn marine park in honor of the former mayor.
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1993, he was appointed ambassador to the vatican. what updates on the story just as soon as they come in. >> snow flurries and squalls are moving out of our area but a bitter blast is flowing in. talking about dangerously cold temperatures and wind chills this weekend saturday night and into sunday. wind chills will make it feel well below zero. in the extreme cold types freeze and it takes just minutes to get frostbite. tonight team coverage fox25 robert goulston talking to homeowners of businesses scrabbling to get ready for the cold but we begin with chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz. it's already cold out there right now. >> when you get when chills the 30 35 below zero range that's when you're dealing with ultracold temperatures and dangerous temperatures too. let's talk the snow showers out there right now. snow coming across just as flurries we had some snow
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white out conditions for a time earlier today.some lakes flying on martha's vineyard. clearly see where finishing up any snow shower activity for today.the focus goes toward the very wintry cold weather coming our way. we can't take our eye off the ball is personal because while there's nothing major on the map right now there's going to be some snow clipping the area to go along with very cold temperatures. is a futurecast timely and showing the cold winds blowing in the snow showers off shower of the next 12 hours or so but there during the day tomorrow wake up to sunshine cold sunshine in the closet start to increase later in the day. but this weekend we already have a wind chill watch for those dangerously cold wind chills. will timeout when the worst of
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this weekend.>> temperatures will dip into the danger zone saturday night into sunday and even though it's a couple of days away, there is already a rush for heating work to be done before the cold snap starts. fox 25's robert goulston spent the day with workers who've been on the run nonstop he's alive right now in quincy. >> robert: as you can see this clearly cold out here tonight but it kevin was a talk about is going to get a lot colder that has a lot of home heating systems getting a thorough inspection today. let your job to keep people warm forecast of subzero temperatures keeps you busy. but anything that we can see we try to resolve. we spent the day with two heating experts who had been running from home to home. we look at the handles to see if they're in the opposite position. checking to make sure that he goes on and stays on as a region races for a freeze. >> right now over doing
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service put on hold some of our projects. just to get through this weekend. the problem with the temperatures were expecting many heating systems just can't handle it reliably. because the decide to heating up to 68 degrees when is as cold as zero degrees outside. if it starts getting close to that or forgets below that the systems working harder than is designed to work. that's when they do break down. >> one suggestion or heating experts pass along keep your thermostat at one amateur through the cold snap. take it off the program mode so your place doesn't cold down was in your heating system to work harder to warm it back up. and tonight at six one silver lining in all of this is good news is that it's a lot cheaper to heat your home is your course because of the milder temperatures are going to have
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some of the numbers to show that we are live in quincy. >> will see you again at six make sure you wake up with fox25 morning news tomorrow. sherry always has your updated a.m.. >> snacks of hundreds in a wall art for even a stanley cup ring all at once belonged to debugger. what five the cash proceeds from the sale of his valuables will still be split amongst the families of people he killed. there is a catch. fox25 ted daniels explains. >> reporter: earlier this week the us attorney's office mailed out settlement offers to the families of 16 people whitey bulger murdered during his reign as king of boston's underworld. the families have until the end of the month to decide if they want their cut if they take it they must agree to give up any future claims against the government. >> we waited a long time all the victims. for mary callahan as an office
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us attorney office is prepared to give her a piece of boston's most infamous crime boss as long as she agreed to never sue the government. >> this will be the first compensation callahan will receive for the murder of her husband john. in 1982 his bullet ridden body was found in the back seat of his cadillac in a parking lot at miami international airport. it was a professional hit ordered by james whitey bulger. it's not very much money according to some it will be a lot too many of us.callahan expects to receive a check for more than 50,000 from the government. her cut of the $822,000 in cash and valuables when walter was found living under new identity in santa monica. but berlin to grandmother lives in a fixed income subsidized heat she says the money will go a long way to her bills. >> when you are a senior citizen, and you live on a very
