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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 12, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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expected to be coldest and as reflected go to two below in worcester, since we went on air this morning at 4:00 a.m., it has been 8 in boston, warm up, add wind on top of that, still feels like eight below, boston up to beverly, four in plymouth and 17 below wind chill in worcester, four below in nashua, five below hyannis, so nobody is really sneaking away from those uncomfortable wind chills this morning. nancy innie a.m. actual temperature readings here up around 10 , and then by noon time we got teens on the map at least. we do stick with the sunshine first half of the day afternoon you will see the clouds moving on in and these are 5:00 p.m. temperatures, so drive home from work, plan 18 in worcester, 23 in boston and not much higher than that, 18 to 24 , cold sunny starts and increasing clouds and eventually tonight we pull back the risk for snow. i will show where you coming up, but julie grauert up now with live drive time traffic this morning. and where we seeing the trouble
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>> julie: trouble spot expressway high volume in the braintree split and continuing up to columbia road. pike still looking reasonable and slowest spot on weston tolls 93 south route 1, slow spot as you approach somerville on 93 south. over to live drive times, 16 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin, 33 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector, 24 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. >> gene: starting this hour with breaking news at logan airport right now where a van has struck a plane full of people. this happening right now as mentioned involves a jetblue flight that was heading to florida. sky fox is live over the tarmac at logan right now. you could see the plane at the gate. flight 891 heading to tampa when passengers felt the impact as the van struck the plane on the tarmac. this is a picture a passenger tweeted as it was happening. they were parked at gate 11 when the plane was hit, moments later pilot got on the intercom to say
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they tweeted what she said and let's listen to that right now. >> underneath the airplane and luckily they got it stopped before they hit another airplane and aircraft damage, so we are going to deplane because this plane not going anywhere for awhile. i apologize. we will have more information. >> rather get up than get off. >> gene: so the good news, in one was hurt, the plane reboarding according from tweets from passengers about to take off again, as they follow-up as they land, continue to follow the investigation to let you know what happened. here is look at sky fox over the scene at logan as the plane has been reboarded and see the jet bridge back up to the plane, folks getting back on, so there was a delay, and likely one of the vans used to service backed into the plane and caused concerns. again, those passengers reboarding the flight taking off for temporary in a few minutes because van backed into logan and follow to follow the story and crew on the way to do the scene and pass along the very latest information as we move along through the morning.
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we sent a breaking news alert to our app. make sure you're signed up for alerts so you don't miss breaking news as it comes in. setting up now as mentioned for live report at logan and bring that to you as soon as we can. gene: 7:02, firefighters work into the early morning hours on this house fire in norton. with hot spots flaring up they are back on the scene right now. >> sara: the family made it out safely, but it is never easy to battle flames when temperatures are so cold. fox25 michael henrich is live in norton even with the wind chills, michael, this fire is still not all the way out. >> michael: it has been a tough one because so many layers of debris where some of the hot spots are, and in fact, just moments ago i wasn't even able to get word into our production booth here. moments ago the firefighters did end up leaving. once again they left behind yellow tape so people don't get too close to the house because as you could see it is completely destroyed. as we look toward the back of
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still see some of the smoldering and firefighters as they left mentioned they probably would be back to go at those hot spots again. it is just so cold out here, and there's so many layers, there's not much more they can do at this point. especially since it is not safe to go in there. when this fire started around 11:30 last night, shiri tells me the wind chill at nearby weather reporting station was zero. well, it has only gotten colder -- only getting colder i should say all the way through when they first left the scene at 4:00. it was like negative three wind chill when they ended up leaving that's more than four and a half hours of firefighters standing out here. of course, the ground ice is up, so there's a lot of challenges, even though the fire chief was happy to be able to say that all the hydrants worked, all the equipment worked, so they didn't have any technical issues in spite of the obvious health risks by standing out here in the cold by a fire for so long. now, the people that live here, fire chief says a woman and her two adult sons, they have made it out safely.
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they made it out safely, even before firefighters arrived. the red cross was called out to help them, and investigators are working on a cause they simply have not figured it out yet. again, a more to this here, and one thing i didn't show you, i do want to actually quick out here before we wrap up, the water department is on scene here. the highway department from norton was also here on perry street putting out salt on to the roadway because of the icing issue. we will have more on that coming up in the next report in 30 minutes. for now live in norton, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> sara: the freezing weather all weekend could bring problems here at home. local heating repair companies tell fox25 they are already busy the experts tell us that many home heating systems are not reliable once the temperatures reach zero, and as shiri said, we will go well below that. best advice is to keep your thermostat on one temperature and not move it up and down. the good news this year is heating costs are down because
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falling oil prices. and we will be updating temperatures and our forecast to keep you safe all weekend. make sure to download the fox25 weather app. it is available in the apple store and on google play. sure is back in just minutes with her full forecast. >> gene: 7:06. happening today a school bus driver will answer to charges he drove a bus full of kids while he was drunk. before the ride was over the bus had crashed and students were trapped inside. fox25 catherine parrotta is in dudley this morning, and catherine, the police chief is about to update us on this investigation. >> catherine: yes. that's going to happen within this hour, so we will be heading over to the police department just after this report, but we did learn from police this morning the bus driver is out on bail. he was out on bail as of about 8:00 last night. however, he is due in court today to be arraigned on a few charges connected with the crash, including oui and also been suspended for now for the bus company while the investigation continues on. take a look though because this video was captured by sky fox,
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was shortly after this crash yesterday. you can see the bus there with live wires lying across the top of it. this is from the first student bus company. police say 11 middle and high school students were on board at the time of the crash, but fortunately they were not injured. this is the man police say was behind the wheel of the bus. this is 42-year-old scott poirier of dudley, and you can see there appears in the mugshot with the eyes closed. negligent driving and child endangerment and school bus he was driving struck a utility pole. the crash knocked out the power to 200 residents. another bus driver who was on her route came across the scene, and it was her son's bus. >> i just completely angry and disgusted that my son was on a bus with somebody that was relatively intoxicated and his life was in danger. >> catherine: the drive was actually sent to the scene to pick up the students to drive them to a place where they could be picked up by the parents.
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told the gazette the school will workly with first student to see what happened. first student has screening process for the drivers and this is the reason like this happens infrequently. reached out to school bus company and superintendent to get more information from him, but again, within the hour, we expect to be updated by police, and that's where we are headed right now, and we will have the updated information as soon as we can. live here in dudley, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> sara: new at seven, some of the charges are being dropped against the suspect in high-profile kidnapping case. prosecutors in new hampshire have with drawn three charges against nathaniel kibby. he was accused of threatening an associate attorney general who's currently prosecuting him. kibby still faces more than 200 charges related to the kidnapping, torture and sexual abuse of teenage girl. the victim was grabbed while walking home from a school in conway.
