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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  February 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> now at 10 a rescue on the slopes what the mountain says midair. >> and record-breaking temperatures this morning and bitter cold not budging yet. i'll show you how low temperatures go tonight and the timeline ever the storm i'm tracking for president's day. >> and a firefighter that worked with children suspected after salts. the allegations being made tonight by a baby sister. . >> and supposed to track criminals but fox 25 investigates and uncovers a disturbing amount of warrants for tampering bracelets and how criminals are tracked and why the state can't say hoy many are still on the run. >> this say fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. freeze. from streets filled with ice. >> froze in the water. water. >> to busted pipesch the cold
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and that cold is not going owe way yet. hi, everyone. >> we want to get to "fox5" meteorologist sarah in the weather center. sarah you're tracking single digits temps in the morning and snow in the afternoon. >> we'll talk about a big change in temperatures. but i mean take a look at the low temperatures that occurred this morning. we beat. we saw temperatures fall back to 9 below in boston and 16 below in worchester and it was cold out there. clear skies. take a look at the storm system to the south. this is next weather making headed our way starting with snow tomorrow afternoon and change changing to wintry mix and rain. temperatures will jump. boy those current conditions now in the single digits if not below zero. you add that wind though it's much light ter feels like subzero across board and that will be the trend overnight tonight. temperatures fall back close to zero in boston and you'll
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but, notice, single digit and then by mid-morning we'll be into the teens and clouds increasing and that's ahead of the snow that will be moving in. it's another cold night. not as cold as last night and coming up we'll have the time of when to expect snow, mix and eventually rain. >> cold temperatures causing school delays in new hampshire. they're all opening two hours late tomorrow. you can check the school closes any time online at my fox >> skiers and snowboarders forced to come down on ropes after a tram gets stuck. we want to bring in fox 25 daniel for more. >> the only new hampshire ski resort with aerial tram and typically source typically source bragging right. it carried 2,000 vertical feet to the highest peak of the mountain. this afternoon both cars dime jolingt halt and the only way
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>> sunny skies and frigid temperature of 1 in franconia new hampshire. this promotional video from the ski resort shows unique tram way functioning properly. this cellphone video shows what happened this afternoon when a mechanical failure caused tram's breaking system to engage leaving both cars stuck. by phone, canyon mountain spokesperson greg keeler explains. >> there's two cars that move at the same time. one leaves bottom terminal and one leaves stop. they came to a stop 50 to 75 feet from top and bottom terminals. >> there were 7 skiers on the top coming down and 41 on the bottom goingp. more than an hour after they became stranded with dusk approaching the decision was made to evacuate the cars. by lowering the skiers out through an escape hatch. >> those cars are actually set up to be evacuated and they have a system inside of them so there's a door in the bottom that gets opened up you use a
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opened up and people are lowered down by the sling one at a time. >> the rescue performed slow and carefully from a height of more than 40 feet skiers were place nod a harness and one by one. >> not ideal to have people stuck anywhere at any time and out of all the places you can be stuck on a cold day, i guess the tram is not the worst place because it is enclosed. and you're surrounded by other warm bodies. so, we're calling it a good . >> and it took about 3 hours to rescue everyone. no frost bite or injuries reported. there was a family on one of the cars going a summit to sight see and more on passenger rescued this afternoon at 11. more in the control room ted sdanial. fox 25 news. >> and because of freezing temperatures jet blue was hit
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15 flights are still delayed tonight down from earlier today when dozens ever flights were pushed back. the airline apologized for delays on twitter saying phones are equipment and limited employees were the problem. delays all throughout logan keeping some passenger from seeing their families. >> our flight was supposed to be into minneapolis and we're catching connector to visit somebody's grandpa and we are not going to make our connection. . >> dad. >> and i heard the son whining there a little bit. temperatures continue to drop again tonight and mass support is --. >> track issues giving nbta huge problems today delays reported for much of the day on the red line this was 123457d using care seen to heat up the rails and on the orange line broken rail causes moderate delays. they plan to run a saturday schedule monday because of the holiday. >> and a neighborhood woke up
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their streeten cased in ice. as fox 25 jackie reports it's all because the flood gates come nrixingt. >> yeah, this is unbelievable the way it just flooded out, look at these houses, crazy. i mean, people come out. they don't expect to see this i did not. >> what a stp was for neighbors on arcadia street and ref sear a good 3" of ice pushed to sdriv ways and completely surrounding some homes after a malfunction with the blood gate combined by high tide. sea watt to people's houses turning to solid ice after subzero temperatures took hold. john powers woke to several angry complaints. >> i get the calls 6:00 in the morning and that should not be happening. i don't mind addressing the calls and it shouldn't have to
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>> a million bucks into the area and triple area and tripling catch basin because of flood risk. maureen sullivan digging out neighbors. >> ties were frozen in the water and happy valentine's new england. >> and the fear per sthiingts could happen again. >> they're at a fourth time they froze up. temperatures will go up and hopefyly that helps workers address the problem. . >> the city opened a warm ring center inside lower senior cement are foreanyone who needs shelt they are weekend.
