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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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will season moving in and dang give wind chills go with it. i will show how long expect temperatures below 0. plus braving cold for date. real risk hypothermia you face after just minutes outside. also, unknown danger. possibly in your pocket. >> what's this man's screaming in pain to boston hospital with severe burns. . and the despite temperatures is you surprise turns out brave soul braving cold to jump in the water. >> now, with breaking news. h is fox 25 news at 6:00. complete new england news coverage. .
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supreme court just tits has died she first break on my . reporting 79 year old found dead apparently natural causes. at resort in far southwest pope, of the texas. u.s. marshal service and sheriff and f.b.i. are involved in this investigation. >> tech avrsz governor greg abbott said that saycal was patriot and unwaivering defense der of the written constitution. she was nominated in 1986. by president are on railed reagon. continue follow this break story we will update you on any anything information throughout news cast. >> well turning dangerly cold weather moving despite the frigid temperature our camera daching lot of people still out and about around copley square but 1:00 windchill frooel senting temperature plume meting. fox 25 meterologist is in storm tracker weather center.
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overnight artic irtemperature continue tumble through the evening snours. and then you add that wind and you get brutally cold wind chills. that's were acapitol hill warns in place for major of aevening >> take look current temperature. single digits even below 0 in many spots. kwloegser look at home worcester-one right now it is nine degrees in abosses. you add that winds and this is what it feels like. it feels like it is below 0. across the board. it feels like 25 below in worcester. you can get frostbite in less than 30 minutes. with conditions like this that. . >> so you want make sure you really bundled up. if you are planning on being outside. winds really, quite strong out of west north west. 15 to 20 miles per hour. gusts over 30 in many spots. adding that chill to the air. in boston the cur rented temperature trending it head down below 0. so overnight hours and that windchill, falling back below 20 believe.
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i will show you what our record low temperature are because look like we could be breaking them >> you can stay up-to-date with latest on any other big weather pattern download new fox 25 weather app you will get costume forecasts down a your neighbor. . . >> >> this cold temperature. many are still taking opportunities on this long weekend to spends sometime outside. but, there is big risk in braving element. . fox 25 joins us live from show val legal ski area and number of hearty souls are through tonight. >> they are. you know, don't be fooled by what you see mind me the slope right behind me is closed right now to be groomed because night skiing just got underway within last hour. and people are coming out. i all be not drove. but many are coming out. willingly endure this bitter cold simply to do what they love.
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questions it is holiday being be competition. going on. they terrain park and moment savenlthd it was not that bad. because they were active, and they were reasoned. which is exactly what the as mats emergency management agents see you have to do. if you are going to be out in in extreme cold. . dress in layers leave no skin exposed. you know wind chills at 20 breaux as they are getting right now. frost buy the buy the can nap less than 30 minutes. but don't forget, this san thing. ski conditions in in weather, could not be more perfect. >> when cold like this. it super dry. easy to attorney. on both skiis and snowboards. . >> i am here every day. >> even it is pouring or snowing. i ski. almost 200 days a year.
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well. on day like today because all of this is fresh. you know i was towel by pam fletcher thursday and friday, they pump offed 2.2 million gallons of water into the air. to make all of this brands new conditions. for skiing. obviously if you are going to be out here you go got to do a little bit prep work to make sure you are going to stay warm all of that skiing not going to do for to you. >> so >> temperature start drop danger state. about dozen people stent last lowell. city keeping open through monday morning. and police are offering rides to any one who needs to get there. one woman tells her family had been sleeping in their car. bucht it was so cold that ides was forming on the inside. >> there is with a seven of us we stayed in car. we were squished.
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just sitting up. >> the located on 276 broadway. if will stay open until monday morning. of warning haves also open this weekend in several other town. you can finds a list on our web site. >> shocking grief just hours after it happened. family friends of kaitlyn are trying to come to grips with what handed inside o'neill tunnelling front. when manhole cover up through into air and then in front the windshield of her car. killed her. fox 25 spent day with some of her friends and he joins us 4r50i6. like winning. good person.
