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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 12, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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it will get down to 30 below >> jessica: what passengers are telling us according to fox25 sources. >> sara: firefighters battling more than flames at local home. why the cold made it so hard to put out fire overnight. >> julie: school bus under kids is stuck under live wires and they say he was drunk. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good friday morning, everyone, it is february 12th. >> sara: it is bitterly cold and going to be a dangerous weekend. shiri spear in stormtracker weather center with look at
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>> shiri: start talking about dangerous cold and 20 and 30 below and that's what's coming at you this weekend. 12 in boston, another 2 in the last hour, six in worcester, one in keene, good to see we are out of the negative territory there, plymouth at 10 and now got beverly at eight and wind chill still below zero, throw below in boston, 12 below in worcester right now, and as we go through the rest of the morning hours here by noon time temperaturewise it is still going to be in the teens and wind chills though that are going to be at least 10 cooler and then into the afternoon, in come the clouds and top-out lower 20s and major warm-up coming up today. to 24 with morning cold sunshine. really cold sunshine in increasing afternoon clouds, it does lead to period of snow
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wind chills. traffic. >> julie: two lanes closed for accident investigation, serious accident at that been reporting on since 7:30 this morning, 93 south and update 128 northbound before route 3. also have an issue before 128 as you approach the weston tolls. you could see volume remains steady through the brighton area and 37 minutes on pike eastbound to mass ave, 35 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and over an hour on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> sara: breaking news right now state police say one person has died in the accident on the expressway. this is in the southbound lanes right outside the o'neill tunnel julie as you just heard has been following this all morning. sky fox was over the scene just about an hour ago, and you can
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of the car's windshield. no word what caused this to happen. state police say no other vehicles were involved. again, one person is dead from the accident on the expressway. traffic is backed up in the area we will have more on this investigation throughout the morning. >> julie: we continue to follow breaking news at logan airport. a van ran right into a jetblue flight full of people this morning. the plane was at the gate getting ready for flight to tampa. fox25 stephanie coueignoux at logan where you were treating with passenger as this was happening and you have been all morning as crews investigate. >> stephanie: passengers were on the plane when the van collided with the plane. taking look behind me finally everything has resumed as normal, but taking look at terminal c, two jetblue planes one was taken away and put into a hangar for further inspection.
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hurt in all of this and passenger speaking with said as soon as the van collided with the plane he felt a big jolt. i want to get to some video 40 minutes ago, and this is when a crew taxied the damaged plane into a hangar, likely to take a closer look as damage as that investigation continues. happened around 6:00 this morning, and that's when a fuel ban hit the wing of that plane damaging it. now, passengers on board 891. they were again and seats ready to fly to tampa when all of this happened and sources telling fox25 the driver of that van said he put the van in park, got out of the van to help other coworkers and that's when the van rolled right into the plane and still under investigation
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van was actually in park could this have been a mechanical error or whether thought he put it in park or didn't. now, the passenger i spoke with, he was in front row of the plane, and took video of the captain speaking to everyone right after this happened. take a listen. >> underneath the airplane and not going anywhere for awhile. i apologize. we will have more information. >> stephanie: very scary moment and crew on board the plane really was wonderful throughout the entire process. now, they did have to wait on board the plane but they were finally allowed to get off, got on another plane and just about an hour and 15 minutes after
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to tampa that's when they were actually leaving. still starting, a lot of questions remain, reaching out to jetblue and massport and live update for you in 30 minutes. at logan i'm stephanie coueignoux, for example 25 news. >> sara: also this morning flames ripped through fire in norton and fight both the fire and bitter cold. thankfully everyone made it out safely. fox25 michael henrich live there now and crews have been coming and going from the scene all morning long. >> michael: returned couple hours after cleared the scene and doing so right in here and see the steam has ended on this side of the house but there's certainly evidence of the frigid temperatures out here. a lot of the water that firefighters had to spray on this now destroyed home has frozen. you see the icicles there. the firefighters were pretty frozen when all was said and done. got here to fight the fire
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they didn't initially leave until around four when i arrived with my photographer to relief our overnight crew here on perry street in norton. three people were inside according to the fire chief. woman and two adult sons, and thankfully they are all okay. they made it out of the house before -- before the firefighters actually arrived. they got here as quickly as they could. thankfully the folks were able to get out on their own. red cross was called in to set them get resettled because obviously they cannot go back into the home, it is a complete loss in the fire chief's words. the investigation is underway though. they still do not know what started this fire, but again, the big thing here, everybody is okay, and it was a dangerous situation on many fronts. not only the fire but cold as well with wind chills topping out at 0 . for now live in norton, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: freezing weather all weekend could bring problems at
