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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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for privacy as they grve her sudden and tragic loss. the public schools just released this photo of club at calling her a beloved teacher who inspired her students to love art. she's also being remembered by family and friends tonight is an avid runner and triathlete. that was driving to work this morning with state police say a sewer cover on i 93 was dislodged and became airborne. striking clements car and killing her. lovette taught art at grover elementary school in milton and had a masters degree from the school of museum of fine arts in boston. today the superintendent of milton schools notify parents about limits death and email calling it an enormous tragedy. superintendent said quote caitlin's death is a tragic loss not only for the faculty and staff but also for the
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touched over the past four years. we know that you will join us in sending your thoughts and prayers to caitlin's family and friends. glover elementary will be open tomorrow from 11 to noon the superintendent is asking parents to come and speak with the grief counselor about how best to spread the news of the tragedy and share it with their children they are asking that children do not come to that meeting. >> we continue our team coverage now with fox25 kerry cavanagh live along i 93 s. >> kerry: really within the last hour that these lanes out here 93 started moving again first they snarled horrifically after the accident around 8 o'clock this morning and making matters even worse where these safety inspections that mass .started this afternoon they stretched from summerville all the way to the south bay mall. it weighs close to 200 pounds
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to determine what caused the storm drain cover to dislodge and launch friday morning. the cover is launched inside the ona tunnel on the southbound side just before 8 o'clock. mastic police say it appear the cover went through the drivers windshield and sailed right out the back. the driver caitlin a milton schoolteacher and continued through the tunnel crashing along the wall. >> in fact the accident drew quick response from mass.beginning at one this afternoon asked.dispatched for crews to inspect more than five and pieces of hardware along 93 from summerville to the south bay mall.that included manhole covers electrical panel covers and storm drain covers the one that launched friday morning. we got a close-up look at those inspections from inside the highway operations center. to do the inspections they had
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time along 93 in that created another traffic is by the afternoon the people that work inside the highway operations that are telling us this is not typical traffic for this time of the afternoon right now it's about 2 o'clock. >> the storm drain cover now a piece of evidence in this deadly crash. >> mass state police say they say examine that cover they'll be looking for any deformities any signs of excessive wear within the last hour we asked mass.for an update on the status of all the inspections they were conducting today if they got through the 500+ pieces of hardware they wanted to check out. i'll let you know when we hear back. >> we first alerted you about this tragic crash this morning on our app to get breaking news traffic weather and other important information download the free fox25 news app. >> fox25 investigated look at
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accident almost 9 years ago. eric here to explain how engineers get to the bottom of these cases. >> reporter: we can show you here with that storm drain cover was located before went flying causing that terrible accident today. experts tell me and it is usually to put these manholes closer to the centerline of the roadway when possible to limit how often cars and trucks are driving over them of course one set cover like that is loose a vehicle's tire can dislodge it intended said it flying. the image of a car's windshield smashed by a heavy manhole cover on the southeast expressway disturbingly similar to this crash on 128 westwood when a driver was critically injured by a 250 pound stew a great in 2007. it was one of five accident in five days involving grades and
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fox25 spoke to national traffic engineering expert rich new jersey who says wear and tear on manhole covers even settling of the pavement can play a role. >> the time of year can also come into play engineers told me a common cause of robins with these manholes are snowplows they can damage them and cause them to become loose. >> while it's not clear what happened in this latest crash, the series of problems in 2007 optic crews to inspect about 10,000 manhole covers and grates statewide. about 50 of them had to be re-welded. after those accident back in 2007 massachusetts watch a 24 hour how hotline for drivers to report lose manhole covers and other problems as you heard kerry cavanagh say greet rebecca taking another look at some of those areas with the
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>> more details now similar incident happened back in 2004 natick when a manhole exploded back of holliston riding in the passenger seat of his father's tahoe when a manhole route 125 blew up sitting the cover flying a crashed through the windshield shattered bracts john and armpit he eventually filed suit against and start lawsuit was settled. >> now to other big story happening right now fox 25 weather alert extremely cold temperatures that are heading our way. this is a live look at the current wind chills in our area. fox25 chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz tending by now. pretty mild compared to what your forecasting for this weekend. >> so mild to go to be wishing for temperatures like this by tomorrow afternoon let alone sunday. 18 worcester 22 boston that's right now there's a bit of a breeze out there so it gives a
