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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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weather center this morning to time out today's warm-up. good morning. >> the warm-up will be a slow one. i want to highlight we don't have the gusty winds we had yesterday, instead of highlight yesterday, instead of highlighting wind chills, i am going with straight-up temperatures. temperatures themselves, though temperatures themselves, though, below zero this morning though, below zero this morning. barre coming in at 12 below. 13 in rindge, new hampshire. 4 below in chelmsford. even worcester at 4 below. boston at 5 degrees, but check this out, you head 20 reading and 4 below. walpole, 1 below, natick, 3 below. 3 below right now in wareham. 6 in sandwich, and 5 below in hanover. bigtime brr factor. at 7:00 i am taking us to 2 below. temperatures staying steady where they are now. noontime, 3 degrees and increasing clouds. cloudy at 3 p.m. with temperatures in the middle to 20s. i don't have snow coming in until 7:00 this evening but
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going up, up, up during the overnight hours and into tomorrow when we get a changeover to rain. i will time out when it changes in your town and city coming up in your town and city coming up. julie grauert with live drive time traffic. starting with a look at our map where you can see bright green on the pike. you are moving along fine from 495 to 128. and into the allston-brighton area. 93 south and route 1 nice and light. nothing slowing you down on zakim on leverett connector. over to your live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 8 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 22 minutes on 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. we are following breaking news worcester where part of a triple decker has collapsed after a fire. this is video from the scene on preston street. you can see the two top floors have fallen on to the first floor. fire fighters tell fox25 this morning they found heavy flames shooting through the roof when they arrived just before 1 a.m. three hours later they are still there putting water on to the building. one person lived in the bottom
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out safely. the top two floors were empty. crews had problems with the gear at the scene because it was already icy and frozen from battling another fire earlier in the night. and this is video of that fire on henry street. that fire broke out at this duplex around 9:30. crews were able to knock down the flames without anyone getting hurt. we reached out to investigators we reached out to investigators, but no word on a cause. this morning investigators in fall river are trying to determine the cause of a deadly fire there. a building on eastern avenue caught fire around 6:30 last night. one man was trapped on the third floor and could not escape. neighbors heard a loud blast as the fast-moving flames caused several windows to explode. one fire fighter was hurt when he fell on a patch of ice. 4:32. this morning streets in one north shore community look more like an ice rink. a grate that was supposed to protect homes broken when city spent millions to put it in place. michael henrich live for news revere.
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answer this morning. >> reporter: that's what residents are saying. they are very upset that this morning once again they will have to chip their way out. a lot of this ice is still here as you take a look at one front revere. still a couple of inches of ice straight to the foundation, straight to the edge of the actual home, and that is the case for a lot of homes on this street right by the water here in revere, and here is why. the floodgate that was supposed to protect these home froze open, malfunctioned for a time, allowing seawater to -- in an overnight high tide to push water on to the shore and overwillingly cold temperatures took over and froze it very quickly. revere councilman john powers said this especially should not have happened because revere poured more than $1 million just seven years ago into
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now that the flood gate is actually closed, residents say the damage, however, is done. >> all our cars -- >> he texted me, i went outside -- -- >> the tires were frozen in the water, and happy valentine's, a right. new england. >> reporter: councilman powers says he will address the issue with the town engineer tomorrow with the town engineer today being a holiday, of and this is something that residents will have to chip their way out of, many driveway their way out of, many driveways still frozen over here. we will hear from that councilman and his plans ahead in the next 30 minutes. live in revere, michael henrich live in revere, michael henrich, fox25 news. about 200 homes and businesses are without power in the city boston this morning. eversource crews have been working through the night to repair the damage caused by equipment failures. our cameras spotted this crew
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another transformer failed in the north end last night. both failures caused a small underground fire. the city of lowell will close a warming center this morning as temperatures go up. the city opened the station inside the lowell senior center for anyone needing a warm place to stay during the record cold. 55 people stayed there saturday night. people can call the city's other options. and we have already sent a weather alert this morning about a winter weather advisory that takes place at 1 p.m. make sure you are getting the latest weather updates for our area on the fox25 weather app. if has the most up-to-date information involving temperatures, forecast and the radar. shiri is back in just a few minutes. developing this morning, family members and friends of a missing massachusetts man will resume searching the area around faneuil hall. he was last seen there saturday night in the bitter cold. fox25's jessica reyes is live from the bellingham this morning where the 22-year-old was last seen.
