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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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at this hour. urologist is a brewer watching the strong winds but let's start off with g mineralogist kevin lemanowicz. >> the worst of it is over for some areas but other places the rain still coming down very hard this evening drive is going to limit visibility but also going to cause you to pounding on some of those roadways take you to the city of boston southeast single some of the heavy rain as well right downtown the rain continues right along the harbor especially but in the financial district were seeing 93 and service road broad street atlantic avenue right here in some of the heavier rain this extends southward onto the south shore look at all this rain happening randolph northward to quincy raintree split right here heavy rain just north of that split into quincy no doubt about that. right across will be close to 93 and copeland street stretches right through that quincy stretched into
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at this line most intense line coming to the middle part of cape cod out over the bay but some of the heavy rain has made his way on land here that's just to the west of the chatham area to boost in harwich seeing some of this heavy rain right now clearwater drive east harwich 137 this round corporal getting in some of the intense rain right now it's going to come with some gusty winds to be sure. kate and not a quite yet still some pockets of heavy rain or to gloucester in round bowl lighter look at this was the much out of it outside of some last-second sprinkles that are come on through. computer tracks eastward to the evening commute out of your during the evening hours with clear later on tonight. jason the clean skies mean temperatures going to fall but right now the winds are still howling. >> absolutely and was still concerned really the outer cape now racing for some stronger
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chatham just another five or 10 minutes strongest winds of the storm have to offer will be upon you. current when gus right now are running 3040 miles an hour 40 bedford still 43 in boston 44 nantucket we have had wind gust is high as 60 miles an hour there at the blue hill observatory builder was 58 worcester 56 highest gus reported as a line cames through rockport 51 with this 40s and austin plymouth getting this power outages unfortunately with that high wind warning post right to the early evening. kevin. >> we have that rain coming to an end later on tonight push offshore certainly some good news but the issue that's going to come up jason's effect with clearing skies. skies temperature start to fall special with cold front going on by so while it was nice and warm today it still is out there for your dinner plans. 54 boston bedford right now 51 back here to worcester into orange little:cape is a water
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land but still mild out there. these temperatures will drop later on tonight that's the next obstacle have to get over. but for now keep tracking the strong winds and heavy rain. >> is go outside fox25 elizabeth hopkins live in east boston with the rain is pouring down as we can see right here the wind continues to be awful. >> when you see the team coverage of kevin jason and myself i have to ask you which of these things does not look at the others. i can confirm everything that the saying is medevac i'm fighting a losing battle with this now broken umbrella. obviously you can see with this kind of driving wind and driving rain not only is it a concern that trees will come down and pull down power lines, but it's entirely possible you look at this entirely possible the wind is strong enough to do power outages. the recent numbers we have
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in attleboro we know at last check there at least 3000 in westborough about 800 and 41 homes that don't have power. come back out your life your east boston at boston harbor i don't know if you can tell but as his wind picks up, these boats these large boats are being tossed around like bath toys and is a medevacs oh my. by the way it i had some pad of paper to give you all those numbers about the power outages but the wind and the rain just ripped it up so i went ahead and wrote on the hand. if you don't mind gentlemen ladies ethical go inside get dry and warm. back to you in the studio. >> fine job out there. riding on the hand with those boats jockeying for position. download the fox 25 whether app for up-to-the-minute local forecast. back if you miss tracking linda's conditions and a crucial bring you any damage reports as we get them into a newsroom over the next hour and
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and 11 as well. >> updating breaking news from were carjacked at gunpoint we've been tracking this case over the last hour new at six bucks 25 john monahan live in brockton with that information. >> john: i can tell you right now the suspect is now in custody here at the brockton police department after a chase into neighboring stoughton. all happened this afternoon at the westgate mall that suspect ending up smashing the car the carjacked into a pole after state police spotted him and then he took off. this began westgate mall run noontime suspect approached her mother as she was placing her infant into her car seat. with gun in hand he demanded her keys hopped into that great camera and took off. minutes later a 1201 state troopers by the suspect in pursuit through brockton still. suspect slammed into a pole and then he took off running. the state trooper along with two sheriffs apprehended that suspect he is 32-year-old josi