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stay often through tomorrow morning. >> and frozen pipes employed a house fire in springfield. heat gun was used to melt a phones are pipe at that home. it was left unattended and that's when the fire started. no one was hurt but you caused 5,000 in damage. >> fox 25 news at 10 the extreme cold whael it does do to your pod yain car. stay informed the minute you wake up with fox morning news starting 4 a.m. meteorologist sherri sphere will track record cold and we'll vup dates on overnight issues that it's causing in the region. >> and now is a good time to download the fox 25 weather and news apz. they have the latest information for your area including those temperatures, the forecast and radar. it is a free download for android and apple users. >> a man claiming to be a saudi
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a hospital. please say he was tox kaetd and they have not confirmed the man's identity nor where he's from. >> new at 10 experienced hiker died after collapsing on a mountain nrail new hampshire. conservation officers state 65 conservation officers state 65-year-old nashville resident collapsed near the summit of race back mountain in franconia race back mountain in franconia. he completed the hike several times before and had the right clothes and supplies needed to hike in the cold. no word on exactly how he died. >> a former boston mayor ray flynn is expected to be released from the hospital following heart surgery and reports doctors put in the defibrillate defibrillator and that's what caused the crash in south boston thursday. fox 25 reported at the time flint passed out behinded wheel of his car and ended up hitting his neighbor's house as you can see in the picture. no one there was hurt. just hours after the deej death of a supreme court justice on
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presidential candidates do want the president to nominate a replacement and president says he will. andrew spencer has more on the political fight. >> in the wake of supreme court justice antonin scalia sudden death over the weekend the top death over the weekend the top-ranking democrat on senate judiciary xlit tee blastsed any notion of delaying a vote on next nominee until aft presidential he investigation. . >> it would be a sheer der application of duty for the instant not to have a hearing or vote. >> mitch mc connell want the nomination to be on hold saying "the american people should have a voice in the selection. at the heart of disputes some republicans claim there's informal history of not voting on judicial nominees in the months preceding an election" here's marco rubio. >> next president should have a chance to fill the void not welcome tore at again. >> for senator layhe and other democrats gop is confusing facts reminding them ronald
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kennedy was confirmed if february 1988. the supreme court justices are expected to take on several hot button issues. >> and andrew spencer fox 25 news. . >> here's something interesting there's some people speculating that defal patrick will be nominated for the high court. he moved out to massachusetts governor who declined a interview and they say they have no statement on the matter have no statement on the matter. >>. >> why am i trying to rebuild and put the place back together and put the place back together? there is no rae insurance this is not going to happen again. >> ahead in the next 30 minutes what the city is telling this business own whor is getting
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>> spimding a week stranded in the dessert. the sping item this man relied on to survive. >> the man steps outside for a smoke and banishes. . >> the reason family members say this 22-year-old was at this i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios
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>> developing tonight a mystery on the streets of boston a man celebrating birth day steps outside a bar and banishes, crystal hain spoke with the missing man's missing man's family. of course they're worry of course they're worried. >> blair, they're extremely upset they have something of a mission control in family household trying to work the phones and get any information they can as to zach mars whereabouts. he stepped ut right out of this bar behind me for a smoke and then just disappeared. . >> it starred as a birthday celebration in boston. it haniel hall. i told him i owed him that i never got celebrate with him. >> it's an all out serve for crews. they're looking to find zach marr the 22-year-old was seen outside the bell and hand tavern and around 1:30 saturday morning it has not been heard from since.
