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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the alert ovght from state police. a dream vacation ends far from home. a flight far off course and forced to touch down in new hampshire. >> to be sitting on a plane this long and expecting them just to sit here. >> gene: why no one on board was allowed to set foot inside the airport for hours. this is the fox25 storm tracker weather alert. >> gene: good morning, everybody. 5:00 now on this tuesday morning, february 16. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. the first workday of the week for many people and the roads are not making it very easy. we have team coverage this morning of the wintry mix. jessica reyes is live in middlesex county where police are warning drivers there. catherine parrotta is with residents who are out of their apartments this morning for a second day of weather. julie grauert has look at the conditions around the state. >> gene: but first meteorologist shiri spear in the storm tracker weather
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the weather is the worst right now. >> shiri: here is the deal, a winter weather advisory into central massachusetts, merrimack valley. until then, guys, we need to be ready for icy spots and goes until 10:00 this morning into southern new hampshire. but even with that said, we are still sitting at 32 degrees in boston up to beverly. so there is still the potential for some ice in and around the city, and definitely with the 20s bedford, lawrence, nashua over to fitchburg this morning. nice to see fitchburg up to 37 degrees. with the warming air will come more fog this morning and an afternoon mess of a morning commute no matter where you are commute no matter where you are. good news is showers will stay very patchy out there. until 9, 10:00 this morning drizzle inland. it is looking very light. so i do believe road trues are going to be able to get a grip on this situation. by noontime today everybody is above freezing. still have scattered showers and heavier pound be rain coming in for the evening commute as well as the force of
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so 46 to 54. it is a massive warm-up expected. icy morning commute inland, and then we have that fog, that wind, that rain that we are talking about. but even right now a bit of a foggy situation with visibility dropping to only a quarter of a mile in spots like worcester. with that said, get you over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic. i know you are seeing the same fog. >> julie: speaking of fog, shiri, take a look at this the pike through brighton and usually we can make out how light the traffic is at this time of the morning but not right now. the fog really move in this morning on top of the issues we are seeing with the ice and the snow still on the roads. because of that fog, we have speed limit restriction in place for the pike. it has been reduced to 40 miles per hour from the new york line to the weston tolls. volume, though, overall still light even though tough to see this n those pictures, 93 south this n those pictures, 93 south, route 1, light volume. the live drive times they work their way up.
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gene and sara, back to you. >> gene: developing this morning, we are going to look at the conditions out there right now. in just about three hours, the city of boston is slushy. the crews got out there to take care of the roads. it was messy out there and right now it is still quite messy this morning. >> that is right. and we go to you are team coverage. jessica reyes live in hopkinton right now and jess, what can you tell us. ed roads are certainly a mess. took once thundershower get here to the studio on the drive that normally would take no longer than 35 minutes. depending on where you are, the roads are either a slushy mess or covered in ice. it is definitely as shiri and julie has been saying a slow look at the ground. you can see it is covered in this snowy, icy mix, and police departments in this area they are even tweeting out warnings to people like this one from
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showing a car off the side of the road in a ditch saying road conditions are hazardous and said in this tweet that the rain is falling at this point. pavement is still icy. urging everyone to use caution and drive safely. not the only part of the state that has conditions like this. this was shot right around 3:00 in westford, and you can see at times it was snowing. other times it was raining, but the entire time that our photographer was up there, the roads were very, very icy. dangerous conditions through as well this morning. but back out here live in hopkinton. right now we are take right now we are taking a look at west main street. you can see traffic is already moving here this morning. some people getting an early start on the morning commute. if you take a look at the roads, there is a sheen there. icy in some spots and watery. and water flowing in others. again, a slow morning commute as you heard julie said a short i am ago, you will want to give yourself maybe even double the times that it will normally take.
