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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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this tragic dent is described as a beloved art teacher at two schools in milton. the crash happened before 8 o'clock this morning on i 93 southbound at the end of the o'neil tunnel. tonight we're working to uncover more about past problems with manhole covers but we begin tonight with kerry cavanaugh with the latest on the investigation and what's being done to make sure other drivers are safe tonight. kerry this really is just so tragic and terrifying because it could've happened to any of us. >> kerry: thousands of people pass this tunnel every day where just beyond the southbound exit ramp here at the o'neil tunnel this is the first time within the last 20 minutes that these lanes of 93 have been moving all day long first traffic snarled after the accident this morning and then compounding the problem mass.did some spot inspections of every single cover from summerville to the south bay
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200 pounds tonight mass state police working to determine what caused the storm drain cover to dislodge and launch friday morning. the cover dislodged inside the o'neil tunnel and southbound side just before 8 o'clock. mass state police say it appears the cover went through the drive's windshield.the driver continued to the tunnel crashing along the wall. cameras also captured significant damage to the rear of the vehicle. >> this is an incredibly infrequent event. in fact the accident drew quick spots from massdot at one this afternoon when mass.dispatched crews to inspect more than 500 pieces of hardware along 93 from summerville to the south bay mall. that included manhole covers electrical panel covers and storm drain covers like the one that launched friday morning. we got a close-up look at those inspections from inside the highway operation center.
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close down one line at a time along 93 that created another traffic mess by the afternoon people that were inside the highway operation center telling us this is not typical traffic for this time of the afternoon. this is about 2 o'clock. >> this one had been inspected in june 2014. the storm drain cover now a piece of evidence in this deadly crash. >> within the last 30 mins we checked with find out the status of all those inspections and whether they were completed today. spokesperson told us they might have to wrap up for the day and continue tomorrow the try to get an exact count of where they stand we hope to be able to update the information on next hour. >> one question for you what specifically will investigate be looking for on that manhole cover as a try to figure out what happened here?>> state police tell us are going to be examining that to see if there's an extensive where any
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cover or any other them you are out what caused it to launch. in addition to that the governor is talking earlier said they are specifically inspected by mass.every two years that the policy they may begin reviewing depending on what we find on this one. >> hopefully they can prevent this from happening again. it just a short time ago members of the ttl from the glover skill and milton posted to facebook message calling caitlin a beloved art teacher. miss that was loved by many students and she inspired a love of art and our children. she will be greatly missed in our community. >> milton superintendent also sending a statement at this hour among other things it states quote instead is a tragic loss not only for our faculty and staff but also for the students and families whose lives she is touched of the
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we do know that you will be joining us in sending our thoughts and prayers to caitlin's family and friends. they added the glover school be open tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. until noon for anyone who wants to meet and ask questions. >> parents are being welcome to the school tomorrow to hear from grief counselor about how to speak with the children about the loss. this isn't the first time manhole covers have caused serious injuries and big problems for drivers around boston. eric you talked to experts about what can cause this type of axis. >> reporter: almost 9 years ago when as many as eight accidents in a month were all caused by loose manhole covers or storm grades another couple of cases crews it just cleaned and replaced the covers and today engineers told me one of the potential problems is when new covers are a perfect fit. >> the image of a car's windshield smashed by a heavy
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expressway disturbingly similar to this crash on 128 in westwood when a driver was critically injured by a 250 pounds sewer grate in 2007. it was one of just five accidents in five days. >> popping tires and smashing cars all due to storm grades and manhole covers. the series of problems prompted crews to inspect about 10,000 of those covers statewide. re-welded. when it comes to manhole covers it is often one size fits all but engineers tell me if one of these covers is replaced with another one it's even slightly too small it could begin rocking back and forth and immediately become a hazard. >> national engineering expert rich tells fox 25 aging infrastructure can play a role in these kinds of crashes. >> of course those are just some of the factors crews are sure to be examining tonight.
