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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  February 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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the. a boy headed to shelter for help but gets assaulted instead. what the worker is accused of. and the reason leaders decided to couch something at a local school. dangerous temperatures that keep dropping right now and through the weekend. good evening, everyone. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm vanessa welch. a bitter cold blast has already moved in and about to get worse. let's get over to our chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz in our stormtracker weather center. it is going to be bitterly cold
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cold is on the way for this weekend and we are not going to be able to shake it until the weekend is over. we had snowshowers and squalls earlier today, now just clear skies over new england. but clear skies and diminishing winds is allowing temperatures to drop. if it was totally calm, we'd be going sub-zero. but as it negotiation boston at 13 and bedford checking in at 11 degrees right now. you'll slip to the single numbers tonight, as well. wind speeds are generally between 10 and 20 miles per hour. when i was talking to you at 5:00 and 6:00, it's down but gusts still over 25 miles per hour out in the cape and islands gusting over 35 miles per hour. it gives you a windchill, of course, 11 below is how it feels in worcester, 4 below in boston. province town feeling like 3 below 0 right now. check this out, windchills tomorrow morning aren't going to be so bad and during the day tomorrow it will feel like the teens. look what happens on saturday. those start to plummet in the afternoon and really go down saturday night into sunday. that's when it gets dangerous. we'll talk about the consequence
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are and about the snow that's coming our way. how much you can expect. >> and be sure to stay safe as the temperatures keep dropping by downloading the fox 25 weather app. it is free to download to your smartphone or tablet. >> also tonight, exclusive skyfox video of dangerous live wire scattered across a school bus in dudley. it crashed with student on board. fox 25 was the first to bring you those images on the news at 5:00. new tonight, john monahan is live in dudley where police say the bus driver was drunk. john. >> parents are outraged that this driver was allegedly drinking. we spoke to one parent tonight who says she panicked when she came across the scene. from the air it looks scary. skyfox above shows this first student school bus on the side of the road, power lines laying across the top. >> the live wires are all over it. >> reporter: this parent, who spoke to fox 25 by phone, also a school bus driver. she was on her route when she
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this bus is the one her son takes every day. >> my first thought was panic because it looked like his bus. so i wanted to know what happened. >> reporter: police tell fox 25 the driver, 42-year-old scott porier of dudley hit the telephone pole as he was back up. the pole, live wires and all, came crashing down. the kids still inside. >> but there were still kids in the bus with the live wire on top of the bus. >> reporter: the bus driver seen in this mug shot was arrested for oui. >> i'm completely angry and disgusted that my son was on a bus with somebody that was allegedly intoxicated and his life was in danger. >> reporter: national grid also on scene as some 200 local residents lost power on a frigid night. >> i come around here to see how long it will take, they said one to seven hours. everything is freezing up. >> reporter: meantime, crews
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in the accident was driven away by another driver. fortunately, none of those students was injured. porier will be arraigned tomorrow in court, for oui, negligent driving and child endangerment charges. coming up at 11:00, we'll hear more from the parents and how they brought the kids to safety. john monahan, fox 25 news. in the next half-hour, a student nearly struck walking off the school bus. we're uncovering a new tool that could affect your family and put the brakes on dangerous drivers. that's ahead at 10:00. this little boy's injuries allegedly caused by a worker at a shelter where he and his mom went for help. tonight we know that worker was arrested. fox 25's malini basu live in lawrence and she just spoke with the mom and her son. malini. >> vanessa, we spoke to the mother but here we are at the lawrence police department. police have that man in custody. he has been arrested. we spoke to that mother a little while ago. she tells us her 4-year-old son
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he can't sleep at night and he keeps asking her, mommy, did they catch him. >> reporter: at 4 years old, adrian valentine is like any other kid. he loves to play. he made so many friends at the lawrence shelter he is staying at. on saturday, lawrence police say boy. >> did he hurt you? >> yeah. >> reporter: adrian is autistic and has severe speech bedment. >> he hit you where? yeah. he hit me -- >> he had all five fingers pressed completely against him. >> reporter: andrea rodriguez, the boy's mother, shared this picture with fox 25. she says her son was playing and hit someone. in turn, prado allegedly hit her son as a punishment. >> adrian was running to come in right here in time-out and he ran right after him, and then i ran right after him, but i couldn't catch him in time, and he hit my son and then he was
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over here. >> reporter: angela says the worker took off. police ended up catching him. >> you don't come and hit a child and leave your hands on him and say it was an accident. >> angela tells us she and her two sons have been staying at that shelter since july. as for the shelter worker, we'll tell you much more about his criminal past coming up in the next hour. fox 25 news. breaking right now, former boston mayor just issued a statement about his car crash earlier today. flynn says he passed out behind the wheel on the way home from the gym. he says he woke up after his car crashed into a home, putting a big hole in it. flynn says he suffered a concussion in the crash and he will undergo more testing. the 76-year-old is grateful no one was hurt and thanked everyone who helped him out and those who expressed concern for his health. flynn was boston's mayor for nine years. he was also the u.s. ambassador to the vatican.
