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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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and keep covered up as much as possible during these times. we'll talk about that next. >> be sure to watch fox 25 morning news tomorrow morning our meteorologist will be checking the dangerously cold weather starting at 6:00 a.m.. >> this local teacher was driving to work when she was killed in a freak accident this morning. and manhole cover came loose crashed through the windshield and killed her. as the investigation goes on, we are learning more about the victim. we have in life for us where the community is shot by what it happened. >> school officials here say that the children of glover elementary really and truly love that teacher. and that the sadness of her loss has shaken the entire school system. a vibrant woman, teacher, sister and daughter. those who know caitlin best are still grappling with the sudden and hurtful passionate like you. >> i am i heard what happened
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>> for the past three is this woman has trained for triathlons as part of the multisport team. neighbors who watched caitlin groping her family's neighborhood tell us that they remember watching her run around. >> always had a very ready smile and was very encouraging to others. and she will be very deeply missed yard. >> they say she was driving on 93 s. this morning when a 200 pound storm drain cover dislodged inside the only o'connell and went airborne crashing through the windshield and killing her. caitlin was driving to work when it happened. she was an art teacher here glover elementary. today the pto released a statement that the caitlin was love by how many students and she inspired a love of art in our children. she will be greatly missed in our community. and for a woman his passion was pictures, those who love her say her legacy cannot be captured with just words. >> how much we appreciate
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not only dedicate themselves to whatever their goals are but encourage other people along the way. >> parents can come here to glover elementary tomorrow morning to meet with the counselors to talk about how to discuss the death with their children. i'm sorry school officials do ask that you do not bring your children with you. her family has asked for privacy at this time. box 25 news. >> more details not traffic is moving in both directions of the only o'connell after crews worked for hours today reconstructing what happened. they went out to inspect every manhole and cover along 93 from somerville to the shopping mall today. >> this is an incredibly infrequent event. we decided -- we have grays going out to inspect every single opening of any kind. >> they tell us their inspections can be out again
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hurt by he was hit by a car while riding his bike. this is breaking news when we reported that the driver left the scene and we now know he was targeted. we are live in lowell, jim, they found the vehicle and crushed in question but still not the driver. >> that is correct, this all happened behind this year. witnesses say it appeared that two teens were actually fleeing truck. one of them was on a bike and then suddenly he was not on the bank at all. he was flying through the air and the truck was taking up. >> is started with an argument and ended with a trusted fight. police are looking for the driver of a white pickup truck who witnesses alleged purposely had a 15-year-old and then fled. >> a kid on the bicycle he was on that and down side of the road. the white pickup truck crossed over and it looks like he intentionally hit the kid on
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>> and happened on lawrence street in the middle of the afternoon. he met the child was launched in the air, suffered serious injuries. >> the teenage boy unconscious at the scene was airlifted to a boston hospital. he was last reported to be in serious but stable condition. >> it looks good that he should survive. but he is still in pretty tough shape right now. connect the driver of the pickup is described as a teen or young adult read the vehicle was recovered about a mile away but not the driver. and the registration is not a direct health because >> the owner of the vehicle does not appear to be a teenager. it is older than that. >> is a mixed bag of commercial and residential buildings. some residents regarded as dangerous. >> they go speeding like if the highway. >> it is so sad my ear about the hit-and-run.
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>> and in recent hours we learn that the 15-year-old has been transferred to children's hospital. again he is in serious but stable condition. police said air force and that they have quite a few witnesses to this incident. they also have surveillance video from some businesses yes they are optimistic it will find its driver. tension is. >> has been another hit-and-run, this would happen just three hours after the teen was hit this afternoon. with a 28-year-old man was seriously injured and he was in between two cars. officers were called for a reported fight. when they got to the victim was found bleeding on the ground and according to the victim and the suspect got to the car, tension between the cars and drove off. the suspect yeah -- >> boston police were responding to a call. the officers told me to drop the gun before the open bar
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one man was killed and two others were hurt. box 25 has on the victim had a long criminal past. >> 11 police want to know was responsible for dumping a dog barely live on the side of the road. the dog died overnight. they want one you come this photo could be considered graphic.animal control officers said the dog was found on the road near the lakeville townline.officials say the dough was dropped there are purpose and was 40 pounds underweight. the dog was estimated to be between seven and nine years old.if you know anything about this you are urged to count contact the police. >> accused of drinking and driving with the bus all of students. today the bus driver was import. prosecutors say he told police he had michael are dayquil because he was not feeling well. police say he was nearly 4 times the legal limit for school bus driver. he missed a stop and they say he tried backing up. that is when he crashed into a
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wives to come down on top of the bus. the company he works for tells us they're moving out to terminate him. >> and man wanted for attacking a police officer and hitting an elderly man with the car held on $15,000 bill tonight. 29-year-old tyson doug otto was in court today when the long list of charges connected to wednesday's incident. though gato was arrested yesterday after police found him hiding under a bed in a boston home. after allegedly attacking an officer on wednesday you can see that they say delgado head a man with his car and kept driving. >> there comes a crime of passion. this man faced the judge today on murder charges. he was arrested earlier today in the death of seven-year-old john williams. williams was found shot to death in his home on tuesday. police were doing a well-being check and prosecutors say one
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involved with a woman that was living with him at the time. >> scary moments on the tarmac today when a fuel been present for jetblue pain while passengers were little boarding. they tell us the driver of the event that he put into park and elect to help coworkers. that is when the van rolled right under the plane. >> it was terrifying. just terrifying because we did not know what it was. it could've been terrorism, it wouldn't imagine a vehicle would hit an airplane. on the ground. >> they tell us they are still investigating exactly how this happened. >> tree trouble for one local man. he had a tree chop down on his property. tonight all of the debris from it remains. jackie reports, he is getting the runaround when he asked for that to be removed. >> the homeowner says he just want this done he has already been waiting a week and he is trying to sell his home and this is an eyesore.>> a little aggravated now at this point. i just want to get it out of there.
