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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 15, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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described what he saw as flames raging. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: it is monday, february 15th, i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: snow, rain and fog moving in and watching it all for us all morning. shiri, good to be messy this afternoon. >> shiri: going to turn messy this afternoon and inconvenient if you will, and at least starting with mostly sunny skies, high, thin clouds and rolling in, 9 in boston, we are warming up right now, six in worcester, seven degree jump and warm-up takes us all the way into the teens here, noon time 17 in worcester, 19 in boston, even 20s norwood and plymouth as clouds just keep thickening up and 5:00 p.m., here comes the snow, so sooner you hit the road to head home from work, the ber here.
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this afternoon. so cold enough for everybody for initially that snow to stick, and that's what we are facing here for the evening commute today, just some snow. by tomorrow morning it is going to be rain and freezing rain, so tell you when we make that switch-up coming up in just a couple minutes. now over to julie with live drive time traffic. >> sara: >> julie: route 193 south looks good, pike wide open and see through brighton in both directions. here are drive times. 20 minutes -- 22 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave, eight minutes on the expressway, 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> daniel: 9:01. neighborhood covered in ice following one of the coldest weekends we have seen in awhile. relief won't come to another day as people in revere are left without water. fox25 michael henrich live in that neighborhood for us this morning where driveways, michael, and yards are solid sheets of ice.
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snow on tv, daniel, but it is actually three inch or so solid block of ice and hear it when knock on there and just spoke five minutes with another person that lives here on arcadia street and his mother has not had water in more than a day. he was looking to me for answers whether the water department would bring out emergency relief water. it is an answer we have not been able to get for him just yet, in spite of calls to the water department and other city functions because today is president's day and city hall is closed. >> horrifying. it really was. >> frustration boiling over as ocean water flooded over and froze atop the revere residents streets. driveways and yards over the weekend. maureen sullivan woke up on arcadia street thankful she at
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>> i do what couple of the women on end they don't and i guess this one is broken and frozen and few down the street from the main frozen. >> michael: sheets of ice after flood waters and brutely cold temperatures turned the water to ice quickly. revere councilman john powers tells fox25 that never shannon vice happened especially because revere spent more than a million dollars to triple the catch basin capacity just seven years ago. >> get calls at 6:00 in the morning, and shouldn't be happening. not today. i don't mind getting the calls, but shouldn't have to be that way. >> i don't know what to say to the city any more except help. >> michael: help indeed.
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getting and looking to city of revere and councilman will speak with the department tomorrow. >> julie: crews working through the night to repair damage caused by equipment failures. our cameras spotted this crew working on transformener east boston early this morning. another transformer failed in the north end last night. both failures caused small underground fires. >> daniel: this morning delays and cancellations are building at logan airport. last hour several flights to new york and washington d.c. have been canceled. yesterday there were dozens of flights delayed because of frozen ground equipment and shortage of employees. jetblue was hardest hit airline for those delays. >> daniel: mbta takes extra precaution to protect from the
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5:00 a.m. they tweeted the pictures trains inside the tunnels overnight. they kept them inside to keep mounted or freezing temperatures in effort to keep things on time this morning. make sure you're getting the latest weather updates from fox25 and fox25 weather app is good for everyday, not when there's extreme weather. it has the most up-to-date information including temperatures, forecast and radar the app is free to download to all android and apple devices. shiri is back in just a few minutes. >> julie: in syria eight people believed dead after a air strike in northwestern syria. doctors tweeted what's left of the building. the building was hit by four missiles in two separate attacks the head of the mission in syria is calling it a deliberate attack. the strike leaves more than 40,000 people without access to medical help. news agencies says it was a russian air strike but that has
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we will keep you updated. >> julie: eight hours layer they are still trying to mop up the hot spots and preston drive in worcester and water put on fire caused new problem for firefighters. >> catherine: see the building is charred and over it all layer of ice. this time see firefighters still up on the ladder and they are still shooting water into this building. we have been pointing out to you there has been smoke coming out of the building all morning, they they did get rid of the flames hours ago and continues and fox25 on scene overnight and 18 preston street. this is a triple-decker but official say only the first floor apartment was occupied and that person did make it out okay but the fire was challenge for firefighters. second and third floor partially collapsed so crews could only fight the flames from the outside.
