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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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slammed intohe pole on hayden pond road in delhi. sits on the connecticut porch at about 15 miles south of worcester.fox25 john monahan is live what happened. what can you tell us john. >> john: i can tell you right now vanessa there a lot of questions surrounding the school bus accident including an arrest on scene. take a look behind me you can see police cars here that the road shut down and nasher jews . the buster got a telephone pole here in dudley. those students on board are okay according to the police chief here in dudley although students had to been taken home chief also confirmed an arrest here on scene but right now it is unclear that was a bus driver or someone else.
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anything beyond that there was one arrest. you can see also that wires are down on top of that schoolbus and a car in a driveway is also damaged it looks like. national tells us a couple of hundred people are without power in this area national grid expects to get power back on here in about six:30. update from the police chief as soon as we learn any details about what to place your we will bring them to you. >> now it's six take a live look at the current wind chills out there right now this is how cold it feels outside. you can see single and it's everywhere worcester nine below zero. this is only the beginning of what will be a stretch of some dangerously cold temperatures. x bundle up because it's going to be downright brutal over the next few days. especially come saturday and sunday morning. let's get right over to fox 25
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>> is cold outside you bundle up sure but i want to make sure you are aware that when chills get down to 20 or 30 below zero you start worrying about frostbite especially out there for a long time tonight the flurries and snow squalls the melting away and the skies are clear allow temperatures to continue to drop actual temperatures down to 11 worcester now 19 in boston. that's some cold stuff with the winds blowing 15 to 25 miles per hour for the most part and winced gusting over 30 miles an hour worcester at 37 miles per hour that's why that windchill is down to nine below zero. three below when i talk to you last hour during the 5 o'clock newscast. fitchburg -2 orange at -6 teen ministry all above zero below zero to be that way at times overnight but this weekend it gets worse that's when the wind chill watch is a place for saturday afternoon into sunday afternoon for wind chills that can cause frostbite if you're
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or less. that's a dangerous it can be. will tell you more about when the worst times going to be about the snow that's on the way as well. >> there are some things you can do to your home to make sure nothing reasons. when this extreme cold sets in. we'll have that story for you in about 18 minutes. >> breaking news out of boston. wallowing former mayor ray flynn is in the hospital right now he's being checked out after this single car crash near his home in south boston. as we told you in a last half-hour 76-year-old is okay. even though the impact of the crash a huge hole in the side of a building. his wits about them he appeared to be in good spirits. and you know that's obviously number one concern. >> crash happened on the same day that it was announced boston marine industrial park in south boston will be renamed
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in honor of the former mayor. after flynn left office in 1993 he was appointed ambassador to the vatican. >> we are following more breaking news tonight police tell us they've arrested the driver of a car who assaulted a police officer and a man trying to cross a street. police held a news conference just over an hour ago. >> reporter: police tell us tyson l got it was a career criminal and they are relieved to get him off of the streets he was on the run for nearly an a -and-a-half. fox25 was there and delgado we walked into the woburn police department late this afternoon. he was taken into custody just before 3 o'clock today. tyson got a was on the run for almost a day and half. take you back to yesterday, woburn police say tyson delgado was on the run after they say he assaulted an officer and an asphalt company. police tell fox 25 they were called the early in the day to
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previous incident also learned that it has to do with his theft involving a gas company card.delgado took off 65-year-old was walking to the mailbox and all of a sudden the car plowed into him. baker tells us he was dragged at least 1000 feet police here today tell us once again they are very happy to get this criminal off the street. >> very disturbing incident. career criminal. reckless disregard for the safety of those around him and our community at large.>> the person assaulted police officer took a woburn resident in his motor vehicle causing extreme injury to the present. investigators tell us delgado was found in dorchester on wilcock street they tell us he was hiding under a bed at a relatives house delgado will be arraigned first thing tomorrow morning at woburn district court. >> first alerted you to the store fox 25 news up download our free app rigging news traffic weather and other important information.