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>> gene: find find man hiding. tyson delgado hit and dragged a 65-year-old man in woburn. he was on the run for more than 24 hours. fox25 will be in court for his arraignment. >> sara: with the new hampshire primary now in the books, tensions are rising between the two democrats running for president. hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off last night in their first debate since clinton lost by 22 points to sanders in new hampshire tuesday they debated healthcare, government waste and campaign contributions among other things and moderator last night asked sanders if he felt comfortable standing in the way of clinton becoming the first female president. >> somebody who has spent his entire life taking on the big money interest, i think a sanders victory would be historical accomplishment as well. >> i have said many times, you know, i'm not asking people to
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i'm asking people to support me because i think i'm the most qualified, experienced and ready person. >> sara: and this comes days after two feminist icons came out publicly in favor of clinton and urged young female voters to leave sanders camp. clinton also scored an endorsement from the congressional black caucus yesterday. >> gene: donald trump plans to stop using foul language. he made the pledge in rally in louisiana last night. he has made several controversial statements. in new hampshire he repeated offensive term shouted by ted cruz. gene: former president the campaign trail. the nation's 40s third president plans to appear with his brothers, jeb bush. at rally in south carolina next week george bush calls his brother most popular republican alive.
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continuing coverage of all things election. developments every morning as we gets closer to super tuesday, and of course, election day in november. >> sara: new signs of hope this morning for a cease-fire in syria, but the remains work to be done. secretary of state john kerry they have not implemented truce but cease-fire. deliveries of humanitarian aid will be allowed to resume shortly. syria's civil war is now five years old. >> julie: we track traffic and minutes. right now up to 35 minute commute on 93 south as you head from andover down to the zakim bridge. shiri? >> shiri: right now in boston a wind chill of eight below, nothing to compared to what we are going to get this weekend and get glimpse finally get the wind chill back to zero around 9:00, afternoon wind chills in the teens and break down the coldest spots this weekend next. >> sara: a scary crash for the
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coming up at 7:30, what ray flynn was doing right before he passed out behind the wheel. plus, a local man hit with a car and hit with a big bill. >> as pedestrian i get hit and then i have to pay?
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company says he is on hook for with hood, cottage cheese can be pineapple on a waffle. with 8 delicious flavors of hood cottage cheese, the possibilities are endless. always good. always hood. >> gene: we continue to follow breaking news at logan airport.
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plane full of people. the jetblue flight headed to florida. moments ago got statement from florida a fueling van struck the plane after 6:00 this morning. a passenger tweeted the photo moments after removed from the plane and 15 minutes ago a person treated they boarded a new plane. it particular more than three hours and unclear is to what caused the van to hit the plane but the aircraft out of service now this morning. we have continuing coverage in logan and crew on way to the scene right now. >> sara: 41 day standoff is over between ranchers and police in oregon. totessal of four protester surrendered peacefully at national wildlife refuge. the group was led by armed militia. they were protesting over the arrest of two fellow ranchers in land dispute with the local government.
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bundy's father was arrested on charges dating back in 2014. the four protesters will be in court this morning. >> gene: federal judge in massachusetts has ruled that bill cosby's wife must testify under oath. there's a lawsuit against him that say he assaulted them decades ago. yesterday the judge ruled she must testify but she can refuse to answer questions about private conversations with her husband, which is allowable under state law. >> sara: local man hit by the car while crossing the street and then he got a bill for damages to the car that hit him. fred hutchinson of brockton showed fox25 the letter from the drivers insurance company. they said he had to reimburse them for more than $900 of work done to the car. the accident happened on christmas eve in whitman, but he is just now dealing with the insurance company. >> as pedestrian i get hit and i
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what are you kidding? >> sara: hutchinson was not in a crosswalk and told police he did not look before crossing. carey cavanagh reached out to the insurance agency and they told her they are no longer pursuing damages from hutchinson >> gene: 48-year-old tom begunking hit by a limb while clearing off the backyard ice rink in canton last friday. the branch fell from 40 to 50 feet above. he was second person killed by falling branch in that storm in that town. six-year-old kalie kenyon was struck and killed by ice covered branch in kenyon as well. gene: animal control worked hard to free this deer stuck in hammock. take look at video. arlington and waltham animal control work to cut the buck loose in belmont. animal officers say it is a good example why you should trach the outdoor netting when you're not
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a lot of people like to go out and lay on the hammock in winter. >> julie: i only use hammock when negative double-digits like this weekend. sky fox expressway northbound after east milton square and have a stalled bus in the far right-hand lane, so it is funneling all the traffic into those far -- three left-hand lanes because the right lane still blocked, and that is starting to increase the drive time on the expressway slightly. otherwise things a little slow on 93 south through medford as you approach somerville, but overall things looking okay on that morning commute. here are live drive times. 32 minutes on the pike eastbound 495 to mass ave, 31 minutes expressway operate split to the pike and 37 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. shiri, if there was ever a weekend that wasn't good for hammocks, it would be this one. >> shiri: this is the weekend not even good for going outside.
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plans, but hopefully your plans don't involve any kind of extended period out there. you want to protect your skin, don't want it to be e posed for too long. sub-zero wind chill this morning take us through eight or 9:00, means the morning commute is going to be bitterly cold, light snow that develops tonight and see accumulation, light accumulation across the cape and wind chill warning going into effect saturday afternoon into sunday afternoon and that's really when we are talking about protecting your skin and being careful in the cold. two below in worcester and it is going to be a slow warm-up. at least we are seeing the sunshining with something we have not seen the workweek for the morning commute, see nice and bright and 6 by 9:00 a.m. i actually think that's a little generous, 14 at 11:00 a.m. and peak around 20 in worcester, boston at 8:00 right now. you can see tapping into mostly sunny conditions, clouds will increase this afternoon, along with temperatures getting into the 20s. so these temperatures 25 in
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25 norwood, 21 worcester, 24 in nashua, these are normal low temperatures for this time of the year and that's the warmest we will be not just today but for the next several days. increasing afternoon clouds we stay dry until we hit about seven to 10:00 tonight and then you anticipate light snow developing from plymouth southward rest of the area we will see some flurries and that is the pattern straight through about noon time tomorrow. got unsettled pattern here for your saturday, then lingering clouds in that time some flurries, going with patchy coating of snow here inland. plymouth southward across the cape and islands we have potential for one to three inches of snow, nantucket could even see as much as four inches and then the afternoon we clear out, winds really start to strength and gust 35 to 45 miles per hour and on the cape gusting up to 50. we couple that with the arctic air in place and that's where we get the wind chills down to 30 below by the time you wake up on sunday morning. through the wind chills here on saturday night, but those are
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sunday morning 6:00 a.m. 27 below for your wind chill in worcester and orange, 29 below in keene, 24 below in boston, 25 below in plymouth, 23 below in beverly. it is going to be really cold out there, guys, and even during the afternoon the warmest wind chill i can find for you is about zero in boston. so the fact that we are forecasting actual high temperatures in the teens a little deceiving because there's going to be the whipping very 22 today, 18 high tomorrow with windy weather really coming into play, wind chill warning saturday night into sunday morning. sundays high 14 and we do see warming into early next week. late monday snow is going to transition to heavy tuesday rain and high of 46 . it will end with some light snow here on wednesday morning. back to you. >> gene: 7:21. no smoking allowed on capitol hill but one congressman doesn't seem to care. why he was boldly puffing on e cig in the middle of a hearing.