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and making people happy. i was happy always, always happy >> and she loved life smile that could you know, light the a room. her recent love triathlon. he was twrang her on the wheels work multi sport team. >> just, very hard to reconcile this kinds of thing it happen. 35 year old was killed friday morning. on her way to her other palling. teaching art to the third guards millton elementary schooling. >> she loved the kids she called them her little rascal you could tell she was very attached to kids they were very attached to her. state politics say 200 pounds manhole cover went airborne and crashed in her >> i mean. a little bit. you willb-i dell make hear her laughing >> she one those laughs he could bottle up and tell on street make money. because it was so awesome. how it happened. still mystery: math dot checked
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and grates. out of abun dawns of caution, some minor work was done to about 625 of them. and while kaitlyn's friends say tragedy. they say preliminary rees of their friends live on. >> we are all crushed by it. at the same time we are all celebrating her life. >> in and that investigation continues tonight. of course the focus through on how did that manhole cover ends up in the air and in her windshield. we live in milton. fox 25 it news. >> crews were out just hours after that deadly crash inspecting every manhole cover in storm drain along 923. >> in governor says know the taking any chance. >> plan stand this incredit edgy infrequent frn event. we decided sendsed highway crews out to ininspect. every single opening of any kinds. >> well after inspecting nearly
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electrical panlz yesterday no threat to public safety was found. cautionary maintenance was perform 56 sites though. >> search for driver that police say hit a teenager with his truck. on purpose. it happened yesterday. on lawrence street in lowell. witness tell the police 15 year old was on bike and was airing with driver. just before that crash. officer say white pick up truck that is seen here, then crossed the road and lit the:teen. truck has been found but driver still on the loose. that victim expected toll survive. >> single layer unaccident happened hue files on ka dell avenue in lowell. 28 year old man was seriously hurt when he was pinned between two cars. police say driver was an drub in length dez. that i cannen before they pounds within minutes. being charge the with arm assault. with intent to kill. the investigation continuing tonight into violent home invasion that left one suspect dead. it happened yesterday morning on
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police arrived they found two people shot. win of them was trying to get into the waiting car. police say another man was trying help the man into the car. ended up opening fire. officers were forced fire back. they killed him. after repeated orders for him to drop the gun. everybody could hear the commands. drop your gun. >> >> boston killed had lodge police record. including threatening kill officers. still waiting are learning name of other people shot in that incident. >> in newtown for this suspect after he robbed a local pizza shop at gun point. it happened last ninth at brooks side pizza three restaurant on manchester street. officer say man camed with white scarf over his face. hands gun. and then demand cash. then he ran off towards pembrook. if you they anything contact the
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>> >> be >> after search his bribing street apartment. inside officer say they found 100 grams hair went. large a. cash. . he has been charged drug possession and with trafficking. . >> another drug bust happening on cape following an investigation this estimate tags force sgler ed apartment on queen an road. >> though found ler wynn. . kenneth and jesse and megan, were arrested and charged with heroin trafficking. all three are being held without bail. local public works crews forced race against the time and plummeting temperature if i can water main break it happened last night on central avenue in reviewer. that break had a since been if i canned it has been restored to near by residents. >> these break went head first in some cases. all vaughn leers, picked typically frozen day for polar plunge what you were not expected to hear from these
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mrushths on to south carolina republican candidates not holding back. as rays for white house shines its spotlight southward. but first, in >> i am just soak he could what it is. >> financial man boston hospital
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the warning you about attorneys they suit manufacturer in china. and the store smoker haven in newtown. another responds media request for tote rear. you get cigarette pack it tells you don't use if you are pregnant in cold will you and causes cancer. um, these people need know batteries can blow up in their pocket. he spent two peaks mass general after two surgeries more do still be on the way, hoping lawsuit cover hospital bills and speaking out will lead to stricter regulation.