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man with his car and has been arrested. we showed you this surveillance video yesterday. 29-year-old tyson delgado allegedly struck a man in woburn and drove off. the suspect was on the run for more than 24 hours. but late this afternoon delgado was arrested at a home on wilcox street in dorchester hiding under a bed. >> it was a very disturbing incident involving a career criminal which had reckless disregard for the safety all around him. >> reporter: the man allegedly hit is okay as for the officer delgado allegedly assaulted. delgado faces several charges including leaving the scene of the accident causing serious more. a woman trapped, pulled her from burning home by neighbors. skyfox showing smoke billowing from the small home in attleboro. the woman badly burned. firefighters rushed to the home on red gate led to afternoon and explained the big challenge they face the. >> a lot of times it's the
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today the content that we see at structure fires, the foam, all those things, the petroleum base burn a lot differently than the stuff used to burn years ago. so it's a little bit more difficult to actually anticipate what's actually burning today by looking at the smoke. >> still no word on what started the fire. crews are still investigating. he took their loved ones, in return they get to take his money. the federal government is offering families of those killed by james whitey bulger a portion of his depleted fortune. ted daniel spoke to one widow who says she wasn't expecting it. >> i saw a big envelope, and it said u.s. attorney's office, and i said, uh ... >> reporter: for mary callahan, it's an officer she can't pass the u.s. attorney's office is prepared to give her a piece of boston's most infamous mob boss as long as she agrees to never sue the government. this will be the first compensation callahan will receive for the murder of her husband john. in 1982, his bullet-ridden body was found in the backseat of his
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miami international airport. it was a professional hit, ordered by james whitey bulger. >> it's not very much money, according to some. it'll be a lot to many of us. >> reporter: callahan expects to receive a check for more than $50,000. it would likely be a lot more, though, if it included the value of whitey bulger's weapons. >> those guns are valuable and i think these guns a history and i this i may be they would be valuable. >> reporter: dozens of guns were found at santa monica apartment where whitey bulger was captured in 2011. instead of selling them, the federal government plans to destroy them. memorabilia collector phil castetti tells us the guns would likely go from $10 to $20,000 a piece. >> even if you don't know them from being around boston, you know them from the movie. gangster and murder meme beal back they have -- as crazy as it is, but they have a bill
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>> if they're afraid with guns would fire, can they do something that the guns won't fire? i don't know. >> reporter: ted daniel, fox 25 news. parents in everett upset tonight after they are learning about a threat made against students days after it happened. police say they started their investigation last week when the high school administrators contacted them after a student made a threat involving bullying. because police determined that threat was not credible, they never alerted parents. but some rumors and misinformation on social media made parents concerned, and they kept their kids home from school. >> i'm very pissed off about all of this. i think we should have been notified about what was going on so we could make the decision whether our children are safe to go to school or not. >> police said today in a statement that students were never in any danger. the superintendent told us they've disciplined the student involved. controversy tonight over a mural at a school made by a student. >> i do think that homophobia is a serious issue in our school in particular. >> reporter: we reached out to
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story. >> it's a love story 70 years in the make. in the next half-hour, the emotional reunion between a world war ii veteran and his wartime sweetheart just in time for valentine's day. local parents getting relief tonight. the help now on the way for children with serious medical
