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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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football's >> michael: north shore flood gate freezes open just when they need it to open most. how they plan to chip out this morning and the new problems they are waking up to. >> gene: first daylight look at local triple-decker. challenges they faced on the roads and around the fire. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody, thank you for being with us on monday morning, february 15th, president's day no less, a lot of folks have the day off. >> sara: they do. great to see you, everybody. gene lavanchy with sara underwood here. first full day of school vacation week in massachusetts,
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bitter cold day. bitter. >> gene: fox25 meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 stormtracker weather center and warm-up, shiri. >> shiri: eight below for the temperature, not the windshield, same as last hour, one below beverly, seven below in plymouth, one below in worcester, 11 below in nashua, new hampshire and kids in southern new hampshire do have school today, so it is just a bundle of commute this morning, real careful on the roads, 9:00 a.m. temperatures single digits will do, get into the teens here at lunchtime today, in come the clouds, so morning sunshine afternoon clouds, evening, there's the snow moving in between about four and 5:00 this afternoon. temperatures will be in the 20s and continue to warm overnight and highs today 24 to 30, that's what i want you to dress for the second half of the day. snow arriving during the evening
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little bit of nuisance and waited until you see how it changes during the morning commute tomorrow. details coming up approximate. julie grauert standing by with live drive time traffic and some of the slow spots. >> sara: shiri, it is a holiday so slow spots in general have been minimal. >> julie: that's news i love to report. slowest spot around the brants split at the base of the expressway and close to morrissey boulevard, but otherwise expressway looking good and route 193 south and moving along without any trouble and never see this unless it is a holiday. so stay home and don't even bother to head out in the freezing temperatures unless you have to. here are live drive times, 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin, 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector, 21 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. >> gene: sun is rising in revere this morning where a whole neighborhood is still encased in ice. live there this morning these conditions not caused by any storm though. >> sara: ocean water poured
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gates that cost millions to build malfunctions. michael henrich live along arcadia street where he spoke with some of the residents this morning, michael. >> michael: they are waking up and they are just as upset as they were yesterday and the day before. this issue coming booze the flood gate here froze open, letting the sea water rush into the land here and ice was three inches deep at some point. you could see at some point quite the change from the fox25 news at 10:00 yesterday. they put a ton of material down here to melt it down, but the front yards, driveways, those are a different story, and many are waking up not only with all of this water and ice on the outside, but no water on the inside. really was. >> michael: frustration boiling over monday morning just as the ocean water flooded over and froze atop the revere resident streets, driveways and yards over the weekend.
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arcadia street thankful she at least has running water. >> i do but a couple of the women on the end, they don't, and i guess this one is broken and frozen and a few down the street from the main, they are frozen. >> michael: the sheets of ice came after a flood gate malfunctioned, froze open, allowing the sea watered into the neighborhood. the brutely cold temperatures turned that water to ice quickly revere councilman john powers tells fox25 that never shannon vice happened, especially because revere spent more than a million dollars to triple the catch base capacity just seven years ago. >> i get the call at 6:00 in the morning, and you know, that shouldn't be happening, not today. i don't mind addressing the calls and getting it resolved, way. >> i don't know what to say to the city any more except help. >> michael: sometimes it is hard to tell on tv but just to
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snow on this person's front yard this is a sheet of ice. you could hear it right here. it is solid here, and it is deep, and it is going to take some time to get rid of this and considering that once it melts it could cause a good amount of damage to the home here, so we will keep an eye on that, try to speak with the homeowner who just came out of her house for the first time a couple minutes ago and gave us a wave. we want to know that councilman powers plans on speaking with revere's engineer tomorrow. of course, today being a holiday, another sense of eye rolling here in response to that i by the residents. keep an eye on that and have another update in about an hour. live in revere, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> gene: about 100 homes and businesses remain without power in the city of boston this morning. eversource crews have been working through the night to repair the damage caused by equipment failure. our equipment spotted this crew working in east boston earlier this morning. another transformer failed in the north end last night. both failures caused small
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>> sara: new this morning we are live in worcester where fire clean-up has turned into an icy mess here on preston street. huge flames shooting out of the building just after midnight. catherine parrotta been there all morning as firefighters search through that rubble. catherine? >> catherine: good morning, sara. i see even now firefighters around the back side of the property, probably can't make it out, but what you can see is this building, and you can see how charred it is there, you can also see that it is pretty much gutted inside. the windows are all punched out. you could see smoke rising into the sky and really what you can see are icicles covering the front of the building. it is certainly been a challenging night here for worcester firefighters. they have been on the scene overnight and even now into the morning hours. take a look at this photo because they give a sense of what arrived to and what they found here, and this photo was posted to a twitter account that's used by first responders, and see the flames in this picture. that's what firefighters encountered when they first
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now, this is video from fire overnight captured by fox25 and address is 18 preston street, and this is a triple-decker but first floor occupied and everyone did make it out of there, but fire was a challenge from firefighters, only found it from outside after the top floors partially collapsed and also had to deal with frozen streets and frozen equipment to respond toker two earlier firefighters and how the firefighters were holding up the deputy chief said this. >> good. covered with ice, frozen but done outstanding job. no injuries as of yet from any of the fire, so that's a god send right there. >> catherine: now again, firefighters still on the scene but you heard them talking about ice. there's look at the ice there, even clinging to the tree branches near the fire and how much water they need to put on the fire and then how cold it is that it froze up there so quickly, and, of course, there on the street too, one big sheet
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firefighters here, carrying a lot of gear, a lot of equipment and a lot of times you hear about slip and fall injuries and conditions lexington this. again, the deputy chief saying he wasn't aware of any injuries among the firefighters, so a bit of good news there. as for what caused this fire, that is still under investigation. we will have another live report for you though in just about a half hour, live in worcester, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> sara: and as catherine mentioned, firefighters had trouble with freezing gear on preston street. they say it is because they already have been used out in the cold to fight this fire earlier in the night. this happened on henry street around 9:30. crews were able to knock down the flames without anyone getting hurt. we reached out to fire investigators but there's still no word on the cause. >> gene: well this morning there's just a few weather delays over at logan airport right now. a couple cancellations. most of those canceled flights are heading to the carolinas. yesterday dozens of flights were delayed because of frozen ground equipment and a shortage of employees.