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local heating repair companies say they are already busy. home heating systems are not reliable once the temperature reaches zero. best advice to keep on one temperature and not move up and down. heating costs are down because of oil. make sure to download the fox25 weather app. weather app available in apple store on google play. shiri will be back in a few minutes with her full forecast. >> sara: worker at homeless shelter facing charges for hitting little boy. >> hit you where? >> hit me there. >> sara: four-year-old adrian has autism. he has been living since last summer. his mother says raphael abreu-prado saw her son hit another child and punished him too violently. she shared the photo of the mark left on son's body by the man's
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an investigation into hiring policies of shelters. >> two kids autistic and need some type of training before putting them here. if don't have patience and if they don't have the right knowledge to deal with it they shouldn't work inia place like this. >> sara: raphael abreu-prado is due in court early next month. >> julie: tyson delgado faces multiple charges in woburn district court. police say delgado hit and dragged 65-year-old man in woburn and all caught on surveillance video as you can see here. he was on the run for more than 24 hours. delgado assaulted a police officer before the hit and run. fox25 will be in court for his arraignment. >> sara: with new hampshire primary in the books tensions
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off since clinton lost to 22 points in sanders on tuesday. they debated healthcare, government waste and campaign contributions among other things moderator last night asked sanders if he was comfortable in standing in the way of first woman president. >> someone taking on big money interest, i think sanders victory would be accomplishment as well. >> i have said many times i am not asking people to support me because i'm a woman. i'm asking people to support me because i think i'm the most qualified experienced and ready person. >> sara: comes days after two icons came out publicly in favor of clinton and clinton scored endorsement from the congressional black caution yesterday.
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pledge while at rally in louisiana last night. trump made controversial statements and he repeated offensive term shouted by audience member by senator ted cruz. stay with fox25 for all things election. we will be following the latest developments as we get closer to super tuesday and election day in november. >> julie: up to hour and ten minutes from andover down to the zakim bridge. i would avoid 93 south as all costs right now because this is much longer than we are used to seeing to get stuck in very slow traffic. >> 12 on car thermometer and outside the house, feels like three below when you add in the wind. noon time today most single digits and starts feeling like the teens this afternoon.
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i got wind chills that might be as low as 40 below this weekend and i will go over the really cold and dangerous spots next. >> sara: get app that help you
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>> julie: man gets hit by car >> julie: police confirmed object hit the windshield of this car killing the driver. you could see the large hole in the glass of the windshield. right now we have a new picture of state police investigators inside the tunnel. troopers are conducting some sort of investigation. they appear to be looking at manhole in the tunnel. no word if it is related and update new 15 minutes. >> sara: 41 day standoff is over between police and ranchers in oregon. thousands of people watched as last protester turned himself in yesterday. surrendered peacefully at national wildlife refuge.
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armed militia. they-- ammon bundy. bundy's father was arrested back to 2014 and protesters will be in court this morning. >> julie: new signs of hope this morning for cease-fire in syria but remains work to be done. secretary of state john kerry have not been able to implement a truce. u.s. and russia says are you mar mar -- humanitarian aid. >> sara: man was hit crossing the street and then got a bill from car that hit him. they said he had to reimburse more than $900 of work done to the car and accident happened on christmas eve in whitman but he is just now dealing with the insurance company. >> as pedestrian i get hit and
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what are you kidding? >> sara: fox25 karry kavanagh reached out to the insurance agency and told her they completed the investigation and no longer pursuing any damages from hutchinson. >> julie: federal judge in massachusetts ruled bill cosby's wife must answer questions underneath. she has been subpoenaed to testify in defamation lawsuit. yesterday the judge ruled she must testify, but she can refuse to answer questions about private conversations with her husband which is allowable under state law. >> sara: uber ready it had pay over safety. it misled customers about safety procedures and fees. nearly 25 million riders that
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years will be eligible for small payments under the settlement. uber has been had the safe ride fee of more than $2 per trip to cover the cost of background checks on drivers, but the company does not use the same safety standards as most taxi companies. >> julie: 9:18 examine dealing with issue on the roads. mainly we have two lanes that are closed right now on 93 south, on expressway southbound right after the o'neill tunnel. this is for an investigation into deadly crash that occurred around 7:30 this morning. 128 northbound sluggish as you approach the lexington area. that is leftover delays from earlier accident. 93 south still slow medford into somerville. pike moving along at decent clip and a little bit of delay, zakim bridge right now totally backed up because the lanes are closed on other side of the o'neill tunnel. here are live drive times, 18 minutes on route 1 from 128 to
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almost hour 15 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 27 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now keeping a close shiri? >> shiri: wind chills friday morning before we find relief and recovery and light snow tonight and massachusetts and new hampshire saturday night and sunday morning and most dangerous and six degrees in worcester, 12 in boston, ten in norwood, eight in lawrence and will continue to slowly see the temperatures upward and sunshine right now in worcester, first still feels like it is 15 below temperatures here 11 at 11:00 a.m., by 1:00 p.m. 17 and we get up to about 19 in worcester today.