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thing i would really like to have the new kitchen floor. >> if a family refused to sign the cut local back into the pot meeting more for those who do. you may remember the feds also seized dozens of guns from culture when they captured him. unlike his other valuables the guns have not or never will be auctioned off for the proceeds. new at six how much those guns might be worth if they are sold for each family. and what mary callahan thinks should be done with the weapons. >> will see you again in about an hour. >> second woman died after being trapped by devastating fire in fitchburg. that place also killed her sister and seriously injured her brother. the victims all in their 50s lived in the same home on wall street in fitchburg the flames on tuesday were so intense neighbors compared it to something right out of a movie. the still no word on what
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>> anger and outrage in everett parents very upset tonight because they didn't know about that medical happened. fox25 stephanie coueignoux outside the high school. police said they didn't notify people until now because the threat was incredible. but now parents are taking medicine to the own hands. >> stephanie: dozens of parents decided to keep their because of that threat. now that threat involves students here at everett high school and parents told me that credible or not, police really need to let them know about any threats involving students. >> i'm not playing games. lori decided to keep her daughter home today after alerting about the threat involving students at everett high school. she said she heard nothing from the school or from police until this morning. >> effort stephen macy told us the called them last week after
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that involved bullying. police investigated and determined the threat was incredible. but macy said they decided to comment on this case because of rumors on social media involving misinformation about today. >> it got perpetuated by other students using social media. for example, the date and time was all made up. macy said the police alerted people about every investigation writable or not, it would cause information overload. >> a lot of it i think would create some alarm unnecessarily. but for parents we spoke with, too much information is better than none at all. especially when school safety is such a concern. >> too many kids dying and not enough information coming out to the fair parents. >> this afternoon the school district emailed me saying they
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listening. new information on the breaking news following from dudley. scott fox over the scene of an accident involving a school bus you can see right here on dudley utility pole down wires hanging right over that bus. there was a utility truck in the area. we don't know about any
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we get new information on that we will sadly bring it to you. >> five tonight cruise still working to repair the damage caused by this crash it happened on jelly road in salem new hampshire just before noon today. you can see the suv to got the power pole salem police shut down the road from liberty street to hooker farm road so crews could work safely. that road is expected to reopen in the next few hours. >> minor damage done to the storefront when a car slammed into it. talk to police a woman lost control around the tern at the corner of main and south street. the store was vacant at the time nobody was injured. >> tamir marty walsh is urging people to take caution on the roads. signing an increase in traffic -related deaths and injuries the mayor's calling on pedestrians drivers and bicyclists to be more aware. but what about working the congested treats of boston. fox 25's sharman sacchetti reports.
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says drivers pedestrians and isolate skits only to learn how to share the road and be safer. chaotic. lucky to mate across the street without getting hit. at mass avenue roxbury south line we found it's tougher pedestrians it's tougher drivers and even emergency vehicles. we went to the square and dorchester where multiple crosswalks are spread out across the busy streets. >> this man tells me he just got beeped at was crossing the street legally. beginning of 2016. for people in the city have died after being hit by a car or truck while walking. boston mayor marty walsh had a task force working on finding intersections. >> i'm asking everyone who uses the streets to slow down to drive carefully. he wants pedestrians to pay better attention to. whether you behind the wheel, or walking in this city, you're
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look at this intersection right in the shadow of boston city hall. the mayor has his work cut out for him. listen. >> in boston sharman sacchetti fox25 news. >> :about that tonight but that sunset you can get outside and beautiful out there. no question about that. let's talk about the temperatures and what is going days. of course the wintry weather coming with some snow showers walsh expected that we talked about last night. sherry warned you about it this morning but it's going away as the sun goes down expected as well to lose that atmosphere instability the sun does that when it started to heat up the very cold air this moved in. once a goes down you lose
