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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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now at 6:00 record break temperatures this morning and bitter cold not budging yet i will show you how low temperature go tonight and time line of the storm i am tracking for president's day. cold temperature causing serious problems as i cross the state and frozen roads to frozen pipes and delayed flights: plus remembering justice antonin scalia. local mrifb chance weigh as natural debate over when the open supreme court seat should be filled hits presidential campaign. they just wanted their dad. >> i didn't think he with a going to make at all. >> his big moment they never saw coming. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 6:00. >> and unbear bly cold day turn yet again into dangerously cold
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our crams are spotting many people out there braving negative temperatures. we are middle of fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. good evening. >> that cold weather overnight and into today, caused massive headaches we have team coverage tonight fox 25 is in reviewer with problem over flooding frozen streets and christina is live in brockton where an old problem is new again. we want begin with our meterologist. report-setting lows this morning. >> we will be falling back below 0 kwunz again some spots but not a cold as last night. take look at the low temperature it was 99 in boston. -16 any a woer sure enough that's record breaking. as we broke spree just have record set back in 1934 in boston. of three glow. and, record in awhoa was 11 below. and we could be dealing with record breaking low-high temperature for day today. current temperature right now
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will continue to fall because high pressure in control which means winds are lighter so it is probably not having into bite to the air. creating windchill oh, when you step outside, it is still feels like it is subzero that will be trends through overnight hours. so it is clear. skies calm conditions temperature will once again, fall back into the single will digits in city of boston. but knows windchill values will fall bell below 0 but away from coast you are looking at temperatures back below 0. once again. as low as 15 below in places like orange as well as parts of southwestern newtown. would do have some improvement heading our way moderating temperature just comes with the chance of some snow, ice and rain. i am tracking our next winter storm, just minutes away. i will see you then. well t with some delays oeshlg and led lines both experiencing significant delays. but mbta crews were using consider seen light fires on the tracks to keep them warm. most of the delaying have been
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in the's lone coming up, how logan handled this cold. and despite number of power issues this morning it appears most power has since been restored. in sue gag and lynn customer lost power when national gridz ran out of oil. 21 wlipt warming station that are open. so call if you having is in cold >> reviewer driveways encased ice. and cars stuck parking spaces. flood gates frozen open last night. and high tide pushed sea water into the area. reporter join us with how people there are fairing. >> crack key? >> elizabeth this is not first time these folks have had to deal with this in fact just seven years ago the city spent more million bucks into this area triple size catch ways sin trying make sure this won't happen. turn out that was not enough. >> yes. this is unbelievable. the way they just flooded out.
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i mean, people come out they expect to see this, i didn't >> and what surprise it was. for neighbors on arcadia street in aviewer good three inches ice pushed driveways. completely surrounding some homes. after mal fining flood gates combined overnight high tide. sea water lined up next people's house quickly turning solid ice after subder owe temperature took hold. councilman woke up top several panickeded and angry complaints. >> i get calls at 6:00 in the morning. and you flow that should not be happening. that i don't resomethingth but this calls it should not have to be that way. it is especially since the city poured more man into the area. improving roads and tripling the size of the catch basin because of the flood risk. she spent morning digging out her neighbors. all our cars have to be moved. and the tires were frozen in the water. and, happy valentine's day,
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>> new england. >> for now gates are closed but the fear persists that this could happen again. >> third or fourth time they froze up. >> now only silver lining is the temperature here are supposed jump up next week and hopefully that will give workers chance to address the problem. live in reviewer. fox 25 news >> street brockton flood out the crews working to fix busted water main only this is video from when it happened three weeks ago. tonight arealm owner impacted by that incident find himself in similar situation after this morning subzero temperatures. fox 25 first covered story back then and christine the city new working fix entire problem >> they are. and last time i was here, was on january 22nd. at this brockton arealm water had just gushed in. flooded the basement ruined equipment and shut down operations. can see behind me that this
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been opened banning up after both saturday and sunday repairs and this incident actually this time around, did not affect this brockton restaurant but restaurant still has not been aim to open. >> >> yet another water main break in the same section of north main street in brockton. still can't wrap my head around it. >> this time home cafe was not damaged. but owner paul stuart says he still can't open after the water main ruptured less than a month ago just feet away. ruining equipment and contaminating stock. . stuart has filed claims waiting for the money to open back up >> >> everything gone. wiped out. very same thing happened eight years ago. closing down the business for ten months. >> it couldn't have happened on worst possible day. cold em day we have had in over 30 years.