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answers from national grid according to homeowner michael. they cut down the street after last week's storm but left this 10 foot stop with a big red at and a whole lot of brush on the lawn. nice as he has contacted the company in the past as it was so close to power lines and was told there was no problem. dennis, if it is my train i ordered them note right to cut it down as far as i'm concerned about my permission. if it is their tree than they going to take within knockdown. >> national rates as they are not required by law company policy to remove debris after a tree has been marked for removal following a forms storm sweet. they also said they tried to touch base with the man before they took action but nobody was home and they had to act in the interest of safety. still he is aggravated. you met nobody wants a maple tree you can't burn it so i can get away have to move myself. >> is the process of moving in the lesson he needed something else to deal with. his realtor will neither put
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>> they came by to look at it and you have to get out we have to do take pictures we cannot show a house like this. the homeowner still standing by for national grid to follow through with your promise. fox 25 news. >> two suspects wanted by police for a number of armed robberies.take a look at these photos. please send it to me and the near an atm or armed. there also just suspects wanted and free robberies during the last month on washington street, franklin street market square. if you can identify them, call police. >> president bill clinton on the campaign trail urging voters to support his wife is present. today he held a get out the vote rally in cincinnati ohio. the former president says his wife is a change maker. a perfect candidate to get the country back on track. during his visit he touched on a variety of topics he says his wife is fighting for including creating debt-free colleges and community. >> strong words for republican candidate u.s. senator ted
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front runner downtown he threatened to sue cruz saying if chris is not stop running negative ads against him he will sue him over not being a "natural born citizen" cruise says it is ironic is accusing him given all of the insults that come out of's mouth. >> flakes flying against nine this time cape cod and the islands already snowing. what you can expect when you
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>> doing from the woman to work for those were prosecutors there was going on going on in the local retirement facility. they said she was arrested for larceny after stealing checks from her 83-year-old victim and use your debit card without permission. this is at the heather retirement facility and faces multiple charges. >> continued warnings for anyone planning to drive out on the ice on lakes or ponds. officials say two men felt for the ice on lake winnipesaukee when their chevy suburban went under. they did survive but officials say ice conditions are not to be trusted with the recent temperature spirit and the added that anyone on the ice to carry an ice pick. >> now valentine's day is sunday and his lovebirds everywhere, it will be open up their wallets. valentine's day is there behind christmas and back-to-school
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spending season. they say 1.9 billion will be spent on flowers and believe it or not, consumers treat their pets on valentine's day. $700 million spent nationally on four-legged friends. >> pope francis sent -- showed off his letter said. he wore a sombrero in mexico. tour of mexico. >> subzero temperatures are day. we report now where some people are rethinking plans. >> is not that cold. >> we have not had true winter so i'm okay with it. >> is fine we will warm up with with hot chocolate. >> it is easy to say that during the day with a light breeze in boston and 23 degrees. but as nighttime felt so that the temperature spirit the common cleared out and people were singing a difference in. >> i think it is absolutely awful.
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>> i do not love the cold so i am yearning for florida this time of year. >> especially no one wants to come this weekend. wind chills could reach 35 glover for new englanders there's no such thing as coal, just unprepared. doing likely. hike. >> you know the wind chill will be 30 below? long. >> are you going to get out running over the weekend? >> yes definitely.>> resiliency is good for these people. valentine's day the big winter boost is special this year as it falls on a weekend and a monday holiday. that is why the massachusetts restaurant association says none of the members plan to postpone valentines vessels or events. >> people want to make up for last year's so they make reservations. >> perhaps not all of them. >> will be cooking for home, it's too cold. >> i do not want to get
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think we will stay in. >> that is exactly what you should do. staying indoors this weekend, that is what the emergency management agency says. frostbite can happen is just a matter of minutes. so far there have been several warming centers across the commonwealth. if you find yourself in need of an all you have to do is call the united way 211. fax 25 news. >> wind chills were talking about eric is spot on. minutes to get frostbite. 10 minutes about when you get down to 30 below and that is what is expected late tomorrow in early sunday morning. there is no flying out there now. you can see in the satellite radar you can zoom in on the storm tracker and find sponsor coming down a little more steadily. look for the doctor blues out here. -- out to dennis, and north east it is coming down steadily. looks like carver has a steady bad going. now as well.