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on in 30 minutes. for now, live in hopkinton, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. developing this morning a travel nightmare for more than 150 people is still not open. their flight from the dominican republic to new york city was diverted to new hampshire last night. this is breaking news on the fox25 news at 10 and 11. sent us pictures from the plane once it landed in manchester. delta flight 944 was supposed to land before 7:00, but after circle circling jfk the plane was low on fuel and sent to new hampshire. no custom agents to greet the international flight in manchester and passengers had to silt on the plane while custom agents drove in from portland. >> sitting on a plane for this long and expecting them to tell out. they should have known that in the beginning. >> gene: after clearing customs the flight crew was unable to resume the trip
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the passengers were sent to local hotels and will fly out this morning. we are live in new hampshire land have a report in 30 minutes. a local hotel has a big mess to clean up this morning. a broken water pipe flooded the basement of the crowne plaza that sits over the mass pike in newton. four feet of water poured into the electrical room forcing flows cut power to it floors. hundreds of people had to grab their belongings and move to other hotels. some told us on scene that they had to climb down several floor had to climb down several floors in the dark. >> well, we were left on the 9 >> well, we were left on the 9th floor. non, i think it was a little hectic. >> no word when power will be restored to that hotel. the weather has kicked dozens of people out of their apartment. frozen pipes burst and flooded the building. catherine parrotta is liven in bellingham this morning. catherine, not the first time this has happened to those folks. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, the apartment complex behind me in bellingham.
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dents who live here are out of their apartments today. they say no time table given for how soon these repairs might be made, but as you mentioned this isn't the first time this has happened. take a look. in one apartment, a half inch of water on floor. in another apartment, water was seeping throughout ceiling. the scenes from the same apartment complex a year ago, but unfortunately deja vu for residents of 50 units. they are facing the same scenario after a sprinkler system froze and burst on the third floor. happening a year to the day since that same pipe broke last winter. >> i am hoping this he help us out this time around perhaps more than last time because it is -- it is frustrating. >> reporter: last year residents were told it could be up to six weeks before the apartments were fixed. again this time around, no time table for the repairs yet. fox25 has reached out to management for this apartment complex, no response just yet.
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they weren't pleased how the whole situation was handled last year. live in bellingham, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. some local restaurants say they are tired living in a building that has no heat. inspectors searched in multifamily home in roxbury. the heating system was broken all weekend. they found several violations and declared the building unsafe. the violations include a lack of insulation on pipes, no smoke detectors and broken appliances. tenants tell us they are fed up. >> the repairs obviously need to be made while we are residing here, but i do not have any plans on being here. i do not. i dealt with it enough. >> sara: the landlord is in compliance of the city codes and no knowledge of the units. >> gene: gel ought of our
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free to download. just search fox25 weather. happening today, the man charged in the death of the little girl once known as baby doe will be back in court. michael mccarthy was charged last month with the first-degree murder of bella bond. the blend of the little girl's moth era she willle bond. rachelle is being an accessory after the fact. bella bond' body went washed up and went unidentified for months. a shrewsbury fire fighter accused of inappropriately touching a teenager is due in court. shawn vodavich is accused of coming home late one night and getting in bed with his children's babysitter. she said it wasn't the first time and he also teaches fire education in local schools. man charged with drunk driving will be heading to court. scott petro nearly killed two other people in a hit-and-run crash on valentine's day in auburn.