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airline and apologized on twitter for all the delays. julie grauert keeping travel delays an eye on us and have an update in a few minutes. gene: mbta taking extra precautions from the frigid cold they tweeted these pictures inside the tunnels overnight. they kept them inside to keep them out of the freezing temperatures in effort to make sure things are running on time this morning. >> sara: we have already sent a weather alert this morning about a winter weather advisory that takes effect at three critical today. make sure you get the latest weather updates for our area on the fox25 weather app and it has the most up-to-date information including temperatures, forecast and radar. shiri is back in just a few minutes. sara: we are following breaking news in syria this morning, eight people are believed to be dead after a air strike that hit a medical center in netanyahuern syria. doctors without borders tweeted this photo of what's left of this building. that organization has been
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year. they say the building was hit by four missiles in two separate attacks. head of the mission in syria calling it a deliberate attack. news says it is russian air strike but not confirmed. right now people on the ground are searching for survivors, and, of course, we will keep you updated. >> sara: 21-year-old man is arrested for threatening to blow up a local hospital. brockton police say this man assaulted a hospital work he were at signature healthcare hospital. he was being treated for an injury saturday night and according to the enterprise he attempted to three blood at the nurses helping him and also threatened to blow up the hospital. police say the man claims to be a saudi arabian national but they have yet to confirm that. >> julie: we track traffic and minutes 93 southbound as head from 495 in andover down to the sure? >> shiri: i got temperatures
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spots and going into the city about 3 below zero now. one below at 8:00 a.m. and by 9:00 a.m. about 4 . warm-up underway. i will show you when the snow arrives next. >> sara: local man joins his cousin for drink in boston and then disappears. >> all i think about is oh, god, he is in the cold. >> sara: coming up at 7:30, what he was doing at surveillance video moments before he went missing and what his family is doing today to get the word out. >> daniel: first, it is the big news in washington. who should appoint the next supreme court justice. coming up arguments in the wake
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>> gene: latest speculation who should replace the conservative justice scalia. >> daniel: scalia's family decided there would be no autopsy.
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natural causes without seeing him or autopsy. there's no signs of any foul play and unexpected death has touched off what could be a political war in washington to replace him. former massachusetts governor governor deval patrick's name is on the short list of potential nominees. civil rights lawyers patrick served in the justice department during president bill clinton and close friend of president obama and considered for appointments before and hasn't comment on the rumors and unclear this morning if he would be interested in a spot on the bench. now the president has promised to appointed a replacement in what would be his third selection for the court leaving lasting imprint. but that requires approval from the gop senate where republicans say they will not sign off during a presidential election year. justice scalia's body is expected to arrive in washington d.c. this morning.
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miller, fox25 news. >> gene: numbers from the cbs and john kasich got bounce of strong showing in new hampshire but still trailing in 4th 4th place and hillary clinton way ahead of bernie sanders now. sanders swept new hampshire but does not have the same support in the south. gene: sanders and clinton showed up at the same african-american church. camera were not allowed inside but they showed them on opposite sides of packed church. they ramped up efforts in nevada former president will be from his brother at rally in charleston, north carolina. the forty-third president has not campaigned for his brother yet so this is the first
7:17 am
it actually could hurt more than help. as jeb behind in the polls his campaign has decided to bring the former president out to help him. bush family remains very popular in south carolina. >> sara: today pope francis continues the controversial visit to new mexico. crowd of 300,000 people in crime ridden suburb of mexico city. the pope called on mexicans to create a land of opportunity where people don't want to immigrate to the u.s. on wednesday pope francis will travel to city on u.s. mexico border. he plans to visit a prison which is just a few miles from el paso , texas. >> julie: it is 7:18 and overall commute today on president's day. things looking pretty slow in northbound lanes after you make it to the braintree split. 93 south route 1 though wide open as you could see like showing the picture of route 1
7:18 am
parkway in saugus and usually jampacked now over to live drive times 128 to the tobin and 19 minutes on 93 south from and route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear and keeping eye for snow, sleet and ice making way in tonight. >> shiri: absolute grab bag forecast to cold and frozen february and april like forecast and snow and ice tonight, heavy rains tomorrow, by tomorrow afternoon fog and wind going to be a big issue as well, temperatures right now though, this is what's a little tough to swallow, boston, you have been the same for hours now, still at
7:19 am
, 1 below in worcester and not overly concerned about wind chills by 9:00 a.m. 11 that's, 11:00 a.m. 15 , highs in the 20s today and let's say have snow in boston, it is coming at us temperaturewise it is going to be cold enough to stick across the board as well, 30 in new bedford up to plymouth, 28 boston to beverly and 27 in lawrence and fitchburg and that means we are going to get coating it the inch of snow here before change over to rain from the north shore to boston and east of 495 and north and west of that worcester, haverhill, southern new hampshire, one to three inches of snow and tenth ofism of ice before changeover and happens so much later for you guys where we finally weed
7:20 am
the evening commute. and 10:00 seeing the rain-snow line inch northward into the boston area and this is where we could deal with light icing out across the south shore where you get the pink and sleet and freezing rain, still snowing north of mass pike at 10:00 p.m. and couple hours later by 1:00 p.m. and even as raining and worcester hills, southern new hampshire, merrimac valley, temperatures will be still close to freezing even in the morning commute and that's why we have got to watch out for icy spots there. the threat will finally fade away late-morning and winds kick into gear and gusting 30 to 50 miles per hour, strongest where you see the shading along the coast and cape and then by 5:00 p.m. the tuesday evening commute has potential of being the worst of all, because we got heavy pounding rain coming through, we are going to have dense fog really limiting visibility and those will last with us through dinner time and
7:21 am
unfortunately 50s come with two inches of rain, in fact, and dense fog on top of that and water has a path, don't want to see any of the ponding of water on local roadways because the water can't drain away fast enough. we got 45 on wednesday with lingering rain and snow shower honestly looking mostly dry and cool down into saturday we have the potential for a little light snow or rain and temperatures getting back into the upper 40s for the saturday and sunday, sunday my pick under partly sunny skies. back over to you. >> local college students pleading to keep late night "t" service but end may be near. sign that they are canceling 2:00 a.m. rides.
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something delicious is happening at dunkin'. come in today to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. >> gene: report by the european political party that >> gene: report by the european political party that ikea is guilty of large scale tax avoidance and speed itch re repiler has moved money from european stores where there's no
7:25 am
financial laws like this illegal. >> gene: whole foods making big change. for decades they allowed lowell or regional managers to decide what food to order. now whole foods plans to order most nonperishable items. whole foods stock down 45% in the last year. >> sara: actors hit the red carpet and instead of being asked what they are wearing, they are talking about race. last night was the annual bacto awards. many comment on lack of diversity in hollywood. going to sit down. >> i have enormous amount of sympathy for the diversity problem.