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tirelessly from saturday night through noon sunday. he says the age of 820 year old pipe the problem. and repairs are not enough replacement needed. throughout the city. really comes down to money. it would one heads interest millions of tlargs to replace all of the pipe that needs to be replaced. mayor says stuart will eventually be taking care of: eight years ago he was paid claims by both insurance company and city. same thing there happen again with experience accidents last months. >> carpenter promised more permanents fix soon. a 200 foot long replacements pipe. as stuart waits he hopes the another disaster does not hit. >> it is going to bust through again. it is like what am i doing? why am i trying to rebuild put place back together? and there no reinsurance if this not going to happen again. >> and mayor tells me that engineering plans have already begun to replace that 200 foot section of pipe.
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him very rough estimate saying it would cost about hundreds of millions of dollars to replace all of the old water mains in city of. of course that's not going to happen but he says this two block section of water main that will cost about 150 to $200,000. we live in brockton. fox 25 nice >> big mess there. thank you multiple police departments dealing with problems around the state. in has been oufr police officer blocked off union street for water main break they working replace >> his own department having some problems. ep said the police station went from flood on christmas to no heat or running water today. he added his officers were still operating all day long. emergency screws pull homeless man to safety who was outside in the brutal cold last night. he was found under theooville bridge in lowell suffering from possible case of hypotherm these were. he couldn't get out from under bridge so crews pull him up with rope pulley system took him straight to hospital.
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tonight but if first responders he was conscious. throughout the whole rescue mission. more bitterly cold temperature hit tonight lowell police are working make sure every one has a warm place to stay. city opened a warming center inside lowell senior center for any one who needs health they are weekend. 55 people stayed there last night. police say they expectations more people tonight. . police fire dems have been driving around making sure no one is left in the cold. the is there stay open through tomorrow morning. >> and everybody safe on the grounds in newtown after trams on cannon mountain got stuck. . 41 people were on those lifts when it happened around 2:00 this afternoon. with every one being rescued before 5:00 pm. no one was injured. and officials say crews brought blankets to stranded skiers. officials tell us if cause may be resulted to one of tramz brake. >> suck 0 temperature also causing some problems for cars. if you are getting on road at all tonight, here some things to
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one of things you will most likely see that low tire pressure alert. just ten degrees can cause a 10% drop in pressure your handling will different. lot of spark plugs also have hard time in the cold so until your car warms up, you may hear engine is putter a bit and batteries, they are sensitive in the cold. so it could take a little longer for your car to start and he rained mere keep up with latest on these cold temperature any time by downloading fox 25 weather app. it is latest information for your area. it is free download >> about a mission 22 year old man who last seen outside of bar in boston. this is harvard residents zack remar he was last seen outside the bellingham bar early saturday morning. he stepped out to have cigarette police say he never returned home. he about five foot 9, and 157 pounds. and was last seen wearing black button down and jeans. boston and harvard police an are
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they urge any one who rec flieses him to give them a call. police warning homeowners newtown city to lock their doors. according to sea coast on-line five about your rees have hit dover since the beginning of month. they are investigating. h comes a national beer communities have seen decline in burlaries. is over the past few years >> and body supreme court just tit antonin scalia is now arrived at funeral home. he was found dead in his room at texas hunting resort yef yesterday afternoon they say he believed to have died from heart attack. con voif u.s. marshall and texas state troopers, escorted his body sunset funnial home where he arrived early this morning. flab outside was lower towed half staff. >> it is awful it happened because he one of those ones that forms the opinion that really mean something for us? >> and flag lowered across country political battle is now begin in washington over who should select his replacements. some do not think president
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because he has less than a year left in office. we will have more on what make sector politicians are saying about in coming up next half an hour. >> well if you can't pick one, pick them up >> it is good policy. still to come on fox 25, high schooler making valentine's day impression. sending bar pretty high. whenny hoping none of thinks valentine's day give him call. plus every one favorite story here tonight. but surprise has two victims. emotional moment and their reaction still to come. but next digging deep but not dig -- deep enough.
