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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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england coveratarts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, 6:00 on this very frigid monday morning, february 15. happy to have you with us. happy president's day by the way, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. we are seeing these negative wind chills and will not see them as cold as yesterday and they are still frighteningly cold. the mbta showing these pictures over the last hour. they kept the trains in the tunnel to protect them from the cold. julie is keeping an eye on the commute and meteorologist shiri spear in the storm tracker weather center where we are expecting snow to move in during the evening commute. >> big changes for today. plain ol' temperatures. and not too worried about the wind chills. 5 degrees in boston. 6 below in bedford. 7 below in norwood. 2 below in worcester. 13 below in keene. so not as cold as yesterday. and man, is it chilly out there and man, is it chilly out there. by 8:00 this morning, we have
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outside of boston. so boston at about 7 degrees. the burbs, sorry guys, still below zero. you climb out of that territory by 9:00. noontime comes along. temperatures warming into the teens. in come those clouds. and here comes that evening commute i was mentioning with the risk for some snow. we have highs today at 24 to 30 degrees. a cold, sunny start and snow starts by the evening commute. i will show what you kind of minor accumulations for the rain coming up. over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic this morning you. >> julie: shiri, good morning. quiet at 6 a.m. in the morning. expressway moving along fine. that red icon that popped up on the map. not on the expressway but on one of the side streets in boston. 128 northbound and southbound look good. 93 south, route 1 moving along fine and some of the wind we are dealing with, and this is what the camera is bouncing around, volume and traffic approaching the zakim bridge is still reasonable.
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20 minutes on 23 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. a triple decker goes up in flames. you can see that the fire lit up the sky shooting out from every window. >> the only person in the building who made it out safely but battling that fire in sub but battling that fire in subzero temperatures is not easy. catherine parrotta is live on pressman street where fire fighters say frozen gear was just part of the problem at the scene, catherine. >> reporter: certainly was a problem, but i did want to step out of the way to give you a look at what the operations are like right now. you might be able to hear ever so often, they are blasting this house with water. still what do you not see are any flames. that is because the flames have been out for a little while now. you can still see some smoke rise rising into the air and you can see just by looking at that building that it is destroyed. so very little left in this building right now. and a lot of charring on the front of that building as well. and give you a look at this
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it gives you a better look at what this scene was like. a photo posted on a twitter account used by first responders and you can see flames this photo and that's what fire fighters found when they arrived here. you can take a look at this video of this fire overnight. this is captured by fox25. the address is 18 preston street. this was a triple decker but we are told only the first-floor apartment was occupied. that person did make it out of the building safely. and it was a challenge for fire fighters. they can only fight it from outside after the top floor partially collapsed. frozen streets and frozen equipment after responding to two other earlier fires. when asked how the fire fighters are holding up, the deputy chief said this. >> they are covered with ice and frozen, and you know -- and they have done an outstanding job. haven't gotten any listed injuries as of yet because of fire. >> and we are giving you a live look at the conditions on the street right now. and gives you a sense of how
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suffered any injuries. and even just walking around on the street where it is frozen over like this from all the water they needed to use. that in itself is treacherous and a very long night with two earlier fires to fight as well. and does look like the crews are beginning to pull back a bit. only one crew on this side of the home and fire fighters here on the scene. in terms of what caused this fire. they say this is something they don't know at this point. live in worcester, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. and as catherine just mentioned, fire fighters had trouble with freezing gear on preston street. they say it is because they already have been using out in the cold to fight this earlier in the night. it started at this duplex on henry street at around 9:30. crews were able to knock down the flames without anyone getting hurt. we reached out to fire investigators, but still no word on the cause. on north shore, an entire neighborhood is digging out morning. flood gate malfunctioned in revere flooding homes and
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michael henrich along the coast where some people, it is a mess outside, and inside their homes this morning, michael. >> reporter: double trouble for a lot of these residents, gene, all because of what happened over the weekend here. the water coming up flooding into the street on arcadia street in revere and taking over, front yards and driveways and this morning are resident told me about 45 minutes ago, many of her neighbors don't have water inside after having way too much out. >> it was horrifying. really was. >> reporter: frustration boiling over monday morning just as the ocean water flooded over and froze atop these revere resident streets. driveways and yards over the weekend. maureen sullivan woke up on arcadia street thankful she at least have running water. >> i do, but a couple of women on the end, they don't. and i guess this one is broken
