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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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we'l look at this more closely hour by hour and i'll show you how much snow that storm is going to produce out there in southeastern mass. >> and meteorologist shiri will be tracking the weather tomorrow on all morning from 4:00 to 10:00. a school bus full of pole. this was breaking at 5:00 and 6:00. new tonight we learned the under the influence. fox 25's john monahan is live now in dudley, and john, this also knocked out power to an awful lot of people nearby, as well. >> that's right. the power coming on within just the last hour. it was out for about 7 hours and after that, the officer was actually backing into a telephone poll and it came on top of that bus filled -- the driver was arrested and the live wires came down on top of the bus.
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on the side of the road. power lines laying across the top. >> reporter: this parent, who spoke to fox 25 by phone is also a school bus driver. she was on her route when she came across the accident. this bus is the won her son takes every day. >> my first thought was panic because it looked like his bus. >> reporter: police tell fox 25 the driver, 42-year-old scott porier of dudley hit the telephone pole as he was backing up. the pole, live wires in all, came crashing down. the kids still inside. >> there was still kids in the bus and a live wire on top of the bus. >> reporter: porier seen in this mug shot with his eyes closed was arrested for oui. >> i'm completely angry and upset that my son was in a bus with somebody that was intoxicated and his life was in danger. >> national grid also on scene
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power on a frigid night. >> meantime crews work to restore power as the bus in the accident was driven away by another driver from first student. >> the mother we spoke to says another bus drove them to the high school so the parents could pick them up. the driver was arrested for oui and child endangerment. fox 25 news. this 4-year-old boy was homeless shelter. the boy was dragged across the floor and now the worker is facing serious charges. malini basu is live in lawrence. moll malini, you met with the boy and his mother tonight. >> we did. he tells us that why did the man hit me?
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is still traumaized, is not sleeping well at night and from time to time he's asking the mom constantly did they catch him. >> reporter: at four years old, adrian loves to play. he made so many friends at the at. on saturday, lawrence police say boy. >> did he hurt you? yeah. >> reporter: adrian is autistic and has severe speech bedment. >> he hit you where? yeah, he hit me the. >> he had his five fingers pressed completely against him. >> reporter: andrea rodriguez, the boy's mother, shared this picture with fox 25. she says her son was playing and hit someone. in turn, prado allegedly hit her son as a punishment. >> adrian was running to come here and he ran right after him and then i ran right after him but couldn't catch him in time
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driving him from my door over here. >> reporter: angela says the worker took off, police ended up catching him. >> you don't come and hit a child and leave your hands on them and say it was an accident. an accident is when you trip, when you hit someone accidentally, you bump into them. that's an excuse. that's not an accident. >> tonight andrea tells us she and her two sons have been staying at the shelter since july and also tells us that rafeal seemed like he was a pretty nice guy. in the meantime, angela tells us the reason why she was staying at that shelter because where she was living before, the health department shut it down and investigators tell us that rafeal does have a lengthy criminal past. for now, live in lawrence tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. captured, the man suspected of hitting a 65-year-old man in woburn then driving off has been arrested. 29-year-old tyson delgado was found on wilcox street in
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video of the crash yesterday. the victim was dragged about 100 feet before finally getting tossed off the hood of the car. >> a very disturbing incident, we found these career criminals. >> the man allegedly hit by delgado is okay. as is the officer delgado allegedly assaulted. he is now facing several charges including leaving the scene of the accident, causing serious injury. he's expected to face more charges as well. >> at this hour, boston mayor ray flynn remains in the hospital following a single car crash. the 76-year-old released a statement saying he suffered a concussion in the crash. flynn says he passed out behind the wheel on the way home from the gym. he woke up after he hit the house near his south boston home. flynn was boston's mayor for 9 years and also the u.s. ambassador to the vatican. a woman pulled from a burning home by neighbors is tonight recovering from serious
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skyfox flying over the home this afternoon showed smoke pouring attleboro. firefighters rushed to the home this afternoon and were able to put out the flames. a woman was badly burned and tonight the cause is unknown but not believed to be intentionally set. a local man is hit by a car on christmas eve. he survived, but was shocked at the big bill he got in the mail. as kerry kavanaugh reports, the driver's insurance company wants money from the victim. >> left, right, left, right, and and stepped forward about three or four steps and i got clobbered. >> reporter: fred hutchinson says he had just cashed his check christmas eve and then was hit by a car making his way back across the road. >> i got hit on the left leg right here then i rolled off the hood on to the road. >> reporter: he was bruised but able to get around. >> i thought i was lucky and
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insurance company. >> reporter: it was the driver's insurance company, usaa said once they reimbursed their customer for damage from the them. >> as a pedestrian, i get hit and then have to pay to repair the car? >> are you kidding? the insurance company wrote he was responsible for the loss. >> the police wrote in the report that i never looked at all, yet i know i did. >> in fact, police spoke with two witnesses who claimed he didn't look before crossing the street. we reached out to ussa and they say after completing their pursuing damages from the pedestrian and that somebody from the company would be soon. >> go to a crosswalk. that's about all i can say. fox 25 news. presidential debate just wrapped up in wisconsin. everything was on the table, jobs, healthcare, the minority issues. the majority of the debate the candidates kept to each other but things did heat up in the last part of the debate.
