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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  February 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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. >>. >> now at 10:00, snow, sleet and freezing rain moving across new england, i'm tracking who!woe is getting what, right now. plus, the same problem forcing people out of their homes tonight, why it could be even worst tomorrow. >> >>. >> and then new at 10:00, tpaoerl/ $2 million of your tax dollars missing. "fox 25"investigates how the state's stolen property can cost you more than just money. high anxiety when a family gets stuck on a ski lift, includeing this baby girl. tense moments as a mother watch and waited for her daughter to get back on the ground. >> and this is why, a little bit of everything on the radar, right now, snow, freezing rain, and rain, changing conditions are making for dangerous travel
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situation 128 north right near the pike. a little bit of erg/. snow to start, it's changing to sleet. nearby, kevin will have more on this. if you have to head out at this late hour, take it slow. >> the winter weather follows a record cold weekend and the messy mix will impact the morning commute. we begin with kevin, he is in the "stormtracker"weather center. impacting travel out there already. a lot of freezing rain mapping, just checked outside of the studios, rain is coming down. temperatures still in the 20s. that mean it is will freeze on contact. getting a lot of reports of treacherous roadways. you see the snowflakes. snow reports showing up in chelsea, .one)one inches. north shore, an inch of snow in lynn as well. off to the west, snow and sleet happening in these areas as
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reports of snow mixing in. an inch of snow in wooster in the last power. there is the pink, rain snow rain line, it's happening so quickly. the bottom line is a change over to freezing rain happens here. south east, it's warming up, just rain. a different kind of radar, the colors look a little freaky, i realize, you are looking for where it goes from a solid red, that's snow to the multicolor. wakefield, the changeover line exactly where it is. that's where you have all different things, ice pellets, snow, rain -- -- south of there, that's where it's just rain. the rain snow line is north of boston, progressing northward, but the roads are becoming a mess. i'll keep tracking and have an update in a few minutes.
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passengers trying to get home after their plane was diverted. it was supposed to land at jfk in new york at 6:00 15, but they were diverted to manchester because of weather and fuel issues. passengers are being told the airline will put them up in hotels for the night and fly them to new york in the morning. developing at 10:00, dozens of people forced out of their homes after pipes burst in the freezing temperatures. this happened at theever son there are frustrated because this is not the first time they have had to deal with this. katherine is live outside of the apartments where the residents will not be sleeping. reporter: they are frustrated to say the least. last year, they had to stay in hotels with friends for weeks until repairs were made and one over again.
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and there is just water everywhere. >> the saoeulgt/ of a half inch of water, unsettling, but not surprising. >> for residents, it was day gentleman have you. same thing as last year. i was hoping they would have fixed it, but here we are. >> it comes nearly a year to the day when the same pipe broke last winter. >> i'm a little nervous that it might seep in, ruin furniture and what not. >> the real concern is how long they will be homeless. >> in my kitchen, all water. >> last year, we were there as residents talked about being displaced for 6 weeks. management paid for a few nights at a local hotel and told residents they could simply break their lease. >> i'm hoping they can help us out because it is frustrating.
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at least he knew who pack more than clothes. >> i guess things like this do happen, but twice within a year, that's concerning. >> now, we have been working to speak with management about how long residents will be locked out of their apartments until repairs are made, but employees told him that there is no timetable for their return. live in belling ham, "fox 25"news. >> dozens of pipes burst causing problems for homeowners and businesses u in 15 minutes, the warning experts want you to hear in the way to prevent becoming the next victims. ahead in our next half hour, the tricks mbta is useing to keep trains on track and passengers pleased. winter weather will impact the morning commute, make sure to wake up
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julie will be keeping an eye on the roadways. we are on long tore make sure you are prepared for your day. tonight, police say this man was drunk when he hit a young couple in their car and kept going. investigators say it was the man's 6th o u i$ melly is live in auburn after speaking with the couple. they were on the way from visiting family when things took a scary turn. >> vanessa, they were celebrating valentine's day and that crash happened at this intersection. couple, high school sweethearts celebrating valentine's day when all of a sudden that happened. the suspect is a repeat ofrpblgt/ wufrpblgt/ i offender, not once, twice, but 6 times. >> we just dropped off flowers at my grandmother's house. it
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my nephew to go to the movies >>. >> jeremy and megan were reended on route 20 in auburn. it happened at 4:00 in the afternoon on valentine's day. >> all of a sudden, it u turns and takes off. >> a witness saw the truck and flagged down a massachusetts state trooper. >> the father, upset because you can't be there. >> officers eventually catch up to the suspect who, in turn, allegedally told police he had an outstanding arrest warrant, a suspended drivers license and "he didn't care. ".