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street from the main. they are frozen. >> reporter: the sheets of ice came after a flood gate malfunctioned, froze open, neighborhood. the brutally cold temperatures turned that water to ice quickly. revere councilman john powers tell fox25 that should have never happened especially because revere spent more than a million dollars to triple the catch basin's capacity just seven years ago. >> i get the call at 6:00 in the morning, and this shouldn't be happening. not today. i don't mind addressing the calls and getting them resolved calls and getting them resolved, but shouldn't have to be that say about i don't know what to say to them to the city anymore but, help! >> reporter: councilman powers talking to the engineer. the revere engineer tomorrow being that today is a holiday, but for many residents this morning, a couple we spoke to off camera as well that are come they are seeing this problem
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of course this instant particularly freezing and devastating. for now live in revere, i am michael henrich, fox25 news. about 100 homes remain without power in the city of boston this morning. eversource crews have been working throughout the night to repair the damage caused by equipment failures. our cameras spotted this crew working on a transformer in east boston early this morning. another transformer failed in the north end last night. both failures caused small underground fires. this morning, there are just a few weather related delays and cancellations over at logan airport. most of the cancelled flights are headed to the carolinas. yesterday dozens of flights delayed because of frozen ground equipment. jet blue was the hardest and apologized on twitter because of the delays. julie grauert keeping an eye on travel delays all morning. we will have that update in just a few minutes. another water main break in brockton less than month after the last one, and the mayor tells fox25 it is an expensive fix. >> this really comes down to the money.
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millions of dollars to replace you all of the knipes need to be replaced. >> sara: the 80-year-old pipe on north main street ruptureed again on saturday on one of the coldest nights the city has seen in decades. one local business has been shut down since last month's break and is still waiting for help replacing damaged equipment. the owner says he is waiting but just hopes disaster doesn't strike again. >> it is going to bust through against and like what am i doing trying to rebuild and put the pipes back together and no reassurance that it is not going to happen again. >> sara: the mayor says replacing the pipe is necessary even though it is expensive. the city is already working on plans to replace the water main with a 200-foot pipe. a pipe burst strung a huge leak during the boston-syracuse basketball game. the lobby flooded so much during yesterday's game that crews had to keep the water
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this is one of the many burst pipes we have seen from brutally cold temperatures. and we have already sent a weather alert about a winter weather advisory that takes effect at 3:00. make sure you get the latest weather updates for our area on the fox25 weather app. it has the most up-to-date information including temperatures, forecast and radar. shiri is back in just a few minutes. 6:09 this morning. a 29-year-old man was arrested for trying to blow up a local hospital. brockton police say this man assaulted a hospital worker at the signature health care hospital. he was being treated for an injury saturday night. according to the requests enterprise" he attempted to throw blood at the nurses threatening to blow up the hospital. the man claims to be a saudi arabian national, but they have yet to confirm that. this morning a shrewsbury fire fighter is accused of inappropriately touching his children's 15-year-old babysitter. a story you will only see on fox25.
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vodowich is accused of coming home one night and getting in bed with a babysitter while she was sleeping. the teenager tells police this isn't the first time that he touched her. shrewsbury residents are waiting for all of the facts before making a judgment. >> i understand it is a traumatic situation for lots of people, but in addition to that people, but in addition to that, it is sometimes, very rarely, not true. so i always step back, wait until all the evidence is in. >> sara: the fire fighter also teaches fire education in local schools. he was not arrested but will face a judge tomorrow morning on indeen decent assault charges. former boston mayor ray flynn is now recovering from emergency heart surgery. the herald reports that doctors at mass general implanted a defibrillator in the 76-year-old. flynn was diagnosed with an irregular heart rhythm after a car accident in boston. the former mayor passed out behind the wheel of his car and
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new this morning, the end may be near for the t's late night bus and subway service. the globe says that the late the globe says that the late-night shift after march 19 late-night shift after march 19. the t has not voted to cult service yet but it is under consideration because of budget problems. select buses and trains have been running until 2:30 a.m. on saturday and sunday morning since march of 2014. since march of 2014. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes for you. right now, you are looking at a 21-minute commute on 93 southbound as you head from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. shiri. >> shiri: for the morning commute quite a chill in the air. temperature is 1 below. by 7 a.m., 1 below. by 8 a.m. about 1 degree. we will show what you time we are back in the 20s, 30s, 40s and even 50s in the next 24 hours next. a local man joins his cousin for a drink in boston and then disappears. >> all i think about is, oh, god, he is in the cold.