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20. a state trooper caught up with him a short time later. the victims were high school sweethearts on a date when they were hit. >> i went to go look up because i heard the sdreeching of the tires, and all of a sudden we flew forward. >> gene: police say that he had a warrant out for his arrest and didn't have a valid driver's license. he reportedly told police thieves driving without a license for years and that he didn't care. fox25 investigates recently found that nearly 29,000 drivers in massachusetts have at least oui convictions. to see our full investigation into the state's worst offenders, go to and click on fox25 investigates under the news tab. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. right now at drive time from 495 to andover to the zakim bridge. but budget at least double that time because the roads are slick, slippery and very wet. shiri. >> here are some of the
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specific roads julie on 95, 128. still slippery conditions out there with pockets of freezing rain. on the mass pike, you are going to go from plain rain, mostly in and around the boston area to freezing rain quickly. 190 very ice 190 very icy out there down to the cape and southeastern massachusetts. it is plain rain is much warmer temperatures. i will take you hour by hour through that slow warm-up next. all right, shiri, stranded for hours. dozens of tourists got more than a nice view during a sightseeing trip. still ahead, the family with an 8-month-old on board tell us how they climbed 40 feet to safety. plus the status of that lift this morning. the temperatures may be warming up, many people and businesses this morning are dealing with the aftermath of the cold. plumbers are working around the clock to repair the damage of burst pipes. coming up next advice from the experts and how this prevent
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general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! 5:14. meteorologist shiri spear here zooming into southwestern new hampshire now, and you can see a little bit of patchy, freezing drizzle left, but this three-hour loop showing that pulling away from the boston area. be careful, because we will have some ice have some icy spots. in a couple of minutes we will break down when the heavy rain comes back into play. thousands of people across the region are dealing with burst pipes and no heat this
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morning, and it has got plumbers scrambling. fox25's daniel miller joins us now. a busy season for them. >> sara, we are talking about thousands of dollars of damage for many people, and the warmer temperatures today may only mean more problems. for one local man, he is living up to his claim, 24 hours a day, eight days a week and it will get busier. people who don't realize they have burst pipeline also find out when that ice thaws and the water starts running. plumbers tell us it is amazing how a little bit of water can add up. >> seven and a half gallons a minute and you have ten minutes. you have 75 gallons. >> daniel: some people have been out of heat and water for more than 24 hours now. we caught up with one grandmother in duxbury who has had to rely on a fireplace for warmth for 30 hours. her furnace stopped working and
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>> sit big the fireplace, and then extra blankets. and. >> plumbers say if you have to leave the home, turn off main water and keep an eye on things so if there is a leak, a better nobody. fox25 showed you the situation on arcadia street. an alarm system on the flood gate failed to work and residents residents were not notified there was actually problem. the city will examine the gate and the alarm system later this week. good morning, everyone, it is now 5:17 on what will be a really challenging commute this morning and i have these icons on to show you we are seeing lots of problems, not ot main
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light, but water main breaks, and telephone poles that have come down and accidents on some of the side streets that have not been treated yet. the pike moving along fine. visibility, though, still very low on the pike as you head through brighton. 13 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. 19 minutes on route 9 from 495 to speen street. 26 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. and shiri, you are tweeting out how that visibility is down to, what, a quarter of a mile in worcester right is now? >> shiri: in worcester, it is. because temperatures jumped 7 degrees. we are seeing the temperature and the dew point line up. and we have fog. that is pretty common throughout the day today. likely worse once we hit the afternoon, but even now, it will be a lingering issue through the morning commute. i have icy roads inland until 9:00 this morning. the last to see that fade are
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anyone in the merrimack location, you will be icyiciest longest here. up to 6 miles per hour along the coast between 1 and 10:00 and evening heavy rain and fog at its max between 5 and 8 p.m. today. right now 32 in boston. i do not like that boston is hanging on to that freezing temperature and we are likely seeing a lot of these accidents being reported on some of the side streets right now. visibility up 4 in boston. so fog isn't going to be too bad in the city itself. but we do have a little bit of fog. we do have some icy concerns now. temperatures though continue to rise. and by 7 a.m., 38 degrees. it will be fine. there will not be any more ice in an around the boston area. by 9 a.m., 45 degrees and you can see we work our way into the 50s, and then starting at about 3:00 to o'clock, we start bringing in the next batch of heavy rain. and worcester at 37 degrees right now. i know the city itself is looking okay. keep in mind a lot of
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hovering close to freezing around 7:00. temperatures in worcester 70 degrees with increasing afternoon showers and wrap it up with manchester new hampshire at 25 degrees. 3 31 at 7 a.m. icing conditions in southern new hampshire last us until 9:00 this morning if not 10:00 this morning. we will see some of this patchy we will see some of this patchy, light, freezing drizzle continue across the board and you can see that it tends to be pretty light and scattered through the remainder of the morning commute and that is one piece of good information here since it lightened up and will be able to treat hopefully the roadways and instead of piling up problems as we go through the morning commute. 9 a.m. temperatures will be mostly in the upper 50s, lower 40s. we continue to warm up at 50 degrees at noontime and the more intense showers come into play by the evening commute. 5 p.m. comes along, when we get the yellows, oranges and reds on here, downpours.