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police say he actually had a pellet gun which he tossed into a snow bank. police to recover that pellet gun robles now charged with armed carjacking armed robbery and driving with a suspended license. he has been handed over to brockton police right now where he is being detained. live in brockton this afternoon. >> investigates his uncovered new concerns about how the state tracks the inspection of manhole covers. we wanted to learn more about the process the tragic death of the milton school art teacher caitlin quibec. fox 25's sharman sacchetti is live now at the statehouse where she caught up with the governor and she's been working to get answers. >> sharman: how many manhole covers are on state roads while the state could not give me an exact number and once more, we not all of them to get inspected every two years. >> the governor telling me our highways are safe days after the tragic death of caitlin who was killed last week after an airborne manhole cover blasted
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baker telling us right away hundreds of manhole covers in the tunnels and nearby boston were immediately inspected. what about statewide? >> we had dot look at somewhere around 900 somewhere to a 900,000 covers. of all kinds. they took some cautionary action. >> why not take them all? >> there are other things more productive. when i asked him governor baker couldn't tell me how many manhole covers were not getting checked on state roads. so i reached out to the department of transportation a mass.spokeswoman couldn't give me an exact number telling me that could be as many as 100,000 metal covers on state roadways and then she told me massachusetts does not have a database listing every metal cover under mass.jurisdiction. she says between 900 and
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the lanes of travel were told most in the boston area. she tells us the ones in the years. and while mass.says some manhole covers across the state are checked even more frequently than that, she did admit some don't get checked every two years. tragedy. >> the governor is calling it's not the first time tragedy has struck in the big tunnels. mcgovern romney order we do when the tunnel ceiling tiles crashed the ground killing a woman and a like victor can fall into the ground in a big tunnel 2011 all future fixtures were reinforced with the zip ties and crews were ordered to check them every six months. >> we have asked the dot for more information on them at the repairs that they've made over the last few years regarding manhole covers and were waiting to hear back. friends and family of caitlin gathered earlier today to say goodbye the funeral mass for her was celebrated at saint you
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winchester. 35-year-old taught art at the glover and tucker elementary school in milton. >> developing news and malden were woman's body was found inside an apartment building. fox 25's robert goulston has been working to get information. >> robert: this all started as a welfare check of his apartment comments on busy broadway here and malden but fox25 is learned from a source that this is now being investigated as a homicide. we have also confirmed that this was not a random attack. >> is a pretty quiet area in here. not much going on except for today. mulder police got a call around 9 o'clock last night they were asked to do a welfare check at clip side comments on broadway. police arrived on scene, they found a woman's body inside the apartment they were supposed to
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complex. fox25 news has learned the case homicide. >> police do not believe this is a random act so there is no public. try talking to clip side comments management but they only said no comment and told us to leave the property. some residents are worried they never got any news about what happened or that there was an active crime scene inside the building. it's scary. there was no indication that anything went wrong. >> das office telling us they will release the victim's identity as soon as they notify all of her family. >> knew it six 21-year-old man accused of threatening to blow up a local hospital please not guilty in court. originally from saudi arabia
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hospital after a fight with his roommate. hospital workers say he assaulted them and said he would stop a bomb to himself and blow up the hospital. he's been ordered to surrender his passport is now being held on a $2500 bill. >> knew tonight arrest has been made after police say driver 18 on a bicycle on purpose. 21 -year-old calvin sousa has been charged with assault with intent to murder but is hit-and-run and low witnesses told police 18-year-old and a bike was arguing with susa and sousa hit the team with his truck and took off. the teen remains in the hospital tonight his condition is stable. >> weapon stolen from a local gun store. ahead at 6:30 the similarities between this crime and the nook of the local robbery that has police wanting at the connector. >> shrewsbury town leaders taking action after a
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inappropriately touching his weather alert were tracking heavy rain strong winds moving across areas live look at satellite radar showing the lines of coming to cape cod the south shore special wind gusts top of the hour from wrong kb and north shore 62 miles per hour also now over 18,000 people without power next to these wind gusts coming across right now we're taking a live look at the roadways you
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all jammed up's report out of writing the police warning of the stop lights not working because of the power outages but got to be careful out there were tracking it right now. >> will see you again in just a little bit. developing news now story following since last night and throughout the day today. passengers on this plane from the dominican that were left stranded in new hampshire last night were supposed to take off for new york just a few hours ago. but they were turned around again and they still are not home. ted the plane just took off moments ago after what seemed like a nightmare trip. >> reporter: these passages have been dealing with one problem after another for more than 24 hours now and as you said still not home but we were able to watch the plane from our vantage point here in terminal a push back a short time ago. it might be taxing now and should be taking off to new york at any time. fox25 story last night when we