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was doing on the surveillance video just moments before he went missing, and what his family is doing today to get the word out. but first, it is the big news washington mop should appoint the next supreme court justice? coming up, the arguments from both sides of the aisle, and a former massachusetts governor who is reportedly on the short list of the new caramel macchiato let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. or iced macchiato today.
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back here at 6:14 this morning. confuse and conflicting reports of the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. the latest on speculation of who should replace the conservative judge. >> daniel: the scalia family decided no autopsy on the supreme court justice. the 79-year-old died in his sleep during a hunting trip in texas over the weekend. a government source said scalia went to bed friday night at a hunting ranch and was found unresponsive saturday morning by the ranch's owner. according to the"washington post" a justice of the peace announced him dead without seeing his body and decided not to order an autopsy. investigators say no sign of any foul play. the unexpected death of justice scalia have touched off what could be a political war in washington to replace him. former massachusetts governor deval patrick's name is on short list of potential nominee short list of potential nominees. a civil rights lawyer patrick
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department during president clinton's administration. patrick is also a close friend of president obama. he is also considered for appointments before. patrick has not commented on the rumors and unclear this morning if he would be interested in a spot on the bench. now the president has promised to appoint a replacement in what could be his third selection for the court leaving a lasting imprint. that requires approval from the gop where republicans say they will not sign off during a presidential election year. justice scalia's body is expected to arrive in the nation's capitol later today. daniel miller, fox25 news. race for president, the latest polls show donald trump is holding on tight to his lead in south carolina just five days before the state's primary days before the state's primary. numbers from the cbs news battle ground tracker pole, 42% battle ground tracker pole, 42%. trump well ahead of ted cruz
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john kasich got a little bounce out of his showing in new hampshire, but he is in fourth place. hillary clinton way ahead of bernie sanders at this point. bernie sanders swept new hampshire but does not have the same support in the south. an unexpected run-in on the campaign trail. bernie sanders and hillary clinton both showed up at the same african-american church in las vegas. cameras are not allowed inside, but tvs in the hallway show both candidates greeting parishioners constituting on both sides of the packed church. democrats ramping upper efforts democrats ramping upper efforts. george w. bush stumping for his brother, jeb. the former president will be at a rally with his brother in north charleston, south carolina. the 43rd president has not campaigned for his brother at all this year. some worry it could hurt more than help. his campaign has decided to bring in the former president to try to lend a hand. the bush family is very popular in south carolina. pope francis continues thinks controversial visit to mexico.