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rain on top of that fog and winds really maxing out as those come through. we could end up with some wind damage with gusts around 60 miles per hour. there could even be a rumble of thunder come on through during the evening commute. 8 p.m., we will start to see this pull away. temperatures mild. during the overnight hours we will have the risk of falling back into freezing territories. look at these numbers as far as expected rainfall goes. anywhether from half an notch an inch and a half of rain. inland locations kind of taking the brund of this with those heavy downpours later today. even if we are freezing now, don't worry, 50s. and makes. because we are seeing that giant temperature swing and it is going to warm up with that very wet forecast. if you are at or below 32 degrees, you better watch out for ice again on the roads tomorrow. 43 for your wednesday. highs. partly cloudy. highs stuck in the 30s. 36 on friday with increasing clouds. a couple of snow flurries on saturday night and weekend warm
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warm-up with highs in the upper 40s. back to you. >> sarah: all right, shiri. this morning, the search continues for a man missing for days as temperatures dip well below zero. still ahead, how the bar where he was last seen is now joining the evident to bring him home. plus, they are trying again plus, they are trying again. the southern doughnut chain about to win over new england with three words, hot doughnuts now. stay the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. coming up at 5:24 this morning. jet blue is warning customers not to be duped by this facebook scam. this post appears to be awarding free flights but if you look closely, not the real jetblue. any real promotions will any real promotions will run on their verified jetblue page. jetblue is asking anyone to alert them of anything suspicious and avoid sharing with friends. >> check this out. such an amazing story. sophia lorena won $200 on a scratch ticket and soon after she met glen. he was outside holding a sign in the freezing cold. she bought him coffee and used her win cans to pay for two nights for anymore a hotel. the nicest thing ever. sophia posted about glen on facebook.
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asking how they could help she has created a go fund me page for him. you can find a link on what an amazing story of giving and just being a nice human being. >> julie: kindness is contagious. once you give so many other people give as well. >> sara: good luck to glen. krispy kreme doughnuts are coming back to new england. three in new hampshire and four in maine. they had seven stores in new england but they closed in 2000 2000. and the sign glows with the words hot doughnuts now. >> sara: i am willing to try them if they want to deliver some here and see a dunkin' taste test. >> julie: we won't let them go to waste. the frosty weather was hard on wild animals. the southborough fire department had to help these swans. they froze to the ice. the good news here, fire
5:26 am
using some water. the fire department says this is the third time they had to rescue these little guys. oh, my gosh, that is so sad julie i thought swans were smarter animals. you have to stay in the staple place for ice to freeze. it doesn't freeze immediately. >> sara: that one big mama with the baby behind her and stuck. so sad. >> julie: fire fighters saved them. shiri, freezing conditions are making for a slippery commute and travel continues. >> shiri: size a big concern i have surrounding the morning commute. i think ice and fog will be the biggest nuisance out there. even the biggest danger out there this morning. this afternoon, it is wind, it is fog, it is rain. i will tell you when we make the flip and warm above freezing next. peep gem more time away from home than they planned. how the weather forced an unplanned stop in new hampshire for international travelers and
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we are very warm there. but we have to compare that and contrast that to the fact that boston is 32 degrees. obviously we have icy concerns there. waltham at 31. wayland at 26 degrees. points north and west of boston points north and west of boston. worcester has jumped up to 37
5:31 am
27 in leominster. 25 in nashua, new hampshire. a lot of these towns and cities have icing concerns through 9:00. 7 a.m. temperature teetering around 32. we will have that wide range. only going up. a slow warm-up. i don't expect to you lose any more heat. 50 degrees at noontime, highs in the 50 area wide. very windy later on today and downpours and wind by the evening commute. so i actually a high wind warning going into effect later this afternoon and this evening. time i expect the strongest winds and potential wind damage coming up in less than ten minutes. going to be sloppy out on the roads. and over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic this morning. and, julie, i mean already seeing accidents. >> yes, we are, shiri, volume is light and we are already seeing several accidents like you mentioned. this one on 95 northbound in sharon right near route 1. hike i mentioned, since volume is light not seeing a lot of