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went outside for a smoke and wasn't allowed back into the bar. >> that's right, julie, and this morning friends and family members are just worried sick about him. they will be back out in this area later today canvassing the area with missing posters, and that bar is right across the street near faneuil hall and again we are told he went outside to smoke a cigarette and has not been seen for more than 48 hours now. his name is zack marr. police put out the surveillance photos of him when he was last seen around 1:30 saturday morning. he is 22 years old from harvard he is 22 years old from harvard, massachusetts. and friends said he was not wearing a coat when he stepped outside on this bitter cold weekend. his cousin was one of the last people to see him. their group searched owl over for him but found no trace of him. >> he texted me. i went outside. and then sent me another message saying they are not
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let's leave. >> reporter: this is a recent photo of zack. he is described as 5'9"with dark hair and blue eyes and last seen wearing a long-sleeve last seen wearing a long-sleeved black button-up with a gray sweater. zack's father said he has been going through a lot in his personal life lately and we are hearing about that in the 6:00 hour. live in boston, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. happening today, a wake will be held for the local teacher killed in a freak accident. the 35-year-old was killed on her way to work. the 200-pound man hole cover went airpweern on the expressway and crashed through her windshield. she was an art teacher at glover elementary school in milton and an avid runner. her friends can't believe she is gone. >> still haven't soaked in. i mean a little bit. but i can still, like, hear her laughing. she had one of those laughs that you can bottle it up and sell it on the street and make
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some. >> reporter: clebett e funeral will be tomorrow and her death is still under investigation. immediately after the accident, mass dot checked more than 900 similar man hole covers and grates. new this morning, no autopsy on supreme court justice antonin scalia antonin scalia. the decision was made by his family. the 79-year-old died during a hunting trip over the weekend. he went to bed on friday and was found unresponsive on saturday. the position he left open on bench became a major issue for the race for president. republican candidates do not want president obama to nominate a replacement before he leaves office but the president says he will. andrew spencer has more on the political fight. >> reporter: in the wake of supreme court justice antonin scalia's death over the weekend scalia's death over the weekend. they blasted any notion of delaying a vote on the next nominee until after the presidential election.
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links of duty for the senate not to have a hearing. not have to have a vote. >> reporter: republican leader mitch mcconnell wants a nomination put on hold saying, quote, the american people should a voice in the election should a voice in the should a voice in the selection, but the heart of the dispute, some republicans say an informal history of not voting on the nominees. here is republican white house hopeful marco rubio. >> the next president should have a chance to fill that void not somebody who will not answer to the elector rat again answer to the elector rat again. >> reporter: senator leahy, the gop is confusing the facts that ronald reagan's nominee was confirmed by the senate in february 1988. >> president obama is doing the same thing that president reagan did at the end of his term. >> reporter: scalia's vacancy will be felt as the supreme court justices are expected to take on several hot-button issues including the contraception mandate, abortion and the
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andrew spencer, fox25 news. >> daniel: former governor deval patrick's name is being floated as a candidate. as a civil rights lawyer he served in the justice department during bill clinton department during bill clinton's administration. pack trick is a close friend of president obama. he has been considered for appointments before. patrick has not commented on the rumors and unclear if he would be interested in a spot on the bench. in the race for president, donald trump is holding tight to his lead in south carolina just five days before the state's primaries. these numbers from cbs news battle tracker poll with 42%. trump is well ahead of marco rubio and ted cruz. and for the democrats, hillary clinton is way ahead of bernie sanders. bernie sanders swept new hampshire but doesn't have the same support in the south. an unexpected run in on the campaign trail. bernie sanders and hillary clinton both showed up at the
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las vegas. cameras were not allowed inside, but tvs in the hallway show both candidates addressing parishioners sitting on opposite side of the packed church. the democrats are matching up their campaign efforts in nevada ahead of next week's caucus. president george w. bush is stumping for his brother, jeb. he will be at a rally at in charleston, south carolina. he has not campaigned for his brother, some worry that it could hurt more than help. as jeb is behind in the campaign they want to bring the former president to help out. the bush family is very popular in south carolina. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes for you. live drive times south of boston. 10 minutes on route 3 from 228 in rockland to the braintree split. shiri. >> shiri: a cold start of the day from 5 below to 5 above. nice clear skies and sending you home from work, a chance for snow.
