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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 12, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, we have got single digits for the friday morning commute and getting colder for the weekend. i will break down the very latest on frostbite and dangerous wind chills. a family lost their home in these bitter cold temperatures. this morning, how conditions at this scene made it tough to fight the fire. plus a terrifying ride hope for students. how this ended up draped in live wires and what police found when they talked to the bus driver. complete new england coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, thank you for being bright and early
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it is 12th. >> julie: small detail. necessary a time warp becauses he is usually getting going. thank you for joining us at 4 a.m. good morning, i am jewel yule starting with dangerously cold temperatures. maybe your brain is frozen. >> gene: a very good possibility. >> julie: shiri, it is chilly out there. >> shiri: . >> shiri: these are temperatures. 0 and 1 in worcester and keene and nashua, new hampshire. 7 in plymouth. this is the coldest we have seen so far this winter and it over the weekend. wind chills right now 14 below in worcester. 12 below in bedford. 8 below in boston. it is a bundle-up morning this morning. load on all the layers. we have got these are our temperatures toward 6 a.m. and not going to see very much changing here. the next several hours, it will be bright when the sun comes up
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bitterly cold. noontime teens up to about 20 degrees on the map here. clouds start to move back in during the afternoon. i am going to keep us dry through the daylight hours. temperatures here at 5 p.m., lower 20s to send you home from work. that is about the warmest you are going to see. 18 to 24 degrees today. a cold, sunny start, increasing afternoon clouds. i will go over where we will get light snow overnight tonight, and, of course, that big kind of cooldown into the weekend coming up in a couple of minutes. julie, over to you for live drive-time traffic. >> freezing out there warm up your car. and then hit the roads. route 193 south. pike looks good through framingham from the weston to the allston/brighton tolls. and brighton, a handful of cars out there this hour. live drive times. 8 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 21 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. and new morning, a local family sees their home
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coldest nights of the year. norton fire fighters tell us heavy fire inside this home on perry street when they arrived at 11:15 last night. flames were so intense, fire fighters couldn't go inside. a mother and her two adult sons lived in the home and made it out safely. fire fighters had problems with ice, but no hydrants were frozen. so far no word on a cause. shiri said we are bracing for the coldest weather we have seen in a year. video of folks bundled up at faneuil hall and no joke, below freezing all weekend which could bring problems at home. local heating repair company tell fox25 they have been busy over the last week. most heating systems are not zero. >> starts getting close to that or below that, the system is harder than it is designed to work. >> gene: the good news is that costs are down because of lack of winter storm and falling
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poe brain and electric are also lower. we will be updating temperatures in our forecast to keep you safe all weekend. keep us updated on the fox25 weather app. it is available on the apple store and google play. shiri is back in just a few minutes with the full, very chilly forecast. happening today, a school bus driver accused of being drunk and causing a dangerous crash will face a judge. skyfox over the scene in dudley after the bus backed into a power poll. -- a power pole. you can see live electrical wires. the driver is 42-year-old scott pollier of dudley. you can see he has his eyes closed in the mug shot. charged with oui and child endangerment. we talked to the mother of one of the kids that rode the bus. >> just angry and disgusted that my son --
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was hurt and national grid was able to restore service last night. a worker at a local shelter for homeless families is facing assault charges this morning for allegedly hitting a little boy. >> he hit me. >> julie: 4-year-old adrian is autistic living at the shelter we are his mother and brother since last september. rafael abrado saw her son hit another child and he punished her too violently. now they are calling into investigation into hiring policies at shelters. >> first of all, you have kids that are autistic in this building and you need to give them some type of training before putting them here. if they don't have the patience for it and don't have the right knowledge to deal with it, they shouldn't go in a place like this. he has been charged with assault and will be from court next month.