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>> >> sara: uber misled about fees. 25 million that used uber last three years will be available in settlement. it is a safe ride fee for $2 per trip to cover the drivers and company does not use the same safety standards as taxi companies. sara: morgan stanley will pay $3.000000. it deal includes 3.6 billion and $5.6 million in the state of morning and previous settlements from bank of america, jp morton chase and city group. morgan stanley says they are happy to have things settled.
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people talking about the favorite products. they voted on 40,000 items. febreeze, emergency c and click gel and tied pods. you can visit productoftheyear gene: 15-dollar cup of coffee and people are lining up to try it. the beans come from the company's farm in panama, located 2,000 meters above sea level. the company needed eight year to grow the right beans. they are so rare bags they are lining up approximate. nay or yay?
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sara: app called bark and borrow and been called a dog dating service that allows users to borrow someone's dog. people with dogs can go on and lend dogs for short or long-term the best it is free and already it is 1500 active users every month since the launch in november. great idea. how can you resist? >> gene: cute idea if you're on dating website and say i'm in love with the dog and you say i'm in love with that one. now you can. >> sara: continuing to follow breaking news out of logan airport where a van crashed into passengers and there's reports no driver behind the wheel. the brand-new information we just learned from the scene coming up. >> shiri: temperatures as you leave the house from six below
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: right now at 7:30, chasing record lows. check out temperatures for boston and worcester, dangerous cold is one of the top stories this morning. >> sara: we are also following breaking news at logan airport where a van has struck a plane that was just about to leave for florida. it was full of people. good news is no one was hurt. that investigation is now underway. thank you so much for joining us, everyone, on friday, and it
7:30 am
>> sara: luckily. >> gene: it is warmer there in florida than here. updating on dangerous temperatures and what we will be seeing too. >> sara: coldest weather so far this winter on the horizon and winds gusting 24 miles per hour in boston and problem with the gust on top of already cold temperatures means that your wind chill still eight below in the city we have been sitting for hours upon hours since 4:00 a.m., that was the wind chill. we haven't budged yet, 16 below in portsmouth, new hampshire, five below in norwood, feels like 17 below right now in worcester, four below in keene, four below in plymouth and five below in hyannis. so kind of tough to find anywhere where we don't have the sub-zero temperatures right now and going to be cold like this, likely through 9:00 this morning, so temperatures here slowly warming up by noon time, 19 , 20 this afternoon at
7:31 am
teens with clouds rolling in at seven, and we have the slight risk for snow into the overnight hours, and where to plan on overnight accumulation today and, of course, those bitter near 30 below wind chills for the weekend coming up. let's get you over to julie grauert now with live drive time traffic this morning. julie, tracking a new accident. >> shiri:. >> julie: slowing things down reflected in the drive times, expressway still slow from the braintree split to columbia road, a little bit sluggish on 128 northbound as you head through wellesley and up to the pike. expressway as you could see very slow going past exit 13 freeport street. here are live drive times, 35 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave, 32 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike, 37 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. >> gene: continue to following breaking news out of logan airport, a van drove into plane full of people, just after 6:00
7:32 am
sky fox was over the scene at the top of the newscast. new this half hour, fox25 learned the van had no driver when it struck the plane. the driver telling investigators he put the van in park so he thought, and he went to help another employee on the tarmac and that's when it rolled into the underbelly of justin bieber flight. -- jetblue flight. passengers felt a jolt. passenger tweeted out about 6:00 this morning just after they were all removed from the plane. before they were taking off the airplane the captain got on the intercom system to tell passengers what was happening. >> rolled underneath the airplane and luckily they got it airplane. plane not going anywhere for awhile. i apologize. we will have more information. >> gene: passengers tweeted that they were boarding new tampa. the flight is going to take more than three hours. massport tells us that the van
7:33 am
they have confirmed that the aircraft involved now out of service for the day and those passengers were put on a different aircraft. as soon as this happened we sent out breaking news alert on our app and make sure you're signed up for alert so you don't miss breaking news as it comes in and live reported from logan airport and bring that to you as soon as but get it. >> sara: new this morning firefighters battle fire and ice as they put out home in norton. continuing the team coverage at dangerous cold in norton and told producers a short time ago they left the scene and had to return. >> michael: that's right. they had to return and are back again and are working in frigid temperatures, the water department trying to shut the water off at the street level because this house is completely destroyed here. sure, the walls are up, but as
7:34 am
can see totally gutted, in the only the garage but back of the house. hot spots steaming, smoldering a little bit and that's when firefighters came back to fight. they original only came out 11:15 and 11:30 last night and went arrived to relieve the overnight crew it was still going. firefighters came back to put more water on some of the hot spots and that's something you saw in live report one how long ago here on fox25 morning news. now, as far as who lives here, a woman and her two adult sons, fire chief says all got out safely on their own. red cross was called in and investigation is underway. firefighters do not know what caused the fire just yet. but the cold certainly played a role in fighting this fire dealing with the sub-zero wind chills for several hours at the time. difficult for the firefighters
7:35 am
their equipment thankfully was all in good working condition and didn't have any hiccups. continue to follow it as things develop here on perry street. for now reporting live, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> sara: as shiri said we are bracing for the coldest weather we have seen in a year. we have got video this morning of folks actually bundled up at faneuil hall, and it is no joke. it will be below freezing all weekend, which could bring problems at home. repair companies have been busy all week. many home heating systems are not reliable once temperatures reach zero. >> if it starts getting close to that or below that, system working harder than designed to work and that's when they do break down. >> sara: heating costs are down and falling oil prices. right now natural gas is 23% cheaper. home heating oil is down 37%. propane and electric prices are
7:36 am
we will be updating temperatures and our forecast to keep you safe all weekend. make sure to download the fox 25 weather app. it is available in the apple store and on google play. shiri is back in just a few moments with the full forecast. >> gene: 7:37. former boston mayor ray flynn recovering after a car crash in south boston. he passed out helped the wheel and woke up near neighbor's house. he will undergo more testing. he was boston's mayor for nine years and u.s. ambassador to the vatican. >> sara: local man behind bars robbing two banks and convenience store. yesterday they arrested joshua pickchili. he is seen trying to rob a convenience store in methuen last week and then smashed the door to get out. police say he also robbed two
7:37 am
easton police are searching for the gunman behind a violent robbery at a dunkin donuts. take a look at these surveillance images. this happened wednesday near roach brothers on the easton stoughton line. police say one worker was beaten, the other kicked several times. the gunman took cash and cell phones from the employees. >> gene: this morning the patriots of a little girl suing former nanny. the medical examiner changed baby's cause of death so it was dropped. they are suing to prevent her from profiting from the high-profile case with book deal or movie contract. gene: today two new hampshire woman in course facing charges for leaving the dog in abandoned rental home in londonderry, new hampshire. walking into walls and eating items in terrible shape. last night two turned themselves
7:38 am
the dog was turned in and what it looks like now and vet says long way to go for recovery but under 24-hour care. gene: student at triton regional high school created the image and created mural of student life and admin staters says mural violates school policy. >> wasn't the fact there was any students kissing, any students kissing in high school context. >> gene: student artist wanted to start a conversation about school policy and she will obey mural. >> sara: it is cold day to debut a outside mural. you may want to waited a few weeks.