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and then he sent me b another message saying they're not letting me back in and let's leave. >> zach's cuz and i man day one of the last people to see him. their group searched the busy downtown air and found no trace of zach. >> called phone two times in a row called it and it rang both times no pickup. >> boston police revealed these images. he was struggle he was struggling with loss of his grandmother but disappearing is completely out of skhark ter for him. >> it's out character. he's been working a lot. he just rt stad back in school. . >> every single time i keep seeing how cold it s all think
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cold. >> come home. it's safe. it's warm. and we'll work through this. . >> now, zach is described as about 5' 9" dark hair and blue eyes if you have information you're asked to contact boston or harvard massachusetts police. meantime, zach's friend and family will get a group together and be back in thanial hall. trying to get information on where he might be. reporting in boston tonight. i'm crystal haines. . >> and for years they campaigned for a memorial at the site of deadly fire and today survivors and victims families gathered to remember those killed 13 years gag a station night club fire. before next year they believe the monument they fought for will be complete. 100 people were killed in maybe when pyro techniques made for a great concert in the rhode island caught fire.
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station they say raised 1.6 of two million dollar goal. that money will establish a park at the former club. rhode island utenant governor is urging with tomorrow donate. >> police are investigating a shooting that happened yesterday afternoon on providence straight. the victim was shot while sitting in a parked car. he's expected to be okay. police say this is not a random act and they're using witness sgripings to track down the suspect. >> for some the horror of how their friend died has not sunk in yet. caityln was killed friday morning on the way to her job as an art teacher in milton. state police say a 200 pound manhole cover went airborne and crashed through caityln's windshield. her car came to a stop outside the o'neal tun heel on the southbound side of the expressway. >> it has not soaked in a little bit. ki hear her laughing. she could like bought item and
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awesome. >> and exactly how this happened is still a mystery. immediately after the accidents checked more than 900 similar manhole covers and grates and 6 manhole covers and grates and 65 places. >> new at 10 a slews bury fire fight certifies accused of assaulting his baby sister. that suspect assault took place in auburn home and that's where we found melanie tonight. mel next. >> elizabeth we're here at the >> elizabeth we're here at thearden police department and the firefighters was ot one night and he went home and baby sister was sleeping in her bed and he allegedly touch her. that 15 that 15-year-old girl tells police this is not the first time that the firefighter allegedly also touched her. >> slews with berry veteran firefighters not only risks life teaching fires and teaches students awareness of fired occasions. shawn, now finds himself
10:20 pm
inappropriately touching his children's baby sister. >> i wait until all the evz is in. >> throughs berry residents tell fox 25 they don't know what to sglevr it's scare what to sglevr it's scary. >> shawn, his wife and kids live that house in auburn and the 15-year-old girl and her friend were babysitting at their no late january and sources tell us the girls were sleeping in a room when shawn allegedly crawled until it bed with them and got on top of the 15-year-old. >> i understand that it's a traumatic situation for lots of people and in addition to that it is sometimes very rarely but so i always step back and wait until all the sevrdz in. >> i was saved by a firefighter once i have great respect for the fire department and he's an individual not necessarily just respecting the fire department. >> sources also tell us shawn asked the teen about her sexual experience and he grabbed her
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>> fire department itself is amazing fire department and we led by great p.m. and i have great respect for him and i have to look at this person as an individual not on duty. >> i know there's outrageous amounts of stress all the time going in incredibly dangerous situations. the stress levels are high. >> in about two hours ago i spoke with an ovrlz at the fire department and they tell us they cannot comment further the only thing they tell us they're aware of aetions. now to be clear shawn was not arrested and he will be facing morning. for now, we're live in auburn news. >> months before her retirement a teach ser taken out of the classroom. coming up in next half hour reason compassion is the crime. >> first real olympics months away and major health concern
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summer game. a pipe burst during a boston college basketball game. the lobby flooded intensely that the crews had to sweep the water outside. it's one of many versed fights we see in the brutally cold temperatures. >> this week, massachusetts police need your help identify police need your help identifying the following people.