7:26 am
boycotted fighting lack of diversity amongst the nominees. sara: a super hero is crushing it in the box office. dead pool raked in $135 million opening weekend. kung fu panda three was dis repnt second raking in close to $20 million. >> gene: one hundredth winner carnsit al controvergoing over a greased pig contest. the contest were held in newport, new hampshire decades ago and this year they wanted to bring it back and when peta found out they protested. what they didn't know was newport's contest was man and pig costume on ice skates. no actual animals were used. peta should have asked before getting angry. >> when they did the investigation they should have asked. it is not my jhave e to do research.
7:27 am
news for pigs and bad news for guys that wear to pig costume, shiri. >> shiri: so we had temperatures yesterday just in the teens, today it is 20s, tomorrow 5 te. i mean, is that not new england and snow and ice chances nexdt
7:28 am
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7:30 am
skiers had to repel down from >> sara: come tonight another storm will make for slippery conditions, snow, sleet and rain for the forecast and evening commute.
7:31 am
take a look at this. >> s for ri: chelmsford four below, ringe, new hampshire 15 below and boston five and lynn at three, hull at six and rest of the burbs are below zero right now with marlboro and hopkinton at three below, mansfield at seven below and hanover six below and same in wareham and truro at five. so temperatures here as we go through the day are steadily warming, noon time about 19 with increasing clouds, 3:00 p.m., 25 and mostly cloudy skies and 7:00 that's when we will have snow in place. and risk of snow, it will be spreading and then changing during the overnight hours and count on precipi reption, so i will take you through the timeline of the changes coming up in a couple minutes. julie grauert now with lsit e drive time traffic.
7:32 am
out there on the roads. >> julie: things moving along so smoothly on 91 and 123, pike wide open and even the expressway like we showed you those pictures, when do we see this,ingsxcept for on holiday. live drive times, 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave, nine minutes on theingsxpressway from the braintree split to the pike and 19 minutes 495 to the leverett connector. if anything does pop up or any accidents i will be sure to report them. back to you. >> sara: so this man went to boston to meet friends for a drink, and he has not been seen in nearly two days. even worst he disappeared on one of the coldest nights in decades without his coat. >> gene: this morning zachary marr's family will canvas in order to try to find him. jessica reyes where he was last
7:33 am
on oss. >> jessica: that's right, gene here at bell in hand bar and fring cnds and family members, they are going to be gathering right here in a couple of hours to put out the missing flyers now more than 48 hours after they last saw him. >> all i think about is oh, god, he is in the cold. >> jessica: friends and family meivers sean thhing desperately marr. >> he was so excited to come in. >> jning za`m: he was out with friends 1:30 saturday morning when his cousin said he stent ted outside the bell in hand repvern to smoke a cigarette and haven't been seen since. >> texted me, he went outside, sent another message saying they are not letting me back in and let's leave. >> wha zacha: zach's cousin amanda was one of the last people to see him. ths wh sean thhed the areaingsntire
7:34 am
find any sign of him. there is surveillance photos of him about the time he went missing. he was strugtoming with the loss of his grandmother but disappearing is completely out of character. blue eyes and long sleeve button up with a button up sweater without jacket on bitter cold weekend. this morning his friends and n wmily members are just praying for his safe return. >> come home, it is safe, it is warm, and we will work through this. >> jessica: this morning we are hoping friends and family meivers can help ping cce together where zach may have gone this weekend and they are working with here in boston andtwach's hometown of harvard. live in boston, i'm jessica reye`
7:35 am
>> sara: what a difference a few hours makes. just before 1:00 a.m. flames were shooting out of a triple-decker in worcester. and what we want to show you is what it looks like now. an entire house encased in ice. fox25 catherine parrotta on scene all morning for us. catherine, the ice is making this investihere htion dangerous. >> catherine: i wanted to gsit e you sense just how icy everything is, and s repnding here in the middle of preston street, and you can see there's still a fire engine on scene and hoses are ice encrusted and look at the street here, it is one sheet of ice and firndtighters are fighting fires in conditions like these because you often hear about slip and fall injuries, things of that nature. fortunately the deputy chief did say in this case he was not slare of any firndtighter injuries but to give you another sense what ths wh were dealing with, take look at house bcoaind
7:36 am
over the front of that house and underneath it it is completely charred, gutted inside, windows are out and still see smoke rising into the air and even now several hours after this fire est oke out, hours arater they got the flames out. now, we did want to show you some video because this is how the scene looked overnight when our crew was here with fox25, and you could see firndtighters there on the scene. the address here is 18 preston street, this is a triple-decker and only first floor aparinement was occupied. that person did make it out u ay, but the fire was cer repinly a challenge for firefighters. second and third floor partially collapsed so creessi could o gry flight the flames from outside, also had to deal with challenges caused by theingsxtreme cold arater already responding to two fires. i did include frozeningsqu ument,
7:37 am
did try to battle way through. more firndtighters coming to the werene right now and smoke coming out of here and haven't seen any rinemames and still firndtighters on werene. give you another live look on scene coming up. live in worcester, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> gene: 7:37, and firefighters in ws whmouth stretched by three different house fires, all at the same time. all three fires happened around 6:00 last night. one fire caused significant damage to a home on arnold road. cring ccs frohopiseven neighboring towns were called in because weymouth firndtighters responded to two other firefighters. investigators in fall river trarkng to determine the cl deadly fire there. building on eastern avenue caught fire around live c last night. one man trapped on the third floor and could not escape. firefighters heard large blast as fast moving flames caused several windows to explode and one firndtighter was hurt when he blull on patch of ice.
7:38 am
local teand ac. adent. caitlin clavette was killed on way to work. manhole cover went airborne on the expressway and smashed into her windshield. she was an arine teand runner. her friends can't believe she is gone. >> still hasn't s, aked in. a little bit but i can hear her laughing. she had one of those ll she could bote ae it up and sell it on the street and make money because it was awesome. >> o ra: es,to tette's funeral is tomorrow. immediately after the accident mass dot checked similar manhole covers and grates. >> gene: ray flynn is resting at home arater implanting a defiest illator.
7:39 am
crashed into a neighbor's yard. >> sarll r ning cc this morning the end may be near for the "t's" late night bus and subway service on the weekends. the globe says the late night shifts are not inclladed on work werhedules for sle after march 19th. the "t" has not voted to cut the seuttice yet but it is under consideration because of budget problems. select buss and trains have been ode wing until 2:30 a.m. on saturday and sunday morning sense marnd >> julie: you're not hearing and seeing things. it is eight minute commute on theingsargressway northbound right now from the braintree split up to columbia road. it is becl presidenafs day holiday. shiri? >> shiri: might be good idea to warm up car becl below to six above, real chill in the air with mostly sunny sking cs, headed home from work you might want to budget home too because snow moving in and hour-by-hour look at snow and change to rain next.