7:39 am
open at the top and bottom to keep people from staying inside too long. last public bathroom in harvard square closed in 2012. not great place to be today. >> julie: no, ma'am. i will tell you how impacting drive times in a moment. first here is shiri. >> shiri: snapshot next couple days. doesn't even begin to break down how bitterly cold those weapons will be. i will show you where we get down to near 30 below next. >> gene: 7:40, bus taken over by kids before a crash. gene: they say it is the miracle they have been praying for.
7:40 am
7:41 am
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left struggling to take car
7:43 am
important. information wind chill 20 below and you could get frostbite in 20 minutes and happen in as little as ten minutes, so coming up break down the really, really cold spots. for now, gene, back to you. >> gene: help finally on the way for nurses to care for children with serious medical challenges. fox25 reporting for months, it is a shortage of qualified candidates. fox25 has details about two women leading the charge to find a solution. >> determination. >> we did not let up on them. >> politicians set aside there's no one more powerful than a mother. >> we know they are working aimlessly on this and understand the crisis we are on. >> reporter: since last summer they have been fighting to find private duty nurses.
7:44 am
medically fragile children who need care around the clock and moms have been on their own. >> more than 30-week we haven't had nursing. >> increase reimbursement rates for nurses to address the statewide shortage and today they got the miracle they have been praying for. >> i'm hopefully. >> reporter: increase rates for lpn and rn's for 25% daycare care and 46% for overnights and weekends effective april 1st. that means placements agency will finally be able to find qualified candidates and these two women so used to doing it all can finally focus on just one thing, being a mom. >> doing the thing moms are supposed to do and not nurses to be caring for the kids.
7:45 am
am, fox25 news. >> gene: pilot program where nurses they fire immediately receive a raise of $10 an hour. sara: plan to stop minimum seat sizes has been stopped. sense the 1970s the average distance between rows of seats has dropped from 35 inches to about 31 today. and the average width of airline seat has decreased from 18 to about 16 and a half inches. lawmaker say it was not just about comfort but safety. >> there will be a crash and people not be able to get out of airplane because of the situation, and they will have lungs filled with smoke and they will be dead, and then we will do something about it. >> sara: the house transportation panel voted to ground the plan and isn't increased safety risk and adding more seats to planes allows them
7:46 am
>> sara: california congressman made his stance on vapping clear. he used his electronic cigarette there blowing out clouds of vapor. it is banned by most major airlines but proposal set a federal ban on the practice. hunter has been a long time supporter of vapping and e cig restraining. >> gene: sales of diapers those sold for babies to adults. the adult diaper market -- they are fashionable we must say. the adult diaper market is growing and expected to really take off in coming years. celebrity backed ads are everywhere. lisa renna has been doing commercials for depends. they are trying to make the point that young -- not young but not old -- in between sort
7:47 am
relying on the product. bloomberg news reports says they are sold more than toilet and anticipate 50% increase in sales julie, let's check the roadways right now. >> julie: slight days but not quite pat 228 in rockland. 24 looking good as you approach 128. expressway still problematic and slow from the braintree split up past morrissey boulevard and up to columbia road. week see pretty typical volume as you head past the gas tank. over to those live drive times, 19 minutes on route 3 from 228
7:48 am
from 106 to 128, 17 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shiri, if you think minus eight is bad, you're saying negative 25 for wind chills on sunday morning. this is -- just getting ready today. wind chill warning, we got wind chills potentially 20 to 35 below zero for saturday afternoon into sunday morning. a little less certainty we will make the criteria across the cape and islands in the southcoast, which is why it is still a watch there, expect the warning will be extended into southern new hampshire as well and different offices that issue the warnings. 8 in boston, eight below wind chill. you know what, i have had those same numbers on the map since 4:00 this morning.