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lori's that's it out there scattered about the area. futurecast shows those going away clearing out tonight problem is with clear skies when this cold air place temperature could really drop fast it will do that tonight going down into the single numbers in many towns overnight especially on the coast line. when you wake up and will be sunny but cold it'll be deceiving looking at that window. the sun in the middle of the day into the afternoon start to see clouds pushed toward us. let's talk about the temperature trend overnight tonight. boston 22 degrees right now windchill feels like seven at this hour 20 mile per hour winds going down 10 for low temperature in boston tonight. it was to where it's 14 degrees minus wind chills right now three below zero the feels like temperature in the city of worcester. going down to four degrees first thing in the morning so single numbers back in here which birgit 17 feel like one
5:18 pm
the south of boston norwood tends to pitch a spot feels like seven right now with the wind you're going down to five degrees in the clear skies tonight as well. it's going to be a cold night and it still not the coldest will be talking about this weekend. with the temperatures you can't stop watching where the snow showers can be in the system coming up the coast to the south another went too far out to be a direct hit but close enough to fringes with a little bit of light snow. this is friday night tomorrow night and early saturday morning. short. time on cape cod and the islands. pivots away and moves offshore still be some snow showers coming across our area for another disturbance very active atmosphere continues but the big parts of the storm continue to miss us just to the south. we had significant snows last couple of less week but those have not been direct hits if they had been like plaster that's when we have those
5:19 pm
this year blizzard conditions but not the snow fall as we saw last year. i the afternoon saturday still some snow showers around but getting out of that as well. will clear things back up saturday night into sunday morning. set this up the coldest part of the weekend. snow sliding to our south 1 to 3 inches likelihood of on the cape cod coatings everywhere else with a snow showers coming across if you get one. measurable snows going to be over this coming weekend anything you have to shovel the bigger part of the story widespread across the area will be the wind chills. windchill watch saturday afternoon into sunday afternoon here's why. watch these wind chills dropped to saturday into saturday night by late saturday night were talk about dirty below zero especially north and west of worcester when you have temperatures like that you can get frostbite -and-a-half hour
5:20 pm
even in boston where do than 20 below zero it's going to be uncomfortable to say the least and dangerous if you out there for too long. seven day forecast your weekend in view sunday morning. that's significant because -2 that's very close to the record in boston which stands at -3.
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breaking news that we've been following out of dudley we got new information scott fox over the scene of this accident involving a school bus. just last few minutes the chief and definitely confirmed to fox25 arrest has been made. is still unclear who was charged we do know there were children on the bus at the time that none of them were hurt. they're all homesick tonight this happened on hayden pond road in dudley as you see here there's a utility pole down and some wires hanging right over the bus. there is a utility truck in the area so crews are working to move those lines. as soon as we get new information we will bring it to you. >> one point the dow fell below 300 points falling oil prices again the main reason for the trouble. here's how the numbers and do today. the dow ended down 254 points nasdaq and s&p 500 finished off as well. einstein was right again while renowned group of astrophysicists including some from mit announced today that
5:24 pm
those are ripples in the fabric of space-time that einstein first predicted 100 years ago. this is a huge step forward that scientists are likening to the moon landing. >> reporter: is a game changing breakthrough first predicted by einstein a century ago. all-star team of scientists confirming on thursday the existence of gravitational we did it. it sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. the waves are ripples in the dimension that combines time with the physical this case to blackhole collided sitting on strong waves when they merged. those waves were then detected by the laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory ally go the most precise measuring instrument ever built. it's exactly what you would expect einstein would predict
5:25 pm
like black holes in spiraling emerging together. experts say the discovery is a huge step forward in our understanding of how the universe works. because gravitational weight waves carry information about their source the ability to detect them will allow researchers to study distant features of the universe. including the edges and eventually the centers of black holes. lico officials say it could be the start of a new era in astrophysics. >> galileo turned the telescope to the sky and opened the error of modern observational astronomy. i think we're doing something equally important here today. the two lico detectors are in louisiana and washington state. most of their funding comes from the national science foundation.independent government agency. >> developing tonight new search will be launched to find
5:26 pm