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time of your even snow removal can sometimes be a factor in these crashes were still putting that part of the store together right now.we'll have it for you 6 o'clock. >> first alerted you to this horrific tragedy this morning on our app raking news traffic weather and other in port information download the free fox 25 news out. >> bitterly cold temperatures and dangerously low wind chills moving into our area some places it can you like 40 below. and what is this cold frostbite can set in and just minutes. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz in the weather center now.>> were to about those wind chills all weekend long we've been warning you about it for a couple of days now.the crux of that is that you're going to be outside you could be doing things this
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the beginning of february vacation need to stay covered up. with the cold air comes snowflakes down the coast a bit you find this coming up the coast to our south these are going to clip southeastern most massachusetts. is the latest futurecast track taking these across the islands and cape cod at 1:30 a.m. during late tonight into early morning hours this is not i love snow it'll be out of here first thing in the morning asked of us getting just some flurry so watch the snow stat to cumulate out here in southeastern massachusetts by 4 o'clock in the morning it take you to 7 o'clock in the morning you can see it injured two were going one to three from plymouth south east toward maybe a little aggressive toward plymouth but will keep it covered there is going to be snow you may have some of that
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about those temperatures it's 18 worcester 22 boston typical cold snap in february wins are all that strong and we already have wind chills in the single numbers. a wind chill warning and places we can i will take you hour by hour to how cold is going to be when you're going to be outside. >> coverage of the extreme cold continues through the next two hours.this is is in restaurants bracing for busy holiday weekend but will they be hurt by the cold snap. plus with the community rail and mbta are trains are doing right now to keep the trains on schedule. the doctor ways and what you need to do to protect yourself and your kids. it's all had right here on the fox 25 news at five. >> one person killed two others injured after she got the streets of dorchester. boston police responded to a home invasion when officers came under fire. the officers told the man to drop their guns three times for opening fire. tonight we learned a man shot
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this all happened in the area of stanwood and laredo fox25 christine mccarthy they live now with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: police tell us the suspect was very well known to their department and tonight we're learning and just what capacity an official with the boston police department tells fox 25 that this man had been shot twice before and this was hardly his first confrontation. >> residents terrified by the violence that broke out on this dorchester neighborhood friday morning. >> rohan thomas says his wife witnessed the gunbattle that left one suspect in a home invasion dead and two other people injured. >> boston police commissioner bill evans's offices were already nearby when they learned of the home invasion in shooting at this house on devon street. when they arrived one person had already been shot inside the home.
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waiting car assisted by a third man who allegedly pointed a gun at police on stanwood and laredo street forcing them to fire. >> a boston police official tells fox 25 the suspect was on probation and had 60 adult arraignments re-previous gun convictions and charges including assault on an officer. december 2014 he was allegedly caught snooping around offices personal vehicles at the police station and threatened to kill officers. >> thankfully no plot boston police officer was injured though a few to go to the hospital from monitored all expected to be okay none of them suffered any gun injuries. were told no police did recover a gun here at the scene and because the suspect was apparently a felon they say this just reinforces polices message that these illegal guns need to stay off the streets. coming up at 6 o'clock we
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who just happens to live right here in this neighborhood hear what he has to say about police actions. we're live in dorchester.>> learning more about the school bus driver accused of being drunk behind the wheel when he crashed his bus with 11 students on board. you saw the story breaking on the fox 25 news at five last night and today that 42-year-old man faced a judge. fox 25's robert goulston was in court. >> robert: scott poirier went in front of a judge today after police say he showed up to work drunk and then back into a utility pole. >> the pope broke causing the power lines to come crashing down on top of the school bus. 11 students were on board at the time most of them under the age of 14. >> when police arrived on scene poirier was coming off the bus when he slipped and fell they said he appeared drunk. but a breathalyzer says his blood alcohol content was almost 4 times the legal limit
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poirier was released from jail today after he was with a gps device. >> a company he works for telling fox 25 news there moving to terminate him the school superintendent telling us a full review is underway along with the appropriate disciplinary action pick were also working with them to review policies and procedures and that fortunately this is an exceptionally rare situation. there has never been a similar incident and the 43 years we have been a district. >> we pulled his driver
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credit card skimming device found another local gas station this time was at the in quincy. police are urging anyone who bought gas the recently to keep a close eye in the bank statements for fraudulent charges and their telling gas station owners in the area to inspect their pumps for possible tampering. family forced outside in frigid temperatures flames ripped through their happened last night on perry street norton a mother and her two adult sons were inside his home at the time but they were able to get out safely. the home was destroyed by partisan it could've been much worse. even the weather. >> we were able to get plenty of water on it. little icy and a little cold.