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have avoided going that route. >> accidents. gilson did quit using tobacco product. he will out of work for what could be weeks or even month. well interesting for local police department when man walks in looking to get rid of mortar shell it happened this morning at the dennis police department. officer ropeded air. and he called in state police bobble technician to identify that mortar. take away for disposal. >> use mbta get around there some close sure you want be aware of. service between park and hey market states will suspended today and tomorrow. in both directions. and mbta working replace rail on west bounds track. all of this is so that crews can wrap up work on the new government center platform and track. it is still on schedule supposed reopen next months. keep some thing on time. through the frigid temperature
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they say million dollars this year for dane farber. start in 1990 marathon has
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>> this is fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. >> morning earlier today actually better part of day because as day progressed temperatures dropped and while winds really picked up now would rundz winds aclil for city of boston. in fact who jarty southern new england for see coast. newtown as well as for came >> will just be slightly higher. and, it is still going to be cold. and i mean you got feels like conditions below zer oh as sectored feel like. 22 to 35 below 0. across ma year tooft state. i want to point out when wind chills are 20 believe, you get frostbite within 340i7bs. when windchill 30 bloeshgs it is only takes ten minutes so, really try to limit your exposure outside. and don't forget bring your pets in as well. this cold air, well, it is coming from canada we got big chunk of artic after i that's just a surging southward into the region. as low pressure pushing tampa bay and high pressure guiding on in. is this very strong pressure
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that cold irair. really gust. >> chill to the already cold conditions. they are also stirring up a so cold out there that the ocean, actually a little bit warmer. so get cold air over the relatively mild ocean you get some clouds that's why if you look offshore we got some clouds out there even few flurries. wouldn't be surprised some overnight snow. across parts of the outer cape. but boy look at the temperature i mean we are back at nine degrees boston. five in bed ford and mine news one in over 30 minute just adding insult to injury. here because, sure enough windchill values below 0 across the entire board feels like below 25 below in place like worcester. it feels like teens across our our interior. in is something you need to pay attention to. i know lot of folks it is date
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and boston right now. and feels like it is ten below with that winds out of northwest. about 20 miles per hour. temperature will be fall back below 0 by midnight. and as we head towards the early morning hours winds not letting up. we will be seeing temperatures battling near record lows. record low for the day tomorrow. -three in boston. set back in 1934. 11 below in worcester. handle will over night tonight. through earlier tomorrow thing tomorrow. you saw that outer chance snow though for parts of outer cape could see anywhere from coasting cun will inch very powdery really hard to measure. but over all that sunshine, not doing much for temperatures tomorrow. i6 eonly improve to teens. across our southeastern areas. cape and island. perhaps single digits through
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head into parts of newtown too. look for high near 12 in boston colder in >> also beg player in our next storm system. movers in late monday into tuesday. let's soon snow, to mixed before the warmer air moves in because take a look at this. sure enough >> we will see some inimprovement. by the will climbing into the 40 snrz by tuesday. bucht of course cops with some wet weather and perhaps soon icing concern for the morning con mute. we will talk more about that coming up in next half an hour. >> dog hunt on for the heart sorry age he gering many low ka >> next trapped on highway. in subfreezing temperatures.
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involving nearly 50 vehicles. here in pennsylvania. at least three people were reported dead this mean's crash. in what's called lebanon county police also report injuries chainly action that happened overnight outside of the harrisberg. which is the capital this. office say strong winds and poor visibility likely played a role in that crash. tonight west bounds side of i-78 is still should down. >> all right here it is just hours to go before the republican facing off on live tv in two democrat left has beeneding are battling out.
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john roberts has all of the action from greenville, south carolina. >> wagering that american public is as six of her e-mails as bernie sanders says he was, hillary clinton is campaigning in nevada ahead of state's caucus. the state department releasing 1,000 new pages of hillary clinton's e-mails from her time at secretary of state. of these more than 208 offelel community case >> from clinton now fey mouse moment server deemed classified. most of them, at the lowest sense at thety of. >> noun of e-mails top secret. state department plans to finish releasing rent clinton's e-mails on february 29th theth. . >> michael: up with the day before the important super tuesday primaries. bernie sanders is also getting down to business in nevada.
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paragarph> [inaudible]. . >> >> most of republican candidates left standing are cramming for tonight's critical debate. special attention will focussed on senator marco rubio. to see if he come back from his seemingly pre recorded answers at the last show down >> that's on me? that aint ever gone happen rubio promise vary answer donald trump promise clean up is fact. or least language. >> cold lowerful he will refrain make off color remarks >> i wouldn't use foul language i am not going to do it. >>i'm not going to do. >> they are is all saying do it. but atrump trump man to potentially tweet in chief released message soon take cruz over whether cruz legally able to assume the presidency if elected in that's because the tech as senator was born in
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form floel >> in greenville south carolina. john roberts fox news >> thought of brave souls taking today's temperatures head on. diving in. head first. still to come tonight what you were not expecting from polar plunge today. plus, taking action commonwealth. governor baker's big plan to state. . but next we are tracking dangerously cold temperature tonight.