cargo ship the l cafaro cargo sink last october in the bahamas during the height of hurricane joachim. easily released video the ship showing about 15,000 feet below the surface. everyone on board was killed including a woman and two men from massachusetts. according to the ntsb they plan to launch a two-week mission in april. >> putting the brakes on drivers who put your family in danger. >> phone the population of school kids were on the streets day. some schools are arming themselves with the new weapon to protect students at the bus stop. will show you how the cameras work and take you inside the massachusetts. >> six months after i was netting set free accused of killing a cambridge one-year-old her parents still want justice the details of the
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tylenol . we showed you the surveillance video yesterday 29-year-old tyson delgado allegedly struck a 65-year-old man woman and then drove off. suspect was on the run for more than 24 hours.late this afternoon delgado was arrested at a home on wilcock street in dorchester. hiding under a bed. the mayor and police held a news conference just before five. >> very disturbing incident career criminal reckless disregard for the safety of those around him in our community at large.the men
5:30 pm
as is the office of delgado allegedly assaulted. he faces several charges including leaving the scene of an accident causing serious injury and is expected to face more. >> we just got new information the breaking news following from dudley's fox over the scene of this accident involving a school bus. just in the last few minutes the chief and definitely made. it still unclear the who is charge we do know there were children on this bus at the time that none of them were hurt there all safe tonight and save the home. this happened on hayden pond road in dudley. and there was a utility pole you can see it here from those wires hanging on the bus is utility crew in the area working to clean this up as well. we get new information will bring it right to you. >> former boston mayor ray flynn has been taken to the hospital following a single car crash we just got this idea from the scene. 76-year-old is okay. these are pictures we've obtained from the crash scene
5:31 pm
the side of this building and car. right here as well. crash happened around 1:30 this afternoon. neighbors tell us the mayor seem to be okay. >> he had his wits about him. spirits. concern. crash also happened on the same day that it was announced the boston marine industrial park and south boston will be renamed after the former mayor. it will be the ramen linen marine park and after flynn left office in 1993 he was vatican. >> brace yourself for dangerously cold temperatures and when shows coming away. snow flurries in snow squalls moving out but the temperatures will start dropping during the next few days. boston temperatures only dropped below 05 times in the past 11 years. where site and kevin says is a good chance it happens this weekend. >> last february memo how cold
5:32 pm
getting back to that lease for weekend tracking some snow showers and squalls out there this afternoon. gone. but that's going to be the scene tonight clearing from now on. clear skies mean cold temperatures for your morning when you get up you have some time to start but it is going to get cold that sunshine what the new time tomorrow as well. current temperatures look at worcester is 14 degrees right now. you know you're going down into the single numbers tonight below temperature right around five for you first thing in the morning. these are the current wind speeds blowing between 15 and 20 miles per hour along the pike some places a little less up to the north and west. wind gust higher testing over 30 miles per hour boston nearly 30 in worcester you know where i'm going with this the wind chills. -3 seven above in boston only
5:33 pm
fitchburg already windchill watch for the weekend that means we're expecting wind chills to be 20 to 30 below zero and colder when you get down to 30 below zero you talk about frostbite and under a half an hour for anything you leave exposed. anything that's not been covered up can get frostbite. something you have to be concerned about your plans saturday night and sunday morning. that's the coldest part of all of this. take a closer look at this windchill is going to be in the chances for snow leading up to the weekend as well you can see some accumulations. >> coldest weather we've seen all year on the way boston mayor marty walsh says is making sure the city is ready. >> safety concerns for residents safety concerns for homeless population certainly have concerns around making sure that the heat is delivered electricity stays on. >> if you see someone that needs help or something that's wrong, you can call 31 want to get help. report everything from power outages to people who may need
5:34 pm
don't forget you can customize forecast from our meteorologist for your city or town just download our free talks 25 whether app. >> police stand up and with people facing armed robbery charges seen from last night dorchester near road street. police said the three suspects robbed the pleasantview variety store than your kid themselves in a nearby home. after hours of negotiation, officers convince the suspects to get themselves up. police confiscated this gun you're about to see here they also charged all three suspects with armed robbery.>> knew it five the men in this photo here now sitting in a jail cell charged with multiple robberies during the past eight days. joshua was arrested earlier this week for a methuen robert but now is also a suspect in a chelmsford robbery.and another case out of methuen. he was held after his arraignment and lawrence. >> is remitted to one of the
5:35 pm