5:32 am
but a problematic drive. expressway slowing down around morrissey boulevard. a dark look, but you can see starting to see the volume pick up just slightly. over to those live drive times. 11 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the ex-toyota pike. 13 minutes on 95 from 495 to 128 128. 13 minutes on 128 northbound from westwood to weston. sara and gene, back to you. developing this morning, more than 100 people are still trying to get home after a tropical vacation left them far off course. >> gene: their plane went an emergency landing in new england when it was supposed to go to new york. michael henrich has more. weather played a big part in all of this. >> reporter: that's why, gene and sara and sara. they are waking up in you england instead of new york and they are trying to find when the passengers will finish their very long journey and they are thinking today and
5:33 am
delta put up 160 passengers, all 160 passengers in hotels near manchester-boston regional airport in front of which i stand in front of you this morning here. now i want to show you some of the pictures tweeted out by these passengers as you can see from those on board, what a nightmare it was to get to this point. passengers in flight tracking web sites show they did make it from the dominican republic to new york's jfk kennedy airport and were supposed to land around 6:15, and weather caused the plane to circle around until the decision was finally made to divert it to new hampshire. problem is, manchester's airport wasn't equipped to process such a large international flight so late. so the passengers were stuck on board while landed for shy of two hours. and then, when they finally deplaneed and went into a secure terminal, walking in the snow i might add, they had to wait for custom agents to drive
5:34 am
to process them. this is what one of the passengers told us on the phone passengers told us on the phone. >> we need to have a little consideration for people, you know. there is a lot of people on the flight that have young children. and to be sitting on a plane this long and expecting them just to sit here and telling us, that you know, due to customs we can't get out. they should have known that in the beginning. >> reporter: legal restrictions meant they timed out and they needed a certain amount of sleep before becoming eligible to fly again. i was been looking at the airport and delta's web site and both show one flight at jfk and that's at 11:00 this morning. i reached out to delta's media relations department to confirm these details and i reached out again to some passengers, and as soon as i have an update for you i will bring it to youer who on the fox25 morning news. for now live in manchester, new hampshire. michael henrich, fox25 news. the roads are an absolute
5:35 am
slippery and they have been all night long. this crash along 95 north in sharon overnight say it is all. thankfully, the driver of that box truck is okay. >> gene: cancellations and delays on the bottom of your screen. middlesex county is one of the areas worst hit. and jessica reyes is live from hopkinton with one spot that could get dangerous pretty fast. good morning, jess. >> reporter: hey, gene, good morning to you. the one spot in hopkinton is west main street. you can sigh there is a bit of a sheen on the road. the road is icy and wet this morning, and the problem with that is this road sits on a pretty big hill here. and we are expecting dangerous conditions, especially for people coming down that hill, especially as the morning commute continues to pick up in the next couple of hours. so here in this parking lot we are in. take a look at the ground. a crunchy mix of snow and ice, and this is what you are going
5:36 am
morning. even as things warm up, dangerous conditions on the road as they are going to be wet and slushy in some spots. as julie and shiri have been saying, you will want to take it very, very slowly for your morning commute. maybe even give yourself double the amount of time that you would normally would. over in the merrimack valley. some video from there as well. a lot of the same conditions we are seeing down here. very slick, very icy in spots. and even though it was raining for some of the time overnight, very, very slick on the roads as it has been so cold out. in that area you will want to take things very, very slowly this morning as well. and we have also seen several updates from some police departments. upton right next door to hopkinton are warning people just to take it very, very slowly. we have seen a number of accidents as we saw just before this in that box, and there have been a couple that we have seen on twitter. and going on to take it very, very slowly this morning. we will be back with another