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being investigated by the state or marshall's office. >> lot going on in boston this weekend big era vent fenway park and that of course is valentine's day but will the brutally cold temperatures and wind chill warning key people away. >> reporter: in short know if i were given from florida it might be a different story as everywhere the story that we do were talking to new englanders so they expect this it this time of year a pair for to use to it. now that said i'm not going to lie it still cold out here and the worst is yet to come. most of the common this afternoon underling and layering they were walking briskly to get out of the cold. i even saw some squirrels talking themselves away under some trash cans so that gives you an idea of the fact that it's not some route here we certainly can't deny that but they are still those people who are out and about just because they were walking the dog going for a run one couple enjoying a
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getting on frog pond just about all of them told me that none of that would change this bitter cold. >> i don't mind the cold. i'm okay with it. >> i did speak with one man from georgia who just recently moved here to massachusetts this is his first winter here he is not okay with this weather. he's not taken his golfer and out for valentine's day he said the staying home hunkering down what you know he's among the minority this weekend according to massachusetts restaurant association. all have that part of the story coming up at 6:30. now let's find out just how cold it's going to get will send it over to chief neurologist kevin lemanowicz. >> now there's no snow flying
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now the sum coming our way though that start with that the two parts of the story erica told you about the cold tackle more that they're the clouds moved in this afternoon here's a snow coming up the coast to the south.another ocean storm northern fringes of it so again we're going to miss out on all of the snow or maybe you're happy about that. but here it comes futurecast shows it coming in by the time we're talking tonight will be some snow flying out in the islands potential and keep it as well. between northwood and plymouth sides off shore takes a five or 6 o'clock in the morning the snow was already done. couple of flurries with the cold air coming and that's about it inland know of to the north question on twitter from methuen getting an inch or more away some flurries at best for you. so this goes away it's off to the cold temperatures. how much snow you get it's not a lot. start to get some accumulation
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4:00 a.m. still light accumulation out here maybe two inches on nantucket is going to be fluffy and sometimes computer models don't after that in as well. so were forecasting 1 to 3 inches of snow up to the islands northward to about plymouth southward to newport rhode island and all over southeastern massachusetts with the rest of us getting some flurries out of this one. let's tackle that cold. temper just right now 18 to 22 along the massachusetts turnpike 22 on the cape and provincetown not much wind out there. with these light winds only 10, five, eight miles per hour around the area the windchill is already looking like sickle numbers was to six orange seven other boston at 11. so any kind of a breeze when temperatures are this cold, going to give you windchill
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more comfortable for you. so in place now for the national weather service that wind chill watch we had yesterday upgraded to a wind chill warning all the areas here in deep lu. the lighter blue is still a wind chill watch waiting to see temperatures get cold out at cape cod and the islands close to that territory but you have to wind chills 20 blower lord to get into that when chill warning criteria. that's going to happen here inland for sure. even at the coast on the south shore. when you get down below 30 below zero for wind chills, for long time you can start to have frostbite in as few as 10 minutes so be aware of that late tomorrow night into sunday morning. that's why am calling this dangerous cold not a word i use a lot but in this case that is dangerous you don't want to get frostbite.