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, looking mighty fine out there and mostly sunny skies, but still feels like breeze. temperatures here work their way into the lower 20s along with sunshine this morning, some high, thin clouds initially this afternoon, but then clouds do take over by the evening commute it is going to be a cloudier scene out there. 19 high in worcester, 22 worcester and over to portsmouth and 23 beverly to boston and 22 in plymouth and 22 in hyannis and future cast highlighting morning sunshine late day clouds and expect period of snow and plymouth southward for minor accumulation and noon time tomorrow one to three inches and more. perhaps up to four inches there. rest of the area just patchy coating of snow,un settled pattern tomorrow, so going to find flurries around, going to find a lot of clouds, start to thin out during the second half
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so winds gusting 35 to 45 miles per hour here by saturday afternoon up to 50 miles per hour over the cape and coldest air of the winter moving in, along with the winds and that's where we get wishes not just down to 30 below, but estimates now in southern new hampshire and it could be as low as 40 below zero. want to highlight some of the cold spots here. 6:00 a.m. sunday morning, 29 below for your wind chill in keene, 27 below in worcester, 24 below boston, 23 below beverly and 25 below in plymouth and this is nothing to play with here. this is a dangerous cold with very real threat of frostbite and zero out there despite the fact weekend highs are forecast to be in the teens, add the frigid breeze and very cold set-up and high of 46 and stays somewhat mild on wednesday as
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breeze comes back into play. julie? >> julie: shiri, talk to you soon. taking a stand against bullying to help a 11-year-old boy. looking for hot date for valentine's day. how about model, champagne and
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>> sara: app called bark and borrow and being called a dog dating service. it allows users to borrow someone's dog. people with dogs can go on and lend their dog for short or long-term and best part, it is free. >> julie: you will see not only the technology that took astronauts to the moon and personal things left behind by the astronauts themselves. virtual look goes live in july for apollo. >> sara: band tefies gravity
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results has everyone talking. take a look. >> sara: latest song upside down and inside out and creates sensation of zero gravity. this video that i was obsessed with. here it goes again and still making awesome videos and even perform treadmill stunt on stage during award show. looks like so much fun. >> so creative. >> julie: it would be disastrous. julie: we have found you the perfect man if you don't have a valentine. >> hello, gorgeous, i'm glad you could make it. >> sara: oh, baby. >> julie: with a wink in there, that's fabio.
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lately but preparing for the valentine's day and video posted for hallmark streaming video service. fabio offers ideal evening if the ideal evening has bear skin rug, champagne and fabio. >> julie: he has clothes on because usually she is shirtless. >> shiri: 12 at max and it is cold and temperature not going up by that much later today but only gets colder this weekend, so going to highlight when face dangerous cold next. >> catherine: deadly bus driver with students on board.
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the pa >> julie: heading into the weekend with dangerously cold wind chills and extended into new hampshire like shiri has been predicting and so cold it will feel like 40 below in some
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>> shiri: calling it lossa shoe she is. >> sara: don't want to leave youre house. >> shiri: not something to laugh about or joke about and if you don't respect it and treat properly it will do damage. wind chill right now three below and that's nothing in boston compared to how it is going to feel by saturday night and sunday morning. 12 below in worcester, wind chill five below in plymouth and here is day planner for today. so i got -- need to update that now 12 and sub-zero wind chill and sunny at noon and 19 , 20 dry but increasing clouds. in fact, clouds take over at 7:00 p.m. and going to have to make way to slight risk for some snow.