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unable to land at new york's jfk airport because of the weather. the plane diverted to manchester new hampshire and passengers had to wait hours to disembark because there were no custom agents on duty to process them. they all spent the night at hotels 159 of them in manchester and then the flight finally took off for manchester this afternoon nearly 2 hours behind schedule. again, the plane made it all the way to new york city but due to high winds and severe turbulence, it diverted a second time this time to boston. short time ago i spoke to an irate passenger by phone. >> then they said we're going to begin our descent is a plane got really really dangerous and i honestly was nervous that the plane was going to crash. and then were circling and circling there was no announcements being made in finally they made an announcement that were going to be going to boston. >> so that woman right there
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version that these passages went through. as as unfortunate as it may be for them, delta tells us the diversions were made with safety in mind it's been horrible weather in new york as well as bad weather here. hopefully the passengers should be arriving in about an hour to end this nightmare of a trip. >> present brock obama wrapped up a news conference economic summit us in an hour going really feel the question about the pending nomination of a replacement the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. the president says it comes to the constitution the next step is clear.>> there was more than enough time for the senate to consider in a thoughtful way, the record of a nominee that i present and to make a decision.>> justice scalia passed away suddenly of the weekend with some members of
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the nomination process until the next president is elected. >> empty chair in the us supreme court did not go unnoticed today. black wool draped on the chair of justice antonin scalia on the bench in front of his seat. black drape is also been hung over the courtroom doors the source close to the family tells cnn that will be a public viewing for scalia on in his funeral will be held on saturday. >> case you haven't been able to step outside it's blowing hard out there most locations some heavy rain come on through as well. dense fog it is a tricky travel home to wait a few more minutes much of it will be over especially away from cape cod zoom in on a couple of spotty first time city of boston check this out started out at 5 o'clock tenths rain coming down in the city is now ending boston getting out of as you can see the rain offshore here but that's about it. to the south though it
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and near the shoreline from nan task it beat to situate marshfield texting kinks in plymouth along with three the on cape cod is the most intense band of all thin red line extending offshore now came through cape cod this afternoon with very strong winds and the rain was blinding as it came down. off of nantucket as well heavy rain hanging around on the cape.down into dennis you see that yellow and orange still showing up here route 6 cuts right to the middle here there's yarmouth and 6a east dennis south yarmouth. off to the north and west of there we go really straight north north shore salisbury beach newburyport to newberry over toward georgetown along i-95 educate and we have that wind gust at rock port 62 miles per hour. intense winds that's why they're nearly 20,000 without power this evening.there's lowell getting out of it just getting out of the easter plank of the city worcester eat and west still showers but the city
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gusty but nearly strong as it was. futurecast showing a lot of storms getting offshore and o'clock tonight the last on the outer cape getting out of here during a 10 o'clock newscast tonight and i will watch the temperatures because look how the air clears out.when that happens behind a cold front you temperatures going to start to drop these wins which have been from the south all day that's why so warm out there and they're going to switch around and come from the northwest and west that's going to bring in some of that cooler air but right now it's still in the 50s orange to worcester out of 49 westfield starting to see the beginnings of some cool air move on and cooler air because the wind is of the fortysomething degree water so temp about from worcester in the 40s down to below freezing in the morning. here's our next issue. you get outside of austin go to the west especially and you're
6:21 pm
dropping to freezing everything is wet that will all ice up be black ice tonight. boston down to 34 degrees first thing in the morning that is just too close for comfort immediate suburbs west park city west roxbury dating roslindale likely going to have some spots of like ice later tonight. to 128 and beyond. all because of those temperatures falling with the wet roadways out there tonight. tomorrow morning you wake up to sunshine watch out for the black ice it will melt as temperatures warm up during the day tomorrow will going into the 40s so it's going to be a mild day one more time just not quite as mild as it was today. 48 out there and taught in the brayton treatment often inferences seven-day forecast shows cooler days ahead thursday and friday with a bit of light snow shower rain shower activity friday into saturday but temperatures warming up because that of a
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40s this weekend on saturday
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bernie sanders courting voters in south carolina. today sienna spoke to faith is a prayer breakfast in south carolina also host a town hall style meeting at the university of south carolina.