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be from court for leaving a dog in an abandoned rental home. the shitzu was found walking into walls and eating random small items. jennifer marscadini and jade davis turned themselves in. the dog was found monday and this is what it looks like now. with that said, a lot to go, but still under care for 24 hours. a man accused in a hit-and-run is arrested when police find him hiding under a police find him hiding under aed by in dorchester. happening today, tyson delgado faces multiple charges in wilburn district court. delgado hit and dragged a 50-year-old man. he was on the run for 24 hours and that video is of the hit-and-run. he was a danger to the community. >> very disturbing incident and career criminal and reckless disregard of the safety of those around him. >> julie: police say delgado assaulted a police officer
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fox25 will be in court for his arraignment. 4:06. a local man is behind bars for hitting up a convenience store. police arrested joshua mascalei. police say he was seen in this surveillance picture trying to rob a convenience store in metheun. minutes after that incident, he allegedly robbed a bank in lawrence. he is accused of robbing a shop. police are searching for a gunman behind a violent robbery at a dunkin' donuts. look at these surveillance images. happened wednesday night near the roche brothers. one worker was beaten, another kicked several times. a gunman took cash and cell phones from the employees. with the new hampshire primary now in the books, tensions are rising between the two democrats running for president. two days after the decisive win of bernie sanders over hillary clinton. both candidates took aim at each other in a head-to-head
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reporter mary maroney looks at some of. >> reporter: taking a page of of bernie sanders playbook. >> we need to get unaccountable money out of our political systems and we have to do much more to ensure that wall street never wreck main street again. >> reporter: but she tried to dent bernie sanders by portray dent bernie sanders by portraying his slant on health care as being unrealistic. >> that a prom nays cannot be kept. >> reporter: sanders made sure to check his rival. >> well, senator clinton, you are not in the white house yet. >> reporter: and called clinton out. >> secretary clinton has been going around the country saying bernie sanders wants to dismantle the affordable care act. i have fought my entire thrive make sure that health care a right for all people. we are not going to dismantle anything. >> reporter: clinton then turned to discrimination a way to appeal to a much-needed base, latino, african-american and women voters. >> reporter: i am running for
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barriers holding americans back. >> reporter: as both candidates look to the nevada primary, sanders wanted to keep his young base while also courting the elderly vote. >> if elected president, i will do everything i can to expand social security benefits, not just for seniors but for disabled veterans as well. >> reporter: i am mary maloney reporting. republican donald trump plans to give up using foul language at campaign rallies. the billionaire made a pledge at a rally in louisiana. trump has made several controversial statements during his recent campaign event. he repeated an offensive remark by an audience member of senator ted cruz. former president george w. bush will appear on the campaign trail. he plans to appear with his brother in south carolina next week. jeb bush called his brother the most popular republican alive. the younger bush finished well behind the winners of the iowa caucus and the primary in new hampshire.
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coverage of all things election coverage of all things election. we will be following the latest developments every morning as we get closer to super tuesday and, of course, the general election in november. new signs of hope for a cease-fire in syria, but there remains work to be done. secretary of state john kerry said diplomats have not been able to implement a truce but have a temporary cease-fire in the next week. deliveries of humanitarian aid will resume shortly. syria's civil war is five years old. we track weather and traffic every ten minutes. a live look at the pike, bright a live look at the pike, brighton, overall volume light at this early hour. it is freezing out there, and shiri to tell us more. >> shiri: absolutely freezing out there now. 8 degrees but the wind chill is 8 below. look at where wind chills are going in the next couple of hours. i don't have us above zero in boston until 9:00. afternoon wind chills in the teens and i will show where you
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chills up to 30 below will stand this weekend when i come back. >> 30 delow. backlash at a local school over a student's mural. take look at yourself. the image depicts two girls kissing. the person who painted it was trying to create some controversy. a local man was hit with a car and then hit with a big bill. >> as a pedestrian i get hit, and then i have to pay?
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company says he is a local man is hit by a car while crossing a street, and got a bill for the damages to the car that hit him. fred hutchinson of brockton showed fox25 letters from the driver's insurance company. he had to reimburse them to $9 he had to reimburse them to $900 work done to the car. the accident happened at new year's eve in whitman but he has to deal with the insurance company. >> as a pid, i get hit and i have to repay for damage to the car. are you kidding. >> julie: hutchinson was not in a crosswalk and he didn't look before crossing. they reached out to the insurance agency and they said they completed their investigation and no longer pursuing any damages from hutchinson. the mayor of cleveland is apologizing to the family shot and killed by police and later billed for his ambulance ride to the hospital.