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issues in wisconsin. in the opening statements, both candidates spoke about increasing wages in america and taking on the big banks in their first exchange, hillary clinton and bernie sanders went after each other about how to handle healthcare. >> if you're having medicare for all, single payer, you need to level with people about what they will have at end of the process you are proposing. and based on every analysis that i can find, by people who are sympathetic to the goal, the numbers don't add up. >> please do not tell me that in this country, if -- and here's the if, we have the courage to take on the drug companies and have the courage to take on the insurance companies and the medical equipment suppliers, if we do that, yes we can guarantee healthcare to all people in a much more cost-effective way. >> later in the half-hour, we'll check in on the republican presidential race. >> help finally on the way for new hampshire parents forced to
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with serious medical challenges thanks to a nursing shortage. health officials say they will now raise reimbursement rates for home healthcare newses for the first time since 2006. fox 25's kathryn burcham has been following the two local moms leading this charge and she was there today as they finally got answers. katherine. in the slow grind of bureaucracy here in the state capitol, it's amazing that in just seven months, two mothers managed to get state leaders to nearly double the wages of private nurses. >> determination. we did not let up. >> reporter: politicians move aside when it comes to their children, there is no one more powerful than with a mother. >> we do know that they're working endlessly on this and understand the craze there we're in. >> reporter: since last summer heather and audrey have been fighting to find skilled private
10:16 pm
boat have medically fragile children who need round the clock care. and by both families are approved by medicaid for 80 hours per week of nursing, these moms have been on their own. >> i can't tell you the amount of sleep i haven't got in the more than 30 weeks that we haven't had nursing. >> reporter: fox 25 has followed the two as they lobbied state leaders to increase reimbursement rates for nurses to address the statewide shortage. and today, they got the miracle they've been praying and pushing for. >> i'm hoping -- i'm very hopeful. >> reporter: the state will increase rates for lpns and rns by 25% for daytime care and 46% for overnights and weekends effective april 1st. that means placement agencies will finally be able to find qualified candidates and these two women so used to doing it all can finally focus on just one thing, being a mom. >> it's doing the things that moms are supposed to do and not nurses.
10:17 pm
>> and because of the seriousness of their children's health, donna and audrey have been chosen for a pilot program where nurses will immediately receive a $10 an hour raise before the raises take affect on april 1st. i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. police are still looking for the is tonight after a man known for his volunteering was found shot to death inside his own home. 70-year-old john wiggens was a flying enthusiast who worked part-time at a local salvation police found williams tuesday during a well-being check at his wareham. why he was killed and who shot him are still a mystery tonight. a woman has died after being trapped by a devastating fire in fitchburg. the fire also killed her sister and seriously injured their brother. the victims all in their 60s lived on the same home on walton street in fitchburg. the flames on tuesday were so intense, neighbors compared it to something out of a movie.
10:18 pm
what caused the fire. the police officer shot and killed in an atlanta suburb has been identified. major greg barney died serving a warrant this morning and an autopsy is set for friday. the suspect was shot as he tried to run away from the crime scene. he is currently in critical condition at the hospital. new details tonight about the two sheriff's deputies shot and killed in maryland on wednesday. the first sheriff went to the panera bread to check out a disturbance call placed by the killer's ex-wife. she was concerned that david evans is going to hurt her family. when the deputy walked in, he was shot and killed. the second deputy was shot during the chase and the shooter is also dead. temperatureing are going to put a burden on people's heating systems. >> no doubt people will feel the freeze. robert ghoulston spent the day with the people who keep the heat on and they've been very busy before these dangerously cold temperatures hit us.