6:25 pm
for meeting with civil rights it is a new york city joined by the reverend al sharpton and leaders in the national urban league naacp and the national action network each group presented clinton with their agenda and goals for the next four years. >> ted cruz suggesting that donald trump would not be the kind of president children should look up to. his campaign in south carolina on tuesday into the crowd quote any parent would be very dismayed at the children repeated the language that trump uses in his rally. >> south carolina republican resident primary schedule for this saturday. >> barbara bush is hitting the presidential campaign trail again the popular former first lady will be stumping for her son jeb in south carolina this week. former florida governor aching a strong push in the state after coming in fourth in new hampshire. mrs. bush expected to attend campaign event on thursday and friday.
6:26 pm
50 years commercial flight will be resuming between the us and cuba. two countries that signed an agreement authorizing at least 100 flights a day that's a huge jump from the current 10 to 15 private flights being allowed delta southwest american airlines all tell us they are planning to apply for roots. >> this going to me your prices. be a lot easier for americans to get down there that's a good thing. >> tourist travel to cuba is still banned but the president is authorizing 12 categories as recent travel there putting family visits this is trouble in support for cuban people. >> dental motors recalling sobs and saturns over an airbag issue. carmaker says at least replace the takada airbag and played his the move is part of a rider recall up over 5 million vehicles announced month by us safety regulators. takada inside his can explode with too much force in a crash gm recall includes a saab 93 from 2003 to 2011 and a saab nine five 2010 and 2011.
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heavy rains and whipping winds making pretentious commute home tonight this is a live look at the roads and you can see that very slick out there so be careful if you're driving home or have to get out tonight. >> weymouth and power outages rising as well picture from wellesley where tree crashed into a home there was an 18,000 people by the way are without power across the state at this hour.still could be a familiar sight as the night moves on a most winds continue although kevin settled dying down. weather team is tracking the storm. jason brought falling as intense wins. let's begin with fox25 kevin lemanowicz tracking when the storm is at this very moment fast mover kevin. >> racing on out of your mark no doubt about that for places where the rain is coming down problems clearly out here in cape cod still sing heavy rain but jason this out to me want the lightning bolt. out over the water nothing on
6:31 pm
to nantucket to be concerned if you could be outside might want to go inside until this rain and thunderstorm activity pacified yourself bus to getting back is the light rain extends with cambridge 93 for the commute into south being some of that out here on the south shore scituate south of plymouth cyclist or beat by the rain heavy stuff coming over the bay off of cape cod most intense squall line that came on through but look at some of this heavy rain middle of the cape especially going to zoom in the harwich yarmouth area see some warranted here as well as some yellow takes you through south and is a route 6 134 runs north and south and 28 through dennis port right by sunday school and hope it harwich think some of the heaviest rain happen at this hour. slide to the north shore not out of it yet. kba gloucester think heavy rain wind gust reports of 62 miles per hour in rockport lighter rains around will southward to wilmington along i-83 and 95
6:32 pm
worcester limit of light rain appeared in holden worcester dry over the last hour but some light rain near you right now so jason the rain is mostly winding up but winds continue to blow. most concern around nantucket outer cape we have the some thunderstorms pointed out to the south here that's a sign of how tall some of these heavy showers are getting reducing that lightning that's also a sign that we can drag some of those very strong winds down 60 mile an hour wind gust possible around nantucket barnstable points eastward as that heavy rain continues to march its way northeast right now power outages power line damage showing off your know with a computer wellesley medfield boston duxbury implement all reporting power line damage and were getting those reports in here just a minute by minute into the fox storm center. the winded visor the wind warning over the next hour or so still concerned about some damaging wind gust the eastern areas of cape cod under the biggest threat.