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challenges caused by the extreme cold, like frozen equipment and hoses after already responding to two earlier fires. this fire was raging for a time. we spoke with one resident who woke up to the sound of sirens on the street. here is what he saw. >> pretty bad. coming out of the roof and fire trucks and firefighter running. >> catherine: street still closed at entrance and actually a sheet of ice up until about an hour ago, the work here continues and we will have live
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catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: firefighters had trouble with freezing gear because they had already used it out in the cold earlier in the evening. started at duplex at henry street around 9:30 and crews able to knock down the flames without anyone getting hurt and reached out to fire investigators but still no word on the cause. >> daniel: 21-year-old man arrested for threatening to blow up hospital. this man was at signature healthcare hospital. he was being treated according to enterprise he attempted to throw blood at nurses helping him and threatened to blow up the hospital. the man claims to be a saudi arabian national but they vent confirmed that. daniel: investigators say device attached to avis budget rental car. he saw it on lift yesterday morning. police bomb squad later disabled the device.
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track down the last person that rented the car. rental company facility is right next to the runway. >> julie: firefighter accused of inappropriately touching his child's babysitter. sean bohdiewicz is accused of coming home late and getting in bed while sleeping. this isn't the first time touched her and waiting for all the facts before making a judgment. >> i understand it is traumatic situation for lots of people but in addition to that it is sometimes very rarely but sometimes not true. so i always step back, wait until all the evidence is in. >> julie: firefighter teaches education in local schools. he was arrested on indecent assault charges. julie: very light commute this morning because it is president's day.
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commute on route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge. shiri? >> >> shiri: happy monday and 4 and 10:00 a.m. 8 and by 11:00 a.m. 12 under mostly sunny skies, afternoon in come the clouds and show you when next. >> julie: terrifying rescue that had people dangling from rope high above the slope.
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>> julie: live in washington d.c. d.c. bureau and debate over justice antonin scalia's replacement is dominating the campaign trail. >> reporter: sparking election president obama should name a successor. over the weekend the president says he does plan to nominate a new u.s. supreme court justice. the white house says they will announce the selection when senate returns to washington later this month. senate republicans are vowing to block any nomination from president obama. republican presidential candidates followed suit making it clear. they want the next president to
9:14 am
>> no way senate should confirm anyone barack obama tries to appoint last year in office to lifetime appointment. >> he has power to do it but given choice of supreme court justices in the past the senate of the united states should not confirm someone who's out of the mainstream. >> reporter: leaves court leaves court split with major cases happening this year. jacqueline fells, fox25 news. >> julie: who could be on the president's short list to replace scalia includes familiar names. >> reporter: local and national publications two familiar faces, deval patrick is possible candidate. he is a close friend of president obama. he also served in justice department over bill clinton's
9:15 am
there's d.c. circuit judge confirm to the circuit court unanimously two and a half years ago. >> daniel: donald trump holding on his lead. look at numbers. 42% trump is well ahead of ted cruz and marco rubio. john kasich got a little bounce out of his strong showing in new hampshire but he is still trailing in 4th place. hillary clinton way ahead of bernie sanders. sanders swept new hampshire but he doesn't have the same support in the south. unexpectedco un-in on campaign trail over the weekend. bernie sanders and hillary
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church and tv's showed both candidates addressing parishioners. they areco amping ahead of next week's caucus. daniel: former president bush will atco ally in charleston, south carolina. forty-third president has not campaiampaed at all, some worried it could hurt more than help. jeb's campaign decided to bring the former president to help out the bush family is very popular in south carolina. >> julie: pope francis continues the controversial visit to mexico. there was a crimeco idden suburb of mexico city. it called on mexicans to create a land of opportunity where people don't want to immigrate to the u.s. on wednesday pope francis will travel to city on u.s.-mevisco board and her plans to visit
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from el paso, texas. >> daniel: ikea says to have guilty of large scale tax avoidance. the swedishco etailer said to have moved money from european stores into countries where it is not tty oed and they are trying to make laws with financial moves like this illegal. daniel: whole foods m tting big change in order to boost slumping stock price. for decades they have allowed local or regional managers to decide what food to oforter. now whole foomov plait ca to oforter most nonperishable items from its company headquarters in texas. the idea is toco educe cost and get better deals from suppliers. whole food stock down 45% the last year. >> julie: expressway wide open, 128 clear, pike looks go to nothing going on in brighton right now on the pike.
