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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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family forced out into the freezing cold. fresh from his begin this new hampshire. bernie sanders defends his policies. >> i fought my entire thrive make sure that health care is right for all people. we are not going we are not going to disman of thele anything. >> the key moments in that debate and the new pledge this morning from donald trump. complete news england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, 6:00 on this friday morning, and, man, it is cold out there. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. single-digit temperatures for this friday morning, but feels even colder out there. team coverage to get you ready as we approach dangerous cold for the weekend. michael henrich is standing by in norton where the weather caused issues fighting a fire overnight. fox25's stephanie coueignoux live in norwood as people prepare their homes. is is tracking those drive times
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first meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 stormtracker weather center updating and we colorado be seeing record colorado be seeing record-breaking cold. >> shiri: we could, temperatures could be flirting with the record lows. right now, the hour that will be the coldest out there. temperature in boston at 8 degrees and we have been there since 4:00. look at orange right now. 7 below guys. at 4 a.m., it was zero. last hour, it was 3 below. now 7 below. it keeps getting colder and you add some wind on top of it, a wind chill of eight below from boston down to plymouth. 6 beflow beverly. 8 below in nashua. 6 below in hyannis. cold. by 8:00, temperature going up 1 degrees in boston. a very slow warm-up here. by the time we hit noon, temperatures in the teens, but at least got the sunshine. it is not going to look great. it will not feel great, but it will look great for the first half of the day. in come those afternoon clouds.
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headed home from work, plan on the temp right around 20 degrees. 18 to 24 for your highs after a cold, sunny morning. increasing clouds. i am going to tell you when the worst of the wind chills come into town coming up next. over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic this morning drive time traffic this morning. julie, the expressway. >> julie: yes, shiri. we had issues on the zakim bridge earlier. those issues have moved to the expressway because of a stalled car on the expressway near columbia road. look at this bumper-to-bumper as you pass exit 13 freeport street because of that stall blockingoring the middle lane and slowing things down as i showed you. otherwise, the rest of the volume still manageable and light on route 1. 93 south and 128. here are those live drive times here are those live drive times. 24 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes on 9 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 11 minutes on 128 northbound from westwood to weston. gene and sara, back to you. you this in morning, fire fighters work in the early
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fire in norton. six hours later, smoke is still smoldering from that building >> the family made it out safely but never easy to battle flames and temperatures are just so cold. fox25's michael henrich is live at the scene where the entire scene is covered in ice, michael. >> reporter: that's why when we arrived here at the scene. relieve relieving our overnight crew at 4:00, the highway crew putting salt down on the roadways. you can see some of the chunks here clearly on perry street here in norton. the damage to the house, that, of course, is cleared as well. a complete loss here at this home. the fire started around 11:30 last night, and fire fighters not only had to deal with the with the brutally cold temperatures staying on scene for about four and a half hours hours. the wind chill not any higher than zero degrees.
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from a technical aspect. the fire chief told our overnight crew that things went mathly as far as fire hydrants and equipment are concerned. so that's good, and they were eventually able to put it out. as far as the fire itself is concerned, the people who live here, a mother and her two adults sons, they were able to make it out safely before fire fighters even got to the scene. the red cross is helping them out as investigators try to figure out why this fire actually started. a little bit more to the temperature and its impacts on the fire fighters coming up ahead in the next report in 30 minutes. for now, live in norton, for now, live in norton, michael henrich, fox25 news. the freezing weather all weekend could bring problems at home. local heating repair companies tell fox25 they are already busy. the experts tell us home heating systems are not reliable once the temperatures reach zero. and as shiri said we will definitely go below that.