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events be think say tagging animal is crushial to figure out why population declining. >> they use net finish task. project took about two years. and in the end 45 moose were tagged.
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its 100 winter carpal val gets threatening letter some serious back lash from pita. they wanted hold greece pigged contest. twist. >> greeced pig sounds exactly like what it is. takes oiled up with kids trying to cast them. and then in past new another creased for ring ter carnival. and for the centennial celebration they thought it was gra eye honor old that digs. if his store we wanted bring it back. steven smith one of the winter carnival committee members and says, when people for the pita, found out this was taking place, they reached out to him for an explanation. lot i males from pita and backlash. >> but real pig was never in original plan. greeced peg on ice. instead, it is this man. glenn dressed as pig. skating around the rink. . smith says answered all of
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but idea of using real pig was not discusseded. when they why doing the investigation, they never asked what was happening. >> so since they didn't ask i didn't tell them. smith was upset and surprised to get this statement from pita. >> as soon real pig. they made whole story about taking pig shoving barrel. and hundred screaming kids screaming at it and stuff. so made up this whole story. without even asking us what with a going number they released statement saying in part. he ample opportunity to share with pita. what he now says was his plan all along. . he shots not too. miss is itted right question is. then they would have gotten the right answer. >> again it is not any job to do their research. >> win turn carnival wrapped up today? >> did any one get that guy catch him question or it all oiled up for nothing.
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following heart is you seernl caused crash in south boston on tlurn days. fox 25 reported at that time that flynn pathed out behind the wheel of his car and ended up hitting his neighbor's house. no one was hurt. but flynn was sent to the hospital >> today local ice rink is doing its paft to help hockey player paralyzed at this year's winter classic. fmc ice sports says it is donating dollar from the price of each public sited a mith >> during the new year day hockey game at gill the and suffered serious spinal cord jrz >> now your local forecast. from meeted meet, >> record breaking temperatures this morning. extremely cold as temperatures plum theed well below 0. boston could you see record there. was set back in 1934. where we fell three below today boy. you know have not seen conditions this cold in over 50 years. and in boston.
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12 right now. the record low high about 14. so we could be breaking yet another record as we head on through the day something i will be watching and watching carefully as we head through the evening hours. but it was not just boston it was worcester and providence it was also hartford too >> would sigh some sun. that did boost temperature. but what they were. into single digits teens that's where we right now. 11 degrees boston. we also have lot of clouds down across the cape some flowers, too. that have pushed off as the winds have relaxeded. but their they are still out there. >> and, still adding chill so, if you are planning on heading outdoors be prepared. it feel like it is below 0 out there and it will continue to do so. through overnight hours as and boston 11. feels like it is five below. so every next 12 hours we will see temperatures once again
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the winds will be a lot lighter. but it is still going be to cold i think in city we will fall back close toster owe. but may not make it below. ahead inland especially through higher elevation to north and west, we are going to be talking about temperatures, about five to even 15 below. down across cape perhaps same a little bit milder. wake up tomorrow. >> to work at least lot of kids off on vacation just be prepared when you have your windchill values will stay in teens. despite temperature actually jump aring up into 20s. and by the evening, still feeling like the teens up there. so high temperature do moderate somewhat still not where he this year look at this. clouds increase. afternoon. we will be bringing in will risk of some snow. . yes. snow because the air so cold, over the region now, it is setting the stage as warmer
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expected to push temperatures well above average it going come in to that cold irair and come number form of snow than transition is to some sleet. and then eventually some freezing rain. and then all rain snupt about te as for amount of snow perhaps coating an inch starting tomorrow graph noon. before that change over. but north and west. of 95 you can see i >> and the a. eyes. because trade amount but as head part newtown northern worcester county, you could be talking about up to 10th an inch. starts off sunshine you see clouds increase. here are time line of snow moving in during the afternoon and evening commute could cause some problems especially through interior we hole risk snow. through about midnight in boston before we see that acy change over to all rain. it will be a little bit slower to north and west. and eventually by tuesdays morning we license talking about rain. off and on through tuesday dates. and then steadier ban pushes on through by evening hours. dropping about an inch of rain