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in i believe 15 years. reporter: "fox 25"investigates recently revealed nearly 29,000 drivers in the state have o u i convictions, according to mass d.o.t. records. this family wants scott to get the maximum penalty, being on his sixth ofrpblgt/ ofrpblgt/ w-frpblgt/ i offense. >> luckily, everyone was all right, but he could have killed someone. >> scott is being held on a $5000 bail. he will be arraigned first thing tomorrow morning. the big question here is woez/ car was he driving? also coming up at 11:00, we'll tell you what the aou/ burn police chief did moments after that crash happened. >> >>. >> last month "fox 25"sregs that there the worst of the
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see the full investigation, go to our website. >>. >> tragic accident son on the slopes leaveing a local man dead. while skiing at the burke mountain ski resort in vermont. he was skiing with a family member when he lost control and crashed into the woods. he was pronounced dead at the scene. officials say he was not wearing a helmet. a knife welding robber got more than he bargained for when he try he tried to hit up this convenience store. heavily disguised, he confronted the owner with a knife but the owner used a milk crate to fight back. the suspect wore a mask and extra clothing, if you know anything about this crime, call norwood police
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a ski lift. one of the people stuck was a baby girl. "fox 25"'s ted daniels spoke to the family that got more adventure than they bargained more. reporter: they were expecting a quick sight seeing trip as part of a vacation, now trip as part of a vacation, now, they have a story of a lifetime. our first look inside one of the stuck cars from our first visit with the youngest on board, her name is recommendy lewis and she's about as cute as they come. >> what was supposed to be a 9 minute ride turned into a three-hour ordeal an you one of the coldest days of the year. >> the order to evacuate, this cell phone video of what it
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lowered out of the bottom of the car, mom, sabrina went first in a harness. recommendy and her dad went in a sack. >> stkhr/ traumatic for little recommendy in not at all. she was bundled in a snow suit and she slept through it all. >> they wanted to check her out to make sure she was okay and she was, fingers and toes, warm she was, fingers and toes, warm. reporter: the family said they were impressed by the professionalism of the ski resort staff and the first responders. it may be a couple more days before the tram is
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"fox 25"investigates, >>. >> missing an stolen state property running up a big bill for taxpayers. >> these are hundreds of items with millions involved. >> all-new at 10:00, surprising way that high-tech gear that you paid for keeps disappearing you paid for keeps disappearing.
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rain moves through >>. >> we continue to stay on top of a "fox 25"weather alert. a live look shows snow, freezing rain, photographers in the field telling us roads are pretty bad. take it easy if you have to go out at this late hour. kevin is updating the full forecast. we'll have it for you at 10:30. a 22 -year-old, zach march seen early saturday morning outside of the bell tavern. crystal hanes has been following this story since it breck over the weekend. she was with the man's family when they when back to the place where he was last seen. reporter: poster by poster, block by block, tprebds block by block, tprebd friends and family canvassed boston for any information that would bring him home. >> out of the ordinary,
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reporter: the 22 -year-old disappeared early saturday morning after stepping out for a cigarette where he was celebrating his birthday. >> by the time his cousins got back outside, within 10 minute back outside, within 10 minutes, he was gone. reporter: family members say he tried to get back in the bar he tried to get back in the bar, and was denied, but in a statement, the bar said he never tried to reenter. other video has shown he was last seen in front of the garage heading toward surface. >> we know he did not make it to work. we know he is not going to his particular pattern as far as place of work. >> private investigator james perile is working with zach's brother on his case. >> we are looking for any video cameras on the outside of the buildings number one, number 2 whether he got picked up by a friend or uber or taxi -- --
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surveillance eup/ images of him in the area of his disappearance. the bell and hand said they have shared their video with zach's family. >> he didn't have his coat on because he was expecting to go right back in. so, we just hope he found a warm place stkpwhr-fplt/ zach's description is about 5 foot 93, dark hair, phraou/ eyes. if you have any information, you are asked to contact harvard or massachusetts police. >> reporting in boston, i'm crystal hanes. >> fire is breaking out >> fire is breaking out across the state. you can see the flames shooting out the roof of the home on bridge street. crews religion the on the scene crews religion the on the scene, a couple and their dog were home at the time, but they were able to get out safely. sky fox, fire investigators say a short circuiting sealing fan started
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you can see heavy flames. the red cross is helping one child and 9 adults forced into the cold. the damage here million dollar. large plumes of smoke billowing into the sky as firefighters bat this will house fire. sky fox was over the scene on neck road. we are working to find out if anyone was hurt here and if a cause has been determined. city inspectors tell us they found a laundry list of violations at this home and deemed it unsafe and dangerous. the landlord did not insulate the pipes. have smoke detectors and failed to fix appliances. tenants say they are fed up. >> i do not have plans on being here further. i have dealt with enough.
