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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  WFXT  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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you're also tracking our next wintertorm. >> yes, it is so frigid outside. we've got this arctic blast that dropped temperatures this morning to record lows across southern new england. 16 below in worchester breaking 11 below and nine below in boston. this is coldest air we've seen since 1957 in our area. and it is clear right now look we have precipitation to south taken will be heading our way. it's also going to bring us milder weather but because it's so cold throughout it will start as snow and icy mix. but that will arrive tomorrow. tonight is dry temperatures dropping back to four be flow worchester. it's light. it's making it feel like 20 below and below in boston. zero through the overnight hours and brutally cold night. temperatures fwal back to near zero boston and subzero
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throughout the day we see improvements starting with sunshine and clouds increase. so, wake up temperatures on the cold side. we have 50s in forecast. and just comes with wet earth weather. i'll have details when to expect snow to arrive. >> cold temperatures causing school delays in new hampshire. they're all opening two hours late. you can check school closings any time on my fox khiing reason the weather tab. >> we continue to learn more about the rescue on the slopes. skiers and snowboarders forced to come down on ropes. after their tram got stuck. >> boarders and skiers and sight seers all in the cars. >> they have sight seers and 8-month-old little girl and parents were in one of the cars evacuated. it's the first time anyone at the new hampshire ski resort can recall a rescue like this. >> instead of skis or boards 48 people cannon mountain made today down harness and rope this is cellphone video of the
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greg from cannon spoke to fox 25 by phone. >> those cars are set up to be evacuated. they have a system inside of them so. there's a door in the bottom that gets opened up that use a rope and sling. and the doors opened up and people are lowered down by the sling one at a time. >> cannon aerial tram way has two cars that work in tandem. there were 7 skiers on top scar coming up down from the summit and 41 on the bottom car going up. and passengers describe a halting jolt when a mechanical failure caused brake system tone gauge without warping. >> we don't expect cold fly factor and that's mostly due to the fact that the cars were running all day and tram had been running all day and it was actually warm. the warmest part of the day was in the afternoon when we had the mechanical issues. >> rescue performed slow and carefully from a height of more than 40 feet. skiers were placed into a harness and lowered to the
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>> it took about three hours to rescue everyone. no frost bite or injuries reported. cannon gave all the affected tram riders a free voucher to return. live in the control room. ted daniel. fox 29 news. >> freezing temperatures. blue was hit the hardest and 15 delayed tonight and is that the down frerlier today when dozens of flights were pushed back. and the airline apologized for the delays on twitter and they say frozen equipment and limited employees were the problem. >> and delays all throughout logan keeping some passenger from seeing family from seeing families. >> our flight was supposed to be into minneapolis and we're catching it to visit somebody's grandpa and we are not going to make our connection. >> dad. >> temperatures continue to drop again tonight and they're urging people to check flight status before heading out the door. >> track issues giving nbta uj
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on the red line this picture was snapped with cues using kerosene top heat up the rails. the work done on the orange line this afternoon. this time broken rail causing moderate delays and tonight nbta tells us they plan to reason a saturday schedule monday because of holiday. >> it is powerful sight. entire neighbors dmovrd this, thick ice. as fox 25 jackie reports it's all because the flood gates froze on allowing high tide come right in. . >> yeah this is unbelievable the way it just flooded out. look at these houses, crazy. people come out. they don't expect to see this. >> id. >> and what a stp was for neighbors on r arcadia street and revere. three inches of ice pushed up to driveways completely surrounding some homes after malfunction with flood gate combined with overnight high tide and sea water next to
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to solid ice after subzero temperatures took hold. councilman john powers councilman john powers woke to several panicked and angry complaints. >> i get the calls at 6:00 in the morning and that should not be happening. not that i -- i don't mind addressing calls and getting it resolved but it shouldn't have to be that way. >> especially as soon as the city poured more than a million bucks into the area improving roads and trip ming size of kax basin because of flood risk and sullivan spent the morning digging out her neighborhoods. >> our cars have to be moved water. happy valentine's right? >> yeah. >> new england. >> for now the gates are closed closed. but the fear permission but the fear persists that this could happen again. >> third or fourth time that they froze up. >> the only silver lining here temperatures are supposed to jump up next weekend and that would give city workers a chance to address the problem.
