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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  February 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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now attend tracking snow in new england night how much to expect and helpful the wind chill will be this weekend. perfect press on the white man smashes through a drivers windshield.what we're learning now about the teacher killed in a freak accident. >> x marks the spot where true was left cut down in a local yard. the power company did it without permission a week ago. the answers they want about who is responsible for the cleanup. >> and getting a degree in a grow operation. brenda opportunities in massachusetts so students can prepare for a job in the marijuana industry. >> bitter cold and getting colder. the temperatures are so late tonight -- the low tonight -- >> anchor: we're in for extreme wind chill this weekend.
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kevin, there are some pretty serious concerns about safety here. >> meteorologist: yes with temperatures as low as they getting with wind chill we have to worry about frostbite. or freezing of the skin. you don't want to do that. it is not available but it is cold enough, eckstein -- 22 in boston. i know we can certainly hold but the temperatures are dropping and what will make it worse. if it feels like seven degrees. there will be a drop in temperatures tomorrow will start on the teams but look at by sunday morning, we are in the minus numbers. we're going to come very close sunday morning to making a record with the peak of the call this weather. the other probably the wind chill the struggles hour by hour. saturday morning, single number than teams across the area by the afternoon dropping below zero and by the evening when you're going out for plans, 7:00 or so you'll c- 20 here on the map, and even -13 in boston. tomorrow night late and into
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be more than 20 below and some places 30 below zero. when you get 30 below that is in your skin can freeze and get frostbite. in just 10 minutes. that's why it is a dangerous situation. i'm also tracking snow towards new england. he will have that coming up. >> anchor: as temperature drops even lower be sure to stay safe with our transient weather app. get the latest forecast and more. it is free to download to your smartphone or tablet. >> also tonight this manhole cover kicked up on a road and a deadly flying object ran into a drivers windshield. we continue to follow this the morning. tonight we're learning more about the beloved teacher on killed. catherine is life tonight where the town is remembering her. >> school officials say that the children here at glover elementary, she meant so much and that the entire school
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enormity of this tragedy. a vibrant woman, a teacher, a sister and a daughter. those who know caitlin are still grappling with the sudden and to her full passionate life. >> when we learned what happened to this morning we have been shocked and heartbroken. >> for the past three years she changed this lady trained with her as part of the real worst multisport team. neighbors watched her grosvenor families closing winchester neighborhood tell fox 25 they remember watching her run around it. >> always had a smile and very encouraging. she will be very very deeply missed. >> they say she was driving a 93 s. this morning when a 200 pound storm drain cover dislodged inside of the o'neil tunnel and went airborne crashing through the windshield and killing her. kaylee was driving to work when it happened. she was an art teacher here at glover elementary. today the pto released a statement that says caitlin was
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inspired a love of art in our children. she will be greatly missed in our community. and for a woman for specialist pictures, those will ever say her legacy cannot be captured with just words. >> how much we appreciate people like caitlin. that not only dedicate themselves to whatever their goals are but encourage other people around them. >> parents can come into the morning at 11:00 and they can meet with? counselors to discuss how to talk to the children about her death. the family has asked for privacy at this time. where live in milton, fox 25 news. >> more details traffic is moving again in both sides. after crews worked for hours reconstructing just what happened. four for his set out to inspect every manhole and storm drain cover long 93 from somerville to the shopping mall today.
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incredibly infrequent event. we set the highway goes out to inspect every single opening of any kind. >> they say their inspection team could be back out tomorrow. >> drivers from boston see what happens when these become loose. we look at the factors in a series of accidents almost 9 years ago.we explain how engineers get to the bottom of these cases. >> the image of a car's windshield smashed by a heavy manhole cover on the southeast expressway disturbingly double s disturbingly similar to this when a driver was critically injured by a 250 pound sewer grate in 2007. it was one of five accidents in five days involving grades and manhole covers.525 spoke to national chip traffic engineering expert rich in new jersey who says wear and tear
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>> it is not something new and i think what can happen is you continue to see our infrastructure get older and older. you're going to start to see more of these things happen. >> the time of your can also come into play. engineers a common cause of problems with manholes are snowplows. they can damage them and cause them to become loose. >> if the driver is unaware of the manhole, they can strike and damaged the manhole with the plow. this is something that happens often. >> while it is not clear what happened in his latest crash, the series of problems in 2007 prompted bruce to inspect about 10,000 manhole covers and great statewide. about 50 of them had to be welded. >> eric rasmussen, fox 25 news. >> -- be sure to stay with fox 25 as we continue to follow every development in this case on air and online.