7:40 am
of all teenagers under scrutiny this morning. >> they have been predator like werenarstres. coming up at 8:00 we talk to police how to protect your kids
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>> gene: rescue took three hours at cannon mount2-n and busylicacatstren weer an >> daniel: we are waiting to hear if inspectors will gwinde u ay for two of the trahopicars to start running again and . >> tstem to becomeingsngniced and causing two cars to suddenly
7:44 am
you could seet doter rcue to get owin the cars. two cars had come to complete stop roughly 50 to ri0 bluet from the tcu and bottom terminals. nearly 50 people were stranded for about three hours yesterday nnternoon. officials at the resort say they don't think the cold weather caused thet >> cars were running all day, tram had been running all day, warmest point of the day is in the afternoon when we had the mechanical issue. not the resort opens at 8:00. we will get an update from them as soon as we talk to them this morning. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. >> sarll r another water m2-n est eak in brockton less than a month after the last one. the mayor tells fus nge it is an expenswinde fix. >> really comes down to the
7:45 am
>> hundreds of millions of dollars to replace what needs to be replaced. >> sarll rhe a0-year-oldt norineh main street ruptured again on saturday on one of the coldest nights the city has seen in decades. one local business has been shut down since last month's brake and still w2-ting hel 5for damaged wilmington. the owner says he is waiting but to l o strike again. >> what am i doing, why am i trarkng to rebuild andt place back together and there's no reinsurance it is not going to happen a m2in. >> o zac: the mayor says replacing is necessary even though expensive and city already working ont replace the water main with a new 200-foot pipe. pipe burst and sprung a huge leak during the boston college syracuse basketball game. this was during yesterday's game the lobby at conte forum flooded so much crews had to sweone the
7:46 am
this is just one of the many burst pipes that we have seen from bodetely cold temperatures. >> geng a fus nge investigates uncovered tablets and you paid for them. parine of law list on stay otered property that's disappeared. >> computers and laptops, that cos information on these items. and, you know, these couldt pecule in dangennt >> sara: >> gene: missing and stolen items disappeared from courines and other sbutte age3 oing cs. eric rasmussen spent weeks going in reports worth neaif nl3 $2 millstren and iteens disappearing the most, who's losing them and what's being done to stop them. >> jliveing an: it is 7:47. most of the mbta service operating on saturday snd in observa3 oe oft today. rows looking nice and light and
7:47 am
split. 95, 24 haven't given us any trouing twe this morning. even theingsargressway is wide open as you head through neponset. take lookt street andlicery rarely see reasonable for this this time commute. route 3228 to the split, 11 minutes 24 from 106 to 128, nine minutes on the expressway from furnace est oollepa weway up to columbia road. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and, shiri, therupts a winter weather advisory for snow, ice, overnight and into tomorrow. >> thaafs right. ending at different times depending where you are. the threat for i. ang and snow only g g to go until 1:00 in boston and right now it is 5 with wind chill osnseven below. so your boston temperature trend notice that we are steadily wa rcing up, but it is o g g g to be about 9 at 9:00 a.m. by 11:00, 15, then into thennt here as we head into theingsvening and by 7:00 p.m. we have got the
7:48 am
will gwinde us a lite ae bit of accumulation in the boston area like i said t rciough about 1:00 in the morning, then it flige rain, so we got bitter cold and sunshineingsarly today, snow moving in between four and 7:00 p.m. and change to rain and freezing r2-n overnight. so those i g nd spots getting a the coastline. this is whole system thaafs today. you could see future cast just pulling in those cloaves as we travel through the morning and nnternoon hours t it ay, but arater ningout 4:00 sevm. here is comes from south to north, you can see the snochalakes mhroing in and this is where we get the little bit of accumulation, rain-snow rain sbutrine shirating northward and u 5to the mass, new hampshire border but merrimaclicalley, central massachuseonl0 p southern new hampshire, there's still some fleet and some freezing rain in the forecast into the tuesday morning commute. so there will be some slint tery aots out there byou kore we todely see that big warm-up. 28 today in boston, 29 in norwood, we got some 3 we from
7:49 am
islands, 26 in portsmouth, new ha atshyat 26 in orange this afternoon. expect snow totals will be kind of limited bec mse the faster nd and south of the mass pikat a crougting to i3 oh of snow and trace of ice during the early overnight hours, but one to threisens of snow and sleet and tenth inch of ice and worcester, lowell, haverhill and may co3 oerned for the tuesday morning commute and all of us to change over to plain r2-7 c1 5 we in the forecast here t todday iay afternoon and here you can see at 7:00 tomorrow morning, showers will be som& at scattered, not necessarily going to be pouring, but we got r2-n along the crougstline. these showers in fitchburg, keene, manchester, nemulha atshyat co3 oerns there will be some icy spots along with it because te ateratures so close to freee trng into the araternoon we will still see some spotty rain
7:50 am
wind really sbutrt to pick up. so noon to 9:00 p.m., i got a high wind watnd along the coast gusts 30, all the way up to 50 miles per hour, the worst of the r2-n is g g to come in during the tuesday evening commute. we got downpours str2-ght through dinner timat going to be very mild on top the to owt that is setrnop here for dense fog, guys. i do anticipate some big issue on the rrougdways t todday iay night. and then we end up clearing out as we head into wednesday with just the cold front and slight nd snow shower. 7-day forecast a to date to 52 with r2-n and fog tomorrow, watch out for icy travel overnight and fyst thing tomoup. wednesday 45 , 30s for highs on thursday and friday as we get cooldoter. friday night snow last into saturday and that's light and nd look at highs thoshoh back into the upper 40s for the weekend. `2ck to you. >> urs, : 7:50 this morning. while most of us were bundled up
7:51 am
est saie folks were d g taking a dip in lake scituate after they helped athletes with spe. aal needs. great cause but i don't know how they did it. mahelacle mseonls caling c this the pahel7 c1 nt this is a group eighteenth year taking thet go it for them for stithe ming with it. >> sara: strange crime at one of the country's may
7:52 am
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7:54 am
>> sara: detectives in new york are investigating alle m2tions that former newmostork governor spitzer accused of choking a woman on plaza hotel saturday. thennt in hotel room where two of them went arater spending time at the `2r. aitzer resigned from the post in 2008 during a prostitut7 c1 n
7:55 am
therupts no commentmostet from the former governor. sara: peyton manning ment7 c1 ned in n& lawnow,it dealing with alleged sexual assault. the suit was filed by : sx women who say the university of tennessee has mishandled sexual assault compl2-nts a m2inst student athletes and mentions complaint filed in 1996 who says trainer manningingsargay in front of her and snd reached settlement in 1997 and then sued manning for dyou kamat7 c1 n innnt case in a book. >> gene: police in snnyo furbutdo.utes- alive. san fran. asco looking for whoever responsible. >i ddadn go throshoh the jeans and
7:56 am