9:32 am
accumulation, minor stuff where to plan around and inch or two of snow and highlight the really cold spots coming up. julie, back over to you for live drive time traffic. >> julie: accident into deadly crash and see slow still on 93 south through medford and into somerville and 128 northbound crawling along for the lexington area and pike moving along fine from 128 and weston tolls into the allston-brighton area but expressway northbound sluggish and look at this, zakim bridge, jampacked because of the lanes that are closed on other side of the o'neill tunnel. here are live drive times 26 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 30 minutes expressway braintree split to the pike and hour 20 minutes 495 to the leverett connector. we want to update the breaking news right now on the
9:33 am
scene of the deadly accident just outside the o'neill tunnel that i was telling you about. it happened just before 8:00 in the last ten minutes state police have confirmed that object hit the windshield of the car killing the driver. when we take a close look at the car you could see there's a large hole in the glass right in the driver's side windshield. right now we have a picture that state police released investigators inside the tunnel. not far from where the crash as the car stopped. troopers conducting some sort of investigation. they appear to be looking at manhole in the tunnel. no word if this is related to the accident. we continue to follow the breaking story and update new 15 minutes. >> sara: we continue to follow breaking news out of logan airport where a van hit a plane on tarmac. we have confirmed that van was empty but the plane was loaded with people about to head to florida. fox25 stephanie coueignoux live at the airport working to get
9:34 am
and, stephanie, what have you learned? >> stephanie: just about an hour ago the plane in the collision was taken and put into hangar behind me for further investigation. again, the wing of the plane damaged but you're taking a look at terminal c, and you can see the jetblue plane, that's where that plane was parked and where the van that had no driver collided with it and nobody was hurt, but a lot of passengers shaken up because they were sitting in seats and one person actually described it to me as feeling a big jolt. but take a look. this is video that we took just about an hour ago. that is when crews finally moved that damaged plane and put it into the hangar. again, this investigation really just in the starting stages of all of this. this actually happened at six this morning, and that is when that fuel van hit the wing of the plane and it damaged that wing of the plane so much so that the passengers on board
9:35 am
another plane. now, this was jetblue flight 891. again, passengers already on board, they were ready to fly to tampa when all of this happened, and sources have been telling fox25 the driver of that van said that he put the van in park and when rolled into the plane and still under investigation and van in park and something happened, did the driver only of questions. very shaken up with passengers. take a listen to video from inside the plane and captain speaking to everyone moments after this all happened. >> rolled underneath the airplane and we have and airplane not
9:36 am
i apologize and probably more information. >> stephanie: again, jetblue apologizing and unattended van rolled underneath the plane. passengers on board they waited there for an hour and heading back to tampa but that investigation and still in the initial stages. we are continuing to reach out to jetblue, to massport and we will have more information for you on fox25 and at logan i'm stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. >> julie: right now man getting ready to head to court after driving a bus and crashed while driving. live outside and new information >> catherine: court not yet in
9:37 am
waiting to find out when the driver might be reasoned. however, i spoke with first student, bus company affiliated with the bus the driver was driving and suspended and conducting their own internal investigation as police continue to investigate this as well. i want to start off by giving you look at video here of the scene and this was captured shortly after the crash occurred by sky fox. so you could see the wires there across the top of the bus which is from first student bus company. police say 11 middle and high school students on the bus at the time of the crash. they were not injured and stayed in nearby home until the different bus came to pick them up. this is the man say was behind the wheel. 42-year-old scott poirier of dudley. police say they have no history of him but he is now charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, negligence driving and child endangerment after police say the bus he was driving backed into a utility pole at low rate of speed.
9:38 am
taking seriously. >> safety is in the hands and think it as being looked as as it is. >> catherine: dudley superintendent says school district is in contact with first student buzz -- bus company as investigation unfolds and can't recall a incident happening in the school district 43 year history. again, at this point we are waiting to find out when the bus drive might be arraigned here in court and find out more details about some of the circumstances surrounding the accident. police did tell us this morning they did do a field sobriety test and told us that information could come out in court today. we will keep you updated on website at and also on news tonight at five and six. for now live in dudley, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> sara: new this morning a local man behind bars for robbing two banks and trying to hit up a convenience store.