10:25 pm
wanted. the suspect was hiding under a sweatshirt, gloves and mask. if you recognize him call the nor wood police department and this woman walked into the isabel harvey jewelry store and shoplifted four, fourteen car at gold necklaces totaling 1600 seen wearing a dark hat and dark puppy jacket. . >> now these cases come us to
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>> brazil's president says zika virus outbreak will not compromise the upcoming olympics in rio. bringing out the military and hundreds of thousands of health workers. currently sweeping through parts of south america. and experts say they're worried travelser from olympic games could bring the virus back home with them causing the virus to . >> inside this building they track offenders wearing gps monitoring bracelets ahead in the next 15 minutes fox 25 investigates. what happens when someone cuts those straps? and just how often that happens and just how often that happens? >> and after record-breaking cold i'm tracking temps in the 50s and messy minimum of snow,
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my timeline new at 10 this man was stranded for a week in the dessert and he's alive to tell the tale tonight apparently he ate snow. police say he was driving pickup truck arizona toorz oregon when his truck broke down in remote area and he stayed in truck and survived 7 days drinking melted snow and slowly eating a very little amount of food he left.
10:30 pm
checking road conditions just incredible, right? >> yes. >> just to the resolve to live. >> turned out history keeps repeating it snaevl brock ton and continues toe break on one street. . >>. >> i could not believe it i almost foal my knees. >> yet another water main fwlaek same section of north neighbor brockton. >> i can't wrap my head around it. >> this time home cafe was not damaged. it ruined equipment and contaminated stocks. and systems are out and walked in and refrigerators place slices and ice machines. >> the very same thing happened 8 years going closing down the business for ten months.
10:31 pm
on the worst possible day. coldest day in over 30 years. >> mayor bill carpenter tells us repair crews worked tireless us repair crews worked tirelessly saturday night noon sunday and says the age of 8 sunday and says the age of 80-year-old pipe is problem and repairs are not enough. replacement is needed. throughout the city. throughout the city.. >> this really comes down to the money. >> it will be hundreds of millions of dollars to replace all of the hype that needs to be replaced -- pipe that needs to be relace placed. >> it will eventually be taken care of. company in the sit yain the same will happen again with the incident last month. >> carpenter promised a more permanent fix soob 200 foot long replacement pipe. he hopes another sdalingter does not hit. >> it's going bust through again and it's like what aim doing. why am i trying to rebuild and put the place back together and there's no reassurance that this is not going to happen again. >> the mayor says that engineer >> the mayor says that
10:32 pm
begun to replace that 200 foot long section of pipe you heard that rough estimate from him it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars to replace all the patter mains and that's not going to happen. the cost for the pipe would be 150 to 200,000. >> fox 25 news. >>. >> and since 1957. sure enough dropped back to 9 below and 16 below and take a look at region. everybody dropped below zero even nantucket. two be row this this morning, records absolute lay cross boston and worchester for previous record three below setback in 1934. 1979 in worester. not only did we have low temperaturesed in boston we only climbed to 12 degrees.