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claims to have no knowledge of the main tphapbs/ issues in the unit and said she has been responsive to her tenants concern. dozens of people out in the cold after being evacuated from a movie theaters. they had to stand outside after they were forced out. tonight, we are working to find out what exactly happened. the theater >> >>. >> the deep freeze may be over, but it left its mark. thousands are dealing with frozen pipes and burst lines. >> means hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. one plumber followed after tackle plumber followed after tackling a long list. reporter: many of you might not realize you have burst pipes right now, but you will
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spew water. living up to his claim. 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, tackling his long list of job since 2:00 am yesterday with no end in sight. >> some people keep calling my service or cell phone wants to know every hour where are we? . reporter: with pipes burst and leaking, he can see why. damage only getting worst as temperatures continue to climb. worst yet, he expects he will be busyer tomorrow. good news for his business, bad news for his customers. >> you can call any plumber, put together something because there is going to be water shooting everywhere. >> such is the case for this grandmother who spent hours sitting 5 feet from her gas fireplace to stay warm. the only source of heat after her fur tphaeus/ failed. >> sitting by the fireplace.
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couple of sweatshirts and then get up in the morning and sit by the fireplace again. reporter: when "fox 25"visited monday evening, she had been without hurt for 30 hours. with t-rlts continuing to climb, row marrow expects his long days will get longer. >> you have 75 gallons, in 10 minutes. >> that's right, you heard it right. 10 minutes of a leak could mean up to 75 gallons of water in your house. this plumber says here is what you can do, if you have to leave your house tomorrow, shut off the main water to your home, otherwise, try to make sure someone is home at all times, so if something starts to leak, you won't come home and find a surprise. it looks like it's raining right now because the changeover is creeping into
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becomes freezing rain. i'm tracking the rain snow right now. >> who is leading in south carolina as candidates throw what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple.
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primary day in south carolina is saturday. donald trump is still the clear front runner, showing no signs of slowing down. for the democrats, hilary clinton is nearly 20 points ahead of berniey sanders, democratic primary is not until the 27th of february. >> >>. >> it has been 2 days since the death of supreme court justice skal/ ya'. candidates are voicing their opinion about whether the seat should be fill whether the seat should be filled by president obama or the next president that takes office. >> he dies in one second after i is dead, they are fighting about politics. folks, this is not helping our country. >> the battle is dividing
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massachusetts senator elizabeth warren wants the senate to until the vacancy, -- -- medical marijuana dispense medical marijuana dispensary set to open tomorrow in lowell on industrial avenue. it will be open 7 day as week for qualify qualifies patients and caregivers. lateer this year, the company will be opening dispense dispensaryes in greenfield and boston. >>. >> accused of coming home late one night in january and getting in bed with his children's babysitter while she was sleeping. she told police it was not the first time. a local mailman helps to save a man's life without seeing him. the clue he noticed outside of the man's home that made him realize something was not right inside.