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minutes on 24 from 125 to 128. 20 minutes 93 south from 49 drto the leverett connector. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now with look at some of the weather threats that she is keeping an eye on. >> most coming into play tonight or during the day tomorrow, suit cahine and solar glare and butter bitter cold and still, i mean well below average here, still talking temperatures on both sides of zero but snow and ice tonight,co aijul f the b and wind here during the day tomorrow and you can see the high, thin cloumov already creeping into place and already looked kind of cloudy worcester at 6 , 6 in norwood, four in manchestesw unbelievable. only spot right now still below zero, keen col new hamhamphire at four below, boston seeing nice warm-up, started out the day at 5 d k so gone up by a com col winmov nice and light, wind chill not
9:19 am
andwindy l1 by 3ssu0 mov low continue to warm this evening, snow in place by 7:00 this evening, and bear in mind that temperatures will be cold enough everywhere to get that initial snow to stick. mid-e: at 24 , 27 in fitchburg and lawrence, 26 in bostojul mill e: portsmouth, new hampshire, 29 in plymouth, 30 new bedfofort over to hyannis, so that is going to be conducive to getting minor snow accumulation aucioss eastern massacorrsettpor north shore boston, southeastern massacorrsettporco eally south of the mass pike onory looking at coating to an inch of snow with trace ice on top of that here and starting this evening until 1:00 in the morning in those spots but continue later and southegoi new hamhamphire and one to three inches of snow and ge ieet with up to tenth of inch of ice on top of that and icing concerns go into tuesday morning coortute.
9:20 am
comes the first batch of snow, you can see overspreading the area this evening, and by 10: on we got the rain-snow line that is going to be moving up aucioss the south shore, butco emember temperatures so close to freezing here that we do have to waicih out for some icy conditions if you're doing any late night or early morning traveling. a on a li. boston will be above freezing and not going to see too much of an iss up there, but where we have the pink into central mass, merrimac valley, that's where temperatures will be much slower to warm up and icy spots into the morning coortute. mov there and by noon weed out icy spots into southegoi new hampshire and winmov start picking up, gusting 30 to 50 miles per hour, especially that brown shaded area and downpours and fog look at rain that comes on through during the tuesday evening commute and dinner time, that's when we get the worst of it. ius now youemee seeing temhamp 0s and on top of the snow that we
9:21 am
some dense f the b for the second half of the day tomorrow, just lingering shower, slight chance we will see a lingering shower into the wednesday at 45 and upper 30s thursday and friday and light precipitation between friday and saturday but over the weekend 40s are back for highs and looking nice and bright. >> daniel: app popular with 40% of teens under suciutiny. >> predator like scenarios.
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your kids from >> daniel: a new hamhamphire tot i celebrating one hundredth winter carnival goes he1-to-he1 over greased pig contest. the contest held in newport, new hampshire decades ago and this year they wanted to bring it back, and when peta got wind of it they protested and what they didn'tus now it onory involved man in pig costume on ice skates. no actually animals were used and pete should have asked before getting angry. >> never atheyed what was happening and since they didn't ask, i didn't tell them. not my job to doco eseago ih. >> daniel: peta since ended
9:25 am
it is good news for pigs. pitniel: biting cold has people leaving. reservations are up 10% from last year andco ates are climbing because of the demand. globe reports that prices are up ervout % on the cape and up 15% on the vineyard. not one agent told the globe -- one agent told the glen they are gettingco eq upsts for rentals in 2017. >> when it is negatt whe eight only dream of summerio >> julie: bikini weather. making headlines this morning. sports illustratedco elease the cover shot. for the first time si producing three covers. one of the covers shows 28-year-old plus size model
9:26 am
championco ondaco ousey, she is wearing body paint. one woman dedicating her cover to who tho maht wasn't beautiful enough. >> daniel: i stopped for a moment and what are you doing? >> julie: is that work appropriate? >> daniel: new guitar designed by women for women. w> julie: designed st. vincent guitar which has more room for a woman's b to playing a regular guitar so designed new one. thinner wreest andco oom at the top for breasts. model will be released in march. >> daniel: incredible. >> things more ergonomically easier for women to play. shts ii? >> shiri: not sure how to go from there.