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day forecast because the temperatures on tuesday yes. we are climbing into 50s. huge temperature swing. we will cool off as we head towards later part of week and yet another system may be heading our way biept weekend. >> well family friends mourning passion of supreme court justice attention now turns to who or when replacements will be nameded. coming up tonight our next half an hourly canal politic shares way on seat should be filled. >> next on fox 25. health risks service financial
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will not compromise upcoming olympic in rio yesterday was national momentization day and brazil defied zika brick mill has sands of health workers. zika currently sweeping through parts of south america. ex sperments are worried travelors in olympic games bring virus back home with them. causing virus to spread further, and faster. president obama russia president have agreed call for cease-fire in syria. according to cripple lyn president obama with vladimir putin discuss this. early this morning. russia began launching airstrikes in area in september. and president obama openly declined the move. ever since relation between u.s. and russia have continued to get worse. the kremlin reports two expressed support for cease-fire during the call. and delivering aid to syria. >> it was every skiier favor
6:24 pm
but for more do accident kids bus driver and chaperone they neededed a little help from on their friends on the mountains to get most out of trip. we have report they also find another way to get home. >> staff was ready for normal saturday on mount baker we were very busy with an awesome powder. took a terrifying turn. not your normal ski day. bus carrying grouch teens from bellingham caught fire on its way up the mountain. just a mile from the resort. they were on their way to a ski day. before trooper say error caused the flames. luckily every one on board escaped unharmed. >> kids still weshts skiing. mountain even offered free lawn and gear for those who lost this ski stuff in the flament. they were all still when got here excited to on the mountain
6:25 pm
accommodate them have better day good day here on mountains certainly >> the normal ski day these kids were hoping for. >>, but not bad. for day that began in such a scary way. >> all in all, we are worked out all right. >> well certainly have storytelling. >> students report bus owned by all venture charter tours. which now looking into what started that fire. >> well they just wanted their dad. much more come on fox 25 including the surprise home coming for these two little girls. man they wanted to see and the moment he came back. plus temperature dive down be into the single guess we are talking about how to identify signs hypothermia. three key symptoms you must know. bit first it is not just weather that's at youring trans pore sayings service.
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>> leaving som in so cold out there. >> you shorts. how does this is actually in denim lot people moving inside very quickly. we are middle of fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. >> turning fox 25 meterologist. storm tracker weather center. we broke record this morning and we will feel that bitter cold
6:29 pm
and temperatures this morning, >> and bitter cold conditions. but boy it was record breaking over night. so woke up this morning it was 99 believe boston. breaking record of three below. and then worcester 16 believe. and out >> and beam and hl. >> and this was scituate. literally the call em got lot of plain on atwitter as well fates book. but today it was just brutally cold we still got temperature in single digits in teens and that windchill adding still to the temperature making feel like it is below 0 and that will be trends the overnight tonight. so as we fall back near 0 in boston it will feel like ten below by time you wake up in the
6:30 pm
actually do fall below 0 through interior like staying above boston. merchandize der rating temperature as system >> for president day. i will have latest time line in just ahead. >> and cold caused some widespread delays across nbta. trash issues disable and green line. red line and overing line several commuter lines. those problems been cleared up. but it tm was in the alone -- how ga this morning. because some airlines had frozen equipment. those problems caused some delays across all airlines. jeff blue seemed be hit hard the about 14 flies >> and more than half the airlines flight. and this is keeping some passengers from visiting families. >> our flight was supposeded to into minnesota. catching connector out to someone grandpa. and, we are out make our connection. >> dad! >> of course update any more delays as night goes on and temperature tens to drop. also >> be sure check your flight status.