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moves into your town and city coming up. boston's only living former mayor is now facing a new health battle. coming up on fox25 morning news, the medical problem doctors discovered they now say
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behind a new hampshire ski resort hopes that a tram that left dozens trapped in midair on one of the biggest ski weekend.
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cannon mountain in franconia. people riding down ropes to get out of the car. nearly 50 people were stranded for three hours yesterday afternoon. a mechanical failure caused the tram's two cars to stop suddenly. officials at the resort don't think the cold weather caused a problem. >> the cars were running all day. the tram had been running all day. the warmest part of the day was in the afternoon when we had the mechanical issue. >> no passengers were hurt. one of the people on board was an 8-month-old girl. state inspectors must look at the tram before they start running and again we will be following the progress for you all morning. brazil is trying to calm growing health concerns over the summer olympics. the nation's president is calling for the military and hundreds of thousands of health workers to kill off the mosquito population. the zika virus is spreading rapidly in brazil and only 17 2 days until the summer games. health experts say all of the tourists and athletes heading to brazil could help spread the virus across the globe.
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one man is on an incredible streak. brad marchand fires the puck into the net. 8 seconds into the game he wastes no time. is the fastest goal in team history and marchand's 13th goal in the last 13 games. in the first, louie erickson with the pass on david krejci to make it 3-1. red wings turn around in a hurry and wings get four unanswered. tuukka rask gets fooled. detroit wins 6-5 detroit wins 6-5. despite that early goal. special night for one member of the boston celtics. c's guard isiah thomas making his appearance in the all-star game. finished with 9 points and 3 rebounds. but this game was all about kobe. the laker great making his 18th and final trip. 10 points and 7 assists. not much defense played on this one. the final score the west beat the east 196-173 the east 196-173.
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an off-season golf outing takes an unfortunate turn for this pair of red sox player. check out this picture from mookie bets. the object in the pond, can you tell what it is, a golf cart. they were golfing when the car ended up in the water. at first bets said, quote, no more driving for him. he later said that the golf cart just rolled into the pond. them. >> julie: put on that parking brake. whoops. look at the roads right now look at the roads right now. things nice and light and it is school vacation week, overall expecting the traffic to be a little stress-free than we are used to seeing. route 1 looking good. zakim bridge and leverett connector wide open. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 south from rule 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. you may have to warm up that car, though, because shiri, it is still frigid out there.
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daniel, i hope everyone's car starts because this morning we are below zero. don't have the wind chill like yesterday. bitter cold from 5 below to 5 above right now. we have snow moving in between 4:00 and 7:00 tonight and a change over to rain and freezing rain overnight. so we got a solid, i want to say, 12 hours where things are looking great. if you have any errands. if you got to get to work. i think you are in okay shape. right now in boston, a little 8-mile-per-hour breeze, so that's not quite the wind that we had yesterday but it is making it feel like 8 below in the city right now. just bear that in mind. 6 a.m., 4 degrees. 8 a.m., 6 degrees. bump you up to it. afternoon temperatures work their way into the 20s, and we stay mostly dry. that will be one the later spots to get in on the snow. this whole system will be shifting toward us today, and you can see there is just so much precipitation here stretching almost all the way back to the coast to texas. we have a lot to go my friends.