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what do to protect your property over the weekend. we will be updating temperatures and your forecast to keep you safe you a weekend. download the fox25 weather app. the fox25 weather appear is avail inability apple store and on google play. shiri is back in just a few minutes with the full forecast. this man with his eyes closed is sparking an outrage in central massachusetts. and school bus driver is accused of drinking and driving with kids on his bus. police say that driver was taking students home from school when he packed into a pole and took down a live wire. fox25's catherine parrotta live at dudley district court this morning where that driver will be arraigned in a few hours. good morning, catherine. >> reporter: good morning. police do tell us that this bus driver was released on bail around 8:00 last night. as you mentioned he is scheduled to be in court in dudley today to be arraigned on charges in connection with this crash. >> it is broken and live wires all over it. >> reporter: a first student
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power lines after crashing into an utility pole. >> a live wire on top of the >> reporter: happened around 3 p.m. on hidden pond road and police say that man, 42-year-old scott corier is behind the wheel. he appears in this mugshot with his eyes closed. he failed a field sobriety test and was arrested on the scene. he is charged with oui, negligent driving and child endangerment. charges angering another bus driver who is also a mother. >> i am just completely angry and disgusted that my son was driving with someone who was intoxicated and his life was in danger. >> that bus driver didn't want to give her name but came on the scene with another muss with the middle and high school students on board. >> they asked me if i could take the kids back to have their parents pick them up. >> reporter: fortunately the 11 students weren't injured and the crash knocked out power to 200 people including this school superintendent and this resident. >> i come around here to see
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and seven hours. freezing up. >> the power came back just before 10:00 and now suspended as the investigation into this crash continues. now already this morning, i have reached out to first student bus company to see if i can get more information on what is happening in this case on their end. superintendent where i did see a response from him about all of this. coming up next hour. live in dudley, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. a worker at a local shelter for homeless family for homeless families is facing assault charges for hitting a little boy. >> he hit you where? >> yeah, he hit me -- >> sara: 4-year-old adrian is autistic living at the shelter with his mom and brother since last summer. his mother said rafael prado said her son hit another child and he funished him too violently. she shared this story of a mark left on the body with the hand. now called for investigation
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shelters. >> first of all, you have two kids that are autistic in this building. i need to give them some type of training or something before -- if they don't have the patience for it and if they don't have the right knowledge to do it, they shouldn't work in a place like this. >> prado has been charged with next month. a man accused of a hit-and-run is arrested after police find him hiding under a bed. delgado police say hit and woburn. he was on the run for more than 24 hours. woburn's mayor tells us that community. >> very disturbing incident. he was a career criminal with a reckless disregard to the safety of those around us and the community at large. >> police say that delgado assaulted a police officer before the hit-and-run. fox25 will be from court for
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tensions are rising between the the two democrats running for president. two days after the decisive win for bernie sanders over hillary clinton, both candidates took aim at each other in a head aim at each other in a head-to-head debate. reporter mary maloney shows us some of the exchanges. >> reporter: hillary clinton takes a page out of bernie sanders's playbook. >> we both agree that we have to get unaccountable money out of our political system and that we have to do much more to ensure that wall street never wreck main street again. >> reporter: she tried to get bernie sanders by portray his plans on health care as >> that is a promise that cannot be kept. >> reporter: sanders made sure to check his rival. >> secretary clinton, you are not in the white house yet. >> reporter: and called clinton out on her stump speech. >> secretary clinton has been going around the country saying that bernie sanders wants to dismantled affordable care act.
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sure that health care is right for all people. we are not going to dismantle anything. >> reporter: clinton turned to dim criminal nice appeal to a much needed base, latinos, african-americans and women voters. >> reporter: i am running for president to knock down all the barriers that are holding americans back. >> reporter: both candidates are looking for the south carolina primary, bernie sanders tries to keep the young sanders tries to keep the younger vote and also courting the elderly vote. >> i am elected president i will expand social security not only for seniors but disabled veterans as well. >> reporter: i'm mary maloney reporting. donald trump pledges to give up foul language at his rallies. he made several controversial statements during recent campaign events if. in new hampshire he repeated an offensive term shouted by an audience member. former president george w. bush returning to the campaign trail.
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to appear with his brother former governor jeb bush at a rally in south carolina next week. jeb bush called his brother the most popular republican alive. the younger bush finished behind in the iowa caucuses and the new hampshire primary. and stick with fox25 for continuing coverage of all things election this things election things election. this week -- will continue to follow the latest developments every morning and as we get closer to super tuesday and we vote in massachusetts and election day which is coming up in november. every ten minutes we check your traffic and weather together. we are looking at a 23-minute commute from 495 in andover down to the zakim bridge. shiri. we will see 8 degrees on the car thermometer going into boston. feels like 8 below. and feeling like the teens this afternoon. wait until you see how cold,
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going to be this weekend next. a scary crash for the former mayor of boston. what ray flynn was doing before he passed out behind the wheel. plus a local man was hit by a car and hit with a big bill. >> as a pedestrian, i get hit,
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a 41-day standoff is over between police and ranchers in oregon. thousands of people watched as the last protester turned himself in. a total of four protesters surrendered peacefully. the group occupying the park were led by ammon bundy. they were protesting the arrest of two local farmers with of two local farmer in a land dispute with the government. bundy's father was arrested on
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va le avenue. you are heading southbound and head to the cloverleaf and slow conditions at montvale. 24 minutes on.pike eastbound 28 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike.