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bad single numbers in teens is will feel like by the afternoon we o'clock looking at negative wind chills across the area. just uncomfortable kind of makes your face hurt. by the evening by 4 o'clock in the wind chill warning starts with sliding back down and by 7 o'clock with all of you are going out to dinner to whatever you're going to do in and around town you going to wind chills between 14 and 21 below zero along the pike even colder to the north and west. the heart of this around midnight on sunday as low as 30 below is a snapshot still be
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215-year-old girls did after shooting at high school outside the next. lineal police say this is not active shooting situation. police say each girl had one gunshot wound and a weapon was found in the bodies. investigators didn't say what the relationship of any that the girls had offices added that the rest of the students at the high school are safe but
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>> there were no threats made to the school prior to this warnings shooting. coming up in our next half-hour for the first time hearing from the mom of one of the columbine shooters. why she decided to speak out 17 years after the horrific mass shooting. caretaker taken in accused of stealing from the elderly woman he was working for. tewksbury police arrested 27-year-old called for larceny after they say he stole checks from his 83-year-old victim and used her debit card without permission. he worked at heather what retirement facility and now faces multiple charges. >> health worker under investigation accused of fondling a sleeping patient. the unnamed victim told police she was inappropriately touched by a nursing assistant in january 28. province police officials from rhode island hospital were not fully cooperative at the start
5:26 pm
a statement the hospital said the employee was placed on unpaid leave and terminated for reasons unrelated to the pending legal investigation. >> man what a attacking police officer and hitting an elderly man 29-year-old tyson delgado was in court today on a long list of charges connected to wednesday's incident in woburn. got arrested yesterday after police found him hiding under a bed in a boston house. after attacking office on wednesday you can see in the surveillance video police doug got a hit a man with his car and kept driving. the man was seriously hurt.>> flames shooting out of a home overnight firefighters police responded to this multi- family home overnight. all the residents out of the home and then out of the cold. on fortunate one pet did not make it investigators still looking into the cause and no people were injured. >> arrest in the shooting death of a seven-year-old man. another 70-year-old facing a judge of police of the two men
5:27 pm
triggered the deadly shooting. trouble at logan airport how i run away van smashed right into a packed plane. wind chill warning and place it starts tomorrow afternoon goes all the way until sunday
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tomorrow night workers are checking manhole covers after a woman was killed by wonder in the morning commute. caitlin was killed around seven:50 this one when the cover of 993 s. became dislodged airborne crashing right through the windshield. the covers weighing more than 200 pounds covers greats of panels are being inspected today out of an abundance of caution. what team coverage on this breaking story. >> also tonight wind chill warning coming our way this
5:30 pm
dangerously low wind chills. hi everyone i'm vanessa welch. >> and i mark ockerbloom chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz days now. it's going to be the coldest we've seen this year and it's going to be dangerous at times something we've been warning about sherry told you that when chill watch became a wind chill warning earlier today not yet the right now it's cold we can handle 18 to 22 here in new england in fact this is a little bit of a breeze out there. just any breeze though with temperatures as cold gives you a wind chill of like six in wooster 11 in boston again not dangerous levels just the kind that makes a little uncomfortable to be outside for too long. the wind chill warning is for -20 or colder. even as cold as -35 during the heart of this when chill event. it's mostly tomorrow night into sunday morning. the areas in dark blue with a wind chill warning is in place including cities of boston
5:31 pm
and much of the south shore as well. tonight there clouds moving across the area actually some snow moving toward southern new england so part two of the story is another shot of snow on the northern fringe one more time with the storm system by 10 o'clock tonight were talking in that newscast there's a snow getting to the islands adding on to cape cod during the early morning hours after midnight and then sliding off before you wake up in the morning it's all done to be a few flurries around interior levels sections of the state but not going to be concerned were not expecting a lot of snow we see acutely she got in southeastern massachusetts with the fluff factor in there would be for 1 to 3 inches from plymouth southeast to cape cod and islands will take us wind chills hour by hour so even the worst of it will be this weekend. >> frigid temperatures on the way the commuter rail is taking precautions to make sure the trains run smoothly.
5:32 pm
they may notice trains running at odd hours or this is because the trains tend to have less mechanical problems at the kept cold. >> this week instead of the cold temperatures you can get customized forecast from meteorologist your city or town to download our free fox25 whether app. >> arrest tonight in the murder of a warehouse man. 70-year-old man accused of murdering another 70-year-old man police were giving a well-being check they found john williams shot and killed inside is where him home on tuesday. fox 25 live now with more on how these two men are connected. jim. >> reporter: market vanessa did not take authorities long to find a motive here nor did take them long to find a suspect. 70-year-old john woody of berkeley arraigned today in the murder of seven-year-old john williams. this is a crime that allegedly occurred this past monday during the snowstorm. persecutors telling us this was
5:33 pm