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before a crowd of 300,000 people in a crime-ridden suburb of mexico city. the pope called on mexicans to create a land of opportunity where people do not want where people do not want to emigrate to the u.s. pope francis will travel to a city on the u.s. mexico border and plans to visit a prison just a few miles from el paso, texas. good monday morning. it is 6:18. beginning of school vacation week for many students. so overall, volume is light as people's typical routines are a little bit disruptive. the expressway moving along fine. 128 looking good from dedham and needham up to the pike. as you can see pike still wide anticipate, the 3 south, route -- 93 south route 1 moving along fine and nothing major at this point. live drive times. 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the brain tree split to the pike. 12 minutes on 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear
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shiri, if you head out the door, you can expect very cold temperatures again today? >> shiri: i will admit i stayed in my house as long as possible yesterday so i did not feel what that 12 below felt like, but, you know, below-zero temperatures out there again this morning. if you don't have to feel it, don't do it. if you got to walk the dog, bundle up. if you have to leave for work, bundle up. cold now, but by tomorrow, snow and ice. and we have got rain. we have got dense fog. so much changing the next day. starting out, though, with those chilly temperatures. 5 in boston. actually one of my warmer spots right now. 2 below in lawrence. portsmouth, new hampshire and worcester. 7 below in norwood. 6 below in plymouth. good things that the kids are on february vacation in massachusetts this week because it is going to be so cold. kids in new hampshire going out to school this morning. make sure you layer up. 28 is your high in boston and beverly and bedford. 30 in plymouth down to new bedford. 24 in worcester. 25 in keene. mid- to upper 20s is sure is
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overnight tonight, we still have freezing temperatures. and. minor ice in boston. up to the north shore. south of, say, 95 and 3495 and the mass pike. only going with a coating up to an inch. trace amounts of ice. worcester, lowell, haverhill newspaper southern new hampshire. 1 to 3 inches of snow and sleet overnight. and up to about a 10th of an inch of ice. notice those daylight hours looking pretty good. we have some this morning. we have clouds rolling in this afternoon. and by the evening commute, we are going to have some scattered snow showers out there between 4 and 7. we all see it move in from the southwest to the northeast. and it really does overthread the area. 9:00 tonight, a pretty snowy picture and rain is starting to shift northward. moving through the boston area through 1 p.m. scattered showers tomorrow morning. my concern is north and west of boston where we have a couple of icy patches.
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winds gusting 30 to 50 miles per hour. more downpours and some dense fog during the afternoon with mild temperatures. so a very sloppy tuesday. i know those 50s are looking good. you get 50s on tomorrow of the snow pack with rain, guys and near zero visibility out there through the afternoon and the evening hours tomorrow. bad for traveling plans. 45 degrees on wednesday with a spot rain or snowshower. thursday -- excuse me, keeping it dry at 39 degrees. and warming over the weekend upper 40s with partly cloudy skies. back to you. >> all right, shiri. 6:21 this morning. local college student planning to keep late-night t service, but it happens that the end may actually be near. the sign that the mbta will cancel those 2 a.m. rides. first he is married to kim kardashian but claim he is
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making a big change to boost its slumping stock price. the chain allowed regional managers to decide what food to order. now whole foods plans to order most nonperishable items from company headquarters.
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get better deals from supplies. whole foods stock is down 45% in the last year. all right, gene, so a plan to boost profits using push-up bras makes some criminals in australia the target of a really big bust -- get it. [ laughter ] all right. check this out. police in sydney say nearly 900 million worth of drugs were hid million worth of drugs were hidden inside gel inserts for bras. 160 gallons of liquid meth was found inside enough to make 11 found inside enough to make 1100 pounds of crystal meth. the shipment arrived in australia from hong kong. four men were arrested and face life in prison if convicted. i mean, if that's what you are going to do, that seems like an interesting way to do it julie a creative way to get a lot of drugs in. don't do that at home kids or parents. kayne west is great at grabbing headlines with twitter grabbing headlines with twitter. and he claims what is in his bank account.
6:26 am
it was only available to buy on his web site and subscription streaming web site. people weren't thrilled they couldn't get it on itunes so he tweeted a response that he is $53 million in personal debt. >> sara: my goodness. >> julie: he asked his followers to pray that he overcomes it. not sure if that is true. he is married to kim. kim has a lot of money. maybe they have an iron-clad prenup. >> sara: make it is true because of all the money they spent on the clothes. do you see that, that must be, i am guessing, thousands of dollars. >> julie: yes, they have quite the style and lifestyle. >> sara: there you go. a new guitar on the market and designed for women by a woman. annie clark is known better as rocker st. vincent. she signed the st. vincent guitar that has room for a woman's body. st. vincent said she had a hard time playing a regular guitar