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around with you wake up starting 4 a.m. meteorologist sherri sphere will check the record cold an updates on overnight issues it's causing in the region and now really is a good time to download the fox 25 weather and news apz and latest information from the area including temperatures, forecast and radar. it's a free download right now for android and apple users. >> developing tonight a mystery on streets of boston a man celebrating his birthday steps outside a bar and vanishes. and fox 25 crystal haines spoke with missing plan's family earlier tond and they're worried. >> zach mars family says he stepped out of this boston tavern to have a cigarette and then just dpis appeared. >> it started at birthday sell hall. >> i told him i owed him that and he was so excited to come? serve for clues. boston and local police working to find harvard resident zach
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outside the bell an hand tavern around 1:30 saturday morning and has not been nraerd since. >> he texted many went outside. and then he sent me another message saying they're not letting me back in. let's leave. >> stack's us cuz and i man day one of the last people to see him. their group searched the busy downtown area. called his phone two times in a row and rang. no pickup. >> boston police sees surveillance images and he is struggle struggling with loss of his grandmother but disappearing is out of character electric forehim. >> i think it's out of character from working a lot. unless he t started back in school. >> he's extremely hard working and been through a lot. >> last seen wearing a long
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does not have his coat on this bitter cold weekend. >> i skaep seeing ho how cold it is and think, oh, god. . >> it's safe. come home. it's safe, it's warm. . >> zach is described as about 5 foot, dark hire and blue eyes. if you have any information you're asked to contact boston or harvard massachusetts police police. meantime, his friends and family are going to get a group together on these sheets tomorrow passing out missing flyers and trying to get any information on him. and where he might be. reporting in boston tonight, i'm crystal haines, fox 25 news i'm crystal haines, fox 25 news. >> a man claiming to be saudi national threat toned blow up a hospital in the brockton. the 21-year-old showed up at signature healthcare hospital tonight to get phelps previous injury. he started threatening nurses and assaulted one worker. police say the man was
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confirmed the man's identity nor where he's from. >> new at 10 an experienced hiker died after collapsing on mountain nrail new hampshire. conservation officers say 65 conservation officers say 65-year-old nashville resident collapsed near summit of little haystack mountain in franconia and completed the hike several times before and did have the right klonls and supplies needed to hike in the cold. no word on exactly how he died. >> former boston mayor ray flynn is expected to be replaceded from the hospital fol heart srnlry. they put in de fibry later for irregular heart rhythm. that's what caused the crash. he passed out behind the wheel of car they said and ended up hitting his neighbor's home. no one there was hurt. >> just hours after the death of a supreme court justice the on position on bench became a political issue. republican presidential candidates do not want president to nominate a replacement and president says he will.
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on the political fight. >> in wake of supreme court justice antonin scalia's sudden death over the weekend the top ranking democrat on judiciary committee blasted notion of delaying vote until after the presidential election. >> it would be sheer dir i application of duty for this senate not to have a hearing or vote. at the heart of the dispute some republicans claim there's informal history of not voting on judicial nominees before a election. marco rubio. >> the next president should have a chance to fill that void not somebody never answeringing to elector at game. >> gop is confusing facts reminding them ronald reagan nominee justice kennedy was confirmed by senate february 19 confirmed by senate february 1988 1988.
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same thing president reagan did. at the end of his term. >> scalia's vacancy will be felt as supreme court justices take on several hot button issues including a portion and obama action on immigration. andrew spencer fox 25 news. >> aunt bitter cold continues tonight setting stage for our next winter storm to bring a minimum of snow, ice and rain. i'll show you when the snow moves in and how long the extreme cold sticks around. >> plus water main breaks odds a money's business for the second time in a few weeks. what he's being told about the effort to fix that problems. >> first a firefighters that works with children suspected of assault.
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. >> new tonight -- sources tell us the firefighter came home late one night and allegedly touched the 15-year-old girl while sleeping and sources are tell us us this is not the first time the firefighter allegedly touched this 15-year-old girl. >> and throughs berry veteran firefighter shawn bodwich not only rivbed life fighting fires but teaches students awareness of fired occasions and shawn now finds himself in trouble after he is accused of and i prontly touching his children's baby sister.
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>> screws berry residents tell fox 25 they don't know what to disbelieve scary. >> shawn, his wife and kids live that mouse auburn. the 15-year-old girl and her friend were baby sitting aim home in late january. . >> it's a tragic situation for lots of people and in addition to that it's sometimes very rarely but sometimes not true. >> and i always step back wait until the received in. >> closed -- i was saved by a firefighter once and he's an individual not necessarily just representing fire department. . >> sources also tell us shawn asked the teen about her sexual experience and that he grabbed her on a few occasions. >> the fire department itself is amazing fire department.
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an i have great respect for them and i have to look that person as an individual not as you know he was not on duty. >> i know it's outrageous amounts of stress all the time and the stress levels are high. we spoke to an official tonight and they toll us they are aware of allegations and they will not comment further. shawn will face the judge first thing tuesday morning. for now in auburn tonight, melanie bosu, fox 25 news. >> and in the newsroom tonight one person died after a fire near fall river. we just got off the phone with the state fire marshall office telling us they're still on the scene. you can see the picture. this fire broke out multi-family home eastern avenue and cause remains under investigation tonight. >> for years they have campaigned for memorial at the sivt deadly fire and today's survivors and victims families killed 13 years going in station night club fire.