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eight in worcester which accept two degrees from last hour feels like 10 in boston. these will be eight in 10 below zero by tomorrow afternoon and just going down from there between 20 and 35 degrees below zero at times tomorrow night. it is sunday afternoon that's why the windchill warning is in place at those levels frostbite becomes a real danger if you going to be outside keep your gloves off hats off not a good idea that's when you can get into that dangerous situation. expected wind chills tomorrow afternoon going below zero and then by tomorrow night when the windchill warning is in place 15 to 25 below zero perhaps load is 30 below zero something will be watching very closely. also snow heavy toward doing good right now i'm tracking also show you where you can
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>> ahead in our next half-hour we spoke with the doctor about ways you can keep from getting frostbite what he wants you to know to stay stay. be sure to wake up with the fox 25 weekend morning team jason will be tracking the very cold temperatures heather and blair will have all of your top stories. fox25 weekend morning news is from 6 to 10 tomorrow morning. >> breaking right now 15-year-old assisted her after being hit by a car and the driver left the scene. pictures from the sun showing the boys bicycle he was hit by a white chevy pickup around to:30 on lawrence street found a bull street investigators believe it was dragged the truck. the boy was rushed to beth israel with severe injuries and the pick up was found in the robbery of greener landscaping. no word yet if an arrest has been made we do have a reporter headed to the scene now will bring your new information as
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>> one person killed two others injured after a shoot out on the streets of dorchester austin police responded to a home invasion when officers came under fire and then fired back. all happening in the area of stanwood and laredo street fox25 christine mccarthy is there alive. >> reporter: in just the last hour you can see behind me the street where the suspect was shot earlier this morning has now been opened up so residents are able to come and go really and what we are learning from police tonight is that the suspect although his name is not being released they do say that he did have quite a past with police they say had been shot twice before and they say capitation. >> residents terrified by the violence that broke out in this morning. rohan thomas says his wife witnessed a gun battle the left one suspect in a home invasion
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>> our thoughts go to the family. boston police commissioner evans says officers were nearby when they learned of the home invasion and double shooting at this house on devon street. when they arrived one person had already been shot inside the home. another had been shot and was hobbling away to a waiting car assisted by a third man who allegedly fired at police on stanwood and laredo street. over the police radio everyone could hear three commands drop your gun -- a boston police official tells fox25 the suspect was on probation and it had 60 adult arraignments three previous gun convictions and charges including assault on an officer. immediately following the shooting police called community leaders to commend officers for their actions. >> in that same boston police official says that the suspect did have quite a past with police in the very last incident perhaps that they had
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14 he was allegedly caught snooping around police officers personal vehicles while they were parked at the police station and also allegedly threatened to kill officers. >> knew it six boy recovering from injuries after he was hit by a car this morning in mattapan this is the same here on louisville avenue there was around 8:30. boston police 11-year-old boy was hit by a car there the car did stop the boy was transported to children's hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. no word on whether the driver will face charges. >> being held on $50,000 bill tonight tyson delgado was in court today on a long list of charges connected to wednesday's incident woburn. delgado arrested yesterday after police found him hiding under a bed in a boston home. surveillance video shows a car allegedly driven by delgado
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cross the street while delgado taking off from police. the man was seriously hurt.>> large fire forcing a local family out in frigid temperatures overnight it happened last perry street norton. mother and her two adult sons were inside at the time but were able to get out safely. the house was destroyed by fire to say could've been a lot worse given the weather. the cause is being investigated by the state's fire marshal. >> school bus driver accused of driving drunk and crashing into a pole this dunes on
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update to th massachusetts. police sang activity on the ground the boy was hit by a white chevy pickup around 2:30 pm on lawrence to foldable street domestically was dragged by the truck boy rushed to beth israel told severe injuries the pick up was found the property of greener landscaping no word if an arrest has been made as yet we have reporter headed to the scene will bring you information as we get it. >> deadly man who accused of driving a school bus drunk with students on board faced the judge today. fox25 robert goulston is live in delhi now and why the suspect said he was out of it yesterday. >> robert: he told those first officers on the scene that he
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something for early in the day but police say he had more than his system been some sort of cold medicine. it's very very disturbing this kind of thing could happen. acute of getting behind the wheel of a school bus with students on board scott poirier told police he had nyquil or dayquil because he wasn't feeling well. police that he was nearly four times the legal limit for a schoolbus driver. >> the pope broke causing the power lines to come crashing down on top of the school bus 11 students were on board the time most of them under the age of 14. >> when police arrived on scene they say poirier was coming off the bus when he slipped and fell and had trouble composing himself. police said he also failed a field sobriety test. we on medicine or drinking?