evolving about a woman named judy a woman who actually died last month in january. in court documents one of john williams children said that her father was romantically involved with judy at one time although not recently and that she was living with john woody. prosecutors today praise authorities for bringing the suspect in. >> they did a tremendous job. making sure we could get somebody off the street that would shoot a 70-year-old individual 10 times. >> prosecutors twice asking reporters to please give the family some privacy they have been traumatized by what happened here. this case continues to mid march. >> trouble on the tarmac at logan runaway fuel then slanted toward jetblue plane found for from boston to tampa. nobody was hurt passengers tell fox 25 the situation was frightening. >> all of a sudden it just jumped. it was a big jolt. sky fox capturing a frightening flight and blue flight 91 having gotten off the ground. terrifying we didn't know what
5:34 pm
it could've been terrorism. we could imagine a vehicle would hit up airplane on the ground. >> the fuel band rolled into the wing of the plane damaging it. a passenger tweeted this video of a member of the flight crew alerting passengers. >> sources tell fox 25 the driver of the band said he put it in park and then left to help some coworkers and that's when the band rolled under the plane. the plane was taken out of service while the passengers and crew ordered another plan for tampa arriving at the destination late but safe. >> will check back with massport this afternoon get an update but they would only tell us the cause remains under investigation. >> two remaining democrats
5:35 pm
battle while republicans engage south. high-stakes from washington. >> reporter: the south carolina republican primary just eight days away could be or break for some of the remaining gop candidates. the intensity is palpable. one of donald trump tweeting about ted cruz nearly half a dozen times over just 24 hours for being disingenuous was block. how can ted cruz be evangelical christian when he lies so much and is so dishonest. new hampshire second-place finisher john kasich he's trying to stay above the fray despite slamming jeb bush for being as he ohio governor puts it an enthusiastic supporter of obama care. it's kinda hard tonight the country when you spend all your time attacking somebody. jeb bush get a much needed assistance south carolina from his brother former president
5:36 pm
keep his campaign relevant. hillary clinton and bernie sanders showing democrats also have a penchant for pugilistic posturing. tussling over everything from healthcare to president obama's job performance in a pbs debate thursday night. >> that is a low blow. while debate moderators took some heat for aborting the controversy altogether, the state department will release 550 emails from hillary clinton's server this weekend. >> following breaking news a lower 15-year-old is searcy her after being hit by a driver and left the scene. picture from lowell shows a boys bicycle hit by white chevy pickup around 2:30 lawrence
5:37 pm
bull street. investors believe it was tracked by the truck. the boy was rushed to beth israel with severe injuries the pickup was found in the property of green a landscaper no word of arrest has been made reporter headed to the scene and of course will bring you more information as soon as we can. >> are all those apps in your smart phone putting your personal information at risk? although it six how the information that some apps collect the put you at risk for a hack attack. restaurants supposed to start dishing out calorie counts on
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nearly 17 years since the dallas high school shooting in us history. tonight we're hearing from the mother of one of the shooters for the first time. dylan classmate eric killed 13 people and injured 24 others at columbine high school back in 1999 before turning the guns on themselves.the first television interview sue says she rationalized possible warning signs and dylan is normal teenage behavior.
5:41 pm
and i kept thinking constantly thought how i would feel fit the other way around one of their children should not mine 's mom said she can't yourself to refer to her son is a killer. too hard she also said she hopes the book she's releasing next week will help other parents spot potential warning signs in their own kids. all the proceeds will go towards helping those suffering with mental illness. >> officer shot and killed a suspect who they say attacked restaurant patrons with a machete. the attack and shooting happened at a columbus ohio restaurant. witnesses described what happened as carnage at a systematic attack. official said six people hurt and taken to the hospital the unarmed suspect ran off at later confronted and shot by police. a motive for the attack is unknown. >> enormous warehouse fire still burning for the second
5:42 pm
hillsboro new jersey firefighters have contained this fire which was out of control when we first told you about it at 5 o'clock yesterday. official said the fire does not build an imminent public threat but schools in the area have been closed in response. one firefighter has been hurt so far. >> pope francis mike another milestone and is already historic papacy held a meeting today head of the russian orthodox church. patriarch of moscow met with the pope first meeting between those two religious positions and nearly 1000 years. the pope and paycheck said the crisis in the middle east is pushing them together experts hope the coalition will ease tensions.>> the school that's educating a brand-new workforce for a budding industry here in massachusetts. >> two-part weather store the first some snow coming away tonight the other part the
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
puppy dog's owners were in court facing charges of cruelty to animals. the woman reported the forgotten pup to police describe the horror tonight. >> these images hard to erase for memory. i went to bed crying. the hair had not been cut on the dog never been groomed. londonderry police to a three-year-old just to name puppy hidden off a lot of issues. today the manchester animal hospital report is doing much better but it's owners face a rough future. jada and jennifer appear before the judge facing numerous charges. neither have a criminal history are shocked. i was horrified absolutely horrified. i can't imagine some of you would like to go dog go that long.