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down to the leverett connector and zakim bridge. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. and it is a very cold start to the day. so, stay warm today. >> shiri: stay warm today. whatever efforts you are putting into it today, you got to double it by the weekend. so today we are going with sub zero wind chills through the morning commute. they are out there now, guys. they are not going to improve vastly through the morning hours. we have got light snow, and a wind chill warning that goes into effect 4 p.m. saturday into noon on sunday and that's when the wind chills are going to be at their worst. right now starting off your day at just one in worcester. two below in keene. eight degrees in boston. six in plymouth. look at the warm-up to the worcester area nice for your skies and we tap into sunshine this morning and take you up to 3 degrees by 8 a.m., by 10 a.m. 11 degrees. highs get stuck in the teens.
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because of the breeze. working its way up to 13 degrees by 10:00. afternoon highs make it up to the 20s, and slowly the clouds will start to increase. we have a high around 20 degrees in worcester. 24 in nashua, lawrence, bedford over to norwood at 25. 25 in boston and beverly. 24 in plymouth. but here is how this goes with the futurecast, because we start nice and bright this morning. increase those late-day clouds. for the evening commute, not as bright out there, but i am not bringing back any snow between 7 and 10:00 tonight. mostly focused from plymouth cape and islands. the rest of the area at risk of picking up some flurries. we will see that pick up into the morning. it will be done in noontime and result in 1 to 3 inches from plymouth down to the cape and islands. rest of the area, kind of unsettled. lingering clouds into your saturday forecast. as those clear out during the afternoon, the winds increase and winds will start gusting 35 to 40 miles per hour.
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we could see gusts down around 50 miles per hour. and you couple that with the fact that we have got some very cold arctic air moving in and that is where the dangerous wind chills come into play. wind chills to 30 below. this is sunday morning. sunday morning will look nice and bright and will feel treacherous. as these are your feels-like temperatures as you wake up if you are an early riser on sunday morning. 27 below in orange and worcester. 21 below in bedford. 24 below in boston. 25 below in plymouth and similar wind chills into southern new hampshire and even down to the cape and islands. cold for everybody. in the afternoon, this is about the warmest i could find you. 2 p.m., it will feel like zero even though the temperature reading tomorrow is 17, and the high temperature on sunday is 14. just remember any wind on top of that is what is making it so uncomfortable and so dangerous. by early next week increasing morning clouds. leading to late snow and a rain-snow mix. it finally winds down as snow here on wednesday. back to you, guys.
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no smoking allowed on capitol hill. but one congressman doesn't seem to kill. why he was boldly puffing on an e-cigarette in the middle of a hearing. but first, if you don't have a valentine's day date, don't worry about it, ladies, fabio is back.
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uber is ready to pay nearly $30 million to settle federal lawsuits over passenger safety. the ride-sharing app now admits it misled customers about safety procedures and fees. 25 million riders who use uber over the last three years will be eligible for small payments under a settlement. uber will be a safe ride fee of more than $2 per trip to cover the cost of background check. but the company does not use the same safety standards as most taxi companies. well, a band defies graph fee in their newest music video and the result has everybody talking. take a look.