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works for telling fox 25 news they're moving to terminate him the school superintendent telling us a full review is underway along with appropriate disciplinary action also working with them to review policies and procedures. we talked to one parent who knows poirier. never seem like he was intoxicated. >> we pulled poirier's driving record we didn't find any major issues with that we also tried to talk to some of his fellow drivers but they were told by first student manages not to talk to the media. we are live in dudley.>> temperatures in the teens and 20s the summer night in february not unusual it's really not all that unusual 18 out there was to but a bit of a breeze when you factor in that when you get a bit of a wind chill out there not the
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this weekend but it feels like eight in worcester feels like 10 in boston. never put together hour by hour temperatures he was asking about that is a post to just a wind chill. here you go. 15 worcester this evening 18 in boston by the morning hours dropping down to the teens and 20s by noontime tomorrow that is warm it's going to be in the afternoon calling because when you're starting with temp just like this and you factor in that when it's going to be brutally cold. so for worcester two in keen new hampshire 10 in boston by 5 o'clock in the evening and going down through the single numbers during the evening hours. expecting it to go below zero boston and wooster tomorrow night into sunday morning. the wind chills this is a dangerous part of this forecast if you're going to be out in the wind this is going to be a problem for you. if you're going skiing you could walk around common for instance tomorrow night you're going to run into some
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thing in the morning into the middle of the day but by three or 4 o'clock in the afternoon we get into the warning hours that's when you're going to get below zero wind chills. watch what happens by 7 o'clock. 20 and 21 below zero 14 to 15 below zero were talking about not just uncomfortable but potential for frostbite if you're out there too long and uncovered in those elements. it gets worse by midnight perhaps you getting hold your plans for midnight are just going out some of you do that to 25 to 30 below zero and at times as low as 35 below zero. wind chills that low can give you frostbite in as little as 10 minutes you need to be careful about this. don't often use the word dangers associated with weather here in new england but in this case it does apply. it continues into the early morning hours of sunday before it starts to relent the winds die off and by the afternoon wind chills are only the single
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which will be pretty close to the high temperatures on sunday so because of all that, wind chill warning in all the areas and dark. during late tomorrow night especially into early sunday morning officially starts at 4 o'clock in the afternoon but the worst times will be after 7 o'clock tomorrow evening with the sun down in the winds cranking wind chill watch out here just not as certain as temperatures reach the warning criteria of 20 below zero wind chills. also tracking some snow. already some lakes showing up right here on the islands and cape cod just flurries but more substantial snows down here most of it going to stay offshore part of that storm the door the fringe will clip the islands and cape cod tonight with the early morning hours. 2:00 a.m. should be snowing in
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not a huge snowstorm of course it's far offshore but still some might like relations by 2 o'clock in the morning anything at these temperatures will become slippery be careful of that driving around tonight in early tomorrow morning up to nearly 2 inches on nantucket according to a futurecast but you and i both know what this call the snow is fluffy and can measure a little more deeply so we're going to go one to three inches from plymouth to newport rhode island and
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215-year-old girls did after shooting a icicle outside of phoenix. police it is not active
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boston area workers a checking for loose manhole covers after teacher from milton was killed by one during the morning commute. caitlin was hit around 7:30 this morning when the cover on on entry south came dislodgment airborne and then crashed right through her windshield. that cover weighs more than 200 pounds. covers rates and panels are now being inspected by crews tonight to prevent another tragedy. 15-year-old boy sears at her after being by a car. sky fox live over the scene right now still active at this hour. police say the teen was hit by a white chevy pickup around 2:30 and lawrence street lowell mike was found wall street vista believed it was dragged by the truck the boy was rushed
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injuries were reported to the scene will bring you more information as it was soon as we get it. >> one man is dead and the police involved shooting at dorchester police were responding to a home invasion this morning when officers came under fire. commissioner evans said the officer told the man to drop the guns three times before opening fire and when they didn't shots were fired one man was killed. two others were hurt. fox25 is learned the victim had a long criminal past. >> now to fox25 weather alert this is a live look at the current wind chills out there as you can see we are cooling down for the night as the weekend gets closer it's only going to get colder. hi everyone i'm vanessa welch. and i'm mark ockerbloom. let's get right to fox 25 chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz in the storm tracker whether city. you might want to step out for dinner this evening and bask in the mild temperatures.