5:45 pm
told police they let the dog unattended for four days but not everybody is buying it. oh no clearly the abuse happened for a long long period of time the women had been evicted from their londonderry apartment because he stopped paying rent when the landlord went to make sure they were gone, she found the puppy. she asked us not to show her face. when i open the door, the whole thing smelled everything so filthy. garbage and old food scattered to the apartment even the dog's water bowl was brown with the film growing on it. both of those women are due back in court in march. as part of their bill conditions that are not allowed to own a pet of any kind. in the meantime the puppy is recovering in londonderry police say they will notify the public when he's ready for adoption.>> extreme cold temperatures headed away this
5:46 pm
local doctor about how to keep yourself protected from frostbite. >> the key things are to stay covered so to keep your skin covered if your parent watching up for kids or again extremes of age that tend to get people into trouble so if you're helping with a parent who's older or another somebody who may not be as aware or capable you want to try to keep as covert as possible especially when it's a bitter cold and windy later this weekend. within minutes you can get into trouble. >> if you're going to be outside this weekend these are the signs you want to be aware of when it comes to frostbite. numbness or prickly feeling skin, red white or gray coloring in your skin, harder waxy looking skin and severe cases that could be blistering after the skin is warmed back up. >> kevin with weather like this frostbite a very real possibility. with any skin exposed. one thing i think right away mark does want to go skiing
5:47 pm
as big of a february vacation our friends the skiers don't want to tell you not to go skiing i would tell you that either that's why they have ski lodges take warning breaks stay out of the dangerous that the doctor was talking about. temperatures cold enough is 18 worcester 22 in boston but these temperatures are going to fall tonight and the dangerous levels come later on into the weekend. was to that 18 degrees feels like six with the wind not even much wind out there going down to nine degrees overnight tonight so staying above zero tonight boston at 22 feeling like 11 going down to 15 first thing in the morning. so the coldest air is ahead that's where the wind chill warning is in place it starts saturday tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock osuna time on sunday. wind chills approaching 35 below zero at times especially in the higher to the north and west as low as 20 below in boston perhaps even a few degrees colder than that.
5:48 pm
territory out for a prolonged period of time. that's when you get into that frostbite danger. 30 below zero takes about 10 minutes for you start to see some symptoms of frostbite that's why you need to keep yourself warmed up as often as possible. here the wind chills expected to the night not real bitterly cold below zero for sure this takes you to tomorrow afternoon though we we really start to plunge at 4 o'clock the wind chill warning starts 12 below worcester five below boston just getting started by 7 o'clock 21 below and worcester 14 below in boston so out here the greatest danger getting into that frostbite territory remember these are snapshots on average so we can be cold or anyone moment than these temperatures showing 30 below out here in orange you're 30 below worcester to fitchburg as well pick and boston going into 25 below zero by midnight tomorrow night a lot of you be outside late tomorrow night all
5:49 pm
just make sure you stay covered up as much as possible. into sunday morning it's still going to be bitterly cold it gets better as the day progresses going above zero for windchill in the afternoon that's still very cold obviously just out of the danger zone. at the same time other part of the story is a snow that's coming with the cold weather we have the cold weather no doubt it will be snowflakes watching the snow come off the coast and making a run at southeastern massachusetts pointed right at cape cod and the islands. the clouds are here the cayman late this afternoon snow squalls forming out there indeed was clouds moving and no flicks flying right now but there they are during the morning hours actually eight tonight 10:30 into the morning hours making it far north as plymouth and then willing to weigh offshore a couple of 30s brother inland back to worcester in fact the only
5:50 pm
inches far north as plymouth because of that fluff factor. models futurecast data showing half inch or so up to an inch by 4:30 half and she plymouth and then making its way offshore during the morning hours by 7:00 a.m. and only up to about two inches on nantucket but again with that fluff factor with the good one to three inches is likely accumulation for that part of the state rest of us not seeing any of relation but seeing some flurries high temperatures tomorrow up to the north and west of boston. only in the teens really going to be in the teens everywhere tomorrow. here's that seven day forecast your weekend always in view that sunday morning is three we can hit that boston it will be a record tied back in 1934. >> that's cold. two local celebrities coming back home. woburn brothers opening a new restaurant their home town of dorchester reporting mark donnie and paul walberg trying to raise $10 million from investors to open a new
5:51 pm
located in the proposed south bay town center development. >> cold day debut outside exhibit in cambridge the city's first freestanding public restroom is open now. new facility in harvard square at mass avenue and church street but you may want to wait a few weeks until it warms up to use it. there's no heat in the walls are open at the top and the bottom that's to keep people from staying inside too long. last public bathroom in harvard square closed in 2012. >> puppy love a new app is allowing people in boston to aro a dog. there's a new app in boston that helps. people with what else? a canine. the app is called bark and dating service. people with dogs can go on and lead their dogs for sure a long terms for free.