10:33 pm
the date. it really, really is cold conditions despite the sunshine. that khuching of arctic air will still be over us and if it push as way it takes time to get out of here. another chilly night for sure. not as cold as last night. there is milder air down to the south. that will be working north ward as we're going to be watching a storm system also evolve and right now we have snow pushing through the ohio valley and mid atlantic. so travel-wise if you will be held heading further south likely bumping into snow and well, temperatures are cold enough in our area to start as warmer air tries work its way in. >> and not tonight. it will be dry. it will be cold. testimony turz single dimming its. and parts of new hampshire.
10:34 pm
lightened so much. so we still a wind khixt not as drastic as it was this time yesterday. still places like portsmouth, feel cold ought there. nine be flow boston. temperatures fall below zero once again away from city and it's another cold start to the day will feel like teens and lower 20s. winds out of the south milder wind direction bringing in warmth and increase clouds notice worcester and springfield picking up rain showers. best chances during the late afternoon and evening and that's why there's a winter weather advisory in place mainly for central and western parts all the way to 95. north and west of city into part of new hampshire. this begins 1 p.m. tomorrow and goes to 6 p.m. tuesday as we see that warmer air move in. it will come in the form of snow to start because it's so
10:35 pm
anywhere from coating to inenvelope boston and down across the south shore getting washed away. north and west we have best potential of picking up inch to three inches especially across the higher terrain and getting a trace of ice on top of that enough to tenth of inch of ice as you travel further north and west and again this all changes over to rain as that warmer air moves in. i want to show you your future cast. this is what you can expect. by midday tomorrow, temperatures tens and 20s clouds thickening up by the evening commute. slippery conditions out through central parts of the state even if you travel down towards connecticut and it will fill in as we head to late evening changing to wintry mix and rain across the south and the overnight hours tuesday, 7:00, we're in the 40s. scattered off and on showers. as we head to the afternoon 50s by tuesday and steadier rain arrive arriving after 6 nk boston
10:36 pm
inch of rain. 7 day forecast shows warmer weather by tuesday. areas of fog possible too. scattered showers continue wednesday and dry out late in the week and temperatures drop and we could introduce another chance of rain and snow by the weekend. over to you. >> and with extreme cold we've been saying really need protect yourself and home and make your carbon monoxide heat rerz working. >> massachusetts emergency management agency has tips to keep pipes from freezing. let's cold water drip from faucets and on cabinet doors under sinks to circulate heat and make sure the whole family knows how to shut off the water valve in case of freeze or burst. if your pipes freeze up don't ever try to thaw with a torch. we did a story today in a fair that was started with that. united states a hair drier instead. it's best bet to call a licensed plumber.
10:37 pm
bite changes to skip, including numbness, pricklyness. discoloration if you experience any these symptoms best thing so call your doctor. . >> every time you go out it's bitterly cold. you think it must be something happening here. and teachersfied hold children's lives. >> i want to be back with my kids and back in the classroom. ahead what she did for a student that lost two friend in
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>> gas is under $2 flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill.