7:49 am
, 16 by 11:00 a.m., 21 by 1:00 p.m. and slowly clouds start moving in and eventually end up thickening up, don't like when dress matches the map, real cold out there, 20 in rutland, 21 in worcester today, 21 in gardner and 25 in boston norwood and 24 in plymouth, 25 portsmouth, new hampshire, so cold because those temperatures are normally what we would expect for lows this time of the year, but the lows this morning are much closer to zero. over the weekend we got highs getting up to 17 tomorrow in boston, 12 in worcester, 18 in foxborough, 15 in nashua and we have to drop by self more degrees as we hit the sunday forecast. we have some snow that will pop up late tonight, see just increasing clouds through 5:00 p.m. today, but between seven and ten we got snow starting to fall from plymouth down to the cape and islands and
7:50 am
of that and couple of flurries and unsettled pattern and lots of clouds, possibly some flurries. one to three inches of snow expected for plymouth southward, just patchy coating elsewhere, because as it gets really cold it gets really dry as well, so don't think we will be able to squeeze out snow showers in the afternoon, winds gusting 50 miles per hour for the cape for tomorrow afternoon and on top of the arctic temperatures where we get the wind chills down to 30 below and although we brighten up here during the second half of the day, it is going to be hard to get much of warm-up. real bad stop orange and keene and as low as 35 below, 20 to 30 below most of the area saturday night and sunday morning and 15 to 25 below zero here down across the cape and islands. even though you see those temperatures in the teens and we got the next weather maker with rain and snow, late monday and early wednesday. back to you. >> sara: new at 8:00, picture
7:51 am
strange secret about himself.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
discovery that is giv >> sara: federal researchers are conducting a seven for el faro. it sank during the high of hurricane joaquin. this is showing 15,000 people at the surface. everyone on board the el faro was killed including a woman and two women from massachusetts. new search in april and last at least two weeks. wooden ship about to emerge in the bottom of the sea. it was found in newport in netherlands and failed the baltic and north sea in 14 hundreds. experts say the ship is very well preserved and kept on a especially designed platform and allow water to constantly flow over the vessel so it won't deteriorate. >> gene: few months everyone will have a chance to go inside
7:55 am
and give people a peak without damaging the foot traffic. inside not only the technology that the astronauts took to the moon but also personal things left behind by the astronauts themselves and virtual look goes live in july. >> sara: amazing performance and getting a bit smaller and made stop at boston children's hospital this week and met nine-year-old ella powers fighting leukemia and big fan of
7:56 am
her to make the meeting happen. >> what a sweetheart and beautiful voice. >> gene: continue to follow breaking news at logan airport as plane full of passengers hit by a van. >> shiri: snow to talk about but the wind chills and chilly spots we get down to 30 below coming up next.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
billboard to say he >> sara: breaking this morning, a scare at the airport when plane -- van slams into a plane. why the van hit the plane and what jetblue is treating passengers right now. >> michael: overnight house fire in norton. frigid temperatures affected the firefighters. >> struck under live wires and driver was drunk. details we just got from police as that bus driver gets ready for court. >> gene: this complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody, welcome back to the fox25 morning news on very cold
8:00 am
it is february 12ing, i'm gene lavanchy. >> sara: i'm sara underwood. following breaking news at logan airport. van struck plane at the gate and big story this morning is dangerous cold. >> gene: shiri spear and stormtracker weather center and good news kind of is warming up. >> shiri: first jump in the temperatures and sitting 8 at 4:00 a.m. when we went on air and finally going up to ten and warm-up starting this hour welcome only two in worcester, better than the two below a couple hours ago, five in lawrence, seven in norwood, ten in hyannis, but we still got wind, so we still got sub-zero wind chill in most spots. boston, for example, feels like four below in worcester, two below in keene and two below in providence, rhode island and seven below in plymouth. big time brr factor this morning as we warm up the next couple of hours, jump by another 2 by 10:00 this morning in boston. also want to point out we don't have much going on with the
8:01 am
morning. ten in worcester at 10:00 this morning, 13 in nashua, 14 in plymouth. then we slide to noon time where we are still tapping into the very same sunshine, and temperatures here have the teens to the lower 20s. warmest temperatures you will find are going to be south of boston and southeastern massachusetts, but even at that 20s at lunchtime in norwood, boston points north and west and into the afternoon you will find the temperatures by 5:00 p.m. hovering in the lower 20s, and break down threat for light snow accumulation. live drive time traffic and watching this morning. >> julie: picture sky fox expressway right near the o'neill tunnel and in front of the car's windshield broken out, taking a little while for them to toe it off scene. see delays building but usually it is the northbound lanes where we see the most trouble.
8:02 am
really backing things up on 128 through lexington and almost into burlington. here is live look at route 1 in saugus, things starting to open up in just a bit. live drive times, 37 minutes pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave, about half hour on the expressway but we are up to an hour on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. average speeds just 23 miles per hour and hour on 128 much longer than we are used to seeing this time of the morning commute. hopefully they will be able to get that accident cleared out soon. >> gene: following breaking news we have been following at logan airport, passengers on board this plane are now in the air in new airplane heading to florida after a van drove into the jet just after 6:00 this morning. fox25 stephanie coueignoux live at logan airport. she has more details for us as what exactly transpired at logan and damaged the airplane. good morning, stephanie.
8:03 am
actually on top of the parking overlooking terminal c and jetblue plane and not sure whether one of those planes is actually the plane that was this. the cause of this incident still under investigation. the good news is that nobody was hurt, but as you could imagine a lot of passengers very shaken up passengers describing this as very big jolt.
8:04 am
that van says he put the van in park and then left to go help some other coworkers and that's when the van rolled under the plane damaging the we think. the passenger i also spoke with tweeted out a video of a flight attendant alerting everyone about what happened. take a listen. >> stop before hit another airplane and not doing anywhere for awhile. i apologize. >> rather get up than get off. >> that was the pilot of the plane discussing what had happened again. they apologized but you're taking a live look and just confirmed this is actually the damaged plane that you're seeing live right here still at terminal c. there's an investigation going on right now to determine
8:05 am
again, some very scary moments for passengers and transferred to another plane and original destination about an hour and a half after they were scheduled to leave. live at boston international airport, i'm stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. >> sara: also this morning flames ripped through a home in norton and crews had to fight both the fire and bitter cold. thankfully everyone made it out safely. fox25 michael henrich is live there now, and michael, crews have been coming and going from the scene all morning long. >> michael: a few moments ago the water department did finally leave and accomplished the goal of shutting water off to the house here on perry street in norton. firefighters were back and forth as well as we have been reporting since the first live report at 4:30 this morning, the firefighter left about half hour
8:06 am
fire since 11:15 last night. so they spent more than four and a half hours outside in sub-zero wind chills to battle this fire and then they had to come back which you saw live here on fox25 morning news about an hour and a half ago. they came back to battle some hot spots and firefighters told me as they left, they probably will be back to battle some hot spots once again. as far as who lives here, they are okay. that's why we are able to start the story about the cold because thankfully to people that live here, mother and two adult sons were here, they made it out safely before the firefighters even arrived. the red cross was able to come here, was called out in order to help them, but as it stands investigators don't know what started the fire. that's something they will continue to look into as again we expect firefighters to be back out here in the near future to battle hot spots once again. we will update you as soon as it happens.
8:07 am
fox25 news. >> gene: freezing weather could be at your house too. heating companies they are already very busy. the experts tell us many home heating systems aren't really that reliable once temperatures reach zero, and shiri said we are actually going to go below that. best advice to keep thermostat at one temperature not up or down and heating costs are down because of the lack of winter storms and falling oil prices. gene: make sure you download the fox25 weather app. fox25 weather app free and available in the apple store and on google play. shiri is back in few minutes with a full forecast. sara: gene: man is accused of hit and run and hiding under a bed in dorchester. happening today tyson delgado faces multiple charges in woburn district court. he drug 65 man in woburn.
8:08 am
fox25 will be in court for his arraignment. >> sara: with new hampshire primary now in the books tensions are rising between the two democrats running for president. hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off night in the first debate since lost in new hampshire tuesday. they debated healthcare, government waste and campaign contributions among other things and moderator last night asked sanders if he felt comfortable standing in the way of clinton becoming the first female president.