>> gene: investigators are chec2 now,ers eillance cameras nearby that ow,ehe darts. owi dgoleke: teand removed from classroom because of kind gesture and hot nd the teand to comfort one of the students nnter ara: o of her friends died in 1 week. she took the student who's a senior in high snd to get hot chocolate and permission from the student's father to do so and snd itlic7 c1 lated thet >> she was very distraught and i felt she was in cri: ss. >> sarday a students andt rallied behind her and had no choice but to reahelign her to administrative dutsee >> gene: coming up at 8:00, what allegedly happened inside his hcue thaafs led to criminal charges. >> shiri: winter weather advisonow l o g goes with snow and ice at 1:00 in the morning in
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
digging out and new problem they are waking up to this morning. >> catherine: firefighters still on scene of tripper decker and why it was particularly challenging to fight the flames. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: good morning, everybody, it is monday, february 15th, it is president's day and cold out there. i'm sara underwood. >> gene: it is a day to honor the men that hold the highest office in the land, of course, and one of the highest persons in the land here is meteorologist shiri spear. stormtracker weather. very special, shiri, i think we can all agree on that. >> shiri: congratulations, first hour we have seen temperatures go up here, five
8:01 am
underway, but still one below in worcester. there's definitely a chill in the air and it is so slow to really go out to sea, so you could see by 10:00 this morning, temperatures in the teens here, 12 in boston and seeing the sunshine and afternoon clouds continue to thicken up with temperatures in the teens at lunchtime and then evening commute, how about 20s and how about some snow. it is working its way from south to north here during the evening commute. so high temperatures 24 to 30 and cold sunny start, snow on move toward us and tuesday morning commute, but speaking of commute, julie grauert with live drive time traffic. julie, so far, so good. >> julie: expressway looks good route 1 and route 1 in saugus as approach lynn fells parkway and looks like the pike at 4:00 a.m. and not route 1 at 8:00 a.m., so thank you,
8:02 am
live drive times, 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin, 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector and 21 minutes on 128 from the peabody area to the weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. >> comes for another day and some people in revere, left without water. michael henrich live in the neighborhood where driveways and michael. >> told me early this morning they are out of water on inside, many without water because of frozen pipes and way too much water on the outside. i'm actually standing in a driveway but wouldn't be able to tell, sea watered that came up flooded this driveway and whole
8:03 am
three inch deep with car huge problems and driveways andard over the weekend and she at least has running water. >> sheets of ice came after a flood gate malfunction, froez open, allowing the saw water into the neighborhood. brutely cold temperatures turned that water to ice quickly. revere councilman john powers tells fox25 that never should have happened, especially because revere spent more than a million dollars to triple catch
8:04 am
>> get call at 7:00 in the morning, but shouldn't have to be watt way. >> i don't know what to say to the city any more. town put a ton of material here on arcadia street trying to melt this just yesterday, three inches of ice also on the roadway itself. but that's too little, too late, that's what many residents are telling me here this morning. councilman powers says he will speak with revere engineer tomorrow because today is president's day to work on long-term fix. residents here say that's also too little too late. i'm working to get some answers from revere as well as soon as i get them, of course, and bring you update. live in revere, fox25 news. >> sara: more than 200 homes and businesses remain without
8:05 am
they have been working to repair damage by equipment failure and working on transformer east boston early this morning and another transformer failed in the north end last night. both failure caused small underground fires. >> gene: this morning delays at logan airport. dozens of flights up and down the east coast have been delayed most of the canceled flights headed to the carolinas. yesterday there were dozens of flights delayed because of frozen ground wilmington and -- wilmington and equipment. gene: mbta takes extra precaution to protect train from frigid cold. they tweeted these from inside the tunnels overnight and kept them inside to keep thisem from freezing and effort to make sure everything running on time this morning. gene: weather app has
8:06 am
is free to download at apple devices and shiri will be back in a few minutes with detailed forecast. >> sara: eight people believed dead in syria after a air strike in northwestern syria. doctors without borders tweeted the photo what's left of the building. that organization has been running the hospital since last year. they say the building was hit by four missiles and two separate attacks. the head of the mission in syria calling it a deliberate attack. news agencies in syria say it was a russian air strike but that has not been confirmed. people on ground are searching for survivors. of course, we will keep you updated. sara: huge flames in triple-decker around 1:00 this morning. firefighters are still on the scene right now and iced battle as they work the scene. fox25 catherine parrotta is live
8:07 am
street. the cause of the fire is still a mystery. >> catherine: still under investigation but what hasn't wrapped up here is the work that you're seeing going on behind me i want to step out of the way because they did bring another ladder truck down here during the last live report, that was about a half hour ago and see there's a firefighter up on the ladder and spring water on home from the top. wewe have been pointing out to you all morning the smoke has been rising out of the structure, no flames, still seeing smoke, and of course see the damage that's left behind by the fire as well and see all the windows are gone, pretty much gutted inside. front and sides of the home, charred and covered icicles and fox25 crew overnight, it is 18 preston street and first floors were occupied and it was a challenge for firefighters. second and third floor partially
8:08 am
fight the flames from the outside. also had to deal with challenges caused by extreme cold after already responding to two earlier fires. they said a lot of the challenges had to due with the fact the gear was freezing up, hoses because didn't have a chance to thaw and now completely slick with ice and entrance to the street, one-way street, entrance backed off by a police cruiser and good news, still fighting the fire, of course, but also the street here slicked over with ice and very treacherous and often firefighters have slip and fall and fortunately that was not the case, didn't hear of any injuries among the firefighters here, but certainly a very difficult night for them and work continues even now. we will have another live look at the scene in half hour. for now live in worcester, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> catherine: >> gene: 8:08. man arrested for threatening to blow up hospital.
8:09 am
injury saturday night. according to the enterprise he attempted to three blood at nurses helping him and threatened to blow up the hospital. police say the man claims to be saudi arabia national but they have yet to confirm that. this morning police are investigating an explosive device found near airport in albuquerque, new mexico. it was attached to avis budget rental car. he put vehicle on lift yesterday morning. bomb squad was called in later and disabled the device. trying to track down the last person that rented the car. rental car facility is right next to airport runway. >> sara: firefighter is accused of inappropriately touching. sean bohdiewicz is accused of coming home late one night in january and getting in bed with the babysitter while she was sleeping.