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new at 10:00, new trickss mbta is using to keep
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as we deal with more snow and below freezing temperatures and below freezing temperatures, ph-frpblt/ b t a is working around the clock to keep the trains running. they are increasing communications with riders, tweeting out updates and responding to issues. >> lauren armstrong tweets minute by minute updates from the ph-frpblgt/ b t a control room on issues issues for riders. >> and really as soon as i hit "send "i send out what their message is to supervisors and they take care of it right away. >> she deals with a steady
10:31 pm
concerns. >> if there is a disabled train, within a matter of minutes, people will start to reach out to us. reporter: 165000 followers depend on the updates. >> whenever there is a delay, i look on twitter to find out what is going on. reporter: when service shut down during record setting pwhreuz/ ars. riders were infuriated. >> what was it like? >> miserable. reporter: this weekend, crews set fire to realign several rails broken by subzero temperatures and crews trapped trains to keep them warm and running by morning. >> you have to keep opening and closing doors. you have to keep flushing out air hoses.
10:32 pm
efforts to restore passengers fate. >> we have to work very hard to keep the existing fleet working. >> bad news for you night owls >> bad news for you night owls, end appears to be near for m b t-frpblgt/ afrpblgt/ late night schedules. after march 19th. the t has not cut the service, yet, but it is being considered to help the budget. >> >>. >> revere officials investigating a flood gate failure to turned a neighbor failure to turned a neighborhood into an ice rink. we first showed you this sunday. a flood gate froze open and the alarm failed to tpreug/ trigger any notification to the city. >> there was a time that the water came up to my second step water came up to my second step. ducks were floating by.
10:33 pm
but it's really sad. >> this shouldn't happen. the water from high tide shouldn't be flowing up the street. >> city officials tell us they are taking a comprehensive look at the failures this week. >> radar lit up in all different colors and it's not because of different intensities, but different kinds, doing my best to pinpoint what is going on. changeover is happening rapidly and we are seeing a lot of reports. tease are all snow reports, i'll show you a couple of these, but, here's where it is still snowing. it's starting to mix in. 2 inches. just to the northwest of boston, an inch and a half of snow. this will get washed away. you want to measure the snow. you will get a measurement, by the morning, you won't be and to measure
10:34 pm
boston -- -- >> tole sou/ of there, look at the different colors, mixing changes over to freezing rain. it's a mess most places. just got a report of pouring rain in plymouth, above freezing, on top of the inch of snow you had, it's becoming a slushy mess. i'm going to switch over to the strange radar. dual pole doppler radar. we have that capability, where you have different kinds of things falling from the sky. it's one thing, like snowflakes up in here, you get a solid color, when it's all raindrops, you get a solid color. this is your mixing line in here, where the rain snow line is located. progressing northward, stretches into northern wooster county. that's where you are getting the period of sleet in the switchover from snow to
10:35 pm
snow is when everything is cold snow is when everything is cold, top to bottom. sleet is where you have warm air melting the pellets and the plain is when you have a small layer of warm air, enough to melt the snow flake and not enough time for it to freeze and the temperatures play all of the difference here. when you go from boston to new bedford, you are all rain and will stay that way, you will not be icy any more. central rhode island being an ice skating rink. it is 41 in nantucket. by the morning, most of us will be in the 40s, but back here inlapd where temperatures are in the teens t-rbgs/ will take awhile. that's where the most ice that's where the most icing will happen. even into bedford and lawrence. that's where the worst road conditions will be because you have the glaze of
10:36 pm
thankful you had some snow, it tempers it. ice is the only layer on the roadway, ice on top giving it a crunchy layer, but it's awe mess no matter what, new hampshire border by 11:00 30e/nd a then through the early morning, the peachy look early morning, the peachy looking color, that will be freezing rain, the cold air sits in the connecticut river sits in the connecticut river valley, you can't scour it out. warmer air coming in above us, but it stays ice through the valley, new hampshire, vermont. still snowing in morning northern most areas. that, too will change over eventual whether i. we get a break, though, late rainshowers, heavier stuff back here erbgs/ that's going to follow, ex expected snow and slight. one to 3 inches in these locations, tkpw-pb/, it will all melt away. snow andize
10:37 pm
the rain is going to come through during the evening commute, wooster, and th-pb/ boston, tremendously heavy. wind gusts, 50-60 miles per hour at the height of the storm. seven-day forecast keeps your weekend in view. before we get to that, we is to get to the stormy weather. i'll be tracking the skwraeupbg/over through the rest of this newscast. with the winter weather expected to continue, be sure to download the "stormtracker"weather app. it is free to download. >>. police releasing this video, see be a man filling a bag with underwear, passing it off to a woman that leaves with it. about $6000 was stolen and they believe they may be part
10:38 pm
anything, contact the police in texas, an 18 wheel irhauling oil exploded. the driver was flown to a san antonio hospital. no word on his condition. >> all-new at 10:00, "fox 25"investigates answers about state property missing or stolen. >>. >> first, airline warning you do not want to fall for, a scam to buy bogus ticke the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood.