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as he was crossing the street. the driver's insurance company said the man who was walking was on the hook for damages to that car. new at six bucks 25 kerry kavanaugh live in whitman what she learned after she called the insurance company. >> kerry: this man not a crosswalk he crossed here at the crosswalk is about 50 yards right of the block here. so the insurance company did send him a letter saying once they reimburse their customer, he would have to reimburse the company for damage that he did to the car. we call that company today though within the last hour they said their investigation has changed and he's no longer on the hook. >> i stepped forward about three or four steps and i got clobbered. fred hutchinson said he just cashed his truck across temple avenue in whitman for lunch he was hit by a car making his way back across the road. i got hit on the left leg right here then i rolled off the hood onto the road. hutchinson says he was bruised
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a letter from the insurance company. it was a driver's insurance company usaa said once they reimburse the customer for damage to the car, hutchinson would have to reimburse them. over 900 as a pedestrian i get hit and then i have to pay? to repair the car? are you kidding? the insurance company wrote this on the investigation he was responsible for the loss. >> the police wrote the report that i never looked at all. yet i know i did. in fact, police spoke with two witnesses who claimed he didn't look before crossing the street. we reached out to usaa and they said after completing their investigation, they are no longer pursuing damages from the pedestrian that someone from the company would be calling to notify hutchinson soon. >> we called mr. hutchinson this afternoon to let him know
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he was very relieved but the definite plans on hitting that crosswalk next time. >> we called mr. hutchinson with the last hour to let him know he was relieved that says he learned his lesson about heading to the crosswalk. >> one telephone for jaywalking boston that could go up as part of a effort to help stop people from getting hit by cars. massachusetts senate majority leader wants to raise the fine $25 she told the globe today possessions need to be held accountable as much is driver's. 80 percent of all petition deaths have a was across the road illegally.>> sky fox showing smoke calling from small home badly burned woman also pulled from the home tonight. firefighters in south attleboro rushed to the home on redgate road this afternoon no word was
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>> he took their loved ones in return they get to take his money. the federal government offering families of those killed by james white holger a portion of his fortune. fox25 ted daniel spoke to one widow who says she was expecting it. >> reporter: vanessa of the us attorney's office selected the families of 16 people who were killed by ultra for this offer. if the families agree to never sue the government for its handling of the mob boss they will get to split $822,000. a lot of money but that would believe it could be more. i saw a big envelope it says us attorney's office and i said ha. for mary callahan is an offer she can't pass up. the us attorney's office is prepared to give her a piece of boston most infamous crime boss as long as she agrees to never sue the government. this will be the first compensation callahan will receive for the murder of her husband john.
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was found in the back seat of his cadillac in a parking lot at miami international airport. it was a professional hit ordered by james whitey bulger. it's not very much money according to some but it will be a lot to many of us. callahan expects to receive a check for more than $50,000. it would likely be a lot more though if it included the value of what it bulges weapons. those guns are valuable. and i think these guns have a history i think maybe they would be valuable. dozens of guns were found in the santa monica apartment where whitey bulger was captured in 2011. instead of selling them the federal government plans to destroy them. memorabilia collector phil from saugus tells us the guns would likely go for 10 to $20,000 apiece. >> gangster and murder memorabilia that is crazy it is that a big following. >> there for the guns would fire can they do something that the guns won't fire? i don't know.
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refuse the settlement the cut will go back into the pot and that means more for those who take it. the deadline to sign is at the end of the month. >> second woman is died after being trapped by devastating fire in fitchburg. blaise killed her sister and seriously injured the brother. victims all in the 60s live in the same home on wall street in fitchburg no word on what caused the fire. >> developing tonight research launch to find a data record of the doomed cargo ship alfaro that ship sank last october in the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. some recently released video of the ship showing at about 15,000 feet below the surface. everyone on for the alfaro was killed including a woman and two men from massachusetts. >> ntsb plan to launch a two-week mission in april. >> big losses that's a story of the day on wall street as one point the dell fell below 300 points. following oil numbers again the
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is a look at the numbers ended today the dow ended up falling 254 points nasdaq and s&p 500 down as well. >> threat made in best occasion launched parents in one city had no idea. the reason police waited for the week to let parents know someone to harm the children. >> the temp just going to drop the time is your house ready so you're not going to need any sort of help. >> when there are three times
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traffic does used to it's ha no doubt people will feel the freeze fox25 robert goulston spent the day with people who will keep the heat on and they been easy before the dangers cold temps hit us. >> robert: market vanessa as you can clearly see it's very cold out here kevin talking earlier in the newscast that's going to get dangerously cold. a lot of people having the heating systems checked out to make sure they can handle it. we also learned today after pulling some information is going to be a lot more affordable to your home because of a lot of different factors. >> is your job to keep people warm forecast of subzero temperatures keep you busy. not every thing you can tell is going to break down before it happens. but anything we can see we try to resolve.