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were going to have this weekend. it feels like eight it is 18 was to feel even colder feels like it's only eight western 10 in boston with that wind so 18 cold. it gets much worse this weekend hour by hour temperatures taking overnight into the morning hours but it still in the teens from boston to worcester during the day tomorrow staying in the teens mostly in the teens look what happens in the afternoon and by evening hours 5 o'clock it's four degrees in worcester 10 degrees in boston. it gets even colder with the wind factors in dangerous wind chills this takes you right to the night into the afternoon tomorrow -1 boston -9 worcester by 4 o'clock going 10 below and colder and by 7 o'clock 20 below in colder western points northwest going as low as 30 even 35 below zero at the height of its tomorrow night and early sunday morning that's why wind chill warning us by level cold will be tracking
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of the night talk about a snow heading away tonight just a few minutes. >> we all know there's a lot going on this weekend including valentine's day so be extreme cold change peoples plans fox25 erica ritchie got the beat of boston tonight she's live now the common after speaking with people who are ready to brave the temperatures. >> reporter: they are vanessa most i spoke with our completely unfazed by the forecast that we just heard there one woman has hiking plans she's keeping and another family told me they are coming skating here this weekend on the pond and that's not changing there is only one of them that i spoke with tonight who says he is hibernating for the next couple of days he actually has good reason. he is from the south. this is his first winter in new england. >> is too cold we come from georgia. not used to this. it also means that he and his governor not prepared for this
6:33 pm
englanders who had the cold weather gear and of course a hot drink always in hand. for that reason it's business as usual for most this weekend and that is very good news for the restaurant industry in particular because it is a huge time of year for them. it certainly helps that valentine's day falls on the weekend and abuts a monday holiday. massachusetts restaurant association says most of its members have turned into a full valentine's day weekend and they are not canceling or postponing the specials or events mostly because they say to. honestly people can get through 10 degree weather because they're just going to go into the car out of the car and into a warm place to have a great very strongly. people want to make up for last year's massdot. >> restaurants do as well you might remember last year governor baker bumped back valentine's day celebrations a week because of all the snow that we had.
6:34 pm
five or seven d at that time. of course the restaurant association says doesn't make that much of a difference because snowcapped following that entire week so the restaurants are really hoping to recoup some of those losses this weekend. >> with those frigid temperatures on the way guerrillas taking precautions to make sure the trains run smoothly letting residents know they may know the trains running at odd hours or even idling overnight this because the trains and valez mechanical problems if they kept running when it gets extremely cold. stream cultivated are headed our way this weekend and today we spoke to a local talk about how to perfect protect yourself from frostbite. >> the key things are to stay covered so to keep your skin covered if you're a parent watching out for kids or again extremes of age that tend to get people into trouble. so if you're helping with a parent who's older or another
6:35 pm
aware or capable you want to try to keep as covert as possible especially when it's either cold and windy later this weekend. within minutes you can get into trouble. >> if you're going to be outside this weekend these are the signs want to be aware of when it comes to frostbite. numbness prickly feeling of skin red white or gray coloring in the skin, harder waxy skin or severe cases could be blistering after the skin has warmed back up. >> with the dangers of cold temperatures selling it be sure to download the new ox 25 storm checker whether app custom forecasts free to download. >> detective tell fox25 shot and killed the 70-year-old with a man inside his own home. police arrested seven-year-old berkeley man for the murder this is an update of breaking a story we first reported earlier this week fox25 jim o'reilly in information.
6:36 pm
30s long to come up with a motive and that led them to a suspect 70-year-old don woody arraigned today in the murder of seven-year-old john williams a crime which allegedly took place this past monday during the snowstorm prosecutor saying this was essentially a crime passion revolving around a woman named judy a woman who actually has been died she got in january reportedly of cancer. in court documents one of the victims children says that her father was indeed romantically involved with this judy at one time though not recently and that judy was living with john whitty. prosecutors today praised authorities for bringing the suspect in. >> they did a tremendous job by putting this case together in the last couple of days and making sure we got somebody off the street that would shoot a 70-year-old individual 10 times.