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there is the band that were weightless for the latest job upside down and inside out. they filmed it in the airplanes where they have zero gravity where they go up and go down. the same group behind some of the other popular video for the song "here is goes again" where they are on the treadmill. ten years ago they are rocking it in the video department. they even performed in tread they even performed in treadmill stunt on stage during the award show. they had them on with the umbrellas. one a continuous shot. >> you have to trust your crews >> you have to trust your crews, your roadys. if one person goes a little faster than you are expecting, you are in trouble. >> julie: a little incline, it's over. if you don't have a valentine's yet, a perfect for you. >> hello, george, i am glad could you make it. >> hello. >> fabio -- there is still a breeze. not sure what he has been up to. apparently he has been building up to this. the video posted was for hall the video posted was for
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services. fabio has an idealing on a, a bear skin rug, roaring fire, campaign and fabio and fan blowing to get the wind blown look in the air. >> julie: the yulelog for valentine's day. you put it on the stream. >> gene: he doesn't want to cut the air. >> julie: never. a national treasure. we have a new addition to the fox25 family. one of our talent prod duesers is a new mom. yay, jessie, congratulations! baby parker james. >> gene: are they going to call him pj. >> julie: he came in last night at a whooping ten pounds. >> gene: outstanding. >> julie: per hour dueser jessie was a week late and was that late with big brother nolan first time around. congratulations to jessie, her
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we miss her her, but she has her hands full now. >> gene: my wife had a 10 >> gene: my wife had a 10-pound julie hopefully she got a push present. >> gene: she did -- congratulations situations to jessie. >> julie: and everybody who sent well wishes on the facebook page. good to good to have love. >> shiri: temperatures. and the lame warm-up today and the worst warm-up this weekend. he will break down the dangerous cold. with dangerous cold temperatures this weekend a loy the of people are scrambling to make sure their heating systems
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the one piece of complete coverage right now complete coverage right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: check out the temps for boston and worcester. quite a while since we felt this developed in february, and you are going to feel it this weekend for sure. >> sara: i feel chilled to the bone in the studio just thinking of going outside. >> gene: yes. >> sara: yeah. >> gene: you just want to wear your coat, even if you were inside. >> sara: wrap a blanket around you. team coverage as you approach dangerous cold for the weekend. michael henrich is standing
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weather caused issues fighting a fire overnight. >> fox25 stephanie coueignoux live in norwood as police prepared their homes and julie grauert is tracking the drive times in the bitter cold. get out there and warm up your car before you hit the road for sure. >> meteorologist shiri spear is in the fox25 stormtracker weather center updating what you are saying could be record you are saying could be record-breaking cold, shir. >> shiri: the cold into the sunday morning forecast when we have the best chance of setting some records. this the big deal this morning the fact that we have gusting into the teens and 20s and contribute contributing to the wind chill out there now. wind chill now, 8 below in boston. 11 below in portsmouth, new hampshire. 3 below in norwood. worst in worcester, 15 below. 8 below in plymouth and 6 below in hyannis. everybody feeling cold. and 7 a.m. temperature, 5 degrees. we get up to 19 by noon.
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morning, but those sub zero wind chills will take us through at least the 8 if not the 9 a.m. hour. at 3:00 this afternoon up to 20 degree. in come our clouds and this evening, we will have to bring in the chance of snow that lingers into tomorrow. not a lot of snow. show where you to plan around that and where we can see some wind chills as low as 30 below coming up. now get you over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic this morning starting out with slow spots. >> 6:30 is when we start to see things pick up. around the expressway at morrissey boulevard. things looking good on 93 south and route 1. problem-free drive on 128 as you make your way down to the pike. live look at the variety of cameras i am monitoring for you this morning. here are those live drive times, 14 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 23 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 23 minutes on 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. keeping warm could be a
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home heating systems forced to work overtime and pipe can burst foo if you are not careful in can happen if the temperatures dip below freezing what we will be dealing with all weekend. >> fox25's stephanie coueignoux is live in norwood where people are getting ready for this frigid weekend. looks like you are ready, stephanie. >> i am bundled up. i am prepared. and a contractor just tweeted me saying that he is already on standby. he is expecting this to be a busy weekend. here at home depot not too busy yet but we are thinking a lot of folks will be showing up. and i want to show you this american flag at the top of the building. you can see it is already whipping around. shiri mentions those very dangerous wind chills. that certainly will have a lot of folks cranking up their heat this weekend, and yesterday we caught up with two heating contractors who told us their phones have already been ringing off the hook because people just really concerned about their heating systems not making it through the weekend.