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eating experts who up and running from home to home. checking to make sure the heat goes on and stays on as a region races for a freeze.>> right now all we're doing is starkly going through houses on service were kind of put on hold some of our projects. just to get to this weekend. according to massachusetts energy officials the cost of heat is more affordable this year because of the milder winter and lower energy costs. the cost of down as much is 23 percent for natural gas and 37 percent for oil.propane and electric are also cheaper. the problem with the temperatures were expecting many heating systems just can't handle it reliably. because a design deed home to 60 degrees when is as cold as zero degrees outside.
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or gets below that yeah the systems working hard that's designed to work. down. >> heating experts give advice about how to handle this cold snap they say set your temperature at one temperature during the cold snap that way your thermostat doesn't have to go up and down to deal with fluctuations. work as hard. >> with a dangerously cold temperatures be sure to wake up with the fox 25 morning news. live look at the current temperatures when you wake up in morning news get started at 4:00 a.m.. >> is a cold this stretch of the winter prepares to hit there was one huge concern for the safety of the homeless. places like the pine street in boston are already running overcapacity. organizer said people should not be worried about getting turned away no matter what room will be found for them at shelters across the city. >> the cold really puts a lot of strain on people if you already have a heart condition
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and you're staying outside you've got some other your immune system compromised this kind of really bitter cold when you get low zero you get the wind chill is when we worry about losing people. >> fans from the center will go out canvas the city looking for people who need help. >> started with a watch on squalls and snow showers coming across whiteout conditions moved on through but tonight just clearing skies and cold temperatures down to 11 in wooster 19 in boston. 12 in keen to have you get the idea it's cold but it gets even colder when you factor in the breeze. winds gusting as high as 37 miles per hour. nantucket 33 miles per hour. so wind chills below zero at least away from the shoreline nine below in wooster to below fitchburg six below an orange right now. this is not dangerous levels just very uncomfortable unless you have to be up there for hours the wind chill watch actually starts saturday afternoon and goes until sunday afternoon.
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wind chill the going to be. predicted wind chills factor in the wind and expected temperatures across the area in the afternoon saturday by noontime about where they are now subzero but it gets worse and worse as the evening progresses by 7 o'clock a lot of people are out for dinner doing what they do on saturday evening going to shows around town it's going to feel like 21 below and was in full-blown boston. that's uncomfortable but 21 below and beyond that's when you start to think about the frostbite danger. it gets worse when you get out of the shows at dinners is going to be in the mid 20 two perhaps low 3035 below zero especially wooster and northwest that's why that wind chill watch includes southern new hampshire we talked earlier about how those weren't yet included everywhere around them
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south-central new hampshire included only the coastline is out of it. wind chills relax a bit by the by the middle of the day sunday subzero into the afternoon and i start to appear above 01 more time.other part of the story will be the threat of force no small threat but look at those snowflakes coming with the clouds friday night. nine:30 at night with us stopping this on the first blake started to get here storm will ensure one that wouldn't hit us head-on it's going to be close enough to just fringe southeastern massachusetts. here come the snowflakes even picks up intensity for a while cross cape cod the islands starts to push offshore during the early morning hours of saturday pits vivid on out of your moves away. that puts it on my coating of snow just about anywhere. bottom line is we're looking for some cumulative snow. stop this at 9:30 friday night snow coming on shore nothing
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the morning hours by 7:00 a.m. 1 to 3 inches generally out in this area which is why we're keeping that forecast at 1 to 3 inches but here's what i'm expecting one to three inches from plymouth out to new bedford and southeastward beyond their that coating of snow from the snow showers that are coming across during the day on saturday. a little bit of snow threat to go along with the brutal cold weather that's coming our way. look at sunday morning -2 is our forecast for valentines morning significance of that it's hard to do in boston -3 is a standing record for february 14 but check this out. -3 and -2 and -13 of the last five times we've gone below zero that's five times in the last 10 to 11 years three of those happened just last year. we'll see if we do it again this sunday morning. >> let's hope not. skiers and snowboarders taken over and weigh park first day in the big air competition 14 story ramp athletes competing today and tomorrow for $150,000 prize.unbelievable. >> looks like it hurts.