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survive tonight by being hit after being hit by car. they say the driver took off from the scene and they also told the boy was targeted. >> where live where officers say they were able to find the truck involved tonight. >> mark this is where this happened and the truck was found about a mile away from here abandoned and it might seem an easy task facing the driver to registered vehicle but it is not moving so easy. it started with an argument and ended with a twisted fight. nowadays? >> police are looking for the driver of a white pickup truck to live witnesses alleged then fled. >> the canal the bicycle was on the inbound side of the road, the truck crossed over and it looks he intentionally had this on the right. >> it happened on lauren street in the middle of the afternoon.
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injuries. >> the teenage boy unconscious at the scene was airlifted to a boston hospital. he was last reported to be a serious but stable condition. >> it looks like he should survive but he is still in pretty tough shape right now. >> the driver of the pickup is described as a teen or young adult. the vehicle was recovered about a mile away but not the driver and the registration is not a direct -- the owner. >> the owner of the vehicle does not appear to be a teenager. he is older than that. >> lauren street is a mixed back of residential and other buildings. resident stated dangerous. >> it is to a driving. >> . [indiscernable] >> and we just learned a few minutes ago that the
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transferred to his third hospital site. he went from general to beth israel and over at children's hospital in boston.he's in there is a stable condition. fox 25 news. >> and yet another hit-and-run, this happened just react hours after the team was hit this afternoon. there is a 28-year-old male was pinned between two cars. officers were called for a reported fight and win the death of the victim was found bleeding on the ground. they say the suspect got into a car and in between the cars and then drove off.the suspect 28-year-old andrew melendez was arrested minutes later. >> he was expected double a boy was expected to be okay after being hit by a car this morning. it happened around 830. boston police say 11-year-old was hit by a car there. the car did stop and the boy was transported to children's hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
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driver will face charges. >> and attacking a police officer and hitting in elderly men. 29-year-old tyson guilt elgato was in court today with charges connected to wednesday incident. he was arrested yesterday after police found him hiding under a bed in a boston house after allegedly attacking an office on wednesday. you can see this video police say he had a man with his car and keep kept on driving. the man was seriously hurt.>> a man was charged with serious murder. he based the judge murder charges. he was a lesson earlier today for killing a man in his 70s. he was found shot to death in on tuesday when police are doing a well-being check. they say he was romantically involved in women who was living with him at the time. >> opportunities to make money
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met one person's killing two others shot police officer said came under fire.
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past of a man shot and killed. >> we're not in a war, there is no war zone. resident terrified by the violence broke out in this dorchester neighborhood friday morning. >> )my house. there. >> thomas says his wife with a gun battle that left one suspect in a home invasion dead and two other people injured. ground. >> if you're going to shoot an officer, unfortunately you going to leave us no choice. >> the police commissioner says officers were nearby when it came to the home invasion and double shooting. when they arrived one person had already been shot inside the home and another had been shot and was hobbling away to a waiting car. they said the man who allegedly fired appellees on laredo street. >> everyone to hear, drop your gun.
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>> a boston police official tells us the suspect is on probation and had 60 assault arraignments. the previous gun convictions and charges including assault and an officer. immediately following this should equal community leadership amended officers for their actions. >> standard plays operating procedures. you got a gun to give commands, they don't respond appropriately. police do what they need to do. >> christine mccarthy, fox 25. >> drinking and driving with a bus full of students. today the bus was in court. he said he had nyquil are dayquil because he is not feeling well. but police say he was nearly 4 times the legal limit for a school bus driver. he missed his stop and they say he tried backing up. that is when he crashed into a utility pole causing the wires to come down on top of the bus.