8:09 am
of clinton and urged young female voters to vote for her. >> gene: donald trump made pledge to stop using foul language at rally. trump made several controversial statements in recent campaign events in new hampshire and shouted by audience member about senator ted cruz. former president george w. bush going on the campaign trail and florida governor jeb bush at rally in south carolina next week. yesterday jeb bush called his brother the most popular republican alive. stick with fox25 for all things election and we will be following the latest developments every morning as we get closer to super tuesday and, of course, the general election
8:10 am
>> julie: highlight 128 southbound, 52 minutes from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls, this is because of an accident near trapelo road in the southbound lanes in waltham. i will have a look at another batch of drive times in a few minutes. first, here is shiri. >> shiri: finally seeing sunshine, temperature 10 and temperature of four below and look at wind chill finally getting above zero at 9:30, afternoon wind chills in the teens and pockets of coldest wind chills over the weekend next. >> sara: this is not your average joe. coming up down the block to get 15-dollar cup of coffee.
8:11 am
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8:13 am
>> gene: live at logan airport, jetblue flight that's going nowhere as we started at 6:00 a.m. newscast, van struck this plane, full of passengers, they are just about ready to head to tampa florida and since then we learned they had no driver when headed to the plane, driver got out to help another employee and then the van rolled into the plane.
8:14 am
aircraft shook and felt a jolt. everyone is okay. they are on new flytenow that is on way to tampa as we speak and investigators will determine exactly what happened and coverage breaking news all morning here on fox25. >> sara: 41 day standoff is over between police and ranchers in oregon. thousands of people lost as last protester turned himself in yesterday. total of four protesters surrendered peacefully at national wildlife refuge. it was led by armed militia and protesting over two fellow ranchers in land dispute with local government and standoff ended hours after bundy's father was arrested in 2014. they will anybody court this morning. >> gene: secretary of state john kerry says diplomats have not been able to organize a truce and temporary cease-fire the next week and u.s. and
8:15 am
humanitarian raid will be able to resolve shortly. serious civil war five years old. >> sara: man crossed street and received bills. they had to reimburse over $900 work done on the car. he is just now dealing with the insurance company after new year's eve. >> i got hit and then i have to pay to repair the car? what, are you kidding? >> sara: hutchinson was not in a crosswalk and told police he didn't look before crossing. he reached out to the insurance agent see and told her they completed the investigation and no longer pursuing damages from hutchinson. >> gene: three students in new jersey being hailed as heroes this morning as they stop the
8:16 am
driver got sick. >> get out. >> gene: the driver was substitute and had medical emergency while the bus was still moving and three teens jumped into action and stopped the bus when they got to red line. no word this morning how the driver is doing and what exactly happened and 25 students on board the bus are safe thanks to those three students. >> julie: northbound volume slow from the morrissey boulevard. 93 south sluggish through medford into somerville and things starting to look a little bit better on 128 southbound after a crash at trapelo road in waltham. live look right now at 93 through and jampacked and bumper bumper into boston.
8:17 am
and 37 minutes expressway down to 35, gained whole two minutes. like the way it is going, braintree split to the pike. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and, shiri, you want to make sure people are aware of the cold temperatures. you're saying the cold is much bigger deal than any flurries that may fall. >> shiri: cold impact everyone out the there and sub-zero wind chills as waking up this morning, that will continue for the next hour and a half before wind chills finally roll back up to about zero or single digits. light snow expected tonight and worst of the wind chills from 4:00 p.m. saturday to noon on sunday and that's when we have a wind chill warning in place. worcester waking up to just 2
8:18 am
so far and only gone up a whopping 2 . afternoon end up rolling into 20s to savor the sunshine right now, most beautiful morning drive that we have had quite sometime and also the coldest. these are highs this afternoon, these are temperatures i would expect us to wake up to, so these are normal low temperatures, morning lows, and this is the warmest i can give you today, boston this afternoon at 23, same in beverly, portsmouth, new hampshire, 19 in worcester, 22 in nashua, new hampshire, norwood at 23 , plymouth at 22, hyannis at 22 and you could see that the sun is replaced by increasing clouds once we hit the afternoon, 5:00 p.m. nice and dry and hit friday night between seven and ten and flurries inland and snow showers across the cape and
8:19 am
that trend continues overnight and don't think they will be able to get snow to the ground once it gets into play and winds gusting 35 to 45 miles per hour across most of the region, cape taking worst of the winds which will gust as high as 50 and you pair that with the fact that we have the coldest air of wind moving in and that's when we get the feels like temperatures down to 30 below when you wake up here on sunday morning and these are actually the chill yet spots, 29 below on sunday morning, 27 below in orange and worcester, 21 below in bedford and portsmouth, new hampshire, 24 below in boston, 25 below in plymouth. so this is not fun stuff, you guys, even during the afternoon, warmest wind chills i can find is up to zero. a little deceiving when we look at weekend highs. keep in mind, it will feel a lot cooler with the bitter wind, even though going 18 on saturday and 14 on sunday going to feel cooler. 28 with increasing monday clouds
8:20 am
tuesday we see snow changeover to heavy rain before tapering off light snow on wednesday. back to you guys. >> we are hunkering down. >> gene: to cool down brought in fake snow. santa maria, california 80 and sunny this week. parents and kids didn't want to miss out that comes with winter and decided to make own snow with hancock college children center and an opportunity to seen snow. that's the way to have snow. play in it and still 80 . superchamp popularity for a good cause and took stand against bullying by doing what he loved. after 30 years missing without a trace, a man finally back with
8:21 am
8:22 am
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>> sara: uber ready to pay $30 million to settle federal lawsuits. ride sharing app misled customers about fees.
8:24 am
last three years may be eligible for small payment. uber fee more than $2 per trip to cover the background trip for drivers and company does not use the same safety standards as most taxi companies. >> gene: incredible story to tell you about this morning after a missing man is found. gone, disappeared for 30 years. didn't know where he was. missing man, from canada, actually solved the mystery himself. this is the image what he looked like 30 years ago. this is edgar latula and hours after the bus ride slipped and hit his head, suffered massive memory loss and spent the next 30 years not knowing who he was until it all came flooding back last month while meeting with social worker. doctors took a blood sample to confirm the man's story. 51-year-old has been reunited with loved ones and trying to make up for three decades of remarkable.