6:33 pm
out of here very quickly so far this is what were looking up by 7:30 the heaviest rain of that band going out across the cape offshore during the clock hour by 10 o'clock tonight looking at clearing skies to west set up the next issue for us. right now very mild it's 51 in worcester right now. but guys will be clear the last of the showers moving by going down to 30 in the morning everything is wet that means everything has a chance to ice, up after what some of that black ice austin at 54 right now overnight going down to 34 that just too close for comfort will be areas in the west of plank of boston away from the water that will have areas of black ice.tackling that as the evening goes on as well as tracking the rain and wind on out of your pick. >> a broken water pipe flooded the basement of a local hotel at 11 o'clock last night we were live at the crowd plaza which sits over the mass pike and two. today we learned about four feet of water pulled in the
6:34 pm
hotel to cut power to at least 12 floors. about 250 guests had to grab their belongings before and us to another nearby hotel. >> be sure to watch the fox 25 news in the morning sherry watching the weather julie for monitoring the road conditions for you to get started at 4:00 a.m.. >> a gun still from a local gun tough right now investigators searching those responsible. stephanie quinn your in just a matter of minutes the suspect broke through the door they came over here they smashed the glass in store for guns. >> you just don't want firearms in the wrong hands. >> john the manager of man firearms says he's been worried sick after police called him to let him know the gun store had been robbed. the robbery happened around you:30 monday morning police believe the suspect parked down the street walked into the store force their way in and then ran off with the guns. >> the method that was used to get in was very quick. we believe that they've done this before. >> the store is owned by
6:35 pm
at the kingsborough police department for three years. cheap how says there's never been a conflict of interest is the city doesn't do business with the store. police are now looking into whether this crime could be connected to another gun store robbery. take a look. this is surveillance video from two weeks ago. this is outside wicked weaponry in hopes it new hampshire you can see those two suspects with their faces covered. >> kingsborough police says one challenge is the gun store didn't have any surveillance cameras inside at the time of the robbery. he said they installed these cameras after the robbery happened. how says timing is so important because these suspects they try and rob another gun store. >> john told me that he just wants to get the word out to other gun store owners so what
6:36 pm
>> tri-state police searching for a new lead in the search for missing man 22-year-old zachary from the town of harvard disappeared early saturday morning elevating his birthday boston when his friend stepped outside of the bellingham for cigarette never came back. if you know anything about mars whereabouts contact boston police. >> dangerous rescue in the frigid water off boston. tugboat sank with three people on board and knew tonight we're hearing the captain's call for help to the coast guard. >> we've got a casualty just north of the growing number two.requesting assistance at this time people do have a board. >> three. >> scary scene played out i've miles east of deer island fox25 elizabeth hopkins reports now and how those men rescued. >> entire crew is okay but listening to the story you can understand that there was just a very small window they had to
6:37 pm
>> the call came in at daybreak. captain joe says tugboat captain of doug was up for the emily and with two crewmembers when five miles east of deer island, he began taking on water and fast. as you can hear in this coast guard radio call. >> maloney not the coast guard was closer to the tug he and another man how to find and only spotted the crew as a tug was slipping into 50 feet of water. one crew member was in this life raft but jumped into the water for the rescue. the captain already in the harbor with the other crewmen on his back.