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frostbite. antonin scalia has died scalia was longester is e be member u.s. supreme court. that story first break on my they report 789 year justice found dead parent natural cause at resort in far southwestern part of texas. u.s. marshal service and f.b.i. are all involved in the investigation. section as governor greg abbott said in statement that scalia was goat, patriot and unwaivering defense der the written constitution. . . scalia non named u.s. in the 1986 by president ronald reagon. president and accomplish that will obama saying tonight they are offering their sincere condolenses to the skail family. well. >> cold weather moving into despite any get?
6:31 pm
temperatures have been plummeting. fox 25 meat meet is in storm tracker weather center and it is going to be even cold colder over out. we talking about temperatures we have not seen in over a decade. so answer dream cold that's definitely on our radar tonight. winds as well as the brutally cold windchill values those are main weather threats going through the overnight hours into tomorrow. windchill warnings now in place until noon tomorrow. . for boston and worcester. and you could see temperature are already falling below 0 back to west. i to the report saying-we got really cold conditions. and then add that twhinld what feels like. this what you need to be dressing for windchill values below zer so. of course worcester, it is higher elevation. but still you need to dress appropriately because winds are established. between 20 to 25 and many spots. we gotten gusts over 30. so along with the really cold conditions we even see some isolated damage with some of these strong wind gusts but if you plans this evening, this is
6:32 pm
boston temperature falling back into single digits. continuing to do so. below 0 through overnight hours but windchill values staying i >> cloak ever look when we finds inimprovement. also our next chance of some snow. >> despite danger there lot of people still taking opportunity on the long weekend to spends sometime outside but there risk in braving element. . fox 25 joins us live from show valley kilometersing belowing em we are about 120 below exposed kin be frost bitten within 30 minutes. that's not a long time. . to endure that now the years who are here and out tonight they are prepared for it. we will have more on that just a little bit but first let's talk about what's going on here. i know newt time skiing began 35r7bdz -- you can see some
6:33 pm
mountain now. e6. they are out and about. not quite bigger droves a you might expect but they are still here. it was busy during the day too. competitions were going on. terrain park was owned. . only weather related changes here were in postponing some of the children's lessons today. other than it was no different than normal saturday. once again, because those who love winter outdoors know the see skrets to encuringing it. >> this jack pretty warm. i have four layer it under it and thermal. and i guess. just moving in and out of the park >> does cold wet bother you? >> i mean this, bitter cold? >> not really. . . >> how come? >> i don't know i think i just got used to in. you don't >> like snowboarding lot. soy be like inside. . >> well, passion can only table you is at that have be 34r50e7d
6:34 pm
shall o if you want, be out side tonight that you dress in layers that you leave no exposed quinn for prolonged period of time. and remember, the same rules applies for your pets as well. we don't want to forget our furry friends. live in tonight. erika ritchie. i think kids numb. >> you know as temperature start to drop they can be dangerous level. and so that's why warming centres are now opened across the stated. in fact, about dozen people spent last night at this warning center in lowell. city is keeping an open through monday morning and police are offering rides to any one who needs to get there. . there is woman who told her family had been sleeping in their car but it was so cold, that ice was form inside of the car. >> there was seven us staying in the car. there with a no lying spout. just sitting up.