9:27 am
teenpor t to tomon sow we got 0s. that is just so new england. big warm-up. i will tell you when the snow changes to rain next. >> jessica: 22-year-old man diul ppears from busy bar in boston. >> come home. it is safe, it is warm and we will worbosthro mah this.
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complete new england neam coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: it is 9:30s and at least not shoveling out of this. this is what the streets of jamaica plain looked like one year ago t to the producer tatink the video on the way home and look at how tall the snowbanks are, it is like a maze out there. >> daniel: put something on the facebatink page refco easoning that. >> shiri: take 100 inches of snow?
9:31 am
w> sho thts. took long for all that snow to melt last year and this year sey below wind chill to 50ews tomorrow. i appreciate the warm-up, and if you think about it from the temperatures yesterday where we bottomed out to where we are going tomorroidn thaele my friendpor is 70 dardree warm-up, in the matter of two days. cun sent wind speeds nice and calm and worcester at 6 , 6 below still in barre, chelmsford at ten, londondernt. andco inge, new hampshts ie both at two and west forrd at seven, seven natick and walpole 9ews there and inco eading and brockton five, 11 from hanover down to duxbury and 18 in harwhich and day planner noon time 19 with increasing cloumov, clouds will these over by 3: on p li. atwind5 , but it is not until closer to 7:00 that i got the snow moving i be just latinking at some of the latest information too.
9:32 am
sooner, like five or app:00 this afternoon, either way it is going to be ddaeloping during the evening commute, and it is only going to get widespread deeper into the ovegoiight and day tomorrow we go, so i will time out the change, guys, from the snow to the warmer temperatures andco reen for tomorrow coming up. julie, back over to you for lt whe drt whe time traffic. w> julie: enjoying a mellow commute, president's day and that's wwear the volume has been light. this is what you're seeing on the zakim bridge in leverett coelmectobar no iss up there. minutes on the p9 eastbound from 495 to mah. ave, nine minutes on the expressway and gowind1 mi: etes on 128 fromco oute 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: these a latink at screen for a minute. fan is missing with night out with cousin this weekend. police say he stepped outside for a minute at bar downtown and haven't been seen since. fo war 9jeh.icaco eyes lt whe outside
9:33 am
doing to get him home saf w >> j3 wegotste: as you might when agine, beside themselves about this and in couple hours, entts ie area around te neulil hall with missing posters and hoping that surveillance video cameras l9 what you seeco ight here may help them piece together where that went and hours aeaser he was last seen early saturday morning. >> all i think about is oh, god, he is in the cold. >> j3 wegotste: frienmov and family searching for 22-year-old zachary marr. w> i told hwhen i owed hwhen that and he was so excited to come in. >> jessica: his cousin says he stt i ped outside the beled lin hanrow3 tavern to smoke a cigarette and haven't been seen or heas of from sinc w >> he texted me, i went outside, sent me another message sayint it3 they are not letting me back i be let's leave.