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>> $37.5 million not a lot of jackpot asking price local condo minutes from now where it was sold.
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commun race for president heats up tonight democrats dual had had feisty debate in milwaukee starts at 9 o'clock. democrats are not the only ones
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that the republican field is smaller the candidates don't have to reach very far to each other with clinical punches. as about to see the clouds really are. >> supposed to have hillary clinton adding some much needed relief today after losing to bernie sanders by more than 20 points in the granite state. today she was endorsed the congressional black caucus. >> one single candidate. one possesses the qualifications the experience and temperament to be the next president of the united states and that person is none other the secretary hillary rodham. despite 10. kenneth the when the race began roughly half of the remaining gop opponents are slinging mud ferociously than before. ohio governor john kasich snagging an impressive second place finish in new hampshire telling south carolina voters is more focused on policy than putdowns. i want to talk about the
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the sum coming up. bush on the receiving end of that negativity to from opponents who want to ensure the fourth-place new hampshire finisher wilson the palmetto state. he spent $20 million in negative advertising against donald trump in even know this guy.$20 million remember told him a low-energy person is a low-energy person. marco rubio making no bones about the fact is going on the attack after falling to the middle of the pack in new hampshire. donald trump is zero foreign policy experience negotiating a hotel deal and another country is not foreign policy experience. >> the text don't stop there top eight ted cruz called trumps run a quote sign field kit is a saying it's all about nothing. every police department says if you see something say something. so why did it force stay silent for a week. when school ministry to let them know what violence had been made. the answer 10 minutes from now. the dangerous intersections with american boston is urging
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breaking news sky fox soars high above the school bus crash delays you can see that bus slammed into a power pole that were 11 children on board. thankfully none of them were hurt. within the last 30 minutes we confirmed an arrest has been made. is still unclear tonight who
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there is a utility pole down and wires are hanging over the bus. once we learn who was arrested we will bring that information write to you. people forced to brave very cold weather ended up in downtown boston today. this is why. live look at the current wind chills as you can see it is downright freezing out there. >> look at worcester nine below zero. this is only the beginning of a very cold stretch ahead.>> let's get over the next 25 chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz. >> slightly below normal of course was going to get worse as a weekend wears on. everybody loves a weekend of course but these temperatures probably not going to love all that much lower than snow squalls early today those are gone stop talking about that. i want you to know they're not out there. temperatures dropping 11 worcester 19 in boston 22 in hyannis and temperature tonight boston trend right down to about 10 degrees under those clear skies you have.
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colder starting out in the teens dropping down to three by 6:00 a.m. should stay above zero in worcester it will be towns to go subzero by the morning it looks like at least worcester county the western suburbs of boston 24 miles per hour to seven miles per hour 33 miles per hour wind gust right now and that's why those wind chills or subzero to the west. worcester nine below orange six below fitchburg if you like to blow boston you're just barely feeling above zero at two degrees above zero.wind chill watch the start saturday afternoon and goes until sunday afternoon. that's potential for wind chills that would be frostbite levels. also how cold is going to be in some know on the way. >> breaking news man who allegedly assaulted a police officer before hitting a petition with the scars been arrested. we showed you the surveillance yesterday 29 you tyson delgado allegedly struck a 65-year-old man woburn and then drove off. suspect on the run for more
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delgado was arrested at a home on cook street in dorchester hiding under a bed.allegedly hit by delgado is okay as an officer delgado allegedly assaulted. he faces several charges including leaving the scene of an accident causing serious injury and is expected to face more. families with those killed by convicted boston mob boss james whitey bulger have been offered a settlement deal. terry callahan wife of bulger victim john callahan tells fox25 the government has presented a deal to 16 families to split $822,000 in cash also split proceeds from an auction of some of bulger's personal items including a stanley cup ring callahan's cut will be accept it. the money was found in oldest california hideout when he was captured in 2011. >> dozens of parents kept the kids home from school today after hearing about a threat targeting students. fox25 stephanie coueignoux says
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learned about that for an social media. not from police. everett high school made a threat involving bullying. while police say they never actually told parents and told today because they determined that threat was incredible. but parents say in this day and age, there have a right to know about any concern involving students safety. >> too many kids dying and not enough information coming out to the parents. donna driscoll says after learning about a threat involving students at everett high school, she told her son to stay home today. it's a decision the parents also made. parents told us the school never sent alert and it took police days to issue a statement. it would've taken them two seconds to make a recording and send it out to all the high school parents. everett police chief stephen macy said the school contacted them last week after a student made a verbal comment about bullying.