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they say he appeared drunk. it was very very disturbing because this kind of thing can happen. in this day and age especially. the company he worked for says they are now willing to terminate him. the school superintendent says a full review is underway along with appropriate disciplinary action. >> local formulate family force outside with cold temperatures. it happened last night a mother and two adult sons were inside at the time. they were able to get out safely. the house was destroyed and firefighters say it could have been a lot worse given the weather. >> we were able to get plenty of water out on it -- a little icy and a little cold but other than that >> the cause of the fire is being investigated by the fire marshal's office. >> will any new information about the two people arrested at the p lease found a dog abandoned in a rental unit.
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we found that the two women facing charges are on belt. today they face the judge. they were released on $2000 bail. neighbors were shocked to hear the allegations of animal cruelty. >> to think that it was going on next door is >> i was horrified absolutely hard but i think i can't believe someone will go w that long. >> they say he is a long way to go for recovery but has 24-hour care. they will let the public know when the dog is available for adoption. >> a runaway fuel tank went into his jetblue -- jetblue plane. the worker says he put it in park and went to help other coworkers when it rolled under the plane. >> it was terrifying because we did not know what it was, it could've been terrorism. we did not imagine it was a vehicle that had the airplane
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>> they tell us they're still investigating exactly how this happened. >> back to the brutal cold now, and has some considering whether or not to change your plans is found times weekend. erica is bundled up in boston tonight. >> i found out that it is called, i can take it right off the bat. i have new england in my blood but if i'm being honest it is reason out here. it is hard to imagine it getting worse over the weekend but that is what they say going to happen. we're going to have to go with that here and it is funny how people in boston have perspective on that change as the night went on. >> it's not that cold.>> i'm okay with it. >> it's fun, we will warm up quick with hot chocolate. >> is easier to say that during the day. with only a light breeze in boston, but as nighttime sets in the temperatures due to. people are singing a difference in. >> i think it is absolutely awful.
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>> i do not like the cold i'm yearning for florida this time of year. >> wind chills this weekend to reach 35 below. for new englanders there is no such thing as cold, just unprepared. >> i'm going walking to. >> going for a hike great when she will be 30 below? >> i will be out that long. >> are you going to get it running over the weekend? >> yes, definitely. >> good news for the restaurant industry in particular. valentine's day the big winter break especially this year as it falls on a weekend and a monday holiday. the massachusetts restaurant association says none of their restaurants are going to -- people are making reservations very strongly. >> pronounce all of them. >> i'm not going out is twofold. so
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or anything that i think will stay in that. >> and that is exactly what we should be doing this weekend with the weather is acted. emergency management agencies as part i can happen just a matter of minutes. several warming centers have been set up for the weekend across the commonwealth. if you find yourself in need of one all you do is call united way at 211. where live tonight fox 25 news. >> serving of changes. real lawmakers want to brought a new law that would force restaurants to post calories on their menus. >> a shooting at an arizona
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fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. r it's what you do. where are you?r it's very loud there. are you taking at zumba class? stealing from the woman he worked for that is what they say was going on at a local retirement facility. police arrested this person for larceny after they say he stole checks from his 83-year-old -- and used the debit card without permission. facing multiple charges. credit card skimming device found another local gas station.
10:24 pm
on hancock street. police are urging anyone about get the recently to keep a close eye big statements charges and their time gas station owners in the area to inspect their fonts for tampering. immaculata quantity of heroin and guns off the street. the people are in jail. police say after a traffic stop off they were found money, heroine and too dangerous weapons yard three people are in custody facing multiple charges. >> the inferno shows well are still burning for the second night in a row in new jersey. they contain the fire which was out of control when we first told you about yesterday at 5:00. officials say it does not pose an imminent threat but schools have been closed and one firefighter has been injured so far. >> him and wildly waving a machete in a restaurant. the attack and shooting happened in columbus ohio. they saved to four people hurt taken to the hospital and one
10:25 pm
stable condition. the unnamed suspect ran off but was later confronted and shot by police. >> 215-year-old girls are dead after shooting in high school outside of phoenix. that we learn from investigators at the suicide note from one of the girls was found. police say each girl had one gunshot wound and a weapon was found near their bodies. officers say the rest of the status of the high scores -- that did not satisfy some parents early on. >> i am so worried not for my children for everybody's. i'm a little upset because no one is telling us nothing we do not know whose child was shot, if it was -- or just a mishap. we do not know. it is on the campus though. >> there were no threats made to the school prior to this morning's shooting.>> in just a few minutes the emotional interview with a mother of one of the columbine shooters.what is she saying now 17 years after the shooting. >> majoring in marijuana, still had some people preparing
10:26 pm
marijuana business in massachusetts. >> branches everywhere, a local homeowner says the tree was cut down and a mess was left behind. the runaround he says he is facing to get cleaned up.