5:37 am
and what to expect for your morning commute in 30 minutes. for now we are live in hopkinton. jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. we will be tracking the rain and ice for you all morning long. closings and delays are running at the bottom of your screen as gene just mentioned. and make sure you get our alerts on the news -- on the fox25 stormtracker weather app. free to download. search for fox25 weather. norwood police are looking for a man that tried to hold up a convenience store. surveillance video from aj's on morton street. the store owner tells fox25 the suspect came in with a knife. the man has owned the store for 13 years and tells us he was about -- he was not about, rather, to let someone take his hard-earned money. he fought back with a milk crate until the man ran off who was in all block and wearing a mask. this afternoon a rhode island car dealership will try to force prosecutors to force a suv seized during an investigation.
5:38 am
in 2013 when hernandez was charged with the murder of odin lloyd. prosecutors say it was used for a double murder in boston where hernandez was about to stand trial. fox25 in east providence said to complete the sale of the business. a boston judge will hold a hearing on the mat they are afternoon. this morning, funeral services will take place for the woman killed by a flying manhole cover on the expressway manhole cover on the expressway. she was killed when the metal cover hit the windshield of her car. the 35-year-old was on her way to work as an art teacher at a school in milton. after the crash, crews inspected every manhole along the expressway. state police tell fox25 they are still investigating how the man hole cover got loose. police chase a new lead in the search for a young man from worcester county who disappeared in boston. following the search for 22-year-old zack marr. celebrating his birthday in boston when he went missing early saturday morning. his friends say he stepped out
5:39 am
hall. his loved ones canvas boston with fly special our whole family is -- they are so sad right now. you don't even know how to accept what's going on. >> gene: boston police released these surveillance images of zack in the area at the time of his disappearance. the they say they have shared their video with zack's family. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. we are seeing some cancellations on the commuter rail. fitchburg train 743. and.7:44. the 6:30 a.m. are cancelled. bus service is being provided. shiri? and winds already gusting in southeastern massachusetts 20 to 30 miles per hour. that south wind helped warm us up, but look how strong it gets this afternoon. winds gusting 50 if not 60 miles per hour. 6 p.m. the best chance of getting wind damage. i will show you when it pairs up with the heaviest rain coming up.
5:40 am
coming up at 6:00, the photo from tom brady that is making some fans nervous this morning. plus, stranded for hours. high in the sky, dozens of tourists got more than they bargained for on their trip up the mountain. >> please don't break. please don't break.
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5:43. meteorologist shiri spear here. over the last few hours freezing drizzle and drizzle come on through now remaining in massachusetts. what you need to know even though misty right now icy across the roadways across massachusetts and new hampshire massachusetts and new hampshire. tense moment caught on cell phone video people forced to rappel down a tram at a local ski resort. a family on board with their
5:44 am
it stopped. ted daniel spoke with them about the sight-seeing trip that ended with a big rescue. >> reporter: our first look inside one of the stuck cars from our first visit with the youngest on board. her name is remi lewis, and she is about as cute as they come. >> yeah, you like that. you want more. you want more. >> yeah. >> reporter: what was supposed to be a 9-minute ride to the summit of cannon mountain turned into a three-hour or deal on one of the coldest days of the year. >> everyone knew she was there. >> it is funny because people heard her crying and said, i know, we feel the same way. [ laughter ] >> reporter: after more than an hour suspended more than 40 feet in the air, the order to evacuate. this is cell phone video of what it looked like. passengers were lowered out of the bottom of the car. mom sabrina went first in a harness. remi and her dad went next in rescue sack. >> i held her in my arms and in a bag.