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threat wasn't credible they didn't send an alert. but with misinformation spreading on social media about that threat, police decided to comment.>> the date and time was all made up and this was based on a lot of hearsay rumor and innuendo. macy told us they will always alert parents if the threat is determine that police investigated if a student has the ability to carry out the threat. they also searched the students home and interview the student family friends and teachers. but some say it's police want to prevent panic they need to let parents know about any investigation credible or not. >> anything that says they could possibly be harmed we should be notified. i don't care how little it is. in fact some of parents told me they're considering keeping the children home again tomorrow because of all of this. as for the student involved in that threat, the school district told me that they disciplined that student but exactly say how.
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one-year-old died of rain trauma say they want justice. then he accused in the child's death of the charges dropped she's now free. fox25 crystal haines outside music superior court work on full death suit has been filed. >> reporter: asking for $25,000 in damages in this wrongful death lawsuit. but they say it's not about the money in fact that figure is the minimum to file any lawsuit in superior court. they say they want to make sure that this nanny does not profit from this high profile case. >> six months after i was nanny walked out of the middlesex superior court room charges in the death of one-year-old dropped. remus parents don't want her held responsible. they have filed a wrongful death suit in the same court that set mccarthy for three saying the brief of 10 by fox 25 she caused their baby girl's death quote due to her negligence malicious willful wanton reckless and or grossly negligent acts.
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august after the medical examiner in the case changed remus cause of death from homicide to undetermined. putting the baby's injuries occurred during a two-week span or she was with mccarthy and also traveling with her parents out of the country. >> i think the district attorney's office in middleton did the very best it can with these difficult cases. certain points in time they are they may become unwinnable. the nanny has since been deported back to ireland and remus parents told the globe the following this is to prevent mccarthy from profiting from the high profile case with things like book deals or movie contracts. quote we lost our beautiful little girl and very difficult circumstances they told the paper and feel compelled to bring the suit to protect her memory.>> it may be they would be somewhat in vindicated in the belief that she was responsible for the death of the child.>> i did reach out
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attorney and have not heard back yet. police working to track down the owner of an instagram account that posing as a student sending lewd pictures to local middle schools will please the word the predator may ask kids to send revealing pictures back. now police across the area sending out a warning to parents to check the kids instagram accounts unusual activity. school's basketball coaches asking his students to take a proactive approach.>> i think they should definitely tell the parents with her talking to and if anything become suspicious they want their parents know before becomes dangerous. >> north police want parents to go on to the national center for missing and exploited children website to learn more about web safety and how to talk with each kids about it. >> history being made at one
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prestigious institutions wellesley college named doctor paula johnson as its next president. johnson collection makes a the first african-american to hold the position at the college she currently serves as chief of the division of women's health harvard medical school and reagan and woman's hospital. boston mayor marty walsh demanding everyone who drives walks and bikes in the city to state pay more attention. mayor says four people have been struck and killed while walking. fox25 sharman sacchetti shows us whether mayor says the city is working now to keep people safe. >> sharman: headed out some of the city's worst intersections with the mayor says drivers pedestrians and bicyclists all need to learn how to share the road and be safer. chaotic. lucky to make it across the street without getting hit. we found tougher position tougher drives and even emergency vehicles.we went to the square and dorchester where multiple crosswalks are spread out across the busy streets.