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by police while playing with a pellet gun. on wednesday the rice family was billed $500 for the ambulance ride that took their son to the hospital. now the city's attorney said the family will not have to pay that bill. >> we have made the determine nice with. draw that claim from the probate course. as the mayor said. we all sincerely apologize to the tamir rice family for any additional pain and sthuvring may have caused them. >> gene: the family's attorney called the claim filing deeply disturbing. it is a deadly week for law enforcement across the country. happening today an autopsy will be will be performed on an officer shot and killed in georgia. major greg varney died serving a warrant that atlanta. the suspect was shot as he tried to run away from the crime scene. he is currently in critical condition at the hospital. we have new details of two sheriff deputy sheriff deputies shot and killed in maryland. the first sheriff went to a
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disturbance call by the shooter disturbance call by the shooter's ex-wife. she was concerned that he would hurt her family. when the deputy walked in he was shot and killed. the second deputy died during the chase. the gunman david evans was shot and killed by police. a new york police officer is convicted in the killing of an innocent man. found officer peter la e g guilty of second-degree manslaughter. he opened the door in a dark stairwell. his gun went off and he killed an unarmed man in the housing complex. unclear at the time if the rookie cop fired intentionally or not. 4:16. let's look at the roads right now. things are nice and quiet. taking the expressway, should be an easy ride northbound and southbound. pike open through framingham through newton and in to bright through newton and in to brighton. one of these days i will take a drive at 6:14 just to enjoy moving to the pike. gene, you want to come? oh, he vetoed.
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12 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128. 23 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. eight minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. as you are getting ready to head out the door crank up your heat in the car, put on the seal heaters. >> perfect morning for exactly that. sub zero wind chills. temperatures are not really recovering to wind chills even in the single digits above zero until 9:00 or so. bitter cold this morning. we have light snow tonight, and we have a wind chill warning just upgraded from a watch to a warning here right before we went on air, and that going to extend from 4 p.m. saturday to noon on sunday, and that's when we will have the real dangerous wind chills in place. i mentioned some light snow that is coming to town overnight into the morning hours tomorrow. one to three inches plymouth down to the cape and islands. the rest of the area seeing flurries and a scattered coating. the into nice thing is we are starting with the clear skies. clear mornings are the coldest
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actual temperature reading actual temperature reading 8 in clear conditions. wind chill is 8 below because of the 13-mile-per-hour breeze. look at this. we have bitter temperatures rising to only 10 degrees by 8:00 this morning. sticking to the sunshine at noon where we bump you up to 19. lower 20s this afternoon and clouds really start to thicken up. only 1 in worcester right now. actual temperature. not the wind chill. wind chill is 14 below. and you can see we are going up to about 5 degrees by 8 a.m. noontime comes along, 16. temperatures today likely getting stuck in the teens somewhere like worcester. so the big picture is going to be a quiet one this morning. you can see thin clouds erode. by 6 p.m., we start pumping the cloud cover and stays dry, not until 7 to 10:00 that we see the first of the snowflakes moving in. your best bet will be southern massachusetts. rest of the area i want you to
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your late friday evening plans into saturday morning. the potential for some snowflakes will last us occasionally during the day on saturday to set up some flurries. could have snow squalls and turning so dry and so cold that some of that cold will have a tough time getting down to the ground. our set-up on saturday is going to be some brightened conditions late in the day, but this is when our wind chill warning is really going to start kicking into gear. winds will start gusting as high as 50 miles per hour over the outer cape and nantucket. 35 miles per hour across the rest of the region and temperatures in themself seem awfu tlshtion weekend with a high of 12 tomorrow in worcester. 17 in boston. 17 in hyannis. 12 in concord. gets even colder on sunday with a high of 10 in worcester. 14 in boston, but those wind chills that i want to focus on because this is where the danger comes into play. it will feel like 30 below with the wind chill between the bitter cold. actual sub zero temperature and
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sunday afternoon really not improving that much. this is when the wind chill warning will go until noontime. afternoon may not meet the criteria for the warning for an advisory here, but it will be just brutally cold. it is going to say it is in the teens. going to be below z, ro all day long. increasing clouds. highs 22 degrees with late flurries into the day on saturday. turns very windy. wake up to 10. get a high of 18 degrees. waking up to an actual temperature of 2 below on sunday. high 14. remember all day long, it will feel like it is below zero. a dangerous cold, very real threat of frostbite and i am going to give you a timeline on how fast you can actually develop frostbite and weather this cold. the next big weather maker tuesday into early wednesday and heavy rain during the day on tuesday. back to you, guys. >> gene: 4:30 this morning.