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heating systems simply can't keep a house warm for long periods of time when temperatures outside drop to 0 degrees. >> if it starts getting close to that or below that, the system is working harder than it is supposed to work and it breaks down. >> reporter: we asked for advice. it is better to keep your thermostat at the same temperature both day and night and that way your system doesn't have to work harder to reheat the house. the good news, a silver line the good news, a silver lining in all of this. the silver lining you won't have to pay as much as last year because energy cost has dropped significantly. it in norwood, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. new this morning fire fighters battling fire and ice as it put out flames in norton. michael henrich continues our team coverage of this dangerous cold from a fire in norton and michael, you told per hour dues michael, you told per hour
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to the scene. >> reporter: yeah, about an hour and a half ago, i actually called the fire department to let them know that the amount of steam and smoke that and to be coming from the far side of the house had increased, and they did end up coming back here to check things out. you can see they are putting water back on one of the hot spots there toward the back of home here on perry street in norton. this is something that flared up several hours after the fire actually started. it was around 11 :15 last night when that fire started, and shiri tells me the latest weather reporting station in taunton put the wind chill at zero degrees. right now we are below that still, so this is something that firefighters to deal with not only is the fire dangerous for obvious reasons, but the cold, very dangerous as well, especially when these brave men and whim have to stand out in it for several hours at a time. as far as this fire is concerned, the fire chief says a woman and her two adults sons
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but they were able to get out when fire fighters arrived. they don't know what caused it yet and it is under investigation and the red cross is helping that family out. i am not sure how long the fire fighters will be here battling these hot spots, but we can assure you we will be here for it and you an update as soon as this situation evolved and changes in our next report in 30 minutes. live in norton, michael henrich live in norton, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> sara: we will be updating your temperatures and your forecast could keep you safe all weekend. download the fox25 weather app. shiri is back with the full forecast. former boston major ray flynn is recovering from a car boston. he says he passed up behind the wheel and woke up after his car crashed into a neighbor's house. in a statement, flynn sent us just before our 10 p.m. news last night, the mayor says he has a concussion and will undergo more testing.
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nine years and he was the u.s. ambassador to the vatican. new this morning, local man will be behind bars of trying to rob two banks and trying to hit a convenience store. yesterday police arrested joshua pitichili from metheun. he was wanted by three police departments on numerous charges departments on numerous charges. he is seen in that video there trying rob a convenience store in metheun last week. minutes after that incident, he allegedly robbed a bank in lawrence. he is also accused of robbing a citizens bank at the stop and shop in chelmsford. easton police are searching for a gunman behind a violent robbery of a dunkin' donuts. it happened wednesday night near roch e brothers on the easton stoughton line. one was beaten and. the gunman took cash and cell phones from the employees. the parents of a little girl who died in cambridge -- who died in cambridge are suing their former nanny. she spent time in jail charged
6:36 am
the case was recently dropped because the medical examiner changed the baby's cause of death. the family is suing to prevent mccarthy from profiting from the high profile case can a book deal or movie contract. today, two new hampshire women will be from court facing charges for leaving this dog in an abandoned rental home in londonderry. the shitzu was found walking into walls and attempting to eat random small items and is in terrible shape. last night jennifer mascadini and jada davis turned themselves in. this is what the dog looks like now. so much better. vets say has a long way to recover but under 24-hour cares. the high school arts project is showing controversy. showing two girls kissing and must be changed. students in byfield painted the image and was asked to create a mural showing an example of student life. the administrators said the
6:37 am
>> it wasn't the fact that it was two girls kissing, any students kissing in a high school context. >> student artist tells fox25 she wanted to start a conversation about school policies policy; however, they will obey the school's request to fix the mural. some extreme weather for the extreme action in fenway park. you may have seen the giant snow lamp towering over the ball park and cloud pulled the stands to see it put to good use. with wind chills near ze ro. snow boarders nailed some high-flying stunts. the. the action continues with the free skiing competition. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes for you. right now you are looking at a 22-minute commute on the expressway northbound from the braintree split to columbia road. shiri. a brief glance here at high temperatures for the next couple of days. 22. teens over the weekend and wind chills that have the most concern.