6:39 pm
got beeped out while he was crossing the street legally. >> this is unacceptable we need to be doing more to ensure the resident safety in a city. boston mayor marty walsh has a task force working on finding solutions to some of these bad intersections. responsibility everybody shares but he wants to petition to pay better attention to. whether behind the wheel or walking in the city you're really up against it look at this intersection right in the shadow of boston city hall the mayor has his work cut out for him. and the question is will anyone listen. >> prices condo as you know globe reports grand penthouse millennium tower has been so. 13,000 square foot condo takes up the entire top floor of the
6:40 pm
developers would not say how much the condos purchased for but the listing price was $37.5 million. the building is set to open this summer. >> a lot of rent right there. >> all have that celebrity if we met a bit starstruck. service dog in florida has a very thing happen. >> and disney world you can see how excited he got. tail wag right here in trying to be a service dog with guide dogs of america. that is precious. >> so cute. crisis is so out-of-control now that presidential candidates addressed it when they were in new hampshire. on the six local lawmakers by
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heroin epidemic local senator leading the way when it comes to funding the fight against the heroin epidemic. on capitol hill first responders need ways and more money to save lives and reverse the trend. >> reporter: calling it in all hands on deck moment new hampshire senator announced emergency funding legislation to address the heroin and opioid epidemic facing the country. losing a person a day in new hampshire from overdoses three times as many in traffic deaths last year for the 7000 people
6:44 pm
country in 2014. goes farther than the conference of addiction recovery act of 2015. just to prove thursday by the senate judiciary committee ohio senator curella deville in court for the support is getting for republicans and democrats. >> provide better treatment and also print better prevention education longer-term recovery helps law enforcement folks. the bill is a good start but she put forth emergency funding legislation to the tune of $600 million. in 2009, we provided $2 billion to fight swine flu last year we provided over $5 billion for the ebola epidemic really lost one person in the state so this is something that we've got to do more to address. her bill is getting some support from across the aisle senator agrees at least more funding as does fellow southern new hampshire. will continue to work together to make sure the funding is
6:45 pm
the senate. in washington. >> getting to and from school each day safely fox 25 investigation found hundreds of guys putting kids in danger by passing stops school buses. >> this video we found a youtube captures close call student had walking away from a stop bus in west virginia. just this school year school at about it by a driver who allegedly illegally past the stop bus. fox25 is learned there is a proposal on beacon hill that to protect children were also raising money. tonight 10 local reporter sharman sacchetti take a look at how this technology is already doing just that in some school districts in new england. >> native american idol contestant stop in boston hospital before traveling back to hollywood. she met nine-year-old patient at the hospital fighting leukemia. she's a big fan of idol in her
6:46 pm
meeting happen.they met and even sang a song together at the ryan seacrest to the other yesterday. she tells us a is a very brave girl and you love spending time with her be sure to tune in tonight at 8 o'clock right here on fox 25 for an all-new american idol so we can all cheer on her and watch how she does. last piece of einstein's theory of relativity now been proved all-star team of astrophysicists including some from mit announced today that he discovered gravitational waves. those are ripples in the fabric of space-time that einstein predicted 100 years ago. scientists have had indirect evidence of the waves of distance for years but detecting them could being the start of a new era in astrophysics. >> galileo turn a telescope to the sky and open the era of modern observational astronomy.