9:34 am
amanda was one of the last people to see hwhen , entire area around faneuil hall and couldn't find any sign of hwhen . boston policeco eleased photos from zach around the time he went missing. his father says he was struggling with recent loss of grandmother but disappearing like this is completely out of character. >> working a lot but plus just started back at schatinl. >> j3 wegotste: this isco ecent photo of zach, 5'9" with dark hair and blue eyepor last seen wearing a black sledae button up with gray pullover sweater without jacket on bitter cold we miend. this morning friends and family members are praying for s a e retugoi. w> come home. it is safe. it is warm. and we will work through this. >> j3 wegotste:nc ch's family members have been doing everything they can to get the wos of out of this and dhe very good job. this is the most clicked on
9:35 am
myfo6 also working with police here in boston and in hometown of harvard in an effort to bring him home safely. jessica reyepor fox25 news. >> we have been following this story all morning there's a mess inco daere this mogoiing where the city's floth p gate broke over the weekend flooded streets. the gate froze in open ps anition on saturday and high tide pushed sea water into people's yarmov and drives ways. this morning neighbors tell us salt helped melt some of the ice but yarmov still l9 ice franks. many people in arcadia street don't have water because pipes fr we w they plan on tackling the problem tomorrow when city offices are opes a fo war5 stormtracker weather app good for everyday, not when extreme weather and ms ant up-to-date ier ormation incit isding temperature and radar. >> daniel: firefighters
9:36 am
in home in worcester overnight. not only did they have to battle cold it was the this ofco un of the night. catherine parrotta live outside the home where cream are still on scene. good morning, catherine. >> catherine: good morning, daniel. firefighters still on scene. you can see that that ladder trucbosis gon w no longer putting water on fts ie right now. still i can see some firefighters from my advantage point on the back side of the building. still here, taking latink at things and latink at situation has improved what it was like earlier this morning, not seeing smng feco ising out of bulilding arn more. still you get sense how damaged it ipor destroyed, window are gone, pretty much gutted inside, the siding is charred and all covered over with ice. that was a particular challenge as firefighters were fighting this fts ie. take latink at photo. this was posted on twitter account used by first responders and you can see the flames in the photo. that's what firefighters encountered when they first arrived here. now you can take a look at video this was captured lie fnc ach on
9:37 am
nknot ess here is 18 preston street and it is a triple-decker but only the fts ist floor ocf thave ed. it was a challenge for firefighters. second and this of floor were partof tlly collapsed, so could only fight flames from outside and challenges from eoulreme cold like frozen equipment and hoses after already responding to two earlier fts ies and fts ie was raging for a time and spoke with a neighbor who saw the flame and coelpeerned about his ot i familwills safety. and here is what he said. >> tell hwhen to get close, get renky, just in case see the flames all over the place, goes over the house, whatever, you could see aeaser that, so be lookout. >> catherine: live latink at firefighters on the scene and truck taking hoses out of here,
9:38 am
fr ween up, couldn't beco olled up like they typically are and does look like they are making progreh. here on the scene, i do hear some work going on, chipping away at things. >> that was catherine parrotta reporting for us. three different house fires at the same twhen e. aled lthree happened about 6:00 last night. one fire caused significant damage to home on agoioldco oad. crews from seven neighboring towns called in because firefighters wereco esponding ttty3 two other fires. julie: this morning investigators in faled lriver trying to determine the cause of deadly fire there. eastern avenuing about c weeght fire around uld30 last night. one man was trapped and could not escouse. they heas of a large blast as fast moving flames caused several windows to explode. one fts ihere,ighter was hurt when he fell on patch of ice. >> daniel: wake will be held
9:39 am
accident. 35-year-old caitlin clavette was driving when an manhole cover went ats ibogoie and went into her windshield. her friends can't believe she is gone. w> eaccrel: >> i can still hear her laughing it was so awesome. w> eaccrel: l weeghet's -- denavette's funeral will be tomorrow and immediately after the a wasident they checked 9 on manhole covers and grates. >> julie: doctors implanted a defin seeillator for ray flynn. it was aeaser he crashed into a neighbor's house next week. he wrote a tha da you column in the herald and praised first responders that helped him after the a wasident. >> doaiews scene of dea a
9:40 am
site. darn sees ohen 20th will mark the thts iteenth anniversary in west warwick, rhode island. it is under site at - 100 people died during performance by the band great white. finnd ignited pyrotechnics that did not have a permit for and set the building on fts ie. orllynindors say they haveco ers.sed n3 $1.6 million of their 2 million-dollar goal. they hope to have the mesoorof tl done by otcober. >> julie: new this morning the end may be near for the late night subway service on weekends the globe says late night shifts are not ielpeit isded on work ave echedules aeaser march 19th. they have not voted to cut the service but under consideration because of budget problems. select buss and trains have been snownning until--:3awa.m. since maa nh of - >> daniel: tram that left dozens trapped in nid ers.r in one of the area biggest ski weekends
9:41 am
this is cell phone vidck from cannon mountain in fraelpeonof t. people have been sliding down ropes to get out of the cars. 50 pck ple were stranded for about three hours yesterday afternoon. a mechanical isre c weesed the tram's two cars to suddenly stop officials at the resort say they don't thi da the cold weather hnk anything to do with it. >> cars were running all day, , gramco unning all den s. warmest point of the day was in the afternoon when we had the mechanical ih.ue. w> eaccrel: no ing th.engers were hurt. one of the people on board was 5-ght-month-old gts il. state inspetcors must look at tram before it can start running a we will be following the pr befress for you all morning. >> julie: let's look at drive times and pck ple arenit on reothlar schedules. nine minute commute on route 3 from--28 inco me kland up to the n seeers.ntree pclit. >> daniel: teacher trying to do the right thing is now oter the job.