9:39 am
pinchili of methuen. he was wanted by three police departments on numerous charges. police say he is seen in this video trying to rob a convenience store in methuen last week. he then smashed the door of the store to get out. police say he also robbed two banks in the area. easton police are searching for the gunman behind a violent robbery of a dunkin donuts. look at surveillance images wednesday night near roach brothers on easton stoughton line. police say one worker was beaten and another was kicked several time. the g beman took cash and cell phone from the employees. >> julie: parents of one-year-old girl that died in care of nanny suing the nanny. it was recently dropped because they suing to keep her from profiting from a movie or book
9:40 am
>> sara: causing controversy, two girls kissing mural must be changed. she was asked to create a mural showing an example of student life, but administrators say the mural violates school policy. >> the wasn't the fact that it was two girls kissing, it was high school contact. >> she wanted to start conversation about school policies. however, she will obey the cool's request to fix the mural. >> julie: look at live dry times and we are not getting any relief on 93 south right now. we are up to hour and a half from 495 in andover to the leverett connector. so things very, very slow, average speeds 14 miles per hour and that's because of the accident where we have lanes
9:41 am
lanes after the tunnel. avoid 933 at all costs. we will have more on drive times coming up in a few minutes. >> sara: better step up your game, guys. big valentine's day gift that brought one woman to tears.
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day 70 years in the making. >> julie: breaking news on the expressway and this is the scene on the expressway southbound right outside the o'neill tunnel there was an accident there earlier this morning right before 8:00. that's when police arrived on scene and they have been there ever since. we do know it was a deadly accident and they are investigating right now is to some sort of object flew up and hit the car because there was a giant hole in the windshield. ambulance is just pulling away and tow truck on scene and six, seven, police officers cars there and they are getting ready to toe away the car involved in the accident. deadly accident on the expressway southbound outside the o'neill tunnel. drastically impacting drive times on 93 and i will have those in just a few minutes. >> sara: days before valentine's day and we have an absolutely amazing love story.
9:45 am
world war ii and we will show you them in just a moment, but a simple misunderstanding pulled them apart and left them heartbroken. 70 years later they found their ways back to each other. >> reporter: norwood thomas never stopped thinking about joyce morris. the pair first met in 1944. she, 17-year-old british girl living in london, and he 21-year-old paratrooper for the u.s. forces. young love blossomed. >> thomas deployed to normandy to fight in world war ii. returned to the u.s. and invited morris to join him but misunderstood the letter and thought he was already married so she refused his invitation and they went their separate ways.
9:46 am
thomas eventually gave widower, morris got divorced. last year one of her sons found thomas online and they reconnected on skype after more than 70 years. >> (inaudible). to you. >> what would you do if i could give you the squeeze? >> lovely. >> reporter: crowd funding campaign made that actual happen made the journey from virginia to adelaide. >> when still vertical. >> reporter: couple that just
9:47 am
decades later just in time for v for valentine's day. ivan watson, cnn. >> julie: what a beautiful story. >> sara: so beautiful. >> julie: man in indiana getting big points for valentine's day, although i don't know how anyone will compete with 70-year-old love. wife asked for modest gift but had something else in mind. he was driving down the road and say empty billboards and bought one. pat and patty 27 years and counting, you completely. when she saw it patty says she burst into tears. their advice for happy marriage. they say show how much you love each other and always communicate. >> sara: super bowl champ using star power to pick a fight with bullies. brandon mcmahonis spending time with 11-year-old boy being bullied by the neighbors.