8:10 am
time touched her and waiting for all the facts before making a judgment. >> i understand it is a traumatic situation for lots of people but in addition to that sometimes very rarely and sometimes not true so i always stepped back wait until the evidence was in. >> sara: he teaches fire education in local schools. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. shiri? >> shiri: temperatures still very close to 0 and next hour we will see a jump. 4 at 9:00 a.m., by 10:00 a.m. 8 , still seeing the sunshine, i will tell you when to plan on clouds, when to plan on snow and when to plan on rain when we come back. >> sara: little blue pill may soon require a permission slip. coming up why one lawmaker wants
8:11 am
if they need a little help in the bedroom. >> gene: app alert after connected to a murder investigation.
8:12 am
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>> >> gene: an app a lot of kids use under investigation. young girl was using kik when she was killed. 13-year-old girl, life cut short, allegedly by a killer she met online. >> she had a passion of pandas, music, dancing and dreamed of being on "american idol." >> gene: seventh grader was on instagram, facebook and anonymous messaging website kik. the day before she died she showed them messages she exchanged with 18-year-old man she was to meet that night. that man and classmate from virginia tech are charged with her death. >> we have certainly seen a fair
8:15 am
regional metro law enforcement council. he says they get one to two cases involving kik each month. >> variety of different flavors in regard to what people are using kik for and have been predator right scenarios. >> gene: the past school year police in westfield said somey elementary students were using it to trade naked photos to one another. kik says 40% of teenagers use the app so need permission if under 18 and those under 13 are prohibited from using it. app lets you exchange texts and photos anonymously. we release certain account information for agent sees for cases imminent threat of death, serious jury to any person and parents need to do their part
8:16 am
and something that's amiss. >> gene: just talk with your kids. you may feel your kids are mature or app are safe enough. >> sara: 79-year-old died in sleep during the hunting trip in texas over the weekend. a government source said scalia went to bed friday night and went unresponsive on saturday and on high court and death starting a major political battle over the successor and
8:17 am
patrick served in justice during bill clinton's administration and close friend of president obama and considered for appointments before and patrick not commented on rumors and unclear if he would be interested in the spot on the bench. >> gene: numbers from the cbs tracker poll, 42% trump ahead of ted cruz and marco rubio and john kasich strong bounce and trailing in 4th place with 9% and democratic hillary clinton way in front of bernie sanders. sanders swept new hampshire but he does not have the same support in the south. >> julie: enjoying a light commute this morning on president's day. expressway you're flying up that in a rare weekday morning occurrence from the braintree split up to columbia road. 128 north and southbound look good. 93 south route 1 wide open and
8:18 am
maybe a dozen people heading through the live shot. over to your live drive times, 12 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel, 15 minutes route 9 from 495 to speen street and 22 minutes on 128 from peabody to weston. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now, waking up with very cold temperatures out there. >> shiri: chill in the air and grab the shades, nice, sunny now but look at what's sunny now and snow and ice tonight, we got rain, fog and wind tomorrow, so gets pretty sloppy around here. chill in the air but not as bad as yesterday. this is not record setting cold, it is just uncomfortable cold. one below in worcester, nine below in keene, two below norwood, one below in portsmouth, new hampshire, three below in plymouth but boston coming in at 7 right now under mostly sunny skies and winds are nice and light and that's also the big difference. yesterday we had wind chills on the order of 30, 40 below zero. weapons not too much of a thing this morning because winds have
8:19 am
at 10:00 this morning. 19 by noon, into the 20s this afternoon, between six and eight we see snow moving into the boston area, a little bit sooner points south. it is going to be cold enough for the snow to stick at first for everybody because these are the highs today. 24 in worcester, 27 in fitchburg, 24 nashua, upper 20s lawrence, beverly, plymouth at 30 and 31 in hyannis. so we will get coating to inch in eastern massachusetts and points south of the pike here with the trace amount of ice on top of that. my big worry is going to be north of the pike, outside of 495, worcester, lowell, haverhill, manchester, new hampshire, one to three inches of snow and sleet and tenth inch of ice on top of that and ice could very well linger into tuesday morning commute. this is onset the snow here moving in between four and 7:00 p.m. from south to north and you can see overspreading southern new england here 10:00 we got the rain-snow line on
8:20 am
and that means that let's say midnight tonight whyure going to be done with snow and shift over to rain and freezing rain by 1:00 a.m. boston be above freezing, so the slipping and sliding concerns will be out of the picture, but that pink north of worcester into southern new hampshire just continuing even early tomorrow morning, you could see that we have a come lighter rain showers fitchburg, lowell, manchester, that's where we still have the potential of hanging on to close to freezing temperatures and that's where i want you to be very careful traveling tomorrow morning and noon time all about freezing, scattered rain continuing, also got gusty winds coming up from the south and southeast gusting 30 to 50 miles per hour strongest where you see the shaded region, and then we got wind, got fog, got downpours to get you home from work tomorrow, this is the evening commute at 5:00 p.m., some of the worst of the rain and fog coming through, there's going to be major fog out there. we are talking dense fog near-zero visibility when you get the warm temperatures and rain on top of the snow pack that's what you get.
8:21 am
surrounding the foggy situation that will develop tomorrow afternoon and evening. wednesday we just got a light lingering snow or rain shower, highs in the middle 40s, wake-up weather teens and 20s and 40s are back over the weekend, partly cloudy skies and watch out for precipitation and nice and dry on sunday. >> sara: breakdown for hours and terrifying rescue that had
8:22 am
high above the slope (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> sara: 100 winter carnival greased pig contest and animal rights getting upset. it was held decades ago and they wanted to bring it back. and peta protested and only
8:25 am
ice skates. no actually animals were used here. organizers said peta should have asked before getting mad. >> when doing the investigation they never asked what was happening. since they didn't ask, i didn't tell them. it is no the my job to do research. >> sara: peta has since ended protest over the contest saying it is good news for pigs. >> gene: kentucky state lawmaker wants to make a new bill aimed at viagra. in response the female lawmaker proposed another bill that would make it so that men would need to have their wives written permission to get pills like viagra and use only to have sex with spouses and asked men in congress how they would feel if they were subjected to the same type of, quote, governmental interference in private decisions.
8:26 am
foot kind of thing. julie: toronto zoo posting video of cub for the first time and apprehensive and warms up to it, pun intended and especially sweet moment because kept in the maternity bin and haven't been viewable to the public. >> gene: they use polar bears because they are so cute. >> shiri: lots of kids saying mom, can i have a polar bear. i will time out change from snow to rain when we come back. >> jessica: man out for birthday celebration steps outside for cigarette and disappeared without a trace.