9:42 am
chocolate caused her suspension. >> jlauie: kids heading out on
9:43 am
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>> doaiews apple under apsnowtiny bec weese of suspetced involvement in murder of young girl. nowe hnk been mesyesmung on app kick with man charged with murder and this is another example why parents need tofor anow what's onfor aids digital devices. >> gene: cautionary story, lidar cut short by somebth py she met onlinint >> she had passion for pandas, music, dancing, dreamed of b5-ng on "american ido 5" >> gene: seventh grader nicole was on facebday,k and anorivemous isring wsksitefor aik. neighbors say the day before she died she showedfor a. o mesyesges exchanged with 18maaear-old man. that man and classmate from virginia tech are chaers.ned with
9:46 am
w> seen a fair amount of cases involving kick. norwday,d police otericer andrecom3 rsnjure witch part of the computer crime unit with metro law enforcement couelpeil. he sen ss they get one to two faces involving kik each month. >> expose variety of ditererent flagrers what pck ple are using kik for and have been predator like sceate crios. w> c20: police in westfield said some elementary school students were using it to trade ate cked photos of one another. those under 13 are prohibited from using it and app letsoffou exchange texe j,causedidck s unanimously and kik cooperated saying we release certain informatrion for cases of when minent threat of death, loss of security or serious physical inthahen to arive person. officer sen ssfor aik has helped them
9:47 am
ing trents need to do thets i part. >> have the openness between parent and child and they are not afrers.d to go tooffou andfor anow imo something is amiss. >> daniel: what can parents do? check the chi she's digital dend aces and take advantage of parental controls and restritcrioside and some apps are yesdar enough and child mature enough to handle it. >> doaiews >> jlauie: ski trip terrifying. bus carrying the teens burst into flames while m hiing wen s to resoead in washington state. you could see the heavy fire stous rio. foeadunately daeryone on board was able to escape unharmed. another bus tday,k the s8mdents to theco esort and they were given equipment to replace the gear destroyed by the fts iint stolie: den ss after winning super bowl denver broncos peyton mato ing is mentioned in new lar seulit dealing with alleged sexual assault. the suit was filed by six women yeson
9:48 am
assault complers.nts ahandlinst stous ent athletes and mentions complaint filed in 1996 who said trainer manning expsay ed herself in front of her. school reached settlement and she mentioned defamatrion in - after he mentioned case in a book. >> daniel: fox25 investigators uncovers lousto t and gnkgee j and you ing ty fos of them. part of long list of property that disouspeared. w> comsee ters and lousto t, could be very sensitive information on these items. and these cou she put pck ple in danger. >> daniel: missing and stolen itesos diyesppeared from colleges, coure j and other state agencies. fox25 investigates eric rasmussen spent weeks going over hundreng, ofco epore j worth nearly $2 million and items disappearing the msay t who's losing them and what's b5-ngtion
9:49 am
>> julie: 9:49 and overall try fific is still so nice and light and it is president's day and we are feeling the benefit on theco oang,. ex8mdesswen s wide open, 93 south on route 1 look good. t thkim bridge connetcicutoffou're yesiling. 12 minutes route 1 from 128 to the tobin, 21 minutes 495 to the leverett connetcor, 22 minutes on 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist nowts ii spear joining us now and we are looking at temperatures oftu right now. w> shiri: nine in bsay ton and wind chill all nine and don't have the sits tionoffestes ofen s where weou chills, 30, 40 below because we simpyed don't have the wind to le tel that now. this is the temperature trend in boston. 15inves by`s1:00 a.m.,`ss. we got temperatures that hover in the mid to upper 20s throe unh the a c2ernoon and notice between five and seven snow moving in and continuing attus. this evening with tesop around
9:50 am