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today to please leave the family alone they want some privacy because this was an extremely traumatic event for them having their father killed in the way he was. this case will be continued through mid-march. >> credit card skimming device found another local gas station. this time at the shell station on hancock street quincy police are urging anyone who bought gas there reason to keep a close eye on the bank statements for fraudulent charges. and they are telling gas station owners in the area to inspect their pumps for tampering. >> planes shooting out of the home on martha's vineyard firefighters got all of the residents out safely one pet did not make it though investigators are still looking into the cause. >> trouble on the tarmac here at logan airport runway fuel and slandered with jetblue playing found heading for boston to tampa. nobody was hurt passengers tell fox 25 the situation was frightening.
6:38 pm
flight jetblue light 891 had not even gotten off the ground. >> that's what massport told fox 25 it happened fuel began rolled into the wing of the plane damaging it the passenger tweeted this video of a member of the flight crew alerting passengers. >> sources tell fox25 the driver of the van city put it in park and then left to help some coworkers and that's when the van rolled under the plane. the plane was taken out of service while the passengers and crew boarded another plane for tampa arriving at their destination late but safe. >> check back with massport this afternoon get an update but they would only tell us that the cause remains under investigation. >> to duncan duncan workers recovering tonight having wednesday night at dunkin' donuts on easton's don't line suspect was armed with a gun stole cash and cell phones of the workers are expected to be okay if you recognize the gunmen in these photos contact police.
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contestant is moving forward in the competition. >> moves on to the final 14 after that amazing performance of a dell skype all last night you can catch on american idol wednesday night right here on fox 25. >> no pressure there. that's right. the personal information of millions of americans has been exposed in recent data breaches. have you ever thought about the apps you download on your phone
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information to those apps hold identity theft top of mind for millions of americans but what happens when you download an app on your phone? do you know info that being pulled from your phone at six just in gray shows us how the apple app will protect you. >> you can watch a live baby monitor share photos with the world or pay for dinner is not much we can't do that absent a phone but every time you open a nap you're sharing information sometimes very personal
6:43 pm
got have rules of the road. you got have some protections for consumers. georgia congressman tells me his concern is what app developers do with the information they can collect from your phone. >> were to pretty much lawless atmosphere right now in terms of data collection. johnson's proposed bill the app stack would change that requiring developers to inform you about what information there collecting and set standards for how they secure it. we need to know what the data broker what the app developer plans to do with that information we need to understand the security of how it will be secured and we also need to know have the ability to opt out.just in previously propose a bill back in 2013 but he tells me he thinks is more support this time around because is more awareness of the dangers of identity theft.
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money approved to improve local roads and bridges but charlie baker asking lawmakers to authorize $250 million spending bill for transportation projects and upgrades to small bridges. baker also looking for money from emergency homeless shelter programs and legal services for low-income residents. >> city challenged upland casino summerville billing the to give wind resorts a permit last month when looking to build a $1.7 million resort casino in everett summerville's mayor says the casino will be dangerous for residents because of the excess traffic and large amounts of added exhaust. >> it was a cold day today view an outside exhibit in freestanding public restroom is now open. the new facility in everett square at mass avenue and church street but you may want to wait a few weeks to use it until it warms up. this no heat in the walls are open at the top and bottom. that's designed to keep people
6:45 pm
the last public bathroom in harvard square closed in 2012. looks a bit like a scene from frozen in this town following a water main break the water from the break sprayed all of her power lines trees and utility poles here in scranton has a venue last night bridges temp overnight you can see their cost at all to freeze. >> no melting coming our way these temperatures about its mild as you go to see for the entire weekend 18 was there right now 22 in boston bit of a breeze out there it's not a real strong wind so the wind chills are single numbers teens eight was to attend in boston what it feels like on your skin plymouth feels like 21 degrees hour by hour temperatures falling to the night of course and then during the day tomorrow right back up into the teens and just low 20s mostly by the afternoon. that your high temperatures and falling during the afternoon by 5:30 degrees down to the single
6:46 pm
from plymouth and even their start to all through the evening into the single numbers doubt about it. to make it worse, exasperate the danger is going to be some wind chills the fall to dangerous levels tomorrow night starts at 6:00 a.m. in the wind chills in the single numbers to low teens by the afternoon the winds really start cranking. now are going well below zero to the west of boston even o'clock. at 4 o'clock that's when the official when joe warning kicks in. that's for wind chills that go even colder than this. by 7 o'clock were into that windchill warning criteria which is 20 below zero or colder. it's clearly colder here in keene new hampshire at -20 boston -15. these are wind chills who could be out the elements to be feeling this and really uncovered as well do have gloves on if you don't have a hat on earlobes covered typically your nose covered