6:35 pm
sent neither it is 26 >> and shock grief just hours after had it happened family friends of indicate lynn are trying to come to grips with what happened in side so neil tunnel on moon x-ray in manhole flew cover >> her frintsz can't believe what happened. . >> 35 year old art on her way to work here at glover school in millton when this happened. today, grief count lower are same school, helping the community cope with what happened to her. . sheep watts just good team news. her spent life winning. and really will be missed. and making people happy. >> she was always happy. always, always happy. she loved life. she had smile that would you know, light up a room. her recent love triathlon. she wag training with her on wheel works sporty team. very hard to reconcile this kind
6:36 pm
35 year old, was killed friday morning. of. on her way to her other passion. teaching art to the third guards at milton elementary schooling. >> she loved the kids she called them her little rest calls. >> hirsch care i am stop just just side of the o'neill tunneling. on the southeast bound sides of express way. . she died from the injuries. >> still has not soaked in. i mean a little bit. budget i can still hear her hike laughing. one he office this lavrs >> she could bottle it up and sell on street and make it make. >> mass coat teched more 900 simple lane manholes covers greats. oiment abundance of caulks in some minor work was done to 3w6 25 of them. . and while kaitlyn friend they say may never understand the raj they say the memories of the their friends live on. >> we all crushed by it. at the same time, we rule
6:37 pm
>> the investigation continues tonight. focus now trying figure out exactly how that manhole cover ebbed up in the air. in milton. >> governor is looking to get money will approved to inprove local roads and bridges. charlie bark ask law makes as you authorities $250 million spending become for transportation project. and up gates to mall presne. >> will looking for emergency funds for healther and also for legal service for low income rest accidents. well massachutes police need your help identifying the following thief. here's a look at the moment recent mass moment wanted. this man robtd bank at clerk of the bank of america. he passed note to the tellerty poondzing moneying you if question able they have 12346r789. mention moment wanted tip
6:38 pm
is could be reward if arrest it made. three as on wall pole street. with this guy >> you sigh. >> correct someone milk rate at the is you specifics. causing him to leave the store. of. sus hiding under situate flovs recognize had you nichlth call the another wood bliss >> these case come to from law enforcement web site mass most wanted. we also have them on our web site, a save sigh -- scion site. >> new surveillance picture represent them came pair wanted hedge armed robber just. take look one of suspect captured on an atm camera. man left his accused three different homeds in past months. police say and another man used
6:39 pm
people it is as after dark. if you they anything contact the police. 679 yiechl spags. . >> 207 year old john witty of berkeley was in court yesterday. hours eve was ain'ted defendant the 79 on-williams. . womens grass found shot to death in his ware lamp home on tuesday. but police, doing well being check. problems skapt tore say wind shot him ten time. after finding out that william was romantically involved with his girl friends. who recently passed way. . . >> this photo could be considered graphic to some. animal found on lodge pointed roeshgsd near the lakeville town down dropped there on purpose. was 40 points >>. . didn't surrendered vite night. . do estimated to be between 7 and 9 years olding. f. you they anything, you or urged to contact middle borrow police.
6:40 pm
drinking driving with bus fwichld students. dead lie is expected to be fine yet. in federal court in florida. man accused shooting hill former friends after an argue plent at nightclub in atheir. global reports details be
6:41 pm
>> serving list for murder of eodin lloyd. plate nap i we have though stories more in week ahead. >> sunday, love is in the air. it is valentine's day. whether it was chocolate cards or flowers, get in touch with euro man tick side. and show that special someone how much they mean to you. >> on monday. president obama hosts leaders association of southeast asia nation for two-day tunnel mit. billed unprecedented event, the world leaders will meet in california, and hopes strengthening economic relation if discussing recents ter territoryial dispute with china. speaking meds monday president day. >> will also monday. new york city has gone to the dogs. literally. 140 annual westminister dog show. foe two days as you thanked dogs
6:42 pm
2k3w5irden for title of but in know. . . >> stars on force the biggest best in music this past year. of saturday, big night in politics for both sides of the ill. foe south you carolina primary kicks off. third chance for voters pick candidate. it is specifics if i am et trimmed down after the votes get tall lead up in in >> if and don't at any in newtown if pay san diego. win nevada made -- that's look
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about 25,000 pounds of marijuana. in his eight years on the force. >> i use will tell guard car every time i went on traffic stop. i said i will back you just watch the car. he became the family dog. like many retired police officers mike will spends lot more time at home. moving with his last partner, and his family. >> there are continued warns for any 1 planning drive in to the icy -- or lakes ponds. officials two pain fell through the lake, on when their ship she went underthey survive. but officials say the ice conditions really are not to be trusted with recent swing temperature they add any one on the ides, should carry an ice pick. >> this is the fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. >> despite artic flung heading our way you don't want drive on