wellesley college is named for doctor paula johnson next president johnson election makes her also the first african-american to hold position at the college. johnson currently serves as chief of the division of women's health at harvard medical school and brigham and women's hospital. tonight we're waiting to hear whether the construction of a new 44 store story apartment in the west and will get the green light. three weeks ago the boston redevelopment authority tabled the plan for a tower the side of the gardens after three hours of mostly negative public testimony. today the bra is a revised plan that would shrink the scope of this tower and also give some money for traffic improvement projects. boston's priciest condo now has a new owner. the globe reporting the grand penthouse in the millennium tower has been sold. the 13,000 square foot condo takes up the entire top floor of the 60 story building. the developers would not say
5:36 pm
for but the list price $37.5 million. the building is set to open this summer. >> if you have the need for speed, then you need to see this. right along. unbelievable video from fenway park. collides head-on with the tradition filled fenway. skier snowboarders on a hill that's higher than the lights of the ballpark. tom lyman joins us now with the latest in a big air competition. at fenway. one of the most unique eventual of us yet fenway park after weeks of construction the big air competition has begun and we are getting a good look at some of the most daring athletes in the world. the custom-built snowboard web is almost 4 times the size of the green monster it protrudes into the air high above centerfield today snowboarding took center stage series of practices in qualifying heats not all of the jumps and with a smooth landing. that's the risk you take.
5:37 pm
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federal judge in massachusetts ruled bill cosby's wife must answer questions under oath. camille cosby has been subpoenaed to testify the defamation lawsuit filed by seven women who claim her husband sexually assaulted them okay to go. the judge today said she must testify but she may refuse to answer questions about the conversations with her spouse. that is allowable under state law. >> zika virus affecting more people congress working to figure out how to slow or even stop the spread. legislators considering president obama's $1.8 billion request for emergency funds to buy the disease. today the heads of major federal help offices testified on capitol hill about the dangers risks and methods of prevention. >> the most important thing for americans to know is if you're pregnant you better not to travel place where zika spreading and if you're pregnant in a place where zika spreading to every thing you can to protect yourself against
5:41 pm
>> there are currently more than 50 cases of zika in the us and more are expected but officials say a massive zika outbreak in the us is unlikely. last armed wildlife refuge occupiers and or gone but arrested the four were taken into custody without incident this morning. news comes just hours after the father of the men who led the resistance after was arrested. kleiman funding has been charged with several crimes now including assault on a federal officer. they all stand from a 20 14 on stand up with federal officials in abundance about a ranch. >> a wind chill watch already place this weekend dangers a cold wind chills expected especially when you're out and about saturday night and into
5:42 pm
(vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. p head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales p and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... p change your thinking about buying your next one. dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i' m living it. but i always tell people - saving' s not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. about saving, ask me. sincerely, alex payne. fellow dad and fellow citizen. kids on an up the school bus
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investigation found hundreds of jars of putting your children at risk of passing the stopped buses illegally. sharman sacchetti learned that a new plan. >> sharman: a young student brushed with death driver doesn't even break for stopped school bus. we found this video on youtube it's from west virginia and just as school year student from attleboro was hurt when a driver allegedly drove past a stop school bus. it's a vulnerable population of schoolkids who are on the streets at high traffic times of the day so i'm going to keep advocating for it. on beacon hill state transportation chairman bill just the latest lawmaker to push a bill to let cities and towns for cameras on school bus armed here. over the years it just hasn't gained traction. >> i think the notion of cameras and overall resistance. we found a 2014 alone in massachusetts almost 2500 drivers received warning
5:44 pm
how much is this costing? nothing. that's the best part. not only are we being safe. private schools operation director robin tells me the district as a cameras on school bus since 2009. after state lawmakers there approved them. now they're actually making money on the program. >> good idea? >> good idea. great idea. its safety for the children. ultimately our goals not to make money. the company red flex provides chemist to the district. we get a firsthand look at how the working and how their radio to making an impact on student safety and in the districts conference that tonight at 10. >> nursing homes in the state will soon be subject to unannounced inspections the state department created a special unit to go and look for problems facilities. consumers will also be able to file complaints online.