6:27 am
a thinner waist and room at the top for booby movies. top for booby movies. it will be released in march. >> julie: a little more comfortable for women. she is doing a great job there. shiri, time to check in with you. >> shiri: i was wondering how this transition from that. 12 degrees yesterday. 20s today. 50s tomorrow. so new england. we have a giant warm-up. i will show what you time we go from snow to rain next and if you were scared of heights the worst-case scenario
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complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: a look at the pike right now. all clear on the roads so far this morning. it is president's day today. a lot of folks have the day off. start of february school vacation week for public school students if you are in massachusetts. a lot of people are a tad bit quieter on the roads. slippery conditions and a whole lot of things that will affect the traffic no matter where you are going. >> it says 5 degrees. i know it is warmer than it was i know it is warmer than it was, but still, you might as well stay home today too. >> shiri: 5 degrees is one of my hot spots, guys. when i say 5 degrees, you know there is a problem with the forecast. luckily i don't have winds all this strong, 10 miles per hour, worcester. 7 miles per hour, boston. winds are nice and calm and
6:31 am
don't have to focus on wind chill. 2 below in worcester. 5 petition low in chelmsford. 15 below in rindge, new hampshire. 4 below in mansfield. and then boston at 5 above. milton at 5 degrees and duxbury milton at 5 degrees and duxbury. sandwich, 5. 5 below in wareham. 5 below in norton. yeah, it is kind of cold. noon, 19 degrees with increasing clouds. 3 p.m., 25 degrees. still dry, but clouds taking over and by 7 p.m., get ready the first of our snow and the risk of rain and snow only increasing as we go through the overnight hours. transition. over to julie for a check of live drive time traffic. >> freezing, shiri. like gene and shiri mentioned, overall volume is light because school vacation week is starting off. you don't normally see nice on the expressway.
6:32 am
things looking good on 93 south and route 1. taking you off to route 1 in it is flying. this is an anomaly. if you haver rants to run you will sail there without any problems. 11 anyone 11 minutes from 128 to the tobin. 23 minutes on 128 from route 1 in pea body to the weston tolls tolls. gene and sarah, over to you. >> gene: a young man meets his cousin for a drink in boston and disapplicant appears. he was last seen saturday morning in the cold with no coat. >> sara: jessica reyes is live for us. they are hoping this popular tourist area will make it easier for them to track him down. >> reporter: they are, sara, because this is such a popular tourist spot. there are cameras like this one you see over here all over the place here. police have actually released some surveillance photos of when this young man was last seen 1 a.m. saturday morning, but this morning his family is
6:33 am
could have gone from here. >> all i think about is oh, god >> all i think about is oh, god, he is in the cold. >> reporter: family members are searching desperately for this man. 22-year-old zack marr. >> i told him i owe him to take him out for 24eus 1st. he was so excited to come in. >> reporter: he was out with friends around 1:30 saturday morning when his cousin said he stepped out of the bellingham tavern to smoke a cigarette. he haven't been seen or heard from since. >> he texted me. i went outside. and he sent me another message back in. let's leave. >> reporter: that is because amanda was one of the last people to see him. their group searched the entire area around faneuil hall but couldn't see any sign of him. boston police released these surveillance photos of zack around the time he went missing around the time he went missing. his father said he was struggling with the recent loss of his grandmother, but disappearing like this is completely out of character. >> he has been working a lot. he just started back at school.
6:34 am
he is described as 5'9" with dark hair and blue eyes. last seen wearing a long sleeved black button-up with a gray pullover sweater without a jacket on this by the ircold weekend. this morning his friends and family members are praying for his safe return. >> come home. it's safe. it's warm. and we will work through this. >> reporter: and zack's family, we know, they are now working with police in boston and in his hometown of harvard. just a couple of hours later today, his friends and family will be here putting out missing posters in an effort to find him. in boston, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. there is a mess in revere this morning where the city's flood gates broke over the weekend flooding streets there. the gate froze in the open position on saturday and high tide pushed seawater into drivesways.
6:35 am
melt some the ice, but the yards are still a mess and many people along arcadia street have water inside their homes because everything froze. we will go there live at 6:30 where the cleanup is about to get under way. we have already sent a weather alert about a winter weather advisory that takes effect at 3:00. maivsh sure you get the latest weather updates for our area on the fox25 weather app. the most up-to-date information have including temperatures, forecast and radar. shiri is back in just a few minutes. an entire triple decker catches pyre. it several hours later, firefighters from still on that scene. cold weather and icy conditions are making it dangerous for fire fighters to do their work. fox25's catherine parrotta live on preston street where sunrise is now showing how bad the damage is. good morning, catherine. >> reporter: good morning, gene >> reporter: good morning, gene. i want to you step out of the way to see what the building looks like. you can see the extent of the damage.