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won't explain. dover seen a de explain to burglaries over recent years and sending out remind others to residents to not make their home a target for criminals. . >> all lanes on there were injuries mean word yet on how many people are hurt or how bad the injuries were. national at retail federation say consumers spent 150 on significant thorz year. for the record, most of us said under 10 in the newsroom okay. in the past we have seen people take a moderate approach and this year it seems the gift of experience will be bigger than
10:42 pm
>> well it's not just spending money on each other people are expected to spend 4 billion this year on valentine daes day gifts for parents, kid, friend and even their pets. >> well, price tells pump staying below average. and savrj price 179 massachusetts dime nor than national average prices down $2 national average prices down $24 cents from last year. >> and pita cents emails tling a town to stop oldest tradition and ahead at 10 the one thing the group forgot do before making demand. >> "fox5" investigates the shocking number of suspect that tamper with gps bracelets each year. >> my clienteleing me they're terrified because probation called and said the guy cut his bracelet off. isn't that per se proof that it's not working? >> next at 10 the simple
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is having a alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. it uses extended range
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the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles it's got every the prius actually belongs on the table. >> tonight fox 25 investigation uncovers a disturbing number of offenders cutting off their bracelets. child rain its and assault us is spetsch the state cannot even say how many are still on the run? >> here in this building in clinton, massachusetts, workers monitor 3,000 offender wearing electronic monitoring device known as elmo system. in november police arrested james morales for a gun thefted in the army reserve in worster he cut it off which he wept on
10:46 pm
rapist gregory lewis went on nationwide crime spree after cutting off his bracelet. that happens according to the state once or twice a day. as many adds 700 warrant issued for people each year that cut or tamper with straps. that's as much as 25% of the people wearing them. a spokesperson for the department of probation told us most warrants are resolved next day but con tell us how many are active other than smaller number. critics say that's unacceptable. >> it's been a problem for a long time and other states have to under control better. >> wendy murphy represents women in domestic abuse cases and she says when a criminal cuts off a monitoring device the victims are victimized again. >> they call the vick tem and say we don't know where he is but he cut the bracelet. she doesn't sleep for days. she is in ter risetic freer that moment until they call her
10:47 pm
>> we spent two months asking officials at the massachusetts department of probation to clarify and they did not talk to us on camera for investigation. case of person cutting off a bracelet are rare. and that when it does happen they issue a warrant and police in local, state and federal level are notified. a spokesperson -- from the agency emailed us and does not warrant a management system as the system is utilizeded with all law enforcement agencies. the management system does not provide reports on warrants and added that probation never stops looking to apprehend individuals with active on warrants. >> one or two aday is one or two too many. >> we took our investigation to state represent frank nunn he's disturbed by what he found and plans top meet with governor and administration to see what
10:48 pm
track those that cut off the monitors if there say flaw in the system i want to know overall and they can't provide exact count of how many warrants are active because management system does not have reporting capacity. the agency sent us several statements you can read them all online. >> a teacher removed from classroom because of hot chocolate and dennis grab and died in one week. and the teacher had looked at the father to do so and violated policy. and she thought she was doing the right things. .
10:49 pm
to she was very distraught. i felt she was critical. >> students and parents rally >> students and parents eded behind her. they no choice but to take her out of the classroom. >> tonight we in a fox 25 weather alert the deep freeze continues through the morning. you're also tracking snow throughout. >> tlots talk about. we're also talking about temperatures climbing into 50s. tonight it's the cold. winds diminish and bitterly cold temperature air will continue as we're going be dealing with subzero temperatures. come tomorrow it will be snow moving in in afternoon and through the overnight coating up to couple inches before changes over to wintry mix and rain on tuesday as it will be warming up to 50s. because of that poj of snow and ice we do have a wirpt weather advisory that begins 1 p.m. tomorrow for areas shaded in this purple blue north and west of boston and you can see we've got snow down to south. but it is clear over our area right now and the clear skies light winds allowing for
10:50 pm
but 7 in boston and it's 1 be flow worster and temperatures below zero in many spots above in boston and subzero wind chills will continue and we'll see improvementment if you travel tomorrow perhaps take advantage of president's day and expect temperatures in the 20s to near 30 and snow moves to during the afternoon and evening across southwestern part of new england and eventually moving forth ward and hey if you head north ward skiing looking pretty fantastic skiing looking pretty fantastic. . >> and these freezing temperatures not just hard on us they can cause issues for cars as well. if you have to go out over the next several hours here's things to watch out for. one of the things most likely to see if low tire pressure alert on your car. just 10 degrees can cause a 10% drop in pressure and car's handling could be a bit different. a lot of spark plugs have a hard time in this cold. until your car warms up there would be a bit of sputter to the engine. finally batteries don't like
10:51 pm
hard time staringt hard time starting. >> hi, everybody, let's talk about the bruins they've done year. given up a lot of goals and win on the road. they did one of those two things in detroit this unfortunately winning was not one of them. a shootout joe lewis arena starts 8 second in marshawn look at that. 13 goal in 13 games brett conley serving for injured. wins the draw and marshawn does the rest. still first period. 2-1 berlin and louis eriksson makes it one and louis eriksson makes it one. 19 goals for eriksson. will he betrayeded. >> coming out smoking in the second. fourteen straight shots and three unanswered goals. and power blai play gives a 3-4 league and darin helm beats zuca. seen enough.