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earlier this month, "fox 25"brought you inside of 2 packed meetings about a proposed hundred. the commission said they received thousands of letters on the. if approved, 50 permits for hunting bobcats would be given out. a man walks into a 711 holding a knife, climbed over-the-counter and removed the cash drawer. hundreds of items, stolen or missing. "fox 25"investigates the one type of state property disappearing the most in massachusetts. how
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>> >>. >> we continue to stay on top of a "fox 25"weather alert. a messy mix is making its way across the area, right now, it >> >>. >> new kphaeugs/ continues to come into our fews raofpl/. kevin is going over it all. i'll have the full forecast for you in 15 minutes hundreds of laptops, tablets, even gold coins and cash. uncovering a long list of state property missing or stolen. at the end of the day -- -- price tag nearly $2 million. you paid for it. we juan!wanted to see how well the state of massachusetts is keeping track of its stuff. >> new at 10:00. eric ras/ mussen obtained a list of lost and stolen items. you found some surprises.
10:45 pm
disappeared, real no not much of an explanation. "fox 25"investigates obtained the list and when we broke it down. it revealed all-state agencies it revealed all-state agencies, have been affected. pha+lt/'s laptop is his life line. he is studying at u mass boston. what would you do if you lost it? >>. >> yet u mass campuses and other state schools have seen hundreds of their own laptops and high-tech gadgets worth more than $3 3000 disappear. "fox 25"investigates found all kinds of state items have been lost or stolen in the last 4
10:46 pm
worth $1700. gold medallions and silver coins missing from the state trerb/ treasurer's office and plenty of cash. >> a courier picked up 2 deposit bags. they were supposedly dropped off at a bank of america night deposit vault, but somehow, one of those bags with $24000 inside disappeared. >> wow, this is incredible. >> "fox 25"investigates showed our data base to citizens for limited taxation. >> when you first told me about this, i thought i would see a couple dozen items totaling a few thousand dollars. these are hundreds of items are millions involved. reporter: in the case of the missing money, r m v e-mailed a statement saying -- -- faulkner is not satisfied.
10:47 pm
of these things are stolen, yet, if the taxpayers ever so much as a couple of days late on a payment, the state is on them like a wet suit. >> it's a continuing and grow >> it's a continuing and growing challenge. reporter: mass state auditor keeps track of the state's stolen and missing property, saying she is particularly concerned about the high-tech items on this list. >> state government is more and more reliant on technology, much of it is mobile. it's the information on the laptop that is more valuable than the laptop itself. >> a laptop stolen from u mass boston in 2012 had the social security numbers of 88 students security numbers of 88 students. reporter: we reached out to a number of state agencies, u mass amherst said they have invested a half million dollar
10:48 pm
represent a small fraction of the assets, but said they use tracking and other techniques to minimize those losses. if you have something you want "fox 25"to investigate. e-mail us or you can call the number on your screen. one-877 number on your screen. one-877-"fox 25"news. >>. >> fire officials are investigating after fire ripped through this home. sky fox at the scene. the newberry port news reporting there were no apparent injuries, but the family's dog may not have made it out alive. police want you to identify suspects -- -- it is believed a drill kit was stolen from the lowes. call police in if you we can them.