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cold but >> i debris left sitting on one local men's line. >> he admits he wanted the tree cut down when he did not bargain for was the runaround he is not getting for someone to clean it all up. 525 jackie reports from avon where she spoke to the homeowner tonight. >> the homeowner says he just want this done he has already been waiting a week and he is trying to sell his home and this is an eyesore.>> i'm a little aggravated now at this point. i just want to get out of here. >> more than a week of no answers from national grid. a coming to the homeowner they cut down history after last week's storm the last the last left this campus don't with a big red s and a whole and a brush on one.he said he
10:30 pm
but it was so close to power lines and was told there were no problems. then this. >> if it is my true and i own is a note right to cut it down as far as i'm concerned without my permission. and if it's their true than they're gonna take what the left.>> according to national grid they said they are not required by law or company policy to remove debris after it she has been marked for removal following a storm sweet. they also say they try to touch base with night before they take action but no one was home and they had to act in the interest of safety. still he is aggravated. >> nobody wanted, it is not goodbye would permit which is so can't even give it away. have to move myself. >> is a process of moving and the last thing you need to something else to deal with. his realtor will neither put his house in the market. >> they came by to look at is that you have to get this out of here because we can't do anything until, it is hard to show a house like this. >> the homeowner still by for national grid to follow through
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>> it is cold out there tonight and you heard eric to talk about a couple little while ago. is going to get much colder of the weekend for sure. wind chill we were just a slight breeze and in single numbers. without seven degrees right now. feeling like 12 and 24 a wind chill. hour by hour the temperature through the day tomorrow is going to be in the teens and by 330 down to eight. 17 in boston. we're clearly falling those bitter cold levels. fast forward to sunday morning and look at this, following boston, five below bedford, if this pans out that will be a new record. this would be close, the actual record -- will rebound on sunday only back into the teens. last time it was 12 degrees was january 2004. at the greater it is weather no doubt. despite all of the cold we saw last february. pretty amazing to think about
10:32 pm
wind chills from six degrees, 13 in boston at the fan. through the day gets worse. look at this in the afternoon, -2 in boston, -11 worchester. we are getting windchill warning times at 4:00 in the afternoon. at six or c- 20 and your sink and start to phrase and under a half hour they continually stay that way. -- and look at this, and night into the early morning of sunday -30 windchill expected. all the way to pittsburgh and up to -- a long time 128. yesterday conservativism's prospect can occur in 10 minutes. you need to get covered up, take breaks someplace warm if you're going to be out doing things in this weather. sunday morning and will continue to be just like that, when we lanced during the day and in the afternoon we're back to this is for windchill but
10:33 pm
zero for sure. so the windshield, the frostbite is the highest danger. in cape cod the windchill watch temperatures will drop to the same level. tonight i am also tracking some snow that is already flying. and nantucket, the vineyard in cape cod there is light snow. it will not make it for north inland, eleanor to newport. massachusetts. you see the snow here, -- and the deeper shades of blue here you find some heavier snow that is coming down. really it is all white. relatively heavier heavier. -- the storm system will be way at siebel we are on the northern fringes of it. there will be some acumen accumulating snow. fast forward to 7:00 a.m. and then 10 and the sun is actually out in cape cod. most of us will see the sunday you watch for some occasional snow because of the ocean effect that will set the gusty when coming i am.