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topic here in massachusetts and here is what both candidates had to say about it. >> bottomline is a path towards citizenship for 11 million undocumented people, if congress doesn't do the right thing, we use the executive orders of the president. >> i strongly support the president's executive action. i hope the supreme court upholding them. i think there's constitutional and legal authority for the president to have done what he did. >> right now hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders in the south carolina primary polls. >> south carolina poll leader in louisiana tonight. his event came hours after trump he sued the company for failing to air the miss universe and miss usa pageants which he owned at the time. univision made the decision after comments trump made about mexican immigrants. tomorrow john kasich is in south carolina and facing a
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he must either sign or veto a bill to defund planned parenthood that was passed by the ohio legislature yesterday. former president george w. bush will hit the campaign trail for the first time in years. >> jeb bush's campaign was hoping the appearance of bush 43 will help build support in south carolina following disappointing performances in iowa and new hampshire. new at 11:00, a violent robbery inside a dunkin' donuts. one pistol-whipped the other kicked several times by the attacker. here are the pictures from easton police. it happened wednesday night. the roach brothers on the easton/stoughton line. the gunmen took cash and the cell phones of the employees. the employees did not go to the hospital. call police if you know anything about the crime. some family of those killed by convicted boston mob boss james whitey bulge verify been offered a settlement deal. mary came hang, the wife of
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tells fox 25 the government has presented a deal to split $822,000 in cash and they will also split proceeds from the auction of some of bulger's personal items including a stanley cup ring. callahan's cut will be about $50,000 and she plans to accept it. the money was found in bulger's california hideout when he was captured in 2011. >> patients in everett are upset after they learned about a threat made against students days after it happened. police say they started their investigation last week when some high school administrators contacted them after a student because police determined the threat was not credible they made parents angry. we spoke to some of them who communication. the superintendent did tell us they disciplined the student involved. that can't be comfortable. if you're outside you know. 14 below is what it feels like in worcester. 5 below in boston. not even close to how cold it will be this coming weekend. i'll show you when the windchills get dangerous.
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girls kissing, the subject of controversy at one local school. but it wasn't the same-sex kiss that upset the school.
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and a deer needed rescue find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in
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into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. >> a mural painted on the wall this local school is come under fire. it shows two women kissing but
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was covered up by the school. overnight the administration says this issue is not about homosexuality but about public displays of affection but students and parents aren't so sure. >> i feel proud and sad. jackie was asked by her art teacher to paint a mural showing student life at triton regional high school, this is what she created. >> it wasn't the fact that two girls was kissing but any students kissing in the high school context. >> reporter: superintendent chris fairly says public displays of affection are strictly against school policy, if it's not acceptable in the workplace, it's not acceptable at school but jackie's mom isn't buying that that's the reason she was asked to change her art. >> two years ago they sent home rainbow ribbons to help support and now they have a problem with a paint something in. >> reporter: jackie says the
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a voice for the lgbt community as it was about getting a conversation started regarding pda. administrators agree she's achieved her objective. >> a peck on the cheek is different. >> it's about the type of behavior that's typically acceptable. >> reporter: but it's left the family wondering if they're getting the full story. >> more so that they're against pda but there were a lot of staff complaining to my principal about the fact that it was too girls and made them uncomfortable. >> reporter: jackie says she'll modify the piece but right now
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change it. tonight these two women here, jennifer and david turned themselves in today on animal cruelty charges. they're being held on bail until they appear in court tomorrow. trying to stop airline seats and leg room from shrink has failed in washington. the average distance between rows of seats has dropped from 35-inches to about 31-inches today. the average width of an airline seat has decreased from 18-inches to about 16.5. tennessee congressman steve cohen introduced the bill and said it was not just about comfort but safety. he questioned whether people could quickly evacuate in case of an emergency. >> there will be a crash and there will be people who will not be able to get out of an airplane because of this situation. and they'll have lungs filled with smoke and they'll be dead. and then we'll do something about it.