6:48 pm
won'ter ride in talking about some of cold em air we have seen in decade. we got warm up heading our way next seven days. but right now, tonight, it is all about the windchill out there. windchill warning for the majority of the region will for the see south. well it feel like 22 to 35 bly astore as you head out the door. >> not covered up, you get frostbite with windchill values 20 below within 30 minutes. when it is 30 below, you get the windchill ar get frost time bite within 1010 really trying him your time outside. if you can. don't for get your pets, too we got some revel cold air up leer in canada that just sufrnling southward. that's what break off the coming
6:49 pm
>> fine with et cetera this got some strange winds, told air. and adding that chill to the air as well. so what going on o temperature have now dropped back single i go. like boston. fro mid 20s in that were highs today. below 0 like worcester up to orange. notice also with wind over the relatively mild ocean temperatures we are seeing some clouds stir apart. we also sealing the risk some snow flakes too that's soling we will watch for outer cape through overnight hours and flew the early part of day tomorrow. too. gusting over 30 in many spots. gust up-ward 38 in worcester. so you take that winds, you add to the already cold conditions, and this is what feels like in this what you need to be dressing for. it feels like it is below 0 across the board. and sure enough, in boston lot of folks headeded out tonight, with that winds established about 20i8s. feel like ten. see temperature to fall so right around mid any fall below 0
6:50 pm
windchill. wake up morning. it is going feel like it is going be five believe going to feel like it is nearly 20 to 30 below really take precaution if you are led out early tomorrow. record lows for the day tomorrow. and boston. minus three in worcester. -11 we will beat that with cold air in place. and namely clear skies. see some clouds for outer cape some flurries, too. if really all about the cold and the winds. now the good news is the winds will begin to subside as we head into the after phantom. but the skies -- sunshine temperatures will be only get into single digits and low teens. it will feel like it is below 0. with those wind chills. so hour by hour windchill forecast you can see by 9:30 this evening. we are talking about feeling like it is 15 to 30 below. especially across the higher terrain interior going see colder conditions or what it feel liked like around midnight even in city of boston.
6:51 pm
forecasted acapitol hill value. as winds begin die down, by the afternoon that winds chill warning will expire. and during the lunch hour. but, still it is feel like it is below 0 all of way through afternoon hours. so those high temperature top sure enough in teens number and single digits. as for the than of snow could city couple inches. will hard to measure. but cold air in place so as we head towards the president's day although start off dry we will be watching system i will surge morning number cot nult. before, and inch then notice tuesday. roller coaster ride we dropback down and then rise back un. >> hot. that brad. 12 games all. >> set let his team down.
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about >> for business do you are best work on road maybe you can explain bryan success away from garden nights two gate loejt road two wins. bruin now 18 wents away from home only washington cantals have more road wins. he gets 50 career win. >> no hotter than him right now. his 279 of year. 12th last 12 games. 1-0. second period. watch him with miss play. thomas jams it home. and another look shows he gets the lucky bounce bus it was bad play: tied at one. >> that's the good ghoel.
6:56 pm
ends on the break way. gets list 200 career goal. 18th of year make 3-1. bruin win four had-22. boew bergdahl mission gass nim her jack and brick with more on bryan road. coming rebounds, >> it pretty good hockey team. play off structure for long time. the bruins made the. and at home. >> bruin do some things better on this road trip with a been very comfortable a year long they continue to be that as strong performance against the jets particularly the third period. can again game was in balance
6:57 pm
>> >> celtic. that player, will not name asked him about as i aboves interested. joining congress cell ticket. --. got wonder kevin love interested in coming to boston. rumors that he explored 3-team trade with nick that would lands kevin love in boston and an then knee key cleve. lebron james said today, it is false. don't forget joins tonight at 10:45. for sports sat dash sports wrap. saturday nights sports wrap. >> sara very drawn into that i was. >> we will have wait find out but you if he had had the out. windchill valleys well 0 cold air really moving overnight tonight. >> thank you for inning us tonight.
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and get $250 back. call or go online today. small business is better on a better network. e.t.'s grammy count down is on. >> this is a show that you want to see from the opening buzzer. >> how will taylor swift open the show? is there bad blood with kanye over this song? i feel like me and taylor might still have sex while i made the [ bleep ] >> plus our lionel richie exclusive. he has a duet in the works. >> in is going to be her evening to shine. >> and we flashback to grammy's


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