5:45 am
>> in the back of my head i am like, please don't break, please don't break. just seeing her hit the ground when we got there and got out and was safe, we were like, big sigh. >> reporter: traumatic for little remi, not at all, bundled in a snowsuit, the 8 bundled in a snowsuit, the 8-month-old slept through the whole thing. >> they wanted to check her out and make sure she was okay. she was, all fingers and toes were warm, and she was -- she was warm. >> reporter: i am ted daniel, fox25 news. >> gene: that family said they were impressed by the professionalism of the ski resort staff and the first responders. that trail, by the way, is still closed. it is now 5:46. good morning, everyone. following quite a few accidents following quite a few accidents. overall.volume is still light though. an accident on 495 southbound area. and then as we shift over to beverly, this accident on 128 southbound near route 1 a. shifting closer into the city. the accident on 93 northbound
5:46 am
this is because the roads are so slick and slippery right now. over to your live drive times. 14 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 27 minute on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 26 minutes from 128 southbound through route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear is talking to us now. and you are going to highlight some of those overnight snow totals and leading to challenging positions on the road. freezing rain on top of it create creating this slushy commute. stratham, new hampshire taking the cake this morning with 3 inches of snow. but 1 to 2 inch is common from north reading, metheun, chelsea, boylston and into quincy. but all this warm air is coming into play and that is really helping to boost temperatures this morning. important because it is really going to help weed out the ice going to help weed out the icy concerns as we travel through the morning commute from south to north. a lot of freezing rain, and even in and around the boston area, we are still talking 32
5:47 am
so you have to be very careful for those icy spots. 7 a.m., though, 37 degrees. expecting thing to be just wet, not icy in boston. we get a couple of scattered lighter rain showers. and as temperatures warm into the 50s this afternoon, we start pulling in heavier rain for the commute. this is a look at plymouth. we already have temperatures close to 50 there. no icing worries there down across southeastern massachusetts unless you are perhaps farther away from the coastline. the coast and that is where it will be a little slippery. north shore on the other hand, we do have temperatures sitting at freezing or just below freezing. at 7 a.m., we will be pretty close, so we will have to watch out for icy spots. straight through 9:00 this morning where the winter weather advisory expires. i wouldn't be surprised if it expires a little bit earlier or if it is cancelled a little earlier if we see improvements by 7, 8:00 this morning. and worcester, 39 degrees at 7 a.m. we get up to 50 this afternoon as well.
5:48 am
going to be very icy and in and around the city where temperature readings are still in the 20s and keene, new hampshire. ice affecting keene until 10:00 ice affecting keene until 10:00, and after that, the heavier rain and the warm-up for the afternoon 37 for the afternoon for the afternoon. here at 8 a.m., i want to highlight bedford, fitchburg, nashua so close to freezing, guys. this is why you have to be real close, real careful on the roadways this morning because there will be pockets of ice out there through the morning commute and those cooler towns and cities. by noontime, upper 40s, lower 50s. patchy rain and some fog throughout the day. the fog, the rain, the wind all going during the evening commute commute that will come at 5 p.m. with temperatures in the 50s. whipping wind, strongest across eastern massachusetts. 5 to 60 miles per hour. and this is also when we are going to pick up a lot of that rain. so it will be a blinding rain 37 . just because of the intensity during the evening commute and it pulls out to sea during
5:49 am
8 or 9:00 tonight. temperature-wise, even if you were starting freezing. look how warm you turn by day's end. 52 in worcester. 53 in manchester, new hampshire. 55 in boston. 53 in plymouth which is actually pretty close to what you are waking up to in plymouth this morning. and next we have temperatures back to 30 in framingham. 28 in worcester. so the concern is going to be all that moisture from today's rain. actually locking up on the roadways. be careful for some ice and temperatures tomorrow well above freezing with temperatures in the middle 40s. a cooler but brighter day waking up in the 20s. highs in the 30s, friday high 36 degrees with increasing clouds with. we have a chance of a little light snow into saturday with a couple of sprinkles and temperature ins. both says, how about upper 40s. nice little warm-up with temps 10 degrees above average. back to you. all right, shiri. a mailman says he is no hero,
5:50 am
next, how he knew something was wrong a homeowner along his route. and stay with us for our news at 6:00, we continue our storm tracker weather coverage. it is foggy and slick and people had a whole host of problems because of the weather. boston down beacon street near boston common. tire marks in the snow that remains. very slick and slippery out there. streets are covered with that wintry mix. ahead, what to look for at your
5:51 am
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an attentive mail carrier saved a local man's life after noticing something different on his home in his the mailman usually sees him on his route to braintree once a month. and this month he didn't and his mail was piling up. >> we notice things and when things don't seem right. it i am not the first one. there are plenty of mailmen who saved people like this. >> sara: baker suffered a medical issue and collapsed on his floor. he is currently at south shore hospital. one of the world's oldest known birds in the wild has a new family member.