10:34 pm
plymouth to southeastern massachusetts area that includes the ocean. anywhere else will be just flurries and possibly but that's the worst of it. here's a seven day forecast. we talked about the cold air, here sunday minus raise the average low temperature across the area. it could get lower, the record stated three below and 11 below and we believe the forecasting that we will have both of those records on sunday morning. in the midst of a bitter cold weather. will track different -- >> that can arouse taken precautions that to make sure the trains run smoothly. they're letting residents know that the rains are running some odd hours and even idling overnight. it is because the trains tend to have problems to keep running when they're extremely cold. >> and outside during the freezing cold temperatures, we spoke to someone about how to protect yourself from frostbite. >> the key things that stay
10:35 pm
keep your skin covered, if you are a parent watching up for kids or again the extremes are what people start to get in trouble. so if you're helping with a parent who was older or someone who may not be as aware or capable, you want to try keep them as covert as possible especially when it is bitter cold and windy later this weekend. within minutes you can get into trouble. these are the signs you want to be aware of when it comes to prospect. numbness and prickly feeling, red white and gray coloring in the skin, wax and hard looking skin. they can be blistering after the skin is warm back up. >> unsuspecting people getting held up at atms. next 11, the search for two suspects that struck several times in one local city. >> you download an app and suddenly you're very personal information is up for grabs. the move congress is making to make sure your details are not going anywhere.>> the mat mama when the columbine killers
10:36 pm
>> i think constantly how i
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the -- there down to six, with presidential candidates dropping out and next week to go primary. donald thompson in the new hampshire victory said it's a dozen clean up his act i have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen. meantime an ad for u.s. senator ted cruz now being pulled off the air for featuring an adult film star. they spoke with -- trying to will evangelical voters. >> you disagree with people on the definition of magically hit her in a bigot. what is the next step? >> remaining gop vocals debate in south carolina smyrna.
10:40 pm
money to go bridges and roads. they're asking to approve a pending bill proper to small bridges. they're also looking for 170 million for emergency homeless shelter programs and legal services for low-income residents. >> the city is charging a plant casino, the environmental protection agency division to give wayne resorts a permit last month. what is it going to go to $1.7 million resort casino the mayor said the casino will be dangerous for residents because of excess traffic, and the large amount of edit exhaust in the air. >> new developments on test for the zika virus here this is a new set of years before test it shipped out to the hardest hit areas. despite the news the world health organization also said they'll be more than a year before any vaccine trials and even start. >> many people are working towards having this ready as soon as possible.
10:41 pm
this, vaccines have at least 18 months away from large-scale -- >> in the last many places are no reporting cases. there doing test for pregnant women in many further will be at shortage of this. >> tonight we're hearing from the mother of one of the shooters for the first time. dylan and classmate -- killed school. before turning the guns on themselves. the first television interview since, this mother says she rationalize personable were in size as normal teenage behavior. >> only the kids and the teacher and i keep thinking
10:42 pm
the where the other way around. and one of their children had shot mine. i would feel exactly the way they did i know i would. >> she hopes that she is releasing this week will help parents about potential warning signs of their own kits. all proceeds go towards those suffering with mental illness. >> took courses in $2000, what the university says that will be ready for a career in marijuana. the classes to take a big sign
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>> you really want to i'm starting your own business
10:45 pm
marijuana there as he dictated field. >> is a fast growing industry and we take a look at a school designed to prepare students for a future in marijuana. plan. >> after getting out of the army working in the it field this man says he knew he wanted to come at home and tried to break into the budding medical marijuana industry.>> is about to be our generation -- >> we talked to him at a school that teaches courses on marijuana. >> is there anyone in your life that does you're going to school for what we.>> . [laughter] a few people. a few people in my family were a bit surprised. to say the least. >> the school opened in 2014 citing the need for qualified employees in the industry. >> just like anything else you want to teach people how to use things correctly. met they said they have had more than 140 graduates and not
10:46 pm
the school offers a 12 course program that talks about the less cost about $2000. what courses on everything from cultivation to how to build a program, this is not your typical vocational school. >> a lot of our graduates are working on starting your own businesses and consulting. >> 'sthat churchill is a chemist and directive methodology and compliance at ncr labs. he also created an teaches courses at the school on science and safety. >> the school is very important part of playing a role in the future of the cannabis industry. you want to have people that are well informed and responsible and know what they're doing and do this right. >> hoping to prepare students for new deliberative interesting. >> box 25 news. >> if you want to avoid know about the calories near take-out pizza, you are in luck. lawmakers voted state to kill a plan to force all restaurant to display calorie information.