10:19 pm
temperatures keeps you busy. not everything will break down before it happens. >> we look at the handles. >> reporter: checking to make sure the heat goes on and stays on as the region braces for a freeze. >> right now all we're doing is strictly going through houses unserviced. we'll kind of put on hold some of our projects, just to get through this weekend. >> reporter: according massachusetts energy officials, the cost of heat is more affordable this year because of the milder winter and lower energy costs. the costs are down as much as 23% for natural gas and 37% for oil. propane and electric are also cheaper. the problem with the temperatures we're expecting, many heating systems just can't handle it reliably because they're designed to heat a home
10:20 pm
as 0 degrees outside. >> if it stops getting closer to that, then the system is working >> robert ghoulston, fox 25 even though homeless shelters like the pine street inn are over capacity tonight no one will be turned away in the city of boston. >> don't stay out in the cold. just surrender and give in. accept the help. >> to some people they apply and to others they don't know that the help is there. >> they will go out and canvas the city looking for people who need help and bring them into the shelter. >> a proposal on beacon hill to allow for cameras on the sides of school buses. we take a look at how the program is working in a neighboring state. >> and the family of an unarmed teenager shot and killed by police slapped with a city bill. officials wanted them to pay for a year and a half after the shooting and what the presidents' day sales event is on now at your new england ford dealers. save big on america's
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. >> secretary of state john kerry says a diplomatic agreement is in place to create a cease-fire in syria.
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involved in syria's civil warren gauging in genuine negotiations. >> the parents of a 1-year-old girl who died while in the care of a nanny in cambridge have filed a wrongful lawsuit. they had murder charges dropped after the medical examiner death. the family told the globe they are filing a suit to prevent mccarthy from profiting the high-profile case from things like book deals or movie contracts. >> they will be somewhat vindicated that she was responsible for the death of a child. >> they did not return their calls about the new lawsuit. >> police shot and killed their unarmed son and a year and a half later they're sent a bill from the city. the family of 12-year-old tamir a rice shot by cleveland police while holding a pellet gun was billed $500 for his ambulance ride to the hospital.
10:25 pm
around the country and again when the grand jury did not indict the officer who killed him. today the city's attorney offered a policy for the claim. >> we have made a determination to withdraw that claim from the protobait court. and as the mayor said, we all sincerely apologize to the tamir a reiss' family for any additional pain or suffering that this may have caused to them. >> they called the filing deeply disturbing. some huge flames leaking from a warehouse in new jersey firefighters are having a tough time putting it out because the strong winds. there is still no information on what caused it or if anyone's been hurt. >> the last armed wildlife refuge occupiers in new orleans have been arrested -- in oregon have been arrested.
10:26 pm
of the man who was killed was arrested. it all stems from a 2014 around standoff with federal officials near bundy's nevada ranch. >> the two week mission will be launched to find the data recorder of the el faro that sank last october during the height of hurricane joaquin. this is newly-released video of the ship showing it about 15,000 feet below the surface. everyone on board the el faro was killed including a woman and two men from massachusetts. school leaders demanding change of a student's mural. the reason they say they couldn't let the artwork made by students stay on display.
10:27 pm
dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i' m living it. but i always tell people - saving' s not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me. sincerely, alex payne.
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more than 47,000 people nationwide overdosed from heroin in 2014. a mural that shows two girls kissing causing controversy at triton regional high school. >> administrators say it actually violate as school policy. be tonight jackie heinrick reports where school officials want students to modify the mural. >> the administration says this issue is not about homosexuality, the controversy is really over public displays of affection. but students and parents aren't so sure. >> i feel proud and i feel sad. >> reporter: jackie mitchell identifies as bi sexual.
10:31 pm
student life, this is what she created but administrators balked. >> it wasn't the fact that two girls were kissing but any students kissing in a high school context. >> reporter: superintendent and chris farmer says public displays of affection are strictly a school policy. but jackie's mom isn't buying that have the reason she was asked to change their heart. >> two years ago they sent home rainbow colored ribbons to put on your locker or whatever you chose to help support and now have a problem with a painting. >> reporter: jackie says the men was enough about being a voice for the lgbt community as it was about getting a conversation started regarding pda. administrators agree she's achieved her objective. >> i recognize it is a matter of judgment but we here to set expectations about the kind of
10:32 pm
publically acceptable. >> but it's left the family wondering if there's more to the story. there were a lot of staff complaining to my principal about the fact that it was too girls and made them uncomfortable. >> reporter: jack see says she'll follow through with the administration's request and modify that piece but right now she doesn't know how she's going to change it. jackie heinrick, fox 25 news. it's gonna be cold in the morning, no doubt about that. clear skies right now and temperatures in the single numbers in southern new england. let's talk about the temperatures and how they're going to be this weekend. it's going to be much colder than this. offshore here there are winds that will be blowing some snowflakes away from us. no more snow tonight. had some flurries and snow squalls around earlier today. overnight clear skies for everyone. you're waking up to sunshine. it is going to be cold sunshine for sure.