6:47 pm
more than 10 minutes and when children's low is 30 below zero you can start to get frostbite. his skin and start to freeze you don't want that to become a dangerous situation. it gets better by sunday late in the morning into the afternoon going back above zero so late saturday night into sunday morning especially is when the windchill warning criteria going to be met that's when you have the highest age of having frostbite on those exposed skin surfaces be careful of that. wind chill watch for the cape means watch to see the current temperatures get that cold. the same time watching lake starting to appear at southeastern massachusetts storm going to go by ultrasound the clip is snow on the northern edges of southeastern mass so he's an hour by hour breakdown of that snowflakes flying by 11:30 and become steadier during the 11:30 to 2:30 hours not a lot of snow to think the snow will reach as far north as plymouth so we still have a forecast of 1 to 3
6:48 pm
model data not showing that even high but we know from being in new england always a fluff factor to contend with. how far north will make will get deployment or just on cape cod something were going to watch very closely tracking it for 10 and 11 update you then the bottom line is right now are expected small cumulation out there for anything at one to three inches assuming the storm comes far enough north to get that track all be watching throughout this evening just flurries anywhere else with the cold air that comes roaring in during the day tomorrow. seven day forecast your weekend always in view tech this out on saturday 17 for a high after morning low 60 percent chance for snow southeastern massachusetts and then on sunday 12 for a high now that's the first time since 2004 haven't been above 12 degrees for high temperature on january 15 in 2004 last that -3 porton to watch because that's record
6:49 pm
record for the date of 1934 boston dropped to three below zero worcester dropped to 11 below in 1979 were forecasting both of those records to be met and that some of the latest computer model data comes in there for now. by the way, one, two, three times went below zero officially at logan airport but
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last 11 years have we gone this. bruins got back the win column last night against winnipeg with the wind could have come at a cost is patrice bergeron now nursing injury that came from all things uncharacteristic fight only second regular-season fight of his entire career during the second. lessons game against the jets got into it with blake wheeler really ticked off after today
6:53 pm
dropped the gloves of the team it's going only problem is he got hurt missed a couple of shifts in the third. he did score a goal but today he missed practice and now he's questionable for tomorrow's game in minnesota. as much as you don't like it allowed. he's a big boy he could certainly make some decisions on the ice is not the first time his father but i like the much. >> most people do. nfl off-season comes a lot of discussion about who's getting cut and who's going where. the pages have the opportunity to sign a guy who i think still has some gas left in the tank matt took to instagram this afternoon to let the world that the bears set to release him. means will be under restricted reagent 30 years old eight years in chicago run catch considering what they need and what he will likely command on the open market. assigning. opens in march.
6:54 pm
for the kobe bryant love fest going be that kind of weekend up north is his final all-star game first all-star game for isaiah thomas one of his team it's going to plan the court as well. smart team usa for the rising stars challenge its usa versus the world that's right the world will take on everybody and beat them this is donald trump special. starts at 9 o'clock tonight in toronto center of the basketball university this weekend. a day for a few potential hall of famer's list of finalists with this hall of fame class is been released along the headline is shaquille o'neal ellen iversen yelping on the inside show soups on the woman side this really going to be a star-studded officially unveiled on april 4 and today when he was named a finalist ellen iversen was interviewed in this happen. >> congratulations on the nomination and we may be seeing you later this summer you never know. >> maybe. where? springfield? oh i hope so.
6:55 pm
the most unpredictable athletes of professional sport you never know what you're going to get from him. i do want to share this one last tidbit with all of you. primary obviously past week each primary comes a list of writing candidates list from canada was released. tom brady got four votes for president nominee. tom cruise got a couple of bill belichick got his boat frank underwood fictional character from house of cards on the board as a writing as well. vermin supreme over 200 votes. tom brady can be beaten. love the frank underwood right in. 17 tomorrow for high only 12 on sunday if that is realized will be the coldest high temperatures way back in 2004 was also 12 degrees in the middle of january 3 below would be a record wind chills
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tonight, kanye versus taylor, the new face-off over this song. me and taylor may have sex >> inside the grammy bad blood battleground. >> she mentions kanye west like he mentions her. >> said/she said feud. plus hear what the kardashian plan is saying about the controversy. >> our kris jenner exclusive, opening up about the oj mini miniseries.


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