6:31 pm
the door. >> driveways in eye. cars stew their parking spaces. flood gates froeden open last night. and high tide pushed see water into area then made for icy morning. >> fox 25 spent day in's a reverse who o people there are dealing with the problem. >> this is not the first time these spokes deal with this fact just seven years ago this city sunk more than million dollars into their a yeah triple size of the catch basin to make sure this didn't happen. well, turns out, that was not enough. >> yes this is unbelievable. out. look at these houses. crazy. i mean, you know people come out. had. six >> and what surprise it was. street. good three inches of ice pushed up into driveways. completely surrounding some homes, and after mal fining with the flood gates combined with overnight high tide.
6:32 pm
aep houses. quickly turned to solid eyes after subzero temperature took hole. councilman woke you can to several panic and angry complaint. i get the calls at 6:00 in morning. that should not happening. no it should not have to be that way. >> especially since the city pour more million buck into these area roads and trimming sides of the catch business sin because of the flood risk. maureen saul i will spent dig out her neighbor. e6 >> all our cars have to be moved. and the tires were spro den in water. and happy valentine's day. right? >> new england for gates closed but the fear persist this could happen again. they are third or fourth time. they froze up. >> only silver lining here temperatures are supposed jump up next week chance to address the problem. in reviewer.
6:33 pm
>> well street brockton quickly going from nuisance to real problem for business. and tonight arealm owner impacted by broken water main, weeks ago finds himself in similar situation. after the this morning subzero temperature. fox 25 christine first covered story back then. and tonight asking city leader less than months ago. just feed away. reason equipment and contaminating stock. stuart has filed claims waiting for money to open back up. . refrigerator eyes had a means ever evering gone. wipe out. very same thing happened eight years ago. closing down the business for ten months.
6:34 pm
possible day. i mean coldest day we have city in brockton in over 30 years. mayor tells us, repair crews worked tire ledly from saturday he says the age and repairs are not even. replacement is needed. throughout the city. >> this really comes down to money. would be hundreds of millions of dollars to replace all of the pipe that needs to be replaced. mayor says stuart will eventually be taking care of. this is >> and city. and staple thing will happen again with incident last night. >> care penner pro more permanent fix soon. 200 foot long replacement. time. stuart waits he hopes the another disaster does not hit. . it is going bust flew again. it is like. what am i doing. why am i trying to rebuild put place back together and, there no reinsurance.
6:35 pm
plans have already begun to replace that 200 foot long section of pipe. and you heard that rough estimate from him. it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars he says to replace all of water mains arounded this entire city of brockport. that's not going to happen. cost for this 200 foot long pipe would be about 150 to $200,000. and brockton. fox 25 news. >> with its high elevation worcester saw some of lowest temperatures and wind chills this morning it takes just minutes frostbite set in under these conditions. . . doctors were seeing cases there. with extreme cold you need protect yourself and your moment. remember you make sure that your carbon moon oxide to >> management >> and make sure the whole falledly most shut off the water
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in case of freeze or burst now pipes do freeze up never try to thaw them with a torch. use hair dryer instead. best bet know really to call licensed plumber. and mentioned front booiment booiment warnings signs in look any changes in your skin. numb ez in discore role rare your skin may feel or look hard other wacky. once warms up. another sign blistering skin if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, best thing to do call your doctor right aa-and of course estimate in continue to experience these bitter cold temperature. now time to download our news and weather apps. get up to minute forecasts temperature for your area and news you need to know it is a free download. for android and apple device. all right >> suspected armed robber ways busted trying to blend in at bar just a few doors down from steer police say he robbed. office say 30 year old julian robbed beacon hills variety and then went by near by pub to bar.