8:27 am
8:28 am
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8:30 am
>> sara: now at 8:30, live look at the expressway. holiday and vacation week and easy commute if you're heading into work but, my friend, another storm on the way. snow, sleet and rain for the forecast for the evening commute and then the fog. >> gene: that's everything. >> shiri: what else could we possibly add? >> julie: meat balls. >> shiri: difference between yesterday and today it is very cold out there, don't have the same wind chill, so got just one below in worcester, i know it is very cold temperature reading but not the 30 below or 40 below we have for the wind chill yesterday. two below in boylston, i got two in chelmsford, 12 below in
8:31 am
tewksbury five below, five above in walpole and seven in boston and five in duxbury. actually, you started out below zero there this morning when went on air at 4:00 a.m., so it is good to see that the warm-up is happening now. definitely cold, no way around it, everybody will be chilly no matter when leaving the house, increasing clouds and cloudy turn here this afternoon with 25 at 3:00 p.m. and at 7:00 p.m. 26 , snow moving in and chance for snow and rain is only going to increase during the overnight hours and through the day tomorrow, so time out the downpours when we make the changeover coming up. let's get you over to julie grauert though with live drive time traffic. julie, talk about a good drive into work. >> julie: heading into work today and bearing the temperatures, you won't be stuck in any sort of heavy traffic because it has been nice and light on 93, route 1, those look great. pike wide open. even the expressway we are getting some relief there. look at this. usually too dark to see volume
8:32 am
will take it on holiday. over to live drive times, 23 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 20 minutes from 495 in andover to the leverett connector. back to you. >> gene: look at screen for a minute. man is missing after night out with cousin in boston. police say he stepped outside for a minute while at bar downtown and not been seen since fox25 jessica reyes live outside the bar with what his family is doing today to try to find him. good morning, jess. >> jessica: good morning to you, gene. his family has been doing everything they can to get the word out about this and doing a very good job about that and most read stories on the website right now, and we know they will be back in the area handing out missing person flyers and tavern when stepped outside to have a cigarette very early saturday
8:33 am
for more than 40 hours now. >> all i think about is he is in the cold. >> friends and family members searching for this man, 20-year-old zach marr. >> i told him i never got to go out with him. >> jessica: his cousin said he stepped outside bell in hand tavern. from since. >> he texted me, went outside, sent me another message saying come back in, let's leave. >> jessica: that's because amanda one of the last people to see him. the entire area around faneuil hall but couldn't find any sign of him. boston police released surveillance photos from time he went missing. his father says he was struggling with the recent loss of his grandmother, but disappearing like this is completely out of character.
8:34 am
just started back at school. >> jessica: recent photo of zach, 5'9" with dark hair and blue eyes and last seen wearing a long sleeve button up without jacket on bitter cold weekend. this morning his friends and family members are just praying for his safe return. >> come home. it is safe, it is warm and we will work through this. >> jessica: there's lots of surveillance cameras like here and friends and family hoping cameras may help him after last seen thursday morning. working with police here in harvard. for now live in boston this morning, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> sara: there's a mess in streets there. the gate froze in open position
8:35 am
sea water into people's yards and driveways. this morning neighbors tell us that salt has helped melt some of the ice but yards are still like ice rinks. many people along arcadia street don't have water inside their houses because their pipes froze we will go live 30 minutes from now where residents are waking up to clean-up. sara: make sure you get the latest weather updates from fox25. it is good everyday, not just when extreme weather and most up-to-date information including temperatures, forecast and radar it is free to download to all apple and android devices. >> gene: battling with the cold from a fire but it was
8:36 am
firefighters are still there now after 8:30. >> catherine: last half hour ladder behind me and dousing this home with some water. see the ladder going back up now too. looks like they finished putting some water on the home for now, but take a look now, still see smoke coming out of building in some spots and all the windows out and home has been gutted it appears and charred in the front and completely ice encrusted. this was a very difficult night for firefighters here in worcester because of those freezing temperatures. take a look at this photo though, posted on twitter account used by first responders and see flames in this photo. that's what firefighters encountered when they first arrived here. now want to show you this video. captured by fox25 on the scene overnight. address is 18 preston street and first floor was occupied and fire was a challenge for firefighters. second and third floor partially collapsed and crews fight the
8:37 am
also had to deal with challenges caused by extreme cold and frozen equipment after already responding to two earlier fires and this fire was raging for a time. spoke with one neighbor who saw the flames and concerned for his own family's safety. here is what he said. >> see flames all over the place and see after that. >> catherine: one concern was keeping the fire from spreading and firefighters were not injured in this and a little bit of good news there. see how frozen over everything was and doctor you attention to do the street here because it was particularly slick. sand truck came through the next half hour trying to put sand on here, so helping the situation somewhat but even for streets like that, very treacherous for
8:38 am
gear, hear about slip and fall injuries. unfortunately this was not the case here. as for the neighbor though, told us about what the fire looked like as first broke out. you will hear him describe that coming up next half hour. for now live in worcester, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> investigators in weymouth stretched to the limit. all three fires happened 6:00 last night, one fire caused significant damage to home on arnold street. crews from seven neighboring towns were called in because weymouth firefighters were responding to two other fires. this morning investigators in fall river are trying to determine the cause of a deadly fire there. a building on east avenue caught fire at around 6:30 last night. one man was trapped on the third floor and could not escape. neighbors heard a large blast of fast moving flames caused several windows to explode and one firefighter was hurt when he fell on patch of ice.
8:39 am
teacher in freak accident. caitlin clavette was killed friday morning on way to work. 200-pound manhole cover went air windshield. she was art teacher and avid runner. is gone. >> still hasn't soaked in. a little bit but i can still hear laughing. had one of though laughs and bottle it up and sell it on the street and make money because it was so awesome. >> gene: clavette's funeral will be tomorrow and her death is under investigation. immediately after the accident dot checked 900 similar manhole covers and grates. ray flynn is resting at home after having heart surgery. doctors implanted a defibrillator to help a irregular heartbeat.