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voted to ground the plan. the airline industry says it doesn't think there's an increased safety risk and that adding more seats to planes allows them to offer lower fares. there is a new bill in congress that would allow law enforcement to go after a fraudulent hotel booking site. they're claiming affiliation with major hotel chains but the problem is people running the sites are pocketing your money without booking you a room. a new bill would allow the fbi and ftc to investigate the sites, fine the operators and then shut them down. it would also require sites not affiliated with the hotel chain to state that on their webpage. analysts try to help this deer stuck on a hammock. they had to cut the buck loose from the netting in belmont. animal fishes say it's a good reason why you should tape down your outdoor netting when not using it. as the winter prepares to hit, there's a huge concern for
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places at the pine street inn in boston are already at capacity. organizers say people should not be worried about being turned away no matter what, they will find something for them at shelters across the city. clear out there the right now but earlier today there were clouds and snow squalls that came on by so we watched those and tracked them and then all of you got involved. some great pictures coming in. this one is from out in worcester and showed clouds rolling on in and it captured the bad weather. it was a snow squall that came on through, fortunately didn't last very long. a beautiful shot of the sun underneath some of those clouds. they were around. in fact, a really good shot from scituate of the cumulous clouds. we actually see snow falling from the base it over here. that's what that shading is, another snow squall coming on by and finally this is from pembroke to herring run, that's a gorgeous picture of the blue sky once the clouds were gone. tonight with the clouds gone, temps are dropping. down to 6 in worcester and
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on cape cod, hyannis and chatham are 14 degrees. winds are gusting nearly 30 miles per hour worcester and boston. nearly 40 at province town where the windchill right now is 3 below 0. 95 below boston. colder in bedford and colder still in worcester. 14 below 0. and that's the way it is all over southern new england. only nantucket still managing to be above 0 at 1 degree. feels like, anyway. these are the temperatures for highs tomorrow in the boston area. how about 26 arlington into watertown and cambridge. 26 for new quincy, as well. to the northshore, temperatures are going to be in the 20s here, as well. ipswich back to the west, lowell at 25. nashua, new hampshire at 25, and let's check out worcester county, it'll be a little colder here. gardener 21, 21 in rutland, bellingham will be 24 degrees tomorrow afternoon. a cold day for sure and much gets even cold they are weekend. it comes with this. clouds rolling on in here tomorrow afternoon and snow.
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that's not gonna hit us anyone here head-on. that storm is connected to another one off to the northwest there will be snowshowers that can come through on land but most of the snow will be in southeastern massachusetts. nothing accumulating by 8:00 tomorrow evening. just be starting by about 9:00. we'll fast-forward to 11:30, light qume layings out here. over an inch on the vineyard. when it's all said and done into early saturday morning, you're waking up to 1 to 3-inches. that's the forecast we're going with. essentially from plymouth to the coast of rhode island, southeast to cape cod in the islands. you can get a coating from a vigorous snow squall in lynn but most will be here on cape cod. and then the winds, behind that storm, will still be howling, we'll go from friday night, teens for windchills, into saturday, single numbers and teens. by the afternoon, below 0 again and this is where it gets
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saturday by 7:00, below-0 windchills, goes 20 below-0 windchills and 30 plus below 0 late saturday night and early sunday morning. your weekend in view. your seven-day forecast, how cold it will be saturday and sunday. sunday morning forecasting for boston, minus 2, the record stands at minus 3. >> we're gonna head back out to fenway to see some of the crazy snowe blowers dealing with the frigid temperatures and the bruins back on track tonight. and marchand alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old.
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definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually
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somebody tonight good to see them turn the table a little bit and bury a punch of pucks. patrice bergeron was all over the ice. great passing to brad marchand here. he scores to make it 1-0 bruins early on. the jets did tie it at 2 in the first period, the bruins got a big one in the first. 11 goals in 11 games for martian. and how about this -- for more shawn.
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bergeron shaking it up a little. when he did get out there, he took advantage. they win it tonight in winnipeg 6-2. an update on malcolm subon today he fractured his layer rings over the weekend. he underwent a successful surgery but bruins don't expect him to be back for at least two months. suffered a scary injury in warm-ups before a game. hope that he gets well quickly. upset for the u-mass minutemen tonight. hosting bcu in amherst, daunte clark had a big night for u-mass, scored 22 points. that led the way for the minutemen. they win it by 6, 69-53. the monstrosity that looms large over the field at fenway park getting a workout today. the snowboarders having a heck of a time getting used to it. definitely a little different. not every landing throughout the day was stuck as you'll see here.
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oh, yeah. >> i can't believe this event up here in fenway park. it's an honor to be here and get the snowboard in the stadium. definitely a little crazy, though. >> so rad to be here. >> totally rad. >> wrapping up in pebble beach, mark wahlberg and bubba watson. both wearing the same thing. justin timberlake is apparently allowed to cheat. pushing it to the hole but helps when you're with justin rose. guys out there having some fun and they were doing it tonight. >> nice weather there. >> is it good or bad. >> it's rad is what it is. >> all right, going to be dangerously cold over the weekend.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: lamar odom just flew across the country with khloe to see kanye's concert. he looks amazing. >> they didn't advise him to fly to new york but apparently kanye would go once a week to the hospital and play him the rough cuts of his songs on this new album. >> if kanye thinks his music like literally woke the dead, he's real. [laughter] >> blac chyna, she's helping rob kardashian sell his sock line. harvey: she's kind of con vorting in trinidad now. some people are thinking oh, they're not together anymore. >> she put a ring on her left finger. with a big diamond on it.


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