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>>. >> today a local man who was killed when a tree fell on him will be laid to rest. he was hit by a tree limb when the branch fell while he was cleaning an ice rink. 6-year-old kaley was died by a branch in another town. search for the data recorder of the cargo ship el faro. the ship sunk during a hurricane joaquin. everyone on board the el faro was killed including a woman and two men from massachusetts. the new search will begin in april and will last at least two weeks. this morning, lawmakers are tracking down on fraudulent hotel booking sites. the web sites claim affiliation
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the people running the sites are pocketing the money without booking a room. the new bill in congress will allow federal investigators to investigate the site and fine them and shut them down. pa plan to stop airplanes and leg room from shrinking has failed in washington. the seat act was to set minimum seat size ontario passenger airplane. since 1970, the average distance between rows is 35 inches to 31 inches today and the average increases from 16 to 18 and a half. lawmakers say not about comfort but safety. >> there will be a crash and there will be people who will not be able to get out of the airplane because of this situation, and they will have lungs filled with smoke and they will be dead and then we will do something about it. >> julie: the house transportation panel voted to ground the plan. they don't think there is an
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increased safety risk and adding more seats to planes has them offer lower fares. everybody will have a chance to get g inside apollo 11. putting a virtual 3d look inside a command module online. they want to give people a peek without damaging the ship with foot practice. not only the technology that astronauts took to the moon, but the virtual look goes live in july. a new web site trying to get young people involved in the political process called brigade, and the developers are calling it the tinder of politics. users are presented with questions about health care, immigration, medical marijuana. you can swipe agree or disagree and put in touch with like-minded individuals. developers hope it will leave young people to vote more president cool temperatures with only have people lining up to test new features in the community. a new public rest room is set to open. the unique twist that is raising eyebrows. a former local leader
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the medical pro now at 4:30. the coldest air we have seen in a year making its way into town a year making its way into town. how cold it is this morning between temperatures and wind chills and how much colder it gets over the weekend. and a family has lost their home in those bitter cold temperatures shiri just mentioned. new this morning how conditions are being made tough to fight a fire. a terrifying ride hope for students on this bus. how it ended up draped in live wires and what police found when it talked to the bus driver. >>announcer: new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good friday morning, everybody, just about 4:30 on february 12, i am julie grauert february 12, i am julie grauert. >> gene: i am gene lavanchy.
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center, frostbite a concern for anybody heading outside. bitterly cold. >> the frostbite concerns will peak late saturday into early sunday. and for now, the problem is we have winds gusting 29 miles per hour in boston. 20 in lawrence. 25 in chatham. 32, nantucket. so that breeze on top of the cold that we have in place is making it feel like it is 8 below. boston up to beverly this morning. it feels like portsmouth, new hampshire, 15 below. fitchburg, 4. the wind chill in worcester waking up to 14 below. 9 below in plymouth. zero in marsh feel. 11 below in falmouth. it is cold. commuters anybody getting kids to leave house as well and this is the day you have to hunt down the mittens. not a day to leave off the mitt not a day to leave off the mittens or hat or any of that gear. 7 a.m. temperature i am going with 5 degrees. to keep in mind wind chills that are below zero until 8 or 9:00 this morning. by noontime, 19 degrees. sunshine, still nice and bright. this afternoon clouds will


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