8:40 am
permanent memorial is currently under construction at the site of the 2003 fire. 100 people died during performance by the band great white. the band ignited pyrotechnics they did not have a permit for and set the entire building on fire. organizers say they raised $1.6 million of 2 million-dollar goal and hope to have the memorial done by october. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. still looking at easy commute on the expressway just 11 minutes from the braintree split up to columbia road. shiri? >> shiri: temperatures now ranging four below to eight above. we got mostly sunny skies before the evening commute. temps in the 20s and snow. see how much to expect before the flip to rain next. >> sara: teacher trying to do
8:41 am
job. coming up how cup of hot chocolate caused suspension. >> gene: heading out on ski trip but they were still able to
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> sara: if you're afraid of heights this is not for you. people had to repel down to safety. resort opened 45 minutes ago. fox25 daniel miller checking with the resort to see if the tram will be back up and running. >> daniel: sara, good morning. we are waiting to hear if inspectors will give okay to start running again. mechanical issue caused braking
8:45 am
caused cars to suddenly stop. this is cell phone video from cannon mountain and people sliding down ropes to get out of the car. come roughly 50 to 70 feet and 50 people stranded three hours yesterday afternoon. and cold weather had anything to do with it. no passengers were hurt and people on board was eight-month-old girl somewhere somewhere -- and news release from the resort all guests offered vouchers to come back another day. newsroom this morning, i'm daniel miller, fox25 news. >> gene: high school ski trip on the west coast. burst into flames while work way to resort in washington and see
8:46 am
fortunately everyone on board was able to escape unharmed. another bus took the students to the resort. they were given equipment to replace the gear that was destroyed by the fire. >> less than month after last one and mayor tells for example 25 it is an expensive fix. >> replace all that needs to be replaced. >> sara: adalius thomas-year-old pipe ruptured on saturday on one of the coldest nights city has seen in decades. one local business has been shut down since last month's brake and still waiting for help replacing da -- damaged equipment. >> what am i doing? trying to rebuild and put the place back together there's no reassurance it is not going to happen again. >> sara: the mayor says
8:47 am
though it is expensive. the city is already planning on replacing water main with in you 200-foot pipe. sara: huge pipe burst. this was during yesterday's game lobby at conte forum crews had to sweep the water outside. this is one of the many burst pipes that we have seen from brutely cold temperatures. everyone. 8:48. >> julie: most are operating on saturday schedule in honor of president's day. see very light conditions because of the holiday. route 3 moving along just fine. no complaints on 95 or 24 as you make your way up to 128. even the expressway is giving us a bit of a break and take you out to live picture and only do we see these conditions on holidays when it is nice and light. over to light drive times, nine
8:48 am
to columbia road. shiri spear joining us now, tracking cold temperatures, bit of warm-up and then we got snow, rain, fog, everything. >> shiri: you name it. add sleet to that mix as well. right now it is seven in boston but the winds are nice and light, and that's really the difference between yesterday and today. today we don't have these bitterly cold, almost painful wishes wind chills. noon 19, temps in the 20s and lots of clouds around between two and four and then between four and six in comes the snow and then we got light accumulation got to deal with in boston so bitter and sunshine this morning, cold, cold start to the day. snow going to develop between four and 7:00 p.m., and we got a change to rain and freezing rain during the overnight hours. this is the system that is going
8:49 am
snow, sleet, all packed into it now and 4:00 p.m. and see the snow showers working their way northward by 7:00 p.m. sooner you can lead the better, don't want to be out there at 7:00 as snows starting to pick and cold enough to stick evader where, but temperatures continue to warm overnight, and that means we got rain-snow line that's going to work its way across eastern massachusetts, up to southern new hampshire by midnight tonight, and although eastern mass seeing rain, look at all the pink, worcester, fitchburg, lowell, north into southern new hampshire, that's where we have the risk of some freezing rain. so we got the layer of snow and then on top of it a little layer of ice and that's what we will have for the morning commute outside of boston. 28 today in the city, 29 in norwood, 28 in framingham, 24 in worcester, portsmouth, new hampshire 26 , same in manchester. got 30s have the south shore down to the cape and islands. but everybody is below freezing
8:50 am
the coating to inch of snow to stick across eastern massachusetts and points south of the mass pike. now, outside of that haverhill, lowell, worcester, manchester, one to three inches of snow tonight, up to tenth inch of ice on top of that, and temperatures is not quite above freezing when many of you hit the roadway tomorrow morning, that's where the concern comes in. temperatures do get into the 50s and eventually see the transition over to rain, but here at 7:00 a.m. fitchburg, keene, manchester, let's go ahead and say you guys are still going to be somewhat icy. the fifty seven area we are going to -- fitchburg area warm up and winds really start to come into play in eastern massachusetts, gusting 30 to 50 miles per hour coming up from the south and southeast. patchy showers remain throughout the day but really intensify here for the tuesday evening commute, see downpours and fog going through the area. visibility going to be a major concern. when we have temperatures this warm as well as rain on top of
8:51 am
now, it is a recipe for dense fog and that's one of the big concerns surrounding that tuesday evening commute on top of that heavy rain, make sure the drains are cleared, so water has a path to go, lingering shower into wednesday with high of 45, 30s on thursday and friday and by the weekend we will have highs again in the 40s, watch out for friday night into saturday rain and snow. back to you. >> sara: so 1 week alone in the dessert. man waited all alone without anyone in sight. >> daniel: good morning, i'm daniel miller. coming up new at 9:00 if you haven't thought about vacation on cape and islands, better get on it. early one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride
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8:55 am
while checking road conditions. >> sara: teacher in new york removed from a classroom because of kind gesture and hot chocolate. the teacher says she was trying to comfort one of the students after two of the friends died in 1 week and took the student when in high school and teacher got permission from the student's father to do so and school said it violated the policy. >> i felt she was in crisis. >> students rallied behind her and they had no choice but to reassign her to administrative duty. >> gene: check out picture from sox outfielder. white object you see in pond, that's golf cart. golfing recently and cart ended up in water and said no more driving for him and later said the golf cart rolled into the pond. >> sara: we have a lot more
8:56 am
yards and roads with local neighborhood are covered in ice and wasn't any snow. next how something that was supposed to protect them caused this mess for homeowners. >> shiri: winter weather advisory tonight and tomorrow and early as 1:00 a.m. and much longer to weed out the snow and ice further inland and hour-by-hour look when we come i missed a payment.
8:57 am
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>> shiri: temperature change coming with rain and snow. >> gene: >> daniel: bitter cold making it hard for people to get out of town for vacation.
9:00 am
described what he saw as flames raging. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: it is monday, february 15th, i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: snow, rain and fog moving in and watching it all for us all morning. shiri, good to be messy this afternoon. >> shiri: going to turn messy this afternoon and inconvenient if you will, and at least starting with mostly sunny skies, high, thin clouds and rolling in, 9 in boston, we are warming up right now, six in worcester, seven degree jump and warm-up takes us all the way into the teens here, noon time 17 in worcester, 19 in boston, even 20s norwood and plymouth as clouds just keep thickening up and 5:00 p.m., here comes the snow, so sooner you hit the road to head home from work, the ber here.


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