6:37 pm
bless aurora investigating shooting it happened yesterday afternoon on providence street. that victim was shot while sitting in parked car. he expected to object. death. was consistent conservative voice in his three decades of service. democratic president barack obama want to name his replacement. white house says he will not rush. bust as andrews spencer reports many republican are yawn fury ated that plans submit nominee at all. saying it is not place of an outgoing commander in chief. >> in wake supreme court justice antonin scalia's sudden death, the top ranking democratic on the senate judiciary committee blast any notion of delaying vote on the next nominee until after the presidential election? >> it would be a shear der licks shun of duty for he senate not
6:38 pm
republican senate majority leader want nomination to be put on hold saying quote, the american people should have a voitz in selection. heart of dispute. some republicans claim there informal history of the not voting on judicial nominee months preceding an elect. here republican white house marco rubio. next president should have chance to fill that void not someone never going to answer to electorate again but for senator and other democrats the g.o.p. is confusing the facts. remeebtdzing they ajust tigs aken de, was confirmed by the senate in february 6, 1988. >> president obama doing the same thing that president reagon did. and scalia vacancy will be felt as the supreme court just tits are expected to take on several high hot button issues including con traept. abortion and obama action on immigration. >> >> and our local political
6:39 pm
justice. governor charlie baker pay rees inspect to scalia. highlighting way he treated others. released statement saying, the justices independents lect wit, and ability to get along with colleagues despite philosophy differents, were spree expected by all. but others like senator elizabeth warren weighed today on supreme court vacancy left by scalia. her statement, she criticized the senate majority leader stance that the spot should not be filled until after the presidential election. warren said art can two, section two constitution says, the president of the united states non name to supreme court. with in advice and consent. senate. i can't find cause it says ex ep when year left in term of democrat democratic >> with both constitution. and our democracy. itself. it all also prove all republican talk about loving constitution, is just that.
6:40 pm
rejected the senate majority leader statement senate needs to put side politics and fill its constructional duty by taking up timely fashion. . it would be completely unacceptable and clear sign washington's dysfunction, for the supreme court to be without a justice for full year because of partisan politics >> and ankle bray let helped police crack man tore criminal placed unhouse arrest over parole but fox 25 investigate uncovers as many as 700 every those device are cut, or tampered with each year. >>. they told me that's too many. >> my clients telling me they are terrified, because probation just called and said he guy cut his bracelet off. is is isn't that per se prove that it is not working. >> we been working on this story for months now. asking how offender captured and how many are still missing. coming up tonight at 10:00 see why law maker not happy with our findings and is now calling for change. >> and they new witness not
6:41 pm
but little did they know, to would quickly turn into wonderful valentine's day celebration two girls thankful for one surprise. but next raising bar for high
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is one. and all thanks to very again yous class mate.
6:44 pm
man who now, every one's valentine. >> and kayen still a little bit getty. i feel very special actually. after what happened at school. i brought it home and my mom like who gave now that? >> >> hayden good free. i want make many people as happy possible. high school senior good deed last quickly become the talk of the town. >> we got around 800 flowers out there. one for every girl at sky view high school. >> i don't think girl should be left out during the valentine's day. >> hayden ordered flowers himself. reyeeted some friends. just before school ended on thursday for the long aweining, pathed them out. >> everybody was holding flower. i just thought it was so cool. >> impressive right. well especially when you
6:45 pm
nearly five thunz. on cam pu. >> settlement. i already have girlfriend. >> so. that's right. >> really sweet of him to do this. he taken. >> to watch everything single one of toes girl walk the o cute but smile on theirs face. >> makes me very happy and very proud of him. >> >>. >> and post popular guy this at that town. well pope pran vice held one mexico pore. danger cities today. you can see him arriving. and pope mobile city been maked kidnapping and campaigning dillings, and pontiffty livered message encouragement to crowd of more than 300,000 people.