6:36 am
you can see how char the the front and side of that building is right now. you can also see ever so often that they are still putting water on this building, and you might even see smoke coming out of the top of the building as well. it has been a long, long night here for worcester fire fighters, especially in these frigid conditions. we wanted to give you a look at the photo though, because shows you how this looked as first arrived on the scene. this was posted on a twitter account used by first responders. you can see the flames in the photo. this is who fire fighters aye encountered when they first arrived here. this is video captured by fox25 of the scene overnight. 18 preston street. the triple decker and the first floor apartment was occupied. that person did make it out okay. it was a challenge for fire fighters. the second and third floor was partially collapsed and crews only fought the flames from the outside. they only deal with challenges dealing with the extreme cold after already responding to two earlier fires. here is what the
6:37 am
>> all of the pipes are frozen, the the and it was difficult getting water on it. >> reporter: coming out live here again, you can see the frozen street. and just that is a challenge for fire fighters. in a lot of incidents they have slip and fall injuries because of conditions like this. again, the deputy chief saying as far as he knew at that time, nobody had suffered any injuries. that is very fortunate. moving up though, i want to point out how frozen over everything the scene of the fire including the tree branches. to give you a sense of how much water needed to put on this home and also how cold it is out here as well. now in terms of the cause of this fire, the deputy fire chief said it has not been determined just yet but you still see a crew on the scene and you will hear from the deputy fire chief next half hour about the challenges caused by the cold. for now live in worcester, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. this morning investigators in fall in fall river are trying to
6:38 am
fire there. a building on eastern avenue caught fire around 6:30. one man was trapped on the third floor and could not escape. neighbors heard a large blast as the flames moved causing several windows to explode. one fire fighter was hurt when he fell on a patch of ice. take a look at this. a sunday ski trip turns into a rescue operation when skiers had to rappel more than 50 feet to safety. this rescue took more than three hours up at franconia new hampshire. and this morning, the problem is still not fixed. fox25's daniel miller is here with what is behind the stall at cannon mountain on this busy vacation week, daniel. >> daniel: it was a busy vacation week. a mechanical issue has caused a breaking number to become engaged causing train's two cars to suddenly stop. and this morning we are waiting to hear from the inspectors to find out if they are going to get the okay for it to start running again. this cell phone video here from cannon mountain in francona
6:39 am
you can see these skiers sliding down ropes to get out of the cars. the two cars had come to a stop roughly 50 to 70 feet from the top and bottom terminals. nearly 50 people were stranded for about three hours yesterday afternoon officials at the result don't think the cold weather caused the problem. >> the car had been running all day. the tram had been running all day. the warmest part was in the afternoon with the mechanical issue. >> no passengers were hurt, and one the people on board was an 8-month-old girl. a news release from the resort, all guests were offered voucher all guests were offered vouchers to come back another day. we will be following the progress all morning. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 morning news. a wake will be held for the local teacher killed in a freak accident. the 35-year-old was killed friday morning on her way to work. a 200-pound man hole cover went airborne on the expressway and crashed through the woman's windshield.
6:40 am
milton and an avid runner. her friends cannot believe she is gone. >> still haven't soaked in. a little bit. i could still hear her laughing i could still hear her laughing. and you can bottle it up and sell it on the street and make money because it was to often. >> gene: her funeral will be tomorrow. this morning her death is still under investigation. immediately after the accident, mass dot checked more than 900 similar man hole covers and grates. new this morning the end may be need for the t's subway buses. the late-night shifts are not included in work schedules for subway drivers from march 19. the t has not voted to cut the service yet but it is under consideration. select buses and trains 2 a.m. on saturday and sunday morning since march of 2014. traffic and weather together every ten minutes, and right now an even 10 minute commute on the expressway northbound from the braintree
6:41 am
we have snow changing over to rain tonight, but i am not pulling it in until about 7:00 this evening when the snow changes over. you can see through the day tomorrow, it is going to be a solid soaker. i will show what you time the change occurs in your town when i come back. now 6:41, and coming up, one community going head to head with a well-known animal rights group. coming up at 7:00, how pigs sparked a battle over this town tradition in new hampshire. but first, an app alert this morning connected to a murder investigation.