10:49 pm
ice to face the jackets. brad and everyone, tph-frpblgt/ h l, third star of the week. tough third star of the week. tougher to be more hot than he is right now, scored more than 7 points. he scored 8 seconds into yesterday's loss. here are the numbers, they really jump off the screen rumors lightening tampa bay lightening would part about with their superstar. tampa bay on the heels of the bruinss bay on the heels of the bruinss. 2 points back in the standings. >> red sox, a number of players
10:50 pm
ft. meyers. >> feels good. knowing everybody is there, ready to go everybody is there, ready to go. we have a couple more guys trickling in. when everybody gets here, more team bonding and obviously, we are here to play baseball. i think everybody will be ready. >> apparently, a mishap on the golf course yesterday. see the object in the water? that's a golf cart, it melt demise in an untimely manner. nobody was hurt. >> i left my club on the last hole and i went back to get it, parked on a hill, thought i could -- push the brake, but it didn't brake. i didn't push it all the way in. ran to get my club. by the time i turned around, it was going in the pond. tkpwhr/ yeah, that st+eupg/ s.
10:51 pm
going to heat up for a few weeks -- >>. >> ahead at 11:00. i replicate gordon dunk from saturday >> that you will not want to miss. >> we have more news coming up >> we have more news coming up. here's what we have coming up. a plane is forced to land in new hampshire due to the weather. what happened that left passengers out raged. you will hear from one of them and new photos we just got back. >> evacuated again. what happened that forced people from their homes for the second
10:52 pm
knife at a local store. instead of handing over the money, the shocking thing the clerk said he did when the weapon was inches from his face face. >> subtle signs energy supply rates keep going up and down. at eversource, we don't like it any more than you do. it doesn't mean more money for us. it means that the market price has changed. so we're working with partners across the region our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you.
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stkwhr/. >> a classroom looked like a sauna after a radiator pipe filed. it released hot water and steam into the room which set of smoke detectors. firefighters were able to stop it, water damage was minimal. >>. >> bookings for summer vacation on cape cod, martha's vineyard and nantucket are up 10%. researchers credit gas prices and a level economy.
10:56 pm
of folks dreaming their summer. >> it's icy out there on the roadways, still snowing up here roadways, still snowing up here, to lawrence and toward boxford, all kinds of mixes happening. changes to rain to the south east and the south of fall river along the shore of buzz ar/'s bay, but go inland and you will find freezing temperatures. that means you will have ice. this is that correlation, a different look at doppler radar where you look for the yellow band. that's where the changeover occurs. to the north of there, solid color, but the problem is that the rain is falling and freezing temperatures are causing the glaze of ice. in a couple of minutes, i'll be back with a look at where the freezing temperatures are. >> small changes, but they didn't go unnoticed to an alert mail carrier who came to the
10:57 pm
>>reporter: the fire department tells me they encourage people to check on elderly neighbors especially in extreme weather. it seems in one neighborhood, there is no one more neighborly than a post one more neighborly than a postman. >> for some reason friday, it clicked, i saw the mail still there and the house -- -- it didn't seem right. reporter: he usually sees the resident of this home once a month. this month, he hadn't, with the mail piling up hadn't, with the mail piling up, he knew something was not right. >> i had been thinking about it for a couple of days. it seem for a couple of days. it seemed like i had to do something. reporter: he got the attention of a nearby and before long, the braintree fire department arrived at the home of a 67 -year-old resident. baker was in need of help. >> he had general body weakness and slid off his couch and landed on the floor.
10:58 pm
long he had been there, but it could have been a couple of day could have been a couple of days. >> we notice things. i'm not the first guy -- -- there have been plenty of mail men that have saved people like this. >> at last check, baker's condition was listed as poor. "fox 25"news. conditions are expected to be treacherous in time tpof/ the morning drive. thanks for staying with us. >> it goes from snow to ice to rain. you can you tell by the deep blues with the mixing happening. some spots, it
10:59 pm
stopped or become very, very light rain there is rain fall light rain. there is rain falling through south east massachusetts, to the coastline and back here along buzz ar/'s bay. "stormtracker"can pin point where the freezing line is, right in through here. you are about to go to total rain. the problem is that the temperatures are not conducive to just having rainfall. there is a coating to an inch that has changed over. these are the t-rs, 34 bout the t-rs, 34 34 boston, 22 bedford, "stormtracker"going closer and show you how far inland you have to go to find the above freezing temperatures, reding, it's 23, watertown, 26, kaeupbg/ to rain, but you are still getting a glaze of ice. south shore shore, you think it's warmer. 29 degrees. ran doll of, you get the idea. it's just the


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