6:38 pm
took moments. the water temperature here is just 37 degrees i'm told by maloney that in under 10 minutes being submerged into that type of water can be fatal. they feel very lucky that their life tonight.>> a man arrested for allegedly exposing himself to people on the campus of the new hampshire university. 30-year-old jonathan of national was arrested yesterday. police were called to the campus after getting several reports of a man exposing himself to students in a bathroom. after arresting him police learned he had been convicted of indecent exposure twice before. in both massachusetts and maryland. he is now being held on a $20,000 bail. firefighter father to court to
6:39 pm
fox25 crystal haynes reports accused of inappropriate touching this child babysitter. >> sean attorney says that he was out of town when the summons to appear to court today was sent to his house. the only reason he was actually there was at a local paper tipped him off to the charges against him. >> 35-year-old firefighter sean job to keep the public from harm. but last month 15-year-old babysitter told police he did anything but saying he was touched her inappropriately while she and a friend slept over after babysitting. >> fox25 has obtained a court documents with a teenage girl allegedly told detectives quote sean has made inappropriate comments toward her in regards
6:40 pm
sexual experience. and had allegedly been doing it june. >> eight year veteran of the fire department and a father to pick he walked out of his arraignment on these charges today without bail. questions. >> town manager daniel did he said he has been put on administrative leave. >> he is due back in court on march 28 and has been ordered to stay away from the victim and her family. >> new hampshire man under arrest tonight. after he fired a gun in a crowded restaurant police were called to the tropical point
6:41 pm
early sunday for report of a disturbance. officers say robertson diaz another man in the head with a handgun causing it to go off in a crowded bar. diaz arrested and charged with several crimes including assault and carrying a gun without a license. >> german shepherd left and a local road to die up next we hear from an animal control officer with the animal was
6:42 pm
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storm tracker whether alert heaviest rain most offshore cape cod still dealing with it alternate to see lightning strikes offshore there coming closer to the island be aware of that heaviest rain for most of us is done though clearing will commence it on this evening at the roadways live look at what looks like right of beacon hill we can hill studio is a wet boston but it's going to be common ic boston later on tonight at least in the western plank of the city of not right there beacon hill downtown. last check over 21 thousand now without power. >> a dog is found abandoned on the side of a local road. bob ward reports from middleborough. >> bob: these are not easy pictures to look at but this is what a stunned dpw worker found on the side of long point road
6:45 pm
a white german shepherd dead middleborough animal control officer kelly tells me the dog suffered severe neglect. >> the dog is definitely emaciated. unfortunately suffered a very long time. kelly believes in life the dog weighed about 50 pounds when it should of weighed up to 90. once more pressure sores indicate this dog lived a life of pure misery. he wasn't able to move around in his family's home or wherever he was kept in a kennel or garage were not really sure. they just lay on those bony areas and develop the sores so he didn't have much of an active life probably when he got sick he just lay there. >> when the dog was found here on the side of the road, it was already dead. but in a disturbing twist authority now think that when this dog was abandoned here, it was still alive and left to die alone. >> the dog was indeed alive in the evidence would be there was
6:46 pm
front legs and marked the snow. >> the dog was found with no microchip, no dog license, no idea of any kind. but kelly and local police are trying to find the dog's owner. they want to find out if the owner has any more animals. >> this dog suffered enough we just want to make sure no other dog has to go through that. >> if you know anything at all about this dog, who may have owned it, contact middleborough police you can leave in an ominous message. >> unsolved cases 30 years ago 15-year-old tracy open not to buy cigarettes she never came home. nearby neighbor heard what they thought was a screen in her car taking off. >> 21 days later tracy's body was found in the mild standish state forest plymouth decade later family still hasn't stopped looking for a killer.