5:54 am
chick that hashed inside the wildlife rescue. the mama bird was getting food when she hatched and he fed her when he returned. the chick . we should know if new hampshire will open a bobcat hunt. the commission will vote on the issue tomorrow. earlier this month, fox25 brought you inside two packed meetings. and the commission said they received thousands of letters on the topic. if approved, the state would set up a lottery to award 50 permits for trapping and hunting bobcats. filming on "star wars: episode 8" is now under way. >> cut. gene lavanchy >> gene: picking up where it left off. a short tease to the monster
5:55 am
it will include benicio del toro and laura concern. taylor swift opens the grammy awards and her performance is one of the most talked-about performances this morning. t swift walked away triple winner and also became the first woman to win album of the year a second time. rapper kendrick lamar won five awards last night and a girl from nantucket, meghan trainor won best new artist. in addition, last night's awards were full of tributes. . >> sara: lady gaga took on the role of david bowie to pay homage to the late rock star. her six-minute performance her six-minute went through nine different time periods of bowie's hits. it earned her a standing ovation. adele returns to the grammy
5:56 am
making news because it had some problems. [ music ] >> sara: the usually flawless singer sounded flat. fans took to twitter to express their outrage at the sound issues. those inside the ceremony said she sounded just fine. adele cleared up the mystery after the show. she said the mics on the piano fell into the strings and because of the technical glitch, she was treating herself to a burger. she deserve it is. >> gene: congratulations to megan trainer who once performed here on the fox25 morning news. business news for her. that is awesome. ben and jerry serving their nondairy treats for the vegans and lactose intolerant. four new flavors. base is almond milk with coconut milk mixed in. they are being shipped out and most store also have them in two to four weeks.
5:57 am
>> sara: talking about doughnuts and ice doughnuts and icing this morning, i am starve morning, i am starving this morning. >> gene: we will get you that. a warm-up in temperatures but too late for many. frigid weather burst pipes in many homes. still ahead, what people in one community are experience community are experiencing a bad case of deja vu. plus, a major cable outage keeps people from their favorite show. what is comcast says went wrong that kept the televisions dark. and by 7:00 this morning, i have got temperatures on either side of freezing which means slippery concerns continue.
5:58 am
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amera runs on dunkin'. now at 6:00, snows a turned into freezing drizzle make into freezing drizzle making for a treacherous morning commute. how long the threat for ice will last in your town, and when the heavy rain and fog will move back in. heading out to work, leave early. slippery conditions. we saw several cars and trucks off the road. what conditions look like right now and the speed restrictions already in place. some residents of this bellingham apartment complex are out of their homes because of a burst pipe. why they are frustrated by more than just this incident. and we are following developing news in new hampshire where bad weather forced an international flight to make an emergency landing. the issue at customs that have them all waking up in hotels this morning far from home. complete new england


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