10:52 pm
goals to the bullpen and brings gufstan. and and 7 plus minutes into the third henry disketteerburg gets second goal of the game. that's the game winner. 6 6-5 bruins lose. three more on the games. next sunday, 1 p.m., fox 25, 58 daytona 500. today at daytona chase elliot becomes youngest driver ever to tate poll in daytona. earlier i spoke to nascar legend wild bill elliot and asked what it means in rookie year to win daytona on first try and i don't know really until it -- next sunday comes i think some he motions and things you will be faced with prerace you don't know full
10:53 pm
get that. i think a lot of things that have not set in the yet will next week rolling off daytona and if we can pull it off that would be great. we have a lot of work to get to that point. . >> coming up on sunday night sports more of a my conversation with chase elliot. matt light is in studio. red sox spring training preview focused on two rising stars and zander and muky and paul pierce tells us how he continues to help the celtics. tom also crimes in with thoughts or celtics all coming up 113506789 please don't be late. >> if you join us here's what we're working on for fox 25 news at 11. dozen nz avenue people rescued on the slopdz today after their tram gets stuck and issues that left them teetering high in the air. >> and local fire fight area caused of assaulting children's baby sister the charges he's facing tonight at 11. >> and first digging deep and not deep enough. demanding
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rebecca gregory and her husband divorced on allegations he was cheating on her she got back together with her college boyfriend and they got married earlier today. . >> a new hampshire town celebrating 100 winter carnival gets threatening let erin serious backlash from pitta. >> they wanted to hold a contest and the contest had a twist. >> greased pigs sounds like what it is oiled up with kids trying to catch them. in the past they greased eye
10:58 pm
for sent ten ral celebration they thought it was honor the old trad sglition we wanted to bring it back. >> steven spij was unof the committee members and when people from ethical treatment of animals also known as peta found out it was taking place they reevrpd out for him for an explanation. >> a little backlash. >> but a real big was never in the original planch the greased pig on ice. instead it's this man glen haley dressed as a pig skating around the ring. smith says he answered all peta's questions and idea of using a real big was not kiss discussed. >> when doing the investigation happening. since they didn't ask i didn't . >> smith was upset and surprised to get this statement from peta. >> assuming it is real pig they made story of taking a big and shoving in barrel and hundreds of kids screaming at it and
10:59 pm
story without asking what is going on. >> peat released a statement saying they had ample students share with peat what he says this s this plan all along. and chose to. smith says if they asked the right questions they would have gotten the right answers. >> it's not my job to do the research. >> winter carnival wrapped up today. >> this is fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. new england under a deep freeze from streets fwild ice. >> fires frozen in the water. >> to busted point. >> and cold is on everyone's mind. >> and that cold is not going away. temperatures right now on "fox5"news studios. >> hi, everyone, i'm blair hillier. >> i'm elizabeth hawkins. sarah is not only monitoring
11:00 pm
you're also tracking our next wintertorm. >> yes, it is so frigid outside. we've got this arctic blast that dropped temperatures this morning to record lows across southern new england. 16 below in worchester breaking 11 below and nine below in boston. this is coldest air we've seen since 1957 in our area. and it is clear right now look we have precipitation to south taken will be heading our way. it's also going to bring us milder weather but because it's so cold throughout it will start as snow and icy mix. but that will arrive tomorrow. tonight is dry temperatures dropping back to four be flow worchester. it's light. it's making it feel like 20 below and below in boston. zero through the overnight hours and brutally cold night. temperatures fwal back to near zero boston and subzero


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