8:25 am
julie: california coffee shop taking morning cup of joe to whole new level. particular type of coffee bean difficult to grow and eight years to get current harvest and beans are so rare bags of the coffee sell for $75 each. >> one strong cup of coffee. >> something magic in there. >> i wonder how many cups that gets you. might be a better deal. >> julie: would you pay $15? >> shiri: wouldn't want to pay $2. that's what the keurig is. zero for 10 as you leave the
8:26 am
of hot coffee or stop on way into work. it is cold. 14 to 24 on way home and even colder weekend and take you through it hour-by-hour next.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
with police on past hour >> sara: 8:30 learning more about a strange crash and runaway crash and fox25 has learned the driver of the van claims that he hat hopped out to help another employee and put the van in park when roll away and van hit a plane loaded with people before ground crews could stop it. fortunately and just minutes. thank you so much for joining us on friday. >> >> gene: plane to tampa did take off and record terrencely cold around here this weekend. >> shiri: shock to the system
8:30 am
right now a little bit of wind, 10 miles per hour in boston, 12 in plymouth, i know that doesn't sound all that bad but the fact that we got single digit temperatures scott wellington and four below in boston, seven below in beverly and 13 below and felt like 15 below the next couple hours nashua now up to zero which is going to see that is warm-up plymouth seven below and hyannis four below and pretty rough morning here, chilly one so far and we are slowly seeing temperatures warm and i suspect that by 9:00 this morning we are going to have boston finally up to about zero for the wind chill. actual temperature it is going to primarily be closer to ten or 12 . 19 here at noon time, still sunny but clouds roll in this afternoon by 3:00 p.m., 20 still dry by 7:00 p.m. 17 and clouds have arrived and plus overnight tonight we do have the threat for some light snowfall accumulation, not as big of deal
8:31 am
so go over those threats coming up. julie grauert with live drive time starting with accident on expressway. >> julie: accident has not been cleared and people driving southbound on the expressway and right after the o'neill tunnel and left lane is blocked so you're having to funnel all the cars over to the far right lanes northbound on the expressway though you're moving along at decent pace. waiting for this accident to clear on 128 southbound, right at trapelo road in waltham. 93 south sluggish through medford as you approach somerville. live look at the zakim where volume heavy and steady on the leverett connector and zakim bridge and 38 minutes 495 to mass ave and 35 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and 50 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. sara and gene, back to you. >> sara: all right, julie, we will be updating temperatures and our forecast to keep you safe all weekend. make sure to download the fox25 weather app. it is available in the apple
8:32 am
shiri is back in just a few minutes with full forecast. sara: van without a driver hit a plane this morning at logan. stephanie, you just tweeted they are moving the plane right now. >> stephanie: actually just the three minutes put the plane into a hangar about 30 minutes ago. we showed you that damaged plane here parked outside of terminal c and last ten minutes they taxi it had and investigation in the beginning stages likely putting investigate it. nobody was hurt in all of this and describing as big jolt and
8:33 am
happened, you're taking a look at damaged plane right there. passengers boarded flight 891, they were ready to head to tampa when a fuel van collided with the wing of that plane damaging it. now, again, the cause still under investigation but sources are telling fox25 this. the driver of that van said that he put it in park and then left. he got out of the van to help other coworkers. well that is when the van rolled into the plane striking the wing and damaging it and again, passengers very shaken up. i did speak with one earlier this morning. he actually took a video of the captain speaking to everyone right after that happened. take a listen. >> underneath the plane and we have aircraft damage so we will
8:34 am
anywhere for awhile. i apologize. we will have more information. >> stephanie: passengers are aboard the plane and eventually deboard and got on to new plane and took off around 7:00 this morning heading to tampa and i think the biggest question is whether the van was actually in park and there was an issue, mechanical issue and perhaps whether the driver perhaps thought he put it into park and didn't. again, investigation still underway and reach out to massport and more information for you and again, we will have another live look for you in 30 minutes. at boston national airport, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. >> gene: man accuse of driving a school bus drunk and 30
8:35 am
police. catherine parrotta live outside for us this morning. good morning, catherine. >> catherine: courthouse opening in about half hour and bus driver scheduled to be arraigned today and meantime i spoke with first student bus company as the bus company that the bus is a part of and driver has been suspended and launching own internal investigation as police continue with their investigation as well. first of all, take look at video because this gives you sense of crash scene as it was shortly after this all occurred and wires across the top of the bus which is from the first student bus company. police say 11 middle and high school students were on the bus at the time of the crash. they weren't injured and stayed in home until bus could pick them up. 42-year-old scott poirier of dudley, police say they have no history with him, but he is now charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, negligence driving and child endangerment
8:36 am
pole at low rate of speed and something taking seriously. >> really really have to assess that seriously, so being looked at it as it is. >> catherine: tells me school district in constant contact with the bus company as investigation unfolds and tells me similar incident happening in the school district 43 year history. now, we did speak with police the last hour and went through how they responded to all of this yesterday and thanked for quick response and field sobriety test for the driver and anticipated more of that information come out during the arraignment and schedule to happen today.
8:37 am
>> daniel: >> gene: ray flynn passed out behind a wheel and woke up after the car crash into the house and flynn sent out statement at 10:00 last night and undergo more testing. he was boston's mayor for nine years and also the u.s. ambassador to the vatican. >> sara: new this morning a local man behind bars two banks and trying to hit up a convenience store. yesterday police arrested man wanted by three police departments on numerous charges. he is seen in the video trying to rob a convenience store in methuen last week and then smashed the door to get out. police are searching behind violent robber in dunkin donuts. look at these surveillance images on easton stoughton line. one worker was beaten and
8:38 am
the gunman took cash and cell phones from employees. >> gene: this morning parents of a little girl who died in cambridge suing their former nanny. she spent two years in jail charged with killing the one-year-old. it was recently dropped because medical examiner changed cause of the baby's death. they are suing to prevent mccarthy from profiting from the high-profile case with book deal or movie contract. gene: doing left in abandoned rental home. the dog was found walking into walls and attempting to eat random items. last night two turned themselves in. dog was found monday and this is what he looks like now. vets say he has a long way to recovery but under 24-hour care. >> sara: with freezing cold moving in police in arlington are pleading for help finding the missing dog. her name is storm and she disappeared in lexington.
8:39 am
times. she has been seen several times around arlington over the next couple of days but every time someone gets close to catching her she runs off scared. if you do see her, call arlington animal control. sara: school administrators say mural must be changed after two girls missing. student in byfield painted the image and asked to create a mural showing an example of student life but administrators say the mural violates school policy. >> two girls kissing and it was the fact that anybody was kissing. >> sara: she told fox25 she wanted to start a conversation about school policy but will obey the school's request to fix the mural. >> gene: cold day to debut outside exhibit in cambridge. the city's first standing public restroom will open today.