10:33 pm
evening hours. now to the temperature, be 7 degrees in worcester, 13 in boston, 7 orange, 9 in keen new hampshire. those are actual temperatures and in worcester, you're going down tonight to the single numbers for sure. boston going down to about 10 under the clear skies. worcester, you're going down to about 4 degrees. there will be disturbing of worcester that go below 0 tonight, i do believe. that's what we're forecasting but it's still not the coldest you're going to see the weekend. gives you windchills like this, below 0 check this out, windchills tomorrow aren't going to be awful. they'll be uncomfortable at times but in the teens is how it's going to feel tomorrow afternoon. let's fast-forward to saturday afternoon. that's when we'll start to see windchills dropping below 0
10:34 pm
minus 1 boston at 2:30, minus 10 worcester projected at 2:30 everybody by saturday night when you're going out at 7:00, how about 25 plus below 0 off to the north and west, nearly 20 below in boston. and by the time you're coming back home in the evening, let's say you go to a show, to a restaurant, you're coming back later in the night, hit it below 0 nearly in worcester and fitchburg and these are snapshots. there will be times in between these hours that i'm showing you where gusts will push it even colder. now, for that reason there's a windchill watch in place that mean we're expecting windchills. when you get down that low and talking 25 below 0 or colder, your skin can start to freeze and it can do that within 10 minutes, up to 30 minutes. bottomline keep yourself covered up or it becomes a dangerous situation with frostbite.
10:35 pm
with temperatures around here but when it's that code very, to talk about it. the a little bit of snow moving our way. another ocean storm far enough not to be a direct hit but close enough to skim south with some snow and steady snow especially in the outer cape and nantucket overnight tomorrow night into the first part of saturday morning. looks like most this is offshore and then there will just be snowshowers that will come on through interior sections. because of, that we're keeping our forecast for accumulating snow out there in the cape and islands. 8:00 tomorrow night, nothing yet. fast-forward a bit to 11:00, some snow starting to stick. and then by the early-morning hours, generally 1 to 3-inches of snow out here, we're going to push it farther to plymouth to the coast of rhode island out to cape cod.
10:36 pm
including a frigid weekend. the i'll show you those temperatures in 10 minutes. >> tune in to the fox 25 morning news beginning at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. a robber armed with a gun and demanding money. >> neck at 11:00, how he attacked workers just to get that quick cash. >> and see why the judges yet again are tonight on american
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giving back
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as ohio governor joins kasich affairs facing a tough decision back home. he must sign or veto a bill to defund planned parenthood passed by the ohio legislature yesterday. >> marco rubio wasn't only looking for votes in south carolina today but also looking for a depth. the wall street journal says the senator cracked his tooth last night and had to go to a dentist and get it fixed this morning. tonight south carolina poll leader donald trump took the stage in louisiana. his event came just hours after trump and uni vision settled a lawsuit. trump sued the company for failing to air the miss usa pageants which he owned at the time. uni vision made the decision after comments trump made about mexican immigrants. one of the region's most prestigious institutions has hired its first african-american president. wellesey collins -- college has naped johnson as the next president. makes the first african-american to hold the position at the
10:41 pm
chief of the women's division of health at brigham women's hospital and the medical school. the action of a fired security officer who soon cost the pilgrim power plant's owner. the officers have skipped mandatory fire inspections for years. according to the cape cod times, entergy could be fined $140,000 per day per violation but likely won't. the plant is set to be shut down by 2019. they were separated by thousands of miles and dozens of years, but tonight the world war ii vet finally comes face to face with a woman who stole his heart 70 years ago. but first, crag down on drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses. we're digging into a new proposal about putting cameras on the exterior of buses and it's already making a big impact in one district. the bruins trying to get back on track after a disastrous effort on tuesday against l.a. and all the hard work comes to
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
how cool does tonight fox 25 uncovers a new push to help kids at a bus stop. last month a kid was hit when a driver allegedly drove past a stopped bus in attleboro. >> now cameras could be put on the arms of school buses to catch people who ignore the law and don't stop. sharman sacchetti learned it's already working in a nearby state. >> reporter: car after car caught on camera illegally driving right by stopped school buses and putting the lives of children at risk. this is the troubling video we obtained from the company that installed these cameras on the sides of school buses in
10:44 pm
not costing taxpayers a dime. >> how much is this costing? >> nothing. not only are we achieving safety but doing it responsibly to the taxpayers of providence. >> reporter: the district has put cameras on school bus arms since 2009 after state lawmakers there approved them and now they're actually making money on the program. >> good idea. great idea. it's safety for the children. >> reporter: it gives schools, the city and the state a cut of the money from the citations. the company that provides the cameras red flax, gives them to the school system for free and gets its own cut, as well.