9:48 am
other children were making fun of him. friend told mcmahonis about the family and he decided to pay them a visit. >> wanted mom to have sense of security to help out in her son. >> sara: mcmahonis told group about anti-bullying squad and help children currently being harassed. >> julie: live pictures of the expressway, southbound lanes right after the o'neill tunnel, tow truck on scene getting ready to toe away the car that was involved in deadly accident right around 7:30 this morning. still have several police cars on scene. those two left hand lanes are blocked and it is backing up traffic going on to 93 south, and i will show you drive times in a moment. here is tweet for mass dot reminding everyone left lanes remain closed on expressway
9:49 am
93 south jampacked from medford down up to the zakim bridge. pike moving along all right but you could see a little bit of glaze as you make through the allston-brighton tolls. here are live drive times, 28 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 30 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and 93 minutes 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and tracking what would be a frigid weekend. shiri? >> shiri: this is the exact reason we talk about wind chills not to square you, hype something up, but something that can be potentially very dangerous. get frostbite in 30 minutes on any kind of exposed skin when the wind chill is 30 below and only takes ten minutes. those are the types of temperatures that we are talking this weekend. that's why you will want to limit time outside. you know, plan ahead, know where you're parking, know where you got to go so you're not exposing yourself to this. wind chill warning for most of
9:50 am
20 to even 40 below but you could see a little less certain across the cape and southcoast which is why we got a wind chill watch in effect, so wait and see if that is upgraded, 12 in boston, feels like three below because of the breeze that i have and start with the sunshine and end with clouds here, guys, and later into the evening we go, the better chance we will get a couple flurries out there, talking about cold spots, worcester county going to take it today, toward worcester, rutland, garner, northborough, highs at only 19 this afternoon, getting up to 23 in boston, norwood, new bedford, plymouth and hyannis 22, 23 from lawrence up to portsmouth, new hampshire, and 22 in manchester, new hampshire. at least we got the sunshine out there now, so looks good, just doesn't feel great. tomorrow's high temperature in boston 18, plymouth 19, faux 18, but then we go into the sunday forecast, and temperatures continue to drop ten in worcester, 13 nashua, 14 in beverly, and we have to talk
9:51 am
you add the wind to it, if you're going to be outside, feel so much colder. this is the increasing clouds today between seven and 10:00 p.m., start seeing couple of snowflakes out there, best bet from plymouth southward and that's where through noon time tomorrow, i got one to three inches of snow in the forecast. less than an an area patchy coating and unsettled pattern here and top into quite bit overnight and early cloud cover and clouds start to then out and winds really kick into gear and winds start gusting 35 to 45 miles per hour in the afternoon, over the cape gusting as high as 50, and you match that with the fact that we have got arctic air moving, coldest air that we have seen of the season and that's where the wind chills will be on the order of 30, possibly 40 below zero. into the afternoon i know it is looking much nicer, but it is for expectations, worcester acton nashua to keene and orange, that's where we have
9:52 am
it could be the worst of the cold, 20 to 30 below boston area, eastern mass, a little bit warmer, but still 25 below for the wind chills when you wake up on sunday morning, and as well saturday night. by monday we will see 28 temperature slowly start to recover, late snow transitions to heavy rain on tuesday with high of 46. we are still going to be in the 40s on wednesday with cooling temperatures through the day and gradual clearing, winds come back into play, but at least it is not going to be as cold as this weekend.
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pictures of the expressway southbound after the o'neill tunnel. we have just received new information, the state police investigation into this accident reveals the victim's car involved was hit by a metal manhole cover. it became dislodged, flew into the air and that's why there was the giant hole in the driver's side windshield.
9:56 am
the manhole in left lane of 93 south near exit of the o'neill tunnel and initial report suggest it hit the victim's windshield somewhere in that area. it hospitalized around 7:30 this morning, and we have been following it since then. >> sara: we have also just learned they have identified the victim. we are told it is an adult woman they are not releasing her name or make and model of the car because they want to notify the woman's family first. again, the investigation remains active. you could see the number of state police cars right there on 93 south right now as they continue the investigation and we are going to be covering this story all day long. just terrifying accident there
9:57 am
car and adult woman is dead. >> julie: we will have more tonight at five and six this evening. >> sara: big story is cold. really bad, 10 tomorrow morning, two below on sunday morning. factor in the wind and it could feel like it is 30, even 40 below when you wake up on sunday morning. cold. starts saturday night.
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. she just spotted her boyfriend with another woman. >> and she's mad at s heck. >> how his car is bearing the prunt of one bad temper. >> she's likely to flip that bad boy over. >> if you thought getting up here was scary, now see a dare devil's video. >> of his descent. >> the terrifying moment he stops to take a call. [ speaking in foreign language ] a pricey lamb bor orghini heads toward a tunnel where -- >> everything starts to come to a halt. >> see why everything, except the car behind him. plus bonus giveaway day means your chance to win a new ipad mini or a flat screen tv. and students pull a


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