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the monument they fought so hard for would be complete. 100 people were killed in 2003 when pyro techniques used during a great white concert went up. went up. workers say they raised 1.6 of two million goal and that money will establish a park at the site of the former club. lieutenant governor is urging foam donate so work on the project can finally begin. . >> and this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. . >> so many reports coming in over twit airport facebook. just talking about how told was this morning and being we had not seen in well since 1957 at least in city of boss stop and worster it dipped well below zero and nantucket even saw it dip below zero. record breaking in boston and worester and providence and hartford as well breaking
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setback in 1937 and previous 11 below snet 1979. record low high temperature as well today. 12 degrees and now we're in up to nashville. we have cold air in place. we have khuping of arctic air england. till take its time. there's milder air down south when you get the combination or difference i should say between rally cold and mild you tend to get disruptive weather and sure enough snow through mid atlantic with minimum of precipitation to tennessee valley and this is a storm system we'll watch carefully as gets going and it will be move into our region bringing us milder air and because it's so cold right now the on set of precipitation starting us as snow to icy mix before that changeover to rain. but as you saw it was clear and we've got mainly calm conditions out there and
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where we have winds from worster to boston it's adding a chill to the air. look what it looks like. 20 below. higher elevation. but it feels like 8 below in boston. so, overnight conditions tonight clear, cold, temperatures far below zero away from city and cape and island. subzero wind chills for all. come tomorrow we find improvement. winds subside. actually turn out of the south and it will feel like teens and 20s throughout the day and climb into the 20s to low 30s as we see the clouds increasing and khai chance of snow arrive and khai chance of snow arriving was head to late often and evening. winter weather advisory is posted for the area shaded in purple north and west of boston from 1 p.m. to 6 a.m. on tuesday and this is for that potential of slippery conditions as that initial precipitation starts off as snow before change snow before changing to that icy mix and then eventually rain. how much snow? doesn't look to amount to too much. coating to couple inches i say. coating to inch across the
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west absolutely could see one to three inches. again icy mix on top of it and then perhaps getting washed away with rain headed our way. and trace of ice possible through worchester county and parts of new hampshire and some areas it stays colder longer we could see a tenth of inch. future cast this is what you can expect. temperatures starting off really cold and by the afternoon, we're into the 20s with clouds increasing and here comes the snow. as we head towards the evening hours than is why we could see slippery conditions out there. steady. notice that quick changeover across the islands and southeast by 11:00 we notice changeover happening boston and icy mix to the norm and west continues to retreat north ward and through the overnight hours we could be dealing with slippery conditions in part of new hampshire but by the morning look that in the 40s tuesday morning and scattered off an on showers and mild and windy and we could see areas of fog into the 50s and then
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come in, in the evening hours, 8:30 tuesday and that's when the wet weather with up taken toch of rain is expected. once the front comes on through we'll see risk of off and on scattered showers wednesday. cooler weather by late part of week and then rise in temperatures to next weekend with chance of more rain and snow. there's the lightest look at the for the cast. >> after the break an 80 >> after the break an 80-year-old pipe bust for the third time in a deck aitd and what the mayor say i would kill for something sweet. i know... we could have one of those.
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>> history keeps repeating it snaevl boston a water main continues to break oun one street. >> this issue is taking a toll on one business owner. >> app i just could not believe it. i almost fell to my knees. >> yet another water main break in the same section of north main street in brockton. >> i can't wrap my head around it that had happened again. >> home kavr a was not damaged but owner paul stewart says he still can't on after the water main ruptured less than a month agog ago feet away running equipment and contaminating stock. stewart filed claims and is waiting for the money money to on back up. >> walk in to refrigerator slices and ice machines everything is gone own wiped out. >> the same thing happened eight years ago closing down the business for ten months. >> it couldn't happen on worst possible day.
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>> mayor tells us repair crews worked tireless worked tire he says age of 8 worked tire he says age of 80-year-old pipe tractor-trailer problem and repairs aren't enough. replacement is needed throughout the city. . >> it comes down to the money. >> it would be hundreds of millions of dollars to replace all the pipe that needs to be replaced. >> stewart will eventually be taken care of. >> eight years ago he was paid claims and same thing will happen again. >> am a more permanent fix soon 200 foot long replacement pipe as stew quart waits he hopes another disaster does not hit. >> it's going to bust through again and what aim doing? why am i trying to rebuild and put the place back together. and there's no rae insurance this is not going to happen again. >> and it's already gown
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section of pipe and you heard that ruvr estimate from him it would cause hundreds of millions and of course that's not going to happen cost for this 200 long pipe will be 150 to 200,000. fox 25 news. >> headaches for that guy. over. >> we've seen that and it's been detrimentally cold out there. >> cold night tonight not as cold as last night but temperatures below zero subzero wind chills. we moderate and are tracking winter storm to bring us snow then wintry mix. look at tuesday. into the 50s heavy rain by evening hours and this is roller coaster ride. >> buckle up. >> thank you for making fox 25 your choice for news. >> our next newscast is 4 a.m. don't go anywhere because
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>> welcome to fox 25 sunday night sports wrap. we'll look at the night. but for the most part taking a night off. we have a jam packed show tonight. let's start with the bruins. they've been a fun team to watch th year mainly because they score a lot of goals and givep a lot of goals. today, detroit, all of that was on display. infinity match-up of the week and the shoot-off starts early for joe. just 8 seconds in red hot brad marshawn 8 seconds into the game gets 13th goal and 13


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