6:47 pm
equally important here today. >> scientists chairs the peer of mirrors and laser to detect almost imperceptible ripple caused by a gravitational wave sign to say that wave was created by two black holes colliding more than one billion light years away. >> more real-time snowflakes have stopped falling around southern new england a few squalls out there early today perhaps you had to run into one you can see white out conditions with some of those expected that sherry warned you about it! but now continue to tell you but the temperatures and how their dropping.retract that temperature change as we can
6:48 pm
know when you go outside cold is going to be worcester is 11 right now. you factor in the wind and it feels like nine below zero. it's not frostbite levels just yet but it's dangerous enough how comfortable you going to feel going down to three degrees overnight tonight boston you're at 19 so you figure it will be a little bit better but you still feel like only two above zero your temperature bottoming out at 10 under clear skies tonight. back here to fitchburg 14 degrees right now feels like -2 with that wind it's only blowing it 12 miles per hour with with higher gusts going down to actual temperature four degrees most places staying above zero.windchill watch right now includes much of new hampshire as well as vermont of massachusetts except for cape cod and the islands. lot of activity going on this weekend so national weather service put this out there for you so you can plan your weekend. going skiing ice-skating just going to dinner you have to be
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yourself covered up and take warming brakes do your activities make sure you plan to be as warm as possible doing those activities. by saturday evening at 7 o'clock talk about 22 and 24 below windchill these are snapshots. in between these time periods the stop again at 10 o'clock nearly 30 below zero it will fall to 30 low zero when you have wind chills of 30 or less below zero 30 or more below zero anyway you want to look at it -30 are lower than you talk about the possibility of getting frostbite. anything that's not covered up your hands your ears your nose anything on your skin your body that's not covered can start to freeze and that's a dangerous situation it can happen in less than half an hour when windchill so that coal. better barely above zero on sunday it's going to be cold and windchill cold all weekend long.
6:50 pm
with some snow showers but also system coming up to the coast repeatedly over the last couple weeks to for a way to bring a lot of snow but clips sell visa most massachusetts deeper purples in here that showing with heavy bands are going to set up that will make it to the bridges there will be a few snowflakes on the south shore looks like they? snow is going to be out southeastern mass a band of snow comes through with a little disturbance sliding by from west in conjunction with a very cold air. it's back to clear skies and saturday afternoon number snow just very cold temperatures. snowfall stopped at 9:31 snow reaching the vineyard you see this nose doctor acutely out here by 7 o'clock in the morning you have one or two
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is part of the bruins lost to the kings have another game tonight these sick name road trip you got hope that tuesday was an exception to the rule get right back on track because it was really ugly against santos. update on malcolm today goaltending prospect scratches learns of the weekend underwent successful surgery that's good news team announced today they don't expect them back for at least two months though. scary injury to say the least. warm-ups before game quick healing for malcolm. best game of the season at td garden last night celtics to the all-star break with 32 and 23 record really entertaining overtime win over the clippers last night isaiah thomas finished with 36 points but there was bad news coming out of the wing shoulder popped out of joint last night had to leave the game and had to the hospital but the good news is once they got the shoulder back
6:54 pm
a bruise after an mri so no major damage is not asked becky to miss extended time the cells give him a day break for the all-star game so perfect opportunity for kelly to get some rest. houston rockets have made it no secret they're willing to trade dwight howard now the question becomes who wants him or more directly to the celtics figure a way to get who they want perhaps using dwight howard as a cog in a trade wheel. we'll keep our eyes on that. so a lot of talk about the big air event leading up to this week's competition and the hype was with it something else to see these athletes flying through the air sorting down from higher than the lights engines left field at fenway park. practice run qualifying heat different set up to say the least athletes are used to working on mount not every landing was stuck i see where their weather where the helmet. different yes but in the long run they all understand how
6:55 pm
doing this week in boston. >> i can't believe this event is here in fenway park. it's an honor to be here and get the snowboard in the stadium. definitely a little crazy though. really high scaffolding pretty gnarly snow conditions but it's so rad to be here. >> i love it don't you gnarly and rad that's all good they're going to be on national tv tonight. so the country is to see them. gnarly. rad. handball on the wall. let's talk about the how cold it is out there temperatures dropping down to the teens for sure single numbers suburbs out worcester county already subzero wind chills this week in the windchill watch is in place for wind chills wendy 5 to 35 below zero. dangerous levels so tracking that tonight when the worst of
6:56 pm
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switch to better. switch to fios. tonight lamar odom walks. we have the exclusive first video. kloe kardashian's ex just months after his overdose. >> what motivated the nba star to board the plane. >> kris jenner gives us an update. >> are you at all concerned that this was too much too soon >> and a hot can couple. breaking news from bieber's rumoredgirlfriend.


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