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(vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. p head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales p and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... p change your thinking about buying your next one. lawmakers for her to draw out a plan that would make restaurants display how many calories are in the meals. please what this could mean the next time you order a bacon cheeseburger or a deep dish pizza. >> reporter: fast food chains to post the number of calories in the menu under built just approved in the us house. the legislation fda rule requiring chain restaurants and convenience stores list calorie counts and menus on menu boards displayed at the counter. on main street america, there
5:55 pm
how this is going to work. the bill was dale lau take a delivery restaurants to disclose calories on websites on mobile apps the center for science in the public interest says his plan will that restaurants avoid telling customers how many calories are eating. >> the white house opposes the bill saying it will leave americans with less information on healthy eating. the fda's menu labeling rules requiring calorie count applies to chain restaurants grocery stores that sell prepared food and other businesses with 20 or more locations. >> connecticut lawmakers opposing a ban on smoking in cars with children task force research possibility is another way to protect children from secondhand smoke. eight other states have puerto rico already have similar bands on the books although the age limit very small eight highs 18. proposed ban has been met with
5:56 pm
concerned about the potential for invasion of privacy. >> weeks not years that's a new development from health officials working on it test for the zika virus. despite that news world health organization said today it will be more than a year before vaccines trials can even begin. many people are working towards having it ready as soon as possible. >> but in spite of this encouraging landscape vaccines are at least 18 months away from large-scale trials.>> in the us at least 21 states and the district of columbia now reporting cases health officials now scrambling to ship virus tests many fear there will be a shortage. target doing its part to make all of its customers as comfortable as possible within the next few months target rolling out carolines cart is a shopping cart designed for children with special needs.
5:57 pm
the child with a nervous system disorder struggle with maneuvering her shopping cart and her daughter's wheelchair. >> breaking news a manhole cover shoots through the air smashing the drivers windshield.the beloved school teacher killed in a freak accident and emergency efforts having right now to prevent another tragedy. i will take you hour by hour through this bitter cold temperatures this weekend and where the snow will fall overnight tonight. plus police forced to fire. the violent home invasion that sparked a deadly shootout in broad daylight. new at six we give you inside one of the state where want to growing schools. hoping graduates lead the way and abutting business. >> breaking news this is fox25 news at 6 complete new england news coverage. >> scene of a tragic crash one
5:58 pm
the car's windshield smashed please tell fox 25 a manhole cover somehow flew through the air shattered the windshield and killed the driver. victim caitlin a beloved art teacher in the milton schools we've learned a lot more about over the past hour. police say this is a manhole cover that killed her. tonight freak accident has an entire community morning her death. hello everyone i am mark ockerbloom. and i am vanessa welch it happened this morning but outside the ona tunnel police in a manhole cover went airborne inside the tunnel before crashed into her car. fox 25 as a team of reporters covering a story tonight. kerry cavanagh shows us the emergency effort underway in boston now to make sure it doesn't happen again. we begin tonight with kathryn live in winchester where the teacher lived. >> reporter: caitlin grew up in this area she is a graduate of winchester high school and
5:59 pm
for privacy as they grve her sudden and tragic loss. the public schools just released this photo of club at calling her a beloved teacher who inspired her students to love art. she's also being remembered by family and friends tonight is an avid runner and triathlete. that was driving to work this morning with state police say a sewer cover on i 93 was dislodged and became airborne. striking clements car and killing her. lovette taught art at grover elementary school in milton and had a masters degree from the school of museum of fine arts in boston. today the superintendent of milton schools notify parents about limits death and email calling it an enormous tragedy. superintendent said quote caitlin's death is a tragic loss not only for the faculty and staff but also for the


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