6:38 am
even 30 degrees below zero next even 30 degrees below zero next. we know coffee drinks are expensive, but this seems outrageous. coming up at 7:00, why this cup of coffee cost $15. that they have been praying for for. coming up, the help on the way for local moms who are left
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th this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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welcome back at 6:43. meteorologist shiri spear with a warning. type of temperatures and wind chills we are talking about they can weened j 20 below. you can get frostbite in 30 minutes. when the wind chill is 30 below, it only takes ten minutes. what times you have to be alert for this coming up. gene. help is on the way for local parents not able to find nurses for children who have serious medical challenges. as fox25 has been reported for months, a shortage of qualified
6:42 am
fox25's catherine burcham have new details of the two women leading the charge to find a solution. >> determination? >> determination. we did not let up. we did not let up on them. >> reporter: politicians move aside. when it comes to their children, there is no one more powerful than a mother. >> we do know that they are working endlessly on this and they are understand the crisis we are in. >> reporter: heather and audrey have been fighting to find nurses. both from medically fragile ill children that need around-the children that need around-the-clock care. both are approved for 80 hours per week of nursing these moms have been on their own. >> i counted down the amount of sleep i haven't got in the 30 weeks we haven't had nursing. >> reporter: fox25 has followed them as they lobbied state leaders to increase reimbursement rates for nurses to address the statewide shortage. today they got the miracle they
6:43 am
>> i am hoping. i am very hopeful. i am. >> reporter: state will increase rates for lpns and rns 25% for daytime and 46% by overnights and weekends starting april 1. placement agencies can find qualified candidates. and these two women, so used to doing it all, can finally focus on just one thing, being a mom. >> that is doing the things mom >> that is doing the things moms are supposed to do and not nurses. to be caring for our kids. >> reporter: i am catherine burcham, fox25 news >> the two women we spoke with have been chosen to take part in a pilot program where nurses they hire will immediately receive a raise of $10 an hour. a plan to stop airline seats an leg room from shrink seats an leg room from shrinking has failed in washington. the seat act was aimed at cutting minimum seat sizes on passenger airplanes. since the 1970s, the average difference between rows of seats have dropped from 35
6:44 am
and the average width of an airline seat has decreased from 18 to 16 and a half inches. lawmakers say not just about comfort but safety. >> there will be a crash, and people will not be able to get out of an airplane because of this situation and they will have lungs filled with smoke, and he will be dead, and then we will do something about it. >> sara: the house transportation panel voted to ground the plan. the airline industry says they don't think there is an increased safety risk and oopd increased safety risk and oopding more seats to planes allow them to offer lower fairs allow them to offer lower fairs. a republican duncan hunter was arguing against a measure for vaping on planes. he used his electronic cigarette blowing out clouds of vapor. vaping has been banned by most
6:45 am
long-time supporter of vaping and e-cigarettes. the sign of time that baby boomers may not be glad to hear this. the adult diaper market is growing. and expected to take off in the coming years. celebrity dads are everyone. tv host lisa rinna is doing ads for depends. younger people. the adult diaper market is outpacing other household staple in the united states more than toilet paper, more than paper towels. experts anticipate a near 50% in sales of adult diapers. but they are still having a good time if you saw the picture there. so maybe it is not so bad. >> sara: to you have under weariness. >> gene: i have underweariness but no adult diapers. in case you were wondering,
6:46 am
tmi on -- tmi on a tgif. >> julie: that keeps me up at night, gene. i was really wonder being that. sara, thank you for clearing that up. roads route 3 south of town, you are flying. no need for adult diapers you won't be in traffic. not an issue up to the braintree split. 24 and 895 clear. the expressway slow riot the expressway slow right around morrissey and we are used to seeing that around naponset and downtown. live look one of our cameras. live drive times. 9 minutes florida 228 to the braintree split. 12 minutes from 106 to 128. 20 minutes on expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shiri tracking unbarely cold temperatures today and into our valentine's weekend. >> julie: even dangerously cold if you are not ready for.