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6:44 am
police say it is a an app that a lot your kids use under scrutiny because suspected involvement in the murder of a young girl. police say she had been message police say she had been messaging on the app kik who is charged with her death.
6:45 am
need to know what is on their kid's devices. >> reporter: a 13-year-old girl, her life cut short, allegedly by a killer she met on line. >> goalie had a passion for pandas, music, dancing, dreams of being on "american idol." >> reporter: 7th grader nicole lovell was like most teenagers on facebook, and the message on facebook, and the messaging app kik. the day before she died, lovell showed text messages with the 18-year-old man she was suppose 18-year-old man she was supposed to meet that night. that man and a classmate of his are charged with her death. >> you are an increasing number of cases with kik. >> reporter: part of the computer crime unit with the metro law enforcement council. they get one to two cases involving kik each month. >> a variety of different flavors with regard to what people are using kik for, but a lot of what we have been seeing are predator-like scenarios.
6:46 am
school year, police in westfield say some elementary school students were using to trade naked photos to one another. kik say 40% of teenagers use the app so you need permission if you were under 18. and those under 13 are prohibited from using it. text, photos and video unanonymously. ki k cooperated with the fbi in the lovell investigation saying we released certain account information to law enforcement agencies for case agencies for case that involve imminent threat of death, loss of security or serious physical injury to any person. the officer said kik has helped them on investigations too, but says parents need to do their part. >> they need to have that openness between the parents and the child so they are not afraid to come to you and let them know that something is amiss. >> gene: what can parents do? check your you child's digital devices and talk to your kids. you may feel that some apps are safe enough and your child is
6:47 am
fox25 investigates uncovered hundreds of laptops, tablets and other high-tech gadgets lost and stolen and you paid for them. part of a long-list of state owned properties that have disappeared. >> computers and lap. tops, could be very sensitive information on these items, and you know these could put people in danger. >> sara: the missing and stolen items disappeared from colleges items disappeared from colleges, courts and other state agencies. fox25 investigates eric ramussen spent weeks going over hundreds of reports in 2012 worth 2 million. at 10, the items disappearing the most, who is losing them and what's being done to stop it. detectives in new york are investigating the allegations that former new york governor eliot spitzer attacked a woman. the woman is accusing spitzer of choking her at new york city of choking her at new york city's plaza hotel on saturday. the 25-year-old said she went to his hotel room where the two
6:48 am
spitzer resigned from his post following a prostitution scandal. no comment fret from the former governor. good morning, 6:48. mbta service is operating on a saturday schedule in observation of president's day. things still light on route 3 from 228 to rockland pass through 18 and to the braintree area. 24, 95 north, also looking good as you are make your way to 128 as you are make your way to 128. even the expressway is giving us a little bit of a break today. it is a holiday and that's why we are seeing this kind of volume which.we can thankfully handle as we head out the door. here are your live drive times. 9 minutes florida 228 to the split. 10 minutes from 106 to 128. 12 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now, and shiri, you are saying enjoy that sun while you can, and things will be changing significant leave over the next 24 to 48 hours. >> absolutely. right now, julie, our biggest
6:49 am
check out how cold it is. i got this picture from twitter i got this picture from twitter. east wareham and you can see the scene off the water this morning. most of us starting below zero. boston at 5 degrees. that is -- there is a little bit of a wind which means the wind chill dropping all the way to 7 below. a very raw start to the day by 8 a.m. we go up by a couple of degrees we go up by a couple of degrees. i expect us to sit around 7, 12 degrees at 10 a.m. today. by noontime, 19 degrees and into the 20s. and a risk of snow developing between 4 and 6:00. this is the whole system that will be moving toward us, and look at us all the away from texas to the coast. little bit of everything, snow, ice, rain, beget a little bit of everything coming through in the next 48 hours. so here is future cast for today which involves some increasing clouds, but mean 4 and like i said 6 or 7, we have that snow moving in from south and north. by 7 p.m., everybody starting to see those flakes and we will get minor accumulation.