8:40 am
church street, but you may want to wait a few weeks at least until you use it. there's no heat. last public bathroom closed 2012. >> sara: extreme weather and towering over the ballpark and last night crowds filled the stands to see if it would get to good use. snowboarders nailed high flying stunts. julia marina won the woman's world cup in skiing competition. >> gene: big valentine's day gift that brought one woman to tears. >> sara: dire need for parents of children with serious medical conditions. coming up the change that could give them a helping hand. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten
8:41 am
26 minute commute north to the expressway from the braintree split up to columbia road. shiri? >> shiri: snapshot of temperature to come, high temperatures 22 over the weekend teens much cooler wind chills that i will break down in just a moment. but first, dedicated firefighters 789 stairs in full gear to fight for healthy lungs and clean air and in this week's firefighter. >> jessica: hundreds of people took to fight for air climb. many were firefighters. >> firefighters are there firsthand the performance of having healthy lungs. they need lungs to have -- be able to do their job. climbing with over 50-pound of gear on. incredible site. >> jessica: among many were team of firefighters, some groton. >> doing the particular fundraiser because know somebody
8:42 am
lung disease or have an issue so kind of hits home. >> jessica: >> some of us go on air as we climb and very rewarding. >> a lot of disease firefighters come down with later in the career are heart or lung related we have raised over $15,000. we have been doing this for five years and continue doing it.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> gene: help finally on the way for parents with children with serious medical challenges. shortage of qualified candidates new details about leading charge to find a solution. >> determination. we did not let up. we did not let up on them. >> politicians move aside when comes to children there's no one more powerful than a mother. >> we do know they are working
8:45 am
>> reporter: since last summer they have been fighting to find private duty nurses and medically fragile children that need round the clock care and both families are approved by medicaid for 80 hours per week of nursing, moms have been on their own. >> amount of sleep i haven't got in more than 30 weeks we haven't had nursing. >> reporter: fox25 followed them to lobby state leaders for nurses to address the statewide shortage and today they got the miracle they had been praying and pushing for. >> i'm hopefully. >> reporter: state kress rates for lpn's and rn's by 25% for daytime care and 46% for overnights and weekends effective april 1st. that means placement agencies will finally be able to find qualified candidates and these
8:46 am
all can finally focus on just one thing. >> being a mom. >> doing the things moms supposed to do and not caring for kids. >> gene: they have chosen to take part in pilot program where nurses hire immediately will receive a raise of $10 an hour. >> sara: super bowl champ using star power to pick a fight with bullies. denver broncos place kicker brandon mcmahonis spending time with 11-year-old boy who was being bullied by his neighbors. the boy has down's syndrome and other children were making fun of him. friend told mcmahonis about the family and he decided to pay them a visit. >> wanted him mom to feel sense of security somebody out there starting to help out her son. >> sara: there was
8:47 am
him and it is to help children from currently being harassed. >> julie: map of the roads and where the slow spots remain. expressway furnace brook parkway up to columbia road and if you take a closer look at the southbound lanes we have just learned accident outside o'neill tunnel was deadly accident and took them so long to get it cleared. shifting north things very slow on 93 south as you head from medford down into somerville, still sluggish on 128 southbound through lexington as you approach waltham. live look at the zakim bridge and this is a result of the investigation that's still going on on the other side of the o'neill tunnel. as you can see zakim bridge very backed up right now. here are live drive times, 38 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 35 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike.
8:48 am
in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shiri, keeping close eye on temperature and wind chill. >> wind chill warning most of the area and that means wind chills 20 to 35 below zero. so boston right now at 10 , i have been watching 10 miles per hour wind this morning, and result wind chill right now four below. a little improvement because until this hour we have been sitting at about eight below for wind chills, so feeling just a little bit warmer. i hesitate to use the word warm because doesn't go along with the forecast. 12 at 10:00 a.m., by noon time 19 , highs in the 20s and in come those afternoon clouds. high and thin at first but they eventually end up thickening up. you could see we only have 19 this afternoon in gardner and worcester, 20 in rutland, going
8:49 am
boston to 23, same in norwood and lawrence 24, manchester 22 and 22 and hyannis. cold this afternoon but a lot colder here saturday where we get up to 17 in beverly and boston, 12 in worcester and then for sunday it is even cold, only ten in worcester, 13 in foxborough, 13 in nashua, new hampshire. that's not even factoring in wind and increasing clouds between seven and 10:00 tonight we have to bring back flurries and even snow south of plymouth. this is going to be mostly impacting the southcoast, cape, islands, until noon time tomorrow with one to three inches of snow there, rest of the area patchy coating and a lot of lingering clouds into the saturday forecast and clouds clearing out and winds really kicking into gear, 35 to and couple that with arctic
8:50 am
the wind chill comes into play where it is going to feel like it is 30 below and late on saturday and early on sunday and really minimum wind chills i'm expecting as in where they are going to bottom out, coldest 20 below to 30 below in the boston area most of eastern massachusetts and southern new hampshire but from keene to orange to worcester we got the potential of wind chills down to 35 below milder down across the cape and wind chill down 25 below and going to be really cold and actual low temperature and flirting with records here by sunday morning. don't think we will get to record low in concord, new hampshire and three below in boston, something we could reach sunday when you wake up. monday increasing clouds, high 28 , late snow, transitions to heavy rain during the day on tuesday with highs in the 40s. still a little bit mild on wednesday but does clear out and turn breezy and cooler by the end of next week again.
8:51 am
>> couple is perfect match and have the test to prove it. one man able to save the love of his life and forever linked in process. >> julie: unique look how first men on moon spent historic trip to space.
8:52 am
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>> sara: man driving down the road and saw some empty billboards and thought, hey, that would be a great giant valentine's day card, so he bought one. as you can see, reads pat and patty 27 years in counting. you completely. when patty saw this she burst into tears. their advice store happy marriage show how much you love each other and always communicate. great advice.
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meaning to perfect match. christian and aaron started dating two years ago. shortly after they met she revealed she was born with one kidney starting to fail and father going to donate but he died from cancer so christian was creditly tested and doctors found out he was actually a near perfect donor for aaron. couple had surgery last week. they are both recovering well and are now making wedding plans we have a lot more coming your way this morning. we are following breaking news out of logan. this jetblue plane that was struck by a van before taxiing off to takeoff has been moved to hangar and monitoring the investigation. live report state ahead at 9:00. >> shiri: light snow
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
it will get down to 30 below >> jessica: what passengers are telling us according to fox25 sources. >> sara: firefighters battling more than flames at local home. why the cold made it so hard to put out fire overnight. >> julie: school bus under kids is stuck under live wires and they say he was drunk. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good friday morning, everyone, it is february 12th. >> sara: it is bitterly cold and going to be a dangerous weekend. shiri spear in stormtracker weather center with look at


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