to see a little bit of it stick. onset twhen e here for snow will be between four and seven, working way from south up north to the new handenowts ie border, change to rain and freezing rain, then overnight, so pretty shoead stint here where we get snow in place and 4:00 p.m. you can see barely the first hints of snow here ous8mdtedching the southcoast and passing northward, 7:00 p.m. when it m19es into southeos new handenowts ie and we will be picking up meunier accumulation during the evening comsee te. you can get out of work today, the better because you don't want to be out there when things start getting slippery. not going to be a tremendous amount of snow but only t hies a little, a lites e ctedting to slow things down. midnight comes along and change19er houspening in bsay ton from snow to freezing rain and eventually rain as well. around here we should be above
9:51 am
got freezing rain in place and ut t len ser of ice on top of the snow before it melts. temperaturewise today boston, 24 in lsnore mcoa worcester, upper 20s in norwood and plymouth, even hem in hyannis and lower woouthern new hampshire. expected snow inside 495 and soutverof the mass p. ocoa about a coating to an inch of snow. you guys will make a quicker change19er toco ers.n by`ss. the morning, but points to the north and west here, worcester, lowell, haverhill, southeos new hampshire, one to three inches of snow and sleet and then up to tenth of i mh on ice on top of it and warm up way above freezing with highs in the 50s so all changes over m southern new hampshire for icy of ots. winds staead to gather in the afternoon where we have the dark shading and high wind watch, as high as n. miles per hour and
9:52 am
straig on tturough insinner twhen e tomorrow and thak the worst travel conditions. we will watch out for slippery of ots earyed tomorrow but then the heavy rain and very dense fog insuring the a c2ernoon witrid3 highs in the 5on r. 45 with slight chance for lingering wednesday showening thurexpen s, friday` high in thursday and weekend warm-up so watch out for the cha me for lightco ers.n snow mix here on yesturday, isn't look of the weekend getting brighter. >>ou
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
deseead and one thing that kept >> daniel: incredible story of ndirvmpsal. eryhis man was stranded for a week in the deserted. esalmpse this morning becs,se he drank melted snow and he was driving his pickup truck from arizona to oreut n and broke insown inco esoote area and stayed in his truck and survived for seven da pi. officers found hwhen while checking road conditions. >> daniel: >>ou bie: a teacher in new yobosco eso19ed from claettroom because of kind gesture and hot chocolate. nowe was trying to comfoead one of the students after two of the friends died in 1 week. nowe tday,k the s8mdents who's a senior in high school off campus to get hot chocolate and got
9:56 am
school said it violated the policy. >> she needed somet a3 wy to talk to. nowe was very distraught. i felt she was in crisis. >>ou bie: s8mdents and paren bi rallied behind her but they had no choice but to reassign her to nkministrative insuttiv >> insd hierivi off season golf outing takes turn for pair of red sox plaing thrs. white obj ont in the pond is golf cart. cart ended up in water and later yesid the golf cartou s nto the pond. >> golfing, did that in warmer tendeeratures. stuul. evm be cs,ght insead aexpewhere outside and athletic activity in these conditions. >>ou bie: even shopping for that matter. deceiving when it is sunny, you ut out and t hie a inseep breath
9:57 am
>> shiri: temperatures above freeatung now and back into the ce b this an wernoon and warm-up tomorrow but we got icy spots overnight with lig on snow and iccoa trasideitd thn to heavy rains, especially during the heavy afteos day,n and whole lot of fog as well and get kind of sloppy around here and end of the week lowiling nice and quiet but the colatealkind of comes back. not like it was over the weekend. >> insd hierivi thank gday,. eess. thank you so much for joining us
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
nd v> stolie:offou can watch the >> a trucker has no idea what's coming. what happened that sent him straight through that house. it's a story you wouldn't believe. >> if we didn't have video. >> how a monkey walked into a bar and came out with a knife. a purse snatcher is so sneaky. >> i don't think most people would have caught that. >> why this woman is not most people and the buzz word to win an ipad mini and a wind suit flight through a waterfall and don't drop that egg.


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