10:47 pm
food restaurants will not have to put them on the menu boards that they can put them on the website. but experts say it would allow restaurants to mislead customers about serving sizes. >> you can order a platter of chicken wings and you can say so you have calories and that be hundred calories for one chicken wing and not the whole platter. >> the white house also causes the bill saying it will lead americans with less information to make healthy choices. the bill now heads to the senate where faces an uncertain future. >> -- a hip-hop legend will start the company's first original scripted series. doctor dre will start in vital signs as described as a semiautobiographical about the rappers like. doctor dre will also be an executive producer on the program. the series will most likely be distributed through apple music and a streaming music component but it is not clear if it will be offered on apple t.v. or in the itunes store other apple forms.
10:48 pm
if you're looking for unconditional love that any attachments? >> a new app helping people in boston to borrow dogs for quality love. it is called work and borrow and build is adult dating service. people with jobs can go on and when their dogs for a short or long-term for free. already has 1500 active users every month their launch in november.>> look like this could be a weekend of love in more ways than one. nba all-star in toronto with the deadline a week away the celtics reportedly discussing a potential blockbuster that could bring him to bust boston. the north dylan news tonight reports celtics and cavaliers are discussing something that would bring kevin love to -- carmelo anthony to cleveland, no specifics at all in the report about what the celtics might surrender to land love
10:49 pm
so we're in the early stages of this work watching over the weekend for sure. all-star festivities begin to cover the rising stars game -- email the first bucket of the game for the american team. not necessarily defensive showcase here. this is the ball that jabari parker and a window. look at the american team is going to win moments away. and memorial basketball team is the top rank in this state for good reason. an offense of assault, they get this one to go with the fallon the other end. they were just getting started. brandon is the captain along with hannah. look at the form at the top on this one. catholic memorial started opening it up. they scored 109 point in 32 minutes. it is done for the third -- they took it by 36 naked 9109 73. >> will have the right coaching staff, i think we
10:50 pm
court is a team effort. the main objective is to win games and that's what we did tonight. >> is a good team and is the fight really worth it? that is the question. -- is questionable for tomorrow's game in minnesota. what do you think about him fighting? >> as much as you do not like you is not allowed. so is a big boy he can certainly make some decisions on this and is not the first time but i like the fact that he doesn't fight much. >> most of us do. is a big game -- among the headliners should kill neil, alan iversen, well-meaning, cheryl swoops and whoever gets track. they officially unveiled on april 4. today a classic alan iversen was interviewed. >> congratulations on the
10:51 pm
you in the summer you never know. >> where we. >> print bill? >> i hope so. [laughter] >> pretty good. obviously the hall of fame. a few minutes and never go back to fenway park with a big air competition continues the. -- winning over some fans by doing something a little better. stay tuned for that. the mac and manhole cover crops of alabama tells the driver 93. next the 11 what we are learning about the teacher who the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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timeline. >> that it was limited seven and 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. a quick shot of lightly cumulative so you will see by 1:00 light accumulation out there. we'll get over this by 4:00 a.m. and two inches by 7:00 a.m. before it all pulls away. the final for some folks will be 1 to 3 inches in southeastern massachusetts with lesser mass of the north or west because coatings really. that's where you will see accumulating in southeastern massachusetts. here is the wind chill, single numbers and teens when you wake up. it's not so bad so we can take that but it is later on smart when it drops below freezing, below zero will be -22 minus 30. that is frostbite level wind chill. you can get frostbite less than a half hour at -20. when it reaches -30 year talk about 10 minutes.
11:00 pm
and keep covered up as much as possible during these times. we'll talk about that next. >> be sure to watch fox 25 morning news tomorrow morning our meteorologist will be checking the dangerously cold weather starting at 6:00 a.m.. >> this local teacher was driving to work when she was killed in a freak accident this morning. and manhole cover came loose crashed through the windshield and killed her. as the investigation goes on, we are learning more about the victim. we have in life for us where the community is shot by what it happened. >> school officials here say that the children of glover elementary really and truly love that teacher. and that the sadness of her loss has shaken the entire school system. a vibrant woman, teacher, sister and daughter. those who know caitlin best are still grappling with the sudden and hurtful passionate like you. >> i am i heard what happened


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