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fall on cape cod now there will be some -- you see the snow band right here. by 1:00 a.m. it is back north at 430 and then october 7-10:00 in the morning. so you'll be back to sunset by 10:00 a.m.. it will still be sums no band uploading with gusty winds from the northwest to the o we will watch those smart as well. we'll be tracking them first thing in the morning. here's what we are expecting, just a little light accumulation by 4:00 a.m. and will fast-forward to 7:00 a.m., we are expecting, 1 to 3 inches just south of anything cape cod according around plymouth and some areas around and so cold outside, it would not take much to get cold -- to take a card in. we have some flurries come across and when you're dealing with an arctic air mass it is certainly possible.look at temperatures not, worchester at 14 degrees, that is cool. it feels like i'm degrees with the wind going down to about a
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the thing about your site. boston feel like 10 and going down to 15 with sennosides the list sunnyside when you wake up. single numbers and teens aware right now. tomorrow at the wind tarts to with andy living below in worchester, for below in boston. late tomorrow night is when you get dangerous. we are talking 20 below, half hour to frostbite. and a couple of hours later 30 below. so at 1:00 a.m. you may still be out late saturday night, that is when you have just 10 minutes to frostbite. and that may shove a couple of areas here. keep that in mind. it is this that pass out, between the hours i'm showing you where you can actually get worse. you want to be prepared to give yourself cover up. stay this way till 230 into the early morning hours, then 30 below zero make us better as the day goes on sunday and by the afton back above zero.
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low as 35 below. frostbite territory as well. so if you're planning on going and a lot of like to do that on the week and especially february break here, is going to be can see in this weather. but you have to make sure you keep yourself all covered up and take the warning breaks. make sure you check with areas about the wind especially on sunday morning. whether or not there will be any wind. there is a 74 63 bitter cold weekend and send it in minus three for sunday morning is significant because it is the standing record for the date that in 1934. 11 blowing worchester and 79. that double best buy today looks like snow and ice to rain. >> stick around we have some high school basketball highlights for you. everybody really buzzing about a possible trade. how realistic is it? can kevin alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before?
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>> get ready for a fun weekend of talk surrounding what could be a major trade in the nba. is it possible to set this ended with kevin love after all? the daily news reported that that that celtic celtics and cavaliers have had talks which could send love or carmelo
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no report at all what they might have to give up which is a major portion of the story. but they've indicated they're not interested in picking up aspiring contracts for his major -- into the developing on it. okay -- coach julian not thrilled about his all-star dropping the gloves. >> as much as you do not like it you can't tell him he is not allowed. so he is a big boy and he can certainly make some decisions on the ice and is not the first time but i like this fact that he does not fight much. >> in toronto the rising stars -- for team usa when they -- check it out. this involves a little assist here. easy to accumulate staff in this game. team usa wins as parker throws down the window.
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i have seen catholic memorial play this year? they played tonight and a blue out the other team. matt hanna gets this in transition gets elderly and. very good team this quarter hundred nine points in 32 minutes. just getting started. brandon is the captain along with hannah, look at the form, he finally comes home and later on an easy down for stevens night he took a by 36. 109 to 73. another night of big air ski jumping at fenway park tonight. a pair of americans had to withdraw because of injuries. that was a bit of the bummer. we have come to see those jump by they had to follow with this guy. this man not only now that the jump, pretty cool, nice form but you have to know how to play. underneath that bed, check out what he's hiding.
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to earn some fans. and mark roberg, second i know he's in the highlights. and for good reason. check out the shot on the par three. -- off anza rivera hits the pipe and you know what's coming next week and andy garcia from off the green, with the pitching wedge on a line to the -- that will sell your highlights. >> it looks so warm on the golf course. >> i had a part like that once. >> years or weekend forecast. -3 will be a record and we can get colder sunday morning possibly breaking the record and dangerous when chills
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: i got to say, you look at this and khloe and lamar look like it was six years ago. >> how are you doing, bro? good seeing you, man. >> lamar looks completely normal. he's interacting with the paparazzi. harvey: nobody would have thought we would see this. >> they have to get back together. harvey: it feels like they're back together. >> but you said repeatedly no, no, no, no. harvey: what do i know? >> taylor swift and kanye west. they're long-standing beef has now been resurrected. he released a song. his lyric is, i feel like me and taylor might still have sex. i made that bitch famous. taylor and her swifties were super upset. >> my favorite part was taylor's


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