6:47 pm
unsolved board talks with the family about their new push to crack the case and get closure. that's tonight on the fox 25 news at 10. >> alert situation heaviest rain still following parts of the area along with the gusty winds worst of it is over for most of you. it's just viewing cape cod nantucket down close and personal law . look at some of this heavy rain is falling out here nantucket live storm tracking zoom in the island as well find the red orange all happening out here boy that some heavy rain no doubt about it here's a local streets being affected program here west chester street heavy rain falling right now up the cape cod you saw the yellow and orange there up the north shore still some rain here georgetown foxboro middleton cape and you're finally out of it for
6:48 pm
to west just a few minutes. heaviest rain pushing up the cape cod two 8 o'clock tonight by the time we're talking from 10 to 10:30 will be talking about not the rain anymore but the clearing skies to our west that produces its own problem you wake up to sunshine in the morning but it's going to be much chillier though we had out there today. in fact the whole day will be cooler it will be terribly cool the afternoon but the morning is the biggest concern his wife. in the 50s right now if of rain everything is wet. a chance to totally try out but before this temperature drops down low freezing for you in fitchburg later tonight. north shore lordship 54 right now is great but later on tonight your temperature drops to 32 degrees first thing in the morning. you get where i'm going with this all that water out there is going to result and cause black ice out there for you first thing in the morning.
6:49 pm
as you get up looks wet assume it's ice into contested out. then through the afternoon tomorrow plenty of sunshine to warm us back up temperatures get into the 40s a couple of clouds around an idea of how cold air is moving into england back here with some snow showers into northern new england you going to see that the seven-day forecast highs tomorrow or three sandwich for the provincetown off to the north and west of boston generally in the 40s here as well 44 for hudson 43 for you and shirley. so a decent day certainly above average not the warmth we had today but will traded off getting the rain on out of here. i thursday and friday the cooler air does arrive light snow friday into saturday morning very light snow snow showers really that's just because of some mild air that's working toward us look how we warm up upcoming weekend. weekend always in view temperatures going to be 46 saturday and 48 on sunday with
6:50 pm
there as well. in fact, with that warm air coming on in that the problems for the early next week because another storm system flirting with us a mixture of rain or snow on in your something else i'll be watching very closely as well. through the next couple of hours were going to watch the heaviest rain push offshore take the strongest wind gusts as high as 62 miles per hour
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
outages out there and with t next. bromans back on the ice tonight face of blue jackets boost from a couple of familiar places. bleeding injured with a fight with blake willard missed two games but hopefully will return
6:54 pm
offense of boost right now. adam equates to be in the lineup tonight activated from the injured reserve list today out since he was hit from behind by washington sac that was all the way back on january fifth. recovering from a concussion is missed 18 games in that time. it appears the end is here for dried male who posted a message to his instagram account indicating his days as a patriot are over mail finish the season early was her against the chiefs in the playoffs was a first round pick in 2008 played in three super bowls still a little unclear if is retiring from football or not because he did also caption that same instagram post retiring a stay tuned on that store. pat officially brought back a day to coach offensive line he spent parts of four different decades in new england fired after the season shared his thoughts on dante's return.
6:55 pm
today's leak. you don't have a guy like dante with a wealth of experience in the way that he coaches his overall mindset how he demands rings from his players he survived 11 years of me. right? >> still two days away from the mba trade deadline the celtics have not made a splash at pretty clear there's a 50-50 shot something may or may not happen next 48 hours. but the speculation rumors continue today reports of the boston herald that the celtics have inquired about the clippers lake ribbon at first glance degree was apparently rebuffed but for the report today that la may indeed be open to the idea of moving griffin is currently out with a broken hand now that move wouldn't treat me for sure. we did see a trade orlando detroit to swap magic got brandon jennings pistons got tobias harris from the magic orlando also gets her son elliott sober but the moves
6:56 pm
go. >> wrapping up with this roger caddell took a pay cut 2014 numbers we learned today in nfl released salary figures from two seasons ago he still earns 34 million dollars believe it or not that's $1 million less than what he earned in 2013 and 10 at million dollars less but he took him in 2012. he has earned 180 and half million dollars in his nine years as commissioner. >> 34 million. we don't know what he got in 2015 yet. solid guy. on the field and in the community. >> we've got winds -- all moving offshore still over 16,000 without power across the state that's obviously a problem. later on it's going to get cold.
6:57 pm
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tonight witness grammy greatness with "e.t." backstage with taylor swift after taking on kanye. >> they going to be people who will try to take credit. >> what her girl squad only told us. >> she stormed that stage, can area style. >> the moments you haven't seen, with bestie selena and calvin harris. >> we tell you how lady gaga


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