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the high, thin clouds increase during the afternoon. it turns cloudy and want to pause things up again around 6 p.m. because the first of the snow coming in. i am staying between 4 and 7 p.m. when i expect it to move from southwest to northeast, so i do believe by 7:00, we will have that risk for snow in the boston area, north shore, newspaper southern new hampshire. by 9 a.m., you can -- 9 p.m. pretty widespread with future cast. as we transition into the overnight hours, the green replacing the pinks and purples and that means snow and sleet being weeded out in favor of rain. problem is, some spots will be still near freezing and that's where we have the potential for some freezing rain right into the morning commute, especially points north and west of boston. 28 this afternoon boston. 28 in framingham. 27 in lawrence. 29 in norwood. 30s from the cape down to the islands. 26, portsmouth, new hampshire. and 24 in worcester this afternoon. expected snow totals before we make that transition before the
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only a coating to to an inch of snow in the boston area. this will really be for 495 eastward for the north and west of 495. 1 to 3 inches of snow and sleet and up to a 10th of an inch of ice before we see that changeover. and some of those spots are the ones that could be a little icy tomorrow morning with temperatures going into the 50s temperatures going into the 50s, all of us see a changeover to rain that will end up being pretty mild, but when we get the freezing rain and the rain on top of the snow and we get those really mild temperatures in place, we will have fog. especially 5 p.m. tomorrow, the evening commute. evening commute is when you have the worst of that rain straight into dinnertime when we will have the worst of the fog, guys. visibility could be near zero. i want to you plan ahead. we want you to be ready for it. not good for getting outside. 45 degrees on wednesday. slight chance a lingering rain or snow shower. 39 and dry continue to thursday. keeping friday partly sunny
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shifting over to a mix here on saturday to sunday. it is going to be my favorite day the weekend. temperatures by the way in the upper 40s for your saturday and sunday. back to you, guys. >> shiri, talk to you soon. a teacher removed from the class after giving a student hot chocolate. still ahead on the fox25 morning news, why they are bosses say that simple gesture violated a school policy. he is the high school kid
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actors hit the red carpet but indeed of being asked what they are wearing they were asked about asked race. many commented on the lack of diversity in hollywood. >> for what it is, we are not going to sit down and back down going to sit down and back down. >> i have an enormous amount of sympathy for -- for the diversity problem that is happening, not only in the academy but throughout the united states. >> julie: a number actors have boycotted this year's oscar award citing lack of diversity of the nominees. >>a superhero is number one at the box office. "deadpool." "kung fu panda 3" was a close second ranks in at $20 million.
4:55 am
class in colorado planned a party with a purpose. the student asked the teacher to spend the money she would have used to buy chocolate and cards to fabric. they are turning them into blankets for the neonatal intensive care unit. the 5th graders say an important life lesson. >> if all our lives he were raised to think about ourselves ourselves. what will we do in adulthood. and be greedy. >> julie: yep, she said it. one of the students in the class was born premature with a hole in her heart. this was especially meaningful for her. he spent weeks working multiple jobs and saved every penny. he bought 900 carnations, one for each girl at his school. he said it was worth it to see the smile on the classmates' faces. for the record he does have a girlfriend that supported the plan 100%. >> julie: good for him. a teacher in new york is
4:56 am
because of a kind gesture and hot chocolate. this is what happened. the teacher was trying to comfort one of her students after two of her friends died in one week. she took the student who is a senior in high school off cam fouse get hot chocolate. the teacher had gotten permission from the student's father to do so but the school said it violated their policy. >> you she needed somebody to talk to. she was very distraught. i felt she was in crisis. >> students and parents rally >> students and parents rallied behind her, but the school board said they had no choice but to reassign her to administrative duty. a man from central mass goes to boston to celebrate his birthday and disappears. it happened on one of the coldest nights in years. what his family is doing today to try to find him. and dramatic scene in worcester. a family forced to flee this fire into the frigid cold. coming up, we will go givenor
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now at 5. from below zero temperatures to snow, ice and rain. now roads will go downhill in the next 24 hours, and how much snow and ice to expect. and a missing man vanishes in record low temperatures. all i think about is oh, god, he is in the cold. >> sara: the step his family is taking as the search for him enter a second day. breaking this morning, fire fighters putting water on this house right now after a dangerous overnight fire. how a fire earlier in the night caused problems at this scene. >>announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us, april -- i wish it was april 15 -- but that would be tax day, so maybe not i suppose. i am gene lavanchy.
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as gene said a bitter cold start to the day not breaking any records this morning, but it is cold out there. meteorologist shiri spear joins us in the fox25 storm tracker weather center to time out today's warm-up. and shiri, you are bringing snow back by tonight. >> reporter: i have snow back tonight and for gene, april tonight and for gene, april-like temperatures for tomorrow. and we are kind of going up and down in a lot of ways here. 6 in boston and 7 below in bedford this morning. wild range in temperatures. 2 below portsmouth, new hampshire. 2 beflow weymouth. and 6 and and. not as cold as yesterday but a frigid start. by 7:00 this morning, temperatures exactly where they stand right now. notice we have morning sunshine and afternoon clouds. at noontime today, still partly sunny out there but at noontime 7 in worcester. at about 19 in boston. points south into the 20s and for the evening dry for the evening drive home from work at 5 p.m., i have 20s on the map and a hint of snow out there and snow will start filling in as we hit the


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