6:47 am
south shore, north shore, boston, worcester, the only reason it doesn't roll into southern new hampshire, a different national weather service office that issue it is and i expect even there we are going to get in on it. right now 8 degrees in boston, feeling like 8 below because of the breeze at 14 miles per hour. we have been stuck here since 4:00 this morning. we had no moment in temperatures, and it is going to be real, real slow. even at 8 a.m., going up to 9 degrees. 12 degrees at 10 a.m. 19 by noontime today. highs in the 20s. late clouds increasing. so the bulk of your day will be beautiful and bright. a little cooler as we look forward central massachusetts. worcester only gets up to 21. rutland, 20 degrees. douglas, 22. and those will be some of our cooler spots. boston, 25. 21 in worcester today for your friday in manchester, new hampshire. same in plymouth. so saturday and sunday's highs are going to be stacked in the teens, guys. saturday which is going to be a little bit milder than sunday
6:48 am
really where we see most of our cold air concerns. increasing clouds between 7 and 10. we will see flurries develop over the cape and islands. a little period of light snow that goes through noontime. 1 to 3 inches from plymouth down to the cape and islands. rest of the area patchy coating rest of the area patchy coating. that's it. winds start to strengthen gusting 15 miles per hour over the cape and islands and over the arctic air. wind chills down to 30 below. thankfully sunday does brighten up. some of the worst of it from worcester to orange or keene, new hampshire where it could feel like it is 35 below zero. the rest of the area 20 to 30 below. the seven-day forecast always in view. after this weekend thankfully we start warming up monday, 28 degrees. 46 on tuesday means we are going to go from snow to some heavy rain. and by wednesday, we are going to see slow improvements but hang on to 42 for the high. back over to you, sara. >> all right, shiri. it has been sitting on the bottom of the ocean since the
6:49 am
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lets you handle your financial needs... right here. that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? federal official are launching a second search for
6:51 am
cargo hip the el faro. the ship sank in the bahamas in the height of hurricane joaquin the height of hurricane joaquin. this as recently released video of the ship showing at about 16,000 feet below the surface. everyone on board the el faro was killed including a woman and two men from massachusetts. the new search will begin in april and will last at least two weeks. a wooden up ship dating back to the middle ages is about to emerge from the middle of the sea. the trading ship was found near a site of a new port of the netherlands. sealed of the baltic and the north seas. experts say the ship is very well preserved and a special platform that allows the water to constantly flow over the vessel so it won't deteriorate. in just a few months everyone will have a chance to go inside the apollo 11. putting a virtual 3d look inside an expand module online. and want to give individuals a. inside not only the technology
6:52 am
took to the moon, personal things left behind by the astronauts themselves. that virtual look will go live starting in july. s reton native and american idol contest continue at sonica is still alive in the competition. [singing] . >> sara: beautiful. moved on to the final 14 after a may iing performance of adele a may iing performance of adele's "skyfall." and the field is getting smaller. she made a stop at bostoner a children hospital and met 9-year-old ella who is fighting leukemia. a big fan of "idol" and sonic and her mom reached out to her to make the meeting happened. we are following breaking news out of logan airport where there are reports of a van that crashed into a plane full of passengers. we have a crew heading to that scene. shiri.
6:53 am
concerns will be a little bit of snow accumulation tomorrow and even more so for the wind and the wind chills.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody, 7:00 now on friday morning, it is february 12th, very cold out there, dangerously so. appreciate you being with us this morning and do take precautions, i'm gene lavanchy. >> sara: i'm sara underwood. single digit temperatures on the friday morning, but it feels even colder out there. we have teen coverage to get you ready as we approach dangerous cold for the weekend. michael henrich is standing by in norton where the weather caused issued fitting a fire overnight. julie grauert, of course, is tracking those drive times in the bitter cold, but first up at 6:00, meteorologist shiri spear following drop in the stormtracker weather center all morning, and, shiri, people really need to be aware of this because it is dangerous. >> shiri: it is going to get dangerous into the weekend, and
6:57 am
expected to be coldest and as reflected go to two below in worcester, since we went on air this morning at 4:00 a.m., it has been 8 in boston, warm up, add wind on top of that, still feels like eight below, boston up to beverly, four in plymouth and 17 below wind chill in worcester, four below in nashua, five below hyannis, so nobody is really sneaking away from those uncomfortable wind chills this morning. nancy innie a.m. actual temperature readings here up around 10 , and then by noon time we got teens on the map at least. we do stick with the sunshine first half of the day afternoon you will see the clouds moving on in and these are 5:00 p.m. temperatures, so drive home from work, plan 18 in worcester, 23 in boston and not much higher than that, 18 to 24 , cold sunny starts and increasing clouds and eventually tonight we pull back the risk for snow. i will show where you coming up, but julie grauert up now with live drive time traffic this morning. and where we seeing the trouble
6:58 am
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