5:45 pm
complaints were filed the state has more than 100 nursing homes and about 40,000 residents. >> called a stretch of what prepares to hit huge concern for the safety of the homeless. places like the pine street in boston already running at overcapacity. but organizers say people should not be worried about getting turned away no matter what. room will be found for them at shelters across the city. >> the cold really puts a lot of drain on people if you already have a heart condition if you're dealing with cancer and you're staying outside if you've got some other immune systems compromised, this kind of bitter cold when you get below zero and you have the windchill is when we worry about losing people. bands from the center go on campus the city looking for people who need help. >> snow flurries following this morning around through the afternoon tonight disguises starting to clear up. kevin it is already cold out there and this weekend it can
5:46 pm
frostbite if your skin is exposed. >> that's the danger will going to be dealing with out there so squalls. that's a situation when you have this kind of squalls that's what can happen there brief but if you run into one you can't see anything. here's a good news they are gone. a couple of stories remain out there and that's this evening especially nantucket the clearing trend continues through the night in the cold temperatures too. going to keep falling from already down into the teens in which sister county especially in the low 20s in boston with plenty of sunshine noticed later in the day clouds start to increase snow showers behind me that's another shot of arctic air reinforce what we have to make it as cold as it's going to be this weekend.but these clouds are attached to a storm to his health we talked about in a moment. let's tackle the temperatures. right now without the wind 14 worcester 17 fitchburg 14 orange boston 22-24 beverly 22.
5:47 pm
consistently between 18 to 20 miles per hour worcester to boston generally between 15 and 20 miles per hour all across southern new england some places a little less than that. the wind gust though are even higher wind gusts as high as 31 in boston 30 and fitchburg and a lot of 20s out here in the south shore and cape cod. temperatures already cold that's going to give you quite a chill it feels like three blown worcester right now feels like one above and fitchburg and seven above in boston just gets colder from here. subzero wind chills this weekend going to drop between 20 and 30 below zero perhaps even colder at times that's why that wind chill watch in place england. it does not include southern new hampshire will watch to see if that does get included because in vermont windchill advisory your watch comes from the albany national weather
5:48 pm
from the national weather service office in taunton. sometimes they catch up to each other or just have different views on things. right now the bottom line is that of southern new england is why. watch how the wind chills released to plummet on saturday. saturday afternoon is when the watch starts texting below nashua 17 below lawrence feels below worcester for a feels like temperature gets worse as a nice goes on many be out saturday doing whatever it is going to do on saturday go to be dealing with when chills like this. get down into this level especially if they get to 30 below zero or less then you're in a potential for some frostbite. anything that's not covered up start to freeze up in less than half an hour. be cognizant of that you don't weekend go to dinner get the car to the restaurant that is fine but just makes you take
5:49 pm
yourself covered up as much as possible. meanwhile system well to our south just clipping southeastern massachusetts friday night into saturday morning. it'll give an inch to three inches of snow from plymouth southeastern to cape cod. seven day forecast including your weekend in view includes temperatures that are going to be cold 18 saturday and sunday and tonight into tomorrow told you that already that big happening at and we park to be cold makes you bundle up not dangerously cold just a comfortable with the wind blowing a temperatures dropping down into the teens. >> hollywood's next big blockbuster will star massachusetts own and after. >> own ben affleck. >> film comes out march 23. can't wait. >> we are following several stories ahead at 6 o'clock first a man gets by a car while trying to cross the street. insurance company one of the
5:50 pm
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later. minimum seat sizes on passenger airplanes 1970s average distance between rows