6:46 pm
also condemned drug tried >> we the at their reaction on camera. >> here stationed naval base in washington state. but u.s. sandhu arraigned fly home to san diego so he could surprise them. those girls just couldn't believe he made it. >> i like so happy. it about to make me cry. >> like best time of all. i was so happy, i had no idea and when i saw him i like. i couldn't believe he was there. i didn't think he was going to make it at all. >> that's you will smiles didn't let go. rest of the night. so great they made all happen.
6:47 pm
cover these stories in in tire family face like up. >> come home. you feel the raw emotion. yes. >> yes. >> so great. great say dahle story there. >> it is and always before weather because i am always like tearing up. watching stories. i absolutely love them. and hope they had the good time. >> >> lots warmer there opinion loo today. put cold is likely on record. especially for the morning temperature i mean fast nine below in boston. 16 believe in worcester. 12 believe in hard for the. providence also dipping nine >> through the overnight. before changed to wintery mix. and then event rain by tuesday
6:48 pm
temperature they go climb into 13450z. >> it is you an enkhestseg weather changes. well what got going on this storm system right here. >> and >> not lighter than it has been. and, it is going to add to the windchill out there. sustained anywhere is from five to about 15 mile per hour: >> below 0. most locations. we will continue overnight tonight. and boston feels like it is about five below nit mur keer are fall back close toster owe. but notice mainly clear skies. light winds, we will start off tomorrow with some sunshine buff those clouds increase but it is just going north cold start. as temperature fall back below 0. especially way from city.
6:49 pm
so, high temperatures tomorrow. a little bit different we will tart to see mercury get into the upper 20s in to low 30 snoz. but i have to point out, sunshine to start the day we will notice clouds finish and along with some snow moving in during the afternoon, and we are going to talking about some accumulating snow. >> and then than significance to sleet and freezing rain. which could cause some icy conditions. for the evening commute. but for pra some spots could lingering as we head early tuesday morning. this will you a will cha owning over rain.
6:50 pm
and he could an inch. even boston area. by 7:00 or 8:00. noticing that rain line in icy mix transitioning from south to north. as we head towards the evening hours. through early morning hours of tuesday. and then, by 7:00 tuesday look at the temperatures they are already in 40s getting into 50s with some scattered showers and then steadier ban of rain moves on in by tuesday. evening. and, that will bring about an inch of rain afterwards we will dealing some fog, wintery mick early tuesday before the prom change over to rain. temperatures soaring into i amor 40s low 50s. then we will see transition on wednesday. as we will see cooler conditions
6:51 pm
thursday and friday. and >> and let's look at your forecast. >> jam packed sun tay night sports wrap that's coming up tonight at 11:30. and bruin in shoot-out in detroit. shoot-out, not usually good news
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video camera on the spot. >> best defence goal ten hockey this year that 13th out of 16th east allowed. shoot-out detroit interest afternoon. and who else. jet brad mar watch this off the facing off. his one 39 goal in 13 game. eight seconds in. brett connolly subjecting for
6:55 pm
>> and 19 for erik 1234e678 but red wings come smoking second. 14 straight shots. three dwrun answered goals. pablo on powerplay and wings take the lead 44-33 then darren beats. and hats seen enough. polled from the game. five goals given bum come back. with goal. and then he fed by marchant. tied at five in third. plus, 7::37 in third hendrick gets game winner f. >> and starting tuesday. >> next sunday one. right here on fox 25. 58th daytona 500. today, daytona 20 year old chase elliot becomes young em driver ever to take the pole for daytona early this afternoon i spoke to the son of nascar leg
6:56 pm
rookie year if he wins daytona next week. i would be i expect. i don't really know what you know i don't know really. until it is you know until next sun tay come i think some emotion and things you are going to faced with you don't know until you experience them. and for us, you know like i said i think lot of thing that haven't set in will next week both work. >> matt stew yoed. done be late and dress warm. >> very warm. some really good advice. yes. temperature once again both topping out below 0 in many spots and windchill subster: >> comes wintery mix to rain. >> getting there.
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thank you for marking your (sniffing) (sniffing) (crunching) (munching loudly) (sucking pacifier) (panting) (whimpers) (disgusted growl) (grunts): hmm?


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