6:50 am
head to midnight. we see that rain-snow line working northward. the problem is points north and west of boston where we have some freezing temperatures. we see sleet and some freezing rain. ice icy conditions can be my biggest concern as you hit that morning commute tomorrow. we still have lingering mink off to the north and west of boston by the time we hit that tuesday morning commute. 28 in boston. 29 in norwood. 27 in worcester. 26 in manchester, new hampshire 26 in manchester, new hampshire. 31 in hyannis. we are all set below freezing which is why we are going to stick this evening. a coating on a inch to the north shore rest beau, south of the mass pike and inside of 495 and only trace amounts of ice before that change over and worcester along and into the north and west of 495 into southern new hampshire. 1 to 3 inches of snow and sleet and up to a 10 and up to a 10th of an inch before the changeover and take into your tuesday morning to truly see things warm enough to get rid of that icing concern.
6:51 am
tomorrow, all headed into 50s, it is going to be very mild. this is why it is going to change to rain for everybody and 7:00, rain along the coast, where we get fitchburg, keene, manchester, where we are going to have to watch for icing concerns into late morning. also gets pretty windy. noontime, scattered showers. winds gusting 30 to 50 miles per hour. strongest where you can see that brown shading and into the evening commute, you downpours and fog straight through dinnertime tomorrow and that is probably where we will get the worst of it between just the heavy rain, the foggy conditions. make sure the drains are cleared so that water has a path. we got a lingering rain and snow. showers at 45. 30s thursday and friday under partly cloudy skies. friday night into saturday, a few lingering showers. back to you, guys. all right, shiri -- the record-breaking cold didn't stop a group of fundraisers in
6:52 am
this weekend, the group took a dip in the lake. they cleared the ties raise money for the special olympics. the department of massachusetts calls this the passion plunge. this was the group's 18th year taking the plunge. and it is making national news this morning. people hit by darts on the
6:53 am
coming up, what new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking, causing energy supply rates to go up and down. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... energy supply rates for you.
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dozens of cars crash on a you were out in indiana. take a look at the wreckage here. 40 to 50 vehicles were involved 40 to 50 vehicles were involved. they were spread out over a two they were spread out over a two-mile stretch. police are investigating what caused the crash, but they say there was some snow in the area there was some snow in the area. and a number of people were hurt. the most serious a broken leg. and an incredible story of survival. this man was stranded for a week in the desert. he is alive this morning because he drank melted snow. police say he was driving his pickup truck from arizona to oregon when it broke down in a remote area. he stayed in his truck and survived for seven days. officers found him while checking road conditions. two people walking across the golden gate bridge are hit with blow darts. this happened last friday and from his san francisco are responsible. police say the darts were about 5 inches long and they are being tested to make sure they
6:56 am
investigators are checking to see if there was any surveillance cameras nearby that could have captured whoever shot the darts. a teacher in new york is removed from her classroom because of a kind gesture and hot chocolate. that teacher says she was trying to comfort one of her students after two of her friends died in one week. she took the senior in high school off campus to get hot chocolate. the teacher had gotten permission from the student's father to do so, but the school said it violated her policy. to. she was very distraught. i felt she was in crisis. >> sara: students and parents rallied behind her but the school board said they had no choice but to resign choice but to reassign her to administrative duty administrative duties. right now yards and roads and driveways are covered in ice and no snow or rain that caused the problem. something that was supposed to protect all that property from the ocean failed, and the new water problem that homeowners are waking up to.
6:57 am
>> shiri: good morning, guys. a winter weather advisory tonight into tomorrow. goes until 1 a.m. in eastern massachusetts and will go until 9:00 tomorrow morning, even early afternoon in southern new hampshire for snow and ice. i will time it out next. and new morning, a block and new morning, a blockbuster claim. the accusation that could
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
football's >> michael: north shore flood gate freezes open just when they need it to open most. how they plan to chip out this morning and the new problems they are waking up to. >> gene: first daylight look at local triple-decker. challenges they faced on the roads and around the fire. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody, thank you for being with us on monday morning, february 15th, president's day no less, a lot of folks have the day off. >> sara: they do. great to see you, everybody. gene lavanchy with sara underwood here. first full day of school vacation week in massachusetts,


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