5:53 pm
to about 31 inches today. average width of an airline seat has decreased from 18 inches to about 16 in half. as a congressman introduced a bill and said it was not just about comfort but safety. question whether people could quickly evacuate in case of emergency. the house transportation panel voted to ground the plan. >> there will be a crash and there will be people will not be able to get out of an airplane because of the situation. the of lungs filled with smoke in the be dead. and then we'll do something about it. airline industry says it doesn't think there's an increase to safety risk and adding more seats to play and allows them to offer lower fares. >> congress allow long for the fraudulent hotel booking sites websites claiming affiliation with major hotel chains the problem is people running the sites are pocketing your money not actually booking your room. new bill would allow the fbi and ftc to go after the sites find the operation shut them down would also require sites
5:54 pm
chain to clearly state that on the webpage. >> 100 60 years ater trying again titanic to slated to make its maiden voyage in 2018. ship was originally supposed to sell later this year but it's been pushed back. new ship will be practically identical to the original luxury liner which famously sank in april 1912 after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage. this after being dumped unsinkable. the only difference will be that the titanic too will be wider have a welded and not riveted hall have more like boats as well. just three days before valentine's day we have an absolutely amazing love story. people here fell in love during world war ii similar is a just and pull them apart and left them both heartbroken. 70 years later found their way back to each other. i'm going to give her squeeze norwood thomas never stopped thinking about joyce morris. the peer first met in 1944. she a 17-year-old british girl
5:55 pm
21-year-old paratrooper the us forces. young love blossomed. but their brief romance was interrupted when thomas was deployed to normandie to fight in world war ii. after the war, he returned to the us and invited morris to join him. but she misunderstood his letter and thought he was already married. so she refused to him invitation and they went their separate ways. they married other people thomas eventually became a widower morris got divorced. last year one of her sons found thomas online and they
5:56 pm
than 70 years. a crowdfunding campaign raised enough money to make that actually happened. this week thomas made the journey from virginia to adelaide. a couple that first met this before the day reuniting seven decades later dustin time for v for valentine's day. how about that. so sweet. still vertical. love knows no time limits. this is true. breaking news police arrest a
5:57 pm
officer and then taking off with a person trapped on his hood. the comfortable place they found him hiding late tonight. trucking still scores across the area for the evening commute and when when chills will be dangerous over the weekend. local man says he was hit by the car crossing the street the letter he got in the mail from an insurance company asking him to pay up. plus how much money the government is offering families who lost loved ones at the hands of whitey bulger. ricky news boston former mayor gets into a car crash near his home. now with breaking news this is fox25 news at 6 complete new england news coverage. >> sky fox high above a schoolbus question dudley and slammed into a power pole there were children on board fully known was her. hi everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. just in the last 30 minutes we confirmed an arrest has been made in his a better idea of where this crash happened.
5:58 pm
slammed intohe pole on hayden pond road in delhi. sits on the connecticut porch at about 15 miles south of worcester.fox25 john monahan is live what happened. what can you tell us john. >> john: i can tell you right now vanessa there a lot of questions surrounding the school bus accident including an arrest on scene. take a look behind me you can see police cars here that the road shut down and nasher jews . the buster got a telephone pole here in dudley. those students on board are okay according to the police chief here in dudley although students had to been taken home chief also confirmed an arrest here on scene but right now it is unclear that was a bus driver or someone else.
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