10:45 pm
are equipped with these cameras. there's one here and two right out front, and they're triggered when the stop sign swings out and the lights go on. >> reporter: red flax watches the videos, flags violations and sends them to local police who decide if a driver gets a ticket. in the 2014/2015 school year providence police issued more than 1100 citations. after all the signs, the city made more than $70,000. the state more than $500,000 and red flex pays for the police detail. >> reporter: bill strauss is just the latest lawmaker to push a bill to let cities and towns put cameras on school bus arms here. over the years, it just hasn't gained traction. >> i think the notion of cameras, there's been an overall resistance. >> reporter: we found in 2014 alone in massachusetts almost 100 drivers received warning letters for illegally passing a school bus. >> clearly it's a vulnerable population of school kids who are on the street at high traffic times of the day so i'm gonna keep advocating for it. >> reporter: in providence they say it's working. >> we had a 90% drop in our top
10:46 pm
and over a 32% drop throughout the district. >> reporter: she tells us it's working to keep the 9,000 children who ride these schooling buses safe. in boston, sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. it's clear here in massachusetts and new hampshire too if a school bus has its lights flashing and a stop sign extended, you have to stop. the exception is if the bus is on the other side of the divided highway with a barrier. >> american idol contestant is still alive in the competition. >> she's moving on after her amazing performance of adele's sky fox. >> moves on to the final 14 as the field gets just a little bit smaller. sonic made a stop at boston children's hospital this week and met 9-year-old ella who's fighting leukemia.
10:47 pm
is sonic and her mom reached out to her to make this meeting happened and they pulled it off. they met, sang a song together at the ryan seacrest studio yesterday. >> i'm getting slow in my old age. hollywood's next big blockbuster batman versus superman will star massachusetts' own ben affleck. the cambridge native is playing bruce wayne. also starring, henry caville playing clark kent and jesse eisenburg is lex lieutenanter. the film comes out march 25th. >> two days ago the bruins determined to get back on the ice and get back on track tonight as they start a six-game road trip in winnipeg. the story tonight, patrice bergeron was all over the ice. great passing here ends up onburgy. 1-0 in the first, jets tied it
10:48 pm
big one late in the first, marchand a scoring machine, 11 goals in 11 games. here's something you don't see a lot of bergeron toe to toe with blake wheeler. these guys used to be teammates but not tonight. bergeron was shaken up, limited shifts in the third period but when he did get out, there he took advantage. 5-2 at that point. bruins add another and that makes the final score 6-2. an update on malcolm subon today one of the top prospects in the bruins system, fractured his layer rings over the weekend. the team today announced they don't expect him to be back for at least two months. scary injury, to say the least, suffered in warm-ups before a game. celtics don't play again until next friday. the nba is wrapping it up with a couple of games tonight. dwight howard is on his way to houston. the rockets have threat be known that they're interested in howard. might the celtics be interested in someone else and can use
10:49 pm
somebody they do want? it is that time of year but danny ange will not make a move
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well, in arlington, police need help finding this missing dog. her name is storm, she disappeared sunday morning from her new home in lexington. she's been seen several times around arlington in the last few days. if you see her, police say do not try to catch her saying
10:54 pm
instead keep your eyes on her and call arlington animal control. temperatures dropping underneath the clear skies, even with the wind blowing. look at this, imagine if it was calm. 13 in boston. wind gusts up over 20 miles per some places on the cape giving you windchills like this. minus 11 worcester. minus 4 for you in lawrence and minus 4 in plymouth, as well. when you wake up, not windchills but actual temperatures averaging about 10 degrees. but it will be sunny. just frigid sunshine out there, no doubt about that. but this weekend we're talking about going below 0 on sunday morning especially. the forecast low for boston is 0. the record low is minus 3.
10:55 pm
last year during our incredible cold and snowy february. i'm looking at that information right now on the snow headed toward cape cod and temperatures sunday morning. >> all right, kevin, just three days before valentine's day, we have an absolutely amazing love story. >> these two fell in love during world war ii but a simple misunderstanding pulled them apart and left them heart broken. >> reporter: 70 years later they found their way back to each other. >> i'm gonna give her a squeeze. >> reporter: norwood thomas never stopped thinking about joyce morris. they first met in 1944, she a 17-year-old british girl living in london and he a 22-year-old paratrooper for the u.s. forces. young love blossomed. >> reporter: the brief romance was interrupted when thomas was deployed to normandy to fight in world war ii. after the war he returned to the u.s. and invited morris to join him.
10:56 pm
and thought he was already married. so she refused his invitation and they went their separate ways. they married other people, thomas eventually became a widower, morris got divorced. >> last year one of her sons found thomas online and they reconnected on skype after more than 70 years. >> i say good morning to you every morning. >> i will say good morning back to you. she broke my heart. >> what would you do if i could give you this? i'd say lovely. >> reporter: a crowd funding campaign raised enough money to make that actually happen. this week thomas made the journey from virginia to
10:57 pm
>> it's so magical. >> reporter: a couple that first met just before "d" day reuniting seven decades later just in time for v or valentine's day. >> the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me. >> ivan watson, cnn. >> want to continue the day with so much joy. never too old for love. >> never too old for love. she broke his heart and still came back around. >> and he is still vertical. >> temperatures dropping right now and we are tracking dangerous cold. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa walsh. ken lemanowicz tracking the temperatures. >> yeah, cold enough out there for sure, vanessa. will get even cold they are weekend. at the same time, i'll keep an eye to the south.
10:58 pm
and allowing these temperatures to drop. worcester down another degree to 6, boston holding firm at 13. your latest wind gusts nearly 30 miles per hour worcester airport and logan airport, 38 miles per hour province town. so your windchills are now updated to be minus 14 in worcester. 5 below in boston. 5 below in nashua and 0 out there in chatham. for tomorrow night, see that storm system down there coming off the coast, another ocean storm forming and intensifying, too far south to be a direct hit to us. but close enough to clip part of massachusetts with some snow, part of new england with some snow and continuing to intensify as it wheels its way out. notice the streaks of clouds and snow bands offshore. they're there because of the gusty winds that will follow behind that storm system. windchills are expected to continue to be really bad behind that storm. not so much tomorrow afternoon. let's fast-forward to saturday afternoon and watch what happens, going below 0 and staying that way saturday night
10:59 pm
we'l look at this more closely hour by hour and i'll show you how much snow that storm is going to produce out there in southeastern mass. >> and meteorologist shiri will be tracking the weather tomorrow on all morning from 4:00 to 10:00. a school bus full of pole. this was breaking at 5:00 and 6:00. new tonight we learned the under the influence. fox 25's john monahan is live now in dudley, and john, this also knocked out power to an awful lot of people nearby, as well. >> that's right. the power coming on within just the last hour. it was out for about 7 hours and after that, the officer was actually backing into a telephone poll and it came on top of that bus filled -- the